Two Types of Nationalism

Two Types of Nationalism

There's two types of nationalism one Says we have our own language we should Have our own physical geography our own State we want to break from oppression Colonialism imperialism so that was Progressive nationalism National Self-determination there is another form Of nationalism says let's go back to the Good old days when we got to hang people And Lynch people right right this Concept of a regressive cultural Nationalism a form of racism in some Sense saying we're Superior to these Other people it's two different kinds of Nationalism in the 1800s black people in The United States were saying hey look We were brought up as slaves here what Do we do one set of people said we Deserve to fight for our rights a Forward Progressive nationalism Malcolm X and others like hey I'm black I'm Proud of it another set of people we're Into cultural nationalism that was like Marcus Garvey and he's saying we don't Like the white man let's go back to our Original ways back to Africa back to Egypt visions of grandeur when black People ruled the world in Africa Forgetting that black people also had Slaves Shiva for get a Bumper sticker

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