Wait you think not voting frees you from the Matrix? bonus comment video

Wait you think not voting frees you from the Matrix? bonus comment video

Greetings brothers and sisters so I woke Up and the first thing I saw was this Comment On my phone I get you know a few uh YouTube notifications and Good morning really mostly And I thought I would cover today on my Off day here Uh just because I want to spend less Time you know do other uh Stories than the Kennedy thing Tomorrow because I have so many things That are just backing up on my one Toolbar and it's worth addressing why It's fresh Because of the Ignorance and the nature of the comment And so um and there's another comment I Happen to read as well this morning After that when I was looking for this Comment on the computer And so the person writes instead of Mocking the show let's participate in it An emoji with you know like a shot face What I'm not giving in Wake up Paul Matrix has you again The best day The Best Day is when nobody votes when No one gives up their power to to the Creeps Thank you Paul I am grateful Okay so you think

The difference between The Matrix having us or not is whether We vote Like that's your opinion is that whether You vote or not like if you don't vote The Matrix doesn't have you if you do The Matrix does Or you participate in the system or you Don't because the Matrix has us already Because we're dependent on it You know I and I don't even know what People listen to when they the way they Perceive what I'm saying here About Kennedy and I'll clarify my Position on in a moment but That's not what's important here the Matrix has us like we're dependent on it I don't know if this system collapses or When the system collapses I shouldn't say yeah because it will all Systems collapse but It's really the timing it's the the Intensity what it means to collapse But if the government is gone there's no Such thing as America anymore And we have just local whatever it is Right There's no internet there's no Electricity you know whatever the Collapse looks like whatever the Apocalypse looks like It's gonna be rough like it and no Matter how bad it is now It's going to be rough like it's going

To be adjustment maybe it might be Better for you personally It might be better for some people Personally some people will thrive Some people will just It'll be it'll be what they've been Waiting for their whole life even if They don't know it And they'll just really you know they'll Get into it they'll They'll love doing the work to survive Maybe they form a Tribal situation in some places right That's what pockets of the future is Right it's It's living now and preparing for The post-apocalyptic situation That's what the whole idea behind box of Future is that the system is inevitably Going to collapse And some people are going to have to Start adjusting themselves and training Themselves and preparing themselves with Their kids for the inevitable collapse And some people will be good at it a Very small amount Some people will love it some people Will Thrive in it you know I think Most people will feel more alive After the collapse like that's you know That's a given Because the system just puts you to Sleep

And you know you're not living like a You'll like a zoo animal right many of People are just going to die right away But whatever that is right I mean I Can't you know it's it's not that it Can't be that specified but some people Will survive and for that period of time Maybe they only live for a short period Of time they'll feel more alive because They'll be you know engaging in human Life for the first time or you know on a Different level than they did before Because the system clouded their Experience you know but for the majority Of us we're all hooked into the system And it's just too much of an of a leap And to live in a post-apocalyptic world It's just too much of a A change For You know your physical whatever your Lifestyle you've been used to and the Physical Uh things that you need and just all of It right I mean some people Can't survive without medications or Whatever it is right like just things Like that That they're on life-saving you know or I don't call the medications good Because to me they're not But the people are addicted to them and Need them Because of whatever physical conditions

They have And so I mean who knows like what you Know each person's situation is But to think whether you know that this Idea that you either Vote or don't or Participate in the election or not Is the difference between the Matrix Having you or not like the truth Community is a joke it's just words It's just people expressing words It doesn't have an effect on the system It can have effect on the future You can have the effect on you know your The system has in terms of the hold on You and you can start preparing for Something Very few people in the truth Community Do anything but talk right the things That I do in terms of The future and you know uh establishing Something after it's obviously I talk About it here that people need to you Know pockets of future is an idea that Is out there for people to grab hold of That you can start developing skills now And preparing yourself for a Post-apocalyptic situation right so That's like something And then personally I've lived on Homesteads and you know my wife and I Are doing things now new things now She's getting into doing tinctures Herbal tinctures which is great which You know there won't be supplements and

