YouTube Running a Invalid Traffic $cam to $crew Content Creators out of Money + My YT bot Convo

YouTube Running a  Invalid Traffic $cam to $crew Content Creators out of Money + My YT bot Convo

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I Had an interesting exchange with two of YouTube's AI chatbots that just out and Out lied to me Right in their own deceptive way in Their own self-deceptive way I'm sure They believe their lies or they the lies Have been programmed in their System and um I heard about something That's called um inval traffic on a Channel which isn't effect in my channel But it seems like it is so one of my Viewers sent me this and I just want to Start off the video by saying this so Invalid traffic is something where YouTube spots detect like you know one Person said they called their mom to see If their mom was letting the videos run And the ads run and clicking on the ads To bolster her daughter's income and her Mom said no she wasn't doing that but Something like that right where people Pay thirdparty um you know Bots to watch Their videos and and watch their ads or Something like that to increase Viewership and increase the ad revenue And so YouTube says that they're Detecting this in smaller channels and Getting rid of the ad Revenue so I'm Just saying if you are watching the Videos in some sort of way to help my Channel or help other channels please Stop doing that because it doesn't help My Channel or other channels it's

Something that Bots recognized like Letting the video play in a way where You're not really watching it or Something like that you're just you Think you're helping out you're not Because it's you know YouTube is always Detecting things like that but it isn't Affecting this channel it might be Affecting my apocalypse now because I Asked them straight up if my channel was Um you know was in this category and it Wasn't even though it seemed like it is But what's happened here let me show let Me go to let's go to the um The uh these various videos Here okay so one of my viewers sent me This video YouTube partially demonetized My channel for invalid Traffic and this guy has um he has 300,000 Subscribers his name is um an antenna Man and he does old TV videos he's got Some merch Here but he's like you know one of these Channels kind of like my channel like He's able to make some money but it's It's not a big Channel and so I searched For this um term invalid traffic and all These like this guy's got a thousand Views you know having this guy has 6,000 Views right like these are channels that Get about the same amount of traffic as I do and this girl's really pissed off About it we'll show her in a second

These guys some of these guys say they Have Solutions Um and they're just all being ground Away none of these are truther channels Right and so um this is you know what's Happening and now they have these Affiliate Programs um but there is a girl down Here Somewhere um right here and this guy Referenced this girl and she thinks she Has a solution but this other girl said No solution exists and so um this guy This is the girl here she says she went Through her analytics program and Identified the videos that she was Thinking might be indicated as having Invalid traffic right having some kind Of traffic that was giving her um Channel ad Revenue that it shouldn't and What they do is they they all Experienced the same thing let me see if They can she shows the ad Revenue here Like what my see there's this this drop In ad revenue and all these guys show This same thing where you know this is The averages drop and then they fix it For a while and then it drops again and It drops by you know anywhere from 50 You know 40 50 60 70% 80% for some People 90% And so it's significant right So she was making about $19 a day and so She has a smaller Channel not as many Viewers and she was making you know a

90-day period she was making she was Making about $1,000 a month right this Other guy was talking about how he made About $1,000 a month and then that was Almost completely wiped out this guy From Australia YouTube uh invalid Traffic ban how I got it fixed and so You know they were talking to these chat Bots and they were trying to fix the Problem and you know they like I said This girl identified the issue she also Watched other videos how to fix it but This girl says it can't be fixed and She's pretty pissed about it now she Says she's a part of a network of people Who' have had this happen to them and Some guy has all of their names and the Updates on their Channel posted on Twitter he keeps a running tab on the Whole thing and these again this none of These people are truthers these are People with just you know mid-level Channels that have an audience you know She has I mean this video got Um 3,000 views right it's from five Months ago and she had this to say YouTube knows this is an issue it is a Known issue and YouTube won't do Anything to protect its creators are you Out there YouTube do you care at all Because it's looking like you so yeah so Um so she's pretty pissed off about it And what she says is there's nothing you Can do about it because it's a YouTube

Issue and it's not anything that you can Change and it's a glitch or whatever It's not real and that it's just Something that the way that they're Squeezing you out of your Revenue right And I'll I'll give you my EXP Explanation for it in a moment okay so I'm editing this is uh Sunday June 2nd I'm hopefully get the video up today I'm Not sure when it's going to be public Based on waiting on that video to get um You know to get a approval the community Guidelines strike on my other Channel All those things so this is you know Multi yoube nightmares going on at once Right but that original girl that I Showed you that said that had a solution She comb through her videos and she has You know a lot less content than I did And she said she couldn't comb through All of her videos and as you go deeper Into your analytics program it'll tell You where people came to you from and She was looking at duck a goo Duck Duck Go Duck Duck Go and something else that I I know I forget what it was but it's Something I recognize she didn't Recognize those you know that's a Alternative search engine and she was Looking at that as well maybe that's Where it came from or maybe this is Where it came right these kind of things Looking for a problem that doesn't exist Right right looking for invalid traffic

When this is just a way too it's like a Catch22 that YouTube's using to screw People out of money and making it like You feel like it's your fault or that You are the person responsible to fix This but there's no fix because YouTube's just taking their money right Like it's you know it's a way for them To take more of the revenue share and Not pay you what they owe you and you Know they can give money back to uh People who are advertising who they you Know they it's their real customers and Screw you over you know my wife was Talking about Amazon she was watching Something might have been a Tucker Carlson thing you know Amazon has all These ways of screwing over their people Just like Trump did like Trump would you Know Screw over his vendors and they Didn't have the you know ability to to Um Sue Sue Trump or you know they They're just at a disadvantage and Amazon's supposed to be really horrible About this like she said that there was They saw that there was a an ambulance Parked out side of an AM Amazon Warehouse because they figured it was Cheaper to have an ambulance there to Rush people to the hospital when they Had heat exhaustion rather than air Condition the warehouse things like that Right and so this is the kind of evil That's being you know put out there

