When you get caught mistreating others After whining about you’re mistreatment

When you get caught mistreating others After whining about you're mistreatment

Greetings brothers and sisters so this Might be a video that gets Demonetized because of the subject Matter YouTube often um demonetizes Videos that are about war or some other Tragedies or some something like that I Don't know exactly what category this Will fall under I'm going to put this Out anyway I'll probably put this out Today Tuesday October 10th for members Only and then um then tomorrow I'll also Put it out for The general public and if there's no ads Then this needs to be a community Supported video I think this subject is Really important because of what's going On in Israel and how it's a stepping Stone to World War II I think World War I officially began a couple days ago in Terms of the pathway to World War I this Is the beginning of it people can say it Already began and sure that's you know One way to look at it but this is going To be the Catalyst for World War II you Can see it lining up and this is a video Specifically about victim Consciousness And religions how I ended up ended my Video called land grab on my other Channel these are all videos that I Think are very important if you are Interested in this subject matter stuff Going on between Israel and Palestine Religions in general and of course World War III so I want to get into victim

Consciousness and how I'm against it and All levels I've talked about before and Victim Consciousness is a part of Religions the Jewish people and Israel Uses victim Consciousness as well or Better than anybody and they are the Sort of the modern um architects of how It's used today you know America just Used it America's always using like how Can America be a victim right we have The strongest military and the strongest Economy and yet America always is Claiming that we're victims in some way And I talked about this in length in the Other video I'll repeat some of the Stuff here but first let's go to the Religions because this is really Important in understanding why victim Consciousness sucks and why it's it's The act of a faithless person or a Faithless group of People so I Googled something about all Five religions just to show you there's Always a reason in each religion that They think they're better than the other Religions and why you can't leave that Religion and why you should quit your Religion and join the religion that um Or any of these five religions I'm Talking about and so for Jewish people It's I Googled God's chosen people and Who are God's chosen people Jewish People that's how Google Jews are Jews Are the chosen people chosen people who

Are who are God's chosen people one of My friends who was Jewish uh he his last Name was Shoek and his Christian or non-jewish Friends who he grew up with made fun of Him you know they were friendly with him This was just you know guys ribbing each Other kind of thing uh they used to call Him the chosen one right or the chosak One because he was Jewish and he wasn't Really Jewish like he never went to Synagogue like I he was Jewish like I Was was Catholic we were in our 20s he Was on my basketball team he calls me Every once in a while and he never went You know he took care of his Grandparents who you know they were nice People I went over their house a few Times I drove him over there when he Didn't have a car he took care of his Grandparents and you know he did things That were family oriented but I don't Think he ever went to synagogue as far As I know and neither did his brother Who eventually moved and went to college In the same place right uh but if you Search What does it mean that Jews are God's Chosen people and this is not true There's no chosen people there's no Chosen Individual if I Google who are God's Chosen people it says here the Jewish People so this is something that's been

Cemented in Everybody's um Consciousness whether you Agree with this or not when you hear Chosen ones you hear Jewish people but For Christians it's Jesus who is The Chosen One what does it mean that Jesus Is God's only begotten son God's only Son and so that's going to be Jesus Right which is also not true because We're all children of God it can't be Any other way if God is what we think God is then God is in all of us and all Of us everything that's created all the Animals all the plant life the planets All the Angels even the demons and the Devils anything is is created by God we Might divert from God we might leave God Like you know the devil Fallen Angels or Whatever it is we might fall away from God choose away from God become demonic But we are always connected to God Nobody can uh live or survive without God's love as as their basis for their Creation so this is also false but it's The way that Christians think that Anybody else is going to heaven because Of John 3:16 that the only way to get to Heaven is through Jesus and so therefore They are saving everybody else by Forcibly converting them through Missionary for missionaries and things Like this because anybody who's not a Christian is going to hell and that's How Christians think that they're better

Then I said um why do Muslims think they Are the True Believers and it says they believe that Islam is the Perfection of the religion Revealed first to Abraham who was Considered the first Muslim and later Other prophets Muslim believes that Jews And Christians have strayed from God's True Faith but hold them in higher Esteem than the Pagan pagans and Unbelievers and so Muslims believe that They're the one true religion they think Christians and um Jews who they are Connected to are a little bit better but They still think that they're the one Chosen religion and they're very Intolerant of other religions and They're intolerant of each other like The Shiites and Sunni because of small Discrepancies in their belief systems And so there's a lot of intolerance from Their religion maybe more than the rest And so they've been demonized because of That and then I searched um why do Hindus think that they are the best Religion and the answer was here why is Hinduism Superior to other religions a Hindu views the entire universe as Gods As gods and everything in the universe As God Hindus believe that each person Is intrinsically Divine and the purpose Of life is to seek and realize the Divinity with an all of us that's why I Think Hinduism is the best religion and

