Silly little people telling Silly little lies

Silly little people telling Silly little lies

Okay greetings brothers and Sisters and so I just want to do a Little introduction something that I Find you know fascinating and or maybe Just um informative at least and Something that I haven't talked about it In this way in the past and that is the Optimal system that you have on the Material plan of existence a Governmental system a social system a Cultural system or even a family system Everyone is judged equally like everyone Gets the same um treatment everyone the Rules apply to everyone the same way and The system is governed in a such a way That everything's fair right that would Be the ideal but even with that that is Not the ideal you know the way it is now Of course there's you know people with Money people with different countries People with different skin colors people With different you know whatever it is Right whatever the prevailing power Structure is some people get you know Better treatment than others and some People get you know unfair treatment Whatever but the judgment is all based In superficial things how much money you Have how good-looking you are are you Obese are you you know dark skinn are You lightskinn are you you know what What your how do you how do you come Across when people see you what's your Personality like what's your you know

Power level in terms of money and these Things right superficial aspects and the And the you know the Beast cers to these Things favoring some people condemning Condemning others but what the system Doesn't take into account is that even Though people look the same and in some Cases act the same there is levels of Spiritual Development and in the Divine System that's how you're judged because The Divine system which is perfect and You know impeccable and natural right it Just flows naturally there is Consideration for your Spiritual Development right you know you have People on the lowest level of Spiritual Development and these people are they Judge everything by The Superficial aspect of things on face Value and they're you know blame Oriented people cause and effect binary You know binary FS as I call them onoff Left right black white liberal Conservative you know whatever Right Down the Line And they don't look at the depths of any Sort of situation they don't look Beyond The Superficial aspect of what's going On and the media functions on that level I mean they might get a little bit more Compassionate towards Joe Biden or Somebody that they're propping up but For the most part it's cause and effect Sometimes they minimize the effect or

They you know minimize the cause or they Don't even look at the cause but in General it's cause and effect black and White you know very blaming right you Know you're today you're a hero tomorrow You're you know what used to be called a Goat you a villain whatever winners and Losers and you're to blame if you're a Loser you know and a winner you're you Get all the credit there's no sense of You know any sort of um Divine system Especially in America where you're Supposed to you know just will yourself To be successful and you can do anything If you set your mind to it this kind of Thing you can be anything you want and That's clearly not the case right and It's a very immature system here But globally and the most important Piece missing is soul development now Where's your soul where's your spiritual Approach what level are what level are You on spiritually because if you're on A higher level Spiritually there needs to be more Accountability for those people personal Accountability where they realize that They can't be dragged down to the lower Levels of consciousness and be sucked Into the drama and all the you know all Of it because on a spiritual level You're going to be judged and I don't Want to say judged because it's not you Know judging imply some sort of external

Force that's like God sitting in some Throne somewhere and you know say Peter Letting you into heaven or not it's not Like that at all it's you know you Yourself that's your soul and the the Part of you that's Divine that's in a Sense doing the judging right and you Have a higher standard You're expect More is expected from you you shouldn't Need laws like you shouldn't need the Laws that are you know in place for People on a lower level of Consciousness Because you should never contemplate Doing those things right you don't need Commandments you don't need these things Because you would just never do them You're not going to murder people you're Not going to steal you know these things I mean you shouldn't like you shouldn't Get sucked into that level of behavior Because you're on a higher plane of Existence a higher standard because You've evolved and it's not like some Sense of superiority because You know spiritually in every other Possible way that's something that you Know your placement in a higher level in Your any kind of achievement you know You've had whatever time more time as a You know it's a higher level conscious Being or something whatever it might be And there's reasons for it right and Everyone has their place in society you Know I just um one of my dogs is wet so

She was toy is sleeping in her bed and Buddy loves to be here when I'm doing These you know work here and he runs Into the room first chance he gets and I Came in and the comforter was just Filled with like dirt and leaves and I Don't know what he was doing you know And I kind of got mad you know not like Real mad but you know it's a bummer but I just picked him up and you know I'm Not going to verbalize anything to him Because it's not his fault right like he Doesn't know you know he's a dog he's a Nice dog you know whatever his good Heart ra now out there I'm going to go Get as dirty as possible then go jump on That for his bed like he's not like out To get me right you know he's no Consciousness of it right and dogs you Know animals sometimes people attribute A standard to them that doesn't exist Right like I make jokes with my wife When we're walking in nature and the Dogs will run up ahead and scare the Animals that we want to see you know Frogs or whatever Birds you know things Like that and I'll say oh man they're so Narcissistic Right you know it's a joke because you Know they're just being they're you know They're they're functioning pretty much On the maximum of their their capacity And as you move through you know Humanity you know the various human

Beings and you know there's a level of Soul accomplishment there's a level of Spiritual Development that you know There's a spectrum and it's there's the Distance between the lowest level humans And the highest is like you know as one Uh as Char you put in the Sark system You know a thousand times G than the Distance between an amoeba and a human There's a wide you know gap between I Mean in terms of the spectrum of human Development on a spiritual level like Where you start off with where you start Off from as a human being and your full Potential as a realized Soul you know Someone who's merged back into the Source is the a bigger Gap than the Lowest level life form and the highest Level life form right so so you know This is something that there should be Some awareness of that because there's Some depth that needs to take place in An immature society and immature world And the problem is that people with Higher developed souls and spiritual Tendencies are condemned especially in The West in Europe and America it has no Value and you know you they want to Bring you down to a lower level even People who are just sort of flirting With the idea of being a spiritual Person like if you just have a little Bit of spiritual advance I mean look at What they've done to Saints and

Spiritual people and look at what They've done to everyone else in terms Of working against people's spiritual Evolution religions being the big Problem religions are you know working Towards you not are doing everything to Block you from advancing spiritually Which is completely effed up but that's How they make their money that's how They run their their their game right And so Saints need to be supported so You have higher developed Souls that That can help pull everyone up and they Need to be supported you know they have To go through their difficulties and you Know you you you evolve spiritually Through your your you know your Obstacles and things like that but Society has to view these people higher Developed souls and anybody with Spiritual capabilities as being valuable In some way and there has to be some Support there or there should be because You know and some recognition right but If you're going to demonize anybody I I've talked about this before when I Played Sports if somebody called you Soft like you were supposed to like Fight them right it was a you know Really a bad insult and I was reading The SJ Mark systems you know literature About having a soft heart and being you Know softer as a person compassionate And these things and I never really had

Thought about it and I was like yeah That is kind of better you know and Everything that I was trained as an American was the opposite right you're Supposed to be hard you're supposed to Be aggressive you're supposed to have a Killer Instinct right you know people Who are soft are considered weak and you Know enduring pain the softer you are The more pain that you feel so soft People have you know if you have and not A weakness or a cowardice I'm talking About something where you open up and You feel the pain that's there instead Of putting up you know walls and you Know doing whatever you can Psychological walls and defense you know Employing defense mechanisms to keep you From feeling pain and being Compassionate and you know looking at The world the way it is now which is you Know I mean which is painful but there Are people who have you know something To offer on a spiritual level level and The ability to pull Humanity up and if The society condemns those people and Hunts them and tries to do everything to Rig the system so those people will be Corrupted or those people will be you Know whatever it is demonized I whatever They they do whatever you know there's Various levels of uh you know sabotaging Those people and you know the movement That they bring in to the world and then

You know once that movement starts turn It into a religion and and you know make It into something that's a lower Vibrational level type of you know Relationship with God and the things That they do make it a materialistic Corrupt materialistic system and you see It time and time again and some of it is Just natural like you know people think About the devil having a plan and you Know the way that things are worded in The the Christian tradition but a lot of It is just you know depraved human Beings and there's some scaras and the Power structure and they just you know Have a Builtin animosity to the higher and they Want to bring everything down to the Lower and especially you know people of A a higher level of Consciousness and That's you know what's keeping Humanity Down and until that goes until those People are either you know their souls Aren't allowed to come back in or you Know something has to happen on a Destructive level where they're wiped Out completely you know their souls are Extinguished or whatever it is that you Know it breaks up this construct right That's passed on now almost genetically And certainly socially so that there'll Be a you know value for people and souls To move forward and have a spiritual Capacity to reach higher levels of

