This why you can’t trust RFK JR & Kaboom

This why you can't trust RFK JR & Kaboom

Okay greetings brothers and sisters I Did a long voice over yesterday which You'll hear in a moment I think it's uh You know excellent in a lot of ways Um You know You know I I mean it as much as um I Shouldn't say excellent Good for me right I mean you should never say excellent or Great you should say it's good for me It's one of my better things Um and I've been you know going on the Thread of things I've done lately But uh um I got a kind of Epic comment Here And Um The person wrote this And I looked into it because you know Rfk's RFK Jr third wife Cheryl Heinz Speaks to him like a child as you can Hear from her on the beach scene and is Very Encourages To how he presented himself as a a Covert Warrior a covet I was meant to Boop that but a coveted Warrior and all These interviews He was banging Cheryl y still married to His second wife this is from a video Where I showed he was on the beach and He was doing the Rings And she was um

Filming him and she talked in such an Annoying high-pitched voice He was banging Cheryl while he's still Married to his second wife with whom he Had four children he was efforting Around on his second wife to the point That in 2001 alone he had 37 affairs The New York Post got hold of his diary Documenting this and reported on it This is Reckless Behavior and success He's evily compromised he drove his Second wife to the point of insanity and Then Gaslight her when the cops came to Their home one night due to a fight This is a be him being a people pleaser Like I said my video That he is somebody that you know he Needs to be liked he needs to be Redeemed by other people But I covered this in the the that video I'm putting this in the front of this Video I've already completed this video You're watching now And I was reading through the comments I Was just about to Edit it and render it I had another Video that was monetized today That um is you know on my other channel That was well I was one video behind Right I posted a Hollywood celebrities Dropping like flies While this video had already been up for A while waiting to be uh reviewed and They reviewed it and monetized it so I

Have a lot of content out today And so I wanted to make shorter videos But this one's going to be long and that One's long And that's just the way it's going to be But it says came to work came when her Cops came to their home one night due to A fight he gave his family for a Hollywood Hinds world and second wife Hung herself on the home property in a Few days after he filed for divorce from Her he clearly wants the Hollywood world It has one foot it had one foot there Remember when Cheryl pitched a hissy fit Against him early on the covet days He was been on record as saying climate Change deniers should be arrested and That the federal government is the Biggest polluter that he wants to be the President of the government this guy is A fakeo and dangerous One at that I am H.O I don't see him Ever holding public office And so Um This is a pretty damaging accusations Which there is some truth to uh And you know some of this stuff is just Factual Some of it is you know they could be Misinterpreting it or or claiming things That aren't true in the media and the New York Post but I'm going to get let Me go over to the my other app and show

You that this can be uh some of what This person's commenting about can be Corroborated Okay so this is Mary Richardson Kennedy And here is the um On May 16 2012 Richardson was found dead At her home in Bedford New York her Death was ruled a suicide by hanging an Autopsy revealed that she had Antidepressants in her blood Or funeral organized by the Kennedy Family she was held at St Patrick Cathedral Church in Bedford Richardson married Robert Kennedy Jr RFK Jr on April 15th 1994. Avoid a board of research vessel on the Hudson River They had four children Connor Richardson Kennedy's of the children's names On May 12 2010 Kennedy filed for divorce From Richardson three days later she was Arrested and charged with thriving under The influence She reported struggling with alcohol and Substance abuse A court ordered the temporary custody of The children be ran into her estranged Husband And then a couple years later She committed suicide And so again with all the tragedies in The Kennedy family I mean could they

Just be you know as much as he wants to Glorify his family what he gives Interviews what a freaking mess right Um RFK Jr Wife hangs herself this is the Story from the New York Post Who battled her husband's rumored Philandering by turning to alcohol and Prescription drugs hang yourself in a Barn On Westchester or state yesterday Sources told the post now the post Doesn't like Kennedy and so you have to Take that into consideration because the Post as much as I like the post They do hit jobs and they're very They're owned by Rupert Murdoch that Owns Fox they do hit jobs on people the Very right wing they're very pro-israel They have a lot of things where you know They are um You know they're quick to do a hip job On somebody right so you have to take That consideration but you really can't You know this is a mess the 50-year Two-year-old mother for the latest Victim of a family Dynasty curse with Tragedies may have taken her alone life Because she was haunted by the Broken Marriage Her friends lamented she was deeply Troubled abusing alcohol and Prescription drugs She had cause she was used up and tossed

Away by Bobby That was awful there they are together With the kids Some of them Mary said she was facing Financial room with her American Express Coming after her For an outstanding death a debt Outstanding debt along with several Other creditors in addition she was Concerned that Robert was about to sub Substantially reduce the amount of Financial support he gave her and was Terrified she would have to file for Bankruptcy and lose her home The Kennedy family dealt stoically with Her with the latest and long of shocking Desk We deeply regret the death of beloved Sister Mary who was radiant and creative Spirit will be sorely missed Um So there's the part with Cheryl Hines And it's this is an article way back From When this happened in 2012. And so there was rumors he was dating Her While they were married Um Kennedy 58 filed for divorce on May 12 2010 days after Mary called the police to complain about Her husband But she appeared visibly intoxicated

When the officers arise of going to Police As of yesterday the divorce was not Finalized TMZ Reported but Kennedy has since been Dating actress Cheryl Hines a day after Following divorce filing for divorce Bedford police were again called to the Home because a report of domestic Incident And so um I'm sure it goes on from there But uh I'm not going to read it all So this is all this is 2013. RFK sex diary his secret journal of Affairs RFK Juniors Journal is full of mistress And Catholic guilt the post exclusively Revealed Rfk's secret slams against Al Sharpton Jesse Jackson And Governor Cuomo and insight into his Days full of celebrities yachts yachts And Falcons RFK Jr grappled with what he called his Biggest defect my lust demon While keeping a scorecard of more than a Dozen conquests according to his secret Diary The thick rated Journal was found in Their home by his wife Mary Richardson Kennedy just right over their impending Divorce and Kennedy's cereal

Philandering committed suicide last year A copy of the 398 Pages reviewed by the Post details rfk's Juniors daily Activities speeches political activism And lives of his six children But they also record the names of women With numbers from 1 to 10 Was members from one to ten next to each Entry them He re-rated them the coach correspond to The sexual acts with the meaning 10. 10 Meaning intercourse oh he this is uh I Thought he was raiding them on a scale One to ten But that's equally Twisted there are 37 Women named in The Ledger 16 of whom got Tens A November 13th our 2001 RFK records a Triple play the separate encounters go 3 10 3 and 2 occur the same day attended a Black tie fundraiser at the Waldorf Astoria for Christopher Reeves charity That's weird I mentioned Christopher Reeve in a and a voice over here it is Right here this is a real time you know I just talked about Christopher Reeves Which you heard Or you will hear in one of my voiceovers That I've already done For this video Um sat next to the paralyzed Superman Magician David Blaine and comic Richard Belzer It was a hectic month for Kennedy who

Traveled to Toronto Louisiana and Washington DC unless and and listed at Least one woman's name on 22 different Dates including 13 consecutive Most women are identified only by their First name in The Ledger Um You know so this guy And I want to get into this because Uh well let's just finish this I'm going To wrap this up with a voiceover RFK Jr allegedly had 37 affairs with Women in 2001. and so This was um You know he started being with her in 2010 or whatever APA Source rfk's wife hanged herself This was stuff I had up before Here friends think Heinz was crazy to Marry cheater RFK Jr Cheryl Hines can find it husband RFK Jr Over a secret Tyrus was studying Brunette Mama four so you've even Cheated on Cheryl Hines And The wedding is still on RFK Jr will Marrow Shield Heinz despite Affair Allegations with surgeon's wife And the time RFK Jr's wife Cheryl Heist Called his rally Remarks reprehensible Um so there's all that let's move over To the voiceover portion So there's a lot here I want to dissect

Um But the the thing for me is Kennedy went on a number of interviews Saying that he had an extraordinary will Force That he gave up sweets and you know he Didn't eat like anything he wanted to he Could just use his will force to give up And you know I had that when I was a Little kid I noticed You know I ate Candy my parents would Give me a quarter 25 cents And um quada It's like the one thing I I have to Concentrate on pronouncing quarterback Like people would comment I have one Like Boston accent word you know I grew Up in Connecticut and it's quada Um Everything else I say without that I Don't know why that but I quarter Um And my parents would give me a quarter And I could go get a comic book or go Get a candy and it bought a lot of candy It bought like four things of candy when I was a kid right 25 cents was a lot of Money And you know around Halloween and things And you know when I eat desserts I Realize it made me feel bad You know as a little kid and I stopped Eating candy because Like you know I might eat it

Occasionally but you know I saw that it Um You know it did make me feel good and Then my mom uh because of allergies told Me I had to give up Dairy and you know I Like Dairy as a kid and you know as a Kid you're not even conscious of what You're eating Like you just go eat something you're Like like I was have dairy in it but I Just gave it up for like three months Um and so you know I just had that Ability right and so when he talked About having this ability of something That you know I myself had that you know I use drugs I use alcohol And it wasn't hard for me to give things Up and change my diet I've done it a Number of times I've changed recently And I can you know give up TV or Whatever I got rid of TVs and I could Easily give up the internet all these Things that are You know addictive I just they don't Have any Hold On Me And so when he said he had a will force Where he could give anything up But it was you know drugs that he Couldn't You know there's I understood what he Was talking about Um you know until at least in terms of The first part And from the second part I put it down

To some scars which I talk about Quite a bit on my spiritual videos Because some scars are impressions And it's what you take with you the Impressions you know could be addictions It could be Guilt it could be shame it could be you Know things that really um resonate deep Within your internal system And they form impressions in your heart And which are called samskaras and the Sanskrit word and when you come back in Your next life you have to work those Things out anything that formed a deep Impression trauma anything that you take With you On a like a an etheric level And people who have addictions usually Have some scars of addiction in a Previous life And so he has addictive Tendencies and He had trouble giving up drugs he got Busted for drugs number of scandals you Know I used drugs when I was younger and You know most of us have and he's open And honest about it which I found Refreshing But now we know that he's lying about That He's lying about his will force because He also has just said which you heard The quote you know whatever he said uh When I was you know reading the New York Post article or whatever article it was

That he had this weakness which was a Sexual addiction this is clearly a Person with a sexual addiction That comes from some you know there's a Wound in him there's some kind of need In him and I was talking about this in a Earlier video he needs to please people He needs to be liked he needs to be you Know get something from the crowd which Is you know not a good characteristic or Quality as a potential leader you know He has Charisma he has he's got a good Mind you know he has a I mean he has Good qualities As a potential candidate and a you know He could be a quality politician but he Has a desperate need you know I talked About Isaac Isaac Cappy you know some of These other people there's people who Just need to be loved by you know lots Of people they need adoration I talked About Madonna and Will Smith and you Know these Fame [ __ ] and people who You know they just need to be fed and he You know loves to please a crowd Unfortunately you know he contradicts Himself and changes his positions for to Fulfill this need right he needs to be Liked and he needs to be seen as you Know something I mean the way he Defended himself against charges of Anti-semitism And he was he had 37 Affairs on his wife In you know one year right one f a year

