Trumps & Jilly Jill & Ronny Ron & more thermite

Trumps & Jilly Jill & Ronny Ron & more thermite

Okay greetings brothers and sisters a Lot of things to get to Um just hilarity just a little bit of an Update with the Google ads thing So I was getting nothing from Google ads so They they spent 52 of my dollars which You know Is I mean not a lot in the advertising Budget but there was literally no Results And there was no perceivable views on my Video And there was no um You know I lost I think 15 subscribers So if you pay so much money when when The goal is to bring people into the Channel And to bring in subscribers and so they Said that there was 44 000 Impressions I Ended up Uh you know I ended up pausing my Campaign and because I I called the Number and so I had two numbers I had The original 1-800 Google number and They had a secondary number That was to the girl that I had the very Bad Um experience with but I didn't know it Was to her I thought it was directly to Some call center Right so this was a a number that came Out of like Washington North Carolina or

Something like this right Um so I didn't know it was a direct Lying to her this consultant I had Talked to who was horrible And she said her name and I kind of Didn't remember her name and and she Sounded Indian this time or Indian but Then I realized it was the same person So I called that number because it Bypasses a whole waiting thing uh but Which means she hung up on me when my my Account was uh suspended right Um so I ended up talking to her and then Then I realized it was her and we were Talking for a little bit and Um I said it's not working and she said Well you should have hung up on me she Starts chastising me like this is a Salesperson Because she says that Google search Would have been what I needed because You know she had tried to push Google ad Search you know for on their Google Thing instead of I wanted to be on YouTube right Um And she's chastising me and saying like You know I Told You So Right which is The worst thing you could do when she Was wrong Because my thing wouldn't have worked on Google search because she was running it The wrong way And so then she took me to help me find

A page for the for what was going on she Said well There's 44 000 impressions And that has been that's related to 732 views So that's where the you know the action Is taking place And from those views there's no Click-throughs to my channel And there's no subscription and there's No results so it's we've wasted 53 Dollars and 24 cents of mine and not one New subscriber now I wouldn't pay a Dollar per subscriber right like that You know I mean that's not economically Uh feasible like it's not a good Decision it's not a good economic Decision right a dollar per subscriber Let's say that I you know ran into a Budget of a thousand dollars I got a Thousand new subscribers that would not Be a you know Economically suitable because those Thousand new subscribers would not Generate a thousand dollars right And even over the long term even if some Of them became members even some of them You know whatever became long time Viewers it's not like you know a person With a thousand people would generate a Thousand dollars that's why you need Lots more subscribers and and people you Know in terms of viewership because I'm Seeing real time how bad Google ads is

Inefficient and that's why people aren't Using it The you know people aren't advertising On YouTube and Google because it's not Working the results aren't there but Then she indicated how it was working Because I said well how's that possible Because if there's 40 000 Impressions That means my video is running like I Thought it was running it as an ad Which is what I said I wanted her to do But she was too locked in in her own Stupidity and her inability I wish I had Um it uh it uh tapes the conversation Because it was kind of hilarious but in Her own stupidity she was running it as A Google search a YouTube search So they were promoting my video in the Search engines so when somebody like Searched for comedy or Hollywood or some Of the and they had terms in there that I didn't put in like grocery store and I Went back and I looked at the terms Again there's no terms for like even Conspiracy theorists there's no there's Nothing in it for our demographic There's no way to get in front of our Demographic specifically And there's nothing in there for God or Religion I then search religion so they Don't have anything in terms of divinity And not these are my two big things Truth or stuff and divinity And they don't have anything

Spirituality and they don't have any Categories where people can reach the House demographics specifically Target Those demographics which makes it Already a bad match for me right so People are searching comedy and Searching you know whatever these other Things are YouTube Google ads would Promote in in YouTube search my video And they would click on a 15 second ad Video which isn't you know what they're Looking for so of course they're not Coming through right I made the thing 15 Seconds because it was going to be one Of those ads that they run before a YouTube video right but it would have to Be for the right people because it's not Going to appeal to the majority of People and their demographics are F's And you know as an ad it's not ideal but It's you know the best that I could Could do or whatever you know it seems Like a good whatever I don't know but in Terms of it has to go in front of the Right people it has to be run as an ad Otherwise I could have made a longer Video that they could promote in search But what I'm paying for is what YouTube Has screwed me and every other truth They're with when they change the Algorithms and stopped recommending our Videos because of you know this pressure On fake news and conspiracy theorists And that's not us all you know to

Promote CNN and crappy content that People are you know they don't code it's You don't go to YouTube to watch CNN and MSNBC You go to YouTube to watch you know Individual people and and whatever it is Right alternative media organizations That are you know that are more uh Grassroots and they've been pushing the CNN MSNBC Fox stuff on everybody like You guys know you watch a video of mine And they'll go to a video of Tucker Carlson Because that's how they do it right they You know they they try to bring you Always back to what they call Authoritarian news And so what I was paying them to do was Do what they should have been doing that All along was promoting my videos in all Of our videos To the you know people right like that's How they used to do it and now they were Just I had to pay them and they were Doing it inefficiently when I had an ad That should have ran in front of the Video they're promoting it like when Somebody searched something they would Find it in the search because it would You know the fact that I was giving them Money would bump it up in the search Categories but again she didn't listen To me when she put it together because She sucks at her job