Consciousness right which is now you Know the opposite is the the case right To minimize and gas late and you know Pretend it doesn't exist and mock you Know Divinity and mock these things and You know say like the way science does As well right science where you have People who are smarter and oftentimes They have some Spiritual Development you Know maybe they've had a few lives or Something maybe they're even possibly You know someone who's had spiritual Lives in the past but then they you know Develop this you know animosity or this Mockery of anything that's Divine in Nature right see the thing about the Spiritual is because we're trapped in a Third dimensional body you're never Going to be it's never going to be Concrete that's why there has to be Faith you're never going to have Material it will'll be Concrete in in The sense of you know a theoric world Right an energetic you know world of the Spirit which is never going to be Material facts it's never going to be Scientific facts you know people say There's this idea that they weigh the Body after the soul leaves and you know It's like 53 G or 23 gam or something Like that right and the Soul doesn't Weigh anything that's just stupid There's no material proof of a soul I Mean you can have you know past life

Memories things seem to familiar to you You know you can have these things which I've experienced but they're not Concrete right it's never going to be You know something you can prove to Other people and it can't be judged on The level of the mundane but also there Are spiritual people or there are you Know quacks or semi- spiritual people That will just make things up and say Well you know I know more than you Because you know I'm in in touch with The etheric world fake psychics and People like that who take advantage of The fact that you can't prove anything But people have belief and you know Faith in these these things as well so It's you know it has to be scrutinized And you can't really just you know take Things I mean even as a spiritual person if you Have a vision or you have a spiritual Experience you know you can't look at it Like a material memory and you can't Take it on face value even things like Dreams you know they're subject to Interpretation and it never should be Considered fact or concrete you know Just taking things lightly and being on A spiritual level and not try to you Know make them into material concrete Things that you can hang your hat on Like just always realize you're only Seeing part of or maybe you didn't

Understand all of it it's not like it's Not a fact it's something that's fluid And everchanging right and you know so That's a hard thing for people to do Especially people on lower levels of Consciousness and people without faith Right and people want to make everything About all all that you see and feel on The material Level well they're going to Live crappy lives you know because You're a spiritual being that's here Temporarily in the physical body and You're limited to your access to your Whole history and your whole and your Whole spiritual nature my microphone There's interference with the Bluetooth That happens it's a little sto it's Raining outside so I'm going to end this Thing here I'll talk about this more you Know I've always always bring this back Around but maybe I'll add something at The end of this video or we'll see what Happens anyways that's it for now okay So the one thing that I forgot um the One thing that I um wanted to talk about here in the Introduction before we get into the Other stuff we're going get into the uh To stop the hammering guy cover of trump And stormmy Daniels somebody sent me it I haven't watched it yet but I just know It's going to be Great uh and then there's some other Things of course Israel is going to come

Back up but what I forgot to talk about In terms of this introduction about you Know a soul having more spiritual Tendencies You know I want to say old Souls but all Soul energy was created at The same time as far as I I know that's The case so during the creation there Was Soul energy and it went to different Levels and the periphery in the Sark Teaching there is this idea of the Center which is where God is you're Going back to the center you know being Centered going inward going you know not I mean physically inward but spiritually Inward and you're going back to the Source of all creation which is at the Center and then the farther you get away From the periphery the grosser it is Right so the purer the soul is the less Gross the more subtle the soul is the Closer it gets to God where Purity Becomes a barrier between you know lack Of Purity between you and connecting to God right and so when the universe was Created the soul energy manifested into Various physical forms and spiritual Forms and the farther they got away from The center the grosser it would become And so Souls that are more subtle and Closer to the Divine and that's the Difference you know in terms of your Soul's Journey they're going to be of a Higher vibrational level and more Refined and things like this and so

There's that part that I talked about Yesterday but then there's just your you Know your biological physical age right And you know you might have past life Experiences or you have past life Experiences and information and data but It's not available when you're born like You have to grow into it and and it gets Pulled out by your experiences right Like you don't know how to talk like you You don't know anything so you're not Bringing in you know all these skills From a past life immediately there my Microphone has these lights on them Lights on it and it you know has a Strong signal when it's all lit up and Then when the lights go off that's when You get the breaking up of my voice if That's happening and I usually catch Catch it but sometimes I'm not looking At it or you know I I got to pay more Attention done days that it seems to be Acting up one of my viewers said it was Um like interference and the I guess a Bluetooth mic so Bluetooths it's Bluetooths and it um it It uh you know some kind of interference Blocks a signal momentarily so when you Hear glitches in my mic that's what's Happening I don't know what to do about But anyways um you know since 5G I think Is a 5G maybe I don't know but anyways There's your biological age and I said In a recent video like I just kind of

You know all the things that I maybe Brought in from a past existence like I Just know how to function now you know I'm going to turn 60 in the summer so You know it's like my life's over and I'm finally functioning at a higher Capacity but it takes all these events In your life to pull things out of you Pull you know inner knowledge that you Have And you know experience and then you Know you sometimes in life you just There's things in your life where you're Just good at them or like being an Alcoholic it just feels right you know Like there's things you just fall into Good and bad things and those are some Scaras like it's just natural for you it Just feels good it just feels like it's What you're supposed to be doing and Some of the negative things and you know Certainly aren't that in the case but They're just very familiar to you you Know then you have the good things and You know things that you you know you Have experienced before it's easier for You like a soul coming in with no Experiences there's some advantage to That but then they have to learn Everything as a first timer and they're Just not going to be able to function on A very high level but when you're in a Young person that's why I call young People sort of dummies because we're all

Like we don't we don't know anything in Terms of things coming into our you know Our awareness through relationships and Through whatever it is and And then you realize things that you That's the problem with you know like a Lack of continuity between lives right There's no conscious memory of a past Life so you got to learn everything over Again you start off at a you know There's this guy I think his name is Yoga Nanda one of my friends read his Autobiography I guess he's got a big Autobiography but even as a young kid he Realized that he knew things that he Didn't know like he was trying to you Know incorporate these things he was Actually ahead of his time because he Was you know starting to pull through These memories through you know Consciously from a past life right but He just you know like as a kid you just You know you're helpless and you're I Mean you learn so much in those first Formative years I mean all the things That you you know walking talking using The restroom being able to feed yourself Being able to dress yourself like all These big you know things that you do Every day for the rest of your life Right there you know all these Milestones and in your brain you know Grows and your capacity grows more During that period of time than any

Other part time in your life right but In terms of some of these more Sophisticated things you need years of Experience to master these things again Even if you've mastered them in a Previous existence and then by that time That those things unfold you're old and You're ready to die and you know I've Talked about the the uh lifespan being Too short for human beings because just When you get good at life your body Starts falling apart in this whole thing But you know I just want to add this Little bit to it because you know There's elements of people's internal Worlds and what's going on with them and That relates to their soul and whatever Past life whatever you know position They are in terms of their relationship To the Divine whether whatever Experiences they have and you know People want to judge everything on Superficial levels but it's really the Person's Essence their soul that's Important right and you know you have to Figure that out for yourself because There's no help for you if you're a you Know older soul and you know I say that Older but you know I don't more Experienced more Elevated uh soul and you have some Spiritual Tendencies and things like This the systems lined up against you Like you're considered an enemy like

They know that there's saints that are Coming down there's know that there're Spiritual people and they want to do Things that you know the system is so Materialistic and so degraded it's it's Purposely Uh you know conspiring against you to Activate your higher nature everybody And then particularly spiritual people Because they can disrupt the you know The system anyways let's get back to the Uh the you let's go to the Lawrence O'Donald stuff here so here's the hammer Guy Lawrence O'Donald and the title of This video is why Trump's lawyer called Him the orange turd during this stormy Testimony um This guy's a weird dude let's run the Let's run the meme here demanding to Know where's Nancy stop the hammering Out there who's got a hammer where is it I don't know it's where's the hammer It's on a different is it on the go up On the other floor somebody go up there And stop the Hammering stop the Hammering call Griffin I don't care Who the to call stop the Hammering empty out the goddamn control Room and find out where this is going on It's either there or there or out there Somewhere out of control Sh Jesus Christ crazy F sound coming in My ear this stupid hammering I told you