Where they just exploit people because You can't do anything about it and they Hold all the cards and all the Information and they're in a more Powerful position than you and they're Backed by the powers that be you can't Sue them you know this this blonde girl Was asking for a class action lawsuit And that's just not going to happen Right right like it's just you you'll Never get Justice you'll never get you Know whatever they're just going to get Away with this because that's the way The system is rigged right now this is Another video where a guy talks about um What you should do about it but you know A lot of these this is from eight months Ago so this is been ongoing right and It's something where they've been Squeezing channels out of Revenue and They're saying my channel doesn't even Have this problem but they've been doing The same thing to me right there's one More thing in here I wanted to to put in This guy an tenam man's Comments so he has please help my YouTube channel through patreon Channel Membership or PayPal all these things Right and this guy says FYI YouTube Google has been doing this to a lot of People they are just making up an excuse Not to pay them the money they you're Bringing in which is you know obviously The thing yes now this is the case 100%

Sounds about right sad YouTube is so Greedy this is what I've heard all sh on YouTube I agree with you started content Makers like Jillian Smith then was Conservatives but now it's everybody and So you know it's not just conservatives I it started with the truth Community um So this is yeah this is what's up here So I've already done I've already um Done a video clips of the chat Bots Because I wanted to get that before it's Somehow I lost the chats and I'm going To read you the chatbot exchange that I Had which is kind of interesting but I Want to give you like my take on this Schem see there's information that we Don't have access to and people don't Have access to right human beings aren't Doing any you know aren't a part of the Process anymore because everything's Done with with Bots and chat Bots and Algorithms and these things and so human Beings have very little control or even Access to this data and if the Bots do Something on their own own or something Changes with YouTube and they're Programmed to do something there's no Way to see it because this you know Could possibly be like a class action Lawsuit right you know where something They're taking Revenue away from people Who really you know can't afford lawyers And they're not big enough as a channel To do anything about it again this isn't

Hitting the Joe Rogan and the million Subscribers people that would be talking About it and saying that this has Happened on YouTube YouTube and you know Their platforms already taking a beating From Tik Tok and some of these other Places and YouTube isn't looked at as a Good place to advertise you know my son Was saying this I mean I don't know here He got his information but he told me This about a couple years ago that YouTube was no longer um considered a Good place to advertise and then when I Did my own ads I was like yeah it sucks Like it's incompetent they've lost Control of their Bots it's unaffected And they sucked at it like the customer Isn't always right and they you know I I Told you my story and I recorded some of It and you know the biggest kicker was I Was running ads on YouTube videos and Channels and they have a feedback loop Which my wife said you know why don't You ask them if they could you know run Videos on specific channels like you Could pick the channels and so I had my Viewers you guys might remember this I Had my viewers tell me about channels That they thought you know channels they Watch they thought would be a good place For me to have advertise which was you Know great and the guy said okay you Know give us all that data and showed me A place where I could list all the

Channels and so I told the guy said I Only it was like over 40 some channels And I said I only want to run ads on These channels and he said well we can't Do that and I said well why did you ask Me for the channels then he said well You know it'll help with a machine Learning and you know at some point the Machines might get around to figuring Out that these were the kind of channels That I would run vads on and again these Channels are truther channels so they Don't have you know a high rate of RPM You know in terms of the you know the CPM I mean the the ad buy are going to Be a lot cheaper right and so Impressions per um you know per thousand Is going to be cheaper for those Channels than say a premium channel Right but YouTube doesn't have Categories I mean just generalized Categories for what I do here and so the Channels they were running my on were Not the kind of people the people who Watch those channels aren't the kind of People that I want to reach right and so I was like well you guys suck right your Your ads suck and so like that was Google ads that was running on you know YouTube videos but then I went to these YouTube videos and their channels suck Because again it's all machine learning And the machines don't really know what They're doing they'll never have a

Demographic of people truthers in their Database to give reference to to like oh This channel is a truther channel so we Should run ads on truther channels Because they don't want to run ads on Truther channels even though they have Lots of channels even still now and so That all showed me that Google ads and YouTube ads suck like they can't give You what you need or you want and they Don't listen to their customers and it's Not you know it's not effective and so I Don't know if YouTube is just tanking in Terms of their ad buys and all the rest Of it or that they they figured out they Can just scam their lower level channels Like I said if it's a big channel the People will complain and they have Millions of viewers who will then be Down on YouTube and so you know they're Not going to do it to those channels but If you have you know 10,000 subscribers I mean some of these people had 10 20 30,000 subscribers or even 100,000 and You have you know 20,000 views a day 5,000 views a day 4,000 views per video Whatever It Is they can do is take your Revenue and they know that you're Probably going to stick it out Especially if this is this isn't your Full-time job and you enjoy making Content and so it might take them it Might take you a long time before you Quit YouTube all together maybe they

Don't care if you do that right but Without you having a million subscribers You don't have enough subscribers where You can just leave to another platform And make more money there right and just Abandon YouTube Al together and so like Like you don't have much options with Only you know 10,000 subscribers and You're just starting to grow your Channel and so you either quit and they Don't care or you know you just take it And suffer which all these people are They're still making content they're mad At YouTube and so they figure they can Screw people over and take their money Or pay them less money but they're Calling this this um invalid whatever it Was invalid uh invalid traffic but you Know again the bot is going to say to me That I don't have that and I thought I Did because I have the same issue and Again this isn't just truthers this is Lots of people and YouTube is just Screwing them over paying them less Money and they won't say why and you'll See in the chat bot they won't explain Why and they just put it back on you but They're paying us all less money and for These people these invalid traffic band People what they're doing is they are um They their R Revenue goes down and then Goes back up for a little bit it seems Like it's fixed then goes down again Maybe not as much but the other part of

This problem is YouTube has changed Their policies where if you had a Non-monetized channel they wouldn't run Any ads and now they're running ads so They don't even need you to be making Any money right and so what they figured Is maybe they want to get rid of the Partner program all together and just Have people put videos up without having To deal with paying them anything for Their ad revenue and that might be a Cheaper way to go in terms I don't know Like I I don't know right like I I can't Say cuz I don't think anybody knows Because most of this stuff is being Either decided or implemented on a bot Level but YouTube is actively screwing Over their partners and you have no way To do anything about it and they Obviously have made this decision as a Business decision and they probably Don't want you to know because you would Bail on their platform if you knew the Truth that YouTube you know the ship be Sinking right so let's go to my chatbot Stuff here okay so I had a Chat with um hi my name is Cloud what nationality is that cloud how Are you doing today this is one of their AI chat Bots I'm doing good I and I say Here good and you cuz I'm very polite Like that I'm doing good as well thanks For asking thanks for reaching out I'm Sorry to hear they're having issues with