And she's rude you know and you know I Mean just a horrible salesperson or Whatever she is she doesn't know Anything technically and she was a drag To work with like the second time even More so and she had the the audacity to Tell me I told you so And I'm like you know even on a larger Scale I now know that these you know the Services that YouTube offers in terms of Ads ad revenue is there's no future in It because it sucks they you know their Organization isn't running it well and People aren't clicking on the ads I mean Not just in terms of my channel but in Terms of that's the financial instrument That I make money from and of course They're down money down like now they've Cut their ad revenue for all of us Because people aren't using it you know The economy is probably and YouTube and Google are you know on the ropes right They don't want to admit it but clearly It's not working like they're you know They're they're just sucking so bad Right now what they do you know it's Like um I don't want to worry about that end Like that's what YouTube does for me Like I create content for them and they Get bad revenue for my content that's What I do for them and I bring people in To their platform they're people who Just watch my videos because they're

Done with YouTube so I bring people into Their platform right to you know to use Their platform so that's my service to YouTube and you know there's a Divinity Aspect and there's a a backing of Divinity to what I do here when you you Know work for God and you're a conduit For God there's uh it confers a blessing On the people that help you right Um so there's that like so it you know There's that with YouTube Uh and so those are things I bring to The table and uh you know I'm low Maintenance and I'm low drama whatever And you know even in the world of Truthers like they should want people Like me because they're going to have Some truthers on YouTube and they need Them so they should promote people who Are more reasonable and aren't going to Create problems in drama uh so you know There's all those things I bring to YouTube I'm a good partner for them for What I do and what they're supposed to Bring is AD Revenue they're supposed to Go out and contact people and you know Put ads on my videos that make sense for My audience and demographic but since They won't recognize us as a demographic And you know their ads and a lot of These things suck and they're not good At it because a lot of you guys get ads That make no sense at all that's why That happens because they don't have a

You know category for you so they Recommend things that are the opposite Of what you want because they're you Know unwilling to you know all of it Right And the other thing is that they promote My stuff that they you know they have Search engines and things and my videos Would come up you know for people who Would want to watch them but now they Block that they've changed the Algorithms to to stop people who want my Videos from seeing them and so even when I pay them to do it they suck at it and I'm paying them to do the job they Should be doing voluntarily because it's Our partnership and so it sucks so bad Right now so I just you know I pause my Account Some experts supposed to call me some Specialist and I'm going to blast the Person I work with and you know tell you Everything I'm I tell them everything I'm telling you and try to get them to Run my thing as a dad and find the Appropriate demographics to run it for And you know if I'm able to do it I'll Tape that conversation as well to see How that goes but you know I now feel Like I was better off not knowing Because now I know that like I just Can't look at YouTube as something That's financially viable And Google like because they're they're

Just uh crapping out here so there's a Couple of um Comments to go along with this Um there's a comment I read yesterday on My other channel And I just want to add one thing to this And the person said did you really say Thermite Is a conspiracy another theory it's a Real chemical process with metals They help take down the the you know What's in 2001 in New York Why would you wipe away the one factual Aspect of the control demolition like All these things I'm sure of what Happened maybe you are jaded I'm very Jaded but I'm still logical and then you Said right after and I lost that you Lost many viewers well Wonder dude you don't throw the baby out With a bath water and I just you know Destroyed this person's comment on my Other channel yesterday Because I went and did research but the One part I wanted to say here because I Should add that like I'm the one who Discovered that that was a bogus Theory Which I discussed yesterday in my you Know rebuttal to this comment but Um I want to say a little bit more here And so I like so many people assume that Thermite was real it was used in Controlled demolition which it wasn't That the major company that did all

These big buildings the company that did The biggest buildings before this event They never used it they they don't use It they use some other sort of explosive Right thermite burns through metal and It you know it could be used in certain Circumstances but not in Girders that were encased in concrete so Thermate is a it was not it was not Thermite And again I discussed that yesterday but Some guy this one guy whose name is Jones or Smith or something like that Right he was a an architect that put out A video older guy and he suggested Thermite as a possibility I don't know If this guy's a shell or whatever There was an Architects and engineers Group that called BS on the whole Official story and I I can't say they Were you know good guys or truthers or Whatever You know whatever I don't care right but I just it's not it's not my job to Figure out who's A shill or not like lots of people think It's their job like you know You have to do things for yourself But so many of us believed in the Thermite story Because it just was accepted and all of Us like this person who commented Uh just believes You know that somebody along the line

Some person actually vetted this story Like you know and that's what's the Problem with the truth community because Nobody looked into it and I started to Believe in Um the idea of it being a micro nuke and There's this guy Dimitri halazoff and he Was some sort of a you know Um former Russia intelligence I don't Know what he was right but not like you Know he was admittedly kind of a scumbag Like he didn't like he said arms deal or Something it wasn't like somebody who You know he had spent some time in jail Somewhere and he was um Wasn't hiding it you can find him he was Interviewed a few different places but He explained how these micro notes work And I you know I talked about this in my Other video yesterday and so I was like Well this makes more sense As a theory and it hasn't been disproved In fact there was more information when I looked into it about Thyroid cancer in the First Responders Which is associated with um the iodine The radioactive iodide in these you know Blasts so there was actually something That confirmed it when I did my videos So when I you know did my own videos and I wanted to look into these things I did what anybody could have done I Found the number one controlled Demolition operation

