Well There kinda sorta finally admitting it

Well There kinda sorta finally admitting it

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so Twitter the artist formerly known as Tweeter um now known as X for some you Know Elon Musk reason sends me um you Know I wake up in the morning usually And there'll be some tweets that Tweeters trying to suck me into their Platform with they're usually political And they could be democrat or republican I get more Republican than Democrat but I got this one and I saw the first line Here this is from a guy named Victor Shei who's got a check mark so he's Somebody and he says boom Taylor Swift Just posted on instag for her 280 plus Million followers saying I want to Remind you guys to vote the vote the People who most to vote the people who Most represent you into Power you if you Haven't already make a plan to vote vote Today and then the guy says Republicans Can't stop Taylor Swift this is why we Will Win so he's obviously a Democrat um and it got almost 500,000 Views she reminds her followers there Are elections specifically in Tennessee And other states and territories today This is simple but usually effective Nudge for followers for followers and Just remember her voter registration Rates broke records because of her this Is big thank you Taylor um this is so

Sad you're looking at swifties to turn The tide for you like what you know this Is what of you uh Kanas City Chiefs Right Victor she is a gen Z speaker Writer and organizer he organizer he Currently hosts The Daily Show on the Move with Victor She um I guess he's part of The Daily Show now he's Politicon he has um an instag page here And what a sad post by him so first of All this election isn't going to be Decided by Taylor Swift because again That's not an Endorsement and you know Trump was upset At her because I guess Trump passed some Sort of Bill that enabled or protected Artists you know singers and and Performers and help them maximize you Know it was a trump tweet I don't know He said something about um but this guy Saying this stuff about Taylor Swift Like what what a sad pathetic thing you Know like because Ultimately this is your guy my wife uh Found this on Twitter yesterday we Watched it together this is your guy if You're a Democrat this is your guy and I'm not you know Trump sucks and Trump Sucks worse on Israel which is right now Probably the biggest issue Trump's on the wrong side as it was uh Hickey nail and we'll get into that Because it was super Tuesday yesterday

Apparently the state of the union is Until maybe next week I don't know but This is what he said I uh Um Anyway and I don't want to you know I Wish the music wasn't here because you Know it might be copyrighted and it's Not necessary like just don't put music Behind stuff you suck if you do just let The truth speak for itself like you Don't need music here I don't want To This is your guy like this is your guy That you're saying Taylor Swifts gonna Get into the I me this is what you're P You're pushing out there and the problem Was I'm not going to cover it here Because I bring it up every once in a While I show you some of his old gaffs He was doing this in 2019 he Sucked and he was a plagiarizer and he Was a failed presidential candidate Three Times before this this know current Iteration of him but in 2009 he showed That he was mentally unfit for the job Like it was there he was wandering Around stage insulting people Challenging him to IQ tests and push-up Contests I mean he was crazy like he was Nuts and it was mental deterioration Like he sucked before and then he sucked You know he wasn't good enough to win The nomination before in his prime you

Know like he lost significantly he was Never a serious candidate he was was Never a serious candidate for vice President I mean Biden uh Obama picked Him for whatever reason right you know To play The Fool To His you know to his Um celebrity whatever it was but he Wasn't serious candidate to win Presidency ever and then because he was Vice president because he came out of The whole Obama Coalition thing and Because Republicans didn't hate him and They thought he would do well with Independence and he was sort of moderate And he had all the you know Obama Clinton Democratic establishment behind Him they picked him because there's a Sea of horrible candidates but the guy Is you know he pulled at 20% just Because of name recognition but he was Clearly gone mentally and the media and Everybody else ignored it I mean this is 2019 2020 and then all of a sudden now They're talking about his age right but They got kamla who sucks Gavin Nome who Sucks and God knows who else waiting in The wing and so you know people say They're going to roll out Michelle Obama I think that's just some paranoid Republican theory out there you know These Republican theories I don't think That's a really on the table but whoever They decide to replace them with they Have to replace him because this is your

Guy right as much as they hate Trump you Can't vote for this guy you like you're Voting for somebody who is incapable of Completing a complete sentence right Well I won't go it here's what drives The driver in the states that are Affected here's what that you can do the Drivers for two reasons one To is an impact an impact the decades And making so I'm going to you know Again I might get copyrighted on this Thing it's a minute and 19 into it it Goes on for five minutes it's kind of Epic right you know and we've seen this It's just they put it at together a Compilation of him not being able to say Anything and he happens all the time This happens every speech and he loses Himself and this is their guy like you Have nothing again Trump sucks and you Know I mean Trump is horrible on so many Things and you know the operation warp Speed I mean screwed us and all of it Like Trump sucks fish boy there's Nothing good about Trump and the Trumpers at this point you know they're All um complicit in like America sucking Like really bad right Now and so there's no Republican answer Here hickey Nell sucks and she's worse On Israel than even Trump trump is Trump Is the worst or the second worst and Niki hickey Nelly is the worst um and so They're all you know it's all sucks but