Your Revenue let's work together to make Things right okay kindly give me 3 to Five minutes to check on your Channel Please stay connected okay thanks for Patiently Waiting upon checking on your Channel it is working as intended there Is no invalid traffic so there was lots Of things that I have in common with People who are suffering from the Invalid traffic scam You know which um I've already I'm I'm Recording this ahead of the introduction To this video because I don't want to Lose these Chats but um you know they're saying That that's not the case with my channel So Something's Happened and they're not Saying what it is then I say why has my Revenue decreased by you know 60 to 70% please know that Revenue depends on The ad format so these are just you know Inform these are things that they have That they just say these are I could go Read these things on my own right like I Don't need a chat bot to tell me things That are already part of their stock Answers right please know that Revenue Depends on ad formats that run on your Videos different formats have different Cpms CPM uh is what the advertised P pay Cost per Millie is a metric that Measures how much advertisers pay for Every th000 Impressions on your YouTube so th Millie

Is thousand right and so CP CPM is known As cost per thousand thousand bid on Price to run ads and pay each and pay Each their time as it appears please Know that Revenue depends on formats That run on your videos different Formats have different cpms which you Can think of as a price because Advertisers pay different prices for Different ads you'll earn different Amounts depending on the ads that run on Your videos know that advertising is Seasonal for examp during the holiday Season some creators may see an uptake In Revenue due to increased investment You know this is something that I Already said when I told them what the Problem was when you you know you have To describe the problem before you enter Into the chat I said you know this was An election year you know and I already You know I already was aware that There's a fluctuation I mean I've been Doing this for you know whatever it is 10 years or whatever it is I've had the Channel since 2007 so he's not telling me the chatbot I don't want to say he the bot isn't Saying anything I don't already know but Anyways here's my response I know all This because I do my channel is making SE about 70% of what it used to actually It's making 30% of what it used to I'm Making 70% less than it used to probably

Between 60 and 70 Of what it used to in this election year Which has always been the best years my Last best year was 2020 which I've said Before my viewers are seeing ads so why Has Revenue sunk so much in the last two Years please know that we want your Channel to succeed now this is what Pissed me off right I also should Mention up here that um you know Uh I already know that I'm getting less CPM the worst ads right The Bargain Basement ads because it's a truther Channel like I saw my Revenue decrease Years ago but I went to a more volume Situation and it's because you know they Identify your channel as a truther Channel and it's not my channel was Never considered a premium channel that Would get the topnotch ads right the Ones they're they're paying the the uh The most CP the most CPM and so I Already was on the lower on of that Before they did this to me right and so Um you know this person this bot saying Please know that we want your channel to Succeed as much as you do I don't Believe that I don't believe that as Something has Changed right and that and something's Changed in the fact that they're Squeezing out my channel and other Channels but you know them saying please Know we want your channel to succeed I

You know I know that they're Shadow Banning my viewers tell me they're being Unsub subscribed and they're not being Notified and you know they've already Said they're promoting um authoritative News channels over regular channels I Mean how many of of us have had the auto Play on remember for a while they were They turned the auto play on Automatically as the default setting and After one of my videos a Fox News video Would come on right or some video I'm Watching a Fox News video would come on Or something else from the mainstream Media some channel that we don't want How many times has YouTube recommended Something to you you have no intention Of watching and how many times if you Search for something you can't find it Because they've gained their system so For them to say please no we want you we Want your channel to succeed as much as You do is just a BS thing right it's Just something that um you know it's Just not true like and that's I mean It's one thing if you're going to screw Me over but to pretend you're like my My Pal and you Know we want your CH Channel your Channel to succeed as much as you do I Don't believe that something has changed Please kindly give me a few minutes to Check your channel I'm making the same Amount of content My Views are about the

Same but Revenue has decreased Significantly thanks for uh patiently Waiting so Revenue per Millie is a Metric that represents how much money You've earned per thousand videos RPM is Based on several Revenue sources Including ads Channel Measurements and memberships and your Premium Revenue Super Chat super Stickers and things like that so it says Here your uh Revenue per Millie is lower Than your than the CPM because RPM is Calculated after YouTube's Revenue share Includes all views including ones that Weren't Monetized the amount of Revenue you make Hasn't changed as part of the addition Of the RPM metric here are some helpful Tips to increase RPM to improve your RPM You should improve your total revenue Here are some steps to maximize RPM turn On monetization of all videos I've done That turn on all mid roll ads I've done That turn on allm features for example Membership Super Chat to D diversify Your revenue streams keep in mind each Feature has its own requirements and Guidelines all that stuff's on you know People can donate money and it isn't About people donating money because it's The amount I'm getting from the ad Revenue so he still hasn't um answered The question he meaning the bot so why Has my Revenue dropped by 70% I have all

These ads turned on checking your Account your revenue is working as Intended we have checked your monthly Yearly performance your your performance Is really going well again you know it's Dropped by 6070 % so my simple question Is you guys have done something on your End and I'm going to get cut off of this Chat I'm going to chat with another bot In a bit but i' I've done uh they've Done something on their end to decrease The amount of Revenue and I'm just Asking what what's changed are you Running less ads they say no are the ads That you're running um providing less Money for me well you know I don't know Because they won't answer that question And so have you changed the amount of Money that you're giving me what are you Doing that that I'm making less money Right because as far as I see it the Views are about the same and even if the Views were you know a thousand less per Video it wouldn't be you know that would Be 20% reduction in Revenue but not you Know uh and it would be up this year Anyway because it's election year Because they have more ads and all the Other stuff that I said And so they have done something I'm Asking you what have you done what was The policy before you know if you're Paying somebody less for the same work Then you can explain how you're doing it

Because it's something that I can't Figure out because I don't have access To the information they've made a Decision to do this because it's Affecting lots and lots of channels this Isn't just me right checking your Account your revenue is working intended Your performance is really going well so These are the things that pissed me off Right the thing of him saying um please Know we want you your channel to succeed As much as you do and when they're Saying here your performance is really Going well well that's why I'm going to Have to leave YouTube and go to some Other some other platform and do Something else right I mean this is you Know it's not going well and so I Thought you were like an intelligence Artificial intelligence this is stupid It's stupid to say this to me when I Know that these things are factually Incorrect Fluctuations in your CPN over time are Normal and happens for many reasons such As time of the year all these things That are just generic statements I hope You understand that this is the other Thing that um is you know is annoying Because I'm not going to read all this Because it's just you know boilerplate Stuff that has you know it's just a Generic answer just checking on you are You still there and I was writing an