And I look to see if they ever use Thermite and they didn't and it was a Shock to me I was like oh my God this It's not even used right and the reason It isn't used is because they have Another way a better way this is what They do professionally isn't like they Never thought a thermite or you know so You know thermite was not even on a Table as a possibility because control Demolition doesn't use it and if this Thing was a controlled demolition they Would have used what they always use Right they didn't need thermite and it Wouldn't have worked anyway because it's Thermite burns through steel you know Metal but not through concrete and they Put these blasts you know these these Girders were packed in a there was a Foot of concrete around the the footings Of the building and I found all this Information right it wasn't like I just Want to crap all over thermite like like I had an issue with thermite or the Theory and when I found it this was one Of my you know there's other things that Happen where I realized that the truth Community was just full with BS and Disinformation That people believed in things as fact And they weren't even close to fat Thermite wasn't used clearly wasn't used Again I believe it's nuclear but I can't Prove it but I think that's you know and

Then other people like it was a laser Beam this look check out this woman she Explains it you know there was this sort Of laser beam thing Theory Um you know whatever I just know the official story is BS and I know most of the things that people in The truth Community believe in are BS And because you know I it took me about 10 minutes to figure out the thermite Was not was to take it off the table Just all I had to see was it wasn't used In controlled demolition like all these Buildings that had been taken down Thermite wasn't used and so the nuclear You know the micro nuke theory is much More believable it has much more Validity oh you know the ground zero Thing but this person coming in and Saying you know you're I mean it's like I was killing the sacred cow of Stupidity and lack of critical thinking Skills that's what the sacred cow is Because people in the choose Community Are just as dumb and just as sheepleness Just have as much sheeple as the other People they don't look into things they Don't research things they just hear Somebody say something and that's it I Believe it we've seen it over and over Again If that causes costs me viewers then you Know what kind I don't want stupid Viewers that if they can't be flexible

And understand you you're never going to Get facts The way that you know That you want them because it's it's Just muddled with disinformation and you Know all of it Um and so but I was the person to debunk Thermite maybe other people did it but As far as I know I was the person Instead of getting credit for that that That's an actual step towards truth and Out of disinformation this person was You know of course you're well Subscribers you you killed the sacred Cow of our stupidity and ignorance Um so I just want to add that Uh this one here Um You speak about truth but then you say Trump is worse than Biden seriously you Not only losing views and Subs your bias May be the one reason but you're losing Your mind [Laughter] I'm crazy because I said that Trump was Worse than bison I didn't say that I said And I explained it but you couldn't Understand it it's not my fault I can't Make you smarter that's something you Have to work on because what I said was Which you can all validate all you Trumpers out there You can go figure this out for yourself

If you want to if you just hear these Words The agenda that they push through under Trump In terms of all the gender stuff all the Liberal Hollywood morality stuff all the Things they push through that was all When Trump was in office plus operation Warp speed and covet all got pushed Through under Trump and he did little to Nothing of what he promised in terms of His agenda he certainly didn't make America great again And when Biden came in this is what Always happens when the outrage was There and the anger was there towards Trump in the left they were able to push Through this agenda but then when Biden Got elected it pacified the left and the Liberal voters and the Republicans are Now you know uh on guard they're you Know they're activated and so not just Republican uh you know lawmakers or Politicians but voters and so they Didn't push as much through under Biden That it's stalled under Biden in fact He's had to go back towards the middle And and you know in terms of the far Left stuff in the you know the agenda That's being pushed through so it was Worse under Trump Trump's presidency was Worse and they're basically the same guy Biden certainly more senile but Trump's More of a you know he's more dangerous

To you all because you believe in him You believe that he's a good guy and He's a savior and he's not so that's you Know who's to say what's worse or not But certainly the stuff that got pushed Through under Trump and you can you know Add it up just list all the things they Change the definition of gender under Trump trump pushed operation warp speed And all the deep platforming that Happened because the way Trump handled The election after the election and then He turned on his voters and his Supporters and now they're all back you Know again because they're desperate Because they they think Biden so bad but When Trump gets elected again if he does They're just gonna you know push this Agenda through even more and he's going To be a lame duck president he's going To be even weaker than he was before and You know it's going to be worse so you Know it's not that hard to understand It's not rocket science anybody can Understand that anybody could evaluate The stuff that got pushed through under Trump versus the stuff that got pushed Through under Biden but you're listening To right-wing shills and and Trump you Know cultists and you don't want to hear The truth that's not my fault that's Your inability to you know be an adult Right like you take responsibility for What you believe

Um So there's the thermite one And there's the thermite one again so I Copied that one twice there's another One I want to get to this is the main One oh the person says this Um to my video YouTube and Google suck So bad right now and then the other Things and the person wrote Paul you Know you made plenty of money from YouTube and you can put up with these Minor inconveniences Um well I didn't and you know first of All Let's cover the you know putting up with These minor inconveniences I'm not Making enough money to justify this as a Job I've gone Below My Level which I Just said in the video which is a Hundred dollars a day which is like the Bare minimum that I feel like I you know Should make and it's well below that Right now it's probably I don't know What it is like 70 whatever less than That and these are good months like the January February March or not so good Months and then it starts getting better As we move into Christmas Um which is you know the best time is The back end of the year I had a Horrible December this year financially From the YouTuber ad revenue and so I'm Not making enough money to call this a Job but this person's saying that I can