You can't vote for this guy how could You vote for this guy you know you Really shouldn't vote for Trump and Trump is breaking down mentally as well Get into Trump as we go through this This but he's not this bad right Mentally like Trump has his own he's Worse in different areas but you really Can't vote for either one of these Candidates like you can't endorse Something like this you know it's um You're selling yourself out it's just You can't do it like you just can't do It right it's not right you know so um I Covered this last video here but there's It's worse here here's the um here's More here's more from Morning Joe and Ma And as we Barrel toward a likely rematch Of the 2020 election one candidate Continues to have a hold over white Rural voters but it's not Joe Biden Seeing it's not it's not Joe Biden here As a boy on the right side of your Screen who went to public school is the Son of a used car salesman and was born To a middle class family in Scranton Pennsylvania instead said you know look At how old these pictures are Right I mean Trump's is in black and White and Joe Biden the whatever's that Is Grace scale I mean I don't even know Right like they didn't have colored Photos if they did the colors have faded And so these are um old dudes

Like and going back this far like you're Compared to you know you're you're Concerned about their upbringing she's Comparing their upbringing for why World Voters should vote for Biden it's Because the Democrats and their Positions and policies are not aligned With what people in the country believe In so why even go in there m like what Because Joe Biden grew up in you know His I mean who knows what he said Because he stole his family history from Other people right he plagiarizes family History from other people's speeches so We don't even know like what's true and What's not we we do know he had a friend Named corn poop allegedly we do know That he was a lifeguard and he liked African-American kids to rub his legs The hair in his legs because you know um He knew about such things I mean this is One of his gffs the guy scile as well so You can't like this is not even you know Like why you even talking about this Address the fact that you guys ran a Scile candidate now you're stuck with Comma it is Trump here on the left side A private school educated son of a New York City real estate Tycoon who became A millionaire at 8 years old and didn't Have to serve because he claimed he had Bone spurs in his little feet so why is It that Trump appeals so much to a group He couldn't be more different from

Joining us now professor of political Science at the University of Marland These are these guys so we going into This Baltimore County Tom Scher and Journalist and opinion writer Paul Waldman their new book out tomorrow is Entitled white rural rage the threat to American democracy and Tom I'll start With you uh why look at this woman Sitting here like he's got a look at her Let go back here a second Here to American democracy and Tom I'll Start with you uh why are white rural Voters a threat to democracy at this Point you would think as we pointed out Looking at Joe Biden's background and Donald Trump's that that the opp it Would be true I mean we lay out the Four-fold interconnected threat that White World voters pose to the country First of all and we show again they Don't pose a throw throw it if democracy Fails it fails right if you're if you Disenfranchise a group of people and They make up a majority or lots of People like if you're saying white rural People and they're not you know rage is Not you know come on um I live in the Country and you know I'm around country People all the time I don't see a lot of Rage right so this is where the most Violent crimes happen right so red to Pink and look at where the majority of Our centralized these are all in cities

This is the rural areas out here where Very few people live and there isn't Very many crimes there at all right California has like the majority of the Red is right here in California um and so there's a lot of Stuff here on the board orders as well But you have like this is down where Miami is and all these places these are All cities and the majority of violence And violent people are in the cities That's just you know like let's get real About the thing that's just all the way Way it is City Life causes violent Behavior people packed on top of each Other causes conflict space you know Where when you go into a therapy type Situation or you're in a Treatment Center or something like this they tell People take your space right they have Timeout rooms and places for kids to go Places for kids to isolate when you're In a marital dispute they talk about how To you know to to get away from the Other person right you know don't engage Right both people go to their separate Corners that's what happens in boxing You create space space is important for Peace right the majority of conflict Happens when people aren't top of each Other you know might be in a a country Ethnic cleansing these types of things When groups of people are packed Together Waring groups or whatever but

When there's space there's a better Chance for peace pretty much everything You do to deescalate situations is to Create space between the angry parties You separate the people I mean that's Just a well-known fact and it's harder To do that in cities and so this whole Idea is just ridiculous 30 polls in National studies to demonstrate this so We provide the receipts in chapter six They are the most racist xenophobic Anti-immigrant anti-gay geodemographic Group in the country second they're the Most conspiracist group qinon support And subscribers election denialism covid Denialism and scientific so you're Laing Labeling people's beliefs that based on Liberal standards of course this is a Liberal show and this is a liberal Democratic people and so this is why You're saying you're demonizing these People you can say the same thing about The liberals who you know there's a lot More liberal rage especially when Trump Was President than there is with Conservatives there's fear and anger in The Republican conservative Community Has always been there you know they Appeal to fears of conservatives you Know it's mostly older people you know This is conservatives are are usually The older people and you you become more Conservative as you get older and older People have fears