So that's you know horrible person and You know as someone who's desperate and Needy and just I mean sexual addiction And you can't control themselves so Again maybe he comes to some uh like he Said he had a spiritual awakening I don't know when that was but Um like since he's had that Spiritual Awakening he still had issues with uh You know his addiction to drugs turned Into Addiction to Uh you know women in a way that's Unhealthy and these are the women that Probably went you know first of all he Was a Kennedy and second of all You know he'd go to these conferences And these women would come up And ask him to look into the Boop for you know their kids were all Autistic he said these women would come To his speeches and you know ask him for To look into this thing Because he was already dealing with the Mercury stuff in in water right and so These people were these women were Probably looking at him as like some Sort of Prince you know some sort of Part of Kennedy royal family and a Champion for things that meant something To them And he used that as a way to you know uh Get self-gratification at him You know I was talking with my wife

About my brother who Uh was a you know she had a sexual Addiction and Was a cheater and you know he left a His wife who later died of cancer For another woman who was a nightmare Crazy Woman My Wife and I were walking Around the pastor I was talking about This And Um The one story you know that I've my Brother and I have had sort of a falling Out or we don't talk to each other Anymore we've just happened before You know we don't it's hard for people In my family to get along Because we're not all that late We're not all that likable right I mean In terms of uh you know we have Difficult personalities And But anyways you know we had it falling Out he does the so he's the only person In my family does heartfulness now And all of that But when I told him about sagemarg years Ago You know this meditative practice that I Do I went out to Great Barrington I was Living In North Hampton Massachusetts Which is uh you know there's a five

College area there very liberal area And I was working in a you know a Treatment center and this is what I was Beginning my you know I just finally Graduated from my uh you know after my Third attempt at College I finally Graduated and all these things And Um you know eventually we get my Master's Degree and I just started Sage Mark a month earlier the meditation that I do And my brother you know wanted me to Come out he was at Great Barrington Um Massachusetts which was like two and A half hours away from where I was I'm Not sure I just looked it up it's like an hour 20 Minutes is you know a little bit farther To my brother's place but it was between You know one like one and a half hours Drive and I was very excited to drive And tell him about this new spiritual Practice I was doing my brother was Worried I joined a cult so he was just Sort of checking up on me my brother's 17 years older than me so he's Like sort of a in a way a father figure But like a not a good one Um and he had a lot of issues he had Agoraphobia he fought in the Vietnam War He couldn't leave his house or like a Three mile radius around his house for Years

Um you know he had issues and he was a Serial cheater like he was Um you know I didn't find out this later I mean I kind of the evidence was there I just didn't pay attention to it And I had a number of people who were Cheaters friends who were cheaters And you know I Everyone comes to their own idea about These types of things if you really Think about them and so when I thought About cheating I thought you know the Person that you marry is the person that You love the most or you should love the Most right your spouse is you know you Have an intimacy with your spouse this Is long before I was you know close to Being able to be married You know but I just thought about these Things like I think about everything you Know I talk about here And you know my understanding of it this Is what I came up with right as a young Person That if you would cheat on your spouse And you know someone that you love You know some of that is your you know The person that you're most loyal to Your your partner and again there are Circumstances within that right where You know your marriage is already over And you know the I mean there's you know There's different conditions but I mean When you're in a relationship where you

Are intent in keeping that relationship Right this is the kind of cheating I'm Talking about Where you're dating somebody Or you're in love with somebody and You're married or something and you have No intention of breaking off the Relationship You want to maintain that relationship As a good relationship you don't want to Divorce from that person that person Isn't neglecting you in any way You know you the person's a good spouse And you just decide to have an affair as An extra thing that you think you can Get away with And continue on your relationship Or you know you you expect the other Person just to accept that you have this You know this need or this desire not a Need a desire to be in extramarital Relationships and you expect the other Person to eat it for whatever reason Right And if you're willing to do that to that Person then who won't you betray right Like if that's the person you claim to Love the most and you've made some Commitment to in one way or another when You could just as easily say look this Relationship is over I want to go be With somebody else that's all you have To do Just to be honest about you you don't

Have to you know hide and be deceitful And Gaslight and put the person through All kinds of hell Just because you want something more Than or whatever it is whatever your you Know your flaw and your character is and So I realized that when I was younger I Was like it's a bad thing and I had Friends who were cheaters And you know I don't like to lie like Even when I was I wasn't a good person You know I was using drugs and you know Just very selfish very Punky I just Never liked to lie Uh it's not something I was good at you Know and I had friends who were cheaters Like I said who Were great at lying and I had one friend Who He loved cheating so much Um He described this to me and I was like Wow you really you really screwed up He um Was dating this woman she was like She was uh uh like uh you know this is Where we're in our 20s we're in college Years you know early 20s and he was Dating this this girl who was she worked As a dog groomer so she probably had her Own business when she was young And she was teaching other dog groomers And one of the girls he was she was Teaching my friend took a fancy to when

He went over and hit on her Even though like you know his girlfriend Was right over there because he did Stuff like that and he liked the risk of It and the girl walks away from him and Goes right to his girlfriend and says he Just hit on me And he's telling me this story and he Goes you know he was caught he goes but The you know the wheels start turning And he saw an instance earlier where his Girlfriend had chastised this girl and Kind of maybe embarrassed her And he said look she was just trying to Get back at you you know like and he was Like totally psyched that he got away With it he was like man the wheel Started turning and I was able to you Know talk my way out of it and I'm like Dude you got real problems like you know You got real problems bro that you know He was getting off on it like being able To lie and manipulate people and these Things you know and I've known lots of People like that there are a lot of Women like that Who get off in line and manipulate People and things like this which to me Is like hell right because you're just Waiting to get caught and being you know I mean it's just you're living a life Where You know you're you're gonna get exposed At some point or another

And so my cheating friend's girlfriends All realized at some point that I had Problems lying like some of them were my Roommates some of them wherever and so Instead of confronting their when they Suspected their boyfriends or whatever Of cheating they would ask me and like Put me in the middle and like it just Sucked And I'm like you know why am I stressing Out like I'm I'm more stressed out than Like I'm getting you know like and I Would say don't put me in this position Until later I learned Um but if it was going to do it over I Would just tell the truth And say yeah he's cheating on you like You know now I would just because you Know why put me in that position right So I go and visit my brother and you Know my brothers I was Either 29 I just had turned 29 so my Brother was 17 years older so he was 46 So you know uh Very old and he had just been divorced And he left His you know his wife and his mother of His three kids uh my my nephews his Son's uh his birthday so that caused Huge problems his son's probably still Bitter about it like but his son to Never really got over that right Um and he left it for this blonde girl Who was just absolutely crazy

Like all these stories I mean these Things like she was just nuts And she called herself an artist but Like the paintings she did paintings That were like you know almost like Finger Paintings and they were weird and She did a painting of him and her And he moved into the apartment below me I was you know dating this nurse And and we had kind of like a lot of Laughs at the craziness so this was a Apartment owned by some Italian guy in The South End of of Hartford Connecticut Kind of where you know we grew up in uh My brother grew up in Newington I grew Up in West Hartford and and these other Suburbs of Hartford it's a small kind of Weird town it's the insurance capital of The world like all these big Insurance Businesses are there or were back when I Was a kid I don't know where they are Now because of globalization And so my brother moved downstairs and I Come downstairs he's like wow she's Really crazy and he shows me the picture That they hung up on the wall That he had um she had painted him and Her which was some abstract picture it Wasn't like two people it was just he Goes yeah this is supposed to be a Representation of our love and she had Taken a knife and she had cut like slits Into like And I said you know you dude you're

Going to wake up with your poop in a jar Right like she was crazy and she was Kind of nuts and so I go visit him in North uh in uh Great Barrington and There's a lot of famous writers that Were there You know famous like old school like I Don't know if it's Thoreau but uh Herman Melville wrote Moby Dick and there's Actually some sort of a white rock that Looks like a a whale That people say you know some people say That Herman Melville like it's like on a Side of a mountain there's this white Chalky Rock and it kind of looks like a Whale And Herman Melville was a heroin addict Himself They said he saw the whale and he came Up with the idea from Moby Dick I'm not Sure if that's actually true there's Some debate about that But anyways I go see him And he's with his youngest son who's you Know probably of all my nephews and Nieces the one that I you know connected With he was kind of a quiet kid and you Know thoughtful And just you know better than the rest Of my family like just somebody who was Um you know more reserved and Introverted and we were fishing and so Here's Peter and Paul fishing I'm Telling them about

Meditation and it's Sunset and there's a Balance in the universe like we meditate Uh preferably before Dawn but the idea Is that when the sunset and sunrise Are Spiritual you can feel them there's a Condition there because there's a Balance between light and darkness like There's a you know this is a like a Switching point and there's just Something there And the sun setting where like on this Little dinghy boat catching fish you Know fishermen like you know in the Biblical context and I tell them about Size Mark which eventually would change His life because he ended up becoming The caretaker the ashram and all these Things right and so Um I tell them about this And I'm not sure if it was on this visit I stayed over his house I'm not sure What happened But uh at some point his son isn't there So it might be the second visit and Um he tells me there's a young woman Next door and she comes over and knocks On the door and asks him for a ride Somewhere right and she's like 22-23 and She's kind of you know skanky and just Um You know not someone I was Much younger than my brother and I was Would not be interested in this girl Romantically right

But he's dating this crazy woman and This girl is living with her boyfriend And he starts telling me how he's gonna You know be with her Right and he's cheating again And you know I already know this is like An end disastrously And the girl was in somebody like it you Know there's just it's just a bad Decision on his part And he wants to drive her out to this Area and you know he thinks he's gonna Get with her but at some point his crazy Girlfriend smells something going on she Just psychically intuits that something Going on and it was a time when my Nephew had told us about the saying [ __ ] Block And my brother you know was just we're Just learning what that meant it was Like a new term Like to to us you know back this is uh 1993. And so my brother said you know she's She's [ __ ] blocking me his girlfriend Right Um and so then we go out to eat at a Diner me and him and his girlfriend Comes in a separate car And there's a moment of silence right You know where no one's talking and my Brother just goes He just says it His girlfriend goes what

