We are all doomed the Fetterman JoJo Magoo Aaron Rodgers edition

We are all doomed the Fetterman JoJo Magoo Aaron Rodgers edition

Greetings brothers and sisters This is going to be the Beginning the the introduction to my 121st Journey series video But also I thought I would put it here Today on my Or my video today is September 13th so My video tomorrow on my pockets of Future Channel Um I don't know why but it's going to go With Some other things that are happening Um In the world I guess as well as you know My journey like my personal feelings About things And spiritual experience with them You know I went to bed last night my Wife had sent me a Meme like a tweet a picture of a tweet Where somebody said that Aaron Rodgers Was gonna Uh Rupture is Achilles tendon And It was happened 2.5 hours before it Actually happened Two and a half hours before it actually Happened And I went and I found the tweet I think It seems like it might be legit And then I woke up this morning and YouTube had recommended a video by Dr

Berg That had said um Uh you know he's being censored for Medical misinformation that They are not necessarily deleted as Videos or batting him or giving him Strikes They're just um Taking the algorithms and keeping people From finding you know which has happened To me on this at my channel in different Ways You know the the uh The making YouTube just go to the Official story more and more And making it harder and harder to find The Unofficial story and I'll come back To these things because I'll show you These things In a moment Um for those of you watching my video my Regular video But for those of you who are watching The Journey series I want to talk about Uh the spiritual aspect of this so This is you know just one narration Where it's going to be sort of a a Combination of the two ideas it's a Starting point for both of these videos And then after I do this voiceover the Videos will go in different directions One will be more about the normal things I cover here one will be more about the Spiritual

You know I have become more and more Disillusioned By Humanity Um You know there isn't Pathways That I Can See For Success that doesn't Mean they that they uh don't exist But it's hard or hard it's harder and Harder to see them With everything that's happened uh for Me it starts with the collapse of the Heartfulness organization And um The you know current master and President of the system And the reaction by the people That have done the meditation you know For years people I knew people who I had um You know High opinions of There are a lot of saints I mean real Saints like people you know not just so That person's the same kind of thing but No real saints like higher developed Souls Doing size mark The meditation that I do and for you Guys it's just someone talking about it But for me I experienced it right you Know when sahaj Mark found me with a Practice found me this meditation Transmission It was so transformational I was 29

Years old And I had really no purpose Like I didn't know why I was here Like I it wasn't to be A successful American person right You know fame fortune or just you know Live a normal life or whatever it might Be you know whatever you know motivation That other people had for Getting up in the morning You know even as a kid Um Uh Uh you know I didn't have right You know there was a time where Like I had a vivid imagination it was a Kid I was really Imaginative like you know I could Daydream and dream you know I spent a Lot of my time daydreaming at school and You know whatever it was right But I'm a person who has always had a Very vivid imagination and When I started to play basketball I Imagined being successful you know Playing division one basketball and then Going to the NBA and you know having Those moments of uh success and whatever You know and it wasn't realistic because Basketball was A lot of times boring for me like I You know I would I put in the work you Know the working on my game or whatever But you know not like you see

Professional basketball players do It didn't mean that much to me some days I didn't feel like playing at all and You know these things But my imagination allowed me to believe That I would have some sort of you know Um life like a famous you know athlete And because I had athletic ability and I You know it was good when I was good Uh at the you know days I was good I was Good there are days I didn't care and Whatever It wasn't realistic and as I got older You know of course that didn't happen And I could see that it wasn't really Did suit me And I didn't have any you know Motivation to Be successful and you know do things to Be successful Like I just didn't and I you know Um like people fantasize about all right I'm going to get this job and then you Know and this is the way it's going to Go or I'm going to get married And this is the way it's going to go You know and imagine uh you know like a Dream life of fairy tale life you know Just uh like you go into it with this Fantasy of how it was going to be right You know you see fairy tales and you see Uh you know movies and happy endings and Things and you know and and you are This is how you imagine

That your marriage is going to be in This you know your uh Your career is going to be right and Even if you get the fairy tale even if You get Bliss right you get some sort of you Know Blissful life where everything goes Your way All the breaks break your way all the Luck is on your side There's still going to be an emptiness Because That's not why you're here on planet Earth it's not to have happy life And that's what's sold to you in our System That happiness is you know the pursuit Of happiness It's written in our constitution And for this system to work The idea is that you're constantly Pursuing happiness That you never get it it's like the you Know the the rabbits chasing the Greyhounds chasing the rabbit You know you're never supposed to catch The happiness is just out there in front Of you but it keeps you working You're working for happiness and then You know you're like well I'm not happy But I'll make sure my kids have a happy Life right and let's say you achieve Fame and fortune and you know whatever It is that you get the you know you you

Get the dream And you achieve that dream there's Emptiness inside of you because your Soul is here for a different reason You're not here just to enjoy yourself Like enjoyment isn't the goal of human Life Happiness isn't the goal of human life In fact I've said this so much the only Way you can experience happiness is to Have misery You have to have some opposite like all These things come in a binary opposite Pairs pain and pleasure right are Opposites Happiness and sadness are opposites Things like this happiness and Depression You know you have these different Conditions and the only way to Experience one is to have the other like The best time to drink water or anything Else is when you're really thirsty Right the best time to Enjoy food is when you're really hungry Like you have to have deprivation to Have abundance right like you know People who grew up in poverty really Enjoy wealth Because they appreciate you know Something that other people just take For granted because they people who were Born into wealth don't appreciate it Because they hadn't had the opposite

And so any of these types of things You have to have one to get the other so You're always going to be as a state of Misery and then happiness you know You're going to be depressed and then Happy and all these things right someone Who's happy all the time Is just normal and they don't know Anything else people have more serotonin Than the average person and just feel Happy all the time that's just their Natural state it's the same thing when You become a saint or a spiritual person You're connected to God all the time and The connection is permanent you're not Going back and forth right You know I was in a Relationship where There Was You Know constant drama like There's a couple relationships but this Was a you know before I was married to My You know X which is a nightmare in Itself right but I had a relationship With somebody who you know we were Always in a state of sort of breaking up And chaos and then coming back together As exciting because of that right Because you know was always Um You know there's these relationships you Have with like crazy people and they're Exciting because you know when people Have fights and then they come back

Together and they have a you know a Makeup Kind of situation and there's there's Intensity in all that right there's Energy and excitement in it and then you Know feelings of like depression and you Know negativity and just and then Feeling good and then feeling bad and Then feeling good you know these things Extremes Except it's not sustainable it isn't a Healthy relationship It's just something that there's a lot Of energy in it because of the the chaos And the you know the constant Writing a roller coaster you know but I Kind of knew early on that all this Stuff Wasn't why I was here That there was some other reason And it was a spiritual reason that I Found when I started scishmart that Whether I was supposed to be rich and Famous or successful or not whether I Was going to be you know this or that or You know wherever I was going to Experience In terms of my you know relationships With other people my marriage my other Things like this That that was things I was just going to Have to go through Good or bad right you know if I had a Bad situation I'd you know I had to you

