Why the Beast $ystem and the Truth Community cannot Coexist

Why the Beast $ystem and the Truth Community cannot Coexist

Is when they go into Palestinian Territories is is uh is beyond anything In the world Colonel Camp one of the leading military um Greetings brothers and sisters so it's a Little bit different video I'm going to Do here today just a quick voice over That um usually we go on my other Channel well I'm doing this um Friday Night at uh 11:00 so um I'm uploading a Video right now it might be yellowed on My pcket of future channel so if it's Yellow and it that means Demonetized until it's reviewed I will Put this video up on my pox the future Channel tomorrow which will be Saturday and if it's green I'll put this Up on my uh apocaps now Channel or I Just might who knows what I'll do with It but it'll be somewhere someday in the Next you know few days but I wanted to Do this voice over why I was fresh you Know in my uh there's times where just Ideas flow through me or flow into me About something and you know I've talked About this somewhat in different videos Over the years but never this concise And this um I don't know uh I guess Profound for the truth community and so I wanted to do it while I was you know Like I just received it kind of a thing You know I was talking about the truth On my pox a future Channel couple days Ago how it isn't what I say it is or it

Isn't what you say it is and there's Only one truth like when you get down to Something the truth is always singular Right you hear people talking about my Truth or your truth and you know this The subjective idea of truth but the Truth although there can be layers of The truth and the truth can go to deeper Levels but when you're talking about Outcomes in the material world world Where things can have um various Outcomes right there are various Possibilities and various Choice points Along the path where one choice can like Cause a a save a marriage as opposed to Another choice that causes a divorce Right there are Choice points and those Choice points will ultimately reveal the Truth you know the moment of truth right In any situation and the truth is always One right the truth is whatever that Final outcome is whatever the end of the Story is you know multiple possibilities All folding into one absolute truth at The end of the story and there is an Absolute truth in the truther Community Because what we all come into this thing As everybody who comes onto the internet And looks for an alternative narrative To the official story right that's Everybody every liberal every Conservative every God-fearing person every God-fearing Christian every spiritual person every

Atheist every devil worship or whatever It is right whatever your age group or Your demographic is whatever your you're You know you are as a person your Preferences your Tendencies you're Looking for alternative narratives to What you're given by the official Story By the official power that be right That's what everyone comes into the Truth community looking for maybe just For entertainment maybe just for Haas Maybe just for you know mild curiosity But everyone comes in looking for Something that says something different And explains things in a different way Than the powers that be the media the Politicians the the people who control The official narrative and so whatever Your starting point whatever you are as A person whatever your preferences are And whatever your launching point into The truth Community into alternative Media into um you know what the official Story calls conspiracy theories whatever You start off as whether it's just Watching TV and seeing some you know References in a movie or TV show or just You know looking at some things in the Internet watching the truth or video Here or there whatever your launching Point is wherever you start with Whatever your perception and group that You identify as you know whatever your You know mental

Capacity there is a starting point Different for everybody everybody has a Different starting point some people Have a similar starting point but it's Unique to you right but there's only one End to this thing you there's only a Singularity to it right you know there's Something in the Sark system that the Second master of the system said um Boby Said I want my beginning to be like mine But but my ending to be like his meaning God meaning Divinity within you right That you're you're um you know the Starting point is your ego and the Ending point is the Divinity within you Right so this is you know a singular Truth in the spiritual level which of Course is more profound than things in The truth or Community but when you Start off and you jump into this thing You inevitably find out one thing Everybody finds out this one thing and That is the system is much worse than You thought it was the people running it And the system itself you find out that It's more nefarious it's more Duplicitous it's more evil it's more Like stupid like it's more you know Fragile in terms of it's it's not as Strong as they say it is it's not as Sustainable as they say it is right so Everything that you find out about the System what I call the Beast right is Much worse is profoundly worse than you

Originally thought and the deeper you go Into it the worse it becomes the worse You see the you know the as every aspect Of the system and the more truth or Stuff you watch the worse it gets the More depressed you get and you know You're looking for a solution you're Looking for an Answer and you know the Great Pumpkin I Showed the Great Pumpkin me and I I did With Trump you're looking for some Hopium to say that the syst is going to Be okay but the more you you're you know You're honest with yourself about it the More you look into it you realize it's Not going to be okay it can't be okay Because the system is inherently Evil And when I say evil it goes against the Will of God and the natural order of Things it violates spiritual laws it Violates Divine principles and rules and It needs more of the same right it's a Gas guzzler it's a you know it needs Evil to keep it it to keep it fuel to Keep it going it needs more and more Sacrifices from the people and the Environment to fuel the system right Like there's uh you know efficient System a perpetual motion machine which Is the universe the universe has the Minimum input God had like a singular Thought let it be let it be right let it Let it become whatever it is in terms of Creating the universe it was a singular

Thought and from that uh very subtle Thought the universe is continuously Expanding and growing on a physical Level and on a theorical level and all The creation came from that singular Thought you know and love is most Refined element in the universe love is Subtle and from that subtlety the the Thought behind the Love everything that exists came from That so that's the ultimate in a minimum Input and maximum Output but our system are material System the output is decreasing and the Input is increasing right the input that Needs to feed the beast is increasing And so when you understand this when you Get to this point when you realize this You know that the system can't be saved And shouldn't be saved and then how you Deal with that right because if you were Really a truther you would say all right I'm going to pray for or work Towards doing something to help this System collapse right the system is the Enemy the system is the malevolent Force The system is the you know the villain And you would do whatever you could to Bring the system down you would do Whatever you could to um you know at Least pray for or hope for the system Coming down and pray to God saying you Know let's relieve us of this burden but Then becomes the other truth that you're