And younger people are usually more Liberal and liberal people have anger And outrage right so the Democrats Appeal to the anger which creates fear And the Republicans appear appe appeal To the fear you know they target the Fear and they that creates anger so both Things flip right but that's how Politics works and to pretend that like One group is so much worse than the Other when I am in you know I was born My parents and Grandparents were Democrats for the most part and I um was A more liberal person most of my life And I went to Liberal schools colleges And most of my friends were liberal I Lived in liberal states in Liberal areas College towns and things like this and So for me I can say that the Liberals Are much worse right now because they Have the power and because they're Unhinged if I had to say one group is More threat to democracy it's the Liberals right because they have the Power to they have the majority right Now and they they have the backing of The money in the media and things like This so it's a you know and that then You have trumpers who are you know a Disenfranchised group right okay I also Want to comment on this because I um Watching this again I realized I this is One of the reasons I want to cover this Again when he says this second they're

The most conspiracist group okay so this Idea that if you're a conspiracy Theorist and you have Conspiracies you're a bad person Undesirable threat to democracy right And you know they have their Conspiracies they got all these Conspiracy about Trump and conspiracies About Russia and you know you'll see one Coming up I'm in the EDI in process so Like I know what's coming in this video But they're always talking about their Conspiracies when Hillary Clinton talked About conspiracies that was okay right But they're talking specifically about Right-wing people truthers and not and They're not the same thing right-wing People and truthers are not the same Thing you can't be a right-wing truther A truther is somebody who sees beyond The Left Right Paradigm but you know this idea that Conspiracy theorist are bad and having Conspiracy theories is bad but there's Two kinds of conspiracy theorists ones That are right and ones that are wrong And neither one is necessarily bad in Fact maybe the ones that are wrong might Be a little bit more stupid a little bit More crazy but they're not bad because The reason that people have conspiracy Theories is because the people in power Suck humans suck in general humans are Liars and cheaters and Stealers right I

Mean we can be great we can be good People but if you lie if you lie to Yourself you lie to others whatever your Lies are if you lie if you lie to have Power I mean there's all these different Versions of Lies everything's a lie our Our media's a lie our our Entertainment's a lie I mean movies are A lie right even our technology is a lie Because you guys are it sounds like You're listening to my voice but that Isn't even true you're listening to a Digital replica replication of my voice Right so even this is a lie you know Even this kind of medium is a lie it's It's inaccurate right it's an illusion And even our bodies and our physical Reality is a lie because our soul is What we really are which is etheric and Which is without form so third Dimensional reality everything we see is A lie an illusion in one way or another Like we're in a giant simulation or Video game but because of the deception You know you can be a good person but if You lie that's a bad behavior dishonesty Is a bad behavior it's you know it Dishonesty leads to bad things right Right I mean there might be some Sideways outcomes that are positive Because a lie was told but in general Lies lead to bad things like lies lead To worse things right more lies and more Deception and hurt feelings and broken

Hearts and you know injuries and deaths And you know lies lead to Wars and you Know all of these things believe in your Own lies and telling other people lies And mass lies and mass deception lies Are not good and our money is a lie our Economic system is is one of the biggest Lies our debt-based economic system that Has value and so our whole culture is Predicated on us lying and being lied to And the people in power lying to us to Keep a system that should have collapsed Years ago going it's a Ponzi scheme I Mean not just the economic system but The we live in an unnatural dishonest System and so of course people who tell The truth and find conspiracies in the You know exposed lies and exposed Conspiracies are a threat to the system Of course we are because if the truth Comes out it can only hurt the system I've said this so much our economic Systems based in uh Perception perception of a you know a a Monetary system that doesn't have any Real value perception that we're living Natural and good lives and every part of Our system whether it be our religions Our science our you know our our AC Academics our you know our food system It's all based in lies it's all based in You know deception and so any kind of Truth is going to weaken the system Truth is a Kryptonite to an illusionary

System a lie system you know the truth Brings down deception and so when people Are looking for the truth and finding The truth well they are a threat to the System but that doesn't mean they're bad They're actually good because the System's bad and we're just exposing the Lies that are there you know they like The people who are wrong what they're Really scared of is truthers that are Right the only ones they talk about are The cubes and the trumpers you know all These types of people right maybe some Of the crazy woke people that's all They'll cover they'll cover the people Who are crazy and wrong because those People aren't a threat to the system Those people are you know they're there And you can use it as a weapon to go After people who are seeking the truth Right and so saying thing like this you Discredit yourself because there are Conspiracies we all know the government And the media lies to us all the time Anybody with a pulse knows that right And so you know they push out this Agenda but it's just you know it's just Ridiculous skepticism Obama birtherism Third anti-democratic sentiments they Don't believe in an independent press Free Speech they're most likely to say The President should be able to act Unilaterally without any checks from Congress or the courts or their

