What do RFK jr, Donald J Trump & Hilary J Clinton have in Common?

What do RFK jr, Donald J Trump & Hilary J Clinton have in Common?

Greetings brothers and sisters um I got some stuff I want to talk about Just an introduction here from the last Video of RFK Jr and his infidelity it's more About Cheating and the mindset of cheaters and Some to do with RFK Jr but it's just Leftover things that I think need to be Said Especially to a western audience An audience that um You know comes mostly from America and Then Canada and Europe and maybe a Little bit Australia I mean majority of People here are Coming from a western upbringing European you know American culture and These things And so I was talking about RFK Jr like You know people are going to have flaws And they're going to have like one of The things I heard him say was That um like he said to his wife When he started to run for president That he had so many skeletons in his Closet that you know was Unthinkable He'd run for president Of course now nobody cares about them it Shows you the times they're there Because he had been arrested for drug Use On his job you know things he's Hunter Biden lay stuff right I mean was a

Lawyer he was working in like a in a Like a D.A District Attorney's office as A lawyer And he got busted for drug use as a Famous person Three divorces previous wife committed Suicide And a diary of his exploits like you Know when someone wrote a comment why Would you keep a diary of your affairs Like he had a diary he had 37 of fears And Affairs in one year Cheating on his wives and all these Things And you know admitted drug addict in These things And you know one of the things that was Refreshing about him was he's Transparent at least about the drug use Part And so you know people can change people Can have I mean everyone has to change You have to give up your like I was a Punky selfish and narcissistic Young person And I had a spiritual Awakening I did a seismarck system And I'm somewhat better right like it's You know I'm better than what I was But when I started off I was like not a Good person And I don't you know know what I am now But I'm a better person than than I was Then right and you're you're moving

Towards in the positive direction which Is important Everybody should be moving in a positive Direction There's no stagnant you know in the Spiritual world you're either going Forward you're going backwards there's No stagnant position you're either Moving closer to God or you're moving Away from God Not in the religious context but I mean That in uh the spiritual one where where You're moving internally Towards your on your Soul's path in Towards the Divinity that resides within You like you're going inside and finding God And that God is you know there to be Uh embraced inside of you and that's the First step to being really alive that's The first step to being a real human Being and most people haven't done that Even that first step they're materially Uh you know they're addicted to Materialism and they're not doing Anything even the slightest bit to Define god with it right like even you Know in the Christian tradition Jesus Said the Kingdom of Heaven is within and That's what's meant by that and most People aren't even flirting with that or Thinking about it which is sad but that That's why the current state of humanity Is what it is

And so with Kennedy you know one of my Viewers sent me Uh some you know stuff about his dad his Dad apparently was involved with Marilyn Monroe as well and you know there was um Just uh you know immorality in the Kennedy family And this person had said that Kennedy Like was Putting firecrackers in something I Can't remember exactly I read this Morning but was throwing them at cars And you know it's like a little hoodlum Um you know he was doing like bad pranks And he did a lot of bad stuff right And he could redeem himself like anybody Else and you know everyone's got to Figure that out for themselves right But the problem is he came out and Talked about his addiction and how he Couldn't beat his addiction on his own But he had this spiritual awakening Uh connection to God and you know I I Liked what he was saying because it Resonates with my own experience The problem is after he had that Spiritual Awakening he was still Cheating on his wife and these other Things right and Again you know he talked about a lust Demon that he had a lust demon but the One thing he talked about in these Videos was his Addiction at drugs and he couldn't beat

That he didn't talk anything about his Lust demon but you know he's got Multiple demons And there's lots of broken people like This And I want to discuss this personality Configuration and you know this what we Call samskara in the massage Mark system I have information about it that most People don't And you know stuff I haven't really Talked about here all that much so when Talking about cheaters and infidelity And you know this kind of thing I'm Talking about a very specific thing here And it's not people who Are in a dead marriage or they're they Don't have any sexual relationship with Their significant others and you know Their spouses like they their sexual Relationship has died and you know they Might stay together for the kids or Whatever it is and you know there's or People who want to get divorced or you Know whatever the relationship is over And you know there's all these kind of Things and you know those things are Their own separate thing each one of Them when I'm talking about specifically Here is people who are happy with their Spouse they have a good spouse It's usually men but it could be women And they feel like they can cheat on Their spouse and have this other thing

And not affect their marriage And not affect their family And you know they want to have both Things they want to have their marriage And their spouse but they also want to Have sex with other people And they think they can get away with it And it's not going to cause problems And there's people who are in Kennedy's Case where he had 37 Affairs in one year You know all these things right where They are is uh you know a an addiction There And you know the lies and the Gaslighting and the you know the Deception that goes with it And You know to engage in something like This there's lower reasons selfless Reasons not to do it and I want to get Into that again a little bit here and Then there's higher reasons There's a higher spiritual reason And so I want to talk about both those Things you know how this thing is bad For you on an egotistical level and Certainly on a soul level So on an egotistical level I talked About this a little bit in my old video That I was around cheaters And I came up with my own idea you know That which I guess is kind of a higher Idea that you know the person that you Claim to love the most if you're

