You are a Nasty Person

You are a Nasty Person

Really I would have the right to by the Way they would decomassified after Not really not that I can think of let Me just tell you I have the absolute Right to do whatever I want with them I Have the right I was negotiating with Narid you know what Nara is the National Archives extremely extremely left group Of people extremely left and I was Negotiating with them all of a sudden They raided my house you knew the Federal government was seeking them and Then had given you a subpoena to return Are you ready are you ready can I talk Yeah what's your answer okay do you mind I would like for you to answer that Question okay it's very simple to answer That's why I asked it it's very simple That you're a nasty person I'll tell you Hahaha This is probably the best part you know I scanned through it most of it kind of Sucked but this is great here [Applause] I was negotiating and we were talking to Nara

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