Why Congress Needs a SYSTEMS OVERHAUL – Dr.SHIVA™

Why Congress Needs a SYSTEMS OVERHAUL - Dr.SHIVA™

American cities are in Decline Americans Are moving out as crime and homelessness Are moving in how do we solve this so Let's talk about that think about Someone who gets elected to congress if You get elected to congress you have two Years the day you get elected to office What are you doing you're trying to get Reelected there's three buckets of the Economy one bucket is equity which is Giving away free stuff to people the Second bucket of the economy is called Security right protecting the borders The third is infrastructure inner city Infrastructure now if you got elected to Congress and you have two years what do You typically vote on you vote on stuff That is going to get you re-elected so You vote on Equity maybe sometimes on Security but never do you vote on Infrastructure because that's a Long-term play so they never make the Hard choices this is why term limits are Very very important this is why we need Assistance overhaul this wasn't supposed To be a lifetime job this is supposed to Be you serve and you go back to your job Well most these people don't have a job Go to cheaper for president.com Volunteer volunteer volunteer this is Our time it is US versus them and we Must shatter this one cheaper for President.com

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