100% dependent on this system and there Are things that you like about it there Are things that you love about things You need in the system things you don't Want to give up privileges that you have That you can't think about even existing Without them and then you realize that The system's evil and you're dependent On it and you don't want it to go you Don't want it to end and most people are Very uncomfortable with that most people You know can't really deal with that and So that's why most people end up not Being truthers I mean they fail the Truther test right whatever this thing That you know this truther thing is Because you don't come up with the right Solution you don't come with up with the Right answer which is the system has to Go and that's why there aren't very many Real truthers and I'm not one of them Like I'm not doing anything to make the System collapse I believe it's going to Collapse on its own so I guess in that Sense I'm a truther I'm allowing it the Natural order of things to flow I'm not Praying for it to prevent it or Something I'm not working against it I'm Not trying to save the system so in Terms of that I guess you know you could Say one one way or the other I don't Know you know whether I'm a truth or not It's um it's hard to say because I've Accepted what's there and I'm you know

I'll be grateful for when it uh Collapses but I'm grateful for it you Know having it still go like I'm Grateful for the material aspect of it And all the things that you know are Providing for us and keeping us from the Chaos that's going to be a Post-apocalyptic systemic collapse and I've accepted something that most of you Haven't which is that our existence as Truthers we are enemies of the system And the system is right to come after us Anybody who is posting alternative Narratives because the truth is like Kryptonite to the system and so if You're speaking truth on the internet And more and more people are becoming Aware of the truth we're ultimately Collapsing the system through by not Going along with the lies right not Going along with the deception we're not Working to solve the system or correct The system that can't be done and so all We're doing is bringing people's Awareness to what's happening out there And if everybody woke up and saw through The illusion I mean just cash alone if Everyone realized cash was worthless I Me if everyone realized everything that You know basic truthers know the system Couldn't couldn't sustain that right the System needs everybody to or needs the Majority of people to buy into the Illusion that's why it's never been my

Goal to wake everybody up because There's no backup plan there's no system In place and it would take a long time Before people would be able to come Together and form some sort of a Cooperative Divi divinely based system It's not going to happen like this System collapses and we just create a Better system because most people would Never agree to the sacrifices and the Selflessness because people are so Selfish you know that's the other Problem you can be a truther but you Also can be a selfish prick right you Can be a truther in fact more often than Not truthers are selfish and Self-involved and irritable and you know Are depressed or dark or whatever Negative or whatever it is and so just Because you know the truth doesn't mean You're a good citizen and you could Exist in a better system that you could Be a Cooperative member of a better System if you know anything about Intentional communities and communes and Things that people uh put together to Have some idealistic Utopia the things Always go south because people are Really sucky right now and haven't been Trained for Utopia there is nobody out There who was born and trained to be in A utopian society and could function in One because we're all you know we're all Creatures of the Beast we're all

Children of the Beast we've all been Trained to live in the Beast and whether That training is completely taken you Know we we've uh you know it's it's Taken root in us even if you know it's Only partially taken root in us we Haven't been trained for anything else So we might not fit into the Beast we Might not like the Beast we not might Not want to be Children of the beast but We certainly aren't children of Utopia We're not uh children of Shang Shang Shanga right we're not any of these Things and so this idea was triggered by A few things I had a really great Meditation for SATs on I mean a we have Friday night sitting when the previous Masters of the system were alive there Was always a Friday night at 900 p.m. Sitting of the sjar meditation that I do And when KES Patel the current Master of The system cor got Corrupted and you know destroyed what he Created this this um parasitic Organization called heartfulness you Know which I covered extensively on the In the journey series when he um when he Did this he um you know I'm going to Include this also in the journey series But when he did this he Um he's I don't know what he was doing With the nine Friday at9 sitting and There was um now internet uh ways of Getting uh these sittings these

Individual meditations which you said And uh one of the preceptors cleans and Transmits to you cleans your heart and Transmits to you But every Friday night at 9:00 p.m. in The past it was done by the masters of The system wherever you were in the World if you meditated on Friday night At 9: you would get a a sitting for a Half hour and I started doing it again I Don't know about 6 eight months ago and It's been great and I just had a sitting My wife and I were sitting and I was Able to have just a I would say a long Period of time like maybe a good 5 Minutes or more where it was completely Thoughtless and you know I came in Minute out of this where I didn't have Any thoughts just sitting there Meditating with no thoughts which you Know is very uh restful and so this Inspiration came from that and the same Time I came out and one of my friends on Instag or whatever you call it on Instore um sent me a link to a Jimmy Door uh Video um it was about RFK Jr which you Know he interviewed RFK Jr and the title Video was RFK Jr saber rattles with Russia China Iran over oil and he was Talking about how disappointed he was Because RFK Jr gets so many things right And again this guy interviewed him but He was saying things that were you know

Go against his belief system and the Belief system of the truth community and Basically saying we had to strategize to Um create you know this do the oil thing That we've been doing for so long just You know typical stuff right and this is What I said about RFK all along that he Couldn't save the country if he was made President he would have to be corrupted Or owned or something or killed or Whatever it was like it just because the System can't be saved and you know it be Nice to see a truther run for president And be in the debates and hear some of These narratives and so I was looking Forward to that but I knew that he Couldn't fix the system because the System can't be fixed right and Jimmy Door was struggling with this because You know whatever level he's on you know He was it was interesting you know it's Good video for what it is you know for The level that it's on but Jimmy door Was saying that um you know all these Wars that we had and all this stuff that Happened with Iran and all these things Are happening now are all for oil you Know and the Petro dollar and to some Extent there's there's truth in that but It's not the real re the real reason is This is an evil empire and it has to Feed on evil in one capacity or another Certainly yeah oil is important and I Don't know Gold's important and you know

