There are not ‘Chosen Ones’ + ‘Make my day pal’ Biden & Trump’s Hilarious Debated trash talk

There are not 'Chosen Ones' + 'Make my day pal' Biden & Trump's Hilarious Debated trash talk

Greetings brothers and sisters um I'm Going to get into a whole thing about This Joe Biden Donald Trump debate which I'm kind of looking forward to I mean You know anytime there's something that Level of Apocalyptic Apocalyptic um you know I don't know Because they both suck and there's no Point to the Election um which I'll get into in a bit But Joe Biden gave a four 13 second Challenge to Trump um look at this Clueless mfer so we're going to get into All that First but first I want to talk about the Chosen ones the chosen ones so somebody Sent me a video about the chosen ones And you know it's just the wrong way to Think about Spirituality um seven Powers God gives The chosen ones seven reasons why it's Being a chosen ones is extremely Difficult your level intelligence is Unmatch if you're a chosen one seven Types of chosen ones and their Divine Purposes chosen ones eight reasons why People hate you chosen ones got haters And so there's all these videos about The chosen ones and it doesn't mean Jewish people this is a new age um term Let me go through a few video clips here Seven types of chosen ones in their Divine

Purposes in many spiritual traditions And belief systems the concept of the Chosen one is prevalent so this is a Professional voiceover Person um putting out this Video topic is going to be chosen warrs You are unmatched yes sir let me say L For My Chosen wars in the back listen Family chosen warrs you are unmatched Okay and that says intelligence level it Simply means that there's not too many People on your level all right it is not Too many people who are thinking the way That you think okay so that intelligence Level you're unmatched your chosen Ones this one chosen ones you're not Like the Rest what makes you different from the Rest living in a world that everybody Wants to be the same everybody competing To be the same what makes you so Different your a chosen one that's What Makes You Different these four angels Will wait for 144,000 chosen ones eering On a delicate balance controlled by four Powerful Celestial beings Boom the Chosen ones they got the four powerful Celestial beings are watching over you Chosen ones chosen ones Sunday Sunday Sunday chosen ones With um this one has some kind of Illuminati thing chosen ones seven Powers God gives you Are Miracles a common part of your day

Almost as I just I just did four of them Like yesterday I did four of them Tomorrow I'm going to do eight you know So yeah they're pretty common I just I Just did one right now when you guys Weren't even looking as if you're Guided By a higher Force I am Guided by higher Force to be a chosen one means you are Endowed with Divine empowerment Empowerment I think I have Divine Empowerment you know I was saying that The other day I think I'm endowed with Divine empowerment I'm well endowed with Divine Empowerment I'm well owed with Divine Empowerment Sunday Sunday Sunday I'm a Chosen One the Divine with power man Okay so um I felt like this should I Should address this you know there's This idea of indigo children and crystal Children in the um New Age Community but It's mentioned in the Whispers of the Brighter World messages that are part of The SJ Mark system and the difference Here is you know this idea of chosen Ones That there are children of Destiny and you're destined to be this Whatever it is right these higher Spiritual Beings but there's lots of ego In that right referring to yourself as a Chosen One thinking of yourself as a Chosen one you know LeBron James had a Tattoo on his back that said chosen one

And you know a person of Destiny these Are just some scaras like any kind of Destiny you have are things that are a Part of your samsaric structure right What we're talking about here is Spiritual talent and for there to be Some sort of spiritual Revolution there Has to be well I don't want to say older Souls because All Souls are the same age But it's your approach to the Divine Like how close you are to Divinity like Where you are in your spiritual journey Because people are different places you Know I was talking about this in recent Videos every is on a different level Spiritually and what you're born into so Some people have more Talent than other People in that area right like you just See how you can see areas of your life Where you have more Talent than members Of your family or people in your life Than other people in some area of your Life right and spirituality is a part of That and people with spiritual talent And have had you know some level of uh Exposure to you know past lives of Meditation and you know somebody asked Me about past lives and I constantly get Asked that question I talk about all the Time right if you've had a if you have a Future life which is in heaven Jesus Believed in past lives people of that Area in that time believed in past lives And future lives because if you believe

In a soul you have to have past lives Right the only way there's no past lives Is there is no soul but if you have to Have if you have a soul that means that This life that you're living is is only A part of your Soul's life your soul is Created at the the moment the universe Was created there is a creation moment The universe came into being right and All the soul energy was there at the Beginning and all the soul energy will Be there at the end and so that's Whatever you know quadrillions of years Or whatever it is it's lots of years Time you know there's lots of time you Know uh time is almost infinite in our Ability our capacity to think about it And our lives are short so you have a 70-year life as a person but your soul Is here for Infinity you know for the Whole life of the universe and so your Soul is infinite and your and your Individual ego and your P you know your Person your who you are as a person is You know 70 years 80 years 100 years Right even when people Liv there was Times that people live for 10,000 years Even then that's a short period of span Compared to you know a billion they Trillion right and so um you know you You have your soul had a existence Before this life that you're living now And it's going to have an existence After this life and more than likely