Why I wanted those words cut it just Sucks it sucks to be out here with this Out of control Any thing can come into my ear at any Moment F Things how do you say this guy's last Name demanding to know where is Nancy You know a lot of these guys are all Twisted and weird but there's something Weirder about this guy um you know and He just is obsession with Trump let's Get into it here well tonight we begin At the end because this time the end Tells you everything you need to know About what came before that in the this Is not a case about sex courtroom today Where Donald Trump was called the Orange Turd Repeatedly by Stormy Daniels and by his Own lawyer that's right that's how Donald Trump's day went today the woman He has paid more money to than any woman He hasn't married criminal defense Attorney Susan necklace repeatedly Called her client Donald Trump the Orange Turd the way that we call you the hammer Guy you're the hammer guy bro on what She thought was an effective Cross-examination of Stormy Daniels so Imagine Donald Trump sitting in that Courtroom today slumped in his chair Leaving his eyes closed for long Stretches being forced

To listen with eyes closed or eyes open To one of his criminal defense lawyers On whom he has lavished money money Provided by his political Contributors listen to her repeatedly Call him the orange turd and Donald Trump is of course the most vain human Being who has ever entered that Courthouse but his colossal vanity Combined with his even more colossal Stupidity leaves Unable to tell what he was experiencing A normal person you really want I know What he experiencing as this former porn Star testifies about this whole hush Money thing which is a nonevent right This should not be covered you know um I'll get into this more with Bill Clinton but it just it's so degraded Right like you're degrading it's your Hatred for Trump is degrading the Presidency and Humanity the youth and Things like this you know these guys are Now the moralistic people couldn't be More humiliated Donald Trump was that The first time he's heard himself Referred to as the orange turd his Lawyer was doing let's go deep into this You know his Psychological uh reaction to be calling The orange turd what he ordered her to Do which was keep Stormy Daniels on the Witness stand as long as possible in the Trump belief that simply minutes on the

Witness stand count as somehow scoring Points against Stormy Daniels the orange Turd landed an hour into a belabored Cross-examination by Susan necklace that Was repetitive tedious and almost Entirely Irrelevant at 10:20 a.m. High pric Lawyer Susan necklace said to Susan Necklace and Jonathan pecker these are Some of the people on Trump's team Susan Necklace the Stormy Daniels quote is What kind of name what where you what's Where ises the word the last name Necklace what's its um origin it's like Ethnic origin a fact that you keep Posting on social media how you're going To be that sounds like a poor name Susan Necklace but she did change the name it Was originally Pearl my wife came up With that Joke instrumental in putting president Trump in jail answer show me where I Said I would be instrumental in putting President Trump in jail question all Right Miss necklace if we could show the Witness j43 please question do you Recognize that as your post answer yes Question and I don't see the word Instrumental or jail Miss necklace blow It up a little bit more Susan necklace Then shows the post on all of the Screens in the courtroom for the jurors To see and for the spectators to see and For Donald Trump to

See and then she says quote you were Responding to the post someone else's Post there answer yes someone calling me A human toilet so I capitalized on the Joke question the other post Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels aka the human Toilet are their star Witnesses right Answer yes you said exactly making me The best person to flush the orange turd Down answer yes so Susan necklace Brought the orange turd into the Courtroom there's no way to bring it Into the courtroom why would you bring The orange T into the courtroom through The necklace that's just crazy talk look At this guy is obsession with this thing Like nobody cares you didn't get Trump Because you can't get Trump because you Need Trump right like you guys need Trump when this election's over and I Don't know who's I don't know if Trump's Going to be president again I mean so Trump is so low energy right now he's so Broken that I don't even know right What's going to happen to him you know Trump's major condition looks like to be Bitterness like he's bitter and for a Guy who I don't think wanted to be President like I don't think Trump Really seriously thought he was going to Be president I think he was just running To promote Himself and he took off right cuz he was Different than the other candidates CU

He wasn't really trying to get elected He wasn't a seasoned politician he Didn't listen to his advisers and that Appealed to people and then he got into It right and then he was like president And he got into that and then but it Seemed like you know during the last Debate against Hillary Clinton he just Quit and gave up and like he knew he was Going to lose and he was like psych you Know just to you know capitalize on Whatever going on like he didn't really You know he didn't fight back like he Did in the other two debates and he Ended up winning and then he got into it And then it became a thing competitive Thing you know he's very Petty very Narcissist Narcissistic and then you know all the Rest of these things unfolded the Election the co the things and he feels Like he was cheated in some way some Wrong you know he's been mistreated it's All about that it's not like he loved to Be president and I I've read that line Over and over again where he says you Know what way is this to to run a Country when the election was going like He was a president and saying that in a Tweet like he was completely helpless And he looks like he's just bitter and Angry and it's just about a revenge and You know proving you deserve to win and All these things and you know he knows

That he's always going to be this guy And that he's not going to like have the Power or the ability to you know be some Great president you know he's not going To be like one of the you know whatever It is make America know these things are Going to happen it's just going to be Him winning the election and then all These court cases and how they deal with That just drama as much drama and as Much Trump hatred as there was before There'll be more of it as second term And it'll be lame dock the Republicans Are just waiting for him to age out and Move on from him right and then all the Other people with him you know the Margerie Taylor greens and all these People who you know people gravitate to But they're not truthers they suck and They're just making things worse And so you know that's the Trump Presidency he's going to give Israel Green light you know he's I mean they're One of his big supporters and he's you Know I mean there's just no good things For a trump presidency isn't going to be As fun and you know as like whatever it Is and the Democrats need him because They built their whole world against Anti-trump their whole political view And the media and all this stuff and Trump's going to disappear at some point Either he loses the election or you know Some whatever ever happens to him but

They're not going to put him in jail Because they you know once that he's in Jail like then what are they going to do What are they going to talk about this Guy's obsessed with Trump right this Trial like every time I turn on the news They're talking about this trial or some Else well you know all these things of Georgia I me it's always all it is is Trump Trump trump you know the rest of The year till the Election and for the most part you know Nobody's watching CNN and MSNBC they don't do real polling and Trump is capped off off at below 50% There's Trump can't get over 50% of the Vote but Biden's already is at 42 right Now and so like what happens right like It's just people don't vote you know What happens and then there's of course The rigging of the system right um you Know that's you know part of it as well Like the whole thing is you know Manipulated and whatever they want to Have happen but it's not interesting Like it's just because there's no you Know I mean it's just two old guys who Nobody wants to see this rematch right Like they're rolling out Ali Frasier Again you know like you know two corpses You know like you know it's it was Interesting the first couple of times And now the first two elections and now It's jump the shark there should be

Something new and they don't have Anything new two guys who have proven to Be bad presidents right and Trump is Just broken like he's just you know Bitter and angry and Biden is like you Know he's just gone and you know Whatever his handlers are going to do They're going to do but he's not running Anything and I don't even know if There's going to be debates and you know Be mildly entertaining but you know it's Neither one of these guys is performing Well and they're both deteriorating Mentally like neither one should be even In the consideration of being president So it becomes who cares right like it's Like a who cares thing like really is What we're Doing and kept it there the questioning Of about the orange turd went on and on Stormy jangel said quote I don't see Instrumental or jail there you're Putting words in my mouth question so When you said you were the best person To flush the orange turd down you Weren't saying you were going to be Instrumental in causing him to be Convicted of a crime that was not what You meant answer no question what does That mean answer I'm pretty sure this is Hyperbole if somebody calls me toilet I Can say flush somebody see how that Works now trying to explain a joke you Know this is um really bad for

America this is just how low like it's Be America is sunk right and this guy's You know wallowing in it like a pig this Guy seems like he has you know they're All weird and they get into weird stuff All these people you know Washington DC People people on the inside and I'm sure He has weird sexual habits right and They're all degraded like you know and If they haven't if they don't engage in Weird sexual stuff they're you know They're desensitized to it right and you Know especially these people who are Liberal and their whole thing is Degraded morality and weird sexuality You know something that's you know Whatever it is and they're trying to you Know slam Trump with this but his Consern Conservative Republican base Isn't heer in any of it so who is who Are they you know the your degraded Audience that's you know loves abortion All these things Right to a lawyer in court is always Pointless question you said you were Going to flush president Trump answer I Didn't say president trump it says Orange turd so if that's what what's Interpreted by you question what do you Mean answer I don't know what I mean Question you have no idea answer I'm Also not a toilet so it's All I'm asking you whether you knew what You meant when you said an orange turd

