We’ve lost the Truth

We've lost the Truth

Greetings brothers and sisters so I made A a video called read the Ingredients I don't know five years ago And every once in a while I bring it Back up just how exhausting it is to Read the ingredients because if people Are liars and everything will lie around You and so you know that's like going Into the store and having to read the Ingredients and then once you read the Ingredients you have to search out the Ingredients and find out what's in the Whatever it is because you know um You Probably don't know like it's some Chemical or whatever and then you have To like double back and do like deeper Research than the official story and That's just food right and the you know The longer the older I get and the more I have realized about this I'm reading Ingredients more and more and part of What we do in the truth Community is We're reading the ingredients in Whatever the story we're being told Right The official story and so it's Exhausting because everything's just a Lie and people are liars and even if Somebody's telling you the truth it's Hard to believe them because you know All of it but I just had the thought This morning during meditation to go Along with this that you know it's even Harder because people believe their own

Lies you know in the Sark tradition the Second master said you know lying the Worst part abouty lying is when people Believe their own Lies and you know lying's bad enough but When people are deceived into believing What they you know the lies that they're Telling then they no longer know what The truth is if somebody's lying and They know what the truth is at least at Some point if you say Hey you catch them Lying or you know they might admit to You what the truth is at least you can Get to the truth because the truth is There you know they they are consciously Taking the truth in telling you Something different but when they forget About the truth altogether then the Truth no longer exists in human Consciousness people don't even remember What the truth is and after generations Of lying and systemic lying or people Who believe the lies and never ever know The truth like if you go to do something With the medical Community and they're telling you the Story you know whatever official medical Story there is whatever the alpath Medicine people are telling them and Like a pharmaceutical rep who doesn't Know the side effects and believes in The drug that they're selling like some Sort of opioid or fentanyl and is you Know so enthusiastic about it because

They don't even know the truth right and With the official story and you know the Way people are indoctrinated some people Never know the truth in the first place And so they don't even know about the Lies that they're telling to them the Lies that they've been told is the truth And you know or they've lied to Themselves so much and have rationalized Everything they don't know what the Truth is and so there's no way to get to It because the truth isn't part of the Equation and then you have both sides Lying you know I turned on the news um For lunch I think maybe breakfast lunch Or whatever it was and there was a guy On there talking about how Donald Trump Has to be held accountable because Nobody's above the law and I'm like well What about Joe Biden and Hunter Biden no You know they they're innocent that's Just you know that's just politics They're not really you you know I mean The same thing you could say for Trumpers that you know they're saying That Biden is above the law but that Trump is somehow innocent right they're Both guilty and you know both sides Believe their own BS right and you know It's just like you're not going to get To the truth because no one knows what The truth is anymore everyone's so you Know hyped up on their own their own Delusions their own you know their own

BS their own spin their own you know Talking points that the truth isn't even There anymore there a possibility to Where you can say this is the definitive Truth and you know there has been there Were extraterrestrials here for years It's in cave art it's in literature and Ancient you know Aboriginal like cave Art and ancient art and you know stories And documentation of Sky people and Space people all these things right so There's some sort of information about The origin of this our species right you Know there was more than likely Giants And things like this and there's stuff That we don't know about our History and they've just Rewritten this And of course we have bogus science and The whole flawed D darwinian Theory and Then the stuff in the Bible and all this Stuff where they just make up a story Which becomes people's reality and so How we we got here as a Species is kind of important right Because it would make a it would fill in A lot of gaps and holes you know if we Are genetically manipulated you know This idea of the the second and the Third genome being fused together which Would indicate that there is been Genetic tampering in the human species Which would mean that we were created For something to slave you know slave Race more than likely and if that's the

Case then people's religious beliefs and Scientific beliefs and what we are as a Species you know if you're created as a Slave which we have all the you know We're the slave master mentality is very Present in the human species being Either enslaving people Enslaving um animals you know these type Of things beast of burden and having This idea of um you know somehow Dominating another species or another Group group of people and forcing them To do your bidding is high hardwired Into the human system slavery's been Around forever and it's just a slave Mentality towards nature right towards You know dominion over nature and these Things comes from our religion and also You know our Culture and the stuff to do with science You know science and religion that we Have an origin story and if you don't Understand where you came from or why We're here you know what makes us the Way we are I've often talked about how We have shorter lifespans than we should Have you know why do other creatures Outlive us right if we're the top of the Food chain why do tortoises outlive us For example and there are other animals That live similar lifespans as we do and We have much more complex lives and we Have vast um levels of work and you know The way that we manipulate the

Environment around us and you know is Just different than a lot of these Animals that you know parrots and things You know they're outliving us right and They have much more simple lives and to Accomplish everything we're Accomplishing especially um you know Having a relationship with the Divinity You know having a a spiritual life which Is you know it's cut short I made a Video recently about how like I just Sort of cracked the code in the last 10 Years like I just kind of understand Life and you know now I'm getting old Like now it's just my body I can't even Run anymore like I was trying to run the Other day and it's like you know my body Is um starting to break down and just You know I'm not don't have the physical Abilities I used to have and my mental Abilities will soon start deteriorating As well and I just kind of got good at Life right I just kind of became sort of Competent the last so many years and you Know we have shorter lifes expans than We should have and so not having those Know that knowledge there a lot of Things that we should know that would Help us understand you know lots of Things right it would explain physical Issues and you know in terms of um you Know why we're allergic to our planet You know and tendencies and things that You know because when you have a an

