Why SNL going after Biden’s age is bad sign for Him

Why SNL going after Biden's age is bad sign for Him

All right so um greetings brothers and Sisters um I just want to do a beginning A little bit of an update of what's Going on with Israel's um and I can't call it a war You know this um these war crimes that It's perpetrating against the Palestinian People Israel renews call For civilians to leave Northern Gaza as IDF expands offensive they have nowhere To go right and so when you bomb uh now They're they're doing a you know a well Let me just do the headlines and then I'll talk about this then it says here Netanyahu says War has entered second Phase as troops prepare for long and Difficult battle breaking news out of The Middle East where it is now just Before 9: at night Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has just Announced a new phase of his nation's War against Hamas militants who control Gaza it comes after Israel launched its Most intense air strikes yet on Gaza Overnight the whole territory without Cell phone or Internet so the extent of The damage is not yet clear just moments Ago so them um being without cell phones And internet is Purposeful and if you're saying that You're for civilians you would allow Them to have cell phones and internet But then they would be sending out Videos of the atrocities that you're

Perpetrating against them right and that They can't get the message out and What's going they they're cell phones Aren't working they can record these Things but it'll be days before that Maybe they'll never get them out of the Country and then they won't be broadcast They'll be you know Shadow banned or Whatever happens right and they can't Call loved ones and say this is what's Going on um so this is a part of that Right they're cutting the services to These civilians as they bomb the the Boop out of them right and now they have Ground forces coming in to to create More more Atrocities the Prime Minister said Israel is expanding its ground Operations inside Gaza we decided on expanding the ground Operations unanimously both in the war Cabinet and in our political insecurity Cabinet we did this in a very educated Manner taking in you were doing going to Do this already this is what the goal Was to invade with ground forces to all The considerations out of respect Responsibility to guarantee the fate of This country and the safety of our Troops okay so um there's that says here More than 8,000 people including women And children have died in Gaza according To Palestinian Health officials in Israel it's 1400 people have died so

This tells you that they're Valuing Israeli deaths more than they Are valuing Palestinians right we know This already Pro Palestinian Demonstrations have taken place in Cities across the world including London Paris Harrison New York where protesters Marched across the Brooklyn Bridge I Mean we're talking about tens of Thousands of people showing up and then It says but then it says here Doctors Without Borders call Gaza strikes an Atrocity and um you know because it is Right Hillary Clinton gets interrupted Here the hypocrisy of two more people They hear from you have a chance well I'm not sorry sit down I know you're not Sorry that's the point the hypocrisy of This speech the hypocrisy of the Fact make a statement about President Jo Biden's speech this is a clearly Warmongering speech President Joe Biden Is calling for a hundred billion dollar Of funding for Israel Taiwan and Ukraine And we're supposed to just bundle these Together and pretend like we're going to Rush to World War III and we're all just Going to let Hillary rodam Clinton sit Here okay I'm sorry you know yes this is Not this is not the way to have a Conversation if you want to have a Conversation you're welcome to come talk To me afterward here okay right you're You're going to you're going to wait for

Me right please I don't I do not believe You I listen to you and I will respond To you I do not believe you respectfully I do not believe you and the fact of the Matter is that the American people's Voice are what need to be heard because Because our president is not speaking For the American people and neither are You that's your opinion that's your Opinion yes that's my opinion but well Then sit down we've heard your opinion Thank you very much now we're going to Turn to people I'm not going to stop I'm Not going to stop working on beh I'm Going wait I'm going to exercise My Free Speech it's not free speech when you are Disrupting everybody else's opportunity Free Speech this is Free Speech everyone This is free speech that is not free Speech this is people to constructing Narratives that are openly hypocritical I'm okay so um you know I mean agree With what the guy's saying this isn't Going to do anything it's pointless but You know kind of Funny so here are some of the protests Here um these are Protesters I mean just um all you know All around the globe they have These jaob you know this is not your House yes but if I go you don't go back So what's the problem why are you Yelling at me I didn't do this I didn't Do this it's easy to yell at me but I