Answer yes I do question what did you Mean answer I meant I'm not a human Toilet so if they want to make fun of me I can make fun of them question you Don't want to admit you meant Mr Trump Answer I absolutely meant Mr Trump Question why did you say no answer it Doesn't say instrumental and putting him In Jail and So this is really bad like I said this Is the Degradation of humanity right like this Is you know the Monaco winsky thing with Bill Clinton the Republicans made a Mistake by dragging that out into the Public because it became acceptable Bill Clinton ultimately was wasn't impeached And there was a new way to deal with Things which is you didn't resign in Shame if this was a scand if there was a Scandal of this nature before Bill Clinton the person would have just been Done Politically and you would just you know They would just resign in shame right Something of that magnitude but Bill Clinton refused to quit and he just got Over it it was more less forgotten and The Republicans brought out all this Dirty laundry and all this despicable Behavior You know whatever was going on like he Was cheating on his wife with this young

Girl you know this you know the cigar All this stuff right you know the dress I mean these things right if you guys Know the story and you know the people That they brought in that you know that Monstrous woman that that uh Monica Linsky confided in whatever her name was Don't tell me don't care don't need to Know and it was just degraded humanity And kids were hearing that and this is What you know people are supposed to Look up to their president And you know it's the truth these guys Are scum back so I'm like not totally Bummed by it but you see the degradation That happened after Bill Clinton and Then you saw the thing with Trump and Trump just filed Bill Clinton's Playbook And refused to resign right and now the Democrats are doing the same thing to Trump but no one needs to have a porn Star associated with a president and Again he wasn't president when he banged The porn star not that you know it's Makes it any better But like they're just bringing this in Like they want to embarrass him about This thing but the people who are in the Right wing aren't moving I don't know About The Independents they all got you Know Trump fatigue put them in jail Already right you know stop with all These I mean he's got like six or seven Different active legal cases and you

Guys can't stop him from becoming President you know just you know put Them in jail what's you know what's Really going on here like people are Just tired of hearing about these things It's just you know It's monotonous and then degrading him As the orange turret as president and Bringing this thing in you know again I Mean this whole thing you know the Stormy Daniel things the payoff money You know Trump did all these things he's A scumbag but you're obsession with him And you know where you going with this Like I don't even know what the point of This trial is like I you know I'm so you Know detached from it like I don't even Know why they're bringing this thing Back up what's the point of view like What he manipulated something or the Hush money you know I don't even know Right like who cares you know he cheated On his wife with a porn star and paid Her off okay like you know he I mean What you know like that's you know this Common place that's just what they do And to pretend that Trump is the only Guy like this in all of Washington DC or In the media is just silly right and so It degrades everybody it just you know It's a low vibrational thing and by just Focusing on and getting obsessed with it And then never having every any Resolution like all right we'll just you

Know stop talking about this and then We'll go to another trial with Trump you Know just another charge in another State and you know one's Federal one's State BL you know election fraud Whatever it's like well is he guilty Because why is he not in jail right Because you guys can't put him in jail Because you have no other without Trump You have nothing he's the center of your Universe like the whole thing is just It's so degraded like it's just you know You're you're bringing down uh the the Whole system and the whole presidency Which I'm you know like the presidency Is a joke and these people are all Scumbag so it is truth coming out there So you know I don't know how I feel About it but you know it's like they're They're the most degraded party sexually They're the ones with the most perverse Sexual not the Republicans don't do Things privately but in terms of their Platform the you know Democrats are all This liberal attitudes towards you know Deviant sexual behaviors and like now They have a problem with it because you Know they don't have a problem with porn They don't have a problem with degraded Sexual behaviors so what's the problem Right that he paid this woman to not you Know talk about their encounters right Like what's the issue here there really Is no issue why are you making this you

Know wasting taxpayer not money that is Not going to result in him going to jail Or any of these other things right we Already know how this is going to play Out because you know when he's in jail Then yeah okay I you know when he's Actually in prison and he can't run for President then you know all right this Is real like until that moment and you Know maybe they're going to do that the Last moment and you know I don't know What the Republicans are going to do to Pivot and you know just they're te Tearing this thing into more and more of A mess for what right you got a aged Decrepit candidate who has his own lured History of you know weird deviant sexual Sniffling snooz and gropin and Joe Biden Who's like scile now and you what you're Pretending like that's okay you know Like you guys got a great guy and Somehow Trump is going to win for what Like this is democracy if Trump wins he Wins you know it's like you know it Doesn't matter whether you think it's Good or whether you think it's the end Of the world that's how democracy works Of course there is no democracy so you Know why are we even pretending anymore Like you know Okay so I just want to add something Here when they breakfast and I turned on The news and I watched a little the Stormy Daniel's trial thing and it was a

Bunch of pundits and one guy was Saying that the defense hadn't proved Their case these are all liberal Trump Hating people and that maybe Trump would Do a stupid thing and be L to Testify you know he'll be uh you know Because he just want Trump but other Than that it's Trump's word against the Liar The Proven liar and excon Michael Cohen right that's scumbag and so so What they're trying to prove is Trump Paid stormmy Daniels off and Trump is Saying he didn't I know anything about It and Michael Cohen did it on his own So in a sense stormy Daniel's testimony Is really irrelevant because it really Matters whether Trump ordered Michael Cohen to pay her off or not and you know He did I mean it's like if you're a Trumper You know it's just you got to realize Trump's a scumbag because Michael Cohen's a scumbag Trump was associated With stormmy Daniels you know you think Michael Cohen paid her off and she never Had sex with Donald Trump like it's Stupid think he gave her whatever $130,000 to keep her mouth shut when They didn't have you know inter they Didn't have any kind of relationship It's stupid right when Trump has said Grab him by the you know what you know Like Trump's a scumbag right he's always Been a scum he cheated on all his wives

And all these other things and just you Know he's just what he is and Michael Cohen worked for him like Michael Cohen's a scumbag and Trump hired him to Do scumbag things you thinky guy was Just you know Trump's just a really nice Guy and Michael Cohen was doing things Without Trump now it's just stupid right You know it's just ridiculous but they Can't prove it and Michael Cohen's not a Reliable witness and they really don't Want to put Trump in jail anyway because You know all of it like all the things I've said before about the you know Trump being the center of their universe So the whole thing is just uh you know An exercise in futility and this guy is You know these lawyers are saying Trump The prosecution didn't prove its case Because they don't really have any uh Substantial evidence that Trump ordered Michael Cohen to to you know to do to do The payoff and the whole thing is just Totally Washington DC and big business And it's all scumbags right it's all Scumbags right you know it's just Scumbaggery you know and Trump is like Whatever how old he was when this Happened he was like probably in his 50s And he's sleeping with a porn star you Know he's married and you know like I Mean come on right like it's just um I Mean just the diseases you know like It's just you know maybe if you're a

Young man or something like that it Could be explained away but like you Know you know what are you doing with Your life right you know just cuz you Can you have access to a porn porn star You know again he's married and he's got Kids and you know this whole thing he a Public figure and it's a bad decision Right it's and look at story Daniel like He calls her horse face now but she's Just an obnoxious person and you know This is the kind of person that Trump's Associating with Michael Cohen and Stormy Daniels and I think Trump's Probably worse than both of them you Know they're they're scumbags in their Own way but Trump is you know what he's Done with Israel what he did with the You know the operation warp speed I mean He's just a just a bad person for all All you trumpers like you just got to Deal with it like this is true like These aren't you know false allegations They're not putting them in jail they're Not ruining him because they want him And need him around to push their agenda Like that's the reason why Trump is you Know Trump is the center of their Universe right their whole political Platform everything like that's true That's like a statement right look at What they do tune in to M NBC and CNN And listen to Democrats and all they Ever talk about is Trump

