What’s new with Alec & Hilaria + Fetterman Smash Gets married Exclusive + JoJo & Greta

What's new with Alec & Hilaria + Fetterman Smash Gets married  Exclusive + JoJo & Greta

Greetings brothers and sisters it's day Two of the Alec Baldwin um Being charged with man's letter And so um we got a bunch of stuff to get To I haven't looked it over yet but I think it'll be interesting Um and then I want to get to uh The world economic Forum the uh Disrupting distrust uh presentation I Haven't watched that but that you know It's all about the truth Community but Let's start here with fetterman smash Because this happened [Music] So the wage Zone I met was really kind Of strange Well that doesn't sound like you So he married someone named Giselle and This is their story Working out of Scarlet City it was this article that Mentioned Braddock kind of said how she Looks like she'd be friends with Hilaria Baldwin It you know builds half the world's the Buildings and bridges and how those Steel all came out of Braddock and it Gave so much to America and to all of us And then it was this Garden Left Behind Braddock is awesome And that felt really sad and it felt Really low [Music] He wrote me a letter

And she wrote him a letter and even back In back in 2007 it was kind of unusual To get like a handwritten letter so I Opened it and Introduced herself and and said hey I'd Like to come visit Fetterman getting a visit from a woman And I was not quite sure what to make of it But she put her business card in there And did it say hook around it And I thought well she went to this time And effort to write a letter so she Certainly deserves at least a phone call Just a say something nice so I wrote This letter to the borough this kind of Handwritten notes saying you know my Background's in nutrition non-profit I'd Love to visit and do something and I Don't know what that looked like but Something told me write this letter got That her letter on my birthday it was a Birthday present for Federman fetterman Smash and she Ended up coming to visit in early October of later that year and it just Kind of went from there that just went From there To go and three kids ago and I You know what if I never got that letter Or I didn't open it or it's all kinds of Possibilities You know I didn't make that call like You know how different you know my life

Would be and and it's one of those weird But true stories that uh it's so weird Everything about him is weird but it's Also true his whole life is a weird Story but a true story just if one Little thing you know would have had not Happened I we never would have met so It's The Best thing that's ever happened to me One of the best things Boom there they are The veterans They're the fettermans So oddly enough like often happens to me I found the real video the original Video because this one obviously has Dubbed audio so let's go to the real Original video hmm feminine smash fit Him and lonely fit them in Smash I was Told by my MK Ultra CIA handlers that This Uncle Fester looking human ogre of A mare had a bright political future in Some sort of Idiocracy dystopian World that was being created so they Told me I should go up there and seduce Him so I wrote him a letter I sprayed it With some perfume and some list lipstick And my pheromones and see what would Happen because you know I didn't know if He liked human women but I was given my Orders Vitamin get letter from woman Federman Like woman fed him in Smash fetterman

Smash feminine want to meet women smell Woman's hair invite women to office Veteran want to see woman fetterman Looking forward to seeing a woman woman Coming to see fetterman fetterman smash Fetterman smash when will fetterman Smash feniment smash soon so I met him In his office and you know I walked over And he started growing in something About fetterman smash I mean he said Something like fetterman smash venomous Smash so I took a couple of Percocets And I let him Mount me Vitamin C woman woman walk in fetterman Get boner veteran veteran-like woman if I don't even want to smash fetterman Smash feminine's got a smash It's not the most Pleasant situation you Know he smells a little bit like salami And pot and scum veteran-like woman Woman like veteran fetterman need woman Vitamin C woman vitamin want woman Vitamin get woman woman give veteran Baby baby say fetterman smash baby say Fetterman smash more babies say Fetterman smash get lots of baby Feminine like baby Veteran like smash fetterman like to Smash fetterman smash things so it's the Angel story of hooker meets ogre ogre Becomes a politician successful one Nationally for some reason The American public gets dumber and Dumber

And politician smashes Washington D.C it Just you know it's such a heartwarming Story okay so let's go to the Alec P Baldwin thing here Prosecutors say they knew early on in The probe that the Fatal Rush shooting Would lead to charges And so here's the Prosecutor Baldwin with involuntary Manslaughter and not something less well Because it actually fits the statute if You look at the statute but but he was Actually the producer on this film he Was present on scene he's an actor who's Probably starred in 40 plus gun movies So it's very familiar and he said I Believe in reports and interviews that He's very familiar with the use of guns The gun was not checked by him or with The armor which is standard protocol Where you actually you may not have to Check it himself but he's supposed to Check it with her and had he done that And of course not pointed a firearm at Somebody that you're you know rules of The firearm you don't point a gun at Somebody unless you're intending to Actually shoot them and he did all those Things which ultimately see that's the Thing that um As screwed Alec from the beginning Because everybody who's taken a firearm Class and been trained in firearms Firearms the first rule is and the most