They don't think you know they have Problems with Muslims but that's more Social and political than it is in terms Of their belief system because there's Been Wars with Muslims in the past but Hindus like for example they think Jesus Is a saint like they believe that Jesus Was a Divine being and they're open They're open to new higher developed Souls coming down and incarnating in and So they don't believe um in terms of Other religions that there isn't going To be more Saints or higher developed Souls and things like this there's Definitely problems with the Hindu Religion you know I kind of know a lot More about that religion than the other Ones because of being in India and being A part of the sjar system but sjar isn't A part of the Hinduism sjar what I do is Spiritual it's not a continuation of the Hindu religion which is more tolerant of The other religions then I uh searched Why do Buddhists think that they are Better than other religions historically All Buddhists have held that Liberation From rebirth is impossible via any Religion other than Buddhism and the Second thing I searched here was uh do Buddhists believe in God and the answer Was Buddhists do not believe in any kind Of deity or God I went for a walk with My dogs and then I did a little work on The car I was um well whatever the truck

I mean which I've talked about in other Videos but anyways this idea came to me I should asked this question as well who Did God promise Israel to and the answer Was Abraham mainstream Jewish tradition Regards the promise made to Abraham Isaac and Jacob as having been given to All Jews including Pratit and in turn their Descendants the Promise that is the basis of the term is Contained in several verses of Genesis In the Torah what was God's promise to Israel later on in Deuteronomy 30 Later in Deuteronomy 35 D 33-5 God promises to Israel a specific Land you guessed it from that moment on We are known as a Promised Land the Lord Has said he would bring his people to The land he chose and would make their Descendants Prosperous that then the Lord thy God Will turn thy captivity and have Compassion upon thee and return and Gather thee this is from from King James King James version thee from All Nations wither the Lord thy God hath Shattered thee if any of thine be driven Out unto the utmost parts of Heaven from Hence will the Lord thy God gather thee And from then he will fetch thee and the Lord thy God will bring thee into the The land which thy fathers possessed and Thou shalt possess it and he will do and

He will Do thee good and multiply thee above thy Fathers and the Lord will give will God Will circumcise thine Heart and the Lord thy God will Circumcise thy heart and the Heart of Thy seed to love the Lord thy God with All thine heart and with all thine Soul They mayest live lot of circumcision in The Bible so there's that right fruit of The cattle these things okay so there's Two parts of this this is the religions Themselves And then there's the victim Consciousness and we're going to go with The victim Consciousness first so if you Consider yourself God's chosen people if You consider yourself a part of the Chosen ones and the land this land God Promised you then you don't need to Claim to be a victim right you don't Need to manipulate people's emotions and Hearts and Minds globally and locally And and you don't need to destroy the Palestinian people and move them out of Their Homeland again they don't believe In what you believe they don't believe This land is promised to you and they Didn't take it from you maybe their Ancient ancestors did thousands of years Ago when there was some sort of an Exodus they left Israel the the Jews Left Israel in 722 BC so this is before Christ and so

That's uh basically 2800 years ago right Close to 2,800 years ago and so um That's a long time almost 3,000 years And these Palestinian people had nothing To do with it it's not their fault They're living in this land now and they Don't ascribe to the same Authority Right and so first of all this victim Consciousness goes beyond the Holocaust It goes on for centuries in many Countries throughout the world where the Jewish people claim to be victims and Persecuted and when you're a faith-based Person when you believe in God then you Believe everything that comes to you Comes from God a true Pro believer Believes that things aren't random that God has a plan and the plan for you Personally and your people that there is Some there's some order to the universe Now there are bad people we all do bad Things everybody lies and human beings Commit atrocities against each other and Those people who commit atrocities are Accounted for you know they they have to Pay for their actions on some sort of Divine plane of existence and also on The Earth plain as well those people Have usually lived miserable lives Themselves many of them have lived Through traumatic circumstances grown up In war torn abusive situations and they In turn propagate this evil and then There's other people who just are born

Bad people whatever it is right and They're responsible for their actions But even in that anything that happens To you in your life comes from God and If you're God's chosen people and God's Watching over you and God's made Promises and God has you know ordered Your suffer offering and punished you And done things to punish you and say You're being punished here you're being Punished here and you did this so this Is why this is happening to you then you Have to take Responsibility for your God whatever you Believe God is and his treatment of you Faith-based people can't claim to be Victims people who believe in God have To believe that things are coming from God in some way like you have to adjust Yourself and realize everything is being Given to you by God The Good The Bad Whatever might be and people who think Of themselves as the chosen one God's Chosen people then everything that's Being done to them everything there's go They're going through including Believing promises that were made to Them by God then of course you have to Do your work but you can't manipulate Situations and be duplicitous and use Victim Consciousness to force something That shouldn't be and victimize another Group of people in the process you know Like if God promised you something he