Put up with that well why don't you go Do your job for free they have to have Them become an unpaid intern for your Job does anybody want to do that so then Shut the f up right do you want to go Into your job for free and not get Compensated right Do you want to do that well then you Know shut the f up because don't tell Other people to do something you're not Willing to do it's not like this job is So glorious that I should do it for free I don't make videos for free most of the Stuff I cover here that people want to See Britney stuff things like that I'm Not going to do that for free like That's not something I do as a hobby you Know that's something I do to keep my YouTube channel going I enjoy it and you Know this I have some fun doing it you Know at times whatever it is but this is A job and I should be compensated so That argument is just stupid like Anybody's saying that go do your job for Free right but the other thing is I Haven't made a fortune on YouTube and You can see that from my views right you Need to make you know you need to have Hundreds of thousands of views for the Ad Revenue to mount up and then the Merch or whatever I've made fifteen Hundred dollars for the merch like That's you know over whatever period of Time it's been probably close to almost

Uh you know eight months or something I Don't know when I release the merch and The rest of it right so I'm I'm not Become a wealthy person because of YouTube isn't like I made millions of Dollars I didn't right Some people have but that's because they Get more views and YouTube supporting Them more subscribers and you know I get About anywhere from five to ten thousand Views a day now on pretty long videos The long the length of the videos the Amount of ads and things you know has Helped in in that way Um but you know The the revenue is down I think YouTube's uh Google has to charge less Per ad now because they're not getting People to pay for it because of all the Things I said earlier does it see it Doesn't seem to be working it's not Working for me it's an inefficient System and people are now going to other You know they're putting their ad Dollars uh in other things other than YouTube videos even though YouTube is Very popular it doesn't translate in the Ad industry and people have less money Because of the economy and so now it's You know insolvent it doesn't look like It's something that's going to go Forward in the future so I have to Reconsider everything Given the amount of members and I'm

Grateful for the people who have become Members of my you know new membership Thing but it's you know I think it's Still less than a hundred and it isn't Generated enough money to where I could Do that you know where would be a member Supported Channel Like I you know I already kind of knew That there wouldn't be enough people They're willing to pay you know a couple Bucks a month to see you hear my stuff Like it's 100 people right now so you Know people can't spend Um three dollars a month right for you Know they don't think my content's worth Three dollars or four dollars a month or Whatever the Pay The Man daddy thing is It's a majority of people who listen to My content don't think it has enough Value for them For four dollars a month Um so that's you know that is whatever It is right so that's my the reality of My situation people don't promote my Stuff they don't put it out there some People do you know they say they do Whatever like I have people who become Facebook friends with me and I see that They post videos from like other Truthers or whatever but not mine on Their Facebook pages so you know it's Like I'm the you know Dirty Little Secret of you know like You know whatever it is like and again

Just I don't get bummed out by this Stuff but that's the reality of the Situation and so YouTube's fighting me And you know the now with the ad Revenue Stuff and you know the views are down And so you know and then I get the Stupidity of people who are criticizing Me and saying that because I don't Believe in thermite or Trump that I Don't have anything worth listening to Because they're locked in some remedial Reality that you know it's that they Can't break free from so I mean Stupidity is a factor right In all of this Um but anyways let's get into the stuff This went a lot longer than I wanted to You know everything's trending downwards Right now and I I'm dealing with that Reality and so again I'm doing what I Can do like I'm limited in certain Things I'm not a good networker I'm not Good at pandering to people I'm not you Know whatever like so I mean maybe it's uh it's just the back You know it's just the the back end of My you know my my time doing this here Like I don't know you know I feel like I Uh you know God's Gonna help me in some Way then right it'll waver like I you Know there has to be some other um Well we'll see what happens like I just You know today I'm making videos and Tomorrow I'll make videos and then we'll

See you know it's just always that case Right I mean something could happen to Me physically or you know things can Change in the world right there could be No internet like something could happen Tomorrow And the electrical grid could go down so You know that would be the end of this Thing right Um so it's just you know and to now I'm Making a video I'm going to put a video Up today and you know probably one Tomorrow and then we keep on going you Know it's a day by day thing but anyways Let's get into the other stuff here okay Let's start here with in trumpland in Trumpville Um he's um Playing golf here I don't know where Don't care but look how old he looks um It's hard to hear what he's saying here [Music] No I think he's a very disloyal so now He's talking about the santis this is Better audio here Um but you know the guy just does not Look good right I mean he's in his 80s you know he looks Good for 80. you know Um But uh you know just as senile and bad As Joe Biden looks these are old guys These are two old they're you know Really too old to do the job right I

Mean there's just um there's they're in The death process they're not in the the Time of building something or creating Something like I was saying today the Other day on my other channel My wife and I watched that movie air Which we enjoyed thoroughly and it took Us back to a time which was our time Right when we were you know in the Beginning of our our adulthood and That's your time like that's your time For life And then as you get older you're in a Different phase of your life and it's Like you're living in the future right You're living your time was uh the you Know our time was the 80s and 90s Trump's times was the the you know the 60s the 70s the 80s whatever it was for Him right and then you're you know when You get older You're in the death process and you're Leaving things behind for other people Right you're you know you're imparting Wisdom and you know that's what should Be happening You're not running things you're not you Know active you know you don't I mean It's uh there should be some sort of a a Limit in terms of the age Especially now with the way people are Dropping like flies even younger Uh in all of it so these guys are just Too old for the job