Didn't do this you are stealing my house And if I don't steal it someone else is Going to steal it no no one no One is allowed to steal [Music] It so this is a TT is a Turkish public Broadcasting uh you know they they do Public broadcasting here um and this is Israeli settlers stealing a Palestinian Palestinian home caught on camera I've Seen so many of these videos over the Years this is why they don't want you to See what's going on with Gaza because You know it would be horrible for Israel And America and the rest of it and this Guy's argument was well somebody's going To steal your house so might as well be Me right it's going to be stolen like Let's admit your house is going to be Stolen so why not me like you know I I Deserve to steal it like you know I'm Not such a bad guy apparently this guy Might have been from America New York at Least that's what the person who sent it To me you know people from all over the The world can come to Israel Jews can Come to Israel and then they were given Homes and often times the homes belong To Palestinians and so he's going in There and stealing her house they got it On camera here and this is a very common Occurrence okay so um it's um Monday October 30th it was Sunday yesterday When I did the part you just watched

Doing an update I'll probably release This suay on Tuesday trying to do these A day earlier because of the whole um Yellowing of the video demonetization of The video but it says here hostage Negotiations stall over Hamas demands For deliveries fuel deliveries to Gaza So MSNBC is now focused mostly on um the Hostages which is the way that you know They they'll do this here's Biden Administration here Biden Administration Unveils new actions to combat Anti-Semitism on college campuses among Other actions the federal government Will partner with campus law enforcement Agencies to track hate related retro uh Rhetoric Online um I don't know what I was Thinking with retro sucking Retroactively and so um this is the Focus right to keep the focus on Israeli Victim Consciousness the victim Consciousness the hostages the victim Consciousness of people complaining About Israel or what Israel is doing to Palestine and calling it anti-Semitism Right this is what they're focused on But the Huffington Post which is always Sucky like it's always usually worse Than MSNBC they're not having any of any of This right um they are here Israeli Tanks pushing deeper into Gaza alarm air Strikes need near hospitals Sheltering

Tens of thousands number of children Killed in Gaza this month it's Grim Milestone and so they are and the Liberal youth are not having any of this Stuff right what they're saying here is It's almost uh it's over 3,000 Palestinian children have been killed in Gaza and so the Huffington Post and Other liberal you know Anti-war um who've gone along with the Ukrainian thing and some of these other Things in the past are drawing a Line in The Sand here and these are the kind of Things these you know these types of um Huffington Post and these other types of Uh you know whatever these are online Magazines are the kind of things that Liberal college students will look into Right and will create the protest that Joe Biden's trying to push back against We'll get to Joe Biden being mocked for His age on SNL and so this is causing a Crisis for the Biden campaign where he's Losing a portion of his elector right so This was um also covered on MSNBC will this um the self-defense Strikes these two strikes on the two Facilities in eastern Syria how will U This news be received in the Middle East Well I just asked that very question of A senior uh Administration official at The state department tonight the Secretary of state has been meeting with Wong ye the foreign minister and very

Powerful advis so Andrea Mitchell is Married to Alan Greenspan both are um Jewish people I don't know why Andrea Michell has a show because she's um like Hard to listen to and you know there are They're going to be biased she's going To be biased based in her ethnic you Know whatever it is or ethnic uh Identification but he keeps on asking This question I'll play a little bit More of this thing here about how it's Going to be perceived in the Middle East Because doesn't matter how MSNBC is Perceiving this it doesn't matter how The White House is talking about this The White House is saying this has Nothing to do with Israel but they have Struck you know here is Syria there's Iraq there's Iran and they they've done Hit Targets in Syria as sending a a Warning to Iran that has nothing to do With Israel right like advisor to President X of China a very important Meeting the highest level Chinese Visitor that has come during this Administration to Washington and a lot On the a lot on the you on the table There uh figuratively at least at dinner But one of the main goals according to The State Department officials for the Last two days has been and the Secretary Of State himself when he was at the UN The other day has been to try to Influence China to pressure Iran China