Bureaucracy they're also the most Strongly white nationalist and white Christian Nationalist and fourth they Are most likely to excuse or Justify Violence as an acceptable alternative to Peaceful public discour so you mentioned A lot of negative factors about about This this go mik go mik demographic um Tom what else do they have in Common uh with well she think she just Nailed Trump like her smile right there She what else do they have in common With Trump she's saying else do they Have in common look at that smug look You think you just gave it to Trump the One good thing about Trump winning is The misery but it won't be as good as in 2016 you know it's Trump sucks and People have to deal with that there's no Solution here and there never was Because you know people suck right now It's a downtime and there's no stopping What's going to happen you know the Emperor the American Empire the British You know European American Empire is on Its way out and there's so many ways to See it it's should be Obvious uh with well you know I think That the what what really matters at This vulnerable oh well a lot of that Has to do with uh as a starting point The problems that Royal America has Which are very real and very profound um They have uh more uh problematic uh

Education systems they have poor Infrastructure they've had a lack of Economic Opportunity we've seen a lot of Manufacturing jobs leave from rural Areas and that kind of left them open to Someone Like Donald Trump who would come Along and tell them something that was True that there is a system that has not Served them well and he said look at him Go look at they got got him smiling They're pissed off they are pissed off And they have some reason to be with Both parties let's move forward here to More in Middle America to try to talk to Red-hatted mag folks about what what Concerned them what they were mad about Nobody went to the rural African-Americans rural Latinos rural Native Americans to find out what's mad What they're mad about and they have Every reason to be mad but you know what They're not doing they're not Overrunning the capital they're not Going down to their state capital car Carrying AR15 they a disconnect and and Nobody white people just suck so much Worse treats them the way we do right World Americans as though we have a Moral obligation to know what they're Angry about and to cater to them so yeah Go ahead the book is white r rage you Can find out more in it the threat to American democracy authors boom Tom Sher And Paul Waldman thank you both very

Much we really appre I wonder what their Um ethnic background is so um I um was Going to cover Trump's victory speech I'll do that next I was going to do that Here but I just um went and ate like a You know kind of a pre-lunch Um I just kind of got up early at Was hungry and had a snack and I turned The news on you know and they had all These pundits talking about hickey na um You know when hickey NY decided To uh withdraw suspender candidacy you Know they were talking about this Morning my wife and I both saw it on our Phones at basically the same time my Wife said uh hickey hickey Nelly is Suspending her campaign Sorry cuz I like calling her hickey Nail but um you know I wasn't whatever Like it's just it was inevitable and I Turned on the news just you know five Minutes ago 10 minutes ago and they're Talking about Nikki Hae hickey Nelly Like she ever had a chance like this was Decided like a year ago like this is This decided uh you know 2020 when when Trump lost and said he was going to re You know run again for I mean it was it Was already you know this was already Predetermined unless Trump was in jail He was going to be the nominee for the Republican party no matter what he did And no matter what they said about him He still has an overwhelming support and

It was like you know it's half it was Like first quarter of a of a some sort Of sporting event and it's 100 to Nothing right like she had no chance It's a hockey game Like it was you know was that bad there Was no chance she was ever going to come Back and win she has no chance unless Trump Goes to Jail other than that and We don't know if she would be the you Know the person that would would win if Trump was wasn't in the picture like you Can't judge this candidacy or the Republican candidates based in Trump Being there because you know her being The the best of the worst or the best of The rest that doesn't mean anything Right she was right against Chris Christie and you know Ronda santis was Horrible I mean just so creepy and Unlikable and strange I mean for a sea Of unlikable creepy candidates he was The worst and V Vic Ram Swami wasn't Even real like a real you know he wasn't Even thinking that he was going to to Win or any of these things so we don't Even know how um this would go if Trump Wasn't in the picture right so the whole Thing's just ridiculous but here's her Speech here mother of first generation Immigrant got to vote for her daughter For president only in America she's just so fake and stiff and I am filled with the gratitude for the

Outpouring of support we've received From all across our great country but The time has now come to suspend my Campaign I said I wanted Americans to Have their voices heard I have done that I have no regrets and although I will no Longer be a candidate you we must have a Few of Them I will not stop using my voice for The things I believe in our national Debt will eventually Crush our economy a Smaller federal government is not only Necessary for our freedom it is Necessary for our Survival the road to socialism is the Road to ruin for America our Congress is dysfunctional And only getting worse exactly lay it Out there lay it out there hickey it is Filled with followers not leaders term Limits for Washington politicians are Needed now more than Ever our world is on fire it's on fire Listen listen to hickey NY because of America's Retreat standing by our allies in Ukraine Israel and Taiwan is a moral Imperative but it's also more than that What is it Elly if we Retreat further There will be more war not less not less War if we if we stop causing Wars There'll be there'll be less Wars it Just works out that way if we start Pushing for Wars and creating Wars and

