Stop $ucking of the Teat of the Beast

Stop $ucking of the Teat of the Beast

Okay greetings brothers and sisters I Want to do a another introduction I Already did one yesterday to this video Today's um Thursday May 2nd uh 2024 you know I recently made a movie uh A video a video about you know a message To Google and YouTube which I hope that Would get more views and get promoted More it didn't but you know of course it Didn't I mean some of my friends on Facebook I saw that they actually shared The video which I was happy about um you Know I asked people to share the video Which I usually don't do something like That but it was kind of important just You know personally for the movie to get The video get more views than I normally Get on my videos I'm realizing my days Are numbered on YouTube of course there Was going to be a time where I stopped Making videos on YouTube you know it's Becoming more of a you know reality um So I'm going to finish up this year this Is an election year and then revisit This next January uh unless I'm you decide to make Changes ahead of time for some unknown Reason but I hope that people will Subscribe to all my backup channels and Instag account and Twitter account and All those things so I'm you know I'm Going to let people know and you if You're not watching my channel and it's

Going to be hard to find my channel and All these things if I decide to move Somewhere else or you know I go in a Different direction and I'm not sure What's going to happen but you know it's Clear to me for a variety of reasons now The first thing is my um exposing Heartfulness called dodgy fraud Channel uh was up for monetization you Know I was trying to get it Monetized and there's nothing that's not Monetizable in any of the videos now They could say that I am you know cyber Bullying or something dodgy or whatever But they you know gave me a chance to Appeal and I made a video saying that You guys are allowing their YouTube Channel to push out a you know the Brighter mind scam plus you know Dody is Himself associated with people in Organizations that are anti-muslim you Know he's associated with these hate Groups and he's you know defrauding People and he has his real estate scams And he's associated with people like Diaper Baba And you know people from the mission Have reached out to me saying that it's Way worse than I Know and so there's and you know I Talked about this in a short video the Reason for my channel that I'm doing a Service to the YouTube Community because YouTube is promoting a channel that is

You know doing harm to people and my Stuff is mild and you know I mean people Can look at it being a critical but it's Based in you know truth or whatever it Is and you know I don't think it had Anything to do with that the reason they They didn't monetize the channel because The last two channels I I went to get Monetized they slow walk the crap out of It you know I had you know I needed so Many views which I had for months and They still weren't showing those views They weren't counting those views and it Took them forever to give me the views When I already had the views I was well Over the 4,000 view minimum I was Already at 13 like at 13,000 views now I Was at like 12,000 views and they still Wouldn't acknowledge that I had the Views and then they just you know I went Through the process and I had to you Know get an AdSense account even though I had one you know with my other's Channel and just all this stuff and they You know it took them forever to review The channel and then they said it wasn't Monetizable and I made this video which Was you know explaining what the channel Was about but YouTube changed their Policies and this is what I think really Happens not just to meet to other people YouTube's changed their policies so that They will run ads on channels that are Not monetized that's why I got the

Gratefulness meditation monetized so I Could prevent ads from running in the The Meditation videos that were Interrupting people's meditation before I didn't care about it but I'm like well People were saying that in the middle of Video they that they were meditating and An ad would come on and so they are Running ads despite whether a person Wants you to run ads or not and so There's all these channels out there old Channels that people don't pay attention To they're not monetized but they're Running ads and so unless people you Know want to make money which not Everybody does and need to make money YouTube doesn't really have to monetize Their Channel and they you know they are Able to control you know what they do With that channel in terms of running Ads and things and make you know all the Profit Plus YouTube has um lowered the amount Of money that they're paying to channels They're just you know I've seen this not Just with truther channels I remember Kyle dunan showed what he was making and You know he had a video that had 500,000 Views and he made like three bucks right And that should have been you know well Over like $1,500 or something by the old YouTube standards and so YouTube is Paying their you know their Partners Less per ad I mean that's you know

Happening and they're just you know They're squeezing people out and they're Probably at some point going to get rid Of the monetization program you know for Most channels they make it hard for you To get monetized they delay the process And you know at a time when they have so Many ads to run because it's an election Year and so that brings me to the Financial aspect of this thing let me Switch over to a you know let me go to a Screen flow part here okay so this is The current the past month April um and this is an election year so The the best year I had before this um Well this isn't my best year the best Year I've ever had Is 2020 and probably one of the better Years I had before that was 2016 of course my channel grew since Then but in terms of the amount of ads That were out there in election year it Was much easier to make money on YouTube And so my bare minimum is um $3,000 a Month so that's $100 a day I work every Day so I feel like my you know my work You know the bare minimum in terms of What I should accept in terms of Monetary compensation is $100 a day and That's not really $100 a day because I Have expenses and you know all those Things right I mean it's taxes and Expenses and and the rest of it so you Know it's it's less than that but you

Know it's to me the the least I should Make is $100 a day for making you know Videos and I've been well above below That the past basically two years YouTube changed their policy at how much They were paying people and they dropped The revenues and lots of people have Left YouTube for a variety of reasons And that's you know one of the main Factors and this should be a banner year They're running political ads And um I've made only um $1,400 on my Main channel so that's you know half of What I consider the bare minimum I'll Show you my other channel as Well and some of this is the membership Program and so the membership program I Make a little bit less than $800 so $800 Of this almost you know half of this is Um well actually more you know more than Half of this is member money see this Was a member day like some of the days That are Peaks here the higher things Are days that they pay off the member Stuff right they pay it off in Increments so let me just explain this I'm editing so when I first opened up The member Channel you see that Peak and Then the next day after it is when the Member CH membership Channel became Public so most of my Members signed up on those two days Right and so there's a 3-day period Where there's more money because they

Bild those members every month on the Day they signed up and then there's some Other Peaks along the way maybe I Mentioned it but you know it's when the Person signed up so every day is going To have a little bit of member money Depending on when people signed up and Then there's a few days where the bulk Of the people signed up and so you know It looks like I'm making money from YouTube but it's really member money cuz More than half of the money that's Coming to this channel is coming from Members and so um the member you know Again so they're taking a big cut of the Members thing as well and so if I you Know I'll get into this in a bit I'll Explain everything in a bit so this is 2020 um this is the election year again In April it got better throughout the Year and it was even more money um During the like the winter time and you Know I had days here where I made $300 $300 I mean that's like just those two Days alone almost equal the the entire Month you know my content has improved I Feel like my content has gotten better And you know um I have I mean if you Look at the amount of views here this Was my primary channel so it's a little Bit Different and this was a time where I Made multiple videos instead of making Long videos