Cheating on them then who won't you Cheat on right if you're cheating on the Person that you're most vulnerable to Most connected to most dependent on most Um you know in so-called in love with Most you know you're partnering with This person and there should be loyalty There And you're doing something to hurt their Heart which I didn't know back then You know their heart uh and this is Another thing with Kennedy he's going After people's hearts same thing with Donald Trump he's trying to win people's Hearts like this is what I you know in Terms of the scishmark system there's One way you could just try to impress People on a egotistical level And you know but there's another thing When you try to win people's hearts when You talk to them in a way That they have a need that you're Fulfilling they need somebody they need A leader they need someone who's going To solve this problem of the system Collapsing And they you know you're somebody who Resonates with them and Kennedy's done a Good job of figuring out The different demographics of people and Talking directly to them and winning Their hearts right Only to her later be hurting them with His because he's a deceiver right and so

Trump did this Kennedy did this these Are recent people like you know Biden Isn't winning anybody's heart Again he's just not Kamala Harris isn't Winning anybody's heart Ron DeSantis you know these guys They're not going to win people's hearts They just don't have the personality for It the Charisma and the ability to win People over and you know I'm talking About different levels of support and Enthusiasm for Trump and Kennedy you Know and uh Bernie Sanders to some Extent and then people are like well I Gotta choose somebody this guy sounds All right you know that's how they feel About these other people And so Kennedy's winning people's hearts But in your relationship with your Significant other if that person gives You you know their heart whatever that Means you know there's a it's an actual Process you know this has happened in The massage Mark system with the current Uh defunct Master you know that that's Mark But The Meditation I do with heart You know the heartfulness aspect of it This guy dodgy who's you know wants to Be a guru and he's just a horrible Person and he's just done horrible Things right Um he's having a spiritual fall And when you win somebody's heart you Know you're responsible for the care of

Their heart which is a you know the Heart is a delicate thing People you know people give up life for After they have a broken heart like People get broken from a broken heart You know to some extent the hearts of Your kids the hearts of your you know You're the people in your family or Whatever people give your heart their Hearts invested in you and then you do Something And it hurts that person's heart right Of course I didn't know this back when I Made this realization that you know if You cheat on your spouse and who won't You cheat on you're a cheater and you're There's no one that will ever be able to Trust you and you can't trust yourself You know if you do this form of cheating I'm talking about where you lie to them And you do something outside of the Relationship you want to keep that Person so you lie to them but you're you Know You're deceiving them so you can do Something else right And it eventually you're going to get Caught and that's part of this thing I Mean people Are self-destructive and they're going To figure it out one way or another They're going to be suspicious of it and You and you yourself know like you you Know when you think of yourself as a

Piece of Boop right you're just Poop I didn't I failed on the Boop I I Snubbed I flubbed The Landing Um but you know yourself like you know You feel guilt right and so that's the First part like you know you're a piece Of Boop You know and when you do that it hurts You when you lie and do things and Deceive and do these kind of things and You're engaging these things It wears on you don't sleep well you Need to take medication to sleep You know all these things right and You're constantly going to be worried And this is something I saw with all my Cheating friends I had two friends that Were really bad cheaters Um my one friend was my best friend from High school Who moved to Atlanta his mom he had Lived with his dad in high school in Connecticut that moved to Atlanta where His mom lived and you know I ended up Going down and living there I was looking for a place to go one of My friends had family in Atlanta as well And he was supposed to come with me but He you know chickened out at the last Minute and I went down there and you Know I had a it was a good experience And I was around the area where the Ashram was eventually I would do

Seismarck you know years years later But this guy um Was living with this red-haired girl who Was very fiery And she um I didn't like her at first But like we went we were going somewhere Together And she went in to get something at Convenience so I was waiting in the car And she came out she left like a Sandwich and an orange juice on the Sidewalk next to this homeless guy Like she had a good heart that way she's Just kind of you know she was kind of Fiery but after that we kind of became Friends And he started cheating on her and she Was like not having it like she was you Know um And he cheated on her a couple of times One time She uh he he was he came into my Restaurant I think and he actually Brought this girl into my restaurant With saka's he was living with this girl And I saw her all the time as the Red-haired girl and she just was psychic She was like sensitive and figured it Out she went through his wallet and Found a phone number And he was in the shower and she came in The shower and stuck the phone number in The shower and started yelling at him Right like

And so then he started dating he worked At like Holiday Health you know valleys whatever It was you know one of these athletic Clubs and he started dating a girl there Who he eventually married And he was cheating on this girl and the Girl knew that like I didn't like to lie So she'd called me up And it was stressing me out like I was Stressed I was probably more stressed Than anybody And I'm like what way is this to live Like you live in this thing where you're You're constantly you know waiting for The your lies to be discovered and you Know just I mean this could be in Anything where you're just living lies And you know you live with this this Damically stored hanging over your head Waiting for your you know your lives to Be discovered and that's so many people That live in a deceptive you know Reality where they're lying to You know in this case your significant Other but you know everybody in the Community You know like a drug addict or you're You know whatever you are like Kennedy In his positions here You know like you're just waiting for People to figure you out and you're Going out and just openly deceiving them And pretending to be something that

