My Dental Situation Has greatly Improved because of Nano Hydroxyapatite, toothpaste & New Sonicare

My Dental Situation Has greatly Improved because of Nano Hydroxyapatite, toothpaste & New Sonicare

Okay greetings brothers and sisters I Just got back for the Dentist and I had great news on every Level with my Teeth you know something I didn't Probably care as much about when I was Younger but I was having an ongoing Problem with plaque getting underneath My gums and my gums were seating I got a Couple of cavities my last appointment I'll get into the whole story of all That and it was a constant battle I Would go in there and the cleanings Would take forever and they would be Painful my teeth are sensitive and you Know there was bone loss and and gum Receding and all these things and so it Was just like one of those things where My teeth were slowing and going the Opposite direction of of I wanted them To and I started using a couple of Different things you know I've tried a Lot of things the last couple of years And a new toothpaste that I'm going to Talk about and uh you know a better Sonicare toothbrush and also the dental Hygienist had told me to brush my teeth A different way and my wife and I both Tried it and we loved it and so let me Talk about the results first and again This isn't me advising you this isn't me Suggesting anything because I don't do That I have no idea what's best for you I'm just sharing something that worked

For me I've been using this stuff for a While but I didn't know like I could Feel and see that it seemed to be Working but I didn't know for sure sure You know if it was something I should Talk about because like I didn't know Whether it worked myself but you know I Was experimenting with it and the Results were this so the last time I was There I got a couple of cavities because One of my viewers recommended that um You know I was having maybe some liver Issues recommended I drink a um you know Half a lemon you know like a basically An ounce of lemon um some olive oil Again I'm not recommending anything a Little bit of cayenne pepper every Morning and what I didn't know my Dentist told me because I was you know Working really hard to to get my teeth Better and I was bummed out I got the Cavities he said well are you a sugar Eater I go no I barely eat sugar he goes Well what about a lemon drink or a lemon Sucker or something and I said well I do This lemon thing and apparently when you Take lemon juice or lime juice or Something like that the acidity takes Down your softens your enamel for a Brief period of time the dental hyg I Had today looked at my chart and saw That I did that and she said you know if You rinse your mouth with baking soda Again not recommending any of the things

I'm talking about but she said that um Reverses the effect and you just you Otherwise you wait a half hour but if You brush your teeth right after having Lemon juice or whatever it can um you Know soften your enamel and then you can Scrape off your enamel and then get Cavities and so you know I was kind of Bummed about it my wife asked the Question on Reddit She you know told what happened to me or The whole thing and she and somebody Recommended this I have to read it I Can't even pronounce the the um this Nanoo whatever it is I you know you'll See the pictures of it as I go through This this toothpaste that is supposed to Be made up the of the same material as Your teeth and it's nano particles and If you brush your teeth and leave it on It was supposed to remineralize your Teeth it was supposed to actually help With a nan enamel and some of these Other things and so I tried that for a While I switched toothbrushes as well And I'll you know talk about that in a Bit and so I went in for the cleaning Today and the cleaning took about uh 1/4 Of the time it usually did and she said You know there's the dent the dental Hygienist had been she wasn't my last The last visit she wasn't my dentist she Wasn't the the person that that worked With me but the time before that she was

And she had recommended a different Technique of brushing my teeth and my Wife and I tried and we really both Loved and I'll talk about that as well And she said there's barely any plaque And she likes you know and the other Thing is usually when they're cleaning My teeth it's just painful and they're Sensitive and you know the water and the Air there's parts of my you know there's Just everything sensitive and there's Sensitive spots and so it's really Unpleasant and she you know blew right Through it and you know I had two Cavities the last time and two possible Developing cavities like there could Have been cavities they were going to Check it the next time to see if they They got worse I had two cavities on my Gum line which I could see and I was Using this toothpaste and they seem to Be disappearing like when I was using The toothpaste they seemed to be getting Better and when she cleaned over those Areas where the cavities were you know There still some cavity there but it Wasn't nearly as painful and it wasn't At all painful and I was like well I Think this thing might actually be I Might not need to get these cavities Filled right at the very least I can Hold off on it to see what happens but I'm not you know in any kind of a rush Now because I know it's not getting