So if you see here I had 2.8 million Views and that's really not um accurate Because I wasn't making long videos then I was making multiple videos and so There was more views but the watch time Is more indicative and of course I was I Got I gained 6,000 Subscribers in that month last year that Time last year so this was 2020 so four Years ago this was the kind of money I Was making the the kind of um amount of Time that my videos were being watched And I was actually gaining thousands of Subscribers were now I lose hundreds of Subscribers per month based in YouTube's Policies and so here my watchtime was Down again I you know I made a little Bit less content in April but I mean It's you know it's this is 21 28,000 hours is 186,000 hours so people Are not interested in my content as much You know maybe I had more people Watching it cuz YouTube was less hiding My channel um this was my primary Channel then like I didn't have the Apocalypse Now Channel it was more less A backup Channel I didn't make regular Content on it in 2020 I really didn't Use the Apocalypse Now channel was just A um it was just a backup Channel but Because of the algorithms and them not Um sending out notifications to people I Decided to make A go to another every other day policy

So this is when I was making content Every day on on this channel and so There's numbers are going to be skewed a Little bit there's going to be some more Money there's going to be some more Watch time there's going to be some more You know subscribers but not to this Extent right you see that you know it Only be twice as much but in terms of The hours of content it would stay the Same because I make long videos Every other day and sometimes I'll post A journey series video and so sometimes It'll be backtack videos so you know It's about the same amount of content It's just you know I'm I'm doing it over You know longer videos with more ads Running right like the long videos have Many more ads in them so the money Should probably really have gone up but It's gone down but you know I mean the Subscribers this is you can say that's YouTube's fault but you know my channel You know people are just not as Interested or not finding the Channel People have moved on and I'm not getting New people and you know the watch time's Down and you know I'm making far less Money so you know I mean this is a it's A dying you know my Channel's dying Basically right so this is the Apocalypse Now channel for April as well You can see here the Peaks and valleys I Make a video every other day here so $40

One day day and then $3 the next right $24 one day $13 the next and then you Know $4 I mean these are Peaks and Valleys you can see where the days I Don't make videos but the highest amount Of money I made was $40 right and this Channel wasn't monetized and I wasn't Really using it in 2020 um again 56,000 views 14,000 watch Times and a negative 23 subscribers but This is from 2022 and so 190,000 views 47 hours of Watch time 5,500 plus um subscribers and I made $1,300 by $1300 I means $1,700 so it's significantly more and You know you can see going back to where I was showing you the um I'm editing I Just want to mention this but you know Doing the every other day um videos I Only make shorter videos on this Channel You can see I make a lot less on this Channel than the normal Channel because The videos are shorter because someone Commented said I should make shorter Videos but this is the reason why that Doesn't work the longer videos have more Ads in them and so this is probably when I started to um get more uh using this Channel more you know there are times Where I use this as my primary Channel If I had a strike or something for a Couple of weeks on my other channel so It's hard to say but you know this Channel isn't doing this well either and

You know financially and Um in terms of view counts and the rest Of it so again you know I mean I don't Know I was doing on that channel I don't Know what kind of how many videos I made But um the subscribers again you know no Nobody new coming to the Channel so this was last year on this Same channel and you can see that money Was the worst than the previous year but I had I must have gotten a strike here Right so there's a lot of zeros here and So these numbers are still better than The this past year so this is 2023 custom range more views more watch Time more subscribers and more money and As of April 22nd I had was on a strike Here they must have given me a community Guideline strike so I didn't make videos For you know about 10 days and so you Know part of this is YouTube part of it Might be the audience part of it is Whatever it is but you know you can see The Direction you can kind of see the Writing on the wall right and so you Know it's down from last year and last Year I told you my channel was dying and So I think it happened at the end of 2022 they cut ad revenues and again I Want to really emphasize this point in An election year YouTube you know pays More money per per ad you know per Impression they charge more money to

Advertisers because there's more ads Available you know YouTube doesn't have Enough videos for all the ads that are Are running for elections and things Like this and so there should be more Money this year and it's dropped from Last year right this should be a better Year from last year and it's gotten Worse so that tells you everything you Know need to know about YouTube and the Whole thing you know I tried adverti on YouTube and I just gave them more money For no results I got a small boost of Subscribers but it wasn't you know I Mean wasn't worth it you know I tried to Figure that the maximum I could pay was Like a dollar per subscriber the idea That I would make back a dollar from Every new subscriber right through them Watching ads through you know I mean I Don't know how it would go you know I It's impossible for me to calculate that Based on my you know business skills and Whatever else um but I thought maybe That would be the maximum I could pay And I was paying way more and you know It wasn't working they weren't getting The the advertisers the advertisement Out I tried to advertise on Twitter Recently and it seems hard and they you Know they rejected my ad or something Whatever happened with it um they didn't Even look at my ad I don't even know if I did the thing right but you know I I

Think that it's I mean for me to pay Money at this point when I'm basically Losing money not making enough money to Su stain the channel and I that I don't Think that's the way to go um you know I Had some other ideas about ways to get My content out there but you know the First thing that I have to look at is YouTube is a dying platform YouTube is Being you know my son says that you know His generation younger people are of Course they're you know into Tik Tok so Tik Tok is much more popular than YouTube Tik Tok is probably going going To be purchased by some American company And so it's you know the American Version of it and so it's going going to Probably grow from there and then you Know Tik Tok will be replaced and so Many whatever but YouTube and Facebook And you know Twitter maybe to whatever Extent are all dying and people are Going to specif more specified platforms And so one of the reasons for me to be On YouTube is that it'll bring in more People but that's not happening YouTube isn't getting my content out in Front of new people I'm not bringing in Fresh people and maybe you know people Are just over my content I mean in terms Of you know the amount of view hours and Things like that you know somebody wrote Me a comment I don't know if I saved it Let me see if I have it here but I can

Set tell you what they said if I didn't Save it here I found the comment got to Pull it back up here and the person Writes the likelihood of sharing and Watching increases if you cut the most Important bits into shorter videos it's Just an advice to get your message out We all got broken attention spans and Information Overload love whatever the person um you Know I don't begrudge people I mean I Tell people not to do this but you know This person see wants to be helpful but You know I have had a YouTube channel a Very long time and I used to make Shorter videos and more of them and that Causes a problem because Only you know they don't recommend your Videos as it is right this is why I went To the other every other day um you know This is why I've gone every other day And the shorter videos they can only run And the reason I've been able to keep my Channel going is long videos with lots Of ads on them right and that you know Bums people out or whatever it is and You know the ad thing is just doesn't Really work but I really I'm not suited For the alternative of of putting stuff Behind a pay wall and I don't think I'll Make enough money from that I mean right Now in terms of the membership program Is $800 I'm not sure what kind of cut YouTube takes and so um I think I

Figured this right so there'd be an Extra $240 I just looked it up YouTube Takes 30% and so that'd be another $240 so it' Be about you know $1,000 a month um you Know which is just not a just not enough Plus the other time that I would have to You know we'll see how all that goes you Know but the bottom line is I've been Here a very long time and you know I've Had Millions upon Millions of people come to my channel Let me see what it is here so um in Terms of the lifetime of my main Channel 114 million views of course I have Deleted videos and things and you know Some of them I there one of had 2 Million views so you know I deleted some Videos with lots of views so let's say It's 120 million views conservatively And out of that you know I have 200,000 Subscribers but about you know maybe 10 To 20,000 people who regularly watch my Videos not every one but some of it um You know and that's I mean you Know it's very few people that like my Content out the number of people who've Watched it you know there people are you Look at the content that's popular and You look at the average person and their Intelligence level and their spiritual Capacity and you know and all of it just My not being a a sort of um you know People are um you know put off by me