You're not and you know the truth is Going to come out right and so it's like It's just no way to live right it's just No way to to go through life so anyways You know this girl was just constantly Calling me and you know she knew what She was Sheena he was cheating on her And like he put me in a bad position and There's this like illusionary bro code I'm not supposed to rat out my frail These things right just all this Ickiness like all the stress you cause For everybody else and and uh you know Another friend who anyways so this um Girl eventually drove over to our Apartment so that was living in the same Apartment she had moved out and he was With this new girl and they came out of Our apartment You know I was sleeping Um and he went to work you know I Worried a table so I was like sleeping In or whatever And when I got up She was there the red-haired girl she Was all upset and she had maced him like On his way to work And the cops had come and she would run Off and she came back and I'm like you Know I'm like you're going to go end up In jail I'm like just you know he's Cheated on you you know I mean you have Enough information Like move on like you know you don't

Need to get revenge you know Like just move on you know that he's a Piece of poop like just He's betrayed you you know why are you Are you still You know involved in this right um just A weird thing And so I had another friend who was just A Serial cheater I told a story about Him and The dog groomer in my last video and he Was constantly getting Um you know caught in all these things And he got off on it and the lying the Manipulating the gaslighting to these Girls whatever it was And he got in trouble like with the I Mean there was things that happened Like he was um You know he was a a broken person right And then there was um You know my brother which I've talked About and like leaving his his wife on His on his son's birthday and then just All that the way that went down it it Fractured his family and his Relationship with his kids and you know Just all of it then he told me about Like all these Affairs he had that made More sense to me you know I was Oblivious to it as a even in my college Years Because I didn't think he would do that You know and

When I found out I was like oh wow you Know so he was Living this stumble life and like he Just couldn't help himself like even Later on and you know even after he Started doing the seismic practice and He started to feel numb From the waist down like the system was Trying to help him Get over his addiction like he just you Know stopped Like you said he just felt numb like he Wasn't you know From doing the size of my practice it Was like helping him to get over his Like womanizing stuff or whatever Uh but he's still you know is we've just He couldn't do it like on an egotistical Level I mean he got better and stuff he Got older Uh but you know like I I just saw it and This the stress that he Um you know He put out himself and like there was a Time where he was Hitting on a train with his youngest son And he was stating that crazy woman I Talked about the other video this crazy Blonde woman And you know his marriage was fractured And there was a single mom And he started to you know be interested On the train And he's my brother's telling me the

Story and his son's like Basically like in his tennis like nine Ten-year-old son's like no like we're Not doing this you know this is supposed To be father-son time And he said you know like and he just Had to deal with he said to me that this Wasn't going to be about me I just had To be there for my son or just to have This you know Experience that I couldn't you know do What I want to do which was You know bang the single mom you know he Was already you know involved with Another single mom you know just all This stuff and the complexity and the Stress that you deal with so on a Selfish level it's the guilt of getting Caught right it's the guilt that you Live with of getting caught and Destroying people's lives and you know I'm even hurting people's hearts like When I was a a younger person not a a Great person you know as Punky and Selfish You know I still felt things I would say Horrible things to people or we would Insult each other and you know sometimes I would you know because of being Insightful say something that was Much harsher and you know worse than What my friends were saying you know and I would feel Like the court that I caused them inside

Myself like in my own heart I didn't Know what it was Until I started doing Sage my practice Which is cultivating the heart and when You hurt somebody's heart you can feel It in yourself And you know it gives you reason not to Do that because now you feel what they Feel you develop empathy And it's you know something that I Wasn't Consciously aware of but as I started Doing the seismic meditative practice It was something that was there right That was helpful to me Um I wasn't good socially but I could You know understand when I hurt Somebody's heart I could feel it in Myself right And it learned it helped me be a better Person you know married to somebody who Was always offended and was a Perpetual Victim and you know it helped me be less You know uh brutal and what I said you Know things that I would say that were Were harsh or whatever and you know Helped me soften up and you know these Things it was actually you know a Benefit I got out of that you know Horrible marriage but there is a series Of negative conditions that go along With cheating The guilt and the shame that you feel You know like the cynicism that you have

Because then you feel like everyone else Is a cheater as well so you never trust Anybody you lose trust you don't trust Yourself you don't trust other people so You can't be in a trusting relationship To hurt pain you cause the people around You that comes back to you these are all Like selfish reasons or you know self Self reasons egotistical reasons not to Sheep because you know it's just like There's side effects of being an Alcoholic there's a side effect to being Addicted to gambling and the people who Have these conditions they all suffer These things and they can list them for You they can list all the things that Are caused you know Financial ruin if You're addicted to gambling you know the Negative emotions you feel the the Depression when you lose the you know Just all of it like that there's I mean You end up being addicted to Pills and Alcohol as well you know to kill the Pain I mean these things go hand in hand You know things that go along with being An alcoholic you know of course the Liver damage and physical damage and You're not being able to sustain at Employment destroying your relationships Make it a fool of yourself right you Know all these things failure I mean There's just lists of things that go With all these addictions and with Sexual addiction there's as many or more