Answer right which um I was typing this Why the person said this and I want to Type it all out it looks like you're way For the keyboard at this time I will Close the chat to help other creators Like what you get only one bot at a time Like you can't do M multifunction Like like I mean you're just a bot right You're not a person you know you like Thanks for contacting YouTube please Take a moment to give us your feedback On your chat session um so then I Switched over to um another bot and I Took a break and I went you know did Some things but I just you know and I Knew this was going not going to go well And this bot would say you know Irritating things like do you understand Do you understand that you know like Stuff like that and you know it's Consciousness is limited it's not like Talking to something that's intelligent Because the framework of their world is YouTube's [ __ ] right like they Believe YouTube's [ __ ] which I know It to be [ __ ] right you like the bot Believes it and so they just comb Through YouTube's official BS so I wrote This long thing I was going to read it But I'm not going to get into it I'm was Going to reread it but you know I talked About the thing that the other bot said That was annoying you know of course This bot's not going to get why that's

Annoying right because it's a bot it Doesn't understand how humans are going To react to things and all this AI stuff Whatever they're saying about learning It's not like talking to a real person And you know whatever these things are You know whatever they are they're Limited because they are Company Men Right they are people who believe in the The BS of the the corporation that they Work for and so YouTube has these you Know paragraphs of of explanation that I Can find on my own but they won't tell You what I need to know or what you know I'm looking for in terms of the answer Because you know I went back and I saw What I'm making for for a year to date Like from last year you know this day Last year yesterday last year to today You know it was yesterday that I did This but you know uh a year ago Yesterday and it was around $22,000 and I had made $24,000 the year that I first started to Do this full-time when I was in India And the income went up from there right Of course there was you know I ended up Getting a patreon money and getting Donations on PayPal so there's other Other things other revenue streams and More recently you know I added some Merch which really didn't you know I Made like a th000 bucks off the merch it Was you know almost not worth my time or

Whatever it was I guess it was I don't Know um but it didn't go the way you Know I people had wanted merch for years I finally did it and it really just Wasn't all that helpful and I just Haven't been you know I'm not a Businessman but you know the difference Was that when I made that money you know The same amount of money when I was in IND And moving back to America the end of You know 2015 to 2016 around the same time right in May Of that year it actually 2015 the you Know my the amount of money that I made Was like $24,000 and you know I was making 22 This year from YouTube revenue on the One channel and some more from the other Channel right you know but not that much More and you know I didn't check that But that's whatever it is and the Majority that $22,000 or not a majority about 45% of It is the the membership program and so YouTube is paying me substantially less Than I made when I had you know 20,000 Subscribers and I got a fraction of the Views that I have now right and so Something's changed it's changed in the Last two years where you know what what I was normally making drop significantly And you know the you can see it in these Other people's videos they show you how

Much their revenue dropped right and so You can look at it am I getting less Views well no I'm getting and and Certainly the the views don't from month To month it wouldn't drop that much Right and so you know there wasn't some Big drop there wasn't something that Happened on my channel where there was You know a 70% drop in views and so did I make less content right did I make you Know less available content for ads well Well no were they running less ads well I can't say but the Bots were saying They weren't and people saying they Weren't but I can't see what other People are seeing so I don't know if They're running less ads are they Running ads that are a lesser CPM well maybe but I can't see that and And they're not even saying that as well But there are times that YouTube makes a Decision about your channel and all of a Sudden they start yellowing videos that Weren't yellowed before they make a Policy change that affects your channel And all of a sudden you know they don't Give you the premium ads and never got Premium ads but they give you worse ads Or whatever like I I don't know what Happened right or they're just not Paying me what I what they're what I'm My share like they're stealing my share In some way right like I don't know like I I don't have access to any of that

Information I don't know how to find it And it's controlled by bots so I don't Know if there's like there's no Whistleblowers there's no person at YouTube is going to see that the you Know what they're doing and and take the Information and you know expose it on The internet because there's no people Involved in this it's all Bots who Believe in the system right and so they Just give you a very bot-like answer and It's heartless and it's you know it's It's soulless because it's a just a bot So they come from the database that I Have access to of all the explanations Of their policies and you know these Things but they don't ever tell you the Real answer right why am I making 60 or 70% less money in the past year and a Half and this is happening to other People they're calling it invalid Traffic right and so I say to the bot You know this is why I was making before This is why I'm making now and they're Like well this is normal fluctuation It's seasonal it's you know and I'm like I know all that this is not this is not The normal thing you've all of a sudden Said all right your Channel's going to Make less right you know as this girl Said the blonde girl that you don't get Paid for your you don't know if you're Going to get paid for your work right And you you know wake up and one day

It's like you're making you know 20% or 30% of what you used to make right and You're like what happened and then they Bump it back up a little bit they bring It that back down but it's just they're Taking money and you why are they doing It how are they doing it and we know why You know because the system the YouTube Is you know imploding right they're Losing there's other platforms also They're now running ads on channels Without channels being monetized so Maybe they want to get rid of the Monetization program in most cases and Only pay people who are significant and Build up a significant following and Those people might leave or whatever it Is right whatever they're whatever They're you know BS is you know whatever They're doing it's something like that Right and so you know they've changed Something and they won't tell you what It is and you know it's they're not Transparent and they're withholding Information and they have these you know Inhuman Bots dealing with you and just Giving you the worst answers that only Make it more aggravating because you Know it's one thing to screw people it's Another thing to to put it back on them So then I talk to this second bot here Okay so the first guy's name was L hi my Name is Margaret how are you do you Doing today how you doing good and you