It's going to be back here on planet Earth because most people don't solve This equation right this is a a test or A it's like a video game right you got To you got to win the game you have to You have to solve the the puzzle right You have to you know do the things you Need to gain Liberation to gain freedom From this Earthly bondage where you no Longer have are bound to planet Earth You have to graduate spiritually from This planet and very few people do right And so there is different levels of Spiritual Talent spiritual experience You know in terms of people who have had More past lives there's lots of people This is their first life as a human Being and then there are higher Developed beings that come from a you Know you know more advanced Divine uh You know beyond the planet Earth they're They're not bound to planet Earth They're coming down just to do service And so for a transformation to be taking Place which I believe there is you know We're we're at the end of this Materialism the end of the caluga the End of the the age of iron right it's a Low-level age very materialistic very Heavy you know lots of uh you know more Primitive souls in a sense more lower Developed Souls you know people don't Have the ability for abstract thought You know these people that are coming in

Maybe in a past life they were you know They recently a you know in the animal Kingdom of some sort right there were a Dog or cow or something you know Something that was uh around human Beings and a past life service oriented Animal or something like that and then They graduate up to being a human but They're not you know ready for higher Developed Concepts and things cuz your First life as a human is uh is a huge Jump in the you know the transmigration Of the Soul where your soul is moving up To the next level right your soul Through material experience on planet Earth can gain knowledge and and get Closer to God and you know become more Uh you know become more self-actualized Like your soul is learning about its Divine nature right because you created By the Divine Source by the you know the Divine Creator right you're created by The essence of love which is you know Your spiritual the spiritual part of Your of your true Essence right and as You move through this experience of that Through the material life because the Material life brings you know some sort Of um you know tangible physically uh Experiences where there's emotion and There's you know desire and there's you Know all these things that um Cloud your Spiritual judgment right makes it where It's a like going into a video game

Where there's some kind of um you know Things that stimulate you and draw you Away from your true path and your Journey right and so it makes it harder When you have senses and you can have Freedom of choice and you can indulge in Things and you can be lured off the Spiritual path it makes it where you Know as an etheric being you don't have Those things because you don't have a Physical body you don't experience Pleasure and desire and things the same Way you don't have an ego you don't Don't have these things that are you Know that are um are lures away from Doing what you're supposed to do right You you go on these Misadventures you Make mistakes you you Veer From the Path Right and so that's what makes a third Dimensional uh reality such a you know Uh where you can make large leaps in Your Spiritual Development right because It's not easy to stay on your path and Be disciplined and not be lured Away by All the you know wonderful things that Are in the world that are there you know It's distractions to your true purpose Right and then the fears and all the Things and the corruption and all the Things that you know pollute this planet But those of us who can kind of see that This system that we now are 100% Dependent on the material system is Ending then what like do we go back to

Caveman level do we you know de evolve Into something less than right or is There a chance that we can go to a Higher level because in the history of Human beings there have been Saints There have been higher developed Spiritual Beings there have been Spiritual Masters there have been people Who have cracked the code and so if they Can do that it opens the door for other People to do that right and for that to Happen there has to be a like a Reduction of population of all the Negative Souls all the souls that are Not working on their spiritual journey And lower developed Souls there has to Be you know uh there has to be like a Depopulation of those types of beings And there has to be an influx of higher Developed Souls that come in who are Either you know have worked assiduously At being uh spiritual have worked you Know in past lives and have uh you know Accumulated spiritual capital or Divine Divine beings that are beyond that level And they're coming in to Incarnate to Help facilitate this change and Elevate The human population but the term chosen One is completely misleading it's Egotistical and it's just wrong because If you are somebody who is here to Elevate the human population right if You're you're here to um serve God and Help you know write this ship that's

Gone in the wrong direction you know Humanity is on on the precipice of of uh Uh destroying itself in the planet right Human beings are flirting with disaster There there's Insanity Mass insanity and Complete unnatural behaviors and moral Breakdown we see it all around us and so With all those things there has to be a Solution there has to be a contingency Plan if there is a God you know there's A plan if there's a plan there has to be Contingencies for freedom of choice gone Wrong like we have the ability for Freedom of choice and we when we Muse When we misuse this freedom of choice And we go Wayward you know we go off Script we leave we go off the farm when Our egos hijack our purpose and you know We go Rogue our egos go Rogue which is Happen collectively this is what happens To the planet right it goes into you Know this type of depravity and level of Moral breakdown but we do have freedom Of choice and if you have freedom of Choice there is no chosen ones because You have choices to make no matter what Level you're on everybody has choices to Make and you have to make a choice Towards service you have to negate some Of your you know lower level Tendencies Are all of them and you have to fight Off the you know the depravity of the System and rise to a higher level and You need a spiritual system you know

That's the sjar meditation I talk about Where there's a Divine transmission and A cleaning of your past Impressions or Some scaras and a transmission that's Given to elevate your spiritual self Right to empower your spiritual self and Again Empower is a horrible word I just Heard It like I dislike the word and power so Forget I said that but is to um you know Fortify or to you know give strength to Your soul is subtle right your soul is You know is humble and your soul is um Without you know aggressiveness and your Ego is aggressive so your ego is Hijacking your Soul's purpose you're you Came in with a soul plan and a soul Purpose and then your ego hijacks that Right there's always this I don't want To call it a b battle because the ego Isn't uh the soul isn't aggressive you Know the soul is you know is uh the best Part of you right but your ego is you Know activated and so your ego is going To you know overwhelm your soul and make Decisions and so your ego has to be Tamed and has to be brought along and Work with the soul to call it a battle Is like not a good you know people think About the a demon on one side and a an Angel on the other one one shoulder a Demon and the other shoulder an angel And so after just lifetimes of failures And making the wrong choices there