Important rule Is you always assume the gun is loaded I mean no matter how many times you've Checked it or whatever it is And so you don't point a gun at somebody And certainly not pulling the trigger Right assuming that you think the thing Is not loaded And all the stuff that Alex tried to you Know weasel out of and say it is Multiple interviews and his victim you Know we think in the victim stance and Everything Was not going to undo that right Really resulted in Helena Hutchins staff What tipped the scale and made this a Felony case well it's to us it was Because the conduct overall by him and Hannah Gutierrez and David Halls was Reckless there's been a lot of questions About about how the weapon was fired Alec Baldwin says he never pulled the Trigger that he here it comes just Released the Hammer of the gun what did Your findings come up well that he Definitely pulled the trigger and that's Confirmed by the FBI report boom he Pulled the trigger leave Alec Baldwin Pulled the trigger yes and aimed it at Helena Hutchins not intentionally you Know trying to hurt her or anything but I believe his conduct was Reckless and He did do that do you believe Alec Baldwin should go to prison

Um you know it's not my it's not my call Right now to believe whether he goes to Prison or not and our focus is to get Justice for Helena Hutchins and and to Let everybody know that just because You're an A-list actor you're not going To be above the law boom That's not good Alec but he's not he's Certainly not any last actor anymore I Charge Hannah Gutierrez read Because she was the armorer on the set And she should have been checking the Bullets checking the guns checking Everything multiple times never handing It to anyone unless she had personally Made sure that all of those bullets were Were actually dummies and she clearly Didn't do that here there were also at Least five other bullets found on the Set Okay so um The issue here is like she said Alex was A producer and he was in 40 movies with Guns Plus you know his Brother had a post-op talking about how And it's a now deleted post but you know It's been archived I covered it and other people covered it The brother um posted how his dad was a Marksman their dad was a marksman in the Marines And had won like competition Competitions and taught the kids about Gun safety and they were you know they

Would go out shooting and you know when They were kids So I grew up around Gardens and then all The Hollywood stuff And there's just no excuse for him right But it was his behavior in the Interviews and on Instagram I mean That's what really just put the nails in His coffin I mean I don't know about the Prosecution here Here's something for the New York Post Alec Baldwin refuses to accept blame for Rush shooting they killed Elena Hutchinson Of course there was that interview by an ABC News I was going to go back and show You the clips but I'm not going to do That now maybe I'll do that later In another video But it was his fake crying his blaming Her you know like he blamed her For being in front of his bullet And it was him acting like a victim That you know and it was that he was Deposing himself like there was a lawyer I saw I don't know if I shared some of That video or not but he was a YouTube You know lawyer on YouTube who talked About how Alex was basically deposing Himself he was Saying things that you would ask in a Dis deposition And he was incriminating himself Both in terms of a you know this type of

Uh legal jail time court case and a Civil suit from the husband And he just kept on talking and I said All along just stop talking I mean about All their stuff His wife's fake accent I mean all of it They do the stuff just stop talking Like you've already damaged your brand And you're just you know what are you Doing like for Dopey Instagram fans and Things you know Trying to clear your name with the Public like you know people don't like You the the trumpers hate you because of All the stuff you did with Trump and you Know the right Wingers and all your Political stuff and you know kind of Narcissistic and arrogant and all these Things just stop talking but the guy Just wouldn't shut up And he kept on burying himself even Deeper into this thing Hilaria Baldwin Sports Stone Cold glare After charges and Alec rust shooting So there she is in a sweatshirt a hoodie You know strangling one of her kids And there she is looking sad and bummed Out and somebody's pointing her Direction to where she can Visit her husband in The Slammer and She's wearing a shirt that says human on It She has she has a sweatshirt that says Human she's a human being she's human

You know just a simple girl Spanish girl From Boston Spain Some more pictures here I don't know what that is Um Twists and turns that let Alec Baldwin Be in charge in the rush shooting On set onset complaints before the Shooting remember they were not being Paid I mean this is Alex ego still Trying to make movies And on a shoesting budget right he was Already you know his career was Basically over You gotten old and he just had jumped The shark He was making these low budget movies Some of them involved guns he made a Movie called pixie that was shot in Ireland he played a priest There's a lot of gun play in that and They're you know these are Um These are not you know High budget Movies And he hired a 25 year old who really Didn't have any experience and wasn't Qualified to be an armorer And the inexperienced armor here it is a Production Source on the Nicholas Cage Movie the old way filmed before Russ Described young armorer Henry Hannah Gutierrez read as a bit careless with Guns waving one around every now and