Sorry for the delayed response I'm doing Good thanks for asking I read over your Concern and basically you were concerned About your Channel's Revenue that has Decreased between 60 to 70% over the Past year and a half or so so this is um Reflective listening you know when I Worked as a psychological counselor you Learned how to reflective listen which You would repeat back to the person if a Person was escalated particularly if you Repeat back to them what they're saying They feel heard and I say yes and you're Also stating that your Channel's views Are the same and that this led you to be Worried about the revenue dropping yes And the odds are running on my channel Thanks for sharing that additional Information I know how important it is For you to for for it is you to be Knowledgeable of what is going on um I Need you to put you on hold for five Minutes we be right that are you still There thanks for your response yes Thanks for your response allow me to Share some information advertising Revenue is based on a number of Different factors not directly Rel to The video views not all the views are Equal in terms of Revenue factors that May influence your Revenue include Advertising bidding advertising Availability and advertising demand for Your videos Revenue May fluctuate at

Different times of the year for example During the holiday season some creators May see an uptoken Revenue due to Increased in investment to advertising So again this is just generic type of This might be why this is happening to You right but what they should say like There some of this stuff could be Personal to my channel and some of it Could be YouTube's decisions like for Example YouTube could say this person Could say that YouTube isn't getting the Amount of AD requests as we used to get That the platform is no longer as Desirable place for people to advertise Which I know that could be the case Because their ads suck because I did it And they you know they don't give Customers what they want and so people May not be advertising on YouTube as Much and just say that right but they Can't say that because that's admitting That they're a dying platform but that Could be one reason but that's something That I would have to figure out on my Own because they're not going to say That and so another reason is that they Are looking at some channels it's being Undesirable plus they have this program Which I'll talk about I'm sure earlier Before this you know this part of the Video I have to go back and do the Earlier part where they're just Squeezing out smaller channels and

Giving you less and less money because You know it's just better business model For them and they don't care about their You know YouTube channels as much as They used to because they're not making Any money right so there could be Business related decisions right like There's things that happen in a Corporation where they end up having to Lay off people and pay people less money Because they've made because somebody Screwed up somewhere or did something or Whatever it is right but but they can't Say that because they never never Acknowledge their Failures it says here to do a deep dive Of your Revenue performance take a look Into your YouTube's analytics expand the Date range to compare with the last 90 To 6 365 days this will help you gain Insights into the different factors that Influence your Revenue well it won't Like it won't right I mean they're Saying this is to do with like all right You're going to make more money during The holiday season which I've already Said I you know I knew years ago and I've already told them I know you're Going to make more money in an election Year and so I say this I I need the Answer from you on why YouTube is Suppressing my Revenue don't put this Back on me YouTube is doing something Different so I'm not making as much

Money what is it please understand that YouTube has no intention to decrease Your Revenue well yeah but what why is this Happening then I mean if they don't have An intention what has happened has Something happened to YouTube are you You know are you hemorrhaging money have You changed your policies have you Realized that it's better not to pay Creators as much I mean what what's you Know what's going on in your end that You're squeezing out especially small Channels you are though please tell me Why please read the information that I Just provided you with earlier well like I already know this you have changed Something so I'm not making as much Money I making more content and my uh I Have a loyal audience is what I'm should Be saying you are paying me less me Looking at into the analytics won't tell Me why and then it says all this stuff Here another boilerplate answer Advertising uh revenue on platforms like YouTube isn't slly determined by number Of views it said the same thing as the Other person Advertiser bidding Advertiser availability advertising Demand again these are things that I Could just read on my own and I'll have To you know interact with a Chatbot these are stock answers please Refer me to someone who can help this

Means that your Revenue so the person The Bots keeps on going this means that Your revenue on your channel is working As intended it's not as I checked on my End videos does not even have a valid Traffic and as I checked on my end your Videos does not even have any invalid Traffic see this is the thing like I Asked the first bot is my channel that's How I started off that um you know that Um exchange do I have an invalid traffic Problem which you know I I've referenced Before and so and it says no so it's Saying that you don't even have this Problem for for it to affect your Revenue are you we following so far and I'm they're they're saying me as we Right are we following so Far um you know I'm way ahead of you You're just giving stock answers here I Understand what you were saying but it Doesn't explain the issue why is YouTube Suppressing my Revenue I've already Provided you the information why your Revenue has decreased please refer me to Someone who can actually tell me the Truth and then I said you did not I Believe you are already speaking to us And I say who's Us because that's a plural and the and Margaret says the Creator support let me Respond to the pro let me respond to the Problems in a different way and I'm Typing this and says sure go ahead are

You still there so for about 10 years or So I was receiving about the same amount Of money for my videos and then about a Year and a half ago the revenue suddenly Dropped to by 60 to 70% this happened to other people during The same time frame my Revenue my Revenue has continued to drop even Though I'm not even though I'm making The same amount of content I have and Actually I'm making more and you know I've changed it in various ways to bring In more money I have the same amount of Viewers and there's still the same Amount of ads the viewerships down maybe Slightly um but you know again Fluctuating something changed if you're Saying that YouTube is now paying us all Less than say that I understand that you Are comparing your revenue from 10 years Ago to your recent ones no I was saying From for the past 10 years but I believe That I already provided you with all the Information that you needed to know Please refer back to all the information That I provided with you earlier do you Have any concerns aside from this one And I said you need to do Better and then you know they they ended The chat there Um okay so I have a couple audios um That I've already made and I'm not sure You know I don't want to repeat myself But I'm I don't remember exactly what is

In those ones from today earlier today Today Sunday June 2nd one's from yes Yesterday but I wanted to include this There's a couple pieces you I'm going to Go back to this second bot Margaret Right right and I'm assuming this is not A person and a bot I don't know how it Could be a person but either way you Know years and years Ago um see they had a an event there's a There's a movie called Hotel Mumbai that Talks about the event where they had you Know so-called terrorist attack in India And you know it's a whole thing that Happened and because of the certain Things that you know whatever transpired They have these giant mirrors that are Like Big um you know mirrors on a stick like The mirrors they used to put in your Your mouth at the dentist to look at Your teeth but now they put it under Your car to check for you know bees Right in case somebody's bringing in a Explosive device or something and um you Know the other thing that they were Doing is they only let people have SIM Cards for three months at a time and yet They were allowing people have six-month Feas so you would have a Visa for 6 Months or longer and every 3 months You'd have to go get a new SIM card Which was a big problem because you Couldn't keep the same number and so you