Is a huge importer of Iranian oil and so That was the main mission tonight so Separately I just talked to a top Official over there and asked how Exactly what you were asking how would This interact with our diplomatic Efforts our efforts to work with Israel To try to get our hostages out uh since This is the irgc this is the Iranian Revolutionary guard uh that we were Taking action against tonight according To the Pentagon in the White House And this official said this is SE okay So he as see he asked the question was How are they going to feel about this in The Middle East not how China's going to Feel about it they're saying they trying To get China to pressure Iran because China buys oil they'll have to give Something to China because China's not Going to do that for free and you know China's I mean I don't think any of These countries are on board but it's Completely separate from our diplomacy It has nothing at all to do with Israel Or with Gaza and it's so no one believes That you're saying that to do with Restoring deterrence it has to do with Going after the facilities that targeted Our people and restoring our deterrence So they are calling it defensive measure Uh just as the Pentagon did um this is What the administration is going to say Whether it stirs Iran or whether it

Deters Iran is remains to be seen but They are claiming that they can keep This on a separate track and that they Simply responding to Iran being Aggressive and going after see the Arab People the Muslim people who are you Know they have their own aggressive World-like tendencies which has been Well documented they have their own Hotheads over there and they have their Own BS their own Disinformation and they're not going to Categorize anything the US does separate From Israel Israel and America are Linked and they believe that Israel owns American politicians and American Media That's what they believe and so they're Not ever going to say what anything that America does is not have Israel involved With it right so the qu answer to the Question Andrea who she's supposed to be An expert here is that it looks like America's trying to escalate this war by Attacking Iranian targets they're trying To bring Iran into this thing on behest Of Israel that's the way they're going To see it in the Middle East whether It's true or not Doesn't matter and you know and you Can't separate those things because Israel is the foremost important um you Know important agenda for the neocons Who WR who run Joe Biden's uh defense Department there are troops and you know

There were some um minor casualties There was one US contractor who had died Of a fatal heart attack during one of These incidents related yeah that's not You know that's from the blop that's Not he died of a fatal heart attack Because he was shocked by something that I mean that means that there's no There's no casualties incident perhaps But the other the other service members Some two dozen maybe as many as or up to Two two dozen who were affected she did She just take like she just eat her Early bird Um her early bird dinner she's sleepy Like What according to Courtney Koy and all Of our report accorting from the Pentagon uh have returned to duty so They were not by any means Life-threatening injuries but this is Certainly a line in the sand that us is Not going to tolerate attacks against Our troops right a Andre you you have Covered Foreign Affairs for years for Decades the these sorts of situations Are not new to you um uh with your Reporter hat on so I'm wondering do you Think How do you think this is going to go Over with Iran the United States more to Your point about okay so they're on the Same network this guy works for MSNBC And and Andrea mitell has her own show

He's had to ask her twice the same Question how are they going to feel About it the people that it is um Targeted against not you know China not American Media and not of these other You know entities how are these people Going to feel about it in terms of Provoking and also Russia Provoking some sort of a World War III Type scenario like is it going to Escalate are they going to now attack Israel more are they going to are they Going to put um you know more are they What is Iran going to do right I mean Iran doesn't want this war because they Would get their ass kicked but if Russia's involved and China gets Involved then it's a whole another deal And then America's depleted America's You know on our last leg so to Speak about the United States is saying That this is a discret action has Nothing to do nothing to do with the Israel Hamas War nothing to do with Anything else this is just deterrence Yeah they okay so they say that what Does that mean like they lie all the Time but given your years of reporting Is he said but likely that Iran is going To view it that way as Well it's very hard to predict what Iran Is going to do except that there is a Lot of pressure on Iran not to escalate And it depends perhaps on the results of