Again and so she handed a gun to a child Actress forcing the crew to intervene And so um This This is uh you know a young lady who Really wasn't qualified to do this job The you know they brought live ammo onto The set and I mean there's all those Things there's those live bullets Um And then Alec Baldwin just being a total Tool remember when he said um he didn't Um He didn't know it was that she had been Shot he thought she had like a stroke or Something he didn't know she fainted he Didn't know she had been shot even Though the gun went on like you know When you fire a gun you know you know And so there's so much BS involved in I Mean it just collapsed on them Alec Baldwin could face five years in Jail over Rush shooting There he is with his uh Spanish wife From Boston And you know I mean we'll see what Happens here But his career is over and He looks just like such a tool So I briefly want to go back to his Instagram page nothing new from The yesterday And here's hilarious Instagram page you

Horner kids and she hasn't posted Anything of course she has this which is A nod podcast Where she claims to be a witch and They're all part of a coven here's her Latest plug Urologists and sexual health expert Dr Jennifer Berman Joins Hilaria and Michelle In the coven to dispel mess and remove To taboos surrounding the powerful force That is the female body Joining them in the coven they touch on Everything from hormone imbalances to Setting the record straight about Vaginal reju reunification And driving in and driving and diving Into what actually accelerates the aging Process they're diving into this you Know this witch-like stuff About witches and they're Rejuvenation of their vaginas Male reindeers lose their antlers in Winter and females don't so Santa sleigh Is actually pulled by a team of women Woman veteran Of course it is Um Female deer don't have antlers right What are you talking about Um But her whole thing is you know they Have she has this weird uh anti-male Competition

And how you know it's a whole feminist Thing but it's very deep with Hilaria But now she's left with what their eight Kids they're blonde kids really blonde Kids Pale skin blonde with Spanish names And uh you know an aging husband that May be in The Slammer for a couple of Years And has no career left we'll see how That how long this marriage lasts so I've been covering Alec for and then Hilaria now for you know years and it Started because He used to have these vicious what he Thought were takedowns about Trump and I'm not a Trumper never voted for him And Trump you know has been a disaster Lately like he went from an interesting Character in the story the show a really Great character in the show what I call The show right And then he just has gotten pathetic Over the last couple of years But I realized that Alex's obsession With Trump and this is when I started Covering the trumpet Obsession in the Media that Alex obsession with Trump Had to do with His like his imitation of trump Were exaggerated mannerisms that he Himself did and things that he thought And did right they're very similar in Their narcissism

Like Trump doesn't make ducky lips but Alec made ducky lips in his SNL uh Imitation of trump And that's not a that's not a trump you Know it was a horrible imitation he Didn't sound like Trump he didn't really Act like Trump and the jokes weren't Funny Saturday Night Live sucks so bad Now like it's embarrassing And so he was you know Um projecting his own Hatred of himself And the kind of person he is the Selfishness Which was exhibited by the shooting Because he handled the shooting the same Way Trump would blaming everybody but Himself right like that's how Alec is And then you know not that other people And all of us you know I mean being able To handle something like that is hard to It's difficult but there's no you know There's no sense of remorse and him just Going out and shamelessly trying to make Himself the victim of the thing And it was just a disaster but like he His Stupidity I'll show the the memes at the End of this thing but he just kept on Saying over and over The word shoot and shooting and he just You know did all these things and said All these things that just brought Everyone's attention back to

What he had done and he just wouldn't Stay off social media because they need To be fed right they can't you know These celebrities and someone like this They just can't go away they had money They should have just disappeared the Best thing you could do you know people Are going to make up their minds one way Or another and you disappear until The Santa Fe you know Department of Justice right The district attorney Decides what to do with you right you Know maybe it's a distraction who knows What the reasoning is behind this But other than that you go live your Life outside the public eye because it's Over right Your celebrity status your you know now You're just um Infamous you went from Being famous to Infamous and your wife Is taking you down like everything went South for that guy when he married I Mean she's in there talking Spanish to Her kids with a Spanish accent And she's from Boston she was raised as A white girl a rich privileged white Girl who was a daughter of a doctor and A business you know one of them's a Doctor one of them one of them is Successful in business And they were affluent bostonians And she was Hillary Thomas right Hillary Hayward Thomas

Two very Anglo names she just have a a Drop of Spanish blood and you know for Whatever reason she Did this Persona and she's still doing It like she's been caught and she's Still doing it it's like Madness Alex Still going along with it but even Before that he was starting to slide and You know now he is where he is So let's um roll the memes these are all The memes I have of him Saying things that reference the Shooting or you know I'll do the one Where he blames Putin And all of it so here we go this is a This is a homage to Alec B Baldwin I Don't wake up and look in the mirror and Go oh there he is oh you You you Trump is alone Trump is an anomaly Trump is a maniac Message to say how sorry I was and Shooting famous cinematographers and Then The Gunshot as you all know you the Cinematography message to say how sorry I was and shooting famous Cinematographers I want to apologize I'm Sorry that Vladimir Putin has Left with me again Ah Click with I don't know what words to Use today but if they click with them Isn't marriage a gunfight sometimes [Laughter]