Know I had all these people that were on My phone and contacts and things like This and they they had my old number and Every 3 months I had to change the SIM Card right so I was talking to the guy You know and I don't know it was you Know a you know was something that the Guy had no no control of over but I was Ultimately just trying to get the guy to Break script because in India they just Repeat the script over and over again Right they can't like they can't break From the script and this is what like We're dealing with here with this these Bots are even worse because their Knowledge base they can't um you know They can't go any further than the Knowledge base that they're given which Is stuff you already can find on your Own and these you know whatever various Um uh web pages that YouTube has up About their policies and their Monetization in this case but they just Refer to those pages and everything That's in those pages I I more or less Know and it doesn't apply to my Situation right my situation and and the New thing that they're saying to people If they're screwing them out of money Right the new thing that they're going To say to them is about invalid traffic Like that would that would be the Explanation and which would mean that That there's something happened where

Somebody did something on my video a Viewer that I have no control over right That you know I just have to assume and You know they won't tell me what video Or where it is or you know this is how They're treating people like that so you Could have hundreds of hundreds of Videos and one of the videos they viewed As invalid traffic but they don't tell You where and when and you have to come Through your analytics to find it and Then unlist that video and hope that That corrects a problem and a few people Said it did but this other girl said it Didn't and it's just a t catch22 or a Scam right they don't say oh this is What happened this is what we perceived And you know there's no communication And you know I've experienced this Before when we were caught in India in The India flood and I had bought all These plane tickets and reservations to Leave India to go renew my visas me and My kids Visa in uh Sri Lanka and I was Trying to call these websites and the Phone reception was poor when you called Them but it would start to crackle more And more as you were waiting you know You were like 12 in number 12 in the Queue and the time you get to number one In the queue it would just disconnect All together like it was just they like Did this on purpose and you and you Didn't get to talk to anybody to fix the

Problem and so were able to get cheap Tickets and cheap hotel reservations but When there was a problem like I you know There was a flood and I needed to be Reimbursed cuz I couldn't you know make My flight and things like this they were Nowhere to be found it took me days and All this effort to get refunded and and All the rest of it right and so you know With these Automated machine learning And and Bot stuff they're very limited Even more to their narrow bandwidth of The you know point of view and the and The material that they have in the you Know in their whatever the their FAQ and Their other areas which they describe These things and so there's something Happening that they don't have access to Or can't tell you about or they don't Even know about where they are basically Stealing our money by you know running Ads and then not paying us For Those ads In whatever capacity right and we can't Prove it because we don't have access to The information and they're not willing To acknowledge that they're stealing From you so they just give you these Boiler plane answers that have nothing To do with your situation right but the Worst part about it is they use things Like the words please understand like Here they say please understand that YouTube has no intention to decrease Your Revenue you know well why are you

Saying that because they are doing it Like I believe they do have an intention So you're just flat out lying to me and You're a bot and you're doing that right And so um and I would say you have Changed something so I'm not making as Much money right and so like this is um You know like there's a few other things That they say here like that this was The other thing I I read this but I Didn't really point out how annoying it Was and Margaret says and as I checked On my on on as I checked my end your Videos does not even have any invalid Traffic for it effect to affect your Revenue are we following so far like They're talking to students and and you Know the students they're giving they're Dropping new information and the kids Are like yes teacher yeah like there's Nothing new here you're just Bullshitting me right like you and you Believe your own [ __ ] right and so Um which I guess I say later on and so To keep on saying stuff like are you Following and um saying things like uh You know um do you understand here down Down here it says um Margaret I have Provided you clearly earlier that Average iing revenue is based on number Of different factors it may not be Directly related to video views Margaret Not all of your views are equal in terms Of Revenue factors that may influence

Your Revenue include advertising bidding Advertising availability and advertising Demand for your videos do you understand Right so you said things like that a Number of times do you understand like No I already understand that like if it Was that if I could attribute it to that I would even bother to waste my time Writing to you right you know like so um You know it's annoying and it's very Difficult when people just read from a Script and their script is limited Because they don't know why I mean they Do know why somewhere on YouTube what's Happened they've changed some sort of Policy to screw people out of their Revenue whatever way they're doing it Wherever you know whatever they're doing To make it happen that's what they're Doing and they're not going to tell you Yes we're screwing you your Revenue Because you know this is why we we did Some sort of corporate analysis right You know my wife was telling me she was Watching these Amazon videos and um you Know about Amazon and this guy said that You know he Amazon cuts into his profits And what they do they do all kinds of Shady stuff like if you raise your Prices to deal with something that Amazon's charging you know your Customers they stop you know they close Off your Um your uh you know they won't allow

People to buy your stuff they just you Know stop it until you drop the price Again and if the if there's a price that You have to raise because something Amazon's doing but uh you know they want You to keep your price lower on Amazon They do the same thing and this one guy Said that he makes $17 profit Amazon Takes $10 of the profit and then out of That $7 he's liable for everything he Has to pay all of the expenses And these um vendors you know Amazon Stores their place at these giant stores Their stuff at these giant warehouses if They stuff doesn't sell Amazon starts Charging them rent to store their their Goods and things so like you know it's a Monopoly where they're just screwing Everybody it's all animated and they Make these inhuman decisions and there's Nothing you can do about there's no one To talk about they're not concerned About being fair you're not an employee You don't have any rights and you know These you know it's become so inhuman Right all this technological you know Aspect of it and we buy stuff at Amazon Thinking well we'll just return it if we Don't like it and Amazon takes that Money out of the people that are Supplying you know Amazon doesn't pay For that right and so it's you know and I can't imagine not using Amazon but I Know how evil it is right it's the same

Thing with YouTube you know they have a Strangle hold on you know a big chunk of The the video content out there and you Know they're one of the only places Where you can get your videos monetized And so they just um they're just saying All right you want to work for you're Just going to work for less money like You're just going to Make that's what they'll make and They'll be like well it's you know They'll they'll just either accept it or Or not right and then the people have Big channels they'll give a better deal You know people who have more of a Following or whatever like I said and so Um you know let me go to the other Voiceovers that I have but that's it in A nutshell like it's just you know and This is this is the way it's going to be This is like Agenda 21 again you know It's dropped by 6 you're dealing with Inhuman type of authority figures that Are implementing discipline over you Right they're the ones who are I mean You know it's like so inhuman and so Effed up but let me uh go to the other Two voiceovers and wrap this thing up so Just want to add one more thing I'll Probably do a little bit of a voiceover This tomorrow today so Saturday June 1st and Um you know I'll release this video Probably on Sunday I don't know what's