The conversations with the Chinese Leader the top Chinese adviser who has Been meeting with so it took her you Know four minutes to kind of give an Answer about it um so yeah so this is Where we're at so I did a voiceover Yesterday I'm going to play that now I'm Going to add to that voice over talk About this um afterwards I'm going to Then I'll show you the clip of Saturday Night Live and then we'll get back to You know I'll include some of that in Mad voice over about how Biden's lost The youth these are war crimes by Multiple definitions there's multiple Definitions of war crimes and it's when Civilians are being targeted right They're going into a civilian area this Is not military post they don't have Like military you know this is the the Idea these people are terrorists hiding Behind Palestinians and as that one Jewish reporter that Israeli reporter From haritz I showed you that video Maybe two two videos ago and he said That gold deayer said you know that she Curses the Palestinian people for making Her making them kill their children Right and so they go in there and They're occupying and stealing these People's territory which was inevitable And I you know we've looked at the Picture of Greater Israel and the Zionists who believe that God has

Promised this is their promised land It's a lot bigger than just Israel and That they believe this land belongs to Them And they're never going to be safe as Long as there's these strongholds for People who hate them and again you know I'm not on a side here because this is a 3,000 year old war and the reason I'm Covering it in a more Pro Palestinian Way is the Palestinians don't have an Army they're helpless they're just Sitting ducks there and you know they Come out and say oh we don't want Civilians to be killed Biden and these Other people but that's just words it Doesn't mean anything and this is Escalating to World War III with Iran And what's going on with uh you know Russia and these things and China and Just they're pushing for it America Wants World War I America you know There's the last refuge for the American Military industrial complex is World War II because Americans just don't want war Anymore and we're sick of the wars that Happened and there's no you know big Event 2001 or anything like that that's Going to rile people up and the kids are Passive and weak and they're not warlike Like you know in other Generations They're not physically strong enough Anymore they're all addicted to the Internet things and so America has no

Real uh recourse to keep the Military-industrial complex going and That's the only thing keeping the Economy afloat and so they're boxed into A corner here they have been for a while And they're just insane America more Than any of these other countries and so What's happening in Gaza to the rest of The world you know people who are Outside of America and even in Europe They're you know Americans recognize This younger people as well is that They're just bullying the Palestinians This just abuse and bullying on every You know definition and they're bombing People they're killing kids left and Right it's okay they're pushing people Out of their homes and those people Aren't going to get their homes back Right and if they leave what's going to Happen they're going to come back to an Occupied area with Israeli soldiers or Are they just going to is is going to Move more and more Jews into that area Because that's the way to I mean if they Had a lot more Jews there there would be Um you know there would be no way that They could uh have any sort of a power Center or they could just get rid of the Palestinians all together which you know It's their ultimate goal that's what They'd like to do I said that Immediately it's a land grab it just Doesn't make sense for you know look at

The ass kick in they're taking like who In their right mind in terms of Hamas Would do what they did knowing this is Is the result like 8 8,000 Palestinians Dead at least I that's what they're Saying maybe even more and there's going To be many more deaths but then there's A you know lack of services no food no Water no electricity then being uh you Know being squeezed between countries That don't want them to come in because They if they come in they're never going Back these people are being a Max Mass Exodus and they're not going to be Allowed back in and so anybody who Leaves their homes that's it they'll Just be you know they'll get rid of half The pal Palestinian population and you Know whatever they do here U but Ultimately they just want to make God a Part of Israel and they have been for a While they've been encroaching with These settlements and just moving Everything in that direction of course They built those walls but now they want The rest of it and they're squeeze the Palestinians and everyone you know with Half a brain would say well why would The why would the Hamas do this when This is is the outcome like why would You want such an ass kicking you know When they when they do something like This they've had these plans I mean America has all these scenarios and

Things that they want to do if something Like this happens let's let's rush in And take advantage of the crisis and do This right they have all these things That they they've executed they've Trained it's like when you did a fire Drill when you were a kid this is what The military does all the time they do Training drills after training drills And they execute these plans and they Get ready to for the right opportunity Whether it's created organically or they Do some sort of false flaggy type thing Or whatever it might be but this is you Know these are things that Israel has Been planning on for a while these are Things that they were going to do They're waiting for the right time and So this is the right time and then you Know there's there's in-game Contingencies and adjustments they have To make one of them is the protest but The protests are just going to get worse Like the anti-israel sentiment is just Going to grow from this right it's going To grow here in America it's going to Grow in Europe and then of course it's Already exists in the Arab world and They can say F you we don't care about It but what if America collapses like What is this going to what is Israel Going to do then like if America Collapses and they're over there by Russia and you know all these Arab