The um intention you know in terms of uh You know getting eyeballs to watch your Content you know these things are all Important but the really important thing Is that everybody realize that you have To do negative things I mean this is What happens to people when they go into Politics where they get a position of Power that you have to contribute to the Evil you have to feed the system evil And a lot of that deception and lies and You have to force feed these lies and Deceptions to the the public and either They accept them because they're not Curious and they're kind of you know Dead inside they're zombies or Ghouls And they just accept the lies or you Have to make them accept the lies and Whether someone got to RFK Jr and Threatened him or he had this Epiphany Himself but when he fired Dennis kinich And he hired his daughter-in-law his Weird son's wife who you know wrote a Book and worked for the wrote a book About and worked for the CIA and he had Said the CIA had killed both his uncle And his father and he you know I mean All of it and he seems to have caved Well because there was no pathway for Him to save the country there's no Pathway for him to become president and A president can't save the country and You know the president isn't the most Powerful person in America

Far from it and so none of these things Were real and so when RFK Jr went around To the truth community did all these Interviews you know I said give him a Shot because you have to if a real Truther ran for president we should all Vote for him or her or whatever we Should all vote for that person just Because it's a right thing to do that's What I said about RFK Jr it's the right Thing to vote for a truther but they Ain't saving right they're not Going to save the system it's not that They're going to save the system But you know they're they're saying the Right things and they have the right Intentions and you know they're doing Whatever they can do but you'll you'll Always see this no matter what start What a movement starts off as whether it Be communism whether it be capitalism Whether it be you know anything any Movement now to um to change the system Any political party any you know any uh Businesses any you know new movement in The economic world it's always going to Get corrupted it's always going to have To turn to the dark side because we're The evil empire right we're not we're Not the rebels we're the you know we're Darth Vader right we're we're the Empire And God is not with us right we're not With God we're not align we have not Aligned ourselves our system isn't align

With God and so it has to go and it h It's hurting all of us but we're Dependent on it and just you know being Able to be comfortable with that being Able to accept that right that the System that you know there's things that You love about it and there's things That you think you can't live without And maybe you can you know when the System collapses or whatever you know Whatever happens with the system whether It's a long collapse or it's a you know Immediate collapse a lot of people are Just going to die like they're just not Going to be able to deal with it they Won't make the transition from what's Available now in terms of Lifestyle in Terms of all of it right I mean you're Going to have this moment like you're Going to look at the news screen and You're going to see mushroom clouds on Your TV or you're going to see you know Media or hdden heading for earth or you Know whatever it is World War whatever It is and you're going to look at it and You're going to see the dollar just Collapses right and you're going to um Go to the grocery store and you're going To hold the loaf of bread and it's going To say it's $100 for the loaf of bread And you know you don't have a job Because there's no everything's closed You whatever or people are just Sal And you're going to have this moment

Where you're like oh it's over you know The system's dead and you know there's a Moment you're already probably had you Know I had it in 2005 when I first Realized the big event in 2001 was a Hoax or was a you know inside whatever It was right inside job or whatever and That we'd been lied to in a profound way And many of you had this thing with Either the pizza thing or the other Thing or the school thing or the Economic thing or the election thing or The or the um the you know the coid Thing right you've had your Epiphany Where you realize and you feel kind of Like weird about it like you no longer You know some part of you no longer can Trust the system ever again and you Realize these people running the system Don't care about you and you know There's no there's no um it's not good Or fair and there's no due process or Whatever And you know you can be sacrificed like So many other people because they're Just killing people all the time like The system itself is just devouring People and and worse than that it sucks The life at it people it doesn't kill Them it just sucks everything good at of Them and turns them into to vampires and Then they're out sucking blood Themselves sucking resources right they Turn them into Ghouls and zombies and

Vampires and so those are the undead Right the people are still alive but Inside dead and all everything that's Good is dead and they have no you know Connection to their soul and they're Just wandering around lost and you know Irredeemable but you've already had that Moment you had that moment where you you Know kind of wake up and you realize you Know you might have had several of those Moments and you know for about two weeks I was like I don't want to say freaked Out but I was Unsettled you know I was uh shook you Know I was like you know and I knew These things I known some of these Things but then I got a kind of Comprehensive you know I'm dyslexic we See the whole thing like the whole Picture other people put together pieces And they organize things through the Parts where dyslexics see the whole Thing and so I saw the whole thing and I Was like wow this is you know this is Messed up right and there'll be another Big Epiphany another big slap in the Face of reality when the system goes to Such an extent where you know you no Longer can depend on it that you can no Longer depend on Money or food being in the grocery store Or gas being in the car or any of these Things or the police to defend you from You know thugs or whatever is out there

That you no longer can count on the System the Beast to protect you or feed You or provide water for you or any of These things health care or you know Goods and services you can't go to the Computer and order something from Amazon Or go down to Walmart or whatever it is You might be able to do that for a while But but you know that those days are Numbered I mean they're numbered right Now and when that goes when we all you Know see that you know meteor SC coming Across the sky or we hear all these Nuclear bombs going off you know 100 so Miles from us or whatever it is you know Where we're out of the the range of the You know the detona detonation but we're Still going to get a radioactive dose or Or just you know the system is going to Be taken down right and so when we have Those moments when when big things start Happening To indicate that it's over and or does MTH die off for some reason and we Realize that you know that's it you know Whatever we were trained to be as a part Of the Beast the Beast is no longer here And we better figure out something new a New system a new way of being we better Build community we better develop our Skills we better learn to do things or We're not going to survive we better you Know change our orientation from being a Consumer and a selfish uh prick you know