Untrue story and this happens with People all the time like for example I Was tested when I was like in third Grade or something like second or third Grade and I was struggling with like um You know remembering the alphabet and Things because I was Dyslexic and I got tested and Um it said that I had a high IQ and some Of these other things and my parents Were kind of intimidated by me after I Was tested by this you know some I went To some University one of the things That happened was you know my my dad was Um he brought me to some RR movies like Mel Brooks movies and things and and Then you know he was allowing me to Swear which you know my mom was very it Was a devote Catholic and was unhappy About it and so um like there was a time Where I was in um we had a Ford Maverick um car that you know my sister Ended up being her car and she would we Would she'd take me somewhere we get out Of the car she'd close the door take out The key and close the door door and this Car would still be running right it Would still be bucking it wouldn't turn Off but I was in the car with my mom and I was in second grade and my friends Told me that the only way to have kids Was either adoption or effing I mean it Was I use the f word they use the f word And so I said to my mom you know am I

Adopted and my mom's like no and I'm Like well kid School told me there's Only two ways to have kids and it's it's Um adoption or effing and I know you and Dad didn't do that right my mom said Well I wouldn't put it quite that way Dear but anyways um there was another Story I was going to tell and so I was Being tested right and they put me Behind a a mirror and they were Observing me like you know I didn't I Didn't know there's people in there it Was the one way way mirror and I knew my Dad was back there so started giving him The finger right it was like you know Second or third grade and there was like A team of People my dad who really always tried to Embarrass me because you know I was um He was just loud and he didn't have like An embarrassment Jean was like so Mortified that this kid was I was going Up to the the oneway mirror and been Giving the finger and Laughing um I might have been like I Don't know third grade I had Mono in Four I don't know what it was and so you Know I left and my mom said the one Thing is for sure you don't have Dyslexia I think they were testing me For Dyslexia and so I was like okay I got Tested I didn't have it right and so Years later my ex was homeschooling my

Kids and they had issues and she Wondered if they were Dyslexic and she read up about and she Said sent me this thing and it's like oh Like everything on the thing I had right It was clear that I had it and I was Told specifically I didn't have it I Think my mom was trying to cover this up For me so I called her up and I said Mom You know I it looks like I have dyslexia She goes oh yeah you did I'm like why Didn't you tell me that she goes I don't Know like she didn't remember why she Decided to lie to me and I'm like it Would have been helpful you know you got You went and had all those tests done For me and you came up with something That could have been helpful to Me you know was a what I'm saying is a Missing piece of a puzzle and the way That people lie I mean it's just stupid Stuff you know my parents were kind of Incompetent I told a couple stories About my my mom recently you know my Last video or whatever but you know what Knowing that I had dyslexia was actually You know kind of a benefit but it didn't Happen till I was in my 30s and then you Know lots of things spage sets right and It isn't to me a disability it's a it's Been very helpful for me but it's you Know it's not what other people perceive Reality as you know I have a different Lens in which I see the world and you

Know a different learning style and it's Always helpful to know that since the The powers that be don't teach to Dyslexic people right they don't cater To dlex dyslexic people I mean they Mostly cater to dummies and so people Who have a different style of learning Or different um you know people who are Gifted and talented or whatever and you Know you see in the school system it's Mostly catered to the kids who have the Worst behaviors and the hardest time Perceiving things and other kids get Bored and things like this right and Dyslexic kids and kids with different Learning styles you're going to struggle And you know all the rest of it but what I'm saying is when you have that kind of Information it changes your Understanding of the nature of reality Like it just as a missing piece and then Once you have those pieces it helps you Navigate the world around you And of course being in the truth Community has helped me in that way Which has been great I think it's helped Many of you as well and you know I'm Taking supplements now and things that Have helped me physically you know it Seems like any kind of condition is Usually a lack of some mineral or Nutrient or vitamin or something and if You supply your body with that Conditions go away you know it's as easy

As that and things can be prevented or Even you know whatever it is again not a Doctor but this has been my experience And so you know it's all part of this Reading the ingredients but the lies That are out there you know the lies I Mean they want you to be sick right Everything in our system is made for you To have chronic diseases the food the Medicine the side effects the the Everything the you know the Wi-Fi the Everything that surrounds us is there to Make you weaker and then you know be a Lifelong P patient and be you know Inability to to have the strength to you Know fight off the system and things Like this because you're dependent on a System to deal with the symptoms that You have that are caused by the symptom The the system so going back to the Original premise of this video because We've believed our own lies and people Have been lying so long we've lost the Truth like we've lost it you know There's things that are it's like the Um the moon landing that they lost the Telemetry Data that they recorded over the the Telemetry data so so they have no Knowledge and scientific data from the Alleged moonlanding right all of them Right you know the the greatest Achievement something that's considered The the greatest achievement of modern

History and they recorded over lost all The the data from those achievements Right it's like that kind of thing so You know the truth is um is gone like The truth isn't even there like we don't We don't know the truth and we have to Recreate it or have to figure it out Because after generations of lying and Deception the truth is lost and maybe You know they're little bits and pieces Buried in some Raiders of the Lost Arc Type of library and archives you know They have all these books and things in The Vatican you know they have all this Knowledge there but who's going to comb Through it and you know the language That they used back then and the way They expressed themselves it's harder For people even understand that and so And it's just you know that's even just A partial truth and so you know that's The problem with being a species that Lies about everything and lives in an Illusionary type situation that Eventually you you lose the truth like The truth isn't there for you even to Find you know you can go on a quest and And seeking the truth but who are you Going to find that's going to tell you The truth where's the information Somewhere it's usually going to just be More Disinfo and you know the rest of it um Yeah so let me just wrap this up up here

But you Know only spiritual value will save this World it's par definitely rep from the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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