And sexual addiction usually crosses the Line where you're also a substance abuse Abuser and also you know many of these Other things right the guilt the shame And then the other conditions that go With it sex addicts can tell you this And there's so many sex addicts now in The youthful generation because they've Been socialized by very graphic Pornography since they're very young And that has shaped their understanding Of relationships that's their training As pornography right their training is They've been brought up on their you Know in terms of they don't look at Their parents Good marriage or even dysfunctional Marriage as a training ground for Marriage their training ground is Pornography like that's What they you know understand as being Sexual relationships and so there's so Many like people with some level of Sexual addiction just because of that All these people grew up in the age of The internet internet porn internet porn Makes up one-third Of the internet like it's just still That powerful an influence And so there's all the things you go Through on an egotistical level and You're not special you're not different Everybody goes through these things But then there's the higher levels for

Not doing it and one of the things that Master charge you said the third Master The massage Mark system and I don't know Where it is like I only heard this talk Once or I saw it or I read it I'm not Sure Where I can never you know there's stuff In the literature that I would like to Come back to and hear or see again but He had this epic talk to Western people Like he would come over to America and He'd just be able to make these Observations Or Europe or you know wherever he was in The world about the culture and the Issues with the culture he would just Like see through it and he said you know That people in your culture are in this The state of Perpetual choosing like There's a choosing period there's a Choice period in any kind of decision And you make the choice and you live With it and he was talking a little bit About marriage but everything else as Well But because of our consumer-based nature Because we've been Taught to be consumers and everything's About pleasing the customer the customer Is always right and then you're always Supposed to be consuming You're always in a choice Point you're Always in Uh you know this Perpetual state of

Choosing that you're constantly being Asked to choose something and you're Constantly buying something purchasing Something making choices about this or That And you know there's no finality to your Choices And that's one of the reasons for the Divorce culture in America in the west Because the idea is you've made a choice But you can always make another one and Then people get married and they're Still in the choosing process You know we're still always in the Choosing process where we're always Shopping We're always looking you know the the Part of the Romantic relationship that's Most shown Is the beginning part the the Falling in Love Part you know falling in love Master charge you had had another talk Where he said you should rise in love That you know falling in love so this is A long time ago I think other people Have Come up with the same idea but I think He was maybe the original person But he said you should rise in Love Like Love falling in love is a stupid way to Look at it like it's not a fall love is The highest you have to rise up to love You don't fall into love You know but love is like considered

Something Uh mundane or like it's you know you is Some kind of a lower thing And You know people our culture focuses on That initial stage of the relationship The two people coming together like you See sitcoms and you know they had that Jump the shark Website and one of the categories of a Show Jumping the Shark Was they did it like there was some Romantic tension you know Sam and Diane And the friends and the Um the um Whatever that bar show everyone knows Your name Don't tell me don't care I don't need to Know but you saw this in lots of shows And sitcoms where there'd be Sexual tension between two people And you were waiting for them to get Together and that there was anticipation Of that that drove the show especially For you know women but everybody And then once they came together the Show would end because that was a big Part of the part of the storyline and The plot line And marriage and doing the hard things In marriage and you know the happily Ever after like there's this fairy tale Storyline and so much of our of our Stories our movies our TV shows things

Like this And the happily Ever After part deals With you know they don't deal with what Happens once you do get married and you Have all the sacrifices and uh you know The adult level things that you haven't Been trained for right all the things That you haven't been given you don't Know Well you know how to do those things Right because you don't have any Training all you've seen is the Beginning part And that's the fun part the honeymoon Period the Romantic part then there's a Sacrifice you don't see very many things On mothers and fathers you know your Good mothers and fathers might be there But oftentimes the heroes of TV shows And movies are orphans So you don't even see good families you Don't see the idea of a mother being a Protagonist Sacrificing for a family these things And the difficulties they go through That's not really talked about like all This is the choosing period Obsessed with the choosing period and Then people You know go through the choosing period They have this big you know marriage Those little women are you know young Women are are you know fantasizing about Their marriages and that wedding day

That's their big day and then they you Know then they they have the the cold Hard reality that they don't know what They're doing haven't been trained Properly to be in a a family and they Don't have uh you know family support And their own parents are divorced and Losers and you know this is you know be The choosing the constant being a state Of choosing and not taking Responsibility for your choices making a Decision and living with it right you Know and there's just a lot of stuff Like when you're young you don't think About these things But you know you're in this euphoric Stage where there's You know the sexual attraction the Sexual energy which is a a pleasurable Energy and it's like being in a daze you Know the honeymoon period But then there's the reality of real Adult problems there's raising kids Which is stressful and You know I mean people uh you know love Kids and talk about kids but kids are Difficult like they're just they are They're little people they have their Own issues and You know and even if they're great kids There's stress to do with that and then As you go older and you're in your Marriage and your situation There's going to be differences that you