Right I'm not the kind of person that You know I'm socially not great and not Going to say something you know bluntly That's going to piss people off even the People like me you know inevitably get Butt hurt or you know whatever it might Be you know I'm not a Christian I'm not You know I don't have any large group Where there's all these people that Would I'm not a republican you know I'm Not a Trumper not flat earther you know I don't have these you know groups of Passionate supporters and things people Who are spiritual in the way that I am You know in terms of the you know Meditation I do and things like that are Very few people and you know a lot of Those people I'm not you know I don't Appeal to or whatever with the mocking And things and so you know it's just What it is like it's just I've accepted All that you know I've accepted my Limitations and I don't you know jump Through hoops and I don't ask for people To subscribe and I don't you know talk Up and you know compliment and uh give Attention to my you know viewers and Things like this maybe people want that Stuff I don't do those live feeds and Things and so there's ways that I could You know improve or be more out there But I just I'm not good at that stuff Right and you know the good content that I make is not really valued by the

Average person my best content the stuff That I consider the best content the Highest is the least valued and then you Know the other things that I can do Mocking the jokes the funny videos but You know again it's you know I'm not Bringing in new people and the old People just you know they're not going To watch um hours of me every day right They're just not like regardless of I Mean it's kind of amazing that I've Survived This I mean if I wanted to be you know If I was going to be honest and about it Like just you know hourong videos of me Just droning on about stuff you know It's amazing that people have you know Tuned in this long and I've been able to You know support myself financially Through this process I mean it's that's Really the Shocker the Shocker isn't you Know that this is happening now the Shocker is that I've been able I've been Able to keep it up this long you know I'm a little bit disillusioned with um With YouTube I'm of course disillusioned With the heartfulness organization and People who you know are I considered Spiritual people many of them saints and Their inability to see the truth of What's going on with dodgy and the fraud That he is and you know all that so I Just got a comment from someone I'm not Going to dissect the comment here but

I'm going to read it on my other channel Because it really is it's for that other Channel but the person Wrote if you truly believed Heartfulness was a Scam and dodgy Master and under dodgy Master you would Not be commenting this person's a rocket Scientist I had to say something you Would keep it to yourself and not try to Convince others of anything we are all Adults and capable of figuring out the Truth for ourselves no right that's not You know I mean you you know let me just Read this you publicize this derang Premise because you want attention you Want to call attention to yourself Because you perceive hurts that feel you Feel were done were done to you you Should try to heal yourself and not Blame or badmouth others you should do Lots of cleaning and take lots of Sittings from authorized preceptors Particularly if you find one among those Who are new because they have been Through many tests if you could find one Among those who are new because they Have been through many tests and are Different from old preceptors who have Not had this training you should pray to Understand the truth and stop the Nonsense Channel um one of these new Preceptors uh so there's um you know an Abasi a longtime practitioner of theark

System that was saying that you know def Dody was defrauding people of $80,000 in Real estate scams this person reached Out to me you know professional like you Know doctor something like this right um You know a a person with um you know Living in America but of Indian descent And who was a preceptor and was you know Just I mean bummed out by what was Happening with the Sark system with Heartfulness you know Dody scam you know Who flourished under chargie and these Things right and she said she got a Sitting from somebody and the guy said You know SAR is supposed to be something New and spiritual it's not supposed to Be you know associated with Hinduism and It's not extension of Hinduism and Charie said this like one of his last Talks was you know this stands on its Own and is not an extens of any religion And all the Hindu stuff needs to go And the the priest upor Said Krishna descended into me and is Giving and giving and gave you the Sitting you know like anybody who knows How what Saar is about knows that that's Just like crazy but these new preceptors Under Dody like he doesn't I he's lost The capacity to make preceptors I Wouldn't even trust them to give me a Sitting right um but that's they here They're I'm going to disect this stuff In my other channel but you know that's

The people that do SJ or heartfulness Now it's depressing with dodgies done is Kind of depressing and just the state of The world and whatever and so I've been Thinking about like you know food's Going to become a big thing my wife and I have a farm and I really enjoy um Growing food and you know might be I'm I'm going to see what happens but you Know things are going south quickly and Getting our farm ready I mean we still Need to do a lot of things to make it Sustainable and we have this whole you Know we have a lot of things that have To be done and you know things are going To start disappearing we're already Seeing that businesses are closing uh Local businesses and you know um things That we used to be able to get you can't Get anymore like you're going to notice This more and more like there's just Going to be less and less of like we We've reached our Heyday of Amazon and Being able just to search for something And find it and purchase it and you know It and a lot of these things we used to Just think would always be there are no Long going to be there and some of these Things that we need for our farm and Getting some of the infrastructure built And then moving towards growing food and Selling food and there's lots of Advantages for that in the in the future Given the state of you know everything

That's going on and so for us I mean you Know I don't know what going to happen But I'm starting to think that I want to Spend more time doing that and less time Making videos you know I might just make You know three or four videos a month or Something and you know just to keep the Channnel going and people might you know Seek me out later on if they can find me Um once things go south I don't know you Know I don't know what's going to happen Um but just you know like I said I'm Going to do the rest of this year and Then uh in January I'm going to Reconsider and you know I might take Some time off and you know if I Disappear for a week or two it's just Because I'm going to be engaged in in Farming things there's things I want to Get done and you know whatever and so That's just an update I want to keep People apprised and you know the Writing's on the wall I mean it's you Know it's just there and there's no Reason for me to be on YouTube if They're not going to bring new people to Me and YouTube itself I just want to say This the quality of the videos that are On YouTube now and I don't mean truther Videos I mean in terms of things that I Used to benefit from are either harder To find or they don't exist anymore and So most of the stuff that they're Promoting or most of the stuff that's on

YouTube just sucks like you know there's In terms of any kind of stuff that's Helpful and they don't recommend things And you know you don't find they don't Recommend things that are you know uh Things that I want to know about and Things whatever it is and so the qu the Quality of the content is either gone Down significantly or they're just Recommending bad content and you know of Course other people are going to leave And go to other platforms when or just Stop making videos if they they can't You know make money and things like this And so YouTube is done I mean we I've Known that for a while and you know and I whatever future I have I have to Reconsider all these things please don't You know say go here or there or Whatever I mean that's just not helpful I'm not going to do it now anyway when I You know go to move I'll I'll look at The different other platforms you know If I choose to do that or whatever um You know a little bit low energy today So you know I'm not psyched about all This stuff um you know I feel like I Have a duty to do what I'm doing here I Feel like I have a gift but you know if People aren't interested in receiving it I'm not just going to talk to myself Right which you know kind of what I do Anyway but anyways you know it's not a Horrible thing it's just the end of