To being a more of a a communal person That's willing to sacrifice for the good Of the group and all of it right you Know but very few truthers are willing To throw themselves on the sword and you Know for this cause because of all these Things I've said it's Purposeless because the system isn't Worth saving and so there's no reason to Broadcast the truth because you know Most people don't want to hear it and The system will collapse when it Collapses and when it does you have to Do something else but if you're still Waiting for the Great Pumpkin right um If you're still you know waiting you Know sucking off your hopium pipe and Waiting for the Great Pumpkin to come And save you it ain't happening right it Isn't happening even you know if you're Christians what do you think the Book of Revelations is about I don't know how Much truth is in the Book of Revelations There's at least some truth in times What do you think is going to happen Right I mean you're going to think that Some God's going to blow his bugle in Your soul is going to leave the Earth Well maybe you know that's one way of Looking at it but you know that means Death and that What's Left Behind is Going to be you know I mean if you Believe in your Bible if you believe in The you know whatever that is right the

Book of Revelation then you know that There's no solving this thing I mean It's already predicted and it's you know It's pretty Savage and every you know Religious group every spiritual Organization has Prophecies of these Things CU it's happened before right There has been uh extinction level Events that have happened before and It's been documented it's been Discovered by science and archaeologists And things there was massive Civilizations that are now at the bottom Of the ocean you know the when the ice Age happens or the ice age when the the Polar ice cops melt when there's an Ice Age A lot of the water is absorbed by The glaciers and that means means all These continents that are now under the All these land masses shallow land Masses like there used to be a land Bridge from Florida to South America you Know a massive land bridge that was Almost the continent in itself because There was less water the water was now In form of ice and it was at the you Know the polar ice caps but when that Melts all that you know all those Civilizations go underwater and it can Happen relatively quickly right the Water level is rising and you know You're like oh what's up you know and The polar ice CS are melting and your Your civilization is you got Beast front

Property in a lowline area like Florida And all of a sudden Florida's under the Ocean and you know it's maybe there's Some islands here or there but the Majority it's under the ocean these Things happen all the time and so you Know there's there's cyclical things and Then there's you know cataclysms that Happen and then there's Wars and Diseases and and things that just you Know people get weak and and stupid like They are now the young people and you Know people just get weaker and weaker And they enter into idiocracy and the System collapses but this has happened Over and over again civilizations Collapse it's nothing new and are Certainly if if you look at all the Signs it's ready to go and when it does Collapse then you got to think about Well everything that you you know your Goals and you aspire to do and be the System no longer matters your job more Or less is probably going to be Disappear you're not going to do your Job again or you won't do it in the Capacity you used to do it there's going To be no Fame there's going to be no Wealth there's going to be you know Nothing to Aspire to no you know Leisure Time no vacations no flying to these Countries no going on a cruise no going To Disney World none of these things Right things that you aspire to do

They're all going to disappear with it All your go goals and hopes and dreams And desires and then you have to go Change your orientation to the world why Do you exist then you your selfish Egotistical pride and your things that You want to accomplish and things that Were important to you now you have to You know give up on all those things and Work for the greater good of your Community and your village and work Together to feed everybody and make sure The kids survive and you know create new Cultures and new you know governments And things that are based in divine laws And divine principles and more than Anything else you need to connect to God Internally and ultimately prepare for Your exit from this world and to you Know connect to your soul and your Soul's path which was you know robbed From you at an early age when you were Indoctrinated to this materialistic System that wants you to forget that you Know there's a soul inside of you that Has its Divine Purpose and it helps your Ego hijack that purpose purpose and live You know live a an egotistical life and Not the life your soul designed for you Not your Soul's plan and so those are The things that you know every truther Should come in terms with at some point Or another and then start working Towards that that's what pockets of the

Future are start working for what the Future's going to be like figure out What the future's going to be and start Preparing yourself for that future Because there's not going to be a a Smooth transition between the collapse Of this system and the beginning of the New one anyways you know just a few Thoughts greetings okay so I had a few More Thoughts um I was just going to post the Voiceover I did last night and that's More of a you know uh I don't want to Say philosophical but uh this part is More Practical and so the truth community in Our present system can't exist right Right now you could have a system That might be you know just um there's Some level of improvement that could Happen and having what we now see as a Truth Community would help the system Regain some perspective and you know Write write the ship so to speak right There are systems you could have that Are Divine in nature they're you know Based in natural Order of Things And they're aligned with Divine Principles and they get off track just Like people get off track and what we Now know about the truth Community would You know what we now know as the truth Community would would sort of write the Ship write some sort of movement that

Would point out some of the things that You know have gone Aai and weed out some of the corruption And weed out some of the you know Negativity and then the system would go Back to being normal but but when you're Really a truther when you dive deep into What the abyss of uh of depravity of our Current system you realize that the Fundamental building blocks of the System the basis of the system you know The essence of the system the soul of The system is demonic and corrupt and You can't fix something like that you Know the idea of a deep State this is Something that appealed to all these you Know remedial right-wing truthers and Now the trumpers you know the cubes Using the term the Deep state it made it Like the rest of the system was good you Had this cancerous element that was Mostly Democrats you know left leaning People and a few Republicans and you know part of the Intelligence Community but the rest of It fine if you got rid of that cancer The system would be what it always was Intended to be which was you know pure And you know Liberty and all the things You learned about school and all the you Know the Patriotic things but when you Look into it and you see the what Happened with the Native Americans and Then the slavery and then you know just