And like she knew she could smell a rat And Um and he's like oh no my son you know He just said this thing and he just that He did and I'm like trying not to laugh Because I'm you know and I'm I'm Laughing because you know I can only Control myself so much because it's just That funny And we get back in the car and he's like Holy poop I can't believe he goes I'm Lying again you know it's like I want to Get caught like he's just you know the Um it's just like you know a sex addict Who's just entering into these Self-destructive behaviors right you Know and I'm laughing hysterically Because of the whole thing And so we go back to his like apartment He had a apartment on a lake but it Wasn't a nice one You know kind of run down place And Um the girl is now going to wherever She's going with her boyfriend so My brother loses interest in it and he Kind of knows he's you know about to get Caught by his girlfriend so he says you Know Polly can you drive her and I'm Like well I don't really want to You know and he just I mean I had to Clean up his mess right you know he's my Older brother and I'm like Jesus you're Still doing this you know you're

You're pushing 50. you know like And I ended up having to go out of my Way now it's like a three-hour trip you Know I mean it's just a I got this girl Who you know I'm seemed very weird in Her goofy boyfriend in my car you know Just all this stuff And you know he ended up breaking up With this this woman This is stuff I'm telling my wife last Night so it relates here to Kennedy and You know my brother wrote a book about The gifts that every year on his Birthday he would go out and get laid Like he just you know A Serial cheater right uh you know this Is back when he was married And you know there's all these other Things that came up later and his wife Was rightfully kind of bummed by all This stuff because Eric uh he was a Um agoraphobic like he had this issue of Leaving his house right he couldn't Leave his house And after he was married he left his House all the time and he said when he Got married that was what caused his Agoraphobia And you know this wife didn't like that You know that all that stuff because it You know he's blaming her or not all That Um But he ended up dating this woman

From work he was working as a counselor At the VA he was counseling other Vietnam vets and there's a woman in her Husband was an alcoholic and their Marriage was kind of over and he gone to A relationship with her and she really You know loved him and wanted to marry Him and he just wasn't into her and I Kind of could tell It was a weird relationship at some Point he was at the in the ashraman Um You know there was uh He was the caretaker of the ashram and There was a controversy because He was living with this woman and you Know they were having you know sexual Relations or whatever this is I would say Maybe another 10 years you know something like that Maybe not that long probably I don't know Um Four or five years after this original Story I told you you know and I I don't feel Resentment but I'm not psyched that you Know he's he always thanks me and is Happy that I told him about zajmark it's Changed his life And like I told him that and I got stuck Driving his skank too you know like You know cleaning up his mess right and

You know uh which I wasn't all that you Know I'm not bitter about it but you Know it's not cool And so Um Somebody complained one of these sort of Do-gooders a woman who was uh you know Who was hoe ended up herself in the 60s And then she became very rigid and you Know very moralistic and religious And she complained to Master charge you That my brother was He was with this woman as caretaker and They weren't married and chargie was you Know basically Implying that they should get married And my brother didn't want it and this Woman came up to me and she's like Freaked out like again you know Um and I'm trying to tell her like you Know you should bail like my brother's a Disaster you know and I just like it's Not going to end well and I you know Could sense he really wasn't into her Right And then uh a number of years later it's Like 2012 there's a gathering in India And this woman shows up and she's just Pissed at my brother she's just angry at Him And you know in a very um Uh like she's been carrying the sign for Like I mean I'd seen this woman In years you know how long I had seen I

Hadn't seen my brother either But it's been a year so it was 2000 and I mean 19 uh 96 or seven or eight when that stuff Went down with uh you know him not Marrying her when they kind of broke up Right Um and charge you said ended up saying You go back to your husband and you go Back to your wife that's what charge you Said to them And they went back and neither one of The people wanted them back right It was like a whole thing But he said Peter said had uh positive Repercussions because You know like both of them doing that Because the kids were all mad at them There's a whole thing But anyways you know it's just a mess And so 2012 so this is about 14 years Later after all that stuff went down you Know at least 12 years later But it was early in 2000 I just based The time period what's going on with my Life I know it was before 2000. it was Before the Idaho stuff That was for my family and I moved to Idaho Uh that you know I had two kids at the Time and you know years later like 10 12 Years later I have a stomach issue which you often Get when you're in India

And it was about when I was about to get A sitting from camel issues you know now The defunct master of heartfulness I Mean it's so kind of many uh like Strings to this thing right The corrupt uh you know president of the System And I'm going to the bathroom like two O'clock in the morning and the bathrooms Are not great at the ashrami another Um whatever so I'm walking to the Bathroom I'm sleeping underneath the meditation Hall it's hot you know I'm in a tent And this woman my brother's Ex-girlfriend Confronts me or says you know when she Starts talking about my brother and she Says that at one point he borrowed Um Her car in Connecticut and picked up This woman this blonde-haired woman who He left his wife for And brought her down to the ashram In This Woman's car and like she's just Pissed about all this stuff right And you know my brother told me that he Brought this woman to the auction but he Left out the part that he you know Borrowed this his you know other Girlfriend's car to do it And she had taken her original Three Sittings meditations But she kept her eyes open during the

Second one and and skipped the third one So she never officially started and my Brother was not a preceptor he gave her The third City and I'm like well that's Not how it works you know it's like You know 15 years later you know It was like you have to start over like Even if you quit and come back you have To get those first three sittings again Like you have to restart or whatever Um But you know I'm telling my wife all This like in just you know the mess that He made being a sex addict and uh you Know a womanizer my brother has Charisma He's a great Storyteller he has a you Know his personality that draws people To him and there's a lot of great Qualities he's hard worker I mean I Guess in some ways he reminds me of Kennedy in a different way of course Kennedy's a lot more polished but There's a desperation there there's a Need for approval there's a need to be Liked or loved and you're getting it From an external source which you know The massage Mark system it's you know Finding and connecting a god inside of You and then you have uh you know Connection to the loves inside of you And there's a delighted desperation in Bankrupt people out there that extract Prana you know spiritual energy from you Know their egos extracted from social

You know getting thumbs up on social Media and all these things you know and I talked about how I went through this Myself Where you know the the woman I was Married to was a you know Psychological issues and was suicidal And you know self-abusive and just Twisted and manipulated and manipulative And you know just withheld going through That right and you know there's some Evidence that maybe Kennedy's wife was Like that but who knows if she was like That because Of just she was just like that or You know when I get into this at the end Of the video talking about Victim Consciousness Um but you know clearly he wasn't a Great husband he was a cheater and he Had you know lots of issues And so um You know people who get there their Needs met through the internet or Whatever it is through popularity so When I became successful as a like uh You know as a YouTuber that was good for Me in some ways because I've always been An underachiever and you know things Were so frustrating during my you know My marriage and things just wouldn't go In a positive direction and we suffered So much failure I suffered so much Personal failure of things I was

Trying to accomplish but never did And so you know it was good for me to Have some success here On YouTube and have people be interested In what I think and whatever But that was short-lived like at some Point it just did you know it wasn't Didn't matter right What mattered to me Was that I was putting out quality Content there were times where I was Going to shut off the comments Altogether because I thought they were a Hassle you know I get a lot of positive Comments and people saying that what I Do cheer changed their life and I guess I feel something about that but You know and it's some motivation to Keep on going But it's not what I do it it's not you Know I don't even look at the the likes And dislikes and you know when I post Something on social media I don't look At how many people give it a thumbs up Or you know it just doesn't matter to me It's not like where I need to be fed Like I don't need to be fed by this job Or other people or you know of course There is some you know I get you know Love from My Wife and that's you know uh You know there's positivity there which Is great it's a personal thing and you Know it's a very grateful for it you Know but also I I get it from meditating And having it from inside like just

Connecting to God because there is an Infinite amount of God's love that's Available to everybody But there are people who need it from External sources they need to be Validated by other people and you know This is so available now and Kennedy is One of these people there's a Desperation there and you know Regardless of this story and I mean he To me is still kind of a real truther in What he says and I think there's Sincerity there and you know all these Things but somebody who's done all this Stuff is easily compromised and they Haven't even brought up this stuff yet Like this is personal stuff right you Know when Trump is a womanizer and you Know serial cheater and JoJo Magoo is I Mean whatever he is a groper and a Snoozler you know all these things right And Kennedy having these issues in the Past and you know he hasn't addressed Them Um you know with the present and like He's a little bit more transparent about His drug use and things that he said Than other people like he you know Doesn't excuse his past failures but He's negated this one which is a big one It's out there the New York Post Posted on this years ago and you know Maybe it's a hit piece and there isn't You know this isn't all true or they're

Making it sound worse than it is but It's really bad like 37 women in one Year is is uh you know that's a That's an addiction and that's a you Know sign of character flaws and being Broken in in various ways And the way that that plays out now is He's going on all these interviews with Different types of people some truth or Some you know whatever And getting Adoration from these people obviously Means something right but the bottom Line is you can't trust them like if He's doing this to his wife and these Other women and even his current wife You know this is his third wife and you Can't trust him like you can't trust Somebody like this They're very self-centered in there you Know Their their addictions will always Trump their ability to be loyal and Trustworthy and whatever And you know there's just no there's Nothing here regardless of how much of a Shilly is or how much he's connected or How much he's Playing a part here which I don't think He is you know he's broken in a way that Uh just can't be um It just can't be trusted okay so Everything you're going to hear from now On from this point out of the video was

Stuff I did before like I completed this Like I said then I got this comment and I thought you know I might as well Include this because it's kind of Epic And so here's the the rest of the video There's one more thing I left out here Before I get to this um this voiceover I Made the other day Uh yesterday Which is excellent for me Um The thing with Kennedy is you know early On I when I saw some of the choices he Was making And they weren't choices that I would disagree with his point of view Like there are truther choices But you know going through what I know We all go through as truthers And the way that the media and everybody Else is handling truth is he was saying Things that I knew would Cause him unnecessarily unnecessary Issues ahead Make him on unelectable it's almost like He has a self-sabotaging Self-destructive Tendencies which of Course we now know he does But I was questioning why I was saying The things he was saying And the thing he said about the Chinese And the Ashkenazi Jews getting covered Less Um or we're dying less from covid

And there was um you know he was saying There's evidence that there making Biological weapons that are targeted at Genetic people genetically Like I knew when I heard that there was Going to be pushback I mean just you Know everybody here probably understands Why And there was and then his reaction to It made things worse When he did that interview with that Rabbi Is his take on Palestine but there was a Self-destructive nature in all those Decisions And the way he went into and went all in On Palestine it basically killed him in The truth community I mean demonizing Palestine but it all Started with that off the cuff remark to The audience he was talking to it would Please them But it was going to hurt him on the Overall scope politically And we now know from his decisions there Is a you know a self-hatred a Desperation there Uh you know a wound Where he is making bad choices And for him to keep a diary Of his Affairs and then leave it with His wife who was you know an alcoholic Drug abuser who was who knows if you Know she was a nightmare in her own way