Should be some level of you know all Right this isn't working out and just uh You know you you you lose interest in All the depravity and you're like that's Not it and you experience these things And then eventually your ego submits to Your soul after you know going about the The wrong choices in life for so many Lives or whatever it is so what I'm Saying here is there's no chosen ones Because nothing's guaranteed that Implies that you've been chosen and There's no chance of falling you know I've just seen this with somebody who's Uh somebody who was spiritually evolved In the in Kish Patel the master of the The you know what now is called Heartfulness that used to be SJ Mark System of meditation I do and he was Somebody who had spiritual talent and Spiritual EV Evolution and he's just Folded like a card house there's been Lots of cases that higher developed Beings even Jesus had a spiritual fall At the end of their lives right some Sense of you know God why have thou why Hast Thou forsaken me when Jesus was on The cross right because you know his all His people turned on him his disciples And all his followers turned on him and You know there's reasons for that and You get lured away there's been lots of Saints and higher developed Souls that Reached a high level of spirituality and

They lost their way because freedom of Choice and the pull of the you know Materialistic system is pretty um you Know overwhelming right which we all Should know and so you know it happens To the best of us the highest developed Soul so there's no sense of a chosen one There's no sense of any chosen people Chosen whatever we choose right we make A choice to uh you know forgo our ego Egotistical desires and serve God and It's a selfless you know there's no in Grandis there's no oh I'm a chosen one There's none of these kind of things Right there's just you being the best uh Version of yourself and embracing your Higher nature which human beings are not Good at like it's easy to do because It's it's a you know it's something that Is there for you to do like for everyone To do it's easy for us to do but we Don't want want it right we don't choose It there's a pathway a Divine pathway For us to do it but we don't you know we Don't choose to do it so there are in a Sense these two types of souls or in Terms of your Incarnation there's what's called Avatars and these are higher developed Souls that come down for one specific Purpose and once they execute that Purpose they they die like they just Want you know they come down they do Some work and they die and they're not

Evolving here it's not a part of their Spiritual Evolution other than doing This act of service and so people think Of Jesus as an avatar but he wasn't Krishna was an avatar Krishna was a a Soul that was um you know that was Vishnu the the you know Cosmic Functionary of preservation you know There's Brahma the there's a spirit Behind all these things right there's a Spirit behind the sun there's a soul Energy and everything right there's a a Spiritual Essence just like when you're Looking at a computer program there's There's code you know what you're Looking at in terms of this video isn't Is an illusion because there's a code That's creating the the image on your Screen right it's not my voice isn't Even my real voice right it's a it's a Digital copy of my voice that's you know Encoded into this video right so there's Like there's always something like that Like the cyber world is like a you know Like a a knockoff of our third Dimensional reality and our third Dimensional reality is an illusion usion Of spiritual energy manifesting in Physical form and so there's a code to It right and there's Spirit behind Everything so there's a spirit behind The essence of creation there's a spirit Behind the essence of preservation There's a spirit behind the essence of

Destruction and Krishna was an Incarnation of the spirit behind Preservation but Krishna came down to Bring in the mahabarata OR to through The mahabat to bring in the was you know The cuga was the end of us phase or Period and the cuga is like the worst One right it's the it's the most Depraved one and that's ending fairly Soon it's a you it's a time period That's marked by you know materialism And you know it's a heavy period of time Where it's hard to be a spiritual person And people live shorter lives of Intensity and you know depravity and Things and so there are some beings that Come in as avatars but they have a Specific service they come and they go And the rest of us we have to evolve no Matter what talent you have and what Your you know supposed Destiny is you Have to make those choices you have to Work at it and you have to commit to it Right and so the coming in with this Idea that you're chosen is is a is a bad Idea because the immense work that you Have to do to fight off the heaviness of The spirit of the material world and Embrace your spiritual side is there's Not Soo many success stories in the for Human beings to to do that because it's Really hard it's really hard in this you Know the Caluga and you know people reach a

Certain level and then they just you Know they start getting followers and They start getting adored and you know They start getting you know some of the Material benefits of of rising up to Higher level spirituality you know in a A spiritual state that they they get Sucked into you know the egotistical Aspect of it right and they lose Themselves in it instead of you know Staying disciplined and staying uh with A sense of um you know austerity a sense Of uh moderation and balance and so yeah This chosen one idea all these things Indigo children crystal children there's Some truth in it but looking at it like Oh yeah I'm a spiritual person yeah That's you're screwed then right I mean You might see that you have something Different and you're you're more Sensitive you're more empathic you're More evolved you have a higher level of Consciousness than other people And it's there because there's a lot of Dopes there's a lot of remedial dopes Out there that don't have the ability For abstract thought so if you have a Higher level of Consciousness and you Have spiritual Tendencies then you you Know you're going to yeah you're going To feel like you're different of course You're going to feel like you're better Because you know you're on a higher Level but that's the Trap because you