And Trump supporters I mean that's you Know that's all they have like that's Their excuse for doing everything that's Their victim statement that's their Reasoning for doing everything that they Do that's censorship and deplatforming People all the stuff that happens with The truth Community it all centers Around Trump and trumpers and you know The you know the QBs and all that stuff Right that's all you know that's all That's all Trump they're you know using Him as a an excuse to to you know giving Themselves permission to do bad things Because of trump and Trump supporters Have to be stopped and to rearrange that In your own in your mind to say that no He's going to try he's going to save the The country that's why they're come on Like just stop it like it's just you Know this whole thing is just a mess you Know like it's just a bunch of scumbags Or like you know rats rats on a sinking Ship they're all trying to grab a piece Of whatever they can grab before the Sick before the ship sinks with everyone Else just unaware of what's going on While they you know they grab as much Wealth as they possibly can before the Shrip before the ship sinks and everyone Else goes down with it right okay so um Things changed a little bit yesterday I Was making this video on the 10th but I Got a I had a headache the day before

And it was minor in the morning and that Just went South and I napped I slipped Basically through two till bunch of Times till about 2:00 and I still did Feel really well enough my stomach was Really Upset um so no reason to say say Anything the migraine's gone I feel Great today but um I saw this video Which I'm about to show you about Jen and Morning Joe a combination a Dream Combination and it starts off great so I'm going to transition to that after This last segment here but I did watch a Little bit more news because you know There's um A trial of a president is supposed to be A big deal so when I was a kid they Impeached Nixon and that was huge it was Like big I mean I you know I was a kid And I knew about it I never watched the News like it was a long process and you Know the Watergate scandal was like you Know it was a whole whatever it was you Know whatever that that happened it was The biggest thing for a long time right There wasn't these major events Happening like every day there wasn't The Information uh you know there wasn't the Internet and all this information out There there wasn't the Sensationalization of the news at least

Not like it was is Now and you know there was the Bill Clinton scandal which is also used right There was um there was Whitewater and There was Monica Lewinsky and this all This stuff right but you know there was Nothing like this with Trump because Trump was impeached twice and that Failed and now there is multiple Criminal and civil suits against him Right like there's so many and they just Don't this just doesn't happen to a President and I can't keep him straight Because I don't take them seriously and I don't think the majority of Americans Do and I think that even Democrats and Liberals have kind of moved on like Trump isn't that much of a big part of Their life if they're real you know big Into being Democrats and I don't know How no one's really a Joe Biden fan I Mean come on and so you know they're not Going to um they're going to be upset Every time Trump gets off on these Things when he doesn't go to jail or Whatever it is right and just you know The whole thing becomes you just get Overkilled because it's it should be a One trial like an OJ trial it's you know That's a a big trial and there should be An Upp or down verdict like they should Put everything into one thing but he's He's got stuff going on in Georgia and New York and then fed Federal things and

It's like you know we all know that all Politicians are crooked everyone has a Sense of that like there's just Criminality involved with politicians And you know Joe Biden and Hillary Clinton both had problems with with um Classify documents and you know the Whole thing with the election I mean People you know don't don't necessarily Believe especially independent people Swing Vote people that the Democrats are Clean right and certainly the Republicans don't and with these trials You know they give you enough to for Republicans to make it look like Trump's Being demonized and being treated Unfairly and they give you enough for The Democrats that Trump is a scumbag That both can sort of believe what they Believe but I think everyone's just over These things because you know if he go If they have all these cases against him And he really comes out pretty much Unscathed then you know then he becomes President again like you know WTF right Like the whole thing's just like why are You wasting our time you know the the Whole thing with the hush money right The hush money case is we're degraded Now so him a president banging a porn Star and being Trump like people just Don't even care like he was still Elected with the whole thing with grab Him by the Boop um so you know people

Are degraded morally like that he Shouldn't be elected for that Biden Shouldn't have been elected for his Weird Behavior with kids and women and Sniffing them but they are like people Don't care about that like that's that's Acceptable behavior for the president Because of Bill Clinton and just how Degraded everything is morally like That's okay you do that that's fine and It's just like well probably all these Presidents were weird we just know about These guys and so that's where humanity Is right now I mean we've just you know Dumbed down and degraded the pro process Right you know so there's that and so This hush money thing I mean if you're a Republican and you believe that Trump Didn't bang a poor star like you're like A silly person like you know he banged a Poor star like he's you know he's that Kind of guy like he's totally that guy Right it's totally Believable and the whole story and him Bringing her into this thing and the you Know creepy porn lawyer guy and all this Stuff like that's Trump right that's who Trump is and who's Trump's always been Like there's no doubt that he would do Things like that he cheated on all his Wives he is you know sexually Promiscuous and he did it and then Paying her off that's another thing Trump would do like the guy didn't give

His own money do you think Michael Cohen Did that out the goodness of his heart Right he was paying the woman off for Trump because that was Michael Cohen's Job so Trump did this he's 100% guilty Of this whatever it is but compared to Joe Biden well you know I don't know Who's worse cuz Trump and his family Walked away with billions you know from The Saudi Arabians you know Jared Kushner and his daughter is you know Whatever and you know I can't say who's Worse in terms of their degrading the Presidency I mean you know you're going To think if you're on one side you're Going to think one guy if you're on the Other you're going to see the other guy But they're both got their you know There's a case to be made against both Of them right but it just doesn't matter Like the whole thing it's a mess you got Two guys who are have no moral compass Who are old and scile I one's worse than The other but they're both you know too Old to be president one's scile the Other's bitter and angry and just about Revenge and all narcissism he's not here To to make America great again he's not Here fighting for you you know Trump Isn't here fighting for you but the Whole thing this is a minor case Compared to some of the other things Like voter fraud is a bigger you know Issue and you know he's not going to go

To jail for any of these things in this Case they're already saying that it's he Said he said it's a trump against Michael Cohen neither one of them is Credible but you know you can't do you Can't base your decision like if I was On the jury and God you know thank God I'm not right but if I was on the jury I Think Trump's 100% guilty but there's Not enough evidence to say he is like He's you know is a loophole in the Justice system like I know he did it Like we all do know he paid it off but You know again is it something worth Criminal prosecution you know the whole Payoff like is it really that bad of a Thing compared to everything else that Goes on in Washington DC and things like This so what I'm saying here is the Whole thing is a nothing burger and They're just obsessed with it like you Know it's it goes from one court case to Another every time I turn on the you Know MSNBC and CNN they're talking about Another court case and you know it's It's just silly like it's just like it's Not you know it loses its its ump right This should be a big thing a president Is being accused of criminal activity And all these other you know various Lawsuits and it's been constant for the Last couple years and he's polling ahead Of the other guy I that just tells you You know everything you need to know

That he is right now if they did the Election today he would be president and So he's winning in the swing States and You know I mean that none of these cases Are having an effect at all on the Election did you mean answer I meant I'm Not a human toilet so if they want to Make fun of me I can make fun of them Question you don't want to admit you Meant Mr Trump answer I absolutely meant Mr Trump question why did you why isn't His attorney saying president Trump Why isn't she calling him pres his Attorney should be calling him president Trump right that's how they that's what They do right or at least former President Trump right you say no answer It doesn't say instrumental and putting Him in Jail and so it went with Susan necklace Repeatedly pretending to quote things That she wasn't quoting and getting Caught by the witness Stormy Daniels who Then proved that Susan necklace had Mischaracterized what she was presenting To stormmy Daniels and stormmy Daniel it Didn't really mischaracterize it because Her saying that she's just a person to Flush him down the toilet is saying you Know these things she just said it in a More sophisticated way right like stormy DS was basically saying that none of That stuff matters right like it's just The whole thing is Goofy like this guy

He's look look how serious is we got him We got him this time you guys we got Hims did not spend one minute in law School learning how to do that that is a Sample of what happened in the morning But as I said the most important part of The day by far was the End that's when judge Juan Maran got the Last word and provided the most Important possible review let's do it You you're nailing it Hammer guy Of stormmy Daniel's performance on the Witness stand as did the Trump lawyers Stormmy Daniels left the witness Dent at 12:23 p.m. 2 hours after Susan necklace Had invited her to repeatedly call Donald Trump the orange turd to his face In the courtroom the orange turd this is The orange turd Guy three three more far less colorful Witnesses then took the witness stand And judge Maran ended testimony early Today on the early side at 4 p.m. so That the Trump def defense could have Some time to raise two motions both of Which were denied by The Judge first Criminal defense attorney Todd blanch Who's the lead defense attorney in this Case and who has already been so Thoroughly humiliated in that very Courtroom that he enters exits and Spends the day at the defense table Looking like the sadest man in the room Every day that's you