Something and the beginning of something Else so you know again this is um I just Also want to say there's a lot of people Who have been donating money per videos Like people have been doing that a lot More lately which I appreciate so you Know that's part of what the money that I showed you so I'm making almost no Money from ads so that you know which is Fine but that means I have to figure out You know whatever um I'll talk about This more as time moves forward and you Know it's just it's it's really just not Working anyways let's get into the other Introduction here okay so um I went out And did some stuff outside beautiful day My dog some found some in the bushes and Chased it into the corner was a posum So that was eventful a lot of animals Life out we have outside things but I Think this is really important whether People think so or not it's you know It's something different something you Probably won't hear maybe never heard Before and won't hear today but I went To um you know before I get into that You know just I went to see my Chiropractor and I went to Whole Foods I Already had some more thoughts that I Want to put into this um just to go back To that guy who um left the comment you Know this it was IND you know an Indian Guy from India and for you you guys Don't know you know some of the debacle

That is the the um heartfulness uh cult This guy dodgy came in and he you know Brought in just stupid stuff like There's a thing called The Brighter Minds program where kids put on Blindfolds and they can smell colors and Read by touching the page I mean it's Just really um Goofy and it's been Proven as a SK am before DOD even got Into it like he took something that was Already exposed as a scam and he brought It into the heartfulness meditation when There are you know people who are like Really smart and Glo you know people in European and Western countries and Certainly you America and these other Countries that are you know they don't Fall for oh my Guru says it so it must Be True like that guy did right but it you Know shows you how people are because That guy's telling me I should do this And I should do that and you know these Things but I'm smarter than that guy Right I know SJ Mar more than that guy More mature and I'm more spiritually Advanced right and I'm not saying that Like as a brag or like even as a Competition thing I'm saying it because It's a fact right and that's one of the Problems with Society is people who are Lesser than think they know more than Somebody who is more involved than them It's hard for people look up and say hey

That person knows more than I do right It's hard for people like it's never Been really hard for me I I guess when I Was a kid and I was kind of Punky it was But not because I couldn't see it I just You know didn't care and wasn't Respectful but now if I'm doing Something you know if I'm fixing Something on the farm or I'm trying to Learn something I can tell the people Who are really smart and are really you Know have a good experience and good Insight into that activity you know much More than I do and I listen to them But most people just don't have that Ability to understand somebody is more Advanced than them I know you got a Bunch of guys will comment telling me I Should do this and I should do that you Know going back to that comment where The person said I should make shorter Videos you know like I haven't thought Of that or I haven't tried it you know So here's the thing about making shorter Videos just so you know like why is a Stupid comment is because the first Video will get recommended some of the Time but if I make videos every day YouTube is not not recommended people Would get notified of the video right The notifications possibly I mean YouTube doesn't do a good job with that Anymore certainly for truthers but if You make a lot of content the computer

Learning you know people can't keep up With the content and so when people stop Watching your videos or can't watch all Of your videos YouTube stops giving them Notifications and so the more videos you Put out The less notifications people get and Then YouTube starts unsubscribing those People on top of it and so the first Video might get you know more views and The all the smaller videos after that Will get less and less views and you Know YouTube switched their program to Run multiple ads and that's why I make Long videos because without the multiple Ads without people watching the whole Video then you know I can't make enough Money to survive and that's why I make a Video a long video on this channel every Day and then you know a a medium long Video on my other channel every every Other day and even with that people Aren't getting notified and it is what It is right if people can't watch they Can't watch but breaking it into Multiple videos is something that I've Thought about it's more work for me I Get more views overall but less money And less people watching you know uh you Know people are just going to watch the Things that they're interested in you Know there's only going to be one ad on The video so I mean the little short Vide get a ton of views and you know

They kind of do some kind of ads I don't Know how they that works in the shorter Videos like ads between videos but the Short videos don't make anything yeah They make no money you can get millions Of views on a short video and you're You're not going to get compensated I Mean it's like you know maybe dollars or Something like a few dollars and so you Know I I know this cuz I've survived on YouTube Forever like I know all these Things there's things can't do there's Things that I'm not really good at you Know I've never been a good social Person I've always had social friends I Always have people that you know kind of Get me out into the world and get me to Do things you know people would find out Where the party was in high school or You know where the like I just wouldn't You know I just didn't talk to people And didn't care and you know all these Things and so I'm not good at that part Of YouTube and that's a lot of you know Being self-promoting and you know all These things telling people to subscribe And getting people you know I'm just I'm Never going to be good at any of those Types of things making people feel Welcome and you know doing a live video And you know and answering people's Comments people want that kind of Attention and they want that kind of Interaction and I just can't give it to

People it'd be goofy if I did if you saw Me do it you'd be like oh he sucks at This it would be uncomfortable it would Be really awkward right cuz I can't do It in real life I certainly I'm not Going to do it on the internet but the Real problem is that the videos that I Made that made this channel popular Starting with the 95% chance Michelle Obama's a dude um you know I have Matured and I make much better content Than that and you know that appeal to a Much bigger broader audience you know But as you evolve in your profession you Know your profession should be like an Art form and the longer that you do the You know whatever you're doing The more refined your work and the less Appreciate less appreciated it is you See this with music artists you see it With people who are actors and things The better they get they want more Sophisticated more intelligent roles More intell they put out more Intelligent music you know there's a Time where Bob Dylan was making all Those folk songs but he really wasn't Even into it like he wasn't in into the Politics he wasn't into any of this Stuff and then he wanted to change his Whole his whole vibe and and do rock Music and he got booed at his concert so What he had to do was he'd have to play Some of his new stuff and then he would

Play his old stuff and if he played his His uh old stuff first they would just Leave he play his new stuff they would Boo and they would just wanted him to Play the same songs right it's like Play Freebird you know that I think it's Called the VanZant family is that what It is Leonard skinnard and like all the Members have died and they just have This huge family and they just keep on It's like the fifth edition of Leonard Skinnard and they show up and people Like Play Freebird you know it's just It's just how people are right they want You to you know do the thing that the One song that you know they like or Whatever even if you've evolved on as an Artist and your music has gotten better But the better it gets the less it Appeals to the masses right and so I Couldn't make the videos that made my my Channel popular and even if I did YouTube wouldn't put them put the videos Out like they used to and so it's over Right because there's very few people Who really um will gravitate to what I Have to offer here I mean it doesn't Matter anyway because YouTube is I mean It's going under even if YouTube wasn't After truther channels or wasn't Sabotaging you know pretty much their Whole platform and the monetization Process there's not much Market Potential because here are the things