Haven't Your philosophies your your view of the World the direction the family should go The stress that you're dealing with the Issues the problems What you do with you know Financial Issues money issues And where you're going towards as a Family as a couple and you haven't been Prepared for any of this stuff you don't Have any support Elders in your family And so this is where you know real life Sets in you know they talk about these Midlife crisis and people want to go Back to the fun time because they've Been told their whole life it's about Enjoyment The Pursuit of Happiness right And you're also always choosing and now You're living with that choice Um You know and it's not a good one there's Stress mayor it'll stress all the things That happen And that's why there's all these Divorces right because people Don't realize what they're up against And what they've committed to And so they want to choose again right They want to have The ability to choose and be in that you Know initial stage And thinking somehow it's going to be Better it's not right okay so I had to Go out my wife and I went to the

Chiropractor you know we were going Weekly since We got into an accident my neck stiffens Up but I feel a lot better Um but anyways he's kind of a truther Which we've Realized with our conversations over the You know I've been going there maybe six months Of my life maybe a little bit longer but Clearly he doesn't get to talk to people That believe what we believe and he's Been talking about like going to the bus Stop with his kids and some of the you Know horrible thing these Suburban moms Are saying like it's totally woke You know this liberal you know Bizarro World and they have bought in Oak Lane And sinker but the other thing was that You know I we went to Whole Foods so we Had picks up some stuff up on the way Home And I'm making uh meatball subs Which I have in for a while and I made Them And I made rolls for the first time This is like last week I'm gonna do it Again this week I stopped making because I tried to make Them in the Soviet but they didn't come Out that great Anyways uh so I meant to get Italian Parsley but And it was I want to get organic because

It's a lot different in terms of The organic parsley and cilantro and I Got the wrong stuff I got cilantro and It was conventional Because I didn't understand the The way they were placing the stuff in The store And so we were in line and she said is This cilantro I said no it's parsley she Said no it's cilantro so I had to run Back And I was running and I'm like wow I'm Running I'm moving a lot better you know I've lost about six or seven pounds And so I'm like wow I'm running like I Used to run like I have more agility I'm Not running like an old fat guy so that Was a breakthrough but anyways going Back to what I was saying here I was Talking about there's a time for Choosing and then once you make your Decision you live with it And that's how it should be for marriage And all these other things sometimes you Get a raw deal I mean this is the Difference between Countries that are considered fatalistic Like India and countries in the Middle East Where they say it's God's will or it's Allah's will or whatever In America where you're like oh I get to I get to choose out of this is and work It out the way I thought right

You know things aren't going in the way That you thought they were going to go And you're not having the fantasy and The dream and the you know the dream That you were promised this family Happily ever after you were promised by Disney when you're growing up or Whatever And so um You know that's my thought about all This stuff And then you know one more thing about This is stuff with Kennedy particularly But you know this is with people who are Serial cheaters you know him keeping This diary which I you know alluded to Earlier one of my commenters said why Would you keep a diary and then rate the One you know rate the experience and all These things and then the diary Gets in the hand of the ex-wife and Makes it into The New York Post that does a hit piece On him and then he runs for president Right like I guess what he said to his His current wife is that he has so many Skeletons in his closet if they could All vote he would be Presque he would be King of the world right so that's you Know he's got more things that we don't Know about you know but there's this Self-destructive nature For people who are cheaters like you Know anybody who's doing things that are

Unhealthy and unnatural And are deceptive and manipulative and I Talk about this with the controllers all The time It's like they want to get caught some Part of them wants to get the caught Like your soul Will make you feel guilty and make you Feel uh you know will undermine your Confidence in what you're doing And the more you have some sort of Spiritual Connection you're connected to your soul The more you have some Humanity left in You but even the people who don't there Is a soul there and your soul wants you To stop Piling up to some scars you know I Talked about some scars In the you know Journey Series so much And these are the Impressions you take With you from life to life and things That are you know they're things that Either out of guilt or shame or You know addiction or whatever it is They are the things that bring you back Into life and you have to and your soul Is hoping your ego will get it right This time They give it a second chance a third Chance a hundredth chance that you'll Throw off your addictions you'll throw Off your negative tendencies that you'll Get a desensitized to alcohol or drugs

Or whatever it might be And you'll rise up and do a better job I Mean that's what you know Their hope is right that's what they Think is going to happen or the plan is And that's the design the you know the Design here That you would come into life in each Life you would grow a little bit to get Closer to God you would realize that Fame and Fortune these things aren't While you're here You discover your true purpose you get On your spiritual path you fumble around For a life or two you come back in you Get serious about it and then finally You come in and you don't care at all About what's going on the material world You don't care about anything that's um You know part of the illusion and you Just get down to business and you Execute your life the way your soul Wants you to execute it and you know the Cleaning process and the scishmark System which I've talked about is Phenomenal for that right you know I Wrote a paper called The 13th Step You know based in the 12-step program I Took addictions and this is for my Master's level you know my master's Degree in counseling And and what other classes I vote about The 13th Step it might have been the Addictions class