I'd light up a couple when I was usually When I was working because I was I'm so Nervous when I'm shooting when I'm Shooting to get the job done when I was Shooting or you know just Stupid behavior when I was shooting when I'm shooting when I was shooting when I'm shooting when I was shooting when I'm shooting so the thing is that as Much as the Democrats say they want Trump in jail Alec Baldwin has a much better chance Spending time in jail than Trump I Wanted to get some clips of um Dalek Baldwin some of the videos I used Before where he um Was imitating Trump you know just to go In the background here when I do my Audio stuff And I looked through the videos I had on My Channel with the name Alec in it and there was 108. you know So 108 Alec Baldwin videos or at least Videos that included him on this channel And I don't know how many on the other And you know not a proud boat But it's been like a long road to Watching this guy crumble you know it's All about for me the apocalypse and the Collapse of things that I cover so Frequently on this channel the collapse Of the current system And Alec Baldwin being one of these sort Of you know A-list people famous people

Rich and famous person right Hollywood Actor and glamorous all this stuff but They say they really want Trump in jail And I doubt we'll ever see that I doubt We'll see it with Alex Alex Jones either But they're not protecting him the Liberal you know mob he was such a Endorser of liberal politicians and he Interviewed politicians and pimped for Them and gave them lots of money and I Mean he did all kinds of things for the Democratic party and the liberal media And he worked for NBC for years he had a Contract with NBC 30 Rock and SNL and these you know all whatever it Was right he was a member of their club And you know he his wife had a whatever She had with the with the appropriate And a culture but he didn't do anything To the Liberals right I understand what The Republicans are mad at him and the Trumpers But the Liberals you know he he was Nothing but a good soldier for them And Santa Fe New Mexico is a very Liberal place I lived there for a bit And there's you know Albuquerque In Santa Fe and you know the New Mexico They call it the land of enchantment but The people who live there call it the Land of entrapment there's this Um element to it right and There's these places in the west like There's a place called Boulder Colorado

And some of these other places Sedona And Arizona that are places where Liberals go trust funders often rich California kids whose parents were Really wealthy Californians or people Out west or even in New York and other Places like that and they have a trust Fund and they go to live in these places Right Santa Fe is one of them it's the Capital of New Mexico Albuquerque is at 5 000 feet in set a phase at uh I think 7 500. and it was where my first two Kids were born Anna and my older son and You know there's a lot of things that Happened for me there I worked in Los Alamos in a Counseling Center for kids And that was a weird place right very Interesting geographically you know I've Lived in the west twice That was the first time right after I Started doing Sage mark for a couple Years I moved to New Mexico and I worked As a preceptor there for a bit and then Um I eventually uh moved back to the West when I came back from India this Last time in 2016 and lived in um Nevada and Utah I prefer Utah I think as My favorite state out there but there Are some really cool and interesting and Funky places in in the west America is a Beautiful country I mean the world you Know there's some beautiful places but America has lots of them right Tropical Islands and then you know tropical

Places like Florida and then Lots of Coastline to major oceans and Then deserts and mountains and all these Things right I mean a lot of countries Have a lot of continents have those Things but America has all that and a Great deal of fresh water with the great Lakes and there are just beautiful Places everywhere but anyways when I Lived in New Mexico you know as a kid I Had a fascination with the Native American culture and I hope to connect With that when I went to New Mexico and I really didn't because you know I knew Some Native American people and there Was a professor at my place where I got My Master's Degree so there's some level Of that but the cultures were very split Off right what I was told was that Santa Fe had a choice you know it was a Capital To either build the school the college There University of New Mexico there Or build a prison they built a prison Because they thought it would mean more Jobs And University of New Mexico went to Albuquerque and so Albuquerque was the Much bigger city like Albuquerque had I Think close to a million people and it Was just a bigger you know it had a Bigger sort of footprint as well But Santa Fe became a place where there Was one-third like white uh very liberal