Things so there'll be a you know that'll Be a way for us to um you know To have some sort of uh you know that'll Be our like a big part of our health Care System And we're growing food and we're Establishing Places to grow food like we're building An infrastructure at our Homestead All these things right and you know I Don't know where we are in the process We're probably not nearly where we need To be and you know there has to be Future Uh like there had to be you know young People involved we're planting fruit Trees and things like this that you know We'll be there for future generations And you know we're setting up a place That could be used For you know whatever somebody I mean For ourselves and then whatever is Afterwards right In terms of like uh a place where people Can you know Thrive to whatever extent At least survive the food issues right We're doing things and learning skills And things that can be passed on to Other people And you know that is whatever it is so There's an effort there I you know I Don't I can't grade our effort if we Were younger it would be better Obviously

We'd be doing it more Uh if our kids were bought into it it'd Be different But you know all these things right um But in terms of most people in the Choice Community it's just talk There's no action there's no and there's No actions that can be taken right But in terms of Kennedy well let me read This other comment here Because I saw this comment when I was Looking for the The original one here um JFK is being used to take funding away From trumps all over base in Independence who give money to RFK Won't be able to give money to Trump After primaries Biden is the incumbent There's no Pathway to RFK for the Democratic Party Well Trump could end up in jail And Trump isn't the solution but that's Not why RFK is RFK has only raised like 10 million dollars like it's just uh That's not what's Happening Here there's A total Pathway to Victory For RFK I don't think they would let him have it Um I don't know like I just want to see how It plays out And before I didn't care and now I still Don't care but I'm like kind of invested In hopefully that something happens to

Where It becomes a race Because they have to draw Biden out and Make him campaign Which will be great because Bill Meltdown and you know he'll I mean People are saying that he's dead and Somebody sent me a video of some alien Looking person Getting off a plane and waving to people The person was in a full body suit and a Mask And this person was speculating that They were going to put a a CGI Joe Biden Where the person was you know like a Human green screen Which I don't think is true but you know Possibly who knows But Biden is like they hit him last time And it's been four years of Grueling you know whatever people want To think about the presidential let me Know how much of a puppet he is Every president ages significantly every President ages like you know twice as Fast during their time of presidency you Can see the the difference in what the President looks before and after It's a life-sucking position no matter How much of a puppet they are no matter How much handling they are it just is But in terms of the Kennedy thing I've Said over and over again The system needs to collapse it's going

To be bad for all of us but we see us Going in Direction it's going and we Think about where we are now from just Five years ago think about all the Changes in the idea of You know or six years ago since 2015 Where they introduced That there was you know a whole new way Of looking at gender I mean that was a big one because of the Social implications implications in Language the implications for Future you know for kids in the future All these things And the agenda they're pushing out along With that you know the Hollywood Morality agenda How much we've Fallen In just a short time and it's it was Always getting worse the morality the You know everything was getting bad and You can't stop it because they got the Kids like kids are you know the kids are Going to make up their own decisions and You know there's always been this idea Of indigo children or crystal children Or these you know special Uh you know Souls that are higher Developed are coming down here with a Purpose And maybe that purpose is Will be triggered by a apocalyptic Situation I don't know but it's also the Dumbing down like generation after

Generation there's an idiocracy thing Happening and there's all that right And so all that's lost like you know Whatever America was before And there's things I disagree with Kennedy on In terms of you know he has his own Make America great again type of uh you Know Vision uh And there's no reclaiming what we had Like it's just lost Different Generations just you know The degradation is set in and America Whatever Was great about America and I you know I Have my own View on that I mean it might be great to You personally or great to your group Or great for you as a kid but that That's over that ship has sailed but the Reason to vote for Kennedy is he's a Legitimate truther candidate because Truth or you know whatever it means like Trump wasn't a truther Trump courted the truth community Because Trump's is so self-centered and He isn't passionate About anything like in terms of These issues Trump's passionate about Trump Trump's greatest promoting Trump And so he's not a real truth or Candidate you could say maybe Tulsi Gabbard was like a little bit of Something