Didn't say go victimize the Palestinian Ians to fulfill that promise right and That's what's happened here you know Same things for the Christians who Believe that they're victims and believe In isra Israel Israeli victimization These other you know these other things That go along with their belief system If you're a true Christian and you Believe that that God has a plan and Plan for you then there's no victims you Can't claim to be victims of some other Group or justify your actions through Victim Consciousness right a victim Stance the third Master of the sjar System master chargie who grew up in uh He went to Catholic he went to Christian School and he you know read the Bible he Was St Paul in a previous life and he Said that Christians should be willing To be crucified just like Jesus was like They should suffer what their Master Suffered because that's a sark principle Anybody who's following a you know a Divine path and there's higher developed Souls a master Saint whatever the person Is and you see their suffering their Suffering is a part of what makes them Into who they are and their suffering And their pain is valuable in their Spiritual Transformation and if you see how they They suffer and they're more committed I Mean I've seen this in my own life my

Own experience right you know there's This teaching that miseries are Divine Blessings but also I saw the suffering That the physical suffering and the you Know the treatment of other people People suffering and the things of the Masters of the sjar system went through And all of us get some of that like all Of us get at least some of that as much As we can handle you know my daughter Committed suicide like three years ago She was an Irish twin her older brother Was born on Mother's Day and then she Was born on the next Mother's Day May 9th uh 1999 he was born 1998 May 10th And you know there was a I mean boom Boom like there was two you know Bab Babies in my life right children in my Life that were I mean happened like Quick and you know I mean everything Just happened quickly the whole marriage Everything and during those first Initial years there's like you know the Eight most stressful things that people Can experience in a marriage or in a you Know in a marital situation we Experienced like eight out of 10 of them Right so it was like that kind of a Situation and you know all the things I've talked about in the journey series With my ex and the rest of it and I Worried all the time that I lose one of The kids like one of the kids would die You know and then there was four kids in

5 years so I had four children in five Years and they were all young you know They were all young at the same T time It was Unthinkable that one of them Might die right something like I was Like I don't think I could handle that Like I don't think I would be able to Get over something like that right I Mean it's just would be so painful and I You know I thought about it I mean I Don't like to worry about things and I Don't you know to think about things That are going to happen that haven't Happened yet but something like I Thought about a lot you know for me and It was something that was like my worst Fear and I think every parent especially When their kids are young it's their Worst fear like they just can't imagine Life without their children and you know It's always a tragedy when you outlive Any of your children and you know I've Talked about this in length so I'm not Going to go through it here but my Family and I my my ex and my you know Kids this idea was that there was going To be an intergenerational Family Farm Bring back traditional family and that My kids would be a support system for Each other and we would be there as a Family to support the kids you know as Like an old sort of village-based family Situation the kids were homeschooled and That just didn't happen for all the

Reasons I've discussed at length in my Journey series and you know was really Painful for me and my kids ended up not Getting along and the marriage wish had Sucked Got a merciful end after 18 years and 2014 and 15 while I was in India it was Really stressful time and it was you Know a lot more difficult things were Going on back then it's at the same time That my YouTube channel took off and my Daughter Anna was just really having a Difficult time of just being a good Person being someone who could function You know I couldn't see her having a Family and a job like I was worried About how she was going to function as An adult like it was a constant worry of Mine like I just didn't know how she and She had to change dramatically and I Didn't know how that was going to happen It ended up not happening she ended up Cutting herself you know my ex was Someone who was suicidal and Self-abusive she had attempted suicide When she was 19 and was hospitalized and A cut herself she wasn't living with me Anymore she had moved to where my ex was You know we were divorced at the time And she cut herself and was hospitalized You know same you know basically the Same period of time and the whole thing Sucked right my kids are mostly arange For me now only my one son still lives

With me I don't have any sort of Relationship with my other two kids and It was a far cry from the goals and you Know I believe that they were divinely Inspired this idea to build an Intergenerational family a farm and all These things it just didn't work out you Know my parents weren't great and I Thought I would be better you know you Know I I think maybe I was better but Maybe I wasn't I don't know you know you Think you're going to be better because You see what your parents do you're like I won't make those same mistakes and but When you weren't grow up when you didn't Grow up in a great family and really None of us do anymore very few families And parents are competent and you don't Learn from good parents yourself and It's not taught to you in any I mean There's no class for parenting in Schools and you know modern day Parenting is a disaster right and so you Do the best you can and you have your Own issues and things my ex was a Disaster and we just live with a lot of Stress and Trauma and all these things Over the years and so I accepted that it Was a failure and I had to reinvent my Life and you know my 50s got remarried You know my kids are all doing their Thing and whatever it is right and you Know it sucks I mean it still stings a Little bit from time to time and I've