Worse which is great you know on a lot Of levels um but at this point I can't Say that it heals cavities or it Reverses the effect of cavities but I You I think it hasn't made my cavities Worse but in terms of the sensitivity And the lack of plaque on my teeth my Teeth were cleaner than they had ever Been in the last four or five years and So I was happy to see that um you know That was that had gotten better and she Measured the you know the the gaps Between my teeth and the gums and it had Been there I had a number of sixes which Is bad anything above a four is bad you Want to be a three and below and she Blew through the measurement like really Quickly she said your teeth have gotten So much better you had like one or two Sixes and they're not now fives all your Fives are either fours or threes and all Your fours are threes and so she said Without the plaque and whatever you're Doing your gums are getting better and Your teeth are getting better so on Every level I mean I don't know about The cavities but the two but the two Spots that were soft spots that could Have turned into cavities and that was About five months ago um are now better Right so like they're not at least they Haven't developed into cavities so those Are you know those have been cavities by Now you know when you get six then you

Get you can get like bone loss and all These other things they had said that There had been some bone loss and you Know at least in terms of all that it Seems to have stopped and they've gotten Better and so I had um before I moved to Where I am now I went to a dentist and They said that there's all this plaque Beneath your gums your gums are receding That's the first time I heard of this Stuff and they had to do a deep clean And you know they had to use Novacane And it just sucked it was a two-day Process it was expensive and they said You know you want to make sure the Plaque doesn't build back up and give Your chance of teeth for give a chance For your teeth and your gums to to get Back to normal and then I went to this New new dentist and they had to do the Process over again and then for the last Couple of years they had to do some of The teeth like some of the teeth got Kind of better but um this was the first Time that every one of the everything Had gotten gotten better every one of Them without any intervention without Any deep clean which sucks and I mean I Was like really psyched about it so um Let me show you what I the things that I'm using again this is just like a one Time it's been six months since I've Been using this I don't know if these Things have any side effects or anything

Like this I you know I know very little About it I mean I I just I've been Trying these different toothpaste and You know antiplaque stuff you know I Don't use fluoride so um you know I was Using these different types of um I was Trying all these different things and so This is Um this uh fluoride free Nano Hy Hydrate I don't know remineralizing Sensitive teeth whitening um I guess They've been using this in Japan for a While and it's supposed to be made up of Nanop Particles of what your teeth are made up And your teeth are always looking to Reabsorb minerals this is what theyve Said I know nothing about about it uh But this is what it was you know uh and I I I use started using this like I said 6 months ago sometimes I well I guess I Guess it's got 30,000 ratings and it's Got 4.6 ratings um you know and I I felt Like it's really wor obviously the Results were there but I've been feeling Good about it my teeth have been feeling Better and my teeth have been less Sensitive and of course you know what Just happened with the dentist and so um You know I I believe this works the way They say it is I also um got some of This this is some um colloidal silver With some of this

Nano uh hydroxate in it and I've been uh Using this in my water pick and you know I don't know if that's NE necessary I Don't use this as much but it's Something that I've been doing uh and so Um again this got good ratings as well And I feel like um you know like it it Might have helped it might not have but You know it's something I've been using And again not recommending anything Because I don't know and so this is the New Sonicare toothbrush the 9,000 and They were you could get two of them for Like uh $200 or usually $300 we found them at Costco on sale for Like Christmas or New Year's and and we Didn't really want to spend that much Money um I think we were traveling my Wife forgot her toothbrush or something But I said you know let's just try it And it's supposed to remove 20% 20 times More plaque than a manual Toothbrush and these other ones are 10% And 7% so this is the one we were using We thought that was good enough we like How much power do you need it has like Higher settings right but um we ended up Buying it with was cuz it was only like $20 more than the other ones and um Again it was like on sale at Costco and I said you know if it saves you one Cavity because the dentist I go to Charges like $200 per cavity or Something crazy like that and so and I'm

Sure there's even more expensive Dentists out there and so you know the Toothbrush if it saves you two cavities It pays for itself right and so Um so we got the toothbrush and you know I tried I tried it and I was like oh my God you know it came with two of them And I said I can't believe how much Better this is it feels like that it's Like you've been to the dentist every Time you brush your teeth and so like I Don't know if it's the toothpaste or the Toothbrush or a combination like I don't Know these are the different things I've Been using but since using this Toothbrush and since using this Toothpaste my teeth have gotten Significantly better um this is the one On Amazon now we got two of them one Pink one and one I think brown or white One um a white one cuz that's one I'm Using and um it comes in a different Case and we got it at Costco and I don't Know if they still have them and they're Certainly not on sale now they might not Be on sale but we felt like it was great You know so the other piece is the Different technique that I was using to Brush my teeth um you know we like I Started using a water pick like a year And a half ago and using um this Toothpaste I found on Amazon that was Supposedly designed to get rid of plaque And you know I think it worked a little

