Upcoming Gratefullness mediation Gathering

Upcoming Gratefullness mediation Gathering

Greetings brothers and sisters okay so This is just an update on the Gratefulness meditation Gathering That's coming up on uh it's going to Start on July 23rd And I was asked a question if they're Going to be live sittings and definitely Not this time Um I don't know if this will happen in the Future It's just better for people because There's a wide A wide array of time zones that people Are doing even people in Australia and You know I guess in Europe and all these Other places And so It's just meditate once in the morning And once in the you know sometime in the Evening three times over twice a day for Three days 23rd 24th and 25th and I'll do updates And post videos on this channel on the Other Channel Um I don't really know what to do about The sitting still I've given these Sittings and they they worked well for The videos I made there's days that I Wake up in the middle of night and I'll Do a little transmitting or whatever But it you know there's when I do the Group meditation it's like a combination

Of giving the sitting and taking the Sitting And this is going to be a preceptorless System There's no way to do preceptors I don't Know how to make preceptors like I don't Have any knowledge of that like I don't You know I've been trained to do that or you know Experienced in doing that And again I don't have that kind of Connection where I can intercommune and Have conversations and get reassured and All these things right So like it's not this is a master list And preceptorless system Because there's no master now in the Gratefulness system or anywhere else In terms of heartfulness it certainly Isn't dodgy and so it's a you know it's Trying to figure out things from there And the settings were working fine Connecting directly but I felt like this You know you know I had the dream and Whatever it was right so that was Important The permission and then doing the Sittings that are up on the gratefulness Meditation Channel which you can check Out people are experiencing good results From those and I experience sittings Coming through me But it isn't a system where we can do What was done before

Like I said I don't have a clue how to Make preceptors And so you know it's and that's always Been a problem Having some level of people who are you Know it seems like they're put on a Different level than the rest of the People and I mean there's some great Preceptors don't get me wrong I had a Number of I mean there was wonderful Preceptors and you know I had a great Experience with almost all preceptors There were some issues you know Personally but the sittings I never had A bad sitting from a preceptor there are Times preceptors fell asleep or checked Out but even then I got a city So maybe they weren't upholding their End but I you know I for sure got you Know what I needed to receive And so you know there was wonderful Things about the preceptor aspect of Scishmark But we see how it's all collapse with Dodgy And you know I don't know what's going On with other people I mean I'm Disconnected from them I don't have Contact with them I know a lot of people Are freaked out and bummed out and they Just don't know what to do And so there's all that But in terms of you know me transmitting Or giving sittings I don't want to make

It like you know this is a system where You need a person You know we might need we always need People and whatever it is in the system Any sort of a system but in terms of a Masterless system this is where you Connect directly to the source Using the you know sash Mark techniques And I don't know how it's going to play Out but in terms of you know convenience And just the Optics of the thing It's better that there isn't like these Live sittings or whatever at least Initially You know we have six months after this Gathering until The next passant and things might change Significantly by then and we'll see how It all plays out but the idea here for Me is that you know we have to move to This new paradigm where we are Connecting directly we're not depending On a master who's you know in this case Corrupted And dodgy and a system that's collapsed In heartfulness And you know we don't have the way it The way it used to be But in some ways it's better because it Puts more effort it puts more Responsibility and effort on the effort From the people responsibility for their Own abias and their practice an effort That they have to put out

And that was lacking right people were Too dependent on the master You know you can just see like there's That guy who left a comment I covered it On my um Journey series video that's coming out But there's a guy who came and showed up He was an abiasi and he said you know he Excused all the dodgy's behaviors And he said that the reason they had a Concert last year at Master charges Birth is because charge he was a flutist Which I said and you know when I covered It you know yeah he played the flute and Yeah he liked Harry Prasad but that Wasn't why they had that dodgy had him There because he barely talked about Charging and he scrubbed him from the Mission it's undeniable right and so They'll you know rationalize anything We've already seen this Sheeple will you know you can you the Sheeple's ability to bend reality I mean Human beings in general but she people In particularly Who will bend reality to not face the Truth is I mean the resilience in this Area is remarkable But again it's today's July 19th so it Starts in four days here The Gathering and you know wherever you Are and so uh preparing doing the Cleaning if you want to do those the Intensive uh sitting for three sittings

In one day or you want to do the Introductory settings that are on the Gratefulness meditation Channel There's these you know various Services You could do these this intensive Cleaning which is three sittings in one Day And some of these other things to Prepare for the Gathering And it's just a good idea to have that You know focus and you know whatever it Is um and so you know there's always a Link to my gratefulness meditation our Gratefulness meditation Channel it has All those things on it and I'll make an Announcement right before the Gathering Hopefully I'll be sometimes I forget but You know I doubt I will and you just uh You know on uh July 23rd whatever day That is You will um you know you can meditate in The morning and then at night and then You keep on going with it and you know Eventually we can see about you know I Don't even know how to make a live video And I don't even know if it's something I want to do and Then it becomes something where people Think they have to do it live or Whatever Um you know I could put up the settings It just takes so long for me to to Upload like I don't have you know really Fast internet so I mean not a log it

Might take about an hour I don't know We'll see but for right now this is how You're doing you meditate twice a day For three days and there'll be a group Meditation that's on sitting giving and Transmission giving and I'll make Announcements either here or or over you Know both places I'll do a you know some Things here and some things over in the Gratefulness meditation Channel And so you know hopefully you've Subscribed to that I mean you should be If you're doing this Gathering and keep You know open that up every once in a While in case you don't get Notifications And there'll be you know Journey series Things coming out there'll be one Coming out uh probably tomorrow And Um that's uh got some information there Some you know dodgy's been it's just Gotten weird like they're starting to do It over They've Dodges reverse this position They're now doing a gathering Uh you know just it's just bad Uh so there's all that as well But I'm looking forward to the Gathering And you know you can like I said you can Always prepare ahead of time and Maximize your benefit the more Intentions the more you think about the More you're anticipating it and more

That you're craving the transmission the More that you're generating that link And you can maximize the more cleaning You go through you can maximize your Benefit of the the system anyways that's Just a quick announcement and I'll you Know I'll do updates here and then at The other channel Only spirituality will save this world It's paravano definitely reporting from The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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