Know you're not competing with these People like it isn't like oh you you're Better than them because you've reached This level especially if if it's Something you did in your past that has Created this this level and cap Spiritual Capital that you have this Talent that you have what are you going To do with the talent right and Oftentimes people who have the talent You know don't evolve um you know Because they you know they just think All right I'm already on a higher level And that's enough and it's not right and You know there's just a whole new age The whole new age um a lot of the Movements are based in ancient teachings And truths but they're so Egotistical and they're so watered down And you know goofy that it's you know It's the exact opposite it becomes a an Exercise in egoism instead of becoming a Spiritual person anyways that's the Chosen ones I gotta go mock Joe Biden And Donald Trump onto the you know on to the uh the Other part of the Video okay so this video was Um recommended to me Morin Joe yesterday I didn't know this even happened it's Great Make My Day pal Biden announc his Plans for presidential Debates um it's really bad and so let me Let's go over to this right here here's

The the video Donald Trump lost two Debates to me in 2020 and since then he Hadn't shown up for debate now he's Acting like he wants to debate me again Well Make My Day pal I'll even do it Twice so let's pick the dates Donald I Hear you're free on Wednesdays so I'm Not sure what the Wednesday is I think This is a court reference um this is This Cena look at his like he's just Look at this is there's nobody here Right there's nobody home here um it's Hilarious and it's only 13 seconds long And they edited in a you know in the Worst type of fashion it's multiple Clips like it wasn't they put music Behind it to cover up for his senility And his horrible speaking Skills um let's analyze this and then We'll go back to Morning Joe okay so I'm In the editing process and I didn't hear This when I was recording it but now That I'm editing it's louder and um it Seems like they put a rap beat behind Him like this is some kind of rap beef You know Trump has been in rap rap Beast For years and I think Biden's you know Embracing it I mean he isn't cuz he is In that he's doing but his team is Donald Trump lost two debates to me in 2020 okay so that was the first bit um He did not lose those Debates everybody thought that this guy He was so scile and he had done so

Poorly in the Democratic debates Remember they were laughing at him and He had multiple gaffs and he was you Know I I've covered this I've shown you These things before in the democratic Debate so everyone thought that Trump Who was kind of an aggress aggressive Debater would destroy Biden and he Didn't so it wasn't a he Biden won Because everyone thought he was so scile That he was he would Underperform and it wasn't a disaster so In that sense he won because of the low Expectations like he won because he Didn't you know poop his diaper on stage At least we didn't know about it right Like it was you know like he he was Coherent enough that like he didn't you Know act as as one of his SE senior Moments that he often had back then of Course it's worse now then he says since Then he hadn't shown up for debate so Both Biden and Trump chose not to debate Because Biden should have debated Kennedy Kennedy was a legitimate Challenge to his presidency to to his Democratic nomination but they squeezed Kennedy out and I'm not a Kennedy Supporter but that's what they did right They didn't allow Kennedy to even run so Kennedy had to run as an independent Right um and so you know he's saying Donald didn't show up for a debate Because Donald didn't have to in terms

Of the Republican nomination he didn't Have to debate and debate would have you Know maybe it would have elevated some Of these other candidates so just in Terms of being smart it was stupid to Debate for both of them don't bait don't Debate if you don't have to right so Like that's a that's a lie and you know But he just sucks at his delivery right Now he's acting like he wants to debate Me again yeah um he's acting like it Like he doesn't of course he does Because you're showing signs of Senility and so is Trump like Trump is Definitely not you know sharp as he was Uh but you know of course he does like Everyone wants to see that because of The he's lost it right well Make My Day Pal Okay so the Make My Day pal um make My day is a reference to a Clint Eastwood movie called Dirty hay which You know I'm I'm almost 60 and I saw That movie when I was a kid and it was On TV as a rerun and so that movie was Like you know in the 1960s 1970s make my day and so you know clena Took a gun and he said Make My Day Punk and there was a you know a a a Evildoer a baddy a criminal a thug and Glenwood had a 357 Magnum which has a Big large bullet in it and he was just Shooting guys instead of giving them Fair trial and he was just you know um He went rogue as a cop was one of the

Original going rogue as a cop like a Cops when they just they don't follow The rules and they just take the law and To their own hands and they become Executioners right there's another movie Called Um uh whatever it Was Death Wish and so um they these Movies started a trend of movies that we See now all the time and there was a Scene where the guy was there was a thug And he Clint Eastwood had shot him Already and the guy had a gun he wanted The guy to go for a gun so he could Shoot him right and I think he shot him Anyway the guy didn't go for the gun but He shot him anyway so make my day is an Old reference is what I'm saying it's Like the Malarkey tour right Make My Day Pal and he's some kind of a a tough guy I'll even do it twice twice you'll do it So let's pick the dates Donald I hear Your free on Wednesdays okay so the free on Wednesdays is that Trump's trial they Are there's no record on Wednesday so Monday Tuesday Thursday Friday and so He's free on Wednesday days because of His hush money trial which Trump is Going to win that most likely I mean They're not going to I'd be shocked if Trump ends up in jail anyway but that's A lame you know that the whole thing is Lame not that Trump didn't do it he

Totally did he just come back he totally Banged Stormy Daniels and he totally St He he totally told Cohen to pay off Stormy Daniels because that was Cohen's Job he was a fixer for Trump right his Job was to do things like that and he Paid Stormy Daniels off off with his own Money so it would look like um you know That it came from him but why would he Pay off Stormy Daniels at a goodness of His heart it's like 120 $160,000 you know like Cohen is that Generous he's just helping out Trump Right no Trump you know he's doing it For Trump it's just silly to even think Anything otherwise but they don't have The evidence to convict him and it's a Lame you know with all the corruption And depravity it's just you know one of Many things and Joe B's the worst mocker Because that's not even mockery but they Have a merch they've merched out uh Freeon Wednesday t-shirts now Joe Biden Has as mocking Trump as a fundraiser so People can wear those shirts imagine how Lame a person would be if they would Wear a Joe Biden shirt that said free on Wednesday for a trump trial like how What kind of Life are you live in you're Like the lowest form of like human being Okay so let's get back to the original Video here so Fox News and Trump's People are saying that it's rigged cuz One debates on ABC and the other ones on