And you know there's 12-step programs Which to my understanding There is some success that people have For them Uh you know there's we had to attend Some meetings observe some meetings and You had a good professor in that class And there's this Al-Anon and you know I Went to go to that and my classmates Were like oh you've never gone to one of Those I'm like no they're like oh boy And it was all women and I was there Just observing which put me in an Uncomfortable position and I was really Uncomfortable as it was like it was not An environment I was supposed to be in And these women were all bitching about Their families and their husbands and You know they were people who are Connected to alcoholics and they all had SOB stories and you know they're all Supposed to be supportive a couple times I was cracked up because that's what I Would do I did I would have to leave I mean I Would have to fail the class because Like I had to just suck it up but you Know I guess there's some success in These programs but there is a you know a Step Beyond that which I called becoming A spiritual person The 13th Step is Connecting to God and of course the Cleaning process you know the people in The 12-step programs are constantly

Saying that they're an addict and They'll be an addict for the rest of Their life And this was Kennedy's position But the cleaning process in the seismic System if you are willing to go through It and it's not easy It's not like you're making effort You're suffering Through the cleaning the you know what They call Boga the experience of the Samskara The impression in this case addiction And you know I went through this Cleaning out of this uh past life where I had a resentment and bitterness Towards God and it took three months Really it took years and years to build Up and then three months of intense Um you know just just a nightmare what Was going on in my life at the time of Divorce and things and it took a lot to Extract that from my system but when it Was gone I felt so much better and Lighter I talked about this extensively In my journey series videos And you know someone with an addiction Can get that cleaned off They have to want it you know they have To you know they have to you know even After it's cleaned off they have to Refrain from the memory And the desire to drink or participate In any sort of substance abuse but on a

Spiritual level it could be cleaned off And that's you know the 13th Step And years and years ago with my you know My first family My ex had an old friend from college or Something who came down with her family And she was um married to a kind of an Effeminate man he's a nice guy but you Know Um they're kind of liberal I guess And she um Had suffered pretty uh horrible abuse And also was a substance abuser and she Was in the 12th step And my ex you know brought up my paper And she kind of got a little bit Triggered by the ideas there'd be a 13 Step and my exits about you counselor Her and like we went into one of the Rooms in our house And not what I wanted to do because I Was never good at counseling I'm not a Good people person And the woman was hyper defensive About the you know she was really Connected to her 12-step programming Didn't want to think about taking the Next step towards being a spiritual Person And she had three kids and the kids Seemed pretty cool a little bit older Than my kids And then um Like a year or two later she left her

Husband And I guess the reason was that she told My ex that she wanted to sleep with men That weren't her husband She was you know a sex addict as well as A regular addict and then she you know Destroyed her family and you know she Never got over her addictions You know in all these things there's an Element of self-sabotage and self-hatred And self-loathing and Kennedy has that Because of what it was said about his Diary where he's you know he's Condemning himself and he's viewing Himself through the the eyes of this Catholic upbringing and you know the Tragic and uh addictive nature of his Family and the tragedies and the crisis And all these things that went with it Right and somebody like that is you know They're gonna blow right you know like Somebody like that who's I mean there's You're better off having a criminal Who's doesn't have a guilty conscience Then Uh you know somebody who does right People who are you know unhappy or they Hate themselves for selling out or doing Whatever they're doing people those type Of personalities Are you know eventually it's gonna Have to be reconciled and usually that Reconciliation comes with the person Imploding in one way or another and

Scandal and and you know just having a Breakdown physical and mental emotional And these things And you know that's what you're looking At with Kennedy like he's you know I Think he is sincere in some ways but He's damaged goods there's so many Broken people out there And you know most of those broken people Hate themselves and you know blame Themselves on some level for whatever Was done to them and there's a lack of Strength and her strength in their System to become natural and healthy People and get on a spiritual path and Be functional And so they you know they're just headed Towards like some sort of guilt-driven Punishment or comeuppance that they've Been creating throughout their Experiencing all these people who run The system the controllers you know many Of them on their Deathbed beg God for Forgiveness and you know they want to Sort of you know they're freaked out About dying after doing damage to the Whole planet and hurting other people And keeping this dysfunctional system Going And so those people are always a Nightmare because they're just a ticking Time Bomb of some self-destructive Crisis and they take people down with Them it's not like they just go off and

They you know they their destruction Hurts them it it hits everybody right You see that with Trump now and all the The stuff he's dealing with because of His his um oppositional nature and the Stuff that he you know went on the Attack and now they're all Coming after him with these Court things And all the rest of it right and then All of us suffer because of the you know The the division and the uh disharmony In our country And so you know those are just my Hopefully final thoughts about this Kennedy thing and the rest of it let's Move on to Some more stuff here Okay so I just have time to cover Trump's most recent indictment which Seems like a non-story like his fourth Indictment yeah well like I mean Put him in jail or not like But you know how many indictments like What's going on You know it's like they're keeping Trump Alive this helps Trump on his in his Base it helps him seal up the Republican Nomination he squished the competition Already and you know whatever's going on There and so I turned on CNN and Unfortunately I should have taped it With my phone Because they said the word conspiracy Like