So I I have been talking more and more About half how everyone has to change And how we're all a part of the problem And nobody likes to hear that right I mean nobody like nobody comes to YouTube to hear that right no one comes To a truth or you know videos I mean Very few people small percentage of the Population what they want to hear is It's all the Elite's fault and it's all Biden's fault and then you know some Extent some people Trump but not really In the truth community so so much but What they don't want to hear is that They have to change you know people Don't want to hear they have to change You know people resist that I mean I Don't like it nobody likes it they like It when you say other people have to Change but not when they have to change And with that the System can't be saved and that's the Other thing and you know these are my Conclusions after years of doing this Like I matured into this and you know I'm closer to the truth and the truth is You know not very palat pal palatable to People and so it's things that people Don't want to hear that you know they Want to believe that there's some way You know that there's a set of bad People and a set of good people and They're on the side of the good people And the bad people have to go and how it

Have to change and once the bad people Are are thrown out of you know Biden's Thrown out of office and Trump is the President or whatever it is that they Can save the country and make America Great again or whatever their world view Is and that the system can be saved it's A good system because they don't want to Deal with the fact that they're going to Have to change their lifestyle they're Going to have to give things up they're Going to have to deal with all that Stuff right you know and I just can't Say that Trump is great I can't pretend That Trump was a disaster as a president And he was a joke when he went in and he Never had real power but what he did do In terms of damage with the operation War of speed the when he went the way he Went out and the way he's been ever ever Since and he's more part of the problem And you know going to get into how he's Going to just green Right light Israel For everything in this video but that's Not what people want to hear and I just Can't pretend that the Christian Religion is going to deliver on its Promises because I know it's not and I Know that you know Christians don't want To hear that but you know the Bible Isn't an acccurate Document and it's actually hurting People's ability to connect to the Divinity within them which is the next

Real step and people don't want to hear That either right that you know you're Not going to survive this next phase if You don't have an internal relationship With God and people's egos don't like That I mean that's everybody even the Most spiritual people their egos fight With their souls and don't want to Accept you know don't want to submit Their their they don't want to give Control over to the soul that's a Struggle that every person goes through Every saint every spiritual person every You know Avatar every you know higher Developed being that came down here even With specific work they still struggle With that it's just a a natural struggle The human ego is you know it it needs to Be like tamed to a certain extent and The Taming process is not an easy Process you know and so the stuff I'm Talking about now either people don't Have much interest in or I'm saying Things they don't want to hear and then YouTube is you know doing what it's Doing and I'm just you know I feel right Now I feel kind of burnt out by the Whole thing you know I feel like you Know if I started do other things around The farm you know eventually I realized Or I knew that it would come full circle Because this was originally a Homesteading channel and I was Documenting my family's Homestead stuff

And you know I was doing more Homesteading I made one video a month And you know with the price of food and The inevitable shortages so anyways I Just went to Whole Foods and my wife and I have talked about this that things are Disappearing that we used to buy in Amazon aren't there anymore and Businesses are going under couple of Local businesses we just heard about and They're they're you know all these Businesses are going under and when I Went to Whole Foods today you know we Were getting these pretzel rolls which I Really enjoy they're not organic or Anything but um you know they were there Was like a whole shelf of these products At Whole Foods and they're gone and There were no other roles like I'm Making Sloppy Joe's tonight [Laughter] And there was no other roles and there Was just um you know I was surprised at How many things were missing and there Were things that were out of place where They just didn't have empty shelves and So it kind of was reminding me of what Happened with covid and how quickly the Shelves emptied out and you know that's Not a good thing and what you're going To see is more and more of your Lifestyle disappear and things that you Thought that you would always be able Ble to get you won't be able to get and

You know that's going to be I mean I Don't know what the Arc of that is and How fast it's going to happen but Eventually there won't be much food and The food will be you know locally grown And people are going to have to do their Own sort of Victory Gardens and food Will be I mean it's already starting to Happen and when they're shortages kick In and you know especially for quality Food that's not this fa factory farm you Know cancer or heart disease on a stick Kind of corn doggy kind of food that you See and so you know eventually I'm going To have to Pivot and work more on the Farm and you know produce income from That and we need to build the Infrastructure for that and so you know I see that being something that appeals To me I'm just um you know the internet Thing never got resolved I there was I Talked to six or seven different people From Verizon and they never sent me the Tower But they sent me everything else but the Tower now I have to return all these Other things and I have to call them Back and you know I spent so much time Dealing with them for inferior product Inferior service and I wrote back to our Old internet and they had offered me a Good deal when they said that I was Leaving they said I could come back any Time at you know a discount because you

Know they were out for a they had an out Outage for about a week and so that's When we switch to the you know the the Other you know whatever the 5G Verizon Thing and you know either way like the Service isn't great and I'm struggling With the internet today you know I have A journey series video I started to Upload this morning it's at 11% I have To stop it because I want to upload this Video and so you know I mean it's 11% It's been uploading for four hours like I I'd have to upload this overnight and Then in the morning and then you know Maybe it's like a six or seven hour Journey series almost seven hour Journey Series but my internet is so slow now And just you know the whole thing is Just you know everything and so that's How I'm feeling about everything I just Want everyone to know you know I'll make Some sort of content I'll keep the the Gratefulness stuff going I'm going to You know stop making videos I have a Bunch of videos to put up on the the um The exposing heartfulness cold dodgy Fraud Channel because it's just you know Nobody's watching it anyway I'm not it's Not getting compensated and I put up Enough information for people to Gravitate to it or not but I don't owe Them anything the members of the system But I'm saying all this Because you know changes that are upon

Us we're all going to have to change and It's like an art form being able to read Those changes and not panic just because Things start to change you don't want to Go too soon you know you know just Knowing the right time and you know just The writing's been on the wall for my YouTube channel since 2016 right it's been a miracle that I've Been able to keep afloat this long and You know ride all the various waves of Community guideline changes and you know All the anti- truther stuff and all this You know conspiracy theory garbage that They put out and then just you know Evolving you know to where my you know Sort of outgrowing the majority of my Audience and things and just not being Able to make the same videos over and Over again that you know I just can't Make Freebird over and over again you Know just to you know I mean I'm just I'm not going to do that right like I I Feel like you know it's my duty and my Job to tell people the things they don't Want to hear because they're not going To get it from you know anybody else or Very few other people are going to tell Them those things and so that's kind of Where I'm at with it anyways I'm going To wrap this thing up it's going longer Than I wanted so you know again I'll Going to continue through this phase or Whatever and then um you know I also

Want to mention I I'm going to talk About Trump in the the protests I Haven't looked at it yet myself I Haven't watched the news today but my Chiropractor said something happened at UCLA some big protest thing I you know I'm totally unaware of I'm going to look At it in a little bit I might not cover In this video but you know everything's Falling apart right and the signs of our Our collapse are everywhere and you know I mean I offer something here that Nobody wants in terms of the the Connecting with the Divinity within them And the truth about things institutions Religions and Trump that people don't Really want to you know deal with and so You know even if they uh agree with me You know there me needs to be more Solution there needs to be more what can We do about it type of stuff you know I Cover the spiritual aspect of it and Eventually I want to get more into the Home steuding and community building and Things like this and you know going back To the you know coming up with a plan B For you know what happens after the Collapse or even before the collapse not Prepper stuff but just you know Common Sense things and how to process things And deal with them and how to start Making yourself into something other Than a person who's you know sucking off The the teeth of the Beast right sucking