But we don't know but certainly his Behavior would make that worse And to let her have that diary when They're going through a divorce Being a public figure and have that Diary come out where he's reading these Women you know these he has a radius He's admitting to all these things and It was published And scandalous 2012 you know is an active self-sabotage And you know there's just something There right And you know wanting to get caught all These things like I was making reference To my brother saying that when he said [ __ ] black he was like wanting to get Caught right Like just you know what are you doing And that's how when people are lying and Cheating and doing criminal Behavior Some part of them wants to get caught Like their soul whatever wants them to Stop Doing things that are as bad for their Soul's progress You know my dad had his own little thing Um you know my dad I don't think he ever Cheated on my mom but like he wanted to And you know my mom called me up and my Dad my mom separated for a while it was In his 70s like he was really old You know and uh I mean he's they live Till their 90s but he was

You know really old and so my parents Lived in a cold cold sac in Boca Raton Florida and I was there for a little bit After my first failure at college and Then I moved up And live with my brother and his family For a while until I got my own apartment Then I was on my own ever since right So that was like when I was 19 20 21 Whatever Uh those years In my early 20s and Um There was a woman who just I don't know She had just gotten divorced But she was an attractive woman who Moved like maybe next door or the Two houses away from my dad I just don't Tell my wife about this I thought it was Important to include And you know so I knew she was she was Like I'd maybe met her and you know I Was I had some memory of who my mom was Talking about Well she ended up working my dad for Some money She flirted with him and you know my dad Was so old and I mean there's no way This woman would have you could tell she Was kind of like a player like she had You know just from my experience or for Someone who's You know probably uses her looks and Flirtatious stuff to get stuff out of

Men right Um and my dad gave her five hundred Dollars And my mom was really hurt because my Dad was cheap and he never bought her Jewelry or you know and I don't know how Much my mom was even into jewelry but You know he didn't buy her things and do Nice things for her and she stuck with His You know narcissistic uh you know Just um unbearable he was unbearable in Different ways and my dad was not Somebody who was you know he died with Not very many people liking him and you Know my mom just stuck with him You know and I mean that's to her credit Right And she stuck with him all those years And he was never grateful and and he Just shelled out five hundred dollars to This woman So I called my brother up and I told him A story And my dad's name was Ralph right Ralph Romano and so my brother said I told him The story and he goes Typical Ralph he didn't get laid he got Caught and he paid money Which is from my brother's perspective It was kind of hilarious right but there Was just a self-destructive nature there And you know I My mom was thinking about like divorcing

And there was you know my dad would Never have survived on his own he was Old and needy and I mean just you know Immature and just Like he would have died I mean they were Separated they lived in two houses I know that because my dad called me Anytime he talked to me he goes we got To get rid of these two houses and You know and I said to him Um You know what have you changed that you Could win back you know your wife and my Mom and he said lots of things right you Know but they ended up getting back Together and my mom suffered Um you know A number of more years with my dad as he Fell apart physically and then she died A year after and you know just miserable But you know in terms of This self-destructive nature You know people have it and you know Kennedy getting caught and all this Stuff coming out publicly I'm just Finding out about this but this has been Out there for a while New York post Stuff this has been I mean there since 2012 and before And then he had a you know he got Arrested his dad got him a job in a DA's Office as a lawyer and he got arrested For possession of heroin so he's had a Number of skeletons and things in his

Closet which wouldn't bother me If he was You know changed in some way and people Do change and they do evolve they do Mature and his drug deals doesn't bother Me because you know my drug use doesn't Bother me either right Like that's something in the past and You know I was never addicted but it was Something you know I regret doing just at least in terms of The physical repercussions some of which I'm probably suffering now Uh and I you know didn't do what he did Right but in terms of like making Mistakes people make mistakes and you Know if you learn from your stakes and You grow as a person and he seems to be Somebody who You know takes some accountability based On what he talks about And you know now I'm thinking it's Performative Maybe it's true maybe it's legitimate I Don't know where he's you know talking About himself and things that he's Learned and how he's evolved and he was Open about it and no other politician I've seen ever done this so it was a Refreshing something refreshing to see The problem is the way that he handled The Israel-palestine thing Was an indication of and some of the

Other things he's done since then and Some of the things like little tells he Has when I when he talks you can see That he still isn't You know he's not trustworthy for one Because you know he's a people pleaser He has he's not filled that void that's Inside of him but the other piece is That you know he's not over it right Because that's an indication The you know the way he handled that Whole thing is an indication of Self-sabotage And bad decision making and not being Trustworthy that's the main thing you Can't trust this guy and if you look at What he says I mean the stuff that Doesn't contradict itself but the things That he said In terms of Truth or things he's by far The best candidate in the way he's Conducted himself on the campaign he's By far the first candidate but he would Only be a good candidate if he delivered On his promises and you think he would Be more likely to do it because he's Somebody who can convince you he Believes in what he's saying and you Know maybe he does believe in what he's Saying for now You know when he's talking to you But he also believes what he's saying When he's talking to somebody else right That's how it you know would be the same

Thing when he's cheating on all these You know wives and women and you know Multiple Mistresses and these things He's doing When he's talking to that person he's Believable Until he's talking to somebody else you Know one of his other Flings or whatever it is and then all The other things that he's involved in I Mean he's got a little Hunter Biden in Him right I mean he's you know he's got his own Little Hunter Biden that lives inside of Him because he's doing Hunter Biden like Things here you know any any chance of My support is gone but I would like to see what he would do you Know if he gets elected it's just um you Can't trust that he's going to follow Through on any of the things he says or Believes because again he's Demonstrated these character flaws he Has had benefit for us all In terms of the show in terms of Bringing the censorship up to uh you Know whatever it is that he's done with The censorship things But you know he's like deeply flawed Like the rest of these people And you know think about all these Presidential candidates in there Personal life and they're all it's Always a mess Donald Trump three

Marriages cheated on all three of his Wives Uh Joe Joe Biden his wife died his son Died his son his other son's a crackhead His daughter says these things about him Showering with her I mean things like This and then all the snowsland snow Sniffling groping and all the plagiarism And all the I mean these are the Presidential these are the best of the Best these are what America's kicking Out as the person that's supposed to Lead our country the three top Candidates right now are Kennedy Biden And Trump and they're all like deeply Flawed people in their personal life and You know and then their professional Life as well Trump's two bankruptcies You know like they're just failures and You know a mess of a person narcissists And philanderers and all these things Um and you know That's what you're that's what you got To choose from but anyways let's get to The the original video I made uh before I read the comment that led this to this Kennedy thing just one more thing about The Kennedy thing because I'm going to Move on from this hopefully All of it the stuff to do with Israel Palestine the Kennedy stuff I just want To you know get all of the Stuff that I you know want to get out Here done and in this video and you know

I'm going to say some maybe more Positive things coming up I did a Voiceover called kaboom That's where the title of this video is Going to be You can't trust uh RFK Jr and kaboom The video was originally gonna be called Kaboom you know and so I was just gonna Do the the part that you're gonna see That was going to be a video in itself But I'll just put this all together It'll be a long video And then I'm done with it but I um went Had lunch with my wife and uh Uh you know I was editing and I had These thoughts and I thought this is Important When Kennedy went on any interview that I saw Pretty much every person again some of I Didn't see the whole interview They were just um you know praising him To no end I mean with that Rabbi he just Maybe he was praising Kennedy like he Was The greatest person in the world right And then all these other people Joe Rogan and interview after interview they Were praising him before the interview And throughout the interview process He was way able to win over all these People and many of them are truther type People that are very cynical and all the

Rest of it right And so um You know that speaks to something Kennedy was able to do There are two things here one he was Able to be You know transparent and sincere and you Know whatever that means for him because Obviously You can't be cheating on your wife with 37 different Uh you know women in one year and then Just all the rest of it over Uh you know span of a lifetime And not to be a deceiver right but what Kennedy is able to do is he's able to Understand the person he's talking to And give them what they want and I said This before you know I've seen various Videos where he's contradicting himself And so he plays to the audience And he gives them what they want and he Makes them feel good about it right feel Good about him he sells himself as being You know a likable uh you know Intelligent and trustworthy person like He sells himself and that's a good Quality for a politician and it's a good Strategy For for people in the future but you Can't be using something as a strategy And be sincere and I think he's sincere When he's doing it but therein lies the Problem because when you're talking in

Front of an audience a group of people And your desire is to be liked and to be Celebrated and you know we were trying To impress people and you're you're like As a lawyer he's trying to win you know He's trying to use all these things and Using his family and talking about his You know his dad and his uncle and these Things and the Kennedy lore and all the Rest of it and making it sound a lot Better than it is because you know the Tragedies and the deaths and the you Know all of it right the scandals and You know there was if you're not aware His Uncle Teddy he drove his secretary Was having a an affair with he was Supposed to be going home but he's going The wrong way on a bridge and the car Ended up in Chappaquiddick uh river or Lake or whatever this River In you know Massachusetts And like he didn't call the cops till Like hours afterwards and she was she Drowned and it was a huge Scandal and Very questionable he was a womanizer his Dad I don't know about his dad but his Uncle was supposed to be a womanizer Then his uncle had these Intimate Relationships JFK with a guy who was Openly gay and they were wearing like They were wearing matching outfits He had a really good friend who was gay Who he had they both wear matching Outfits so there's a lot of stuff there

Right With their whole family and a lot of You know he tried to dispel his his Grandfather being a bootlegger and he Said a lot of it was a CIA hit piece and You know it was believable when he said That but now it's less believable And you know when you talk in front of When you talk to a group of people you Talk to in front of us a specific Demographic you're going to cater to That demographic one of the blessings I Have here And you know what I'm able to do here is You know my two dogs are here And the windows open it's raining Outside but you know I'm just in a Meditative State because I'm all alone And you know there's an idea of an Audience and once in a while I say Something I'm like oh this demographics Is going to be happy is going to be Unhappy with that or you know and I'm Aware of it and you know I don't but It's just I'm able to get into a flow And let the the energy and the ideas Some of which A lot of which just come to me when I'm Talking And when I'm doing the you know I I have Two different processes when I make a Video I do a voice over and you can see A difference in the voice over in terms Of a flow

As opposed to when I'm using the Screenflow app Which I have to do a lot of editing out Of and I have uh you know my Consciousness is pulled away to the Article I'm reading and or the you know Whatever I'm talking about if I'm Responding to a video and you know I can Be funnier and I can be reacting Spontaneously and come up with jokes and Mock people when I'm watching an Interview or something And I do have a like there is a flow to That as well But I get in a much better flow when I Just have the microphone and I'm not Even you know looking at the computer And I'm not even thinking about anything I'm not aware of my surrounding Environment But if I had an audience and I was Speaking to an audience I would be Getting feedback from them because That's how I you know I communicate with People I talk to people I can feel their Emotions I can feel you know how my what I'm saying is resonating with them and Of course they have their own you know Responses and they say things and and so When you're dealing with another person It's hard to get to the center of like Your truth or the way that you perceive Because there's a lot of stimuli going