Know just suck it up and deal with it If I had a good situation the same thing But I had a spiritual goal like in that There was a spiritual goal there was Something Beyond planet Earth that my Life being lived here was something that Was Uh you know living being lived on a you Know uh spiritual realm of existence Like if you were playing a video game You enter into the video game and it Could be You know better graphics better Um like you know the video games that I Played when I was a kid and it was a Game called Pond that was basically like Ping Pong and You know really remedial games and then You know my wife and I talk about these Video games You would be in the game right it didn't Matter how sophisticated the games are Now or how primitive they were when I Was a kid you leave your physical life And you enter into the world as a video Game and you have an avatar And that Avatar is you know your life You experience it and then you die and Then you're like well all right then you Know you go back into the video game And you're you know managing your avatar And that's what your soul is doing with Your life you know while you're doing That with a video game your soul is

Doing that with your life right your Soul is Created this physical life But it's an illusionary experience and Your soul has a goal your soul has a Purpose for your life and whatever that Is it isn't it isn't about happiness and Enjoyment like those are things that you Experience along the path that they're Good and they're you know they're They're part of the path But they're not the goal right they're Not the solution And you know I started Sage Market I Felt the transmission Like I knew that was why I was here And the transmission isn't for those of You don't understand the The system it's uh you know it's a Divide energy that is you know pass Through the hearts of uh Either the master of the system or Preceptors that act as conduits for this Divine energy And people experience Divine love in Their life and it's Not exactly like that but you know when You experience love that's God And you have those moment to experience It and you attribute it to people and The situation in your existence right You've attributed to Something in your life and that's where The Love's coming from right you love

Somebody they love you you know the There's that kind of love and there's You know love that you experience just You know the love of art the like the Love of doing your job The love of you know there's there's Different forms of love I mean it's the Same love but it's comes through Different forms right But in terms of the purity of the love It's divine And your soul needs that love you know You need love to exist some people lose All their love like they have you're Born with so much love in your system And it gets depleted by This demonic system in life on Earth and Then you're kind of a zombie or whatever Right I talk about this quite Extensively you know some of my videos Not the journey series but other videos But I experienced this you know this Divine love through the massage Mark System and I knew that was why I was Here and I didn't know why like I didn't Know The specifics because I didn't Understand any of the books or but I Just had that experience right this is All right this is why you're spear this Is what you've been waiting for your Whole life It was this you know I went to this Guy's house he was a preceptor

And we sat you know in the meditative Situation explained how to do the system And all of a sudden the the love just Swept over me this you know energy You know and uh like he didn't Experience what I was experiencing like He was kind of shocked like oh Like I was having this experience like He hadn't had any of these experiences He had been doing it for Like 20 years right He was a good preceptor but wasn't He didn't have some of these experiences That other people had Even when he was giving these cities Right so it's a unique thing for me And it was transformational And I was like this is why I'm here this Is what I'm supposed to do You know and there's a like a moment of Um You know it was just a great time for me Those early years doing the seismic Meditation as then I started reading the Books and understanding The process here that your soul is Working to merge back in the source like Everything wants to return to the source That your soul goes out to the periphery Of its existence And then it wants to go back to the Center that's how all things work You think about the rain cycle the water Gets pulled up from the ocean and

Is you know forms clouds and goes you Know deep in Inland and rains and then The water eventually Works its way back Through creeks and streams and rivers to This do the ocean itself right Um you know that's how all things you Know that's the water cycle like an Example of something coming from the Source be being uh you know uh distance From the source and then going back to The source itself And so you know I had my material life Which is a big part of the seismark System where In many spiritual organizations and Practices You neglect your spiritual life you have All these monks and you know sinyasis in India Who don't work they don't contribute They don't have families and they're Basically Beggars who become spiritual You know spiritual people but they're Only focused on their spiritual life and They don't do anything for the material World And that's not how seismark operates That you're supposed to have a balance Between the spiritual wing of the Material wing most people now have all Their energy in their material wing And they have nothing in their spiritual They do nothing spiritual But there's also people who do just

Spiritual things that have no material Life And the example was given by whether the Master's a system of a like an eagle or A vulture or you know one of these birds Of prey that soars on the on the wind Currents And if it dips its wing if one of his Wings is you know uh Adept or you know Not in Balance not in line with the Other Wing One Wing goes up one wind Goes down They go in circles there you can see Them spinning around that's how they Turn By dipping one of their wings And sort of fly straight on your path You need both Wings to be aligned you Need a material wing and a spiritual Wing which I thought was Very interesting you know that Very simple but very uh you know Profound but I embarked in this you know Spiritual journey and I got into the Scishmark practice I went to Gatherings Went to India I met the master of the System who was you know an example of Somebody who had achieved the goal the Goal that we're all working towards And there are a lot of great people a Lot of devoted selfless people who Volunteered their time contributed their Money and worked tirelessly you know to Um especially in the Indian culture

Where they would drive four or five Hours just to give somebody a city like A preceptor Drove you know hours to to meet people Like uh we we didn't have a precept of Where I lived In Virginia they would come from Washington DC that were five hours away And you know uh North Carolina and Things like this They would drive hours and hours like Just you know devoted service they were Just servants to God and working for the System And they um You know they they were humble like just Really humble they weren't doing it Because they wanted to be in grandized Oftentimes they were just people you Wouldn't even notice Doing the work like in a gathering Making sure that everyone was fed and You know cooking food or whatever it Might be like there was just these Selfless people working in obscurity Where nobody knew the work they were Doing practically you know unless you Just noticed them And they weren't drawing attention to Themselves they weren't doing so like Everyone saw how great they were and They brag about all the work they were Doing They were just put in the work without

Expecting any sort of paths on the back Or You know they were working for Their spiritual uh you know their Spiritual goals And in the size Mark system you get Experiences you get like little you know Booths and experiences Little you know whatever they are along The path But with all spiritual and religious Pursuits a lot of it is Stuff you're not going to know till After you die Like it's you know like religions will Promise something that you don't know Whether it's true or not until you die You know like you're taking your their Word for it and size Mark it's not that You get to experience things like in This life you know a spiritual Experience of certain meditation But still a lot of the work that you do Is for not only After you die but for the future of Humanity right Like you're moving things forward and You know what you're participating in is A spiritual evolution That all people will rise up to a higher Level And you can't see that like that's stuff That you can see you know certain people Say

In comments that they have had Transformational experiences because of My videos You know and that's you know I don't I Don't attribute that to me Because whatever I do here in terms of You know the combination of me and the Divinity right working with divinity we All have Divinity within us That the stuff that comes through me That's divide is far superior To my you know my limited ego and my Personality Right like the you know the best work That's done in my YouTube channel is Done by God And so there's people experience God Through my channel You know and I I don't think oh wow I Did a great job or you know people will Leave compliments and you know Transformational you know things how It's helped them and it's good for me to Know but I don't think of it as me like I don't you know Pat myself on the back I mean I put in the work and yeah you Know I participate But you know I know that God is the real Doer Which is a you know a stage on the Spiritual path where you realize God is Doing everything And you know as I've gotten older it's More and more like that for me like I