A person because he was dead he was Looking for jobs and I endorsed him and He went up many points he was 30 points Down at least maybe more than that he Was dead so I think he's very disloyal But I don't care look Apollo just came Out in Iowa you saw the one that just Came out a little couple of minutes ago I'm leading by 30 or 40 points I don't mind that at all but no I think He's very good at all But he's got no he's in mind leading by 30 or 40 you wish he was eaten by 50. Now if you don't have personality Politics is a very hard business with That well I watched him with Charlie and Chris and he got very badly beaten with Charlie because Adam Putnam beat him I don't I don't Know but they say he's not a very good Debater but maybe he is I don't know We'll find out maybe we'll find out Because unless he gets yeah he's not Going to find out because you're not Going to debate them Trump isn't going To participate in the primary Debates because he's you know feels like He's above it all Um and he's leading by so much And we'll see how this all plays out but You know I guess some more into santis In a bit here so here he is going full Fish boy right off the bat

This is um I don't know where Trump Video He's got this he's got the fish boy Thing going right off the bat the Russia Hoax was the most again he's just fish Pointing it up right most atrocious Weaponization of our government In American history See again it's everything that's done to Trump is the worst anything that Trump's A victim of is the worst thing ever been Done it's the worst Witch Hunt in History even worse than the witch hunts Themselves right Like that's just you know Trump's Problem I mean it's funny and it played Well for a while but now it's just Played out because you know he's been Proven as a fraud and a disaster and a Hoster a huckster as the Durham report Makes clear it was a crime like no other Seven years ago I ran for office taking On all of the corrupt forces who got Rich bleeding America dry they got Absolutely in what way name one corrupt Force you took down Name something that you did to fight the Corrupt forces right he's the king of Corruption like that's how he ran his Business they all are you don't make Money you don't become a billionaire By being anti-corruption Absolutely rich so rich you wouldn't Even believe it our agenda was a threat

To the entire political establishment in Response a group of unelected thugs in The senior ranks of our government Working with crooked Hillary Clinton Launched a coup attempt and I thought it Was going to be you were retiring Crooked crooked Hillary and calling it Cricket Joe Biden to try and sabotage Our campaign our presidency our movement And our country Crooked Hillary and crooked Joe Biden You know we switched names now exactly You did I'm glad you brought that back Up we call Hillary lovely Hillary and Crooked Joe because we've seen so much And James Comey and Andrew McCabe Barack Hussein Obama All of them it was good he brought the Hussein back in there and all the rest Knew that it was a lie a total lie it Was a scam the entire time was all a big Hoax And they put our country through hell You know it was a big hoax that you Participated in Covid Operation warp speed what about those Hoaxes Trump trump the destruction The Russia hoax cause to America is Almost incalculable It subverted our democracy and Weaponized our law enforcement it stoked Global conflict and it wrecked countless Lives

It provided the pretext for the left's War on our freedom of speech worst of All The FBI and the doj both very all right You know it's just Um Whatever like I mean it's just it's hard to watch the Whole thing is if Trump used to be Enjoyable for me to watch and you know He's still a little bit funny but it's Just played out it's just like I know How we went out and it's just you know The same old thing over again and he had His opportunity to change things that he Didn't Because he got completely worked on Covid and you know just all along the Whole thing the way his presidency Played out He wasn't what he pretended to be right He's a fraud he's a you know he's a he's A fake Evil isn't worked Powerful evil We call him Dracula The last Voyage of the dementor dementor Demeter Um You know like how many movies do they Make about Dracula every year you know Dracula is a descendant is a ancestor Uh the royal family is a descendants of Dracula

King Charles saved Dracula's castle So they are you know connected to Dracula I mean think about that you know The royal family Um and there was just a Nicholas Cage Movie about Dracula that came out Recently The Demeter On Charter from Romania to London Shipping private all right I don't know What I only know I have this thought Maybe because of the it's been up here a Couple of days Some there's Dracula here All right you know vampires You know they just love their vampires Immigrant account for record-breaking Percentage immigrants account for Record-breaking percentage of U.S labor Force Foreign-born workers made up 18 of U.S Labor force in 2022. wow 20 percent And it isn't their fault right like all The stuff that people say about illegal Immigrants People hire them and they hire them in The Republican areas Republicans love to Hire illegal immigrants go to some place Some Republican state and you'll find You know rich people and projects going On and you'll see Uh legal immigrants working there and so It isn't their fault you know that they Are coming here because there is a need

There's a vacuum and everybody in the Republican party including Trump trump Would totally use illegal immigrants and Did in the past and so it's um you know Rich people want to pay less for labor And immigrants are always hungrier and Work better I mean that's just a fact Americans are Entitled and you know people coming from Worse situations And are grateful to be in America Gratitude is a big motivator And the American lifestyle is a lot Better than this you know where they Were before and they just work harder And that's these are all facts that's That's the real immigration problem Fake IA fake AI image of Pentagon Exploding goes viral on Twitter and Causes U.S markets to plunge And there's some sort of Spider-Man Across a spider Universe there at Um So yeah you know that happened Juliet rylance Perry Mason discusses Reboots lesbian Twist on Della Street so Here she is Um let's hear a little bit ways so this Is the actress that played Della Street That's that's just sucks I talked about This I think on my other video I meant To talk about here maybe uh on my last Video here different reasons but the First being the fact that I used to