Off the tea of the Beast anyways um That'll be the title of this video All right so I'll um get into my other Stuff here you know I got one more thing To say I actually feel a little bit Better I was kind of tired today I took A nap and my headaches gone and you know Was just kind of lingering today a Little bit and um you I did some things Outside but you know what I want to say About this is that my YouTube channel is Stayed alive for a very long time And you know um I've flown under the radar which is the Best place to be like I would like to be You know have more viewers and more you Know whatever it is right more of Everything but you know I wouldn't like To have so much that you know it was my Channel was noticed it's always better For me to fly under the radar in general And that's probably a big part of the Reason why I've survived so long you Know the thing about it is is that Inevitably I mean I mean it's something That's happened the last it started Sometime last year where YouTube cut the Revenues and they seem to be Shadow Banning on another level you know it it Was um it's got more and more to where They just exclude certain channels and Then me trying the advertising and me Trying all these things and finding out How dysfunctional YouTube is with its

Machine learning and you know and I've Been making videos now Every day I've been making videos almost Every day for the past four five six Seven years or whatever it is you know Which is part of what I've had to do to Stay alive and you know keep the channel Financially viable but it's a lot of Content and I have a solution and that's One of the reasons I've kept going Because you know in terms of what I Present differently than anybody else And of course with the heartfulness Debacle is that the sjar system of Meditation I believe is something that Everyone who is going to survive or at Maybe some point th Thrive after the System collapses like right now the System rewards for being a sociopath for Being an a-hole for being selfish you Know all these things right financially And just in every other way the system Rewards for bad behavior and bad people And you know being spiritual actually Hurts you connecting to the Divinity Within you working on your heart Developing a strong uh internal world And you know all these things hurts you In various ways right and it's not what Most people are doing and so it's just Where you're going to become more and More isolated your your view and your Perspective is going to be completely Different than the majority of people

But that can change in a like the whole Energy of the planet is going to change In a way where people in the Future who are selfish who are whatever They are their life's going to suck so Bad you know it's just like what you're Drawing to yourself like right now You're materially rewarded for being a Bad person and sociopaths can become Billionaires and you know successful in All these things you know in terms of The modern-day success but you know the Energy can shift and societies can Topple and you know where what you've Put out into to the world immediately Comes back and creates a problem you Know it's something that's encouraging You to stop being a dick right stop Being a bad person and so you know the Feedback loop can be um tweaked and such A way where it doesn't take years and it Isn't subtle for you to like when you Make a mistake and you deviate from your Spiritual path that you get immediate Feedback that's rough and you know That's um uh it just will wear people Down like they won't be able to to Survive being selfish they won't be able To survive in just the conditions of the World and and all the rest of it so in The future yeah it'll be great to be a Spiritual person and you won't be able To really survive here without it and so That's what I believe is going to happen

In the world like in a way that you know I see it on various levels and so the Sjar system the gratefulness meditation That's offered you know that tell people About here is the system that's the best System to help people connected to Divinity within them it's the only System that that is its only goal and Its whole method and everything about it Is to be as efficient and effective as Possible and helping people do that Right but people don't want that and After you know I've had you know 114 Million views or 120 million views or Whatever it is I mean across all my Channels and all these things and lots Of people heard me talk about this and So we're talking about millions of Different people and maybe a thousand Have tried it you know maybe 5,000 think About it as something that they'd be Interested in and so it's a small number Right and I know this from not just my Channel but in general people just don't Want that regardless of whether it's What everyone's going to have to do in The future people just don't want that And like I was saying there's just a Small audience for that you know I think There's probably well over a million People a million adults probably Something like 10 or 15 million that Would agree that the system itself can't Be fixed or something along those lines

They understand the the Left Right Paradigm and they feel like they want Something to change they feel like you Know I felt before I became a uh you Know a person who did this meditation so Maybe that there's potentially you know 10 million or so people in America Globally you know more so that feel that Um you know that what I have to say here Resonates with them on some level and They'd be interested in the spiritual Message and the way I view things and You know be they'd have AA moments and Epiphanies and things like like some of You all have right and like I said you Know I'm going to give this thing till The end of the year you know because Just I mean it's election year and Whatever it is but I know it's going to Get worse financially and it's going to Be more restrictive after that they'll Be they'll clamp down this is just how It always goes you know when money's to Be made YouTube is more lenient and more You know these years where it's the good Part of the Season like they don't put a Lot of new restrictions into December When they have a lot of AD revenue for Christmas and November you know towards The the fall time where people are more Indoors and more likely to watch videos And things and their add revenues you Know especially in a year like this it's An election year and all is I need is

About three times the viewership that I Have now which isn't really all that Hard to do so we're talking about if I'm Averaging you know under five you know Four or 5,000 views a day I need about 20,000 views per video at the current You know whatever amount of money that YouTube's paying me so 20 to 25,000 Views a day isn't that many right given The millions of people that potentially Could be a part of my audience but I Haven't found way to reach them I'm not Being helped by YouTube you guys really Can't do anything to bring people in I Mean you you know people have said that They'd be willing to post my stuff on Facebook or on social media but no one's Going to watch it because you know they Don't have people in their lives who Would be interested in this right so you Know um I mean there's just it seems Like the you know the door is just Closing you know and I'm not like bummed By it the sense that you know maybe it's Time to to put my energy into something Else and just make less content I can Still make you know the occasional video And you know just whatever and so you Know like I said um we'll see how the Rest of this year plays out and you know I'll revisit this in in January whatever And I'll probably you know talk think About it and talk about it uh during This you know period of time but you

Know other than that I just you know it Doesn't seem like there's much of a Chance of it reversing itself and you Know like I'm pretty sure that things Are going to get more in terms of the Internet in terms of the you know the Everything that's available in our Society electricity even it's going to Get less um consistent right and you Know there things and maybe that'll Um maybe that'll open the door to more Potential audience I don't know but you Know it seems like the opposite the the Case anyways I just wanted to say these Things I want to wrap this thing up here But Um let me get into the other things with Trump that I already started Yesterday okay um greetings brothers and Sisters I'm going to do a health update There's a lot of comments about my Health in the last Video and the majority of comments came Before I think the people listen to the End of the video or everything I had to Say about my health the only comment I Saved was um this One Um go to a doctor thanks for the video Um you know it's I mean whatever you Know for me personally my reaction to The comment but clearly doesn't Understand me or the story but you know Let me just say this again I don't trust

