We Came Here For Freedom

We Came Here For Freedom

My parents were quite extraordinary People because of their cast should just Be picking coconuts their entire life They broke that Destiny through sheer Will fighting Injustice my dad first Came to the United States we landed Snowing I never seen snow in my life I Have shorts on I asked my dad why did You bring us here and one word he said Freedom that is why my parents came here There are a lot of Indians who emigrate To the United States and they live in Their little cliques and they don't give A about America is that a citizen Is it a citizen who goes and fights for This country and comes home I would say That's a citizen you do something of Service to me service is citizenship Brahman like Vivek been given Everything I wasn't given everything so If you weren't spitting your face and You don't believe there's a caste system you you are a castist and by the Way Brahman in the original tradition Meant not because you were given it by Your name but you worked for it a Brahmana was a scholar a Rishi who Worked for it I would be considered Truly a brahmana but we were told we Were non-brahamas the decision I made Was that I would become something to Destroy the seeking Injustice truth Freedom Health Shivers the president Period

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