On around And when you're in a public place and You're you know out with more people You know it's hard to Center in and just You know get to the core of like your Truth and what you're seeing and you Know it's a distraction that's why I Don't do interviews and that's why I Don't do these videos live videos where People are leaving comments and because It'd be a distraction right the video Would be way worse And so you know I am aware of an Audience but a lot of times I'm not and I'm just talking you know what my Thoughts are to myself And you know things I'm saying out loud That are you know internalized and Whatever process I go through in terms Of connecting to Divinity and letting There be a flow and channeling or Whatever it is you know a better way of Saying this is let's say you talk to 20 Different people about a subject matter And each time you know maybe the 20 Different people ask you 10 questions And you would have a different response To the 10 questions because of the People that you're sitting with even if You're being honest it's being Complicated by the number of people that Are there And if you're a people pleaser like Kennedy and you want to you you have

Some kind of void that you're filling Which he obviously does he's going to Get good at reading people and telling Them what they want to hear and you know Making himself look good But that's you know dishonest right That's you know that's not being sincere Like I've always felt like he's sincere But now I see him differently like he's Good at what he does But you know once you see past the Veil And there's something else there it's Just like with anything You meet people and there's the initial Reaction and then there's layers and Based on his performance he's the best Candidate but again it's a performance It's performative I think a lot of what He does is performative and you know There might be some sincerity there and We'll see how this all plays out you Know I'm less interested in it now But as it looks now he's you know a Deeply messed up person with lots of Character flaws and I think he'll you Know possibly become unraveled and They're going to use this against him Right you know there's if there's any Chance of him winning they have to bring These things up unless they're you know Covering for him I don't know why they Would be you know they have two great Shills and they have two great Assets in Biden and Trump the people who control

The system They're getting everything they need From Biden and Trump they'd have to Bring in the third person and they'll Get everything they need from every Other candidate so there's no reason for Them to have to do anything other than You know elect the people that are there They don't have to bring in somebody Like Kennedy but who knows you know We'll see how it plays out I don't think He's like completely owned or controls But he is in the sense that they have All this dirt on them and you know I Guess people don't care about it I guess People won't Care that he was a Serial cheater I mean The level of morality that goes on out There you know people are just locked Into their beliefs all of it's Interesting we'll see how all of this Plays out because 2024 is going to be Great I mean it's you know this election Is going to be great like in terms of Entertainment value but anyways let's Get to let's get to kaboom Greetings brothers and sisters I got one Thing I want to definitely Cover in terms of a comment And sort of wrap up all the stuff that I Was Talking about with Kennedy and Any leftover thing there's some news About Jamie Foxx going out it's the

First time since he had that to Apologize for that What the New York Post called an Anti-Semitic Post But I want to talk about it in terms of People's view of God And what I was referring to in the last Video there's another video that's still Being checked to see if it's going to be Monetized some other channel that has a A long voiceover that's to do with this And that one's probably going to come up Today or tomorrow so I'll probably have Two Ali would still be dropping like flies There and these are longer videos So I just um made public a you know uh Journey series video that is supposed to Make public Last week today is the 13th of August so Having said all that There's just a lot of content I'm gonna Uh probably not put out this video till Tomorrow and Monday And they'll get back into it every other Day routine Because it's just um The content's building up and it really Just hurts my channel because It becomes something like four or five Hours of content get released on one day And no one has time to watch all that so Um so there's that

I saw some Good movies I wanted to talk about Briefly And I don't want to talk too much about The content because These are good things to see Uh my wife and I watched secret of Rowan Inish last night Which um I had seen with my family a number of Times it's an Irish movie Made in like 1996 they remastered it I Saw it was on I taped it I wonder if I Ever showed it to my wife because I know She'd really love it it's just a Masterpiece of a a movie it's kind of Almost a kids movie But it's one of those ones that adults Can watch Uh you know it's just a A wonderful story about like uh the it's The Irish uh Of just a wonderful way of Storytelling You know I have a a quarter Irish in me And I didn't really Think about that until I started to meet uh or make friends With Irish abiasis And then my family my kids did some Homeschooling on they studied Ireland For a year in homeschooling And Irish stories and you know they just Have a great way of telling stories and Is reflected in um

You know I think my brother and I got That from That tradition or that um that part of Our genetic makeup But anyways that's a wonderful movie and Then um I had watched started watching the Hostels a couple of days ago the movie Hostels Which I really I didn't realize I'd seen Before And it's just a masterpiece of a movie I'm surprised he didn't win Like Awards and things It's kind of a violent movie but it's Uh it's really pertinent to where Everything is going on in the world Today I won't say anything more about that and My wife and I started to watch After um you know the Uh We've watched a movie Saturday night But we're starting to watch the the show Friday Night Lights which I saw some of Years and years ago it had a number of Seasons and you know I sold my TV I Didn't have a TV but I watched maybe Parts of the first season And you know it's a really well done Show I remembered it not being as good as it As I experienced it You know for Network TV When my wife and I are watching it just

In terms of You know it's the obsession Of a small kind of uh lower middle class Town with their football team high School football team you know it's Interesting because I know that it's a True thing and the reason I brought up Those three you know whatever content Related things is What I've um Wanted to talk about what I was thinking About is And this is what I was saying in my last Two videos this one and the one that Hasn't been released yet On the Hollywood celebrities dropping Like flies I released a Hollywood Celebrity dropping like flies yesterday On the 12th but the other one is still Going through the monetization process And now like I said I'll make that Public one way or another whether they Monetize it or not but what I was Referring to when I started to talk About the Old Testament That the way a group of people perceives God Is essential To how they become a social system So a society doesn't believe in God at All that has its own Social system it becomes hardened and Unimaginative and it becomes black and White and you know scientific in a very

Cold way And just materialistic and without Really any kind of uh you know life Force in it it's just a dead Society a Society where people are all atheistic There is you know just a lack of I mean the connectivity a lack of love a Lack of like I said imagination these Things And then you know these various Different cultures over the years There's Aboriginal cultures that Were very in tune with nature so they Saw God in nature like the native Cultures A lot of these um you know the Druid Culture and they see God everywhere in Animal life and they have a connection With God in that way But they don't dive deep into the Internal world In the world of spirit to some extent They do but not it's not their main Focus it's God as nature and For that reason they're so much better At being like people in the natural World like the Native Americans made Enhanced America America was a pristine Country Because the way that the native peoples Treated nature and no matter how warlike They were or how much hunting they did They did it in a way that just made the

Natural world better they didn't process Lots there's all these old growth trees Because they're not looking at nature to Exploit it To take resources away from it and so The environment their storage of the Environment and they were helping you Know in a way be guardians of nature to Whereas human beings now are you know Perpetrators of nature there you know Their Harvester we're Harvesters of Nature or we look at nature as a Resource So let's go back to the beginning though When people first started to realize That there might be you know some sort Of divine Force What happened back then was you know There was a barbarian barbarian type Cro-magnum type times And people Were extraordinarily warlike And didn't have the ability for abstract Thought So they couldn't understand God As an abstract being and so they built These giant statues you know like the The statues you hear in the idol worship That you hear about in the Old Testament And they had Big Idols that were like strong in Nature right they could be like a bull Or they could be a warrior they could be Like a dragon or demon or something like

That something powerful And higher developed Souls would come Down And charge those Idols with spiritual Energy in some cases in the lucky ones And there would be divine energy coming From those idols And the people would pray for it and Experience some benefit and the most Devoted ones the ones that clicked into It would um benefit from The subtle particles the spiritual Energy and they would start developing Abstract thought and Feeling love in God's love there was a Time where people Really didn't feel love it was Everything was more Animalistic and you know there's some Intuitive nature but people are so um Violent and so You know aggressive and territorial That it was just a barbaric time to live And then that gave way to more Sophisticated tribal type of You know village-based tribal type of Peoples that saw God in nature The Druids the Native Americans the Aboriginal people in South America and Australia and these places And they were harmony with nature But there wasn't much movement Internally in terms of their spiritual Journey right they were harmonious they

Could live you know in uh they lived This way for thousands of years without Much spiritual movement and then came The idea of God as man or man is God you Saw this of course with Jesus and Hindu Religion and with Muhammad and and you Know Krishna and Rama and Buddha and These other Spiritual Beings of course Saints and People who were of a higher nature of Course they had that a little bit with Shamanism and shamans that was part of The you know previous iteration and The problem with this is It gets transferred from God as man As a Divine man to God as man as an Egotistical man And when you have the the switch which We see in the judeo-christian religion And I think to Islam to whatever extent And To some extent in Hinduism They start worshiping the lower Tendencies Of human beings And what also comes with that is people Start believing that they're God you Know the queen is the gods or the king Now is God's representative on Earth Manifest Destiny anything we do Is okay or good because we're you know We're God in human form or we worship a Human who's God's human form

And with his Blessing and permission we Can do whatever we want And nature and everything lower than us That we consider lower than us animal Life and All the rest of it has been given out to Us by God for our playground and we can Do whatever we want with it and that's What's happening now and that's when Religions get perverted and when you Start thinking of God like I said in the Old Testament In the Jewish Bible As a punishing God as a God that's Egotistical and uh you know and Narcissistic and sadistic and plays mind Games and gaslights and does all kinds Of things and Condemns people and curses people right When you think about God as a punishing God that twists a group of people to Live in a certain way And that's happened within the Judeo-christian religion and Stuff to do with Israel and these it's It's a point of view in which you come At that you you interpret the world Right And you know years and years ago when I Went to graduate school we looked at the Various psychological models We had a like an entry-level course you Know master I have a master's degree in Counseling and it was a small sort of

New age Transpersonal Psychological program and New Mexico but It looks at all the various models of The psychological Uh you know there's these different Models That have a you know they have a Different way of Uh of dealing with people and seeing People And there was a category you know with Each model that the teacher had a good Teacher they're a good professor And she was a you know like a really Tiny older woman But she developed a way of teaching These models where she would say well How does this model Think you know how does this model Conceive of human beings Like the behaviorist model Its rewards and Punishment So most treatment centers and lots of Prisons and you know lots of programs in The Chinese program of uh whatever they Call it the social credit score of Course thumbs up and likes and things You get on the internet these this is Part of it it's rewards and Punishment You know Pavlov's dog And if you're a parent Or you have to be a supervisor you have Some sort of Behavioral Management