Don't have those fantasies and dreams About being successful and everybody's Seeing how great I am or whatever it is Like things that I thought about as a Kid I don't think about that way I just You know put in the work With faith that there's you know some Kind of outcome coming you know I was Told early on by the third Master the System That you know we don't work for results We work for God The work is ours and the results are his And that was a you know Wonderful uh You know blessing for me that you just You know you do the work and you wake up And you know what your duties are you Know what you're supposed to do and you Do it And you don't worry about the results Right like that you know scene from uh Um A Field of Dreams where the Kevin Costner Characters like you know what's in it For me like at the end of the movie he Built the field he did all these things He's like what am I getting out of this Like you know everyone else is getting Something You know and he's like you know you did It so you could get so you know his the Ray Liotta characters like you know why Do you do it Joe Johnson or whatever Joe

Jackson You know I don't know Shoeless Joe Jackson is last name Um it says you know is that why you did It for something you wanted to get Something out of this you know and the The ideas Mark the reward for work is More work And so you know I just keep on plugging In and doing what I'm supposed to do You know and uh a way where I you know Don't get overwhelmed or drained or Bitter or you know resentful you know Just Uh taking on too much and you know Whatever other people's problems and Things like that just doing the work That's assigned to me making these Videos doing the stuff on the homestead And you know those are the things right Doing things with my wife you know joint Goals that we have and you know work We're doing to create a future for Ourselves you know things like this and Then ultimately leaving something behind For other people right you know leaving The world a better place that's another Goal a seismic system but a lot of it You know you can't know Like you you don't know how It's not a part of the material Experience The real you know the real love Results of the work

They happen on a theory level Which we can get in touch with and we Can experience but we're not there You know we're we're limited being in a Physical body we have our dream world And our meditative world and we can Experience The you know the so-called brighter World Uh here on planet Earth and so as I've Gotten older just getting up and not Thinking about the results not you know Like oh wow what if I get a million Subscribers and how that would be or 10 Million or everybody you know like you Know things like that like not Fantasizing about you know something Having a glorious Uh you know some sort of a uh you know Whatever that would be right like I just Get up and I you know Crank out the videos and I just do the Work that's in front of me and I don't Think about You know all these things like I have to Do something to you know because YouTube Is working against me and so many other People now and you know all of it that I Have to do things to you know keep the You know to make enough money off you as The job as well right all these things But for the most part it's just you know Getting up and knowing what I have to do And doing it and not worrying about the

Results And not you know Dreaming about this outcome or that Outcome or you know in some material way Just doing what's supposed to be done Um and that's been you know I mean this Is the happiest part of my life just Being able to you know have something to Do have a purpose and goal and go ahead And do it you know every day and you Know be a cog in the wheel and just you Know not think about the other things Whatever you know those other things Might be in the material world and you Know whatever I mean I'm just you know Content to do what I'm supposed to do You know but in that in terms of the the Software meditation Master charity you had all these saintly People who were working hard for the Mission And the master was You know the best of us he was you know A person who worked harder than anybody Else And he was more devoted to anybody else And he was the best conduit for this Energy to flow through And everything he touched whether it was Material or spiritual Was successful the guy was just a Success on every level Building options bringing new people in Helping them connect to God and just you

Know growing an organization and working Tirelessly to do it and just propping Everybody else up going to places You know he'd come to America and You know hundreds of more people would Start the meditation and You know they'd fade away and you know Some would Fade Away someone would stick And a year later he come back and was The same thing and before he got there Was all these energy enthusiasm but just You know making the world a better place And you know he was somebody I guess we All probably took for granted Because when he died he left behind a Dud you know like a guy who ended up Being a complete dud who you know failed And I mean someone who was much better Before Charge Master charge he died Somebody who was really good a good Preceptor good person But he just didn't rise up and fulfill The the same role that do what charge he Was doing but eventually just became Almost like an anti-mass not almost but Like an anti-master Like now like a cult leader and you know All these people people who are Saintly people good people They haven't been able to deal with it It was an unexpected turn of events that None of us were prepared for And they haven't been able to deal with

It they just haven't been able to figure It out or they they're in denial Whatever it might be and the system is More or less collapsed I've you know Left the what's now called the Heartfulness organization it's a you Know it's a sham Um and you know Because there's no transmission flowing Which is the the whole reason for the You know transmission and cleaning you Know cleaning your spiritual Uh the grossness from your system and Transmitting this Divine energy and Helping people to elevate And these people who are you know great Souls Saints and higher developed Souls Have failed this challenge I mean as far As I can tell you know I can't speak for All of them But the way I see it they've failed this Challenge they haven't been able to Figure out what to do With a you know a dud of a master Who has you know hijacked this whole Organization for its own purposes And just a failure like he's not even Good at it like he's sort of a screw up On top he's no criminal mastermind he Just does stupid things and is failing Ever you know fail everything he does is A failure like he just and then Exaggerates the results and things And I talk about this extensively in the

Journey series but I you know I was Watching this Zoom call and I've seen Some of these people And some of them were people with big Egos people I didn't like that you know I I could see where they would get Corrupted very easily Because they had dreams of you know Self-importance and ambition and things Like this And those people you know sure But there were other people there's a Guy I talked to who was a real great Preceptor And he was just you know uh I talked to Him fairly recently And I had heard great things about him As a preceptor and You know he was kind of confused about What was going on And he kind of knew things were bad And at some point I talked to him he Said I'm just going to ignore it Because thinking about these things is Wrecking my spiritual condition And so he chose just to you know like People in the truth Community who see The truth for a little while is too much For them and they stick their head back In the sand so I saw this guy On the zoom call with dodgy you know the Master the system was failed and he's Smiling and you know whatever Um

This guy smiling and I don't know how he Could be smiling like it was you know Embarrassingly bad performance by dodgy And there's no enthusiasm people have Sort of just walked away and you know Threw their hands up to the air some of Them I don't know But there was no there's hasn't been a Uh what I consider a competent response From all these people And like I said many of them I I would You know would say were more evolved Than me and they were better more Devoted to me and more you know Intuit More service oriented better you know Personalities more caring of other People and you know the whole thing But they failed you know they failed Worse than I have you know I don't Believe I failed this test personally Because I've done what I've can doing The gratefulness meditation to keep this Alive you know whatever I can contribute To keep the The energy alive the transmission alive And the you know being a conduit And it's had an effect on people you Know but it's limited and you know and I Um but because of me seeing these people A lot of them good people spiritually Oriented people Fail And dodgy himself was a higher developed Soul he had potential like he could have