Bit but it wasn't as good as this other Stuff of course I didn't get the new Tooth brush but the last time I went to This particular dental hygienist she Said are using the Sonic hair and I said Yeah she said well how are you brushing It I'm like well you know I do circles I Start the gum line and do circles and You know I've tried different techniques And she said well you should just go put It on the top and just come just bring It down kind of slowly and start at the Top of the gunline and just go down and I did it and I'm like wow this is really Working like my teeth felt really clean Told my wife about it she did and she Loved the technique so that was you know The first thing that I did um but the Cavities came after that so I know it Isn't you know um that might have helped In some ways I felt like my teeth were Cleaner but I still had some plaque and Whatever the last you know time I went But then um you know then the I've been Using the toothpaste my wife told me About in the in the you know the new Sonic hair and like I said you know it's Been like a concern of mine cuz my teeth Were progressively getting bad worse and I was going in for a cleaning every four Months to to six months and it's Expensive and it's just you know I mean It's a pain and as you get older it's Just a a sense of just preserving what

You have like that's what it be comes Down to like you have certain things or Whatever and you just want to keep them Going you know I've had a negative Relationship with dentists At least my dentist of my childhood some Of you guys remember this I made a video A long time ago someone had sent this um Video to me called the smoking tooth or Something and they took some kind of um You know uh infrared camera something Like that that um you know could see More than you know your naked eye or Regular uh camera like regular you know Video camera and they brushed um teeth With metal fillings and it shows that a Vapor was coming off the metal fill Fillings of course there's mercury in These metal fillings and things like This and um you know I watched the video And when I looked at it my own teeth I Realized I had metal Fillings that I had gotten as a child in Every one of my teeth and like something Clicked in my you know that I had an Experience with a dentist that my sister Worked for my older sister and She said to me that I had great teeth And if I just flossed every other day And brushed my teeth regularly that I Shouldn't get any more cavities and that If I do get uh if they tell me I do need Cavities I should get a second opinion I Was like 20 you know in my early 20s and

So I was like well what are you saying Right and I really didn't understand it But she had worked on most of the Members of my family and saw that the Dentist that I went to when as a kid he Was pretending we had cavities and just Filling our teeth with metal and all of Us had the same you know our MERS were Just filled with you know which he was Just taking out the the tooth and Replacing it with you know toxic Material just to Pat his bank account Right and numerous viewers contacted me Or left comments saying you know the Same thing happened to them so this was A common practice that back then to Pretend you had cavities and you know Just this is the whole for-profit Medicine thing and so you know I've Gotten some of the metal fillings out of My mouth and things like this over the Years and you know but there's um Whatever you know like there's this Toxicity there like I'm absorbing all This or whatever these you know this Whole the metal filling thing does to You I know now was unnecessary because When I was a kid I got you know within Two years all my teeth filled it was a Short period of time you know as soon as I got adult teeth he he put metal in it Right so I mean that was the kind of Scumbag he was and you know Dental a Dental is so expensive and just painful

And unpleasant all these things so uh And given the you know unstable nature Of the future I'm glad to say that this I wanted some sort of a system where you Know I could preserve my teeth for Whatever amount of time I mean I might Have there was an ad on my channel my Wife saw that was how to re um like to To change the the pH in your mouth sort Of thing that you know there's um they Find human Beings old ancient human beings and Their teeth are still in their they Still have all their teeth right and That you know the teeth are supposed to Last your whole life and I mean Certainly the diet and some of the other Aspects of our human depravity right now That cause us to have uh issues with our Teeth and gums and things but there's a Way to you know change the pH in your Mouth and change the you know it's Bacteria and things like this that are In your mouth and all this stuff and so There are these pills and I tried using Them and I don't know if it had any kind Of effect but not like this other stuff Has and so anyways again I'm not Recommending anything I just wanted to Pass on this information because I Always feel like you know when I have Experienced something I think that's Helped me and might help other people Right I've had people recommend things

To me that have been Transformative and you know that have Helped me physically and whatever else Right and so um you know I'm just Passing this information and you can you Know do your own research figure out if This is you know something that would Work for you I don't know like I can't Say that I don't certainly not an expert But you know it's definitely helped me One more thing to add you know when you Introduce something new into your you Know your physical system whether it be A food or you know some sort of health Care whatever it might be and there's Positive changes or negative changes you Attribute it to something you know that That's changed something that that You're doing that's changed and if you See some sort of a benefit then you have To figure out what are the things that You've done that have changed and for me It was the toothbrush and then then the Nano pyox atrate whatever it is hypo Hypo whatever this uh toothpaste is Right that those are the two things that I've been doing differently and there's Obviously some benefit from both of Those things um you know at least They're both partially responsible for The changes the positive changes anyways Only spirituality will save this world It's Paul Romano definitely point for The apocalypse and the Ascension

Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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