Endorsing Wars and helping with Wars There'll be there'll be more Wars and Not less I mean it's just the way it Works as important while we stand strong For the cause of Freedom we must bind Together as Americans we must turn away From the dark darkness of hatred and Division I will continue to promote all Those values as is the right of every American yeah but no one's going to Listen to you because you're no longer Of a platform no you're be you became Irrelevant and she was irrelevant the Whole time right she was irrelevant Because she had no chance of winning now Trump may or may not go to jail and Joe Biden may or may not be replaced I don't Know how who has an easier path to Getting rid of their old guy like I Don't know if Biden the Democrats have An easier path of getting rid of Biden a Sitting president or the Republicans Have a a easy path to get rid of trump Which is they put him in jail prison but I don't know if the Democrats are Willing to do that because the he's the Center of their Universe the Democrats And the Democratic liberal media is Trump is the center of their world view And they need Trump and they this is all They you know they everything they They do is about Trump right I'll show You another clip about that in a moment But Trump is everything to them he's you

Know pivotal to their their talking Points and their worldview and Everything that they've done and so if They put Trump in prison then what are They going to do like what are they Going to talk about so all of this is Kind of interesting to see how it plays Out but if it just goes the way it's Going now you have two old horrible Candidates and politicians That are running against each other both Have had failed Presidencies and you know like I mean It's the epitomy of uh you know an Empire that's [Applause] Collapsing super Tuesday for Reason because it's super and it's Tuesday because it's what what is the Reason Woo and otherwise that there's never Been one like this has never been Anything so conclusive this was an Amazing an amazing night an amazing day It's been an incredible period of time In our country's history it's been sad This is so incredible so many ways but I Think it's going to be inspiring because We're going to do something that frankly Nobody's been able to do for a long time We've yeah what's that Trump well what What is nobody able to do for a long Time lose an election and sell your you Know know people out and cause all kinds

Of problems for your followers and then You know go into a like four years of uh Battles with the liberal press and the American government and state Governments and then come back and and Beat a geria actic president who's who's Pooping in his depend like you know What's Different Wo we've watched our country take a Great beating over the last 3 years and Nobody thought a thing like this would Be possible we wouldn't have Russia Everyone thought it was going to be Possible attacking Ukraine we wouldn't Have Israel being attacked Iran as you Know was broke when I was running things They were broke they didn't have money For Hamas they didn't have money for Hezbollah we had no inflation inflation Is destroying the middle class it's Destroying yeah but then somebody closed Down the economy and slept on a mask and Then did Operation warp speed who was That guy and then set up the conditions Where he screwed himself and they were Able to to you know steal the election From him because he was because he Stupidly allowed them to change over to To uh bail in ballots because he closed Down the country unnecessarily you got Work so bad and then all the things that You did afterwards and you know what You've done in the last three years as

Well and you're just so you know Hellbent on Revenge and your you know Myopic view of everything revolves Around Trump and unfortunately it does Right Trump is the center of this Election like he has the last three Presidential elections Trump has been The center of the political Universe he Is the most gravitational pull he's got You know rabid uh Dopey followers who Can't see beyond his you know his Selfishness and his narcissism and all Of it right and then you have the hatred That's coming from the media and the Liberals and the you know Democratic Voters and whatever that is right and so This has always been about Trump like Everything's about Trump and it just Sucks like Trump sucks like the guy just Needs to go away and not that things are Going to get better but they just it's Time but he won't like he's not going Away I mean we'll see what happens how They the storyline finishes here Everything inflation if you look back Over the history hundreds of years back It's called inflation it's called a Country Buster and that's what it's Doing to our country what's happened With inflation has been yes because Somebody started doing covid bailouts Which was Contin continued under Biden Trump did I think four to six trillion In bailout and Biden did another 6 to8

Trillion in bailouts and that you know Was just them printing money and now Inflation is has gone beyond a point of No return right there's no way to stop The national debt there's no way to stop The it's more than just a national debt There's no way to reverse this thing Right and Unbelievable a lot of people say a lot Of experts have said the stock market's The only thing that's doing well and That's doing well because our poll Numbers are so much higher than you know He's low energy like he's not just Normal Trump Self we're going to take it and we're Going to make it Like it should be respected right now We're not respected right right now We're not respected let's get to the end Of this Thing levels that coming into our Country we have people coming into our Country that just shouldn't be here but Many and I say many large percentages They come in through the Caravans they Come in many different ways now we find Out again they come in through airplanes We send them in this is crazy but they Come into our country we're going to Stop them we're going to close our Borders we're going to have to deport a Lot of people a lot of bad people Because our countries can't live like