Program But it's the lower level at the lowest Level it doesn't acknowledge a soul Doesn't knowledge a higher Consciousness It's just rewards and Punishment right You reward good behaviors and you punish Bad behaviors and so you know that's an Example of one of the the models also How does healing how does how does Evolution take place in that model how Does change take place What are the mechanisms for change There's a a model where there's a Positive Unconditional positive regard for people So the therapist is just all positive Never ever says anything negative to the Client and just nurtures them and that's The model is that most people have been Damaged and they need support of course I've talked about Solution-focused therapy which is about Just working on the solution And so there was these various ways of Looking at it how does a human being you Know what what is the mild defined human Being as what makes up a human being What makes a human being work and that Is a good way to understand the model Because the way a psychological model Thinks about human beings if it's things That human beings are soulless and are Just like machines then the behaviorist Model makes sense

And so the way that they heal you know The way that healing takes place the way That uh you know that psychological Growth and development take place like That's another category you know that's Another you know these different um Subheadings and you know what are the Methods what are the techniques that are Used right so when you understand how Other people in your life and groups of People and demographics because people In different countries they have a Different Um they have a you know a different way Of perceiving what human beings are and You know human beings evil like I talked About Being a sinner right And if you define all human beings as Sinners Than anybody who's a saint Is Not a Human Being or is is a blasphemer Against God right And so if you look at human beings as Only being a sinner And you ignore the fact that human Beings have become Saints and have Evolved right that's one of the problems With Christianity is Jesus is just born as God's only son And so Jesus is different And he didn't evolve And so you have no chance like you can't Do what Jesus did because you're not the

Only son of God And Jesus didn't change and evolve and Become something he was already that There's also avatars Christian was an Avatar This is a you know a concept a different Way of use the original way of using the Word Avatar as it's used in the sage Mark uh teachings Christian and Rama Were avatars where they came down From a certain spiritual Uh you know approach That was higher than most humans but Wasn't the goal the you know the Ultimate goal of merging in God and they They didn't change or evolve they were Just that Like they didn't have to going through Any obstacles or any sort of tests they Just where they were where they were When they came in they didn't have to Grow spiritually but in the difference Between Hinduism and Christianity is and Hinduism There are many examples of saints and Spiritual Beings and Masters who have evolved and Changed and Christianity and Judaism There's this idea of um you know the Messiah And then Judaism and there is some Saints in Christianity I don't know if There are Saints in in Judaism there's Heroes

But again this idea that people are born Evil and are in evil in nature well That's going to shape your Society That's going to shape your culture And it's going to be a sad culture right It's going to be an unevolved culture Very materialistic and that's we have Now In the western world did you did Judeo-christian people With this idea that everyone's a sinner And you're not going to change and Evolve spiritually But you might as well have a good life And enjoy yourself And everything becomes hyper Materialistic and and also there's a Tendency To be like bad boys like it'd be like Bad people to have flirtation with the Dark side because if that's your true Nature to be Evil if you're born a sinner And you know you're working against your Your nature what you are as a person if You're a person if you're if your Tendency is to sin that's sin or sin And you're trying to you know not sin You know like what you're trying to do Is hold back your nature And then these things become taboo that You really want to do but you're trying To make yourself not do them Even though it's your nature to do them

Based on the definition of how your Belief system how your religion sees People Then these Tendencies become you know You think about it more and more and you Build these what's called some scars you Know for my you know belief system in The seismic system of Impressions and Those Impressions just grow because when You forbid something It makes people do it when you say oh Don't do that you say to people you Don't look over there they'll all look Right you know like people just resist Being told uh you know what not to do Especially people from the west and so If you make things forbidden they're Going to do all those things right I mean all the The Ten Commandments People are breaking those Ten Commandments all the time You know like Everybody breaks at least you know half Of those Commandments in their life and Some people break all of them And so what good are the Commandments When it's just going to drive people to Our you know Sinners by nature to break Those Commandments and so that's why we Have the society we have now Because the way that the people in Power View God There's a lot of you know violence and The you know in our culture and American

Culture but also in the other Middle Eastern cultures so I assume you know That has a lot to do with the teachings Of Islam in terms of the people who are Who are Muslim And you can see Culture by culture the Way that the people view God the way That they are Define themselves as human Beings their true nature as human beings Is reflected in their society And so your perception of who you are And what you can be And what other people are And what humanity is is essential To you know changing and developing Into something higher like if you Understand that human beings have the Potential to be Saints And that that's something that you Yourself can work on and achieve in fact It's your Soul's purpose for you to work On and achieving that Then you see things in a way where it Can be realistic but also Uh you know there's upward movement that There's the possibility for Change and Growth and there's possibility to to Better yourself You know we can better ourselves in the Material world here in America You can become richer and more famous And successful and things like that But you know in terms of spiritual Growth we know one thinks about that

Because people don't think people can Change they don't think they can be come Saints and they just think everyone's Selfish and We have a very cynical View But if you see people who have actually Reached a higher level of Spiritual Development You realize well that's possible And so that's what I was talking about So culturally any group any religion That looks at you human beings is being Low and we have a lower tendency there's No doubt about it we have an ego that's A potential demon but we also have a Soul that's a potential state And the judeo-christian religion and I Believe the Various other religions especially uh The Muslim religion and I don't know That much about it Few people as essentially evil And they have an evil nature and don't See That there's a way that we can rise up To be better so no one's working on that In those cultures because they don't Even think it's a possibility and There's a hostility there especially Here in the West Towards saintly people We kill our Saints we kill people are Spiritual we try to bring them down we We topple them right there's a desire to

Take someone who's reached a higher Level and and bring them down to our Level there's a greediness and a Selfishness and an envious nature now in Our culture which is all a part of that View in God when you're not working on Doing what you're supposed to do you Don't like to see other people doing That when you're disconnected from your Soul you don't want to see people who Are connected to their soul Especially in a selfish competitive Jealous A cynical uh system and culture like Ours Okay took a break eight lunch I'm Working on a project outside a pond Which I'm going to get to do today Because I Don't have to put up a video so I'm just Going to do a little voice over work Today and Have a light day I've been getting sort Of burned out with the editing I'm Always able to produce the content the Editing kinda Is the most draining part Um So continuing from where I left off There's a comment That feeds right into this let me see if I find it here And the person says this is about Um

And this is my video entitled Bobby Kennedy just torpedoed his chance for Truth or support By his take on Palestine And I know there'd be comments like this so I'm glad To get it over with and this one has Other benefits For my purposes here And the person says how can someone like You Paul You know whenever you start off a Comment like that You know you're going to get banned Right It's just the kind of condescending Complaint department Uh you know any of these things Argumentative things that I talk about That I don't allow here And Um well let's read this how can someone Like you Paul be so absolutely ignorant Being played like a silly child by Someone who's just another player on the World stage question mark well great Seer of Truth why are you asking me that Question Kennedy is 100 part of the agenda and His job for the satanic system Is just revelation of method Pertaining to boops You don't know that right you don't know

That he's a hundred percent uh part of The agenda we don't know whether he's Part of the agenda yet because his Part hasn't played out yet we didn't Know Trump was a part of the agenda Until after covet or during the covet Process Because he was they were certainly using Trump before that To push their agenda through so the Evidence was there but until the plan is Completely Actualized we don't know And with some of the candidates you know Because they're just shells in their They're just saying the things that the Um The plan the planners the controllers Want them to say they're just Regurgitating talking points and so They're part of the agenda because They're pushing the agenda right But somebody who is Appears to be oppositional to the agenda Like Trump appeared to be And like Kennedy appears to be we don't Know until their character Arc is played Out and we and we don't know if Trump Was ever consciously aware that he was Being used I don't think he is I think Trump's just too stupid and arrogant to Realize how much he got played and Worked right and so for you to say that Kenny is 100 a part of it well they'll

Try to use him they're obviously trying To use him in various ways and so far it Really hasn't worked but until his Character Arc is story arc plays itself Out we don't know Like the evidence is just circumstantial Now And so let's go forward with a comment Here but that's the first part where the Person is saying something that they Don't know And not realizing they don't know it You might believe it right and you might Be right but you don't know He tells us his children have received All seven to two of the mandatory bloops Along with the coveted Loop also him and His wife He um no he said that they didn't Receive the covet Or at least um he hasn't and I don't Know if his wife has it or not But that's you know whatever that is He completely so that's not true he Hasn't taken the covet bloop And I think he's not going to take any More bloops From here on end based on what he says Maybe he's taken all of them maybe he Owns stock and Pfizer I don't know Like well in terms of what he said That's not what he said that's an Inaccurate betrayal and I'm over him Based on what I've been saying about

Like my enthusiasm for him is you know There is none and I'll talk about that In just a bit I've already been talking About that but in terms of what we know About his motivation and if he's Controlled you know all of them are Controlled by one way or another like All of us are controlled in one way or Another all of us have things that bind Us to the system All of us have things that we can't live Without and we can't you know whatever Some people might be able to live Outside the system but there's something Else in the system That they want right and so Um you know we're all owned by the System to Sonic to some extent we're all Part of it like to think that there's a Difference in terms of the the Controllers being so much more evil than You you know unless there's some alien Race or you know like something like That there's you know very similar at Least most of the people are very Similar they've just had power and Success and it's corrupted them right But we'll get back into that in just a Moment let's get to the the comment I Want to get through this thing Um Propaganda the the agenda of Also him his wife have completely he Completely propagandized proper

Propagated the agenda that Covid-19 was a real And a real Global worldwide Boop a Killer pandemic He said virus I don't know why I moved Up virus And so you don't think it's a virus and Of course he's the king of climate Change Uh he's not that and there's something Different like he's talked about Chemtrails and some of these other Things right Uh so you don't really know what he's Saying Again I am so Like you know de-enthused by his Position on Palestine and some of these Other things that he's done Um you know and I don't care about him Having little differences in his opinion Or any of these people as long as the Person has some legitimate truth or in Them and I'll get back to that second Let me let me read the rest of this how Are you being hypnotized by him just Saying the truth pertaining to the Don't you know that his job on don't you Know that is his job on the world stage His job is a revelation of method Pertaining to bloop just like Tucker Carlson Rand Paul both of them players On the world stage to tell us the truth

About the screwed up system screwing us Yes giving us no solution whatsoever and Doing anything of substance themselves Their job is also revelation of method All slales minions puppets of the Trillionaires the true owners of this Country Um very remedial perception by this Person and so I could go back through it And talk about all the ways this Person's wrong about what Kennedy said And not that nothing's important about That the difference between Kennedy and Tucker Carlson and Rand Paul And I would say Tucker Carlson does this Maybe a little bit But listening to Kennedy I learned some Things About Some of the truther narratives that we Have That he had access to information that We don't And so when you listen to Kennedy there Is some revelatory material In terms of being truth or narratives And so as a truther You know somebody who's pursuing truth There has to be some you know element of A convincing origin story like how you Came about To be one of these people like well you Know what made you different than the Average people Kennedy has that and then