Alpath medicine it's a last resort it Doesn't really work for me but the main Thing that I got out of it was it's a Spiritual cleaning because I always get Sick before these gatherings or Something there's always something that Comes up either emotional or it's not as Bad now as it used to be but I used to Get really sick you know we're doing I'm Doing this thing called gratefulness now But it's really sa Mar meditation that I Did for years and before a gathering Would come up I usually get something Especially in the beginning um you know More severe be sickness or whatever and The rest of it like people are saying It's a heart condition you know or There's a i me a lot of people said Heart stuff you know but I pretty much Moved on from that you know the exercise I was doing from Mya I've done now for Two to three months and I've gotten Better and stronger and you know I've Been able to elevate my heart rate more And more it's just gotten better and Better over the time period so there was A video Mara um started think of himself As Jesus and I made a video for my other Channel and I published that February 16th and I'd been doing the Exercise Maybe a week before that so early February it's like like two and a half Months I didn't even realize I was doing

That long and I did it every day and I Start off with two rounds and I get out Of breath and get too tired and you know I didn't do it as well as I could have Like in terms of my form I wasn't able To go down as far as I could now with The squatting but you know the longer I Did it the better I got at it and you Know I felt good and strong after I did It and again my heart was fine and at That same time you know again I'm not Recommending anything I'm not saying Anything about you know what anybody Else should do or any of these things I'm just talking about my own experience But there was a video about you know a Chiropractor a woman chiropractor Talking about a medical doctor was Saying that the hiyo hernia and the Swelling of the gut area was causing a Lot of the heart issues that were Happening now which I experienced myself You know pressure is the heart and of Course there's some um sense that was Nervous system stuff back when I had Covid and I don't think I had a heart Issue as much as I had these other Things that were making it you know the Heart's not function as well or whatever Was going on in terms of tipping my head Over you know people are saying that it Could be a clogged artery you know it Only happens situationally like it Happened the summer after covid and then

It happened infrequently over you know Whatever it was and I went from feeling Really good and strong to where I would Have these episodes and the thing that Happened happened before when I was at The Grand Canyon it was low oxygen there You know that was years and years ago But anyways you know I um I feel a lot Better I did the exercise again Yesterday and today so it's fine and I Wasn't getting dizzy and if you know I Get dizzy I'm just going to slow down a Little bit instead of powering through Um so you know and a big part of it I Know had to do with spiritual cleaning Or whatever I don't you know like to Criticize people for giving random Advice because maybe one out of 20 Comments are helpful so like I don't Want to you know stop the one good Comment from coming in but you know some Of the comments were just they were you Know not really for my situation they Were either people didn't understand the Story or didn't listen to all of it or They just had their own reaction but Anyways let's get into the other stuff Here I got a funny Biden clip coming up But first um I mean trumpers have to Come to terms with the fact that Trump Is a a disaster he looks horrible you Know his I mean he just went out Horribly as a president and as a person And now it's just you know constant

Drama but the big problem is you know Before you could count one TR thing with Trump was that he was not about the wars He stopped all those ridiculous Wars That were you know I mean were Wars of Abuse and economic Wars to keep the Economy going or whatever else they were So these big military industrial complex Paydays and he stopped them to his Credit that's the thing Trump has that We can say he did much better than Obama And you know Biden when Biden was a Senator and vice president and you know Biden's disaster where he drone those Kids in Afghanistan I mean all that Stuff right and so that will go away now Because of things he's saying about Israel Trump is going to give Israel a Blank check and you know it's already Dividing the country and Trump is a Nightmare on Israel he's worse than Biden and Israel is up Biden is worse on A uh is worse on uh Russia and the Ukraine and so either way there's a Pathway to World War II with either Either of these clowns again not that They have you know power but Trump is Clearly going to hand the keys to the Kingdom over to Israel and they can do Whatever they want in the Middle East And he's going to support them um Militarily and every possible way like Trump is going to go all in for them Because of what he's saying so it starts

Here Trump says violence on college Campuses has to stop IM immediately amid Violent anti-israel protests Trump Condemned the violent anti-israel Protests on college campuses overnight Telling Fox News digital that weak and Ineffective leadership at universities Must be immediately Replaced Why by who Biden because it's You the president can't fire University Uh presidents and administrators right Universities are not federal employees Right while declaring anti-Semitism Must Be Stopped quickly and effectively again This is about a lot of things and the Major thing is that there's a genocide Going on thank you very much it's a big Day in Pennsylvania and we hope the People get out there and vote it's Important to vote to let them know that We're coming on November 5th we're Coming big what's going on at the College level and the colleges Colombia NYU and others is uh a disgrace and it's A it's really on Biden he has the wrong Signal he's got the wrong tone he's got The wrong words he doesn't know who he's Backing and it's a mess he is the worst President in the history of our country And again what's going on is a disgrace And I can tell you he's no friend of his Israel that's for sure and he's no Friend of the Arab world world either he Wants to take like a middle ground and

Often times that doesn't work but it's Certainly not working here but what he's Done to Israel is abandon them peace Will never happen with a guy like this Thank you very Much okay so um you know there's a Genocide going on and that's should be Clear to everybody this official story Is a joke and you know there's a lot of Bandwagoners I don't believe in protests I've talked about protests don't work And I I'll get into this in a narrative In a moment let's go to the other video Here within hours probably the charges Dropped and and there'll be no Consequences which will only embolden Them your Thoughts well I really think you have a Lot of paid agitators professional Agitators in here too and I see it all Over and you know when you see sign Who's paying Them what agency who's paying These Guys These college kids to or people go in There and be professional agitators Who's paying them like What entity what Government what you know private Organizations paying because Palestine Doesn't have any support Palestine Doesn't have any love Palestine doesn't Have any you know big donors any patrons Right and they're all identical that Means they're being paid by a source you Know these aren't hand painted signs

Where people would go to their basement And paint something because they really Believed it these are signs that are Identical they're made by the same Printer and you know when you see that That means there's somebody at top That's paying or a group that's paying And they're doing great disservice to The world but they're doing great Disservice to our country but when you Look at New York in a state like this But look at other cities it's not a lot Different it's frankly worse in some Places than it is right now in New York And I think the New York's finest New York City's finest have been incredible The way they've been it's not over yet But the way they walked in and the way They climbed through that window they Were not they were not afraid of Anything and it looks so when the big Event happened in January you know the Big lie hole thing and that happened in January after Trump's defeat to Biden he Was all four protesting he brought Together a mob and he sent him up to the Capitol Hill which caused you know him Problems and everybody problems the Truth Community problems it's really Dopey but now he's anti-protest right And you know he's just so narcissistic And Petty he's on the wrong side of this Thing right in a in a big way look like They've got it maybe clamped down but uh