Watch Perry Mason with my dad actually When I was younger and so she's British Which makes total sense Because she talked with an American Accent but she seemed to be British Right the way that she behaved We often do this right and Um what I loved about the series was That Perry and Ella had this very sort Of flirtatious kind of cheeky naughty Fun supportive relationship so she Watched Perry Mason the original story And a big part of it was the flirtatious Sort of you know romantic undertones Between Delhi Della Street and Perry Mason right they never hooked up but There was this you know that kept people Watching But they went in a completely other Direction here which you'll get to it Never really it was never anything Overtly sexual it was sort of this kind Of Rapport between them that was kind of Fascinating and I love the fact that This series because it's a prequel to That original story Um Della and Perry actually really can't Stand each other at the beginning of This and all through this it's not a Prequel Because she's becoming a lawyer Where Della was happy to be a secretary In the original Because she wasn't a feminist and she's

Becoming a lawyer Because she feels like she's better than Perry Mason at his job and other people So she's in the process of becoming a Lawyer in Perry Mason's firm is paying For it and she's going to be a partner With Perry Mason That's how they're they're doing this so It's not a prequel because the outcome Well is she at some point she's going to Get broken and just accept that she's a Secretary because it's not it's not in Line with the other story at all and She's a lesbian in this one which is the Original story she was in so like don't Call it a prequel because you've Destroyed the the characters in The Narrative and it was so preachy right And I've said this before If you're gonna Put uh you know if you're gonna say all Right that white men have run Hollywood In the world which is you know in some Ways accurate right That white men are responsible for all The content and making the decisions and Putting out Hollywood content and now You're going to change that you're going To bring in women you're going to bring In people of color and you're going to Bring in LBGTQ people who were a big Part of that in the beginning that have Been all along right but you're gonna Pull them forward and they're going to

Tell their stories And they're going to make things you Know based in their way of viewing the World like you had white men met white Men's view of the world so I understand That that's accurate in various ways and And I don't mind it like I don't mind if You if you have other people's stories You have more diversity in movies and TV Shows what you have is they're taking The old white man Um you know the the narratives and the Even old shows like this and they're Just putting some kind of preachy you Know gloss over it they're taking the Original Concepts and all the things That came from white dudes and they're Putting these preachy like feminist or Other narratives and it's all like how Bad white guys are like that's what They've done like they haven't made Their own thing like stop talking about How white guys sucked and you know how Hard it was to be a woman or a personal Color or an LBGTQ person when it was you Know the past or the present or you know How it sucks so bad because white men Suck so bad and they're you know I mean It's just we've heard that narrative now In everything just make your own you Know make something outside of your Position as a victim of you know the White man right or whatever the the Controlling system and just make your

Thing right you know I'm a dyslexic Person I don't fit in I'm a truther Whatever you know the various Demographics I seldom talk about how bad It sucks to be me in this world right You know because it really doesn't suck I don't look at it like that but I you Know I'm not in line with the powers That be and I never have been and I you Know I I talk about other things and I Mock things and I see things from a Different perspective like you guys can See here right but talking about the Same Narrative of how you're a victim of The system and people do this all over Trump's talking about it uh the victim Of the system uh everybody's talking About it hell they're victims of the you Know Hillary talking about our Bill was a victim of the right-wing Conspiracy theory experience conspiracy Against him Um just all these things the victim Consciousness is just we're tired of it Like it's not good content so I just Want to clarify what I was saying there Um I'm in the editing process Uh you know the Idea that white men are in control of The world is accurate right it's Clearly the power group is in terms of Demographics and things like this it's More complex than that but if you want

To just say It's You Know Rich white man Or whatever it is all white men and so Yeah that has been you know a power Demographic there's various groups that Have power But if you look at like say the royal Family the British royal family this is About oppression and women saying They're being oppressed and people of Color saying they're being oppressed and Gay people saying they're being Oppressed everybody's oppressed it's an Oppressive Society the British royal Family you look at what Harry and Meghan Markles are saying and just you know the Way Princess Diana was all of it but all Of them are oppressed They live in very you know they can't be Free to be who they are right they have To marry who they're told to marry and They have to I mean everything you watch Some of those shows about the Aristocracy not just in Britain but all These wealthy people and the the society That they existed is oppressive more Oppressive and more controlled we have a Lot more freedom to be who we are on a Lower economic level right now they can Do whatever they they want with us and They're above the law But they have very strict uh regimented Lifestyles and who they are is Completely Controlled and it's across our whole

Society everybody's oppressed by a Social construct by a government and It's even in a tribal situation right we All have to conform to the you know the The laws and rules and attitudes of the Controlling system whatever it is that's Always exists people have always felt Like Outsiders I felt like an outsider My whole life And I you know talk about that but not In a way that I'm a victim I feel like It's a blessing right I feel like being Dyslexic is a blessing be an introverted Is a blessing whatever my soul you know Comes from and my soul doesn't really Understand what's you know doesn't align With the powers that be But I don't feel like a victim even when I was talking about what's happened with YouTube and all these things I mean it's You know the system's rigged against Everybody to some extent it's rigged Against you connecting with your soul It's rigged against you becoming what You're supposed to be spiritually and so It's everybody like it's every person Every demographic and you chose your Soul chose The body the color of your skin the sex You are all these things your soul chose It your soul created your body for a Vehicle to you know for its own purpose To uh evolve and move back to the source And so make something about that right