Been a good Master like he you know Whatever some scars he had you know Whatever character faults he had you Know he because he could have Rose above Him but he didn't and you know I'm not Saying I would because I you know I Don't think I would you know whatever I Don't I don't care to you know like I Don't care enough about people and God You know whatever Um you know I'm limited But you know he failed and he was given This job and he he didn't do it and the People who are there you know couldn't Muster up a response to this they Haven't been able to come up with a Solution Connect to God and figure out what to do It's really been pathetic right and you Know I'm saying this because These people I believe to be legitimate Saints and higher developed Souls that Their sole purpose was come to come down And contribute To this movement And if they're going to fail What are the what about all the first Timers you know people who maybe were an Animal in a previous existence or You know this is this is a high you know It's a jump up to The Human Condition They're not coming down from a higher Level of spiritual attainment you know They're not coming down from uh previous

Lives or they don't have a history of Previous lives of spiritual Evolution And you know going through the process There's a lot of just first-timers and You know people don't have the ability For abstract thought and you know other People like you see in Walmart or Whatever it is right You go through you know The uh the you know the masses of people Who are low Consciousness low IQs low You know everything You know what are those people are Supposed to do like if the the best of The best fail You know I was told by you know various People that I would you know that this the number of Saints like famous Spiritual Beings from Other Traditions that are a part of the Scishmark system Would Astound you right that's something The charge you've said like all these People were like Master charged he was Saying Paul in the past life and the Second master of Babaji was uh you know Patanjali in a past life a highly Developed uh spiritual Yogic Saint and then all these other People were part of that like you know It doesn't mean that much to People who are invested in material life And look up to celebrities and kings and You know famous people and politicians

And people with power But there's been highly developed Spiritual Beings that have had success Stories here On planet Earth and they were Incarnating to be a part of this Organization and as of now it looks like A a gigantic failure I mean you know Again this is my limited view and a view That's coming from planet Earth but You know with uh Master collapsing and falling and Becoming a you know a deviant in many Ways and then the you know these highly Developed Souls that were spiritually Oriented and still are in different ways Not being able to solve this equation Not being able to figure things out And you know make something of a bad Situation is like they were only capable Of doing good work when they had A you know higher developed Master Running the system they can't do it on Their own like they can't muster up a Response on their own And connect to God directly and figure Things out on a you know higher level To make sure that this work uh you know Uh survives this Debacle of the current Master of the System and so if they're going to fail And they failed and you know I see what Else is going on with you Mandy to me There isn't much of a chance like you

Know if Saints fail Then what do you what about the sinners Like you know what are sinners going to Do If Saints fail you know what are the you Know the low the lowly people gonna do The people who are You know newbies and just beginners here On planet Earth's gonna do And all the you know materialistic People that are there And so I don't have much hope for Humanity you know just based in that and My overall experience of course hope is You know hope is unimportant like hope Keeps you going You know I don't need hope like I you Know I guess faith is better and I have faith That you know at least in terms of Doing what I'm supposed to do And getting out of it whatever I get out Of it on a spiritual level not to think About it like as a you know as a Materialistic person what am I getting Out of it right but it's I'm moving Forward By continuing the work that I was Supposed to do regardless of how Bleak It looks regardless of how hopeless it Looks You know at least I'm moving forward Personally like I'm having my own Spiritual experiences in my own

Evolution by continuing to just you know Go in there and punch the clock every Day and continuing to fulfill my role Every day you see these movies where They're pre-apocalyptic Where people know that something's going To happen There was one I talked about in Australia it was kind of a good movie And then A few other movies um I can't remember All their names but we're the end of Life on Earth is inevitable and people Just start saying all right I'm not Going to go to my job and all these Things which you know That makes sense if your job sucks but You know until the system like any day That the world could just blow up like Someday Some days the day before All human life cease to exist here right Like there's going to be a day where Human life is here And there's going to be a day where Human life isn't here Where human life cease to exist on this Planet there might be million years it Might be tomorrow And the day before you're still supposed To do what you're supposed to do The day before you die like just even More like a more realistic idea I mean a Realistic and

You know there's going to be people Maybe some of them listening to this Video And tomorrow they're not going to be Here right They're going to be you know their body They're going to leave their body and go On to somewhere else And so you know there are people like That that today is their last day this Is their last hour And there would be this idea you know That movie Bucket List and we're gonna Go do things that you've never got to do Or you're going to go experience it or Have fun or whatever right But ultimately you know every day you Want to just keep on doing what you're Supposed to do stay true to your Spiritual path You've been given an assignment you've Been given a Um you know whatever Gifts and abilities that you're supposed To You know impart to other people on the Planet everyone has some role to play Here And you fulfill that role and you keep On doing it you know even in the face of Everyone else quitting or everyone else Collapsing or the system collapsing You continue to fulfill what you're Supposed to do at some point you might

Need to Pivot right you might all right That part's over you know there you know The internet that's gone down so why Should I you know I'm not going to just Be sitting here talking to myself you Know you know there's no more you know Viewers there's no more you know I mean Let's say there's no viewers that's Making videos for zero viewers And YouTube had so hidden my channel and All these things or you know there's Just um whatever it is then it'd be no Reason for me to keep on doing this I Would you know do something else but up Until that point and there's still some Reason to keep on going with this I'll Go you know as long as it's you know God's will You know and just to to wrap this thing Up and I want to switch over to You know my other stuff that I'm going To do here and I want to cover you know Aaron Rodgers there's this uh prediction That somebody had like I said a couple Hours before the thing and then Dr Berg's uh being uh you know being uh Shadow banned in these things you know Someone who's very popular on YouTube Has happened to more and more people and I think I'll get to a few other things Here On my positive future video and then you Know the The journey series will go in a

Different direction but just to wrap This part up you know I hurt my back and Um I haven't heard it in a while and you Know I over strained it doing some work And whatever then Usually what happens is it's fine and Then three days later it just something Happens And then it was sore and and then I Picked something up and then that sort Of You know heard it worse But now it's you know like Um probably about 80 percent better And I have these stretches that I do That that are for the uh psoas muscle I Got this little device too is so so Right that helps uh you know stimulate Release points on the psoas muscle And I do these stretches one I learned From Dr Berg and then another one Somebody sent me a viewer and they're Really great for getting my back back Into shape And stretching out the psoas muscle and My wife and I do the Dr Berg One when We're walking because you can do it Standing it's easier to do But then we stopped doing it like you Know for one of our backs is sore you Know We're in the car all day or something on A trip and then we you know we pay more Attention to it but you know it's easier

To do All these things when you're Experiencing poor health it's easier to Do these maintenance things and you know These things that you I mean do these Things that fix a acute condition As opposed to doing things that will Maintain something and keep you from Having a back problem altogether right Like just doing some stretches yogic Stretches whatever they are And doing things like that just to Prevent you know what I'm having which Was uh you know three or four bit days Of not as good you know like I couldn't Do as much and I had to you know I'm Limited I can't really do much work Outside and my energy levels affected And all these things And so you know that's the problem with Human life like things that are good for You When you need them you'll do them But when things are going good you Forget about them and when things are Going good that's when you should worry The most You know when things are going bad You're you know you're aware of it and You know you're forced to Um adjust yourself and do things in a Different way One thing when people have success That's you know a time when