10 times in two minutes In the morning show Caitlin Collins has Taken Don lemon's time slot which is Hilarious and I'm going to cover that in A separate video I've been waiting to do That for a while because it's so funny But she has a new show and I want to Give that the kind of attention that it Deserves But Don Lemon is out you know has been Out and this is his prime time slot She's now in prime time After that disastrous Town Hall where All the Liberals were hating on her for Not asking Trump to tough questions But her and somber Ty Jake Tapper Droopy Dog Jake Tapper they start talking about The conspiracies here There was no suggestion in the Federal Indictment of Donald Trump and six Unnamed co-conspirators uh four of whom At least are in this indictment as well And named that's Giuliani Eastman cheese Bro and Clark but Mark short vice president Pence's Chief Of Staff told me that Mark Meadows Trump's chief of staff at the White House was the ringleader of the whole Conspiracy and he suspected that because Meadows was not a co-conspirator in uh The Federal indictment that he was Cooperating so it is interesting indeed That Mark Meadows is indicted in this State indictment yeah and he was the one

Who with George in particular Jake he Was the one who went down he was so they Very conspiracy multiple times and it in The actual legal document it talks about When they read from the indictment it Uses the word conspiracy over and over Again that they conspire to overthrow The 2020 election And all of a sudden they believe in Conspiracy theories right They demonize all of us who talk about Conspiracy theories But here they are talking about a Conspiracy theory they believe in this One that Trump and his dopes over there Committed conspiracy to Came together and plotted a conspiracy To conspired to overthrow the 2020 Election and it's just ridiculous right We believe the reporting is that funny Wellness wants to go after conspiracy Charges racketeering charges not just For Trump but for his allies as well Essentially tying them together these So-called Rico cases which I'm sure so This was before Um but she talked about racketeering and Conspiracy right and then they're using The conspiracy over and over again You're very familiar with So conspiracies are real There are real conspiracies and if You're a conspiracy theorist like these People

Well you know you might not be crazy I Don't know about these people But the rest of us how does this fit Into that and and what will make that Unique about how she's putting this case Together under the Georgia RICO statute Which is really conspiracy plus it Allows you to bring in related criminal Actions into one sort of overarching Conspiracy theory that's the you know so You're a conspiracy theorist Jury hear a story on day one this is What happened all the way through the Conclusion of the story and these Disparate acts by all these different Actors woven together in this Rico Conspiracy charge allows for that Storytelling and that's what you want as A prosecutor you always say as a Processor so again they've been talking About conspiracy they've been using the Word over and over again it's their Talking point They used it in the morning this girl Was on the morning show a day later And I'm not going to find that I just You know And she and her cohorts just say Conspiracy conspiracy conspiracy theory Conspiracy conspiring right they said Over and over again And that's their talking point that this Was a conspiracy And yet they've been talking about how

Crazy conspiracy theorists are and again This is just a theory No one's been evicted of anything yet But they've embraced the conspiracy Because this one's okay this one's a Real one so this is um MSNBC Yeah we've known for a while that Coffee County was in the under the microscope What happened down there it's a rural Georgia County a very deeply Conservative Trump remember her The Kraken lady country down there was Not a very close election but we know That a team she has so much evidence It's coming out of her remember Trump supporters and uh data analysts They had hired entered the Coffee County Elections board meeting took spent hours In their copying voting data it was Their insurance was caught on Surveillance security surveillance that Data was distributed to conspiracy Theorists in the county pro-trump Conspiracy theorist so we know that's Under those all conspiracy theorists the Microscope we're not of course sure if That will be involved in the indictment But we know that funny Willis and her Investigators her team of investigators Have been closely looking at what Happened in Coffee County so Trump and His people were believing a conspiracy Theory that the good Democratic party And The Honorable non-line

Non-plagiarizing Non-gropey non-sniffy non-snizzling Joe Biden and his team of democratic Uh moral and ethical people And the media which is morally unethical In all of it would not conspire to Overthrow election they wouldn't do such A thing they would never do that so Those are conspiracy theories you're Crazy to believe an American election Could dare be cheating Americans don't Cheat Americans never cheat Lance Armstrong wasn't on steroids uh You know a number of other baseball Players and famous people athletes Weren't on steroids there's never been a Cheating in an election there's never Any lying and stealing there's never any Bribery there's never uh politicians Sons smoking crack and getting purchased Getting uh face time with their fathers As foreign companies supported as Krakow But these are just good solid folk and There's no conspiracies here and they Never tried to cover up Hunter Biden's Story his laptop story for 11 months Before the election which would have Torpedo Joe Biden's chance of winning it Never would have happened they wouldn't Do something like that that's a crazy Conspiracy theory but there is a real Conspiracy here and it's Donald Trump When I asked one of our other legal Analysts Lisa Rubin what this indictment