Accepted it though right and I believe That it was divinely inspired I don't Think we made a mistake in attempting What we attempted but it was doomed for Failure there was no way it was going to Be successful given the people that were Inv involv given the the circumstances And all the rest of it right you need a Support system and you need things to Break the right way and it just never Was meant to be especially know given my Ex situation and who she was and her Psychological issues and all of it and I Learned from that experience just Because God wants you to do something Doesn't mean it's going to be successful In the way that you think it is maybe There's some other reason I went through Spiritual cleaning it was beneficial for Me to go through that cleaning it helped Me realize and learn a bunch of things That's been helpful to other people Things that I discuss here going through Those experiences have made me have Valuable information and help me in this Role that I'm playing here right now I You know I wanted it to go a certain way It didn't go that way but you know there Was some value to it there's lots of Value to it on a spiritual level and Sometimes things feel fail on the Material Level but succeed on the Spiritual level and on the spiritual Level I know I for one benefited from it

Maybe my kids in different ways I don't Know about my ex but part of that Benefit comes from not being a victim And just accepting that this came from God and you were supposed to experience This and find a way to be grateful for It that's what I talk about gratitude All the time and it's easy to be Gratitude for the good things and it's Easy to be grateful for the good things But the bad things it's much harder you Have to work at it and I've learned to Do that and it's helped me immensely on My spiritual path but the other piece to This is Babaji the second master of the Sjar system the meditation that I do he Had a child commit suicide he lost two Children two sons I believe at least one Son committed suicide I think the other One did too but I'm not sure about that And the thing about it is Babaji saw That his son had some scaras for suicide You know some scaras are Impressions Things that you come in from come in With from a previous existence or Something your soul wants You' Experience that can be good things like You could be an artist or you could be You know good at business or something And those are Impressions that you have To clean off and you know it's something That you don't want to be attached to Like your success you don't want to be Too attached to because that'll bring

You back into life and a future Existence you have to be you know light About things or it could be something Bad like an addiction or suicide or Something like that and bobbyy saw that His son had suicidal Sam scaras and he Knew it could easily clean them off he Would see it and he would say oh yeah I Got to do something about that and he Kept on forgetting and he forgot up Until the point where the guy committed Suicide and he asked his he inter Communed with his you know previous Spiritual Master ly and he said you know WTF and logi said yeah you know we we Made you forget about this because you Going to have disciples who kids were Going to commit suicide or you know they Were going to lose children or whatever It is and if you saved your child used Your spiritual abilities To do that but allow these other people To suffer what they had to suffer Because it's part of God's plan then it Wouldn't be you know I mean this had to Happen you had to suffer this to be an Example for other people and you know I've thought about that a lot ever since Right not just personally but for Everybody and this idea that everything Comes from God and you have to be Grateful for find a way to be grateful For it and see how it plays out even the Most painful things the most miserable

Things are cleaning away I mean some of The painful things I went to went Through especially like around the Divorce time I just went through a Really rough time and I you know went Through the cleaning process in the Sark System and this anger and bitterness Towards God that I had from a previous Existence and it was pretty deep and Powerful some scar in my life you know I Often felt just um you know just a sense Of bitterness like I felt angry and Bitter and just you know blaming and you Know this is unfair when that was Cleaned out it just opened up a whole Level of like it just made me a better Person like he me describe the Difference between me now and then Because I was willing to go through that I didn't you know the process was there To help me go through it and it's just So much better to be me not having that Some scar that you know that pattern in My existence and so that's for everyone Right and so where it said in the you Know I was reading that second little Bit there about them the the Israeli People the Jewish people being promised Israel and promised Prosperity you know The Old Testament the Jewish Bible is Just not a good book the way God is in That book it's very materialistic and It's very he's Petty and narcissistic And he's kind of a sociopath and that's

Not how God is it doesn't present God in A good way and the Jud judeo CR the Judeo-christian religion has suffered Because it's just not accurate It's a Bad Religion it's not you know it Doesn't present God in an accurate Fashion and part of this is promising Material things both the Jewish people And the and the Christians and I don't Know if the Muslims as well they believe That you go to God for materialistic Things that God is there to in this case Make you prosperous and there is Prosperity in Israel and maybe it's just Because they all believe it I don't know It's not not because a Divine God Promised them this land because anybody Can make anything up like I could say oh God promised me Israel I just talked to God he Channel I channeled God and God Said Pano should own Israel like I could Say that or like you could say it right Paul Romano just was promised Hawaii I'm The king of Hawaii now like you know Anybody can can make up anything right I People say God they're channeling God And it's just like with the QB's and you Know the Q stuff I mean it's not Accurate right it's not Verifiable it's not something you could Say God actually promised you this just Because you have some sort of inner Commun inner communication with God Doesn't mean other people have to

Believe it and it doesn't mean it's God Right so just because you think God Promised you something or your group Something that doesn't mean other people Have to acknowledge it and it doesn't Mean that it was actually promised Because we've seen how all these books Have been edited by people and You know whatever like it is whatever it Is but the other part about this God Promising you Prosperity the reason you Go to God is for God the reason you go To God is for your soul your soul is you Know moving through its own spiritual Journey in a different plane of Existence and your material success is Not a blessing in many cases people who Are successful materially often fall off Of their Soul's path you know for Immature souls for Souls that are Struggling for people who you know this Is their first time incarnating as a Human being whatever might be they have To believe that God is there for their Material life that they're praying to God for their material benefit that God Is rewarding them with you know devotion By giving them some Materialistically better life but of Course they're going to die and you're Going to suffer you know like those Things are there anyway you know if God Wanted you to experience Bliss he would Give you no problems God would give you