This our cities our cities are choking To death our states are dying and Frankly our country is dying and we're Going to make America great again Greater than ever before thank you yeah You had a chance to do that you failed Things got worse because of you like the Co thing the way you got worked on that And then setting it up so Biden took Over with all the hatred all the things That you know the whole gender thing Happened the whole redefinition of Sexuality happened under Trump like all These things happened under him because Of the hatred people had for him so like You know he he didn't do a good job Before and he's going to do a worse job Now I would assume he's going to win but I don't know like I I don't know you Know there's no way to say it went from Russia hoax to damn right we're Colluding Nicole Wallace presidential Elections uh by the Russian Federation By its intelligence services and there's Plenty of Reason uh to be concerned and This is not about politics this is about National Security it is about a Russia Already spreading disinformation about Biden ahead of 2024 so Biden has the two Biggest or two second second and third Biggest cable news networks CNN and MSNBC but he also has CBS News NBC News And ABC News and then all the liberal Publications and

Newspapers and so pretty much all the Media is against Trump and fox doesn't Like Trump and you know I mean Fox and Rert Murdoch they went after Trump New York Post you know slam Trump they have To be on Trump's side superficially but They screwed Trump over the last in 2020 an election night Fox is the first One to call it for Biden you know so Fox Isn't even in Trump's corner so you have All that media and Russia has very Limited resources they can put out Things on social media you know whatever They're calling Disinformation but there is whole Networks of disinformation networks Governmental networks intelligence Community that's against Trump like Everything's lined up against Trump Trump has Russia and you have all of Like you have 80% of America the Powerful Institutions and still you're not like Slam dunk beating them cuz Biden sucks So bad right I mean as bad as Trump is Biden is like you know he's scile and The Democrats have nothing right they Have no real plan other than we're not Trump foreign country a foreign Adversary seeking uh to manipulate the Politics and democracy of the United States of America we are going to be Vigilant about that and we will Engage The Congress on a bipartisan basis

Because this should be above and beyond Politics yeah Nicole Wallace here bring It Nicole he he's right and he's wrong Because for Republicans it is their politics now of Course efforts by any foreign power even An adversary used to be and should be Above politics but they're not Republicans are at this moment wittingly Or unwittingly assisting Russia big time Big Time big time Big Time big time Wittingly or unwittingly assisting Russia big time Big Time in point former FBI informant Alexander smyrnov has been Charged with lying to the FBI okay so You know this was from eight days ago This is how they're Russia and Trump are The center of their universe and you Know come on America has rigged Elections and done regime change and Destroyed countries and got rid of Leaders and um done all these things for Years right and so if you're going to Engage in that behavior then expect that The same behavior will be done to you It's just you know like it's it's simple Like things that children children Should know okay so I watched a little Bit of this I watched the Cat Williams Interview with Shannon sharp my wife and I were traveling so it was something to Listen to while we were in the car um And I found it entertaining I don't Really like Cat Williams I don't think

He's necessarily funny but him going Scorch Darth and he's you know he's he's Flirting with being a truther Joe Rogan Also flirting with being a Truther but you know I started watching This a little bit you know people have Said there are these things that it it Was hard for me to to get into it right Um you know just even as entertainment Joe Rogan's good at what he does that's Why he has a good podcast I he's good at Being a podcaster but you know they're Both kind of posers in one way or Another and you know it became almost Like a competition between them and who Knows more you know uh Cat Williams had Said some you know sort of threw Shade on Joe Rogan when he did the Shannon sharp thing um you know whatever But one of my viewers sent me this a few People have said things that from it They've said I should see and maybe I'll Get through it at some point my wife my Wife and I you know if we're go driving Somewhere we might watch it or something Like that you know listen to it and I Watch it um but there is this one thing That somebody sent me yesterday which is Something that I cover here concept of Actual entities yes Actual demonic entities that do exist Well I'm saying your DNA is either fused Or it's Not okay so um the person said that

Maybe he watches my show you know I'm Not the only person to talk about fused Chromosomes it's not DNA it's you know Fused chromosomes the second and third And genetic manipulation and it comes From not only The Whispers of the Brighter World prophecies but also People like Lloyd pie you know it's a Theory that's out there it's not my Theory I didn't come up with it uh and So he may or may have heard this from me But I don't you know I don't have that Much many views that I don't know but There are things that I say here you Know I was watching the show Gold Rush Occasionally I watch that show like I Have it taped and I find the show Interesting I like the power equipment And it's been on for a number of years The whole thing kind of you know I kind Um entertaining but there's uh one of The the guys there's different Crews That mine Gold and this one guy the youngest guy Parker was talking about uh they had to Um strip land they have to take off the The top soil you know what they called Overburden to get to the um to get to The to the uh Bedrock you know gold is Heavy and it falls all the way to Bedrock and so Bedrock is you know like The cement layer the crust of the earth And it's where it's Impenetrable and so they have to strip