Countries with lots of money and you Know what happens to America when it Collapses all the military-industrial Stuff all the weapons re get sold off Like they did when Soviet Union collaps Right there's a great movie with um Nicholas Cage The Lord Of War I think It's called he was an arms dealer was Taken advantage of the All These Arms Dealers were taking advantage of the Collapse of the Soviet Union and selling AK AK-47s and all these things and all These Arab countries around there have a Lot of money and weapon for weaponry and If there's a you know whatever so I mean It's it's very fragile situation like no One should feel secure now Uh anywhere because of the you know all Of it like the collapse of the economy The collapse of morality the collapse of The human being the insanity the you Know the spiritual powers that be that Are are there to get rid of this Abomination of a demonic system I mean All these things are coming to a head Right now okay so um let's get into the Saturday live cold dop and my wife told Me about she read something about it but Neither one of us has seen it and Apparently they're going hard on Joe Biden's age which is bodess poorly for Him and tying this into the whole War Thing we'll get into that in just a Second

Here and now a Halloween message from President Joe Biden okay so they change this is the Joe Biden and he's looking pretty Old good evening America it's almost Halloween okay he does a horrible Impression I'm not out of breath I'm Just excited cuz Okay so they're Starting in on him being old initially Right so here's the second old joke here Nothing puts people at ease like an 80y Old man hanging Halloween Decorations so all right so taking a Shot at his age and making him look old And so you know there's they could be Worse things that they could go after For Jojo magu you know this is a way to Say well he's just old And then excuse his incompetence his Depravity all these things but you know They're not going to go there but the Age is enough because it makes him Unelectable Right so then they're making fun of his Walk Here On here we Go so he's walking over there like you Know he does I mean they're they're Saying that this guy is incompetent to Run the country and it's not that much Of an exaggeration because he's that old Right here you go Jo so I mean they're just you know

Milking his age thing yeah relax I'm not Going to fall on second thought let's do That Later see I've often said that you Wouldn't let this guy drive your kid School bus or what job would you allow This guy to do that involves safety of Others right and so they're making him Out that he can't climb a ladder and Hang a Halloween decoration and he can't Walk or you know all these things and so That's you know it's not funny but it's Brutal you know I mean it's it's pretty Bad when I was a kid ladders was cutting Itch technology so it's all about a be An old right um I'll go through it see If there's it's not funny like Saturday Night life still sucks but it's really Bad news for Biden here's another one in fact a lot Of my closest friends are ghosts Just it's really sad like how bad Saturday live Is okay makes makes a ghoul kind of Thing reference here Ghouls and of Course the Grim Reaper who I physically Fight every single Day so it's another you know death joke But he brought ghouls into it so they Bring in a new character to play the Speaker of the House Mike Johnson he Makes a joke about he's third in line to Be the the um second in line to be the Next to be to replace Joe Biden so he

Wants him to experiment with the ladder A little bit more and you know not funny Stuff but another old joke and then they Bring in Christopher Watkin for some Reason but why this is particularly Devastating for Joe Biden is two reasons One Saturday night life is covered for Him in ways that is completely Inappropriate for a show that's about Political comedy like they've mocked Every president even the ones they've Liked They've mocked Obama even but they Didn't mock Joe Biden for being old and He was old in 2019 when he was running Like he he didn't just suddenly get old He didn't suddenly get scile he's just Gotten worse but it was bad 2019 he was He was too far gone mentally in 2019 he Was showing signs of dementia he was Getting angry at people challenging People to push-up contests IQ contests Calling people fat calling them names Getting really angry he challenged one Guy to go outside with him he was Wandering around stage he couldn't keep His you know facts straight he looked Really bad in the debates and Saturday Night Live didn't cover this at all they Ignored his age because they are ordered To and because of trump hatred and all These things but now he's running for a Second term and you know like I said Before you can't get younger like you