Might look like they described it as Chapters that instead of laying out one Linear big narrative they're gonna take This piece by piece I wonder when you Look at these text messages in this Separate lawsuit if you have any sense Of where they might factor in in those Indictment chapters You're talking about the text messages Themselves I think the Coffee County Narrative is as your other legal guest Explained to you sort of part of a Number of overlapping conspiracies we Used to think of overlapping Conspiracies so this guy talked about Conspiracy theories that stupid trumpers Have that aren't true but these are at Least of Reuben That is talking about conspiracy Overlapping conspiracies that are are True so you gotta get your conspiracy Straight the ones that Democrats or the Media say are real ones are the real Ones and the rest of them aren't you Gotta understand your conspiracies here About what happened after the 2020 Election as successive stories and we Know now through the Federal indictment Through the January 6 committee hearings And other evidence that actually there Were a number of sort of overlapping Conspiracies that meet in sort of one Big Venn diagram I expect that that's How the Georgia indictment will look

There were a number of people it did Look they she uses the word conspiracy And conspirers and co-conspirators over And over again In the indictment and so that's that Right Um that's the hypocrisy but there's one More piece to this And that's the gloating The gloating remember how miserable this Dude was When Donald J Trump was elected And she started to cry And now they they get to I mean you know This much star power on One show Rachel Maddows and Hillary J Clinton these Dudes I mean they either just um All over the country right now people Are wondering what Hillary Rodham Clinton is thinking watching things Unfold in Georgia she's the former Democratic Presidential nominee or they Wonder what she smells like A U.S senator from New York and Secretary of State I should tell you she Is and the answer is not good the new Essay out in the Atlantic on the Well-being of Americans in our democracy It's called the weaponization of Loneliness Madam Secretary fancy meeting You oh I can't believe this yeah this is Not the circumstances in which I Expected to be talking to you nor me Rachel it's always good to talk to you But honestly

Um Didn't think that it would be under These circumstances yet another set of Indictments this is something Um this is becoming like a skill set Like in the news business you say like Oh I've covered Olympics or I've covered A campaign now it's you know those of us Who've covered four indictments Um I don't know if four is it we don't Know if Donald Trump is among those Indicted this evening but all Expectations are that he will be Foreign Do you feel Satisfaction in that you warned the Country essentially that he was going to Try to end democracy but the most Exactly she won she's always been right She's always been spot on she's always Been likable I mean why isn't she President like things would be so much Better had she beat Donald J Trump Because she's just a an excellent person One of the best people she's not Murderous or hateful or unlikely Unlikable she's not a witch Country didn't believe you well it's Hard to believe I I don't feel any Satisfaction I feel great uh you know Just just great profound sadness that we Have two great profound sadness I feel Grateful for profound serious of a Former president who has been indicted

Former president who's been indicted my Great profound sadness is at the hands Of his indictment For so many uh charges that went right To the heart doing right to the heart of The whether or not our democracy would Survive whether our democracy again we Save the soul of America We don't know yet what the charge is Coming out of Georgia are but if you Stop and think about what the public Evidence is and you've been talking About some of that for the last hour uh He set out to defraud he sent out to Defraud the American people and the American government United States of America yeah States of America and uh The citizens of our nation and the Citizens of our nation and me Particularly when I actually won when he Said he actually won and the Russians Didn't fix the election for him they did Fix it for him when it was against me But when Joe Biden when he won Legitimately He used tactics of harassment Intimidation He made threats he and his allies went After State officials local officials Responsible for conducting elections now We know they even went into voting Machines Those voting machines can't be hacked Unless it's by the Republicans in order

To you know determine whether or not Those voting machines had somehow been Breached when they were the ones Actually doing the breaching exactly They're the ones they're better at Software you know remember when my Emails got hacked we're not good at Software the DNC got hacked podesta got Hacked I got hacked we all got hacked But they're the hackers and we're the Hackies So there is a a great deal already in The public record we'll wait to see what The indictments themselves say who's Going to stay in the Atlantic Conspiracies going on and close Conspirers because clearly this Investigation has been very thorough Um but I don't know that anybody should Be satisfied this this is uh a terrible Moment for our country to have we just Don't care about it's the worst moment Ever you know it wasn't so bad when When Barack Obama and then Joe Biden was Droning kids that was okay when I was The Secretary of State under Obama and We were drowning kids over in Middle East and other places and silencing Whistleblowers that was okay but in Terms of what's going on now it's much Worse A former president accused of these uh Terribly uh important crimes they're Very important crimes I got minor crimes

My crimes weren't as important and you Know my emails and things like this but His crimes are important ones he's an Important man with important crimes The only satisfaction may be that the System is working that all of the Efforts by Donald Trump his allies and His enablers to try to silence the truth To try to undermine I'm the big truther We tell the truth here he tries to Science the truth but I always speak Truth he's all fake news fine uh Democracy have been brought into the Light and you know I know about light Because whenever I enter a room I Extinguish it and you know whenever Light's there and like like me can't Coexist Justice is being pursued This is Who We Are okay All right on that note only spiritual Well he will save this world it's Paul Revado definitely reported for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day And be grateful

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