He has his own you know way of viewing Things a lens in which he sees the world And he's very his lens based on what he Said he's transparent and he's um Uh he was authentic up until the Palestinian thing In a way that was different than any Other politician but none of that stuff Matters what's really wrong with the Comment or is comment and their world's View Is that there was no you know someone Who's obviously watched enough of my Videos To you know categorize me as being Hypnotized by Kennedy which is stupid Because I said all along I don't believe he or anybody else can Fix the system And even if he wins they will do him Like they're doing Trump when I I don't Think Trump is legitimate either But in terms of the way they free to Trump and it's constant harassment Constant uh Scandal constant being Attacked and nothing ever gets done so Even if Kennedy won that's his Presidency because they're already doing That now to him They're obstructing him in every Possible way changing the rules Attacking them false accusations just All the things that they they do to Anybody Trump is a good example so if

Kennedy won it wouldn't make a Difference and I said that all along I Said I like what he's doing in terms of The show Exposing the Democratic party for what It is and all the things I said he was Going to do which I thought would take Much longer And he's already done in terms of the Democrats have had to rig the election They've had to they've had to come out And say that they believe censorship is Now okay to violate the First Amendment Because of the dangers of The you know the mag of Republicans and The disinformation And the truthers out there so they said It's okay to violate our first amendment Rights because we're a danger to the System And that's what they argued in this case Which was you know brought about by Um in part to do with stuff to do with Kennedy And Biden censoring them and so whether He's an active participant in the drama And he's just playing a role or he's Legitimate it's still the effects are The same truth is coming out and that's All you can get out of this thing Because what this person fails to Realize and you know all truthers who Think you're doing something There's no resistance there's virtually

No resistance you're not the resistance You're not doing Boop none of us are Doing poop There's no method to stop them from Doing what they're doing let's say There's a river and you got only Remedial hand tools and a limited Workforce And you need to Dam up the river You need to block the river and you're Not a beaver And there's no beavers around You can't Dam up that river right Because you don't have the proper Knowledge tools equipment and all of it Right Financing and the river is big enough so There's no chance of you ever doing that You just don't have the ability right Like there's a giant boulder you have to Move it and you don't have any power Equipment and you don't have enough People to move it You don't you can't do it like you don't Have a method to stop the water you have A method to lift up the boulder you Can't do that thing Now there are solutions to those Problems But there really isn't a solution to our Current situation Because there's two outcomes here One the controllers prolong the system By executing their agenda which is

Doomed to fail because they're losers And they're just desperate But let's say they could save the system And they could you know by executing This plan agenda 31 the part that They can enjoy right But that's about it and they can't do That I'm just saying that as a Possibility because it hasn't collapsed Yet right that's the kicker here it Hasn't collapsed yet so there's a Possibility they can remake the system And get rid of lots of Privileges and Wipe away some of the debt and become More uh you know whatever what they have To do dumb down the population whatever They have to do reduce the population That they can save the system it hasn't Collapsed yet but it really they can't The other option is the system collapses Those are our two options there's no Fixing the system there's no removing The people in control because the system Is so dead heavy and so demonic and so Immoral it needs to feed off evil to Keep on going And so here are your options You could vote a good candidate into Political office And you already this person the Commenter already said that's not Possible because they're all controlled And so you can't fix this politically And this person's admitting you can't

Fix it politically because they're Saying everybody's a shell And so Um that's that option's off the table You could boycott and change things Economically Well that would mean that people who Hate each other would have to come Together and boycott people don't like To boycott people are lazy and they Won't do it but even if you boycotted The companies are hell-bent on pushing Through this agenda they don't care if They suffer economically because they Figure they're going to get bailed out On the other end And economic collapse seems to be a part Of their agenda so boycotting only add To that protesting doesn't work We've seen it doesn't work it almost Always backfires it certainly doesn't Produce the desired result Raising awareness doesn't work that was The original idea behind Infowars but That idea was flawed from the beginning Because people who are the most upset And the most the quickest to wake up is The quickest to see the problems here Those are the most activated people so You are waiting to wake up all the Sheeple before you did something right So that that agenda was already always Doomed to fail because waking people up Meant what you're going to vote somebody

Into office where we already established That won't work but in either case I Mean there's a lot more I can say about This but it doesn't matter because we Know the majority of sheeple have chosen Not to wake up in fact they're they've Been turned and activated against Truthers where they believe truthers are Terrorists and you know that's been I Mean that's their position and so They're even worse than we thought it's Not like they're just passive they've Been activated to work against the Truthers so we know that getting Information out there has no effect And so the whole truth movement has Zero Effect On the changing of the system it never Had a chance of doing anything it's Being used against us in various ways to Remove our rights and censor us even More and things like that so it's Actually backfired of course with the QBs and all the rest of it right But just to like I could go through this And name all the other ways that you Could attempt to Change the system but no matter what the Tool or what the method you have for Changing the system the system is meant To collapse there's a time when I mean Just like your death like we're all Trying to prevent our deaths or maybe Some of us are you know

At least people want to prevent their Deaths and people work towards Prolonging their life but you're going To die there's no immortality And there's no immortality for this System which is such a defunct evil System and I'm not saying there aren't Good things about it but it's Essence is Anti-god it is unnatural and goes Against God's Will and The Divine laws and all these things we All know this most of us know it on some Level and there are all these Empires That we've seen collapse Ones that we know about ones that we can Find historical evidence and ones that We've heard about and ones that have Long been forgotten And the one thing they have in common is At some point they thought that they Were indestructible And they would go on forever and then Something happened or a bunch of things Happened and they no longer exist right And that is always the case You can't prolong civilizations your Life or anything everything has its time Of life and time of death and our Systems approaching its time of death And so there's nothing anybody can do About it we can witness all the evils And things that are going on And bring those back to God to send

Relief you know bring the message back To God But I think that's already been done so The truth Community you know you can do Things to wake people up so they're at Least prepared for what's going to Happen that's what I do here pockets of The future That's something right but there's no Real movement there's no Community There's no working together and so as we Enter into our final days what's the Difference whether you vote or not Like the reason I don't vote is because It has no effect and I'm lazy and why Bother doing something that's pointless But voting for Kennedy before he talked About Palestine Would have had a point it would have Brought about entertainment and things I'd like to see and I'd like to see Kennedy debate if not Joe Biden Trump or Whatever and I like to see the Democratic party implode while it fixes And rigs the election against Kennedy In real time and there's so many great Things that have already started to Happen And so that's what I was saying about Supporting them that he wasn't the Solution he wasn't a savior And you know I felt like he was sincere And authentic which I still feel like to Some extent I don't you know can't

Explain the Palestinian the egregious Palestinian take but there's no harm in It because if the system is going to Collapse then what difference does it Make what we do right like I mean we can Prepare we can do things that we can Connect to God we can do things to help Our chances and help minimize the Destruction accepting our circumstances And changing and adapting and being Grateful for them which will always make Things either easier we can do things Internally we can be more Cooperative we Can be more grateful But other than that there isn't much we Can do in terms of Changing what's going to happen because It's going to happen the way it's going To happen and there's no stopping it so This person's comment is a hundred Percent worthless other than it's you Know I get to do this because the Essence of this person's comment is this These two lines How can somebody like Paul be so Absolutely ignorant being played like a Silly child by someone who is just Another player in the world stage And then um The second line how are you being so Hypnotized by him just saying the truth Pertaining to oops And so those are the two lines that Matter here

Because the person's trying to say that They're better than me that he's I'm a Fool for falling for Kennedy and he knew It all along and he's somehow better and He's so better and so evolved as a Person he had to write this comment and Let me and everybody else know about it Right A comment that has zero value in his Wrong factually and perceptually And is just a swing and a miss Because the things he said aren't true Because I you guys know my position on Kennedy was all along And I said you know right off the bat it Goes against what I always Envision myself not voting or supporting The candidate again but I wanted to see How this plays out and I guess I still Want to see how it plays out But my support for them I just don't Have it because I just lost my Enthusiasm because it's you know his Position on Palestine was so bad But there is a difference or there was a Difference between Kennedy and these Other candidates you know they all start Off With some autonomy they all start off Not being as handled or not being Completely handled or not being handled At all And then as they move through the Process they become a celebrity or big

Star the bigger star you are the bigger Star you are as an athlete the bigger Star you as a celebrity the bigger your Success and your you know your ranking As president or a nationally uh Recognized political figure The more that people everyone knows your Name the more that you're given a Platform and people are always listening To your talk because they're constantly Sticking a microphone in your face the More you're owned and controlled and so When they start off they're not and then They get handled they get work they get Played they get you know they get Chastised like Kennedy being accused of Being anti-semitic and then the next Thing you know he's just you know drool Dribbling all over Uh Israel and this whole you know Palestinian take that he did and so that Is whatever it is right it's a you know He's not he's less than he was he's more Handled and more owned now than he was Before But this commenter gets pretty much Everything wrong especially the stuff About me because I made it clear this Was my position right from the start Right and so their whole you know the Whole reason for this person to comment I believe it's a dude is to say that you Know they're better than me How can you Paul like someone like me

Who knows so much and would never get Fooled by a guy like Kennedy so let me Learn you something son right you know He's trying to Sun me but he failed Because it's not right it's not truth Like you know I mock people so I don't Care It doesn't bother me right but when You're wrong you suck at it and so this Comment has no value it's not changing Anything it doesn't add anything to Humanity it's just a person trying to Think they're bigger than better than They actually are right in a system That's collapsing around them and There's better use for your energy I Mean there's you know there's better use For your energy than anything than this Because you know I'm going to ban you if You listen to me So you're just doing this to try to you Know make me feel bad or make yourself Feel good I know you can't make yourself feel good Because you have to do something like This to build yourself up which means That you don't feel good about yourself You know people says things like this How can someone like you Paul be so Absolutely ignorant being played like a Silly child by someone with just another Player on the world stage Kennedy's 100 Of the agenda and then how are you being So hypnotized by him just saying the

Truth pertaining to the vaccines And so you know is swinging a miss and With all of this stuff in the truth Community I wanted to say this because this is a Real truth That if you knew the system was ending Or that there needed to be population Reduction or whatever there was To save some portion of the system or Some people are going to survive and Some people weren't going to survive What would you do If you're in a position of power And you knew the system was collapsing And you needed to to wipe out certain Members you know certain numbers of Population That lots of humanity have to die And you know whatever it is like you Knew exactly what needed to be done so That some people could survive Would you save yourself for your family Like be honest would you save the people That care better to you and the groups Of people that matter to you or would You say oh we'll just sacrifice Ourselves for some other group like be Honest right you'd save yourself and the People that matter to you that's what You would do that's what people do Every time there's a panic which is Another Factor here in telling you the Truth governments can't tell you the