The oppression and the evil and the you Know Freemasons and the lies and the Deceptions and all these things that the System has always been rooted in evil Right it hasn't ever been a pure good Godly system and people in general want To feel good about themselves and want To see as good people and so when they Learn that the system that they're 100% Dependent on and you know they enjoy Many parts of that system is Evil and you know it's hurt people and It's hurting the world it's hurting the Environment it's hurting the other Creatures and you know everything it's Uh you know it's uh parasitic and it's Um uh you know resource heavy and it you Know just uh it's it's not sustainable Or giving or you know um uh symbiotic With the natural environment and the Divine laws it's just something that's Uh you know Abomination they can't handle that right You can't you can't handle that most People can't handle that and if you Follow the clues you follow the the path The truth that's what you land on that The system is an evil empire and it can Never be made good you know it has to do With the debt-based Usery system as much As anything else but it's all of it and So if you had a truther candidate let's Say it was Kennedy you know Kennedy had The potential to be a truther candidate

Because he knew the narratives and he Was on the right side of a lot of issues And if you elected a truther candidate They would inevitably let you down Because the system and the truth cannot Coexist either the system has to Collapse Or something else right it's the truth Element has to be Eradicated has to be stomped out has to Be pushed back because the truth is Kryptonite like I've said over and over Again to the beastly system and so let's Say this truther candidate you know Kennedy or anybody else was legitimate Truther and stuck To his uh Ideals and was going to be a of true Truther president and there's like four Ways this could go but let's say It goes the way which would be Impossible that he doesn't get killed And we'll talk about the other ways here The truther candy doesn't get killed Doesn't get compromised and be stays a Truther and just brings truth into the System and just tells the truth and is Able to change the political environment And the government and all the things to Accommodate the truth and won't do the Things that the system needs the President to do do to keep on going Right he just does honest things doesn't Get into bogus Wars and doesn't exploit

Other countries and doesn't you know Dissolves the military-industrial Complex the you know that keeping America float doesn't increase the debt Like all the things that you know to be Wrong he does the opposite he stops Doing the wrong things the system would Collapse right it can't it can't sustain That right it can't sustain Right behaviors and good behaviors and The system would Collapse and we would be an AP Apocalyptic situation and you'd be like Oh that sucked why' you do that dude Like I would be mad at the person Because truth would bring the end to the System and so that would be best case Scenario that would be like the person Was able to do what you elected the Person to and bring truth or principles Like do the things that um you know the The stuff that's going on with Israel Has to happen you know Israel has to for Its own Survival do what it's doing and America through its um you know Connections to Israel has to back Israel You know these are just like you know What's going on when the Ukraine war had To happen whatever these things are You're like yeah they're evil they're Wrong and they're deceptive yeah but These are the things that keep the petol Dollar going or keep the you know Whatever they're doing these things for

Is to keep the system going you know Sometimes it's to loot the system more Sometimes it's for their own you know uh Cash grab all these things but those Things of themselves keep the system Going right and so the other options is The candidate gets compromised they Threaten his family or the candidate Realizes what I'm telling you that if They execute the truth or principles and They do the right thing and they bring You know honesty and decency to to the Presidency it would make the system Collapse and everyone would be freaked Out you know it' be it would be Mad Max Apocalyptic you know postapocalyptic Situation so the person just caves to The corruption because they have no Choice either they're threatened or they Just realize that they can't do what They intended to do like they they're Shown what I'm telling you they get Pulled into some room and they go look If you do what you're doing now this is What's going to happen right the systems Uh you know about to Crater anyway and So if you bring truth into it if you Don't do these evil things the system Will collapse the whole system not just America the whole Global you know Economic system and this will be Mass Starvation and you know conflict and you Know just a complete breakdown of Society and the person's like okay I

Guess I'm going to have to do what he's Told me to do right so they get Compromised and that's you know the most Likely situation the other situation They're killed or they're you know They're um they don't have to be killed They could just be um maligned in such a Way the way Trump is being maligned and Not that Trump was a truth or Trump is Good but this is what they would do just Constantly attack the person through the Media and through you know legal Organizations and just harass the person And and not allow them to to do anything And use them as a you know as a like a Fall Guy like as a a straw man to push Through all these other things and Completely dut them and disempower them Or just out out kill them or whatever so Those are the options right like the System can't allow truth to come into it Uh you know whether it's you know the Richest man in the world gets the Conscience or it's some politician or Some star or athlete somebody coming out And telling the truth on that level There has to be either they have to Destroy the person's character they have To you know kill the per whatever it is Like truth in the system can't coex Exist I've talked about this before I'm Going to go through it again because you Know things have to be repeated over and Over again because you're told the same

Lies over and over again and you know People either don't or won't understand This they can't or they won't but the User based system it's talked about in The Bible the debt-based system right They knew about these scams 3,000 years Ago it's in the Old Testament of the Bible and they said you know they knew What happened at the end of them They always collapse for the same reason Because debt is not worth anything and What's good about the debt based system A Usery system is it gives you the Reward it gives you money in terms of The form of loan it gives you value Before you've done the work right so if You had a like a a proper economy a Economy based in reality based in the The scientific and the spiritual law Laws you have to do the work first right You have to grow crops you have to do The work you have to you have to clear The field you have to plow the field you Have to um you know fertilize and uh you Know give the nutrition to the crops you Have to harvest the crops and then you Have to process the you know whatever it Is turn it from uh you know from the Harvested wheat to having the wheat Beres be you know separated you have to Separate the the you know the The crop from the shaft or what they Call it right you have to you know take The the valuable stuff away from the you