I think CNN but neither one is they Wouldn't debate on Fox and you know Fox Isn't even really all that supportive of Trump they're just pretending you know They sold Trump out before and so this Idea that this debates are rigged I Guess there's no audience you know it it Plays to Joe Biden being uh they all Know he's cile because he says it here Look I'm not a young guy um when you go To his YouTube channel this is the video That they put up there yeah you're it's Not even not that you're a young guy you Are old you're old by any standard Because the average AG of death you've Surpassed it the average of age of death Is like 78 and he's 80 and he'll be 84 by the time he leaves his second term He'd be 84 so he's really old right and He's not a young 84 like he's showed Signs of senility for about eight years Like he's he's been breaking down Mentally for about eight years he's not Sharp like he's you know the gaffs and The all of it that's no secret that's no Secret people know my age it's no secret People know here's the deal here's the Deal you guys here's the deal I Understand how to get things done for The American people cuz I have Experience right I have experienced Being a plagiarizer and a sniffer and a Snoozer and a corrupt politician and a Liar and it you know and uh all the

Things that you see me doing on a Regular basis I led the country through The co crisis no my God you're saying That are you seriously claiming that now It's coming out that it's a complete Failure and we knew it at the time today We have the strongest economy in the World in the world we got the strongest Economy that's the law that lowers Prescription drug prices no way he knows How to do it C $35 a month for seniors For 4 years Donald Trump tried to pass An infrastructure law and he failed look At him he failed he got it done got it Done I got it done now we're rebuilding America I passed the biggest law in History to combat climate change because Our future depends on it Donald Trump Took away the freedom of women to choose I'm determined to make groy way the law Of the land again Donald this seems a lot of work for an Old guy Donald Trump believes the job of The president is to take care of Donald Trump I believe the job the president to Fight for you the American people oh you Do that's I and your son and crackhead Son and you know your bank accounts and The houses that you have that you Shouldn't have because you've made Monies that aren't a part of your job Right like he's got all these houses He's got like $20 million of assets and More than that that he he wouldn't have

Accumulated right we saw this with um And it's the Republicans and the Democrats this isn't a just a Joe Biden Thing but we saw this with um Diane Feinstein right she was making $300,000 A year and she had $100 million of Assets in a private jet right like That's when there's corruption and They're all corrupt you know Biden isn't The only one Trump and his family took Billions of dollars from the Saudis you Know his son-in-law Jared Krishner and His daughter of Vanka and the Trump F Family got billions of dollars2 billion Dollars of uh investment from the Saudis Right they all used the White House to Uh or just politicians in General Ed Their political um Power to get paid Right by you know third parties that Aren't part of their job so while I was Editing this editing this I was reading Some of my messages from instago one of My viewers sent me this clip from John Stewart I can't use all of it because Comedy Central you know viacon sucks at Copyright but he's saying the exact same Thing here about Insider Information US senator you can enrich Yourself in so many different let's call Them legal ways for instance the stock Market members of congress's stock Portfolios consistently beat the S&P 500 The average hedge fund was beating the Market at 7% the study found that the

Average US senator was beating the stock Market by 12% the average US senator and if you Think it's because the average US Senator is just so smart this is the Average US senator so Joe Biden was a Senator so he's a part of this obviously Right how do they do it well the secret Is a shrewd understanding of the Intricate Interconnectivity of global markets I'm Kidding they have inside information Then they showed a bunch of clips of Senators who used inside information to Make Bank on the stock market stock Market right so you know they have more Money than they should right they make Whatever money two $300,000 in their jobs whatever it is President makes four or something and They have you know hundreds of millions Of dollars or2 million dollars whatever It is in assets then you know they're Corrupt like they they need to prove Where that money came from you know but They don't have to and so allowed to get Rich on it and you know the stock market Well they say I just was lucky of course You're lucky right because you know you Have inside information which is a crime You know insider trading and some of the Examples in this clip I'm not going to Show you the rest of it are a law that Was passed about Boeing and the wife of

The guy who passed it was on the Committee sold Boeing stock some guy was On a committee about how bad Co was Going to be sold all his stocks things Like that right where there's just Blatant insider trading and so Joe Biden Was a part of that just like they all Are they're all corrupt Trump Biden this Is why they do it right they want to get Paid and that's what I'm doing I'm Joe Biden and I approve this message I'm Joe Biden I'm Joe Biden breaking news here on breaking News Morning Joe President Biden laying Out his terms for participating in the Presidential debates this fall and and The breaking news says they're not going To go the commission route Donald Trump Has already said in the past he's not Going to go the commission route Trump Has said he' debate Biden anytime any Place it looks like Joe Biden has taken Him up on that let's see let's see look At look at look at M look at look how Awesome this is what the president's Saying look at look at them come in Together and watch that that's a great Moment they're here they are here then They're going to come together watch Their heads come together here anytime Any place it looks like Joe Biden has Taken him up on that let's see what the President's Saying that's a great moment there