People one-third Hispanic and one-third Native American and the cultures really Didn't mix as much as you would think it Was quite separate quite segregated at Least when I was there you know years And years ago although I think uh you Know it's a kind of a a blue state in New Mexico there's it's a swing state But Santa Fe is a you know a very um Liberal city right it has a lot of Influence in California they're filming Movies out there right all these things And they have some Hollywood influence a Lot of those people are there that are You know wealthy famous Hollywood people Have properties in those places And they just rang Alec Baldwin up like It was nothing right I mean they're Going for as much as they can get out of It they're you know coming down hard on Them and it's amazing how quickly they Threw him under the bus for doing Absolutely nothing but be a good soldier For the Democratic party and the liberal Community in terms of them going to jail Like he's already suffered quite a bit And I don't know you know what Accountability he has for This Woman's Death in terms of you know he's going to Pay money he's already had to sell a Property in a house I mean it's going to Probably bring the end of his marriage I Think maybe a shorter death the end of His career he's you know I mean he's

Basically Uh shamed you know he's a canceled Person in Hollywood and I mean all these Things and you know I don't think he'll Serve any jail time maybe something Small you know be reduced sentence and He'll pay a fine and I don't know like You know in terms of I you know I don't like to get into Judging people based in the little I Know of them in terms of what they Deserve because I believe in a Divine System That you get consequenced good or bad For everything that you do right Everything that you do comes back around To you and so whatever he gets he gets Like I don't you know I don't have a Stake in it certainly I've invested a Lot of time in you know mocking the guy And if he goes to jail and whatever it Is it's going to be you know I mean he's Not going to be an insta goal so that's All I've got all these memes But in terms of you know what he Deserves So this is disrupting distrust and I Heard Brian Stelzer Stelzer mentioned it Um in the you know in the following He did a follow-up A little whatever thing I don't know What they call this thing some sort of Presentation or Think Tank type of thing And this is all about them

Recognizing That people have lost trust and faith in Them and their brand has been more or Less destroyed at least in the people Who are kind of active on the internet In the the so-called truthers and Right-wing people right and so it's like How do they get rid of that how do they Bring trust back into their you know Where the people trust them again and Not just the world economic Forum but All of these people right all of these Groups the U.N the World Bank the who You know the governments is just you Know people like Bill Gates all these People how do they create trust again And so I haven't watched it yet but I Know they're going to go about the wrong Way And so let's get into it here Afternoon everyone thank you so much for Joining us this afternoon and thank you To the world economic forum for hosting This important discussion I'd especially Like to thank Louise Giannis and Madeline for making sure this title Could Happen They're awesome I'm Katie keep it up for them Kingsbury I oversee the opinion section at the New York Times my in my role I work with the Columnists editorial board comments like Tom Friedman Maureen Dowd oh they're They're great you're gonna rock this

Thing you guys another failed Enterprise Right something where it's moving away From You know all these people These you know the New York Times and All these types of um well uh Brett Stevens that you read in our Pages sit Down bro every day the editorial sit Down poop board as well as the outside Experts and thinkers that the times Publishes Um many of whom are here at this meeting Today New York Times rocks Um in the next four see the New York Times is like CNN they don't know how to Regain trust right because the you know People are moving in the exact opposite Direction of the mainstream news right Like it's the old people still watch it Young people they don't you know they've Never been indoctrinated to it and they Have no face in it right they have a Different way of getting their Information it's through Independent people on the internet That's the whole problem and so you Don't get the people who have lost the War To host a solution 45 minutes you will Hear from these impressive panelists you Can tell how much they respect you as an Audience because they've all changed Their shoes [Laughter]

Bringing a laugh well maybe not Richard One pair yeah You're watching People's shoes That's not going to bring a new trust Into your Some contacts committed to improving the State of the World experience that speak To the issues confronting us as we try To build trust as a key pillar in Multi-stakeholder cooperation across Government businesses and Civil Society But first a few introductions Okay so um Trying to build trust You don't do it by disrupting distrust Right that's a negative that's a Negative goal I thought about this Before you always make your goals Positive you always word them positively You want to accomplish something you Think about what you want to do which is Build trust Disrupting distrust means that there is Some sort of element we know what it Means which is there is you know the Internet and there is people who don't Believe in the official story and They're all you know disparaging you and Your brand right your your you know this New York Times brand the world economic Not the world economic Forum brand Governmental Brands right all of it and So they're trying to disrupt that They're trying to stop

A counter story to their what they call Their official story right They're you know they're the people in Power And you know if you're going to do that You're going to fail you know you're Going to fail epically I'm going to read Them because I want to make sure I get Them right Richard Edelman is the CEO of Edelman a Global Communications firm Responsible for the annual Edelman trust Barometer boom he knows about trust and Trust barometers in his 22nd year the Report it's your face Neil covers a Range of timely and important societal Indicators of trust he isn't even buy His own stick amongst businesses media Government and ngos shaping conversation And setting the agenda for the year for The year ahead Angela Williams president and CEO of United Way worldwide United Way United Way worldwide is a network of nearly 2 000 non-profit organizations raising Funds from its community that are Distributed in it through a bottom-up Approach Salah Saleh tell me don't know her name Allah thank you is a senior vice President for social impact at Masters You skipped somebody your card an expert In financial inclusion and the use of Technology for social impact she Currently leads smart excuse me