No problems and you would live forever And you would be wealthy and happy but Human beings who are wealthy and have Power and don't have problems are not Happy people they're miserable people in Fact some of the people who have the Easiest lives are some of the Mis most Miserable people you know the problems And things that we accomplish the things That we're proud of things that that are You know real accomplishments there's Difficulty in them you know God is in Santa Claus so this whole thing is you Know ungodly this whole idea that you Can use victim Consciousness and you can Say that you've been abused as a people And you're suffering at the hands of all These other people well why hasn't God Helped you if you're God's chosen people Why isn't God made this why has God made This happen right and then use all those Things that have happened to you your Victim kind turn into some kind of VI Vium Consciousness and manipulate the Same kind of behavior that you're Complaining about the Israel the Israeli People are doing to the Palestinians all The things that the the Jewish people Have complained about being done to them And you guys know that I talk about Victim Consciousness all the time uh let Me go through this um I'll do something On the assault cycle here in a bit I'm Going to take a break

Here so I just want to go over the Assault cycle something I work with when I worked as a counselor with teenage sex Offenders I worked in two different Treatment centers one as a counselor one As a clinician after I had my master's Degree in counseling and the pathways Model of explanation of of sexual abuse But I've made it Universal here and it Starts with what's called The Assault Cycle and this is a cycle that you know Some of the steps might be skipped some Of the steps might not um appear in a a Person's you know when they do something Wrong but it starts with trauma some Sort of trauma in the center usually or They could just be you know born a bad Person that's very rare usually it has Something to do with trauma and at 1:00 You see victim stance in poor me and That's where the person enters into Their cycle where they feel like they've Been wrong they feel like they've been Cheated they feel sorry for themselves They're having a pity party and once They feel that way they feel justified In doing something wrong to somebody Else and it doesn't necessarily mean the Person who wronged them or the you know The entity that wronged them they might Lash out at somebody weaker than them Just because that's who they can lash Out at and so that kick that uh kicks in The desire for pleasure to cover up pain

You know they feel bad so they want to Get something for themselves they think They're own something they think they're You know this is universal everyone goes Through something like this at some Point and then they want power and Control because they felt powerless Somebody did something to them you know Abused them in some way or you maybe It's their boss maybe it's a their Parents whatever it was and they want to Get their power back so they're looking For somebody weaker than them where they Can switch roles from being the weak Victim to being the powerful abuser and Then there's the fantasy and planning Part of you know what they're going to Do you know what they're they're going To um you know they're coming up with a Plan and how to execute the crime or Whatever it might be then there's the Grooming part and that's setting up the Offense right setting up a ways to Achieving their goal and then there's The offense itself acting out and then They start feeling bad about it but not In like a remorseful like real guilt Type of way like a more of a oh I might Get caught You know some they call it negative Guilt shame uh low Self-esteem and when they start feeling Bad again it kicks into the next phase Which is victim stance again they start

Feeling like a victim and that's what Causes the majority of bad things that Are done people feeling like a victim People rationalizing their bad choices Their bad behaviors because they Themselves have been victimized in some Way and they go into this victim stance Right it's like I said um earlier in Terms of uh that quote I read where it Says this the victim stance is a Powerful powerful one the victim stance Is a powerful one the victim is always Morally right neither responsible nor Accountable and forever entitled to Sympathy and so you can see they've been Setting up the victim stance when I went To eat lunch I was just clicking between CNN and MSNBC And these were just four of the um Victim you know stories that we heard of Course none of them are about the Palestinians the Palestinians are being Invaded the Palestinians are being Bombed Palestinians are dying and their Children are dying they also are going To have their land grabbed from them They're about to lose their rights and Things like this and they have been Suffering now for a long time but alls We hear on the news is how bad the Israelis are suffering At m at hamas's hands situation and as I Think your reporters have also said the Resolve is high and the level of

Commitment of the public in general you Know General sentiment but most Importantly of soldiers of reserved Soldiers and the regular soldiers is Very high as we see the Atrocities it saddens and tears our Hearts but it also serves to Galvanize Our spirit and our focus on what needs To be done against this monstrous Terror That we have on our do Day um I I also want to be very just I'm Trying to be very careful in our Reporting on what Nick Robertson saw at At kir AA as you said you have not been Able to confirm uh all of the reports That uh have been coming out from uh Troops on on the ground from others um But uh obviously there's more to be Learned in the coming hours you gave an Update saying uh that the Ida would Cover the bodies of roughly I think 1,500 um Hamas gunmen inside Israel if That is the number of dead do you have a Sense of how Many uh you know Hamas terrorists were Involved in this overall offensive do You have an idea of how many are left on On the Hamas Side Yeah we are U it's an evolving number The the figures here are rolling and We're you know trying to provide as much Information as quickly as POS so I Watched for about five minutes a little