Everything above it and sometimes it's 60 fet of top soil and subsoil and Whatever else right to get to the Bedrock and where they're the Yukon and Where they're mining gold they have Permafrost and they have to break Through the permafrost which is a layer Of Frozen you know dirt soil and things That's always Frozen like it never Thoughts and so that's a whole Hassle And you know some of the stuff they Can't get to early in the season right Because it's the end of winter so if They can get to the pay Layer uh before the previous season and They then they can start mining the gold As soon as the weather turns nice and so He has a a mine that's running now like A you know they have a um you know They're Min they're um extracting gold Through uh like a wash Plant and they They need a crew to do that but he also Wanted to have enough people to strip so They could start off next season and Start you know having pay pay dirt right Off the bat right the the the the dirt With gold in it and he said um you know Um I don't want to screw our future Selves right like you know which is Something that I've talked about here Right I talked about how you know uh Tuesday Paul was screwing over Wednesday Paul right or or you know whatever it is That way we do something to screw over

Our future selves and it certainly isn't You know it's an idea that I came up Independently but it isn't my you know Copyright idea other people I'm sure Have that idea but more and more I see These things that are semi-abstract And um you know there are things that Are kind of um you don't hear everywhere Like you don't hear a lot of people Talking about them and they're starting To make their way into the mainstream Media and I don't know what it has to do With me at least on a you know people Watching my Channel or not or whether It's just that these ideas it's time for Them to get out there and those ideas Are now you know I more and more these Ideas and Truth are ideas and not just Things I say here but some of the you Know the real truth about whether it be Spirituality or be about any number of Things are starting to make their way in Front of people you know the masses Which is you know um um you know we've Been out ahead of that now for a while And it's good to see everybody else like Catching up you as to probe if Chinese Cars posst National dat data security Risk um I would say yes the United States is opening an investigation Whether Chinese vehicle Imports pose National Security risk and could impose Restrictions due to concerns about Connected Car Technology well of course

They are I mean you know they're all in For data especially these electrical Vehicles in their complex computer Systems I mean Elon Musk and all those People are doing that already so of Course any foreign government and data Is that you know the new gold right Everyone wants people's data AOC snaps a New York protester at movie theater Demanding she call Israel's military Campaign in Gaza genocide it's effed Up that's what C said it's effed up you Refuse to call it a Genocide she just mansplained that's her Mansplain I need you to understand this Is not this is her mansplaining Understand this is not okay I need you To understand man a man plaining it's Not okay that there's a genocide Happening you're not actively against it You're lying I'm you're lying you're not You onv and avoid talking About just people are down here she Follow okay so she's about to go off Here um that's her Ginger husband her Boyfriend right she's like she's got a Ginger like a really white guy pale Skinned white guy Um you know part of her whole thing is To be an ethnic person but she chose Like one one of the whitest of People we're not lying we're not lying Interview it'san you haven't been Calling

Genocide she's upset here clapping going To cut it and you're going to cut this And you're going to clip this so that It's completely out of context I already Said that it was and and you are just Going to pretend that it wasn't over and Over again it's up man it's effed up man Come on man it's effed up you're not Helping and you're not helping them you Ref you're not helping them she's kind Of weird Looking um look at this weird couple Like just whatever all right so this is The last thing here super Tuesday sets Up Trump and Biden a Rematch 2024 rematch um we knew this was Coming right now either one of these Guys we'll get to her in a second here Uh either one of these guys could have Um could die like it's not unreasonable To think when kids are dropping dead Like flies and of course you know they Have specific things going on but these Guys are both of their 80s they've Outlived life Expectancy and Joe Biden is falling Apart now I don't think he's going to Die but he could like it could happen to Either one of them Trump could go to Jail and Joe Biden could cease to Function like he could just lose any Capacity to be able to articulate and Present his situation and you know if You know older people just like anything

Else as you get older you have good days And bad days you have good periods and Bad periods look at Mitch McConnell Remember Mitch McConnell was glitching Out and you know you have real poor Health that happens and you have Glitch Outs and breakdowns physically and as You get older it's happening to me like I you know I run a cycle where I'm I'm In a good phase right now you know when You're young it's you might get injured You might get sick but you're you're you Know just getting better most of the Time when you're a kid and then as you Get older you enjoy good physical health And you don't have these issues where You have you know breakdowns in terms of Your you know physical your ab your Ability to function I it's happening to A lot more younger people now um but Let's watch this and I'll get back to That in a second here this is the whole Thing this is the highlight of the night We have our first look at the Composition of today's electorate our First chance to talk to NBC News National political correspondent Steve Kaki who is of course as he will be all Night long at the big board with early Exit wa is at the big board P data Steve What do you got yeah Nicole I guess one Thing to keep in mind here is there are Only three states tonight where we're Going to have exit polls so most of the