Mastercards 500 million dollar pledge to close the Racial Gap in our racial and wealth and Opportunity Gap Helena is director General and consumers International her organization Represents consumer advocacy groups in Various countries to ensure everyone has Access to Safe sustainable products and Services ensuring customers are treated Fairly and that Wow Um So this panel is somehow going to Disrupt distrust businesses are trusted Thank you all for being with us today Thank you you're welcome Oh you mean Them Um I'd like to start with you Richard if You can you're starting with the dude to Man explain it to us provide us with a Little bit of context for this Conversation what are the latest trends That you're seeing in terms of trust Okay so to set a stage we've done this 23 years we do it in 28 countries 32 000 People we did the survey in November so That's the data now Long-term trends one ngos for years were The most trusted institution well ahead Of Business Media and government and one Now that changed in 2020 when it became Government at the height of the pandemic Since then it's been business that's

Fact one fact two The growing Mass class divide an opinion It started in 2012 in the U.S in France And in the UK it's now metastasized I'll Give you data on that give us some data Richard but it's now in three quarters Of the countries more than 10 percent Difference between the attitudes of the Top 25 percent and the bottom 25 well The third is the Battle For Truth Um which you do every day you do every Day but the react the Battle For Truth There isn't a battle for truth truth is Truth right there's levels of Truth But it's you know what he's saying it's The battle for who gets to say what's The truth And we know the government the official Story they have the power to say this is The truth But then people don't believe it so it's Not you know you have to get people to Also believe it right you might have the Authority but you don't have the belief People on the internet are much more Convincing they don't have the authority And sometimes they just make stuff up But they're the ones that the people More readily believe right people get Their information from other people like Them on the Internet Reality is that people feel as if they Don't have enough information that's Quality to make good decisions and

That's really become problematic since 2016 since the US election since brexit But then we've now at a sort of Different level Um of of this with disinformation Because of the pandemic I think the Disinformation that's been out there Because of people and you know the Government's never put out this Information the the sort of last point Is you know how about some numbers like What percentage of people Distrust and what does that mean what Are the institutions ratings in terms of The amount of trust they receive from People what percentage do they Trust The people in the organizations right I Mean he's just talking in generalities Here trust has gone local historically As a Jew I always say this it's the Moses model top down some people say It's the Jesus model however you want to Do it it's fine top down then it went Horizontal about 10 or 50. Those are our two choices Jesus said Moses 15 years ago with rise of Facebook went To peers friends now trust is local in My employer and in my company and my CEO My company's newsletter is the most Trusted source of information even ahead Of mainstream media crazy as that is Okay you know you're just so trusted Okay so three or four Trends from this

Year that are important the first is we Absolutely observe an imbalance between Institutions Between government and business there is Now a 50-point Delta on competence 30 Points on ethics business is the only Institution seen as both trusted because It's competent and because it's ethical It gets things done and exactly Businesses will never do anything to Stressful CEOs have moved from being in That top right corner both competent and Ethical to being ethical but not Competent I have more about this for you later but That's a very sad fact for my colleagues I'm sorry I just tell you the data he Just tells he's just like fauci he's the Fauci of trust you can hit me later Um but I'm running fast because you got Better shoes on the the second big Finding is that we see a real Dependence on business to be the okay so I'll move forward here um Okay so this gets very boring I'm not Going to cover this is one part here but This happened I want to take some Questions from the audience Jonathan Uh hold on one second the there's the Mic my name is Jonathan Greenblatt I'm The CEO of the Anti-Defamation League Okay so I covered this guy recently do With the Kyrie Irving extortion

And that brutal stuff to do with Kyrie And Kanye right and this guy you know I Didn't know much about the Anti-Defamation League But Um You know there was a Jewish newspaper an Israeli newspaper that covered how the Anti-Defamation League will go after a Group or a person and they will Basically get that person to give them a Donation like Kyrie Irving gave him five Hundred thousand dollars And that is their way of You know it's like extortion you know The world of cancer culture very sleazy Right And so um they're all players like these Are the people in the audience they're All players in this you know Big business Big World economic players So I have a question for Richard and Maybe for others on the panel maybe for Others Richard mostly because that's the One Um So you talk about business being the Most trusted Sort of Um entity or sector and then just a Moment ago you talked about sort of the Right wing disenfranchising ngos it Seems like we're seeing a trend in the U.S of now the right wing again you know