Kaboom Donald Trump lost two debates to Me in 2020 and since then he hadn't Shown up for debate now he's acting like He wants to debate me again well Make My Day pal I'll even do it twice so let's Pick the dates Donald I hear you're free On Wednesdays oh wow oh oh my God oh my God Nothing subtle about that round [Applause] Wow okay so that's Pathetic that is so so so like you know Embarrassing for these people your guy Is scile and he was not he was a DOD Before that he was a guy who lost three Presidential uh attempts bids at Becoming the nomination the nominee for The Democratic party the first one cuz He plag your ized he was a joke he was a Gaff bag it CNN did a whole you know hit Piece on him when he was running against Hillary Clinton like he's a known entity So this is what Joe Biden was known as Before this is in 2015 from CNN here it is President Joe Biden's presidential cacy questioned After gaffs it's nine years ago 1.9 1.1 Million views it got right this is Brianna Kayer who is still working at CNN and CNN did this hitpiece and so did All these other people John Stewart David Letterman they show you here like All these other comedians all these People were trying to get Joe Biden not

To run for president because they wanted Hillary and they admitted all these Things about Joe Biden in 2015 Vice President Biden in the key Primary State of New Hampshire today Much of the country's future will depend On the policies we choose in the next Two and you can see how better he was Then right like he was sharper then and They didn't want him then four six years After recent travels to the early Contest states of Iowa and South Carolina but Biden's latest gaffs are Stealing the spotlight away from Speculation about his presidential Aspirations for their trust like his Strange hold on defense secretary so They they got him here right Ash Carter's wife Stephanie and this claim About Somali immigrants in his hometown Of Wilmington Del they got him for being A groper right and the groping is much Worse because you know there's these Videos on um you know the uh whatever it Is the that public uh you know political Channel C-SPAN right C-SPAN covered him Going and um swearing in because he was Vice president he swore in all the Senators and he's glaming on to their Wives and kids smelling them kissing Them groping them snoozing them all These things and he's doing it because He's the Master of Ceremonies it's a big Day for the families and he goes in

There and he just glams on to him I Showed you multiple clips of this thing And like he's known for that right so Much so that John Stewart at The Daily Show did a hitpiece on him being a Groper called him a the you know the um The Audacity Of grope or whatever Obama's book was at that time and so They all knew about it right Delaware It's a large Mo very identifiable Somali Community there's an awful lot of Driving cabs uh and uh and are friends Of mine for real I'm not I'm not being Solicitous I'm being serious and it Turns out factually incorrect they call Him AAR 15 Somali live in the entire State according to the Census Bureau and Wilmington cab drivers told CNN they Knew of no Somali driving taxis no one Is asked to respond to every time Joe Biden says something and he says Something every day day that uh that People should be responding to Marco Rubio who is considering a run for President and other Republicans are in Sensed and on late night TV Biden has Become a punchline ever heard of a Second second lady the missteps are Nothing new over the years and so then You John Stewart had this Audacity Of Grope so the comedians were slamming him For being a groper become known for Them he's taken criticism for some like This one talking to a largely

African-American audience about Mitt Romney in 2012 they going to put you all Back in Chains but often you know what kind of Thing is that to say his handiness and Comments no D 30 are liken to those of a Crazy but lovable Uncle no not that Don't come on he's a groper he's a creep As they Veer toward the more bizarre Variety it's raising questions about Appropriate behavior for someone eyeing The White House and with Biden a distant Second to Hillary Clinton in polls of Democratic hopefuls suggestions that Biden isn't a serious Contender judging By his joke last night at a Black History Month event maybe even Biden Realizes that I'm going to be in that Room if anybody wants to photograph I Would not blame you if you Didn't okay so they didn't want this guy They wanted Hillary and so they told the Truth about what they knew about this Guy guy you know they still I mean they Didn't go in as hard as they could but They knew everyone knew this guy's a Plagiarizer a a corrupt politician a Dope a gaff magnet a liar you know a Groper a snoozer I mean all these things Like that's what this guy was they knew It and he was much better then you see He's much sharper he's much younger he's Much his mind is working better and so They ignored all these things

Purposefully Pi the dates Donald I hear you're free On Wednesdays oh wow wow nothing subtle About like how you sell yourself out as A person like these people no know the Guy scile they've been carrying water For this guy I mean just how Embarrassing right yeah I know you hate Donald Trump but my God that was Straight down the middle straight down The middle doesn't know that's when the Court is in recess that's what the court Is in recess right yeah exact exactly so Jonathan walk us through this so so walk Us through this 14-second video explain To us the the power of this man this Great man they they they they've said no To the the presidential debate Commission which is something that Donald Trump had said in the past he was Going to say no to correct Trump has Said a debate him many time any place Biden's now said we're not going by Those rules anymore we'll debate you uh Two times June and September are the Months that that the Biden campaign is Putting forth they'll have to come to Agreement on the actual dates you're Right we should remember that both in 2016 and 2020 Trump and his campaign Savaged the debate commission they Basically said we're not going to do That this time around we should also