Know like you have to take the corn off The cob or you have to do whatever right You have to find some way to do all that And you have to do it by hand because You're you know you have whatever tools You have but you don't have hundreds of Thousands of dollars worth of equipment Millions of dollars worth of farm Equipment some of these Farm you know Some of the tractors and things that you Do to to do all this that do this for You Cost millions of dollars so you know if You're not going to have slaves and you Can't afford machines you have your Family you have whatever physical work You can do or a community of people Working together and you bring in all These crops and then you have to sell The crops and there's the business end Of them or you have to trade them for Something else so now you have something Of value you have food you've grown food You know if you ever watch that show Gold Rush you see how hard it is to Bring in gold what miners had to do you Know there's uh they use they have Bulldozers and back hos that cost over a Million dollars these monstrous machines Right D12 bulldozers you know they have To rip the The Frozen Ground and get to The the pay layer they have to take off Sometimes 60 feet of O overburden to get To the pay layer right to get to the

Gold and so you know anything that you Do like that takes money I mean it takes Resources it takes work and things like This so if you're given a loan and You're able to get all the equipment and You're able to you know um I mean you Just have some level of uh you know Support in that way you're able to get a Lot more gold you can get thousands of Ounces as opposed to some guy going to a Creek and panning for gold right and Going to a creek that might be there Might be a piece of is a gold they're Running down from some gold Rich part or You you know you have to go to a Mountain and use Dynamite to you know Create a you know tunnels and things Into the mountain to find gold uh and uh You know these um what they call veins Of gold embedded into the Rock in the Mountain right and so whatever it is Like you want to get diamonds you want To get you know either takes effort and Work to get these things that have value And then you have to sell them then you Have to find a market for them or you Have to trade them and that's very Tedious and you can become a rich person If you work hard you get lucky and you Know you um you know you're whatever it Is right you then you can get employees And then you start building your Business and now you have you know as a Farmer you get more and more lands and

You get people working the lands and You're growing more and more uh food and Eventually farm equipment and things Like this but you have to Work hard and do something to create the Value before you start you know re Reaching that level but with a Debt-based economic system you can Borrow money you can get a loan and then Buy all the things you need to make the Business big right off the bat right Especially rich people that's what They're able to do right but what Happens is they create this money out of Nothing they create value out of nothing The bank doesn't have money the bank has You know limit of amounts of funds and They just give you a loan anyway and Money they don't have and a promise from You that you're going to make good at it And a promise from the bank that if you Don't that they'll back them the loan And the and the promise from the Insurance company that if the you know The person the the borrower of the money And the bank the lender both default That there would be uh Insurance it Would be insured right and so it's Imaginary wealth and it makes the Economy grow faster because you get the Wealth up front you get the input you Can you get the resources you can buy The resources to to to build a big Business and you can buy a house you can

Buy a car you can buy things you can't Afford based in you know this idea that You're going to work it off right but Eventually what happens is because There's interest Involved the the amount of the loan the Amount of the debt-based money that's Being created you know this promise but To pay money because now they're just Printing money with no go to back it Right it used to be like all right we Have uh this much gold and we can print This much money based in the idea that Your your money is backed by gold right And that's no longer the case on a Worldwide currency now it's going to a Digital currency where it's not even a Physical piece of paper that you hold Right it's just exist in some cyber World which can easily be wiped out These cryptocurrencies you know these it Can easily just be removed right erased All this stuff that you think you have Can just easily be erased or stolen Digitally just removed from your account And your account can be closed now your Bank account they can just take all your Money if you have savings or whatever And so it's all just imaginary right you You have the illusion of wealth you Could have a billion dollars of stocks And they all lose their value the stock Market collapses and that billion Dollars just disappears and so

That's the user based debt-based economy And so because of the the fact that the Loan plus the interest because there's a Sorcerer's fee for Conjuring up this Invisible money because of that that you Have the amount of the loan plus you Have to pay off the the Interest that the amount of the loan and The interest is always more than the Value of the money that's being created And so that means the debt is just going To grow it's going to increase right and Then you're going to have things like The credit TOA swaps which now makes up About 600 to 700 trillion doll and then There's another $300 trillion of of debt Whether it's um national debt or the Debt of uh you know the Social Security Of Medicare and these other things Personal debt credit card death so There's about a trillion dollars in um Not I'm sorry a quadrillion dollars in Overall all debt just for America and The credit TOA swaps is people betting Against these loans it started with the Um the subprime mortgages betting Against people being able to pay their Loans betting that people would lose Their houses betting that these houses Would be Foreclosed and it has no value there's Nothing other than you betting against These you you taking a short position on These um subprime mortgages that were

Packaged and you know they were doomed To fail they were bad terms and people Were buying things they couldn't afford And all these things and they were just Sending out these loans and the you know Some of these guys figured it out if you Watch the the movies um The Big Short And Mar Margin Call you had these people Are just betting against you know Homeowners right and people who are Going to lose their houses and these Things And that's you know another level of Depravity and you know whatever but in The debt based system the debt just Keeps on growing it's just an overall Promise of IUS credit card debt Mortgages businesses you know Everything's I you have all these major Companies and they're not making any Money they're in the black they're not I'm sorry they're in the red they're Never making any money and so to keep The illusion going they have to make the Economies grow so it look like you know It's a you know like the Greyhound dog Chasing the rabbit it makes it look like Someday the economy is going to catch up With a debt and the debt would be paid Off but debt is now wealth debt is being Traded back and forth in various forms As wealth right which is it's a demonic You know aspect something that is an IOU That's actually a liability is being