Nobody disenfranchised anybody you guys Uh misbehave the U.N is Been responsible for so many wars they They invaded Gaddafi after he was about To achieve their Millennium development Goals He had done a tremendous job in Africa According to the U.N Millennium development goals that were Supposed to be reached by 2015 and he Was on track to reach all achieve all Eight of them he turned it into the he Turned the poorest country in Africa Into the richest country in Africa And they went and destroyed them right Ordered America and other countries to Go in and Destroy uh Gaddafi and loot His country right America was more than Happy to do it as we're The other NATO you know whatever they Were allies there And so the England came out in Parliament wrote a report about how you Know how BS it was how it was you know Complete lie in fabrication And for them to constantly be putting This on us instead of saying you are not Trustworthy admitting they're not Trustworthy you've lost trust because When people look deeper into your you Know they look beyond your false Presentation as a ruling class as a People with money and power And you know these institutions and

Individuals behind the institutions we Look through your hype and your Spin and Your you know your marketing and behind The curtain we see that you're not Trustworthy right everybody lies and you Guys are better at it you guys are doing It on a much bigger scale I'm talking About all the people who you know these Countries and institutions that run the World and instead of and I said this in My other video instead of them trying to Win back trust and become the kind of People that we could trust They want to destroy any counter Movement any alternative media anybody Questioning their greatness right and Their trustworthiness going after big Business in particular like ESG is the New CRT if you will and has become I've Heard people here at Davos tell me They're no longer Fortune 50 people They're no longer using the phrase ESG Because it's too poison too toxic so Richard looking at these Trends do you Think that big business will get knocked Off as well And Um that seems very complex complex an Environment where we're thinking in Multi-stakeholder Frameworks with Business at the center So my response Jonathan is business Needs to stand its ground More than two-thirds of employees say

That they want to work for companies Whose values are equivalent to their own Two-thirds of consumers are belief Driven buyers 80 plus percent of people In institutional shareholding want to be With companies that are endorsing ESG The one thing you have to do though is Have one standard for ESG not 180. you Get picked off if you have too many Different standards and it's something That they can demagogue as opposed to Own also business has to be very clear About this is good business not you know Some kind of woke delusion you know that That we're in well it's delusion what Does this book delusion that you speak Of in business to make money but it also Is going to serve society and focus your Attention on four issues sustainability On jobs and reskilling focus on Diversity inequity and inclusion and Geopolitics like get out of Russia but Don't take on every issue on abortion Because I know this is important you Absolutely have to provide medical care For your employees and so everything he Says is going to be for liberals All the points he said you got to stay In your ground and don't cave to The conservatives and the religious People And the truth community so that's what He's saying don't cave to them stand Your ground and back the agenda this

Video is running late I want to get to The greeda thing and the one Joe Joe Biden there's a bunch of stuff with JoJo We'll go multiple gas coming up let's Save those for two days from now or Maybe I'll put them on my other channel Probably not though Probably here in two days Which will be Sunday Unless something huge happens but I'm Running out of time I gotta go make Dinner Other stuff um But I just want to wrap this thing up Here it goes on and the majority of it Was very liberal so what they were Talking about regaining trust it was to Do with the world culture and the Liberal culture right they do not care About the right wing and the Conservatives and they're just Dismissing them As something that they can you know Eradicate the ESG is environmental Social and governance ESG ESG stands for environmental social And governments investors are Increasingly applying these Non-financial factors as a part of their Analysis process to identify material Risks and growth opportunities Um you know I'm all about the Environment I think the environment Needs to be I mean in terms of human

Civilization or the environment I choose The environment even though I'm Dependent on human civilization We are destroying this planet so you Have a different view than you know to The truth Community has been so Contaminated By Alex Jones which I covered you know Yesterday I guess it was that the video Was put up yesterday morning but he was Uh you know it's this movement that has Contaminated some things that are Actually truth or good The problem is when these corporate Giants in the U.N and all these you know Un has this public and private Partnerships ppps which is part of the Human development goals Where government government would sell It's um we'd have a joint like own a Bridge with a corporation or a national Park like the Grand Canyon I just talked About this in another video But when they talk about the environment It's going to be climate change it's Going to be you know stuff that has Already been spoiled and we'll get into Greeda in a moment you know her thing It's kind of funny fake arrest and it's Just you know and the right wing and the You know the truth Community just isn't Buying this stuff anymore You guys are about making money like I Don't care that you're about making