States that vote we won't have exit Polls for but Virginia North Carolina And California we have some exit poll Data for and secondly if you've been Watching the first couple of primaries Here there's always a disclaimer when we Show you exit polls at this time of Night or late afternoon this early all Right so um you know who cares Trump won So going back to what I was saying you Have good days and bad days and you have Good periods and bad periods and Joe Biden you know he might have a good day On a debate night and they you know they Have ways of just like with athletes to You know do as best they can can to Prepare him you know not overtax his System and maybe keep him inside and Keep him from campaigning like a week Before the debate and just you get them Lots of rest or whatever they might do Whatever pills they might give them you Know short-term pills that have side Effects but we'll keep keep them Lucid For a night of a debate or whatever but He's not going to be able to withstand a Campaign and Trump is starting to break Down and getting weak and you know he's Just not he's energy levels down your Energy level isn't the same right they Should be preparing for death you know This is you know this is what you do and That's not a bad thing at all I mean as You get older that's what you need to do

Your mind and your you know your Consciousness goes more and more to the Etheric side of things as a spiritual Person like it's just what happens and The closer you are to death as you get Older the more and more you just get Comfortable with being a spirit and you Know leaving your body Behind and you that's why older people Drift off and you know they're just not As uh conscious as they were before you Know they're already you know leaving Their body in a sense and you know There's age appropriate behaviors which Is to um get rid of any things that you Know anything that's left unsaid or Anything that's left undone and just Resolve things resolve relationships With love LED ones and just prepare People for what's going to happen to you You know what's going to happen to them Or what's you know them dealing with Your your death and things like that and You know entering into this phase of the End of life phase right it's something That's highly neglected in the American System these guys are running for the Most important political office in the Country really in the world you know and You know they both should be preparing For death they should be you know doing These other things and so it's not just Only not age appropriate but it's not Good for them and the country because

It's not what should happen right and Nothing's going to change right you know The big issue right now is Israel and I Don't know if that's going to be there In November I don't know what's going to Happen with that but Israel sees this is Its one opportunity to glom all that Land and you know the promised land and I've talked about this extensively and So there were Republicans are worse on This issue than the Democrats but the Democrats aren't great and Israel's just Thumbing their nose at America even Though you know American government American people are bankrolling this Whole thing over there you know Trump is Horrible on this he's one of his Handlers Israel he's worse than Biden But there's no good answer here and you Know all the issues are I mean none the Issues matter because none of it matters At this point we have a collapsing uh Empire and just like with the candidates Themselves there there should be a Preparation for Americans to understand Your time in the Sun at living in the The so-called greatest country of the World is over and kids already know this The young people already know it they Know they're screwed they've accepted it And they've been told in in every Possible way and we should know by based In their work ethic and their character Qualities and the breakdown of the

Family the breakdown of morality and Just everything Empires collapse we're The only people that are struggling with It because you know they know the kids Know like they're already adapting to This and whatever that means right and Whatever that's going to entail for them They're already depressed and they're Already you know given up to whatever Extent they're accepting a you know a Lifestyle I mean I guess as long as they Have video games and the internet They're cool right they don't care what Kind of agenda 21 Little Shacks they Little apartment you know six by six Rooms they live in or whatever right a 6X 20 apartment or something or you know Whatever small little um you know having Not owning anything and all these things They've already given up on home Ownership and you know many of them Given up on having marriages and Families and kids and you know they're Just um they've been in you know they See the apocalypse coming which we all Do to some extent and so just like you Know these candidates should be Preparing for death we should be Preparing for that the inevitable Collapse of our system but everybody Wants to salvage something here everyone Wants to to believe there's hope and There's none it's certainly isn't Political hope I mean the only hope is

Spirituality the only hope is people Connect to God and redeem themselves in Some way because we're lost and we're Going in the wrong direction people are Getting worse and worse it's idiocracy Out there and the breakdown in Morality And the breakdown of human beings is The Telltale sign but there's all these Other ones as well and so so you know It's interesting because it's so effed Up these two old like failed candidates And bad people who are very similar even Though people can't see that are running Against each other as a country Collapses you know it's very interesting It's it's like nothing we've seen before But it doesn't have a happy ending I Mean the happy ending is that the world Will be saved from this plague of Humanity that's destroying it right I Mean that's you know in future Generations will be able to have a more Natural and normal system because the Current system will will have collapsed I mean that's the happy ending but That's like 200 years from now like the The real happy ending in terms of you Know world with spirituality as its Space Spirit built a world where people Are connect eternally to God and have Evolved in some way is at least 200 Years from now and so it's 200 years of Suck between now and then only Spirituality will save this world it's

Paul Romano definitely point for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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