Bro Todd blanch argued a motion to the Judge to rewrite his gag order on Donald Trump to now exclude Stormy Daniels from The gag order so that Donald Trump can So you can call her horse face tweet About her now or do whatever he does on Truth social Todd blanch insisted now That Stormy Daniels had presented what He called a quote completely different Different version of events Donald Trump Should be free to publicly respond to That completely new version of events The judge asked for an example of what Todd blanch thought was a completely Different version of events Todd blanch Quoted Stormy Daniels testifying quote I Felt the room spin in slow motion and a Few other lines to which the judge said I don't see a new set of facts the the District attorney argued that the Additional elements of stormmy Daniel's Testimony were not inconsistent with her Previous statements judge Maran Explained Okay so again not serious right he's Taking stormy D this is like Stormy Daniels is an Opportunist and a porn star and she's Kind of weird and just like with Jimmy Kimmel when he had those mushrooms that Represented um Donald Trump's you know Manhood and Stormy Daniels picked them Out like these guys are obsessed with it Right because Jimmy Kimmel wanted to

Know that they were different shaped Mushrooms orange mushrooms Because you really want to know what Donald Trump's junk look like like this Is their fantasy Right like this is how obsessed they are So I was going to show you a bunch of Other things I got some stuff to do with RFK Jr and there's just always stuff With Israel but then yesterday YouTube Recommended this video to me this week On morning Ma saki Bombs well I can confirm that the President of the United States does not Spend his time tweeting conspiracy Theories he spends his time working on Behalf of the American people oh boy When it comes to man so that's supposed To be a killer line now there's a thing Called morning Ma I don't know even know What that is um morning m is there a More unlikable person than mik brazinski In the news in a sea of unlikable people Like there's who's likable in the the Media the gumball guy maybe you know guy Kind Trump's Li and Gumball you know Maybe a few other I mean that because of The Gumball thing but you know maybe Some of these people are slightly Likable and maybe outside the news but As news people they're not and mik is Just the most obnoxious and weird of all Of them but Jen is horrible at her Job and she called these suaki bombs

Right because Jen said you know This derogatory term about conspiracy Theorist and conspiracy theories and Like that's the worst thing to be and to Me it's like you guys aren't even human Beings you get up and you Gaslight People every day you repeat lies and It's embarrassing like there's no shame In how bad they suck you know they know That they're presenting to the the Stupidest of people not stupid low Consciousness you know people with who Are so detached from real life like no Real person would watch these news People no you know if you took people From ancient times when they they were You know who who had critical thinking Skills and educated or you know just had Had good perception of reality or just Good wholesome farmers and people who Were living life like you know real People would live it these they would See through all these news people right They would totally see through them so Let's watch that intro again Here this week on morning Ma morning M Saki bombs saki bombs well I can confirm That the president of the United States Does not spend his time tweeting Conspiracy theories he spends his time Working on behalf of the American people Nobody really believes that so oh Boy when it comes to managing the Message Jen saki doesn't mess around as

Press secretary she turned the White House Daily Briefing into viral viewing And now she's doing the same thing from The anchor chair with her own hit Show On MSNBC it has been a wild ride from The campaign trail to the Oval Office And today Jen is breaking down the key Lessons she has learned along the way Whether it's communicating with Politicians or preschoolers after all It's tough to tell the difference Sometimes I'm M brzinsky here with there You are Simone Sandra Townsend Huma Abedine and and jensa I didn't see this Humed abedine you know she was married To that one dude she was um she was Hillary's you know uh love interest You all that stuff she was married to That guy um what was his name Anthony Weiner right Anthony I had to go look it Up Anthony Weiner and um Susan necklace And Stormy this is wonderful Saki and guess What we're doing guys this week we're Showing sucking are you guys sucking Like normal our range last week it was So your range of suckiness and Gaslighting people and talking down to Them and talking about how being a Conspiracy theorist is the worst Possible thing that you could be because You know that would involve not Submitting to the to The Narrative of The Beast dogs and live chickens and

This week that's right and this week It's all about same more lessons from Work the White House and the world That's of course you know her show has Got I I assume bad ratings but she's not She's very stiff and like really bad at Her job I was covering her for a while Okay so she has horrible ratings I think They've moved her new moved her to prime Time but her initial show she got 1.1 Million viewers doubling CNN's show and Then it drops Significantly it said says here Jen MSNBC show facing rating struggle one Year after X White House Press Secretary Join the news network okay so it says Here P's Monday shows only managed to Garner an average of 133 133,000 viewers in the 25 to 45 demo and You know she's not going to grow her Audience like it's just there like this Is going to suck and she so she sucks And so the show's going continue to tank Until they fire her like that's you know That's Jen baki's future Jen saki's new Book and it's amazing over the course of I'm sure it's amazing I'm sure it's like The best book ever written career thank You okay spoiler alert I'm in the Editing process and none of them read it It's hilarious including jum Pasui it's they're going to show you That none of them read it which means

They're Liars this is an infomercial This is PVC right this isn't you know Even close to being real news because They're promoting this book and they do It for the first five minutes of Whatever this is on warning Ma and Clearly no one's read the book because There's going to be a moment where You're like oh no one read the book Including Right and so this is great it's just It's going to be wonderful Jan was a Spokesperson for the state department White House communications director for Then President Obama and ultimately the First White House Press Secretary for For President Joe Biden before stepping Down in 2022 these days you can catch The mom of after the her just um her Atrocious lying about covid right which Would if you were a news person you Would hold her accountable for that the Lies about covid and all the things that Were around that the bloop and all these Things right to hosting inside with Jen Saki on MSNBC where she offers words of Wisdom to viewers and would be felons Alike if you're planning on taking part In a criminal conspiracy I would Definitely suggest not taking Handwritten notes outlining the entire Plan but that seems to be exactly what Happened she's so stiff she sucks at her Job like that was not a good clip that's

Not a highlight that's a low light but They're all low lights because she's not Good at it she's not good she's very Stiff and you know she doesn't have any Sort of a flow to her But before book Jen just congratulations From all of us you were married to Anthony Weiner the disgraced and you are Hillary Clinton's like right-hand Man we love you all of you and for all Of your support all three of you I Appreciate it so much we power woo are We are your biggest fans and support are Woo just happened to be us but the Book's amazing and it's really helpful To a lot of people I just want to start With um explain a Saki Bomb for those That don't know the Saki Bomb I didn't Coin this term first of all I'm very Honored by it it is like a drink that You can have at a restaurant I'll start There oh but a saki B saki Restaurant if I was at a restaurant and They serve bombs I'd be like this Restaurant isn't for me right um it's True M we'll get one the next time the Four of us all get together um I think What it means yeah you are m Is when I would shut someone down in the Briefing because it was disinfo it was Inaccurate or we were conspiracy Theorist and disinfo and I would shut Him down with my power just the end Of our line of questioning now my

Sisters cuz we you know we all have Siblings and siblings are the best and They make fun of you uh got saky bomb Sweatshirts that they sometimes would Wear on family zooms just to poke fun at Me but I think that's the Meaning that's adorable it's so adorable That was so adorable I can't believe how Adorable that was I mean it was it was Like a kitten it was like a baby kitten It was like almost you know maybe even a Hedgehog I don't know it's pretty Adorable nice sisters okay so this is Your first book um and it's it's not a Memoir or a White House tell all it's It's your guide to communication Something you say you like look at the Pose Here wish you had when you were in your 20s tell tell us why you know I think We've all experienced times where we Made mistakes where we wish we would Have done things differently where we Even heard a s hit a certain age in our Lives for me it was 40 for whatever Reason when you just start um learning Things you wish you would have known Earlier and I realized that there's a Lot over the course of 20 years I've Learned things like how to give feed Yeah this is somebody who looks out and Looks at Washington DC every day back to Different kinds of unless it's just a Fake background which it could be bosses