You should be more worried about Anything that I don't know worries about You know I don't like to worry I think Being worried is a a positive way of Saying this but you know continue on With doing the things that are you know Are important to do and are Are you know that are maintenance things For either your health or your spiritual Condition or whatever because success Can ruin people right success can Uh you know bring people to have some Sort of spiritual fault Success can Take people away from the good habits And things they do to reach the goals That they've reached especially on the Spiritual level Where you work real hard for Spiritual Evolution and then you get it and you Start You know pat yourself on the back and Becoming egotistical and thinking you're The doer and you know I don't need you God right I talked about that movie The End my dad described it to me and I went And watched it you know this uh Burt Reynolds was diagnosed with terminal Cancer or something and he goes out to Swim into the ocean and kill himself and He has a change of heart and he says God I'll give you everything I own Uh if you help me get back to shore Because he's tired he doesn't think he

Can make it as he gets closer he said God you know definitely give you that 50 50 percent you know and then by the time He gets on the beach he says I'll give You ten percent you know I'm definitely going to give you that 10 I promised you right It was 100 when he was almost died and Then as he you know started doing more Of it and you know God helped him get to The shore he you cut God's cut down to 10 but when things are going poorly People think about God And I guess that's one of the good Things that is going to happen With the collapse of our civilization Is that you have to you know be more Self-reliant on connecting to God and This is also probably the good thing That happened in the massage Mark system With the collapse of the system that People were so used to You know Master charge you doing Everything You know there's this element where You'd have to take more personal Responsibility And so like the advantage of a Collapsing civilization and a time of Uncertainty Is that you think about God a lot more And you realize that you know you can't Control things and you know like you Stop thinking of yourself as the Doer

You know that you can't do anything Without God And so I'm going to wrap this voice over Up here and take this in two different Directions on the different videos I'm Making and you know that's it for this Part Okay let's get to it here I've been Procrastinating since I've done that Voice over it's 11 30. this is David Zazlov CEO of Warner's Brothers Discovery Um I guess what's that the discovery Channel Um Vows to fight to the end This is can't find that um So um anyways here's he's this guy the CEO of something Warner's Brothers Discovery Look that up real quick Our company Our company Warner Brothers Discovery is Leading Global media and entertainment Company that creates and distributes the World's most differentiated and complete Portfolio of content and Brands across Television film and streaming So you know Um Some of the things she has here is Adult Swim Turner Classic Cartoon Network Animal Planet Science Channel Warner Brothers

Films television So um you know I guess he's This is maybe the CEO of Warner Brothers CNN I guess they're he's responsible for CNN and Discovery Max and these other things Um So there's that And he allegedly posted this Aaron Rodgers is going to tear his Achilles on a range wrench meta life Turf In 2.5 hours And so I can't verify this there's Another post here 40 year old QB on the Range Ranch Turf Against the best team in football What could what could go wrong am I Right this might have been his Original Um Posts But this is his account now It's suspended and so I don't know if he Was hacked I don't know if this post is Real It's been passed around The internet's in the truth community Um so this just you know I used to care about things like this And I just don't You know I used to you know focus more On these things and I pursue them I go Down the rabbit hole

And I have very little interest in it if This post is real and it looks like it's Probably not The question would be did that mean he Was able to predict the future and Aaron Rodgers did get hurt That's all scripted and Aaron Rodgers Hasn't really heard it was just an act Or something else like he just randomly Posted this and he got it right Coincidentally There's a lot going on there given the Anniversary that it was given that was New York given the hype given all the Aspects of what happened there Certainly um You know it is it could easily be Scripted Also it could also be a you know warning Sign kind of thing I don't know Uh but let's move on to this So there is a new Netflix trailer for Something called The Rebel Moon Which again has a female character who Is looks like she's about five to Hundred pounds 110 pounds And she is beating men up But then this was part of it These guys in these masks with the Illuminati eye the Eye of Horus and then Later on um Comes back up here at the end of the The end of the thing here

They have these guys playing the violin Here This is the eye horse a little bit Different with the mask that they were Wearing But it seems to be the symbol for the Empire here There's going back one second here There's a woman who's touching a robot Here And then Goes to the Eye of Horus these guys with Violins And then this one And so you know that happened Um Inconclusive or you know there's Something here but you know what it is Nobody really knows they'll get more Into this at the end of this video Dr Burr gets censored and so what he's Saying is that they've changed the Algorithm so if you search something Like um What is it the keto diet That his videos don't come up Um let's we can do that here just take a Look at it uh The keto diet And I'm searching here And there's nothing here on Dr Berg he Is one of the most prolific sites and I And I've watched a number of his videos And um

Is his video doesn't come up here right And so he's talked about how they've Changed the algorithms they're not Necessarily Banning people or deleting Their videos But they're making them impossible to Find now YouTube recommended this video To me today You know Dr Berg is allegedly a Scientologist and there's Some controversy around him but his Videos have helped me with my health Most recently post a video about Beaverine which is Helped me lose weight again I'm not Recommending anything here I don't do That health-wise or anything else But um You know I've lost about 10 pounds since Taking it it's helped me I think Processed sugars and it's helped me with Being like uh you know I'm not as hungry It just it's just helped me in general Other things that he's recommended a Stretch for my Uh you know my stress stretch my wife And I do for Our psoas muscle there's a lot of things That I've benefited from him and other People like him And you know I look for Alternative Health because allopathic medicine Doesn't work for me again not Recommending anything but you know and

They're they're now making it impossible For you to find allopathic results a Non-allopathic results And they're you know doing the Recommended channels and they're pushing Everybody towards mainstream medicine And you know they're doing this across The board YouTube is Uh you know somebody sent me a video of Some guys like English And he has sort of a standard Channel And they've made it so he can't make Money on YouTube videos and he's like Got a channel that has been around for a Very long time you know he probably gets About I go on this video he got like 20 000 views so it's not like a big popular Channel Because a lot of people are experiencing This where YouTube Uh categorizes their channel in a way That they won't run you know they'll run Some ads but not a lot ads Um you know there's like a you know he Receives something there's a statement On top of his channel that it's being uh Placed in this category of course I've Seen my Revenue reduced and things like This But we've entered in anywhere where They're just Gonna get rid of all of this stuff like All the alternative stuff

And I'll get into that we'll get back to That in a moment here Putin would have never gone into Ukraine But that was just on my relationship With him my personality over his would Have never gone I used to speak to him It was the apple of his eye but I said Don't ever do it and it was you know Tough stuff there but he would have Never done it Wondering who says that apple of my eye Now you know hi again everyone it's five O'clock in New York she's just maybe the Most schoolish person on On the news or being the apple of Vladimir Putin's eye is not really Something that makes up a batch of Honor For anyone here in the United States but You know I would put a witch hat on her And I don't have time to do that but Like she had a witch hat on her and Someday I'll do that you know but Um Is for the president Donald Coming from the Russian leader currently Accused of carrying out heinous war Crimes war crimes This is when America has Justified their Use of giving depleted uranium shells to The ukrainians which also hurt Ukrainians because they're firing those Shells in their own country And so these radioactive shells and the You know the Fallout from them