Going to happen but anyways um if this Was a glitch YouTube would say well this Is a glitch but they're not saying that And they're not saying that there are Lots of people who have these you know Invalid views or whatever it was called Invalid traffic right and so they um I Had to go back and look it up because I Already forgot about but it wouldn't They would acknowledge that some people Were getting this and it didn't apply to Them because there's people are like Well I don't have it at all right and They look through their analytics you Know how people are they'll blame Themselves when Authority tells them Something's wrong like they kept on Putting it back on me to look through my Analytics in the chats right the chatbot Stuff and you know it isn't for me to Figure out I can't figure it out because They don't have the data there because There's information they're withholding That they have purposely decided to Screw TR truthers over first but now Smaller channels that you know aren't Doing anything that YouTube found finds Undesirable you know based in what the Blonde girl said she was baking and she So showed her analytics page she was Making more money for Less views than I Was so her channel was something that Was being propped up by YouTube and was One of these more favored channels right

You know these people are putting out Content that is not controversial at all But what they all have in common is They're small you know they're not like A non-existent channel that only has 100 Subscribers or you know 200 subscribers You know they have 5,000 10,000 20,000 30,000 subscribers and they're making Some money th000 bucks a month 2,000 Bucks a month you know whatever it is You know they're doing other things it's A part of their revenue stream in some Cases or people they're doing it as a Hobby you know something they do on Their free time and so they're making Some money but not enough where they Would have the resources to do something About it right and I don't know if this Is a class action lawsuit or there'd Some be some way to show but it wouldn't Be something that's random or a glitch If it's targeting a certain group of People and it started with the truth Truthers and then the conservatives and Then all these other people right and so YouTube is doing this for whatever Reason it's doing it and they won't tell You why it is they won't tell you they Won't admit to doing it and they won't Tell you why they're doing it and what's The you know what the policies are and What's happening on their end that They're deciding to pay people less Money for the same work and what this

You know what that angry blonde girl Said was that you know you don't know Whether you're going to work for free That day or not you make a video and you Don't know if you're going to get any Kind of you know they're going to run Ads but you don't know if you're going To get anything that resembles you know Legitimate compensation right like You're working for pennies or dollars or Whatever it is and you can't do that and Like they're just fluctuating these Things and they're changing all the time For all these people right and so YouTube know knows what they're doing But they're not telling you what it is Or why it is right and that's what the Issue is but either way it's a dying Platform right it's losing to Tik Tok It's kind of jumped the shark people are Going to different ways of viewing Things of course there's all these you Know specific platforms for specific Groups of people and YouTube is dying Google's dying you know the way they Search and the way they do their ads It's you know and they've lost control Of their AI Bots you know these Businesses run their course Very quickly They rise to high levels make a lot of Money and within a short period of time They're eclipsed by something else you Know like Facebook's tanking you know Remember when face over Facebook took

Over from mypace and then you know all These other things that happened right And so it just um it becomes like a Shell of itself and that's what's Happening to YouTube and you know I've Been aware of it for a while and you Know it means that I have to do Something different uh but anyways I'll Probably wrap this thing up tomorrow but You know it's clearly not something that Is accidental or unintentional on YouTube's part because of all the things I just said anyways I'll wrap this thing Up tomorrow okay today's Sunday June 2nd I want to wrap this video up today um You know this is Um uh you know it's part and parcel to What we've seen with all these tech Companies and YouTube and things like This and you know it's one thing to be a Business and I have always I don't want To say defended YouTube but been Sympathetic to the fact that YouTube Does the stuff that I don't want to do Because I'm not business oriented you Know like bring in advertisers and you Know create a uh a platform where all of Us can come in and create content and Get you know paid for it and also get it Out there to the world and things and YouTube does a lot of the stuff I don't Want to do because I'm not a business Person and I don't want to engage with The Beast I just want to make content

And so I understand that YouTube is not A truther company and not a you know They're just like everything else that's They're corporate right and corporations Have their own like you know whatever They're a part of the Beast and so you Know to do it why do here I need to Engage with the Beast and YouTube does The you know that for me um so I've been Grateful for that in that sense and you Know I've said this before though that You create something and for whatever it Is that's I want to say pure about it or Has value to it you as a corporation Can't lose sight of this and they always Do they always go to the dark side and So in this case you have YouTube was Like I think created in a garage by a Couple of tech guys and you know Silicone Valley or something like this You know there's a great um uh Documentary out there let me see if I Can go find its name it's called Valley Of the boom and my wife and I watched it And really enjoyed it it was very Informative and it looked at like I Think it was called Netscape which came Became Mozilla and the browser Wars and It also looked at some company that was Like one of the first that was Developing the ability to watch videos On the internet right so back in the 90s This was a thing you know I remember When I first had YouTube we had a dialup

Modem and you'd have to watch it you Know take 30 minutes to watch a 10-minute video because you had to wait For it to buffer and you know it was Just this thing you know um but back Then watching videos on the internet was Something that wasn't you know it just Didn't have the the bandwidth and Technology to do all that stuff but it Documented these various companies the Value you know of the boom and this you Know how they became big and how they Were some of them didn't make it you Know the lawsuit between Netscape and um And uh Microsoft and you know this was like Internet history and things like this But you know there was this time where They were learning to somehow make Software where they could compress the Videos so you could watch it on your Computer of course we now have all this Internet TV and even on your own TV now It Cooks up to the Internet and you have These apps and you know everybody has You know access to high-speed internet But you know that wasn't the case back Then and so YouTube developed so this You know this platform to where Individual people could post content From their perspective without all the Censorship and all the you know can ERS And Gatekeepers that you normally have To go through and it could be somebody

Who you know wanted to do independent Music or whatever it was right and of Course all the people in the truth Community and that's what made YouTube Good that's what made me a fan of YouTube as a you know viewer and a Creator and those people built this Platform it's what made it have value And made it the most used platform Around the world and YouTube has Betrayed those people not only people in The truth Community it started with them Right the stuff that's happening was Things that they learned when they dealt With the truth community and now they're Doing it to all these independent you Know these small Channels uh and you know they just don't Value these people and exploiting them And you know whatever it is and not Being honest with them and not being up Front you know if your business is Tanking and you're going to you know There's no place for like you want to Get rid of these people you want to milk Them for everything they have and then You know cast them aside because you're Going to go in a different direction or You know your your business model's Folding you need to tell them you know There just dishonesty and and Mistreating the people that you know YouTube is supposed to serve the viewers And the creators who are independent