Underscore Donald Trump refused to Participate in any Republican primary Debates he would not be part of that Yeah which is smart politically say that That's smart politically because he's Now the nominee so it isn't like he you Know was being a coward like just admit That that's the smart move just like it Was smart for Biden not to acknowledge Kennedy as a candidate he is now taken To truth social and and his media Appearance saying I'll debate Joe Biden Whenever he wants this is the Biden Campaign saying look we are going to Debate I was talking to senior advisor The last couple days there was never a Suggestion they were going to duct the Debates but now they're trying to come Up with terms looks like June and September ahead of early voting in some States and John John they again they've Also said we're not going to do debates After early voting's already begun first Of all but secondly they said to the Presidential commission one of the Reasons they're not doing it is you Don't play by the rules you let this guy Come with covid because you were afraid To test him and his family like that's An absolute joke that's an absolute joke He absolute joke you de joke and also we All right so this is you know Embarrassing so Trump has gone kind of You know he's now he's going full in on

Biden as well with him for a long time When a politician comes out with a Policy and then they run in an election And they go back and say what they have To say to get elected they always go Back to that original policy and you Know what this guy's policies are they Are bad they are really bad and the Funny thing and the sad thing is he Really never changed he goes through Like who the hell would keep an open Border because I think it's killing him In the election now I may be wrong maybe This is a great political thing to have Millions of prisoners and mental Institution people come in maybe it's a Good thing these third world countries Have all these mental institutions and They're just letting the their patients Out like what are he talking you know These poor people are immigrating here Were formerly in menal Institutions maybe I don't understand Maybe we all don't is there anything Good about that politically is there Anything good about high mortgage rates And high taxes yeah it's keeping the Inflation down the high mortgage rates Are keep keeping inflation to a Reasonable level because that's they're Doing that purposely because land has Real value and money doesn't and when Inflation goes up you can see it in Commodities and gold and commodities and

Land and so the the housing market was Going to go to where you know houses Were going to be cheap houses were going To be worth millions of dollars and it Would show you that the dollar is worth Nothing which is the true state of Inflation so that's why they're doing That they're trying to keep you from Seeing how inflated the dollar actually Is that's what that's all about your Taxes are going to go up four times if This lunatic is elected it's going to go Up four times and by the way I have to Say this I have great respect for the Office of the President no you don't That was your Saving Grace that's what That was my favorite thing about the Trump presidency he had no respect for The presidential office and he was Tweeting in these like rap beefs he had With celebrities and other people at 2 In the morning like this is what drove The Democrats crazy that he wasn't Acting like a president that was what Was great about it his one Saving Grace You know he completely torpedoed his Credibility by operation warp speed and And getting worked on covid and what he Did post elction and you know how he got Worked up by all those things you know He sucks I mean he failed but what was Great about is presidency is he had no Respect for the office of the presidency I never used to talk about Biden this

Way until he did something that you Can't do he indicted a very popular President I mean who who is that popular President was very popular I got more Votes than any other president he Indicted you in history you know that I Got more votes than any other City President in this J you you were Trashing him from day one and you said He wasn't even the legitimate president On made up charges and nonsense you see What's going on all nonsense and got Local Das doing all right so these you Know Trump's starting to go scorched Dar There at some point he calls him a total [ __ ] and you know I mean the debate Could be entertaining I don't know we'll See what happens you know this is Confirmation for the Left Right Paradigm And everything that we um believe you Know real truthers you know again I'm Not your truther is just a silly kind of Whatever but people who are truth Seekers and looking for you know more Than just something to appease your ego Like if you're looking for something to Validate your world viw and you're not Looking to face the the harsh truth of Your reality and your situation is that These are two clowns and you know Donald Trump was a clown on TV like I like The Apprentice I like Donald Trump as a Character he was a clown on TV Joe Biden Was a you know a lifetime politician who

Was known for do for being a gaff magnet No one took him seriously no one ever Thought the guy would be president and That's back when he was sharp they were Both smart you know above average Intelligence you know they were smarter Than the average person but that's not Saying much but neither one of them was Brilliant and they were both big Egos And they said stupid stuff like Trump You know was getting getting himself in Trouble a lot but it didn't matter cuz He was a billionaire but he also you Know was kind of a dick about his Business practices he screwed over Vendors and poor people and hardworking People and he was really cheap and you Know just a petty and like all these Things involved in lots and lots of Lawsuits often times where he had the Advantage because he had more money as The you know he could use his Corporations to pay for his lawyers and Things against you know private citizens And he was always just being a you know He's he sucks and Joe Biden was a Plagiarizer and as a politician he was Known as being you know one of the the More clown you know bigger sort of Clowns in a and a seful of clowns Joe Biden stood out even in their degraded Positions of you know billionaire Businessmen and um lifelong Federal Politicians they were kind of the the

Lower level character-wise and and the Rest of it and Goofy you know just like They're you know sometimes you're Laughing at them sometimes you're Laughing with them mostly you're Laughing at them kind of thing right and So now they got old and neither one of Them should ever be considered a good Leader or a you know possible president And you know they don't present very Well or presidential Joe Biden is Clearly scile they all know it and they They propped him up anyway and Trump is Starting to deteriorate and he's angry And bitter about what happened he just Cares about Trump They're both selfish you know Trump is More obviously selfish and narcissistic But they both are and they both got Questionable Behavior around women Biden Has around women and kids and they're Just creepy so these are your two guys Like this is a time where a desperate Situation America is divided world three World War III is you know happening Stuff in Israel Middle East stuff with Russia China you know it's coming to a Head right there's prophecies people are Degraded the youth is you know useless And you know not for I mean mostly not For any fault of their own they're just Uh each generation gets more degraded And we need somebody to you know you Would need a great leader just to I