Is going to be in the Ukraine right And so like these are war crimes against Your own people Americans are doing this using the Ukraine Abiding I mean it's just gotten so Greasy And then this right between Donald Trump's attacks against those holding Him to account Vladimir Putin called the Criminal indictments against Trump a Quote persecution of a political rival For political motives Putin speaking at An economic Forum earlier today in Russia then went full Tucker Carlson Saying this quote this shows the whole Rottenness of the American political System which cannot claim to teach Others about democracy they simply Expose their domestic problems and in That sense if they're trying to compete With us on something then it shows who We're competing with All of which was likely music to Trump's Ears now when Putin first invaded Ukraine Okay Um We know where this is going To use Look leader McConnell and I have a very Similar view on this we think Ukraine Aid is extremely important yeah it is Come on so it's this guy who would and

Who's this who's this wonderful specimen Here we're going to do everything we can To do it my guess is a majority in the House if you just had a vote on the Floor of the house would support Ukraine Aid probably even a majority of Republican house members although I have Encountered those and so we're going to Push very hard for you crane Aid because Look Ukraine is struggling they need the Help they're making some progress it Would be really wrong Americans don't Want that Americans don't want to give more money To Ukraine and Ukraine is being set up Like it's a bad thing over there It's like a proxy war to shut that eight Off just at a time when they're making Some progress yes uh what's your Reaction to the White House's deal with The Iranian government to get these American hostages back in exchange for Six billion well I don't know the Details so I couldn't really comment uh At much length we all know the Iranian Government causes real real problems Throughout the Middle East and even the World okay so um the Republicans are Characterizing this as Joe Biden giving The Ukraine giving a the Iranians uh six Billion dollars but that's not true This is money that is uh the Iranian the Iranians That's locked up in escrow that they got

From oil sales so it's money they earned That you know from their exporting of Oil That International America or whatever Is Um keeping them from having so this Isn't what they're saying it is right Republicans are politicizing this but You know the whole thing's a mess like Just you know the whole everything's so Corrupted so deceptive everything just Sucks so bad right now because they suck So bad like the people running the System and these you know their cronies Here these political Uh hacks and shills They're just so like I mean it's they're Not hiding it anymore They've come out and Gone full ghoul but Here's the big ones that I want to get To Um JoJo magu saying this master Assistance.gov to register assistance Earlier this week I visited FEMA headquarters in Washington To thank the emergency responding Personnel we're working 24 7 here in Florida and throughout look at jelly Jill here it's the Southwest Southeast And in Maui and Hawaii I want to reiterate that appreciation Today I also convene my entire cabinet as part

Of a whole of government response If that response is going to increase The number and intensity of the extreme Weather events and beware we're going to Be use all the resources available to The government to do it yeah he just Said that this is a meme is going to his Responses to increase well let's let Them say it again Response And that response is going to increase The number and intensity of the extreme Weather events and beware we're going to Be use all the resources available the Government to do it All the resources the government to Increase extreme weather events you Heard it straight from the horse's Balthia then he goes on to climate Change here nobody can deny the impact Of climate crisis there's nobody Intelligent can deny the impact of a Climate crisis anymore and so you're an Intelligent person are you saying just Look around around the nation and the World for that matter historic floods Intense droughts extreme Heats deadly Wildfires Deadly wildfires wildfires that have Caused serious damage like we've never Seen before Just says being president In two and a half years I've flown over More land burned to the ground as a

Consequence of wildfires then occupy the State or the entire land of the state of Maryland You see seen it I'm down in New Mexico And Alabama all the way to Montana and Around it's been devastating It's been very devastating for Joe folks When I took office I directed my team to Raise our game and how to lead and Coordinate our response to national Disasters I met people here today that Are and when they need our help the most Is the reason why we've done it just Look around this community okay I think It's pretty bad in the beginning too I I Might leave this up and go through it Again um It's just like he's he's gone Like you should they're sticking him up There and they just don't care they Don't care if he like just poops his Pants and you know like he vomits words Silent out of his girl hole that's That's completely like you know we can't Understand what that's half the time you Don't understand what he's saying and The other half of the time he's making Gaps and doing saying things you Shouldn't But they're just going to roll them out There Then this happened Ground Zero in New York And I remember standing there the next

Day and looking at the building I felt Like I was looking through the gates of Hell it looked so devastating because The way you could away from where you Could stand Apparently he wasn't at The you know he wasn't there You didn't go to Ground Zero he was in The Senate looking at the Senate Building Maybe that's what you were seeing when You're saying seeing the gates of hell So fetterman is back with his Porn Stash They've been hiding him but somehow they Got him here Oh my god really oh my gosh you know oh It's devastating Oh don't do it please don't do it There's a guy who doesn't have the Ability to self-perceive Um he was talking about Obama uh Biden Being impeached like these are a couple Memes just waiting to happen I gotta Turn into memes and even short videos Uh maybe I'll do a veteran smash with This one We'll see you know we'll see what Happens like I said I'm procrastinating A lot Okay as it turns out I have the actual Audio which I often get just for these Fetterman videos fettermen have porn Stash ooh they don't like veteran Point Stash feminine which wife did not him

But give him spell You know I'm gonna wrap this thing up It's going to be long with the voice Over and all the rest of it Um You know I've reconciled What's going on in the world To realizing that you can have truth You can have God Or you could have your lifestyle But you can't have both if you pursue Truth and you know you know in a way That's Beyond just I mean the Jewish Community has become Just everybody blaming everything on the Controllers and say they controlled Everything and feeling helpless and just Doing the same thing over and over again And Repeating these you know these dives Into the rabbit hole with no results you Know there'll be a lot of people saying That the Aaron Rodgers thing is fake And then a lot of people say and it's Real or this or that and there'll be all These arguments and all this you know Whatever And nobody can prove anything nobody can You know do anything even if something Is there is admitted to like if what Biden said about the extreme weather Events was um You know an admission or a Freudian slip

And not just a gaff There's no way to you know actually do Anything about it even if he came out And said yeah we did it We're doing all these things Nobody would you know bat an eye right Nothing would happen And if it did happen It would bring down the system and so we Could have truth We can have the truth come to light We can have the truth be the real the Official story That means that the system has to go And I've said this over and over again You can't have both you can't have truth In your lifestyle You have to choose one or the other And you know most people in truth Community are straddling the face the Fence in the face They're straddling the face they're Straddling the fence between Um wine the truth but not wanting to Change and not wanting to give up their Lifestyle And you know that is whatever it is And you know I I don't know what each Person should do In any circumstance like for me I know The system will fall in its own accord And so during this time I'm going to Take advantage of it work you know Mostly on connecting to God but also on