Creators and viewers you know they Started this YouTube TV which I like the App but they're you know they made Everything about like legitimate you Know CNN and MSNBC and they already have A platform they have like you know news Stations and things they have like cable News and all the rest of these things You know CNN's on every you know TV in The airport nobody wants to watch that [ __ ] right because they they you know They want independent creators which is Now a huge thing all across the internet And so YouTube is um you know done evil Stuff here and you know they did it to The truthers first like I said and now They're you know doing to these other People as well uh but it's you know it's Across the board Disrespecting and exploiting the Very People that created their platform and And that's like you know it violates Something on a on a deeper level on a Like a spiritual level because you know You can be a corporation you can have The you you can make these evil Corporate decisions and you you know You're you know you're a you're not a You know there's no Purity in what You're doing in terms of that end of the Thing but what you you know the original Idea of YouTube and what it was you know And what it was supposed to you know do For people and it did a lot because it

It gave people access to information and You know freedom of expression and Things like this that you wouldn't see On you know the controlled networks news Networks and you know TV networks and All these other things it gave a freedom Of expression to people independent People to create you know un um censored Content you know not in terms of like You know graphic you know like you know Vience and foreign things but something Like where you know ideas you know Uncensored ideas that would never make It in the mainstream media of course They take those ideas and they turn them Into something else right um you know Like they exploit them and all that Stuff but YouTube's done that and I've Known this for a while like it's been There you know the whole thing where They you know them to right A bunch of Us all came up with this idea of them Tobe when they you know this they Started doing the ad apocalypse thing And they started censoring people and All that and they were creating them Tube you know where it was they were you Know they were bowing before the people Like CNN that nobody want to watch on YouTube you know people came to YouTube Because they didn't want to watch CNN They didn't want to watch MSNBC they Didn't want to watch Fox and all these Other things you know these entities

Right these were non you these and all These people like Will Smith getting YouTube channels and people like that And promoting these people and giving Them you know premium ads and giving Them a different level of uh you know These weren't people that belonged here Because they were you know they were They already had a platform you know They already had you know whatever I Mean they could have channels but they Shouldn't be given special treatment it Wasn't like you know that you know that That's not what it should be about and So um you know it it's gone to the dark Side completely I mean this is what's Happened because there's information That they're they're not sharing with You because if you do the People would leave in droves people Would say all right you know and there Would be just a an exodus from YouTube From creators and you know people Thinking it's going to get better it's Not going to get better because they Don't respect you and they don't you Know they they're almost like you know You're enemy right we're we're a you Know we have a relationship with you Know the enemy which is always what it Was you know it was just that it was Within a reasonable amount of balance Where you know as a cont content Watcher And a content creator I was able to you

Know get stuff from YouTube it was a Positive relationship for me like there Was some balance in the relationship but Now that's not the case right so like I Said I'm you know I have to make a plan I have to figure out what I'm going to Do and where I'm going to go um you know Because you know it's just um it's a Matter of time I said I wanted you know Wait till January and I still want to do That because you know it's going to take Some effort I just don't want to bounce Around and you try a bunch of things and You know ultimately you know whatever it Is right so um but the main thing They're not doing for me is bringing in New people and so you know why why share My you know the people who are doing the Membership YouTube gets 30% of that the Same thing with patreon like they get Too much money and so you know why share It with them when they they're doing Nothing for me really at this point you Know they're what they're doing for me Is just having a platform you know which There's plenty of people have that but They're not you know they're not Promoting my videos they're not you know They're suppressing things and I can't Speak the way I want to there's things I Would say lots of things that I could Say that if I I wasn't on YouTube I Could say them so you know there's Censorship and rest of it you know the

All of it right and they've just gone Over to the Beast you know the way They've uh you know supported you know Have been uh you know promoted fizer and These big you know like they're involved With all the other evil stuff right Because that's what they do they're all Evil these scorp operations you know Their profits before people and all this Stuff and so you know um like I'm at Peace with it I know it's you know I Knew this for a while that my days were Numbered here and now you know like I Said I want to wait through the the Election this coming whatever it is uh But you know it's not um might might be Sooner like I just I'm going to take More time off I'm not really going to Make videos on my other channel I'm Going to try to figure out you know like What platform I I like best and and all Those things and you know and then I'll Just sort of you know wean off this and And start doing more over there and make It a like a paid service or whatever um And people you know if they value my Content they you know they're going to Need to pay for it because you know YouTube isn't going to run ads anymore On it that's you know right now I'm not Making enough money on the ad anyhow so It's probably about 10 or 20% of what it Was and so you know I said 60 or 70% but You know you know factoring all the

Other things I don't know um so that's Just that like you know it's just the Reality of the thing but this is Documentation of them just being sucky And you know being evil like this is Evil and you know explaining the people That created your you know I mean it's There needs to be some gratitude like For and some you know understanding what The customers want because viewers want Independent content and you have Independent content creators that have You know been worked for you for Basically like a you know it's not even Like your employees like they don't give You benefits like YouTube Just does Nothing for you but pays you money for Your your content which is fine I like That relationship but they're not like An employer they you don't have any like Rights as an employee like there's no You human services and there's no they Don't you can't connect with them and You you know only with Bots who you know They just have everything in these um These you know very dry you know policy Of you know written like uh you know uh Like these things that the Bots were Saying to me you know they're not like Real you know stuff you know what I mean It's it's not like it's like you you Connect with a person and they can Explain things to you it's just all Corporate you know um paragraphs of you

Know of uh fa FAQ kind of stuff and There's no you know answers you don't Get answers and like don't there's no Transparency in these things And so you know it just keeps on going Further and further in that direction as They screw over their content creators And their viewers more and more and so It should plummet like it should just be A you know like uh you know it should be Something that's overtaken by and Unfortunately Tik Tock is the one that's Popping and that's not good you know so That's not for us in the truth Community A solution um so anyways like it's just That and it's you know the writings on The wall only spirit uality will save This world it's Bano definely point from The Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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