Bit more maybe multiple segments and all It was was how bad Israel was being Treated now there was a fullon air War There Was You Know aerial bombardment From the Israeli Army and a ground war And you know a lot of things are suspect About the story itself but the way that The media is presenting it they're Selling which I talked about my other Video they're selling the idea that Israel is the victim and therefore Whatever is done to the Palestinian People is Justified and I'll get back Into that in a Moment we won't let that deter us we Continue to be active on all social Media channels we consider it our duty To tell the story of this part of the World and of the people who live here to Others across the globe and we will to Do so across social media and certainly Once we're able to get our newspaper Back up and Running uh quick question about Something Mark reg told me earlier about An hour and a half ago because he said That the priority has to be decapitating Dealing with homas once and for all so She just said somebody in higher up in The Israeli government or military says That they have to decapitate Hamas and It's a word being used with Hamas this Guy's going to say Hamas is decapitating Babies and are linking this to Isis we

Already know anybody with half a brain Know that Isis was a CIA American Creation and American Asset uh which you know I mean that if You don't understand that you don't Understand that but I've covered that in Multiple videos um when I asked him About waiting until they attempt to Pinpoint the location and rescue the Hostages is that the feeling of Israelis Because the some of the parents and and Siblings we've talked to relative They say deal with the hostages first The rest can Wait look this is obviously a very Complex and fluid situation but I think It's important to realize that the Hamas That we saw on display on Saturday is Not the Hamas that we knew in the past This is an Isis like organization incl Engaged in Isis likee tactics as you Said decapitating babies uh murdering Elderly men and women executing them in The streets taking whole families Hostage this is a horrific situation um And so yes obviously the family members Of those who've gone missing who were Held captive in the Gaza Strip want Nothing more than to have their loved Ones come back alive and certainly all Israelis share that sentiment so did you Hear what this guy just said he said That they were Genocidal that the Hamas and the

Palestinians are genocidal and they had Only one objective and that was to erase All of Israel off the map now there's Only one genocide taking place here There's only one potential genocide and That's the Palestinian people does Anyone think that Israel is going to be Wiped off the map and palestine's going To take its place no look at the map Right there's only one group that's Being erased off the map and there's Only one group that's facing genocide And that's Palestine and look at the Victim Consciousness here accusing the Other side of what you yourself are Doing at the same time we have to Understand this is a murderous genocidal Organization that will stop at nothing In its quest to murder Jews and draw Israel off the map and so Israel will do Whatever it must its leadership will do Whatever it must to Target masa's Leadership to Target its infrastructure To prevent it from ever doing anything Like this ever again while at the same Time taking care to do whatever it can To bring those hostages back home safely Am mayor our best to you thanks for Taking the moment to be with us I know How challenging your work is I can't Well I can't even imagine but thank you Thank you Andre so Andrea Mitchell's Husband is Alan Greenspan and they're Both Jewish she is um Wolf britz Blitzer

Is also Jewish there's multiple Jewish News anchors and reporters on MSNBC and CNN and there's lots of judeo-christian Reporters on MSNBC and CNN and I don't Know of one Palestinian reporter right There's not one person who represents Pales In the mainstream media as far as I know Okay so then there was something on CNN And the other thing was on MSNBC I'm not sure which was first but I Turned from one channel to the other and These were the two things that I saw and You were shot as Well I wasn't I wasn't I was saved Because he was next to the door and they Shot him and they saved I don't know why They just took me out of there and I was Saved saved he absorbed all the Bullets um into his body and when I went Out I saw him Dead they took you to the living Room they took me to the living room and Then came more terrorist with the Children of my friend ad which is she is Still Missing um they gave me Asel which is His four and a half months old um and Will take significant casualties they'll Try and minimize uh collateral damage But remember US Army fought in in Germany in World War II you know in Sole Korea so a short time after that I went To my phone and I got a you know Twitter

Um recommended a tweet from Libs of Tik Tock now my wife has maybe sent me a few Thing from Libs of Tik Tok and some of You guys have as well Libs of Tik Tock Is a right-wing Republican semi- truther Person who takes things that liberals Actually says and put some on uh Tik Tock and I guess Tweeter as well and has Been censored and shut down and Threatened and has been on Tucker Carlson and things like this and she Writes it's a woman Hamas terrorists Burn Jewish children alive there are no Words to describe these Atrocities and so um how do you know it Was them like did you see them do it all Of a sudden you trust the liberal media And they're reporting to this like you Don't trust them at all when it's Anything to do with Trump or any of These other things but now you trust him Completely that Hamas has done this and They deserve the worst of the worst Right because this person's obviously a Christian probably Evangelical Christian Who is supporting Israel and has bought Into those narratives like she hates the Liberals and is able to see through some Of the stuff to do with them but can't See through her own flawed belief system You know I said this on my other channel That when you watch a movie or TV show And any number of things you know in Terms of the media they want to