Building skills and doing something in Case there is some sort of change And maybe you know me and my family can Adapt maybe we can't whatever you know We'll give it a shot right Um and just you know Doing what I can do it you know anything Can be taken away in a moment's notice And You know we live in um You know very uh You know think about if the Aaron Rodgers thing is completely fake that's An act and that for eight months or so They created this narrative and the Whole Hard Knocks thing and everyone in The Sports World the people in New York City were waiting for his debut and then They just Uh shut it out right I mean if they did That on purpose or they were able to Create the injury without I mean they Were able to you know cast some sort of A a spell on them or whatever you know Jinx them you know whatever that was Happening there You know that this was or you know this Is either a psychological operation That's Completely staged enacted or there's Some other Dark Forces at play Or it's just the consequences of You know everything like it's a warning Sign from God I mean whatever way you

Want to take something like that You know it's a lot of work for You know kind of a weird uh unsatisfying Ending to a story but if that's a Psychological operation it's all acted In staged you know what are they doing Right like what do you like that's the The levels that they're putting in you Know if everything is so controlled and Acted and staged everything in the Official story which is you know I think About it that way sometimes and then I Think about differently at other times But if that's what's happening they're Pretty desperate right they're rolling Out all this you know they're rolling Out all the stops all the you know They're going for it because You know that means that they got to do Extraordinary work To keep everybody engaged with the System and prop the system up because It's you know on the verge of failing And that's where we are like you know It's desperate times whether you know It's If that's the case or there's you know It's just everything's collapsing around Us A bunch of things to get to for the by Tomorrow Hollywood celebrity dropping like flies That are bizarre And you know everything is

Like so intense there's something big Happening like every week every you know Multiple times a month there's big Stories and then you know littler Stories and then just like the the Prolongated drama of trump and you know The the you know just the the division Within the country and everything Falling out and collapsing and things Like this Everyone's become numb to the big Stories either they don't believe them Or There'll be something else that replaces It in a week or so And so there's almost no reaction from The people there's no change There's no you know Um moments where people say you know Maybe I better Start doing something else and even in The truth community Everyone just sort of goes along and I Think it's just waiting for the you know The the end to come right okay I think Very few people have any real hope and Things turning around and you know Either politically or economically or You know how the health stuff I mean It's just Like we're going in a direction towards Doom right like it just feels like Impending doom And you know

And I mean these things are making like You see fetterman you see Biden you see Trump you know like all of this spells Impending doom there's something with Lauren Boberg getting kicked out of uh Beetlejuice play Which I'll cover tomorrow like every Everything is just about impending doom And so you know when that's the case That you have really no choice but to Throw up your hands and you know have Faith in God and go in a Godly Direction Because the system itself isn't worth Serving anymore the system isn't worth Believing it the system itself is you Know in a problem and not a solution And so you know the only way to ride Through this you know this um This this filth this cesspit this Cesspool You know like a cesspool with waves and You know current and these things Is to you know have faith in God and Serve God and you'll have some sort of Uh you know purpose in that direction Where you're moving forward spiritually And you're part of a future solution That doesn't exist now But will be you know the seeds are there The pockets of the future are there For uh you know something in a Post-apocalyptic situation Anyways We're all doomed

Only spiritual Valley will save this World as far remodel definitely Reporting from the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful So I took a long nap I um You know they did the whatever you're Seeing in this video here and uh You know the screenflow stuff And I was going to edit it and get the Video done early and you know I just I've been so tired and I was thinking Maybe You know my back and being tired is Related to Whatever you know whatever this covered Stuff is I don't feel sick and You know I doubt I would test positive For whatever I don't you know I don't do any of that stuff anyhow But I you know it has such weird Symptoms the thing And I just um you know it was like 11 O'clock and I just I slept pretty late And I did the voice over you know for Both of uh videos Uh this one in the journey series The 121st Journey series And then I um completed you know the Other portion of this video And then I did the voiceover before this And I'm going to add this one at the end And you know I got so tired And I took a nap and I woke up and I

Couldn't move I was just laying there And I went back to sleep which almost Never happens And then um You know I went for a walk with my dogs And I came back and had these ideas I Already did a voiceover A similar voiceover to what I'm going to Do here on the journey series But I wonder if this thing that whatever They've inflicted on us And I don't know if it's actually Contagious or just something that lives In our system and you know it's always Gonna come back around during the fall And early winter and things like this Um whatever you know You know I feel fine and I you know I Feel strong but I'm just so tired You know but anyways I was thinking About this in terms of the spiritual Organization with dodgy and the the People that were around Master charging But what I was saying about you know my YouTube channel and I thought well I'll I'll add this to this video You know when YouTube first came out and There was this thing called you know That ended up being The onset of the truth community You know back in the beginning And when I say it was pure Of course Alex Jones made up about 60

Percent of the truth Community like he Was the You know he was the one that was funded He was the one that was a you know he Had you know he was a shell for the Whatever it was But he had a quality show back then like In terms of the guests he had and There's a lot of things he did that was You know not good but it was not nearly As bad he is he became later on He was more reasonable and his shows who Had better quality And it was a little bit more Grassroots And then all the other people who are a Part of the truth community You know they got things wrong and they Had their own issues But it was much better than it is now And as it grew It became worse and worse and you know One of the reasons is the people who Make money on something don't have the Creative Energy of the foresight or the Vision to be in in the very uh in the Very beginning of it like people who you Know there's people trading Bitcoin I Remember when Bitcoin was like 10 cents A piece like I could have bought you Know like like I didn't know and I'd Have the money for it and I didn't even Understand what it was but there was a Time when Bitcoin was you know like Pennies

For a while it was like a couple years And people were using it as a currency And traded amongst themselves you know Young people and people in the truth Community I think other people on the Internet Uh but you know those people probably Sold all their coin early on maybe it Was went up to a hundred dollars and They thought they made a lot of money You know maybe some of them hold on to It you know people could have had You know tens of thousands of Bitcoins And they could have been fairly poor You know college age kids but then it Went up to a hundred dollars and they Were probably like wow man I can you Know they never thought it was gonna To do that they never knew it was going To become you know all the Cryptocurrency stuff And you know there's the people that Come in after something's been Established like at the you know for the Silicon Valley and the the tech bubble These guys who made the most money were The ones that Ran the IPOs and they came in and they You know did these pumps and dumps and They really didn't ever know how to they Couldn't write a line of code many of Them knew nothing about what they were Selling But they're just money guys they you