Don't know there's no solving or fixing The system but not these guys right These guys aren't neither one of them Has the potential to do anything they're Not great men you need a great person Here you need somebody who's a Substantial person and neither one of These guys is great clowns right you got A couple of clowns a media full of Clowns and you know everything degrading Around you with each generation getting Weaker and more entitled more Incompetent morality is broken down and This is what you have right like that's The reality of being like a truther that There is no way out of this thing we Have a system that's demonic and is goes Against the will of God and so many Different levels and selfishness and Hedonism and materiality and a lack of Spiritual connection the family's broken Down and so there's only really one Solution that's a system that we're 100% Uh dependent on to collapse and not many People have the ability to come up with A plan B and execute it right and you You almost have to be really lucky in in Terms of who your neighbors are and you Know people like that you need to have Lots of quality people around you just To you know uh conceive of the idea of Surviving this thing right so it's Confirmation for us you know like just Watching this stuff because it's so bad

You know they're so childish and they're So like lame and the people covering This and all the people who believe in These two guys and I mean it's just an Embarrassment this whole thing is an Embarrassment and the debate is not is Going to be that right like people will Be rooting for Trump to crush Biden more More often than not in the truce Community but remember Trump is going to Hand Israel the key the the keys to the Kingdom and you know he got worked on Operation work speed and he's already You know he just sucks and he's he's Going to suck because you know it's not Just what Trump does it's what the left Will get away with when Trump becomes President again and it'll be the Downfall of our civilization and they'll Be pushing for the idea that total Censorship and anybody who's a Trumper Doesn't have a right to vote or doesn't Have a right to have a voice because You've made such a horrible decision I Mean that's where it's coming that's What it's coming to and the left holds All the power and the media and so Social media and corporate media and all These things the corporate corporations They hold the money power and so they're The ones who are going to execute Whatever policies that they impose for a Trump presidency right there'll be Punishment for Americans for making

Trump the president I mean that could be You know the plan here we'll see what Happens either way it's all it's all Lined up for that you know you don't Have uh there's no happy ending either Way here there's no happy ending for Anybody there's no you know there's no Solution here there's there's a problem And plenty of problems and there's no Solutions there's no real solutions Right just you know more of the same the Collapse of our civilization you got the Chosen one So but you know the chosen ones are Coming you know so this is what has to Happen I've talked about this before in Terms of the collapse of this Civilization the reduction of population And then more spiritual people you know Getting the you know what we did wrong Collective ly feeling you know like we Need to redeem ourselves connecting to God and changing our whole orientation To the world and that's going to take a Couple hundred years I mean it will take You know a long period of time for that Kind of transformation and whatever is Left over in terms of civilization and All the rest of it you know we'll see How the events unfold but for something Better to come you know one door closes Another door opens for something better To come well then there's you know this Is what has to happen like there there

Has to be a collapse of this Civilization giving birth to something Better and where you have a society full Of saints people who are embracing our True potential if you look at the highly Developed spiritual people of the past And you think about a society of just Those types of people then it would be Totally different you everyone would be Working for God and working for each Other service oriented no selfishness no You know I mean egotistical behaviors Just you know working humbly for the Betterment of people and the planet Doing the right thing following their Hearts learning to let God guide them From within making the right decisions You'll never embracing you know uh Selfish Egotistical U Pathways and you know Points of view and things like this but Just getting it and doing the right Thing and working to be better working To be you know to change themselves and Evolve spiritually and become more and More like that right starting off like That with an orientation of service and Sacrificing for the greater good Sacrificing for God all these things you Know in terms of your own Egotistical even your own personal Comforts and things like that right and So those type of people would you know Would have a civilization that would

Reflect the you know the Beauty and the The inner beauty and the inter Connection to the Divinity within them And so that's the solution like people Can do that like we all flirt with that You know a long time ago I worked at a Treatment center with these kids who Were like little sex offenders and they Were the worst of the worst most of These kids are going to end up in prison Or dead or you know addicted to drugs You know criminal life institutionalized Life horrible behaviors really poor Self-esteem and you know they were Acting out all the time and we had these Trainings and a guy who worked with These you know these facilities came in And said you know I could get all your Kids to behave for like one day and There people like well how you do that He goes well I just offer them all $10,000 a piece or $1,000 a piece or Whatever probably even a hundred would Do it to just behave and they could do It right and he was given example like With the right incentive people can Behave at least for short periods of Time and you would see that like these Are kids who are like the worst of the Worst the dregs of the society you know They've engaged in horrific behaviors Already at a young age and they could Have moments of empathy moments of you Know being selfless moments of good

Behavior right you know the worst people Can exhibit these types of Tendencies You see it in your own life there'll be Moments even the worst people in your Life will rise up and you know be better For a short period of time and then There are people who are saints that Really go to high levels of spiritual Attainment and so human beings have the Potential to be better we just choose Not to right we choose the lower Constantly and as long as that's the Case then we're on a path of destruction And if it turns around it turns around You know but it's each person doing it For the betterment of not only Themselves but it's what your soul wants You to do it's your true purpose here And it's you know just what should Happen but you know people have have not Cared about that in the past anyways Only spirituality will save this world It's Paran definitely point from the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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