Instead of whining about your Circumstances how Society is so you know So worth but you won't like acknowledge How it is for us truth or say us Truthers have to listen to your BS and The way that you guys see the world You know or the way that you want us to See the world your lives we have to Listen to your lies everywhere whether It be in TV shows or whether it be in The news or politicians or sports or all Of it right anytime we tune into the Show we're being told our view of Reality is wrong and you guys don't have A problem with that right you don't put That in your movies or TV shows like you Know you're you feel like you're an Oppressed group and you want to tell Everyone how oppressed you are but you Don't care what other people and other Groups are oppressed or when you're Oppressing other groups with your Beliefs with your woke beliefs that You're trying to force down our throat Right and so that's what I'm talking About here you know it's everybody is in An oppressive situation if you look at It like that right because that's what Social societies and civilization is all About it's about you know a a collective Understanding of rules and you know Whatever it is and social ways of being And attitudes that we all have to adhere To whether they're right or wrong and

Some places are worse than others and Some people have it worse than others But we all have to accept that this was A choice our soul made is something we Have to experience maybe consequences From a previous existence or whatever it Might be and make something about that Like make something where you're not a Victim make something where you're Accepting of your situation and your you Know you're doing the best to to uh you Know figure out what you have to change As a person to get out of the Trap that Is planet Earth right we're all you know Bound to planet Earth for some reason And what can we do to to extricate Ourselves from this trap and move Forward on a spiritual level To a higher level existence right why Not make something about that that would Be interesting instead of just whining About how you know your life sucks and How these this group of people suck and Whatever it is and that's the majority Of content is that Republicans talking About how the Democrats suck and Democrats talking about how the Republicans suck and then just all the Other ways that that is expressed Liberals and conservatives or you know Women and women or whatever it is You know and we've heard it before like We know that's how you feel we know that That's how the groups feel what about

Talking about you know why you suck Like what what sucks about you that You're trapped here and you can't get Out right that you're in this situation What do you got to do to extricate Yourself from that situation but anyways Series you have this wonderful kind of Journey that they make together in Discovering the things that they Actually find quite similar about each Other to themselves and and sort of that Relationship develops and becomes much More Um sort of where you sort of see Della And Perry live in in the original series So it's a lovely progression it's not Going to end up there right because You're going to be a lawyer and you Think you're better her character thinks She's better than Perry Mason is at his Job right and that's not what the Original series was about That Journey Um but particularly so I love the fact That it kind of mirrors that in a Similar way but what makes it so Interesting is for Della is that I is by Her being gay She's especially in that period Um she's had the secret that she's had To work against and fight through her Whole life and she and this is the this Is the centerpiece of the shell it came Became apparent in the second season

That she had to hide who she was and Everyone had to that wasn't you know Um a rich and Powerful white guy that's The you know and we've seen this show And TV show and movie Pretty much everywhere now that's what I'm saying like do something that's Based in your own specific view as a Woman or whatever it is right do Something that's like not just whining About the man you know like it just I Mean it's it's not good content and Don't take the existing uh narratives And structures and movies and TV shows And just warp them in some way to make Them worse and they weren't good in the First place Perry Mason isn't a show I Would ever watch again the original Perry Mason and they somehow made it Worse right they're taking old content And making it worse and just unwatchable And preachy and just goofy but you know That's Stella Street here she is Dr Jilly Jill Biden I've visited red States And blue States and I found that the Common values that unite us are deeper Than our divisions And um I thought you might cop for that [Applause] Oh that's the saddest thing ever Um She's got a speech writer that's not an Original thought let's listen to that Again

I've visited red States and blue States You did oh you know who did that uh you Know talked about that Obama or you know Everybody talks about this right I you Know we don't have red States and blue States there's not red people and blue But you gotta listen to that thing we've Heard this before that's not an original Thought This is just what politicians say And I found that the common values that Unite us are deeper than our divisions Okay so that's just you know she didn't Write that because she's not a good Writer she's a doctor but her thesis her Paper Uh is if you you ever see the Tucker Carlson got her uh you know you have to Write a doctorate a paper and hers was On being education she's a doctor of Education And it was like illiterate like some of It like was so poorly written you know It's like you know not even a community College type situation thing right it's Remedial and she's not a great mind she Didn't write this and so this is just a Statement that okay if you were in the The Democratic National Convention where You got all these people who are were There to cheer and you know put all this Fake positive energy you might get Applause for this but there's nothing There right there's that's not an

Applause worthy line you said nothing Original nothing profound and you didn't Even say it you're you know this is your Speech writers And um I thought you might clap for that [Applause] I've visited red States and blue States Oh so let's just showing it again Um you know it's just pathetic this Former Guantanamo detainee says U.S Presidential hopeful Ron DeSantis Witnessed his torture I would never Forget Randy Sanders his face brought a Lot of pain and memories Florida Governor Ron DeSantis was a naval Lieutenant stationed in Guantanamo Bay Prison in 2006. he worked as an attorney To address complaints of illegal Treatment from detainees he told us that His job there to ensure that we were Treated humanly and they are sure that You're treated according to the U.S law And that gave us some kind of hope That's Mansour a daifi he was conducting Research in Afghanistan when he was Kidnapped and accused of being an Al-Qaeda leader at the age of 18. so it Goes on to talk about how this guy said He was tortured he was innocent he was Eventually released all these things we Know Guantanamo Bay was a nightmare and There's a good movie about this they Were just rendering people and they knew They were innocent like they just you