Know they get involved in a scam And those guys you know were a part of Um you know the missions Charlie G's or Inner circle and things in the in the Sage Mark system and he restrained them The third Master of the The you know the size Mark system From their Tendencies but once he died You know they took over what became Heartfulness Dodge you as a part of that And you know you could see what he had To do or what he was doing to keep the You know keep what he was doing pure Which it takes a you know tremendous Amount of effort Because every religion everything that Grows from a Grassroots situation it Just gets worse and worse over time Is because there are people who They just see things as a way to be Profitable a way to inggrandize Themselves whatever that means And that's what's happened now on the Internet of course now there's more Restrictions To your ability to you know make Something Grassroots and money's Involved and you know all these other Things right and they just you know take It and they you know they make it into Something that's just a more marketable They take the essence out of it and that Just always happens And that's happened here in the you know

In terms of The internet certainly on YouTube and These other social media platforms and The people that come in just They're more and more sucky right more And more selfish more and more You know they're not about Uh the you know the essence of the the Movement is ruined and that's happened To the truce Community long ago and it Just you know keeps on getting worse and You know it just becomes More and more division more and more Subgroups more and more lacking in you Know the I don't know what you call it that's the Diversity of Uh impurity right like instead of it's Just what happened with the Christian Religion where there's you know a Baptist and there's Catholics and There's various levels of um you know There's methodists and there's you know Also like now uh Mormons or whatever it Is right they have all these groups each One claiming to be the right one And you know there's uh the purity of Christ's message has been lost And what I was saying in my other video You have my majority series video this Voiceover I just did Is that um you know I'm more focused on The reaction from The people I knew who knew that the

People around charge you weren't great And they could have foreshadowed or seen This possibility happening But at least should be aware of why it Happened because they were involved Right They were with these people they saw These people You know some of their suckier Tendencies and some of these things that They weren't allowed to Contaminate the system with because Charge you wouldn't allow them to do it But now they have And you know there's the middle Management there's dodgy's fall there's The people around him but then there's The other people who you know could have Acted like come together and said no That you guys aren't doing this right You guys are you know they could have Been a check and a balance to what was Going on but they just sat on their Hands and so you know I focused on the Controllers and whatever you know the Illuminati whatever what people wanted To call it and the you know people have The power but you can't expect those People to change They're the people they're the last People to change Many of them are so bankrupt and dead And you know they're so twisted They Don't Really they never had a chance

Even though people Envy them or they're People that you you know people want to Be like that or they you know they want Money they want Power But then you see these people and you Realize oh they're so screwed And they're caught in a web of you know Power structure and Venomous creatures and all these things Right And so um yeah there's that groups and You can't count on them and people Always waiting for them to change And then there's the middle management People and whatever they are the people Who are You know the face of this thing the Lower level politicians and you know the Politicians in general and the various Hierarchical Gatekeepers and things and Those people aren't going to change Either And so they're a known entity and Chasing them around and constantly Catching them and saying oh look we Caught you again and not having a system To Exercise some sort of um you know Consequences for that or to change Leadership And wondering why you keep on catching To them and they don't ever change they Don't ever you know do anything Differently it's because they're

Incapable of it So the emphasis has to be on Everybody else and you know the sheeple Or the sheeple and so the people in the Truth Community you know for the most Part have failed Just like the people who do The seismic who do heartfulness now To deal with it like that's what I've Said you know like I was talking about You know we're all doomed in a sense That there isn't anybody willing to Figure it out and do something Differently and You know I mean it just um break free From all these traps that are there Going down the rabbit hole constantly in The truth community and trying to figure Out what happened to Aaron Rodgers is a Waste of your time Yeah maybe initially But after a while who cares like you're Never going to get to the bottom of the Rabbit hole that's why they call it a Rabbit hole And you know you're just you're just Digging yourself deeper and deeper into The depravity and you're getting farther And farther away from the light And so like you know why are you doing That like you know enough You know that the people running the System are corrupt and you can't be Counted on

The system itself is collapsing so what Are you going to do what are you going To do differently And for the most part most people don't Have an answer for that They and they're not willing to change Themselves right And that's you know the biggest issue People aren't willing to change whether It's lifestyle Behavior or try something New or you know get out of their ruts And their pit you know most people don't Have that in them they're too Asked out they're too bankrupt or too You know worn down they can barely make It through a day To do any wholesale changes and so for People who've wondered why I care you Know I don't care about stuff anymore Like you know it's it's you know for me It's interesting to watch And other than viewership other than Just watching something like it's Entertaining and you know interesting And you know wanting to see how it Sort of unfolds other than that Like I just you know I mean until Something huge happens And I mean something That's gonna change the system forever Like it's the slow erosion of the thing Now And people are losing things and they're Taking things away and they're you know

Doing their thing or whatever but They're not the you know they're not the Where your focus should be they don't Have any real power Their power will be taken away they'll Be erased The people I call the controllers And then what right like they you know They're it's just like a a person who's A lame duck president or something like They you know they know how desperate They are because They don't have a backup plan themselves Like you know I mean in terms of Survival they have their things so Whatever it is living in silos living Underground whatever Bunkers and things like that But that's not you know that's just some Pipe dream you know like that's not Gonna You know what I mean they're not that's Not for them right you know they're Going to be wiped out the whole this Whole level of human behavior has to be Eradicated It just takes a mere thought from God Or some of the you know higher developed Beings You know just some sort of spiritual Work that's done and you could remove a Whole power structure and you could Yank It Out by its roots but when you do that The system

You know they were all dependent on and The you know the the element the Demonic System they created goes with them Their system goes with them like they You know they operate the system And so when the system goes they go And then what like you know what are you Gonna do and if you haven't spent any Time Thinking about that or preparing Yourself in one way or another You know then then what like what's Going to happen What do you think is going to happen to You right I mean very few people will Survive this some people will be Enlivened by it some people it'll be the Best thing ever like they don't know it And they're having they're not really Preparing for it but it's on some level They you know It's going to feel better when the System collapses it's like something That's been holding you down and you're Not even aware of it and then when it's Gone you realize that you can now Flourish and do you know what you're you Were meant to do But very few people are like that so The rest of us have to prepare and Adjust ourselves especially since The older you get the more the system Has a hold on you and very few people Are doing that so that's you know that's

Where the real bummer comes in Because the people who Could change well like there's so many People that can't change There's so many people who can't adapt And so you can't ask them for anything Because they can't do it But the ones that can suck Or refuse to You know see what they need to do like Just you know be able to face the truth The way it is and I see it here all the Time people getting you know just Obsessed with Petty things like and just Obsessed with the negative going down The rabbit hole like I said And you know instead of focusing on the The bigger picture which is Okay this system is done What are we gonna do then like what What's what are we gonna do next And you know spirituality connecting to God is the you know most important part And you know we'll see what happens with That I just I've been doing this now for Over 30 years right 1993. so this is my 30-year anniversary This past August of doing such Morgan You know being a part of that and seeing What's happened with the people that do That and then just seeing what's Happened with the people of the truth Community right now there's just not That much

You know when you can you could say is The possibility for change But you know things are going to happen We're going to see like if some of us Will see some of us will Have to come back and deal with it Whatever But you know it's just around the corner Only spiritual value will save this World it's paramano definitely reporting For the Apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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