Can't you know like when you they start Mocking you you're the way that you walk And that you're just mentally Incompetent and they're saying you're Too old that doesn't go away and these Are your friends like these are your Supporters and it's coming at a bad time With the Israeli War and the fact that The Liberals are bailing on you know the Administration and they're turning on The you know the L the the liberal media Coverage of this and they have sympathy For Palestinians so many young people College people which is the demographics You need to say that Joe Biden wins you Can't win without the youth and he's too Old and they don't agree with him on a You know a humans rights violation and So this is like bad news like things Just keep on getting worse for him it Also means the powers that be want to Get rid of this guy and what are their Other options right they don't have any I talked about how they floated out Buddha gig briefly um and you know They're trying to test the water the Waters I mean they know the commas sucks So and that she thinks she's she's owned Owed this like she's next in line and She's clearly not in terms of what the Democrats want it's going to be kind of Comical as we move forward and going Back to the thing with Israel you know When you've lost the youth and you don't

Have any taste for war like if they're Going to have World War III they're Going to need to do a draft and imagine Drafting these generation Z's you know I Mean they're good at fighting Wars on Video games unathletic out of shape you Know depressed and um disconnected from Reality and then they're they're going To go to boot camp and like I mean think About all these kids with their you know Messed up psychological makeup and their Warped sense of values and you're going To try to turn them into soldiers to Fight a you know war that nobody really Wants in terms of the world population I Mean it's just going to be forced on us I was talking about how they just don't Care anymore you know this is the year Of the effort they don't care what you Want they don't care you know I was Talking about this in my last video they Don't care about any of those things but You know you have a you know a Dissatisfaction growing in the the Democratic populist and amongst the Youth with Biden and then they're Pushing this you know this war that um The majority of young people are on the Wrong side of it in in terms of what uh Their beliefs are right they're they're Showing more sympathy to the Palestinian People they're not buying into the the Perpetual victim consciousness of Israel And all these things they're looking at

The death toll and the you know the the People who really lost something like I Said in the beginning when you're going To go do something right when you're Going to go create a conflict or some Sort of a I mean in this case a war like People who are emotional will go and React angrily to A system that they Can't beat when people are not in a like A cerebral or heartfelt type of Consciousness they're you know they're Not mental or heart-based but they're Gut-based when you're in your gut you're Angry and you're you know when people Are emotional like emotional uh content Like fear and anger and hatred and Things comes from your gut right that's You feel it in your solar plexus Animalistic Tendencies and you lash out And you make bad decisions flight or Flight Instinct and you you make bad Decisions you lash out you lose your job Or you you you lose your spouse or you Know when you make decisions out of this Kind kind of situation you don't think It through this is where you make your Mistakes right and governments that Create these wars powerful institutions That have power as their you know their Center of their existence they want to Be powerful they want to be you know in Control they don't make mistakes like That I mean sometimes they get emotional Whatever it is but emotions are like one

Person or maybe a group of people but Something that takes planning and takes Thought and takes a long long time to Put together you might have complete Hatred for the other you know the Hamas Might have complete hatred for Israel But they're not stupid like they know What the outcome's going to be they know That their rockets and their whatever They were going to do was going to have Minimal effects and that the numbers of Palestinian casualties was going to be Far worse than what Israel had suffered And so why would they do it like I said This right off the bat why would they do It when the outcome is going to help Israel achieve what's wanted to achieve All along which is to get rid of more of Palestine to grab Gaza Strip and maybe Finally go after the West Bank Israel Wants to expand their lands far beyond What we see here they have uh you know The ones that zionists believe that they Have been promised lands and you know All these other countries surrounding Israel four other countries surrounding Israel you I've shown you this um Picture before I don't know if I'll have It up here but you've seen it and it's Syria Iraq Saudi Arabia and Egypt and really not then They almost then they're neighbors with Iran they're right up against the