It should never have gotten to this and They should have done it a lot sooner Than before they took over the building Because it would have been a lot easier If they were intense rather than a Building and tremendous damage done too You know when you look at that building That's a landmark and it's it's really Been okay so let me say this again I Don't believe in protest protests don't Work it almost always has a backfiring Effect where the people in charge grab More power and whatever you protesting About gets worse it almost always Happens unless it's government Sanctioned protests often times the Protests are there to benefit the powers That be and they stage the protest for That reason and the people who are run The system don't care and in many cases They can't do anything about it they Know you're going to going to be unhappy And they don't care about it right so Protests don't work we've seen it over And over again they usually backfire and There's so many Bandwagoners you know who get on the you Know the the coils of other people who Now all of a sudden have a problem with Israel right and a lot of these college Kids are just doing what the other ones Are doing and you know they don't really Know the issues and whatever else is Going on with the whole youthful thing

But they happen to be right about this Because there is a genocide going on and It's been going on for a while and There's been land acquisition and Israel Has an Army and Navy and Air Force and Big lobbying you know they're one of the The biggest lobbers of the American Government American politicians we all Know that right and so it's been a Problem for a while and it's not Anything America hasn't done or other Countries aren't trying to do you know It's just the way that the world works With bullies and abusers and and the Abused and so Trump is bought and sold In by Israel like he's one of the Biggest Israel supporters and Israeli Supporters and of course his son-in-law And all these other things right he has Connections in the Arab world as well His family got paid off by Saudi Arabia But you know his one of his main power Brokers is Israel you know the bankers And Wall Street in Israel love Trump and So that's where Trump has power you know With some of these powerful ENT entities Right and you know with Biden I mean Biden made so many mistakes and you know He's on the wrong side of so many things Certainly the Ukraine and he isn't good On Israel Biden isn't you know good on Israel and he's not good on Palestine But he's better than Trump and Trump Will give Israel a blank check and as a

Truther you can't vote for that right I Mean it goes against everything that the Truth Community is about because it's You know it's fundamentally dishonest But Trump supporters They you know either at this point they Just are going to vote for anybody or They you know Trump is just always going To be conceived as being better than Biden but they're just literally the Same guy right and you know if you're Going to hire somebody or you were going To you know marry somebody or you know Whatever kind of you're going to go into Business partnership with somebody and The people that you're going to hire or Marry or going into partnership with are The worst people and they both suck and One seems a little little bit better Than the other but you don't have to Hire marry or go into partnership with The people like it's not something you Have to do it's not like you're given a Binary choice and you have to make one Because there's a third option of not Voting or you can vote for anybody else Right you can write in yourself as you Know you I mean it's there's write in Ballots and there's you know I mean you Don't have to vote but you know you Don't have to vote for them either and So there's really four options vote for One of the two guys vote vote for Somebody else or don't vote at all the

Problem with voting is you end up um Just delaying and thinking that Trump is Actually going to do something he's not It prevents you from preparing and Really assessing what's going on is that We're screwed and the system is going to Collapse no matter what and nobody's Going to stop it and so you know that Affects you and everybody else as well Because there could be you know it it Could be something a time better used Than waiting for you know the Great Pumpkin to save you when he clearly Isn't let's get to the other stuff Here okay you know I want to revisit This I covered this in my last video South Dakota governor Christine Nomes is Defending her decision to kill her 14-month-old female dog Cricket it's a Puppy actually killed a puppy yeah no Killed a puppy yeah so they go on and They bring an expert in or a pund in and They keep on doubling and tripling down With this idea that it's a puppy was a 14mon you know 14-month Old Dog full Grown dog right young dog but still full Grown and it's obviously not a puppy you Know and I brought up the comparison to Biden Biden's dog it bit all these Secret Service agents and all these Things you know what I didn't mention Here and people do it and the Republicans obviously do it and Fox News Does it and people do it in the truth

Community you know this is just Dishonest The story is what it is and to some People Christine nome's going to look Horrible to other people they'll be more Balanced she's not going to look great Cuz she was postering and posing and Trying to you know boost her street cred Right she still sucks by talking about It dishonestly like it's a puppy like She took a baby dog and just killed it You know like some you know devil Worshipping sacrifice and she's into Killing puppies is you know that's not What happened right and what she did you Know and the way that she played the way She told the story and the Self-promoting way I mean chrisy Nome Sucks but they suck just as bad or worse Because they're you know make it into Something that isn't right by calling it A puppy and the people who you know were Watching this I mean they should know How how big a 14-month old dog is you Know within a year a dog is usually Pretty much full grown and people have Had dogs know this you know 14-month old Dog I mean they they get out of the Puppy stage quicker than a baby gets out Of a baby stage right it's like a One-year-old baby you know it's a I mean Dogs have a much shorter lifespan and They're you know pretty much full grown After 68 months right I mean they're you

Know they're not a a puppy anymore after A couple months you know like it's Different helpless puppy that can't see And you know it it needs to be weaned From its mother and and then you know a Puppy that's I mean the puppy stage Doesn't last long enough right although It you know at some point I mean just Because the dog isn't trained you're Pretty eager for it to grow up you know Puppies are great but you you know you Wouldn't want one forever right but for Them to dishonestly say that it's a Puppy you know it just it's just Everything that's wrong with people in The world like you know tell the story Don't embellish don't exaggerate it I Mean in the truth Community happens here As well like just be honest about it Right And if you're going to exaggerate you Know do it slightly like you know you're Going to be one-sided subjective sure But don't you know say something like This and the people watching this should Be like wow this show sucks like it Should go off the air there should be no Audience for this kind of news but Unfortunately there is and there's an Audience here in the truth Community as Well because people want you know things To be exaggerated and they want to Demonize the other side at all costs Okay so apparently the police it says

Here fresh chaos arrests at us U us College campuses as police flattened Camp at UCLA um police forcibly removed scores Of defiant Pro Palestinian protesters at Several colleges on Thursday in clean Taking down encampment at UCLA in a Jarring scene that underscored the Heightened chaos is erupted at Universities this week so I haven't seen The videos yet but I guess they're Pretty graphic and I just want to you Know wrap this thing up here with this Um you know Biden is trying to walk back The defund the police liberal you know Protest crap that people are still not Just Republicans but it's a it's a Losing issue for the Democrats and then You know trying to support Israel by but Also appeasing the young the youth that He needs to win you know Biden's pulling At 42% chance to win Trump at 49 Trump's Cap is like 48 49 like he can't there's People you know everyone else says They'll never vote for Trump but Biden You know is pulling at 42% and you know I don't know how Kennedy's going to play Into this or anything else but you know There's not going to be the same level Of turnout and the youth is you know not Digging Biden and you know they're Really upset by this and then when you I Some watching the video now and it's Pretty graphic and this is not going to

Play well with the left and you know People moving in this direction there's Going to be more more and more anti- Israel sentiment and Trump is going the Opposite position and so this is you Know a you know catastrophe for Biden And you know all these things about Trump I'm going to wrap this one up here You know my voice is going and you know All the rest of it but only spirituality Will save this world it's parano Definitely poing from the apocalypse and The Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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