Know the powers that be knew these guys Were innocent but they just had them There anyway Um because they want just you know as a Way to show that they were doing Something and we all know that the story Isn't even real so right the official Story going back to that and so Ron DeSantis is a piece of poop that was Part of that like no one could be part Of that Guantanamo Bay and be a good Person right and not come out and be a Whistleblower and you know talk about The horrible things that were done there The whole Guantanamo Bay stuff and the Cubies who were supposed to be Patriots Wanting everyone to give up there their Uh their rights to Due Process the you Know all the things that we have now in Terms of the judicial system and why in Secret military tribunals where people Would be rendered and thrown into jail Guantanamo Bay I mean this is it's a Horrible place and ID all these things Should have been closed long ago But I just want to talk about a little Bit more about this thermite thing Because I was editing this video I went Read some of the comments Um there are a number of comments Supporting the thermite idea one person Said Dr Stephen Jones presented the Evidence of of Nano thermite to those Who care and that's not true

It was his theory this guy Dr Stephen Jones who's disappeared And you know I think was probably a Disinformation chill Put the idea of thermite out there but He didn't present any evidence and then People said that they saw evidence of Thermite in the you know aftermath but You know there was videos out there Saying it was discovered but people have Made stuff off forever it started then And we all believed it I believed it but I made an adjustment in my you know Understanding of information that was Being put out by people in the truth Community that I would look into it Myself and if I didn't I would never Take it as fact because I saw how much Disinformation was being used in the Truth community and that's what I'm Talking about here I evolved in the way That I Um you know there's just certain things In the truth community that everybody Believed and I found that they they Weren't true And the thermite thing is not true And Stephen Jones could have done what I Did Because the other option one of the Other options was a controlled Demolition there's people who believe in The laser and now to me the most logical And the one that has supported by the

Most evidence is I may call it ground Zero and Ground Zero up until that point Meant a place where a nuclear bomb went Off and so nuclear bombs have been used In this situation In terms of vaporizing ability And it's just the way that the nuclear Bond these micro Nokes they're very Small they're a small nuclear bomb that Can be used to vaporizability or Something like it right and again these Things exist in reality like not just Some idea of it but Stephen Jones could Have looked into it and realized that Thermite wasn't what they use the Company that does all the big buildings There's one company that is in charge of This I went to their website read all About it there's not even a mention of Thermite anywhere and they talked about The explosives they use when they take Down one of these buildings and someone Said well there was evidence that they Chipped away at the cement and got to You know like why would they do that They had explosives that would have went Through the cement and the the you know The the metal girders The thermite has to be applied on the Girders directly there was two buildings That were taken down that were without Anything but the metal girders they were Incomplete buildings that they decided To take down and that was used thermite

Was used but that was they were small Structures and it was not done by these This one company so thermite was Something that was put out there as a Distraction as a secondary You know if it was a nuclear bomb then That would mean all kinds of different Things right it certainly wouldn't have Been you know I mean the official story Would have been obliterated and then There would be all these people who are Suffering radioactive everyone in the Area got a dose of this radiation and The like I already talked about the First Responders but I'm addressing this Issue as more of an understanding of What's gone wrong in the truth community And what's wrong with people who are so Rigid in their beliefs they think they Know because I don't know it's a nuclear Bomb that's my best guess my best you Know assessment There might be something else I don't Believe in the the energy beam you know That could be true but you know to me it The nuclear bomb just is when I heard That I'm like oh this this is what I you Know this just sounds right the thermite Was just something everybody believed But I don't know like you know I can't Prove it and I don't really care at this Point you know I know the official story Is wrong And you know it's something that's gone

By the wayside you can't make videos About it I'm talking more about the Attitudes of the people in the truth Community right I'm talking about people Who you know who are so-called looking For truth now I know that as a Personality you know when I uh go after Somebody because of a stupid comment They left or whatever it is I know that Person's you know is going to be lost as A viewer Um and when I A big fun at Trump I know those trumpers Will get upset you know I I do things All the time that sabotage my I won't Say sabotage but undermine my ability to Bring new people in or retain an Audience I say things that are going to Piss people off It's going to hurt their feelings are Going to go against their beliefs and I Suck at networking like I have issues With some of these other things right But what I do here which should have Value and has some value to some of you Is I tell the truth right I don't Sugarcoat thing to keep my audience I Don't you know do things in a way that Um well you know Compromise my whatever I'm supposed to Be doing here right like if I said I was A Christian that would make me more Popular if I said I was a Trumper if I Was a you know I was a QB or something

Like that I could retain a bigger Audience but I'd be lying right right I'd be telling you something that isn't True and people want people like that Themselves or whatever it might be and So you know I I just say things the way That I see them and if I evolve which I Had to inevitably will some of the Things I used to believe I won't agree With and that's going to suck for some Of you but I think it should be Considered a good thing right but it's Not it's not valued it's you know hurt Me here and then there's just all the Other aspects of it right I mean you Have to question everything including Your own beliefs that's the time we live In you have to be willing to change what You believe and some person heard the Thing about thermite and said wow ah you Know well that's something I know is a Fact well do you Because you didn't look into it you just Took somebody else's word for it and now You realize you were being a dope right But anyways um Only spirituality will save this world It's Paramount I'll definitely pointing For the apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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