Traded like it has value and so because Of that the the economy needs to grow And they need consumers to constantly be Consuming and there has to be just a Materialistic view of the world that's Where the Kardashian stuff comes in That's where the you know the bling of Rappers and athletes and you know all These materialistic uh the Lifestyles of The Rich and Famous where everybody Wants more and more wants better and It's a you know it's um a status symbol To have money to have a fancy car and Fancy house and all the things that go With it and so that turns you away from The path of your soul because you become A consumer you become someone who's just Focused on gluttony and getting as much As you can and so that changes the the Morality of humanity who are no longer Connected to God or nature or their Family or Community they're all Competing to be the richest person on The Block and to be wealthy and famous So this is why the system is evil and it Goes in an evil Direction and The Debt Keeps on growing till ultimately it Collapses and this is a known everyone Knows uh who knows about this and looks Into it or you lived through it in past History from a Divine perspective this Is how these Usery systems collapse the Collapse of morality people lose their Moral compass they lose their integrity

They lose their their values families Collapse and you know Hedonism sets in And demonic behaviors that go with it And you know more and more I mean Because when you everything's based in Material gratification and sensory Stimulation everyone knows how that goes It's like a drug addict you start off With gateway drugs and then you move to More and more strong drugs right the Same with depravity you start off with Some some uh mild levels of Hedonism and Drug use and you know things like that And and then you get into more deviant Sexual behaviors and more hardcore drugs And you know this is all the rich people These rich people have horrific lives With no you know Integrity no ethics no Morals no uh no you know morality and so This is where the debt based system Leads leads you away from your family it Leaves you away from the god that Resides inside of you leaves you away From your your you your human common Sense and things it takes you down you Know it's like the the island of the Last boys where where or um in Pinocchio Where they all turn into donkeys because Of the hedonistic Behavior right you Have to balance the the pursuit of Pleasure with with miseries and pain and Hard work and things like this Everything has to be balanced out and so The issue becomes everyone gets

Dependent on the system when it becomes A global system like it is if it's just A little scam a little flimflam scam That people are running they can you Know absorb it and send people to jail And the you know the debt thing you know Scam goes away a Ponzi scheme a a Pyramid scheme you know people lose Their money and some people get hurt but Doesn't affect the overall you know the Overall Global uh cultures and societies But when the the whole system is based In economic debt and Usery system a Debt-based system then everyone becomes Dependent on it and so it's too big to Fail because if the system collapses Everyone suffers and many people die and The whole system is being propped up by The debt and if you collapse a system There's no armies there's no police There's no manufacturing there's no Goods and services there's no roads There's no Infrastructure all of it collapses There's nothing pay for all the things That keep Society going it's based in Having money to pay people to do the Jobs to keep the society turning away But it has no choice to collapse because It's dead and it's a lie and it's an Illusion and it's fake and it's false And that's where we are now it has to Collapse but none of us want it to and None of us you know most people can't

Survive the collapse and you know there We are right in the truth Community That's what you figure out you figure That what I just said out that the System has to collapse because it's evil In its orientation and nature but if it Does collapse we're all screwed on a Material Level so you keep playing along Right you keep doing your part in the System this demonic system because That's all you can do and then when it Collapses you deal with it you can Prepare for the collapse now but you Know that's about all and preparing for It is you know doing what you can and Using the resources you can gather to Set up a a situation where you can grow Your own food and you have community and You can you know connect to whatever the Divinity within you the you know Whatever's being blocked inside yourself Right you know Master chargie the third Master of the Sark system said you know Wealthy people can't pray because if Wealthy people started to pray and Started to meditate and connect to God They would see that they could help People with their money and they would Feel bad about it like if they didn't You know if they took their guard down They took their you know their position Down people who are hoarding wealth Billions of Mill you know trillions of Dollars of wealth if they opened up and

They connect to God they would see and Feel the misery of suffering humanity And they would have to give up their Money right they're hoarding resources That could solve the problem and so you Know this is humanity in a nutshell Because most people don't want to Connect with the Divinity within them Because they would see that they have to Be better and do different things they Would have to give up things and they Would have to sacrifice things and they Would have to change to who they are and People don't want that like deep down They they want to just pretend they they Want to pretend that the system is good They want to pretend that they're good They want to pretend that everything is Okay and okey Dory they want to ignore All the things I just said about the the Debt based system and all these things And so you know everything that I've Said is the reason why you see these um Eyes wide shot elements you know the Hunger Games the the elite people in The Hunger Games and people in general and You see stuff like the Kardashians and The the housewi of Beverly Hills and These rich people and these you know They're all horrible people that are Into demonic Twisted things because That's where it leads right that's when You you when you get away from God and You get away from your family then

Morality breaks down when you stop being What a natural person is and you just Become a Hedonistic uh you know a a creature That's looking for more and more Pleasure that's just pursuing pleasure At all costs right the the right to purs To pursue happiness it's even written in Our constitution happiness is an Illusion and you know hard work and Difficulties and miseries are part of Life and they're the things you triumph Over right when people hear stories like If you go watch a episode of Shark Tank You have these entrepreneurs that come In they always have a heart you you know Some sort of a a heartbreaking story oh I had my wife has cancer you know I lost My you know brother in the military some Kind of like this right there's always Some backstory of miseries and you know The things that they had to endure to Get to where they are in terms of the The company they're developing there's Always something like that right you Know those that's what makes the story Good like when you read a story you Watch a movie it's the conflict and the Problems that the person has to solve That makes it interesting but we get Away from that people just want pleasure At all costs without pain without work Without you know without uh TR trials And tribulations and things and for that