Um but you know your positions were it's Just you know not really a truther Candidate in the way that that Kennedy Is Kennedy fought things he litigated Truther issues and again The system the Beast is a juggernaut but Here is a person who can articulate Truth or positions and you might not You're not going to agree with them On everything or there's going to be Nuances to the arguments but that's not Important he's a legitimate truther Candidate he represents us as a Demographic whether you want to see it Or not And that's the reason to vote for him I Mean you don't have to but that would be The reason Is because he's an actual truth or Candidate and you can see it If you can't see it you can't see it Like if you're locked into something Else if you're a Trumper with the first Person was saying is They don't want to like give their heart To something or endorse something Because they'll get hurt and you know They don't want to trust something again And you know you don't have to trust Anything I you know I doubt that they would let Kennedy win and if they did they're not Going to let them change anything I mean I don't know what's going to happen but

The system can't be saved I know that And so that's not an option that's not Something that's on the table But you know doing the right thing Is always a good thing you know voting For truth and voting for something you Believe in Is you know Kennedy is like my wife was Saying he he's a candidate we haven't Ever seen here The way he talks about things he doesn't Talk about them The way a politician and he's a trained Politician who grew up in a political Family But he doesn't go and say I'm going to Pander to this group and then go to Another group and paint her to that Group and use polling and data he talks About the issues that we care about In a way that you know we mostly would Agree with him he articulates the truth Or positions and not just for I mean There's you know the environmental stuff He's done and the other things And so it's the right thing to do You know he's doomed you know he's it's A tragic story you know whatever it is And you know you're going to get Invested and he's Gates he gets killed And you get bummed out for a few days You know that's about it like it's just You know I don't think anybody expects Miracles I certainly don't like you know

And not Miracles because it wouldn't be A miracle because it's not Divine to Save a system that should have collapsed Years ago from the weight of his own Depravity but in terms of his ability to Win or not it's there there's a Pathway To Victory and again Pathway to Victory could be the Democrats openly have to rig the system And they have to expose themselves in Ways that nobody can deny I mean they Will but you know they can't That the system is rigged Because Marianne Williamson is pilling Like at 10 percent And so these are just Democrats Kennedy's pulling at 10 with 20 with Democrats He has another large block of Republicans who are supporting them Intruthers And that would easily grow if there was A chance to win he's got favorable Favorability ratings And you know people are maybe craving a More intelligent a more real candidate But if Mary Ann Williamson who pulled Under a percent The first time against Biden is polling At 10 percent That means there's 30 percent of vote Already out there in the Democratic Party That wants to get rid of Joe Biden like

They're refusing Mary Ann Williamson Over Joe Biden they're not going back to Joe So anything they'd go to Kennedy right And so that's 30 of the vote right there If there's a brokered convention You know I I would assume that you would Throw her support behind I mean that's Like to think even Mary and Williamson Is a double-digit Uh you know just like there's that's the Alternatives right Joe Biden could die He could have a senior moment whichever Would lose faith in him you know he Could pass out He could you know get really sick I mean Any number of things can happen if he's Forced to campaign and who knows what's Going to happen he could have a meltdown You know like his meltdown just to have All these things you know he's fallen Apart before On the campaign Trail and it'd be worse Than that he's starting to be Scrutinized there's a hunter Biden thing That's a real story now and you know any Number of things can happen that would Um Make people lose faith in him even even More like there's already a lack of if Marianne Williamson's got ten percent And Kennedy has 20 that's 30 percent you Know there's just another 20 you're more Than halfway there

In the first primary isn't till February of next year And so like it's you know six months Away And that's a lot of time for you know Bad things to happen to Joe Biden and so They're just propping them up Weekend At Bernies And if he goes down who are they going To put in Kamala you know that Governor That knew some guy who sucks like who Are they going to put in there I mean California people are It's a disaster of a state like as Opposed to apocalyptic State already California's hemorrhaging Uh you know wealth and people with money Are deserting the The state there's you know lawlessness In San Francisco and these other cities It's already becoming an apocalyptic State right and Kennedy would have The support of like think about if Joe Biden died and there was an Open Primary Like in three months from now Joe Biden Is gone He does something that people like he's Not fit like we can't you know he wasn't Fit the first time So it's just asked something could Happen right And you know who knows like I mean it's Just how dumb everybody is how captive Everybody is I mean you know we it's the