Money And I don't care that you're about lying You know because it's your job at this Point the system is a lie right that's The problem with everybody You think that the system is in some Ways pure at its base and it's not it's Corrupt at its base right it's Foundation you know in the seismic System Babaji he wrote this second Master the system wrote This brilliant Book called reality at dawn And in a chapter entitled my vision he Talks about how The future world the upcoming world Would be built with spirituality as its Base A foundation of each person having an Internal connection with God that Everybody Who existed in who will be existing in The future world We'll have to have an internalized Connection with God Or they'll just be you know they won't Be able to function in the system right Right now our system rewards for being a Sociopath And being a narcissist and being greedy And being selfish and having a Killer Instinct if you have all those things You can do really well in this present Paradigm right and so this system has to Go and there has to be a new one you

Can't do anything about it you can't fix A system that's built on a foundation of Lies deception debt is wealth all these Things I've talked about this Forever but until then They need to keep it going And you know I mean we're all dependent On it it'll collapse when it collapses Until then these deceivers need to keep It going so I don't care I'm not all you Know I get less and less concerned about The people who control the system I'm not you know they're doing what they Have to do in this paradigm and it's Evil sure Are they going to are they going to Suffer consequences sure We all will to some extent right because We're going in the wrong direction we're Going away from our Soul's path And we're being pulled down to a lower Level of existence But this forum you know in terms of These um what was it What was the thing again this um ESG of Course people aren't going to believe You right and so what they're trying to Cater to is the woke like all the people Other people the three women on the Panel we're trying to cater to the loss Of trust in the liberal community And they're not even they're discounting The right wing it's just being stupid Crazy

And you know and so if you start from That standpoint that means they're going To have to make everybody else knuckle Under Whatever they're gonna have to suppress Your ability to express yourself And you know any power that you might Have take away your wealth anything that You might have your Collective wealth Middle class upper class Americans Because they just want to eradicate Those ideas right where you have Suspicion about The level of the you know depravity that These guys live with and you know in Terms of my view The system is going to collapse before The idea of that really happens like It's just going south really quickly and We can all see it all right let's get Into the JoJo Magoo thing and the stuff With Greta Okay so this is the Golden State Warriors visiting the White House And they are coming in there's the Owners Clay Thompson There's um Kama and JoJo magu blocking the photo And so trying to figure it and enjoy Does this Look how humbly he is look at him he Gets his smirk on like he just rocked it He's such a like a daughtering old fool

And Then watch Kamala [Applause] He said I'm not doing that She said I'm not doing that she's not Kneeling She just makes some room for herself Over here Boom [Applause] Look he's the only one kneeling Okay big big thumbs up here I mean just An absolute tool right and comment with The big thumbs up This is their photo moment And then number one Apparently she's a Warriors fan Okay so Greeda thundberg I remember her she's starring in one of My favorite memes I have here Let's play that here [Music] How dare you [Applause] You just got dirty and rolled [Laughter] She gets fake arrested much like sad Dumpling Amy Schumer [Laughter] So they're posing for photos she's got Us All over there Smiling and look look at look at they I Think she's struggling look at these two

Guys they gotta manhandler these two Guys who are laughing and we're posing For all these photos It's such a tough I mean Carry Me slaves right They place you royalty Yeah she won't flush we have no choice But It shows here as a video even more so German police are accused of staging Photos first they're standing there up With her and smiling This you know this fake protest and all This stuff and You know they come over here Got over here there's you know they're Going make sure you get some photos Same thing over here Um Greta and it's just um it's just so fake Like there they are smiling and hanging Out and you know she's she needs to be Manhandled because she's such a a Physical threat right and they're Holding hands smiling you know this Guy's joking you know laughing around Hey listen Protesters say expanding the mind will Mean Germany will miss its climate goals There she is cracking up she's such a You know criminal and they are walking Nicely through the mod before I have to Pick her up escorting her off talk about White privilege right

Oh no I feel like weird today like not Bad but just like I don't care I mean It's a clear day where I just feel like Effort it's raining outside I had to go Do some outdoor work it's cloudy and Just wet and it's getting cold you know I talked about my cows I'll do an update On my cows maybe on my other channel we Have a new plan and it just also Pointless right I mean all of it just You know the truth Community the The you know the mainstream stuff Certainly I mean just you know it's just Pointless right you think you just Humans I mean we just suck so bad right Now collectively and I mean it's hard For me to you know I see good things and Of course there's good people and There's quality artistic work that's Done and there's you know beautiful Things in our civilization and a great You know natural world it's not like It's all negative But it's just like people's overall Mentality and you know what we expect we Think we're entitled to and what you Know the powers that be are willing to Do to save the system I mean that's what This is all about like how far will you Go to keep the system going Like how low will you go Like what are you willing to do to keep The system going What insane stuff are you willing to do

And you know it's gonna get pretty bad I Think I think it's going to be pretty low Anyways only spiritual value will save This world it's about remodel definitely Born from the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day I Hate to edit out my yawn there I Couldn't even make it Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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