What to do when you make a mistake how To push back and fight back bullies and I mean like the Kremlin and Putin but it Doesn't happen she fights back she she's Always fighting back Putin she tells you How to fight if if you see Putin in the Street and you read J saki's book you Can kick his ass because he's gonna try To bully you and you Jen saki Jen Knows that you can you can fight Putin With her words and her you know you know Her White House briefing skills have to Be that it can be others how to prepare To speak publicly and as I was thinking About what kind of a book I wanted to do I realized I wanted it to be something That would be full of advice I'd give my Kids when they're old enough but also That I wish I would have had when I was In my 20s well saki I have to tell you I Wish I had this book in 1996 when I Walked into the White House and had Absolutely no idea what I was doing so You know it's a book that for Everybody's going to work in the Democratic Administration so you'll sell 20 of them Like operating along the lines of a a Fake it till you make it attitude until One of my mentors in the White House Told me if you fail to plan then plan to Fail and wow that was amazing saying or Did you get that into fortune cookie Which was it I think there's so much in

This book that seems like it's basic Advice in how to operate in the world You've just done it at the highest Levels of scr I think these are all fake Backgrounds they're all using the fake Backgrounds intensity and one of the Things that you say early in the book Which I love is that we have come into a World where it's it's monologuing more And dialoguing less and it really boom All these catchphrases it does feel like We're basic communication is evapor Evaporating in today's political climate Oh my God it's a breakthrough from Why do you think that Is I think social media is a part of it Social media has a lot of good aspects Too um so does all of the no it doesn't You guys hate social media that's why You hate conspiracy theories you've lost The narrative you've lost control They're saying it's less dialogue and More monologuing well you guys are the Biggest monologuer because you won't Allow any kind of anything that's Outside your bandwidth to even be Discussed and you guys got a set story Given to you by the powers that be and Your Gatekeepers to pretend that any Anything else outside that story is just A ridiculous conspiracy theory right Technology we all use right I mean how Would we Face Time with grandparents or Cousins or others who don't live near us

But it is much easier to be a bully and A warrior online than it is to have that Conversation in person and I think Especially for people who are even Younger than Simone it's become through Covid um through just the rise of social Media platforms the way so many young People communicate that's okay but it Also has meant it's we people have lost The art of being able to communicate in Person and I'm still a Believer maybe It's old school oh yeah you just you Just said that's the end right that's The end then if people have lost the Ability to communicate in person our Civilization's over right oh people can Only communicate through devices well Then that's you know that's a sign of The collapse right that that's where Some of the best conversations happen Like that's where you should go with That you should say this is a big Problem it's not okay this is a huge Problem where people can no longer Interact face to face which is true and They're brushing it off here I concur The best conversations do happen my Turn in in person and that's where where You learn things um I love the book it's The best pounds conversations are in Person I love the cover very Glam uh you Know that's what I spent most of the Time on the cover like I I didn't you Know I don't have much to offer but the

Cover was wonderful is currently in my In my bookshelf at home yes we love the Cover honey we just just sitting we love It sitting they're sitting you're Sitting on the cover I'm like wow that's Amazing you're wearing a a green desk Dress there a light light bulb on it There's a light behind you it's on and There's some curtains it's amazing cover And it's just the cover is wonderful and I can't say enough about the Cover in this book you also write about The the three questions that you were Pass the most during your time at the White House please Jen tell the people What the questions were and what the Answers are to the questions oh my God Okay one of them is um what's Joe Biden Like we don't need people actually ask You that question what you see is what You get like he he doesn't have a a Secret side I mean we already seen him Sniffling and and drooling and smelling And snoozing and groping these you know Kids and women and we've seen that maybe There like worse stuff but what you see Is what you get like nobody should be so Joe Biden is not a mystery um and we all Know this a little bit right but the Thing about Joe Biden yes he's the President of the United States and the Leader of the Free World but I felt After I'd been even working for him for Just a couple of weeks and I think I

Said this to him actually which I Prefaced by saying this is a weird thing To say to a president which anytime that Comes out of your mouth you know like Where am I going with this but where are You going with this basaki I said said I Feel like I've known you a long time Because he's somebody who has such Empathy which we've seen and such Humanity oh my God and it's so connected To his family you know he's scile you've Seen him do stuff you're like this like If you're close to somebody who has Alzheimer's or has some sort of dementia It you know and these are reporters They're supposed to be Observationalist the guy does stuff in Public that shows you he's got dementia When he's when he's even more tired he's You know in personal situations and Meetings we've seen him in meetings Right and you like oh my God this guy's Gone and he's a president like you Should be concerned you should be you Know you're supposed to be a reporter And you're pretending like this guy is Some kind Of best you could say about the guy is He's you know he's a lifelong politician And he's kind of a professional Politician and all that that implies and To the families of all of the people who Work for him um I just adore him as a Human being um she adores him and I

Didn't know that that would be part of My experience um you know he's also I Think a lot tougher um in a good way and A lot um more uh disciplined I would say In terms of how he handles difficult Things like negotiations around the World and with Congress then I think People give him credit for and I saw a Lot of that the second question people Always ask me is like what's Peter Ducey Actually like right um Peter Peter douchy so you you your big Questions are Joe Biden and Peter douchy And first of all he's very tall I say That I'm figh he's tall he's very tall Like the cover of my book is very like It's great cover he's very tall he's a Giant person um but two we had our back And forth in the briefing room but he Was always professional when he came to See me and wanted to talk about issues Look at this look at this I douch douchi Douchi and a couple made in heaven he loves His wife he's a father I tried the best I could to see him as a human being you Tried your best to see him as a human Being like what um there is a Performative aspect of the briefing room We can critique that I think it's kind Of a problem but yeah performative I Actually that's she's actually speaking Truth so conspiracy theories are are are Not valid even though you're admitting

That it's performative just like Peter J It all and now I'm totally forgetting The third question in my own book and it May be because it's my second day of my Book tour because you didn't write it is That why you had to go ghost right we'll Have to read it wait do she know that She just asked the question exactly There's a teaser it's a teaser got to Tune the come back or you could tell her What the question was since you asked The question so these were preset Questions because this woman up here Could have said all right I know what The third question is but she didn't Read the book right and so no one else Did and not they can't say what it is Right so I'm editing here and I you know Wanted to add to what I was going to say About them not reading the book so this Is a big part of the book right what was The three most questions asked to you Like this she doing an interview and she Doesn't know the three most asked Questions that she got when she did this Job right like these aren't questions That she's getting out of the blue Because they didn't read the book so These were things you this like a joint Venture between MSNBC and Jen They're trying to promote her they're Trying to bring this you know this is Like a woman empowerment show they're Trying to bring a woman's audience to

Her and she's failing she's going to go Off the air she's going to get cancelled Because she's losing to the other you Know she's losing to MSNBC she's losing To CNN and CNN's like sucking like you Know like they're they're falling apart And after the election it's just going To go down the ratings are going to go Down right so Like this is it like she's done and she Sucks at her job and so they're trying To pump her up here and an infomercial Type of way which is the opposite of What journalism is supposed to be about And so this is like a cocktail party Thing where someone says what are the Three most questions that you're asked What are the most questions you're asked What's the number one thing you're asked About nobody cares what Joe Biden is Like right like that's not some mystery And so they're trying to sell her book And say well there's like great things Like she tells you what Joe Biden's Really like nobody cares what Peter Duy's really like especially the people Are going to buy her book and so the People who are in Fox News aren't buying Her book unless they're you know the People who watch Fox News aren't going To buy Jen P's book Republicans aren't Going to buy Jen baki's book Peter duy's Fans if he has them aren't going to buy Her book so that's not a selling point

The Joe Biden thing isn't a selling Point and so those aren't some indepth Questions oh what were the questions you Were most asked well what's Joe Biden Like what's Peter Ducey like and so you Don't know what the third one is and you Know you supposedly wrote this book like You didn't read your own book right and Then none of these other women did Because they would remember that right Like one of them would remember it none Of them do and they could say oh no it's This right proving that they read the Book and it would be like you know Validating the fact that they're pushing This bunk and pimping it out there but They didn't do it like it's so silly Right is this Ridiculous they're pretending that they Read this book when they didn't and That's not you know this is not Journalism like how can you say it's Such a great book when you didn't read It oh it has amazing cover oh yeah okay And so it's not going to sell and she's Not going to get good ratings because It's just superficial fluff and nobody Cares about these things oh what is it Like to be a Washington DC Insider Without any of the dirt right and when You're coming in and saying Joe Biden is A wonderful man and he's such a great Leader that's what you do every day you You know you push this guy out we can