Reason you know and all the other Reasons I've stated the system is Unnatural and it's demonic and it Eventually has to go and this is why I Said that when Kennedy was running and It looked like he was a you know he was A truther and to some extent he still is Like he's I don't know I haven't Listened to his other stuff but he's you Know now disappointing people like I Talked about the video I just watched And this guy who interviewed him and you Know he disappointed in him right people Are disappointed in him but that was Inevitable like I knew that you know I Said you know we should support him Because he's verbalizing the truth or Narratives and that's just the right Thing to do whatever supporting them it Meant right you know we should be in Favor of a truther candidate just Because we know it to be the truth but That doesn't mean it's going to be a Happy ending and the person's going to Change anything because the system can't Be changed inevitably the he was going To disappoint us even if he did all the Things he promised because then the System would collapse right but he's Making promises he couldn't you know he Couldn't fulfill I mean I told you that Like you know in the beginning I said You he's talking about the truth or Narratives in a in a way we've never

Heard a candidate do it it's kind of Interesting it's nice to hear and it'd Be interesting to hear it on a national Stage and things were happening there Was already like a you know there was a A hearing on censorship and all these Things right it was starting to happen But the truth Community can never be Allowed to exist or you know Proliferate and keep the system and so As truthers you have to make a choice do You want to you know pursue the truth or You want to make the truth available to People knowing that either you have to Fail or have to be censored or have to Be shut down or you're going to be Successful and the system is going to Collapse because of the truth you know It's like the truth serum but in the Opposite way right where it kills the Host which is you know I mean the lies That are propping up this system our System now exists on illusion and and Lies and deception and without those Things it can't exist and the perception The false perception of the masses that The system is good and the system is uh You know strong and the system is Sustainable is what keeps it coing and When you remove the lies then it just Becomes a a corpse like you you know we Have a corpse of a debbas system that's Being propped up like we weaken at Beres By the evildoers that are feeding it

Large amounts of Resources and you know deception and Things like this that are being uh Marketed to the masses to keep the System propped up and keep it from doing What it should have done years ago and Just collapse and so my way of going About it personally and what I do here Is that the biggest thing that needs to Happen is people have to connect to the Divinity within them because that's Going to be important to build a proper System after the collapse of this one And it's what's been prevented that We're disconnected from our soul and our Soul's path and I've just given you the Reasons why the system has to do that And so you have to reclaim the Divinity Within you and you have to find your Purpose in your Soul's path your Spiritual purpose and move forward with That and then you become a change agent And somebody that can work through the Transition of a collapse of the system And then build something better on the Other side like that's you know to be The solution we can't fix or save the System but we can prepare ourselves and Future versions of ourselves and other People help other people and come Together to do something to correct What's happened because when the system Collapses people are going to have to Know why they're going to have to know

Everything I've just said that the System was evil and you know this is why You don't do user based systems this is Why you don't create a system That's Goes against the will of God and you Don't create a go global system and make Everybody dependent on it and so the Outcome of this whether it be nuclear War whatever happens I mean that's part Of it whatever these things that make This system CSE and we just have to you Know allow them to happen and they're Going to happen and we're rushing into It and it's for the the good of all Right and you know whether you know You're able to survive this or not Future versions of yourself will have a Better opportunity to live in a more Natural way inhering to the your Spiritual path and you know the goals Your spiritual goals and things that are You know that are the true purpose of Your existence your Soul's reason for Your life right not your ego's reason of Hedonism and pleasure and you know Self-fulfillment and all these things That's why I say you know your feelings Don't matter you're like not your your Feelings your heart-based feelings but Your emotions that are in your gut your Your ego being bruised don't matter your Ego being you know insulted or offended All this stuff oh I'm offended you all The things that happen now in this

Snowflake Society you know that stuff Matters right you're ego is a nuisance Is a problem it is you know uh it is a Potential demon that goes against the World the will of God and thwarts your Soul's path and your your Soul's uh you Know your Soul's purpose your your Bodily purpose that your soul has Created your body for and your physical Life and so we have to get back on track Which you can start doing now you know Of course I have the the um gratefulness Meditation that's free and you know it's Comprehensive that it's all contained in A YouTube channel it has the Transmission and cleaning from the Sark System that are there to help people Connect to God and people have to work At it you have to meditate you have to Pursue it you have to you know embark on Your spiritual journey again and then You know read the literature and do the Things that you need to do to to Understand you know all the things that I've been saying here and then you know Get the skills that we've lost that will Help people you you know in the future Grow food and do the things we need to Do build houses live in community live In a village based Community restore the Family learn to be more you know uh Focused on other people and and sacrific For the collective good and be more Selfless and all these other things

Develop these character qualities that Will help you be a you know a valued Part of a future society and world That's not based in debt and and Hedonism that's based in Divinity and Natural living and so these are the Things you can do like you can change Yourself you can prepare yourself and You know and through your through your Work prepare other people and accept the You know inevitable end of our system And be willing to build something better On the other side of the Apocalypse you Know it's fairly simple um but you know It's scary for people and overwhelming So you know there's that only spiritual Will save this world it's Pano Definitely appointing from the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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