Iranian border and so um you know like This is a big deal and so why would Hamas do that why would Hamas do Something that only helps Israel achieve Its goals and so the answers are either One they didn't do it it's something That's some sort of false flaggy type of Thing or two they're being propped up by China and Russia or this is a group plan Of all these countries executing this Together because of the economic Collapse situation and they're just Putting this out there as some kind of You know some sort of uh drama for the Masses to create the depopulation events They need to salvage their power and Control like there's various ways to Think about it but the official story Doesn't make sense it only makes sense In who wants to achieve a goals so are The other countries combining or coming Together collaborating to take down America based on the powers that be and They're using this conflict to start This war to you know put the final Coffins in the deterior deteriorating American Empire or is it something of a Global nature to take down large Segments of the population and establish You know New World Order control I mean You know I mean certainly there's Divinity behind this because there's a Need for the system to end and uh you Know reawaken of the Divine connection

Between a person and their and the Divinity that's within them right Internalized connection to God which I Talk about is the ultimate solution here And one thing has to end before another Thing begins and so on a deeper level There's Divine you know there's divine Plan here to take down a system that is Taking people away from what is and Their divine nature but also their Families and everything that's has Propped up Humanity for years but in Terms of what's going on just on a lower Level like why would Hamas do that Doesn't make any sense we know what the Plans and agenda are here and we know You know where it's going and we know Where it was going to go all along Because eventually a Gaza Strip was Going to be um you know the Palestinians Are being forced to leave millions are Are pressed up against the borders and They're pressuring these other countries To take them in and once they go in They're not coming back and so they'll Depopulate this of pal alans and Repopulate it with Israelis and and then It'll be part of Israel and Palestine Will be you know that much I Palestine Doesn't even exist now on maps so you Know it doesn't really exist right it Only exists in the fact that there was This this bogus you know uh division of The country by un that favored Israel

And has always been you know a matter of Time before what was used to be known as Palestine has disappeared altogether and Then what happens after that like what Gets pushed through and they want you Know get rid of Iran has been the the Goal all along of the neocons and They've openly stated they want a war With Iran you know John Bolton these Other neocons have come out he was part Of the Trump Administration Biden is Surrounded by these neocons who have Failed and all these different levels in Terms of their you know beliefs and Their you know the things that they've Executed in these failed Wars and change Changing regimes and just destabilizing The world and there's all this hatred Collected hatred of America in that Region and we're talking about billions Of people that are just hating America And hating America's power and you know Are just you know there's this negative Energy coming towards America and this You know this Central Power structure That comes from England that are all Falling apart because of a low birth Rate and kids addiction to the internet And all the rest of these things right So it's an absolute mess um you know Like it's there's nowhere good for this To go and when you don't have the public Support of these types of events Wars And agendas when people aren't like UN

Uniformly in America agreeing with America's position in the official story It weakens the resolve and they you know I said this before the controllers can't Manifest stuff they don't have good Creative Energy because they're Disconnected from God and they lack Prana love energy you know life force to Create and manifest things so they have To use the collective to manifest their Goals because they can't manifest them Themselves so they got to get you to buy Into it and people aren't buying into This like globally and so it's weakening Their resolve their you know their Ability to execute these things which I've talked about you know in the past The one problem in the truth Community Is they believe the controllers are like Infallible and have the ability to Execute everything that they want and They can't they they have more failure Than the average person because they're Not backed by Divinity they're fighting They're swimming against the current and So They have power and they're able to Control things and there's some Divine You know power there because of the the Need for the system to go in this Direction and to you know create the the Catalyst for people to realize the error Of becoming completely materialistic and To focus more on Divinity with it but

Whatever Divine backing that they had That's come to a net right the system Has run its course and so they're Fighting a losing battle and you can see It like they're floundering and the you Know the consciousness of the people who Can change things who are connected to Divinity and can manifest things is not With them based in the you know the Consciousness the awareness that's Happened anyways let me wrap this thing Up here and I'll continue You Know cover This as time goes on only spiritual valy Will save this world it's pado Definitely born for the apocalypse and The Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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