Establish victim Consciousness they did It great in 2001 with the stuff to do with um you Know the big event September where America was the victim and once they Convince you you're the victim or one Side is the victim if you're Democrat And you convince the you know the Populist or some members of the populace That Trump is victimizing them or or you Or whatever some group of people then The victim gets to do anything you know The victimizer is evil so Hamas is evil And therefore is Israel can do anything To Hamas and that includes kill their Children that includes wipe them off the Map that includes genocide it's going to Be bad it's going to be really bad and When two groups think that the other Side is evil and again Israel is a Nuclear power and Iran has a very Comparable Army and they're you know Looking to and this looks like it's Going to escalate to uh some military Incursions into Iran or whatever they do To retaliate like this is what all these People are saying I'll show you that in Just a bit JoJo Biden just gave a press Conference and there's other people I Got something from Porn Stash John Bolton and uh that woman where V and you know we'll get into that in Just a moment but once they convince you The other side is evil then you feel

Like anything you do to that side is Justified right okay we can do anything To them because they're evil look at the Evil they've done so we can use evil to Do away with them and you better be sure That what you're seeing is accurate and Isn't some false flag attack or some Other thing that's being perpetrated to Again why would the Palestinian people Allow this to happen when they know They're going to get their ass kicked Everyone knows what's going to happen to Them now they're fighting against a Superior force that wants to wipe them Off the map why would they do this why Would they do such horrible things and Then when they know it's just going to Be way worse for them whatever horror They are able to do for for a number of People a number of Jewish people it's Going to be 10 times worse for them and Their families and all the rest of it They're going to lose they're going to Be gone I think they're probably going To be wiped out completely and there Won't be any more green parts to the map Anymore it all will just be Israel I Think that's where we're going with that Okay so I'll come back and do the JoJo Magu thing and the V the grer van Stern And John Bolton Okay so there's kamla There is the neocon uh guy who plays Muddy Waters um blinking and there's this old

Dude pretending someone told that he was President he's not sure but he's going To give a speech anyway you know there Are moments in in this Life I mean this literally when the pure Unadulterated evil is uhoh Unleashed on This World the people of Israel live through One such moment this Weekend bloody hands of the terrorist Organization amas a group who stated Purpose for being is to kill Jews this was an act of sheer evil so When they start talking about it like This right with no balance of what Israel's done to Palestine you know Where they are in the process it's like Where when white people conquered America and did basically a genocide of The Native American peoples they got to A point where they were like halfway Through you know there first there was The initial 13 colonies and then they Started to expand through the Midwest And then you know the western states and Then over to California and so where Israel is in This process of Conquering the Palestinians and taking over the whole Land is basically they're they're just Starting to take over California like Everything else is gone or they've been In California for a little bit and They're slowly Exterminating the people

Right this is where um Israel is in Terms of Exterminating the Palestinians But this is evil right this act is evil Everything Israel's done is perfectly Fair and good and they're the good guys And the Palestinians are evil and that Means the Iranians are Evil and where this goes from there Right more than 1,000 civilians Slaughtered not just kill slaughtered in Israel among them at least 14 American Citizens Killed parents butchered using their Bodies to try to protect their Children stomach turning reports of Being babies being killed entire family Slain young people massacred while Attending a musical festival to Celebrate peace to celebrate peace yeah In Israel they're celebrating peace you Know were the Palestinians invited to That right and so I this is where They're going with this right this is How they're presenting this I might Cover the whole speech later I'm only Going to cover a little bit more cuz This is all I needed to Hear women raped assaulted paraded as Trophies Families hid Their Fear for hours and Hours desperately trying to keep their Children Quiet okay so there's this part I want To get to the part where he says what

Israel needs to Do okay so here he gets into what America's going to do and genocide of The Jewish people you mean genocide of The Palestinian people because there's No chance of the Jewish people being Wiped out Right so in this Moment we must be Crystal Clear we stand With Israel we stand with Israel and we will make sure Israel has What it needs to take care of its Citizens defend itself and respond to This attack there's no justification for Terrorism there's no excuse Hamas does not stand for the Palestinian People's right to dignity and Self-determination it state of purpose Of the annihilation of the state of Israel and the murder of Jewish People they use Palestinian civilians as Human Shields mamas offers nothing but Terror And bloodshed with no Regard to who pays the Price the loss of innocent life is Heartbreak breaking okay so let's see What Elsie is saying here he gets a Little bit goofy here feeling like You're being sucked In the anger the Pain look at his Face feeling like you're being sucked