Way the story plays out it's hard to Assess because The tolerance and stupidity and Passivity of the populace is You know unbelievable it's hard to you Know understand how what load it would Take for people to say this guy's not Mentally competent right but if Something happens or you know you get Sick or whatever it is and they open They do an Open Primary then there is no Incumbent Uh this guy already has 20 of the vote That they do have to debate And who knows what happens then right Kennedy would be the front runner right Now And so you know you could totally win The the nomination and they would try to Rig it against them and you know all Those things And that would be great like no matter What happens A contested election uh you know a Contested primary Is a win for all of us certainly a win For me in terms of covering it It's more uh you know openly Mockable Uh you know rigging of the election and These things and so it's just uh you Know to me a no-brainer like at this Point it's something that I I gotta see Like I Gotta See

This thing play out in some way Where Kennedy is a viable candidate and The Democrats have to react in some way And then what do they do throw their Support behind DeSantis right I mean what are they going to do with Trump and you know all that like are They going to throw Trump in jail at This point they almost have to throw Trump in jail Because of his confession Those audio tapes And you know like they're now saying That the trial might not happen until After the election Which is a long time to wait so they Want to have that hanging over his head Um like he would get elected and they'd Throw him in jail I mean there's all These things That are there but his confession the Evidence that they've presented It's a slam dunk at this point And so I've always said I never thought I'd see Trump in jail But you know that might happen and then What do they do then right Um so you know Their narrative is falling apart like no Matter what you want to say or not say About it and then there's events that Are going to unfold I mean we're already uh we're already in World War Three

And then the other things that are going To happen but our participation or not Like for me to vote or not vote it's Almost nothing Like just the effort to register and I Would only do that if There was some reason my vote would Matter but I mean I could talk about it Here And say you know this is what I'd like To see And people can do what they they're Going to do right I'm not you know Whatever I don't care if you vote or not Vote but that doesn't mean you're you're Invested in The Matrix or not right Like it's just you know I mean it almost Is nothing it's like voting for American Idol contested or something like it's You know it's not a commitment or Anything like that right Like we're still slaves to the Beast Because unless you're independent can Live off the grid and even then you're Living on American land You're living on land owned by the American government they give us the Right to ownership home ownership which They can take away at any time they can Seize your property they can take your Property away they can do all kinds of Things so you don't own the land the American government lets you own the Land

And then all the other ways that American government lets you drive Lets you you have to get a driver's License you have to get permission From the state or the federal government To do things Everything that you do is governed by The system And your dependence on it in terms of Food showing up at the supermarket If you can't grow enough food to support Yourself If you don't have the skills to live Outside the system then you're Completely dependent and owned by the System like know your status like you Know whatever and I've talked about the Spiritual stuff As well there's a way of being free on a Spiritual level I mean that's for people who are even in Prison where you could connect to God And take everything that's happening to You is coming from God And not the controllers and not the System And that's just a point of view it's an Internal change and those are the ways To Free Yourself Of the Matrix those are the only Ways Available to us You could either live off grid and even Then you're still connected to the Matrix or you can internally become a

Slave to God and you just change your Slave masters and whatever happens to You in the world Isn't happening from the controllers That's happening from God those are the Options available In terms of freeing yourself But having you know words or an attitude Or saying certain things or making Proclamations or any of these things It's just talk right 99 of the truth Community is just talked or maybe even 100 I don't know I don't know what other Things you know people making false you Know doing actions that are like that Don't lead to anything right That are you know feudal actions Um you know actions of resistance once You're resistant to something You're acknowledging its power You're acknowledging that it is a it has Power over you which it does because We're dependent on it we're waiting for The food to show up in our grocery Stores and then everything else The electricity the internet all the Things that we depend on all the things That we use they're part of the Beast And you know there's no escaping those Things At this particular time like we're you Know we're slaves to these things We are yet slaves we have wishes putting Bar to our advancement is a a line from

The sash Mark prayer Our wishes and our desires and things That we need or want from the system Are the things that keep us enslaved to This system and keep us bound to this World Only spiritual value will save this World it's power my own definitely Important from the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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