All see he's scile he was corrupt he's Never been great like he was always a You he a plagiarist and a you know he's Just a piece of crap right and he's a Lifelong politician like everyone knows That and now he has dementia and like You're trying to sell us that like That's just you're gaslighting everybody It's just performative like she was Saying how she doesn't like the part Part of the White House Press Room being Uh uh performative but they're being Performative here they got fake Backgrounds they're selling a book that None of them have read even the Author it's this is great you know I Talk about this all the time because This is their point of view is that the Worst thing you can be is a conspiracy Theorist or Antivaxer and that if you don't believe In the official story you're the worst Kind of person and you're on a path to Being a terrorist I mean that's what Their world viiew is demonizing people Who question people who conspire and lie All the time you know saying that you're Some kind of evil conspiracy theorist is Saying that oh you believe that people Are liars you're a bad person you Believe people are liars you're a bad Person right that's their worldview That's how they that's how they Shamelessly suck I mean it's you know

They're just going out there gaslighting People and saying oh if you believe that Politicians and Corporations and people in power and Everybody else lies you're a bad person Right and there's words for liars right You know there's that Ricky Jes movie The Invention of Lying where people Didn't lie and then one guy learns how To lie and he becomes like a jesus-like Figure like he just works his way up Through the various levels because he's Lying and no one else is and lying There's a competitive advantage to lying And conspiring and I talked about the um The uh werewolf game or the Wolfman game Or whatever it's called it's uh now a TV Show called the um traitors and it's a Psychological game invented by some you Know Russian student to show that people Who have more information you know the Ones who are the wolves or the traders In the game you know villagers and Faithful are the the other people in the Two different you know it's two Different U it's a different spin on the Same game and you can buy the game right It's like an now board game but you have Some two people in the two or three People and they show it's three people In the game it's two that are um either A wolf or a Traitor and they have to kill somebody And then the and then everyone else

Comes together with the traitors and Votes out the someone else who they Think is either a wolf or a traitor Right or the people who have inside Information the Traders are working Together to manipulate the game and they Almost always win they almost always Somehow deceive the people and are able To do it cuz they pretend to be a faith Ful or a villager but they're really the Murderers right and it shows that people Have more information and are being Deceptive have a competitive advantage In a society the way it is now and so This gaslighting to call out people who Are again there's a lot of Misinformation a lot of you know bad Stuff that goes on in the truther Community you know bad information a lot Of stupid theories and you know there's Governmental people who are involved and There's just dopes and you know people With poor character qualities who put Out lies even though they know it lies I Mean volunteers people who are not Working for the government who just go Out and and lie and whatever it is right And they're part of the problem you know People making a little coin or whatever They're doing to you know exacerbate the Situation right Twitter recommended a Guy I think his name is Matt Wallace and This piece of Boop um like there was a a Video he put out that said um if you you

Know they're about to kill Drake and D They're going to Jeffrey Upstream J Drake the the singer you know the rapper Drake because he's in this whatever it's Going on with him one of his Security Guys died I was covering this thing with Him and Kendrick Lamar on my other Channel right and so Twitter recommends This video and I click on it and the Video is about is this guy I think it's This guy Matt W I think the guy's name Is Matt Wallace I'm not sure but the guy Says you know I have inside information I have a a document like you know Alex Jones type stuff I got the secret Document that shows you they're about to Collapse civilization and they're and Every time I put this video up they Suppress it but here it is Twitter's Recommending it to me right and you know This guy's just a piece of Boop you know Liar you know just a uh making things Worse and that you know there's lots of People in truth Community like that but Even with all that you know the the Truth Community represents a possibility At least the higher is available you Know I was talking about this stuff in The beginning of the video right where There are higher developed Souls you Know that are farther along in their Spiritual journey and there you know It's a spectrum right there are people Who there's different levels to your

Spiritual elevation and and your Knowledge and your previous experience Here on planet Earth and you know where You are and you know people look the Same they look you know I mean people Have it's not like they look different Right and you could have you know really Highly developed spiritual person in a Family and the rest of the family is not Like that at all and if the person is Going to feel like you know not really Fitting into their own family right just Because of their they have some you know Spiritual Elevation but there is this Misconception that people who are Financially and you know not financially But who are um you know prominent in Society politicians famous people you Know smart people you know any of these People that are like on TV and you know News people these successful people are Somehow more evolved and they might be More evolved than some of the lower Level low Consciousness people who don't Have the ability for abstract thought They might be a little bit smarter they Might have a little bit more Spiritual Development this might not be their First rodeo but they're not the top of The you know they're not the top of the They're not the cream of the crop right They're just you know they're still if They're engaged in the political process

And this you know power and the power Brokers and you know they're saying Joe Biden is a a wonderful man like these Clowns and you know even any any of the People they're of a lower nature right If they're just you know submitting to The Beast and you know collaborating With this you know carrying the water For the deceptions and putting all this Disinfo and being just basically bad People they're they're not evolved you Know they're not successful like they Might seem material materially Successful you know these are people who They either have connections which they Always do they have some sort of Connections but they went to prestigious Universities they were you know I mean They most of them have some sort of Credentials academic Ally and Professionally where they work their way Up and they're you know stars in their Profession right je is a star you Know so how many people wanted the jobs That she has with the White House you Know and the political jobs and now in Terms of a media job and so it seems Like well she's cream of the crop you Know these are people that are flagged As you know potentially brilliant people People who are above the mliu but They're so not like you can look at them Be like oh my God you know these people Are ridiculous they're silly little

People like these are silly little Freaking people the hammer guy Trump Biden you know all these people they're Silly little people they're silly little People talking about silly little things And taking them really Seriously and it's just all imaginary And it's just made up and they don't get It like these people are failing life You know maybe this is what they're Supposed to do so in that sense yes but It's a you know it's a it's a sideways Step you know the the one thing that I Was fascinated when I started to embark On my spiritual journey doing the Sark System and finding out and realizing you Know that this is like one of the key Teachings is that all the great things That are being done and there's great Things you know human beings have Accomplished you know in terms of Architecture in terms of you know Whatever it might be scientific Breakthroughs in terms of Athletics and Music and you know people have produced Wonderful things works of art right There are people who are you know Masters of their Field and they've reached a level of Mastery there's just something you know Evolved about them they've reached the Top and Pinnacle of whatever their art Form is right and there's you know There's wonderful things out there and

Great people in terms of you know Achievements in the material sphere and All those people are at this the very Same level spiritually as everyone Else you know that they haven't evolved At all spiritually Laterally you know Horizontally yeah they've they have more Going on like they've expanded their Horizons you know laterally right Horizontally but in terms of you know Going vertically or going in inside Themselves they haven't evolved at all Spiritually now they might be closer to Getting on the spiritual path right this Great teaching in the Sark system Master Char you the third Master of the system Said this that you have to understand That the highest part of the lower is Still lowest than the lowest part of the Higher and so you could be a person just Sort of feeling out the spiritual Process and be on the you know you know Taking your foot off the lower rung like Everyone else has two feet on the lower Rung the first rung of the ladder of Spirituality And you could just be lifting your foot Off and like sort of dipping your toe in The water of becoming a spiritual person And you're already on a higher level Than everyone else and if you're on the First rung and there's you know many Rungs I mean you're just on the first

Rung you're you're much higher than the Average person because most people Aren't even attempting any kind of you Know soul-based spiritual journey They're just completely absorbed in the The the Beast they're completely you Know saturated and hypnotized by the Illusion that we all have here on this You know third dimensional Planet They're caught up in the video game Right you're looking at a way to escape The video game when you're a spiritual Person that's you know you're looking a Way to get out of the video game and so You know if you you when you understand That everyone else is looking and being You know just roaming around the video Game and indulging in what's there they Have no intention of mastering the game Solving the game right they're just There enjoying the game where you're Actually you know trying to you're Working towards escaping from the trap Of the video game expanding beyond the Illusion and so you know that's the Difference and it's a substantial one And that's why these are silly little People inside of little video game that Are you know holding the water and Trying to keep everyone else you know Trapped in there and they're actually Working for the you know the game makers Themselves but you know they've bought Into it and they you know it's like the

Matrix movie the guy who wanted to go Back in the cipher character he wanted To you know go take the blue pill and go Back in because he didn't like how harsh It was outside the video game only Spirituality will save this m andf in World it's parano definitely point from The Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day And be grateful

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