In the anger the Pain the sense of Hopelessness go get him JoJo so then Then there's Um uh this part And we stand ready to move in additional Assets as Needed let me say again to any country Any organization anyone thinking of Taking advantage of this Situation I have one word don't don't You've heard that word a bunch of times From young girls and Women did you did you heed their words When they told you to stop or Don't Don't Our hearts may be broken but our resolve Is clear why did you shake your head No your heart's broken over this let's Be real Clear there is no place for hate in America even hate of trump and trumpers And uh magga Republicans as you call Them there a lot of hate coming you Coming from you and your party and your And your supporters about those people Right that's okay right that's okay Right as long long as they're evil as Long as you think they're evil it's okay To hate them so he didn't say anything About Iran here but some old woman Whispered something into his Ear we have no place else to

Go for 75 years Israel has stood as the Only guarantor of security of Jewish People around the world so that the Atrocities of the past could never Happen again and let there be no doubt The United States has Israel's back we Will make sure the Jewish and Democratic State of Israel can defend itself today Tomorrow as we always have it's as Simple as that simple as that these Atrocities been sickening they're Sickening he Sickened we're with Israel let's make no Mistake thank you okay so he kind of Butchered the end there this is V Gret Strr Who planned this who planned this Hamas Alone or did it have help whose dirty Fingerprints are all over this whose Dirty fingerprints are all over this Well according to the Wall Street Journal is Iran Iranian security Officials helped plan hamas's surprise Attack on Israel and gave the green Light for the assault at a meeting in Beirut Lebanon on Monday this according To senior members of Hamas and Hezbollah The journal also reporting that the Stripe was quote aimed at disrupting the Accelerating us broker talks to Normalize relations between Saudi Arabia Okay so then there's this guy who's been W he's had a a hard on for Ron Porn Stash right Rockets forever but how

Could they not see what was going on Leading up to This well I think they did know that Rockets were being shipped in shipped in By sea in particular some through the Sinai Peninsula thousands of them uh but Once they get into Gaza what happens is They're put in home okay so um Gaza Strip is a very small place and with all The spy technology and all the you know They have um like uh Gaza Strip you know Is is locked up by Israel on all sides And so they're saying that they allow Them to smuggle rockets in come on Thousands of them and Office Buildings And schools and mosques it's the most Cynical Behavior you can imagine uh by Hamas same thing is true in Lebanon Where the number of rockets estimated in Hezbollah's uh uh centers are in the Tens of thousands so it's very dangerous The the intelligence failure here that's Most disturbing though is that Apparently neither Israeli intelligence Nor American intelligence uh picked up This attack so when exactly so they're To blame right because how could they Allow something such so egregious to Happen how could they be so incompetent With all their their spying that they Would let what a failure this is unless They you know wanted it to happen right When secretary of state blankin says There's no evidence of direct

Involvement come on look at reality this Could not have happened uh without not Just the supply of these weapons by Iran But Direction and control okay so this Is where they're going with all this Right and so this is heading toward Iran And then Russia and then whatever else China and then I mean World War 3 or Four is coming three I guess and I think Think this is where it starts and we'll See how this all Develops but you know there's lies here And there's Manipulation and when religions do these Things like each religion sucks in its Own way because they have ownership over Their cult followers right there's money In it there's power and so they're all Vying for as many people as Possible and to do that they have to Demonize the other religions and it's The centerpiece of people's belief System because people were War for God That's always been the case and their Position on God and they don't feel God Like they're not feeling God's love in Their heart they're not connected with God they're not willing to serve God They're not willing to do God's bidding It's just their egos pretending that They are somehow connected to God and God's telling them what to do in some Cases the population is necessary like It is now and so Wars are you know a

Part of God's plan but not because God's Picking sides because God is seeing that Humanity has to I mean it's part of a Plan it's part of contingency one of the Things that happens when there's Overpopulation is Wars and then other Things happen to depopulate the the Populace to bring it down to a Manageable higher developed group of Souls that can then move forward instead Of of the amount of souls that are just They don't have the amount of humans That don't have the ability for abstract Thought but you go back and listen to All these you know these questions I Asked about these various religions and You can see at some point the religions Themselves have to go this video is Getting long I want to put it up for my You know whatever my members today and See if the um the other video was Actually green for some reason by my Other channel and I just had a kind kind Of interesting conversation with my son About uh my daughter Anna which was Interesting because I I brought it up in My I guess in this video uh and I found Out more information that you know was Not great to hear but I guess it's Important I include that in my journey Series I'll probably do that tomorrow uh But you know you get the idea about Religions and it's it's tied to all These things and I was going to talk

More about it but there's always Tomorrow just one more thing you know The title of this video is going to be Something like when you get doing Something that you've been complaining About other people doing to to you for Hundreds of years right and that's What's Happening Here the way the Palestinians are being treated is the Same thing that Israelis complain about Jewish people complain about so you know There should be no more victimization Because you're okay with the behavior Because you just did it to them it's Okay to justify it through some Religious belief or some whatever it is When you're doing to other people it's Only a problem when they they're doing To you why are you special right any Group I'm talking about Americans any Group whatever you do to other people Will be done onto you that is one of the You know Divine laws only spirituality Will save this world it's Paul Romano Definitely reporting from the Apocalypse In the Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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