Truth The controlling people can't tell you The truth Because people will panic and it only Takes a few to panic and then everyone Else has to do it remember we went to The grocery store in covid and they they Bought up every Stitch of toilet paper As soon as toilet paper became available People immediately bought it up with Canned food and all the rest of it you Know I went to supermarkets you guys Don't want to supermarkets that were Completely the shells were stripped bare And so when things break down or people Get scared they run to their bank and Take out money my bank didn't have any Cash left We want to take out some cash and the Woman said we don't have cash until Maybe next week And she goes but all the other banks Have had a run too So when kovid first was outbreak of Covid people ran to the bank to make Sure they got their money screw Everybody else And they went and got as much stuff as They could even things they don't need You know they could have done this all Along you could be hoarding things right Now You could have a whole you know whatever You have a storage area full of toilet

Paper and things that you're going to be Panicked about when the the Boop hits The fan Well you didn't do that you waited till The the announcement and you ran to the Store panicly people did I'm not saying You personally but we know some people Did which set off a panic because a few People panicking Sets off a you know a sort of a a Scarcity mentality And you know this is um my wife and I Buy milk from these um I don't know what they're called German Something they wear hats they're kind of Like Amish people They bought the store from some people Who were I think also you know I don't Know They're farming people And they wear hats and they're you know They don't have as much technology And they have cows and they sell raw Milk And you know they sell it for you know Pets and things like this And Every once in a while their cows are Calving which means their cows are Giving birth and they can't milk their Cows during that process So they only have a few cows they have Less cows to milk and they don't have as Much milk

And I always know when that time is Because if you go to the store after you Know they only open one day a week and If you go after a certain period of time All the milk is gone because people are Lining up and they buy more milk than They normally do you see people walking Out with four gallons of milk even Though they know there's a shortage and They say all right I'll cut back or I'll Get one or two or whatever They go and get as many as possible and They get their first thing To make sure they get theirs and person Behind them doesn't get theirs or Whatever right And there's a scarcity mentality even Then And so we know that people take care of Themselves and their family like why be Mad at the controllers for that The system is again you could say it's Satanic or this or that and this person Isn't very evolves I mean whatever you Want to think about it but it is Collapsing and there needs to be Population reduction And there needs to be a change And so these people are doing their best To save themselves and their families You know they suck as people these are Selfish people who are hoarding wealth I Mean you know I'm not defending them But pretty much all of us would do the

Same thing And all of us are in some way preparing I mean at least some of us are and we're Not preparing for everybody right You know the very reason you have Firearms is because if you know for a Lot of people is when the the Boop hits The fan that you're ready to go And everyone else is you know Um out on their own right that you have Your stuff and you're going to protect Your stuff against other people We're going to try to steal it because They didn't prepare And screw those guys because they have The opportunity you know I've been given Information out here for a while And so has so many other people And people refuse to believe it or some People just too lazy to do anything even If they do believe it and then when the You know the Boop hits the fan They're going to be running around Trying to grab you know stuff from People who actually prepared Because you know that's what people do And so like there's no reason to to Think that we're so much better than Controllers when we all are doing the Basically the same thing we're all Wanting to save ourselves and the things That we love and the people we love The people that are with us and so we Were dividing ourselves into groups and

It'll even be more so as everything Collapses And so you know I don't get all mad at The controllers because although they Suck and there's you know lots of things That they've done to lead Humanity in The wrong direction They are doing right now what all of us Would do if we were in that situation Which is to rig the system In their favor so that they and their Family can survive those people can Survive And screw everybody else And you know that shows you how selfish We all are because You know that's that's everything you Know that we need to know about the System that as soon as things get rough In a system where we've all had Abundance and we've all had lots of you Know benefits in terms of our Privileges And things And as soon as there's a hint that those Things are going away people immediately Will screw everyone else and grab as Much as we can right and that you know The so the people that this system has Produced in the our orientation to life And our selfishness and our entitlements And all these things tell you everything You need to know about the system and Why it needs to collapse Okay so a brief explanation here

Um I guess I can post this beginning part On my other channel my Hollywood Celebrities dropping like flies uh Apocalypse Now Channel But you can see here that I just Released a video Um Hollywood celebrities dropping this One here Uh Hollywood celebrities Dropping like flies that's what this Means little Tay fake RFK and so much More This video was originally Uh made before the video on top of it Which came out afterwards see this was Made this was released on August 14th but I put this up and I've Been waiting four days for them to Monetize it which they have done here Which uh there's no reason for them to Demonetize in the first place And that's messed everything up on both Channels And so um there's just a backlog of Content I'm going to make a shorter Video On my pocket future channel so there's Going to be two uh that video is an hour And 30 minutes long and then I'm going To make a short video On my pockets of the future Channel just So everybody Understands what's going on here and

I'll post this explanation in in my long Video today at Fox's future but also Post in a short video On my Apocalypse Now Channel because I Have to explain things Why videos seem this seems to be out of Date because this one Covers some of the same things right so Um you know YouTube Okay Um So just I I'm gonna make this video Short like I said I already did a long Voice over Jamie Foxx steps out in public for the First time since apologizing For anti-semitic post And so they make it sound like it was 100 anti-Semitic And it says here Jamie Foxx has seen at Los Angeles for the first time since he Issued a public apology for a Controversial post some believed was Anti-Semitic Jamie Foxx said it wasn't And a number of people left comments Saying that the saying they killed Jesus Is used all the time and it doesn't mean Jewish people It's not referring to Jewish people And so that's what Jamie Foxx said His uh what he uh He was saying was it wasn't about Jewish People it's about people who betrayed

Him Personally I guess he's got some things Going on there and there seems to be Some Support for what he's saying In terms of his story right you could Either be you know lying or not but up Here they're saying it's for sure Anti-semitic right they're using this Word like it's guaranteed And that's People's ability to Um Discern what his intentions were what he Meant by that and he gave an explanation And it wasn't enough because it never is And that's the problem with this um and It's not just Jewish people and you know we have the Age of being offended and cancel culture And and again I'm not saying it's all Jewish people I want to make that Distinction like I always do because it Isn't obviously we have the ADL the Anti-defense anti-dem of defamation League And we have other Groups and What they do here is Um if you do something that can be Considered anti-Semitic you're guilty And there's no way to prove you're Innocent so they did this with Kennedy And there's no apology for

Uh accusing you of being at uh you of Being anti-semitic and you have to prove To them that you're not Right like that's one of the problems Here and to demonstrate this This tweet was going around Um this is a guy who has you know what I Consider a Uh possibly a Jewish last name And my wife sent me this I think did you Know the ADL considers 17 of the numbers Between 0 and 100 hate symbols and here Are the list of numbers Try to avoid using these numbers like This where people might think you're a Bigot and if you use a number like this You're guilty until you prove that You're innocent and you really can't and You're in your story and explanation Means nothing and no apology is never Going to come For the two of you for uh for doing this Right this is mostly for famous people Obviously so I searched for it and they Had this thing hate symbol database It says hate symbols on display They have these you know database for These symbols Uh this is the ADL official PDF And One in eleven one through eleven is a Numeric symbol used by Aryan Knights 100 Percent under spread is a shorthand for

100 white among white supremacists 100 and 910 the figure of his white Supremacist numeric shorthand for the Number of countries anti-semitic claim Jews have been expelled from In calling for expulsion of Jews 12 the Number 12 is a numeric symbol for Aryan Brotherhood Number 13 is a numeric symbol for Aries Circle And so this is um Goes on 14 14 to 14 saying 14 and 88 Which we saw with Kennedy 18 is a white Supremacist alpha numeric code for Adolf Hitler 21 2 and 12 221 crew 23 hand signed 23 and 16 I'm Not going to read all these 28 you know I can't read all the Explanations 33 and 6 38 43 5 words 511 737 83 88 88 and 14 and then 88 and the 88 hand sign so uh uh this is all white Supremacist stuff nine percent And then goes from there to Um All these various Symbols And so I didn't see all those numbers That were listed But they have just this is just um You know all these um whatever it is Right

They have uh this is just A's right this Goes on this is like goes on and on and On and on and on and on and on and on And on And so these are just symbols And here they go like it's just um They've been doing this for a while These are all the numbers Numericate symbols as you can see I Guess a lot of those numbers are in here Um they're big on the number 88 for some Reason And they have more numbers here So like they have uh All these resources So at what point do you realize that This is backfired that this isn't Working it's creating hate it's creating If not hate a negative opinion of a Group or your people right And this is what I've been saying in in Recent videos It's Not just done with the ADL and you know The um The Jewish Defense League any of these Types of you know things to do with Israel and Jewish people this is being Done With so many different people in the Woke Consciousness and the new age you Know the liberal movement and pretty Much everywhere else Everybody's hyper offended and being

Offended you know whenever I feel like I'm offended and I don't have that Feeling very much Anymore But based in my you know the size of my Way of looking at things miseries is Divine blessings And all of it like I just it's supposed To be something that's positive Uh it releases some scars and it Releases things and it does it in a Variety of ways it cleans off Impressions and things that are Blocking your connection to God when Things happen like this you know things Are Said negatively about you or whatever it Might be and sometimes they're true Sometimes they're true and it's Like a good way to uh you know look at Yourself and figure out what you need to Change It's good feedback but aside from all That right The biggest part is I'm not perfect right you know Like of course there are things to can Criticize in every group and every Person You know we're not we're far from Perfect we suck right now as people Human beings suck collectively right now And a lot of why we suck comes from our Beliefs

And you know now there are belief Wars And people's rigid attachment to their Beliefs and the ability to accept Reality is the way it is you know Rearranging reality finding ways to Make uh you know a fantasy of What is really happening like creative Fantastical Deceptive uh World or Universe inside yourself that Is far away from anything that resembles Truth And when that happens truth is going to Slap you in the face it just is to Define system is gonna Uh you know push the truth in your face The truth is going to come up To dispel you I don't know if I dispel Is the right word but to um You know to show you that your internal World is like fantasy and destructive And deceptive and you've you're Deceiving yourself so the truth is Always going to be there the truth is The truth is always going to be slapping You in the face in life just in general Especially when your internal beliefs Are taking you on a deceptive path And the more that you invest in that Path and the farther you get away from Your Soul's path and the Divinity within You There's going to be you know warnings And first warnings and then consequences

And things that are there to knock you Off your path here Your current deceptive path and get you To question your decision making And bring you back to The way that it's supposed to be you Know to be more honest that's why that Movie The hostels Which I talked about in the beginning It's a great movie because Of the you know just the The movement of the characters where They you know suffered these traumas and They developed this hate towards You know these these varying groups it's About Native Americans and and uh like The military Uh and it's just you know a masterpiece Of that Bring in a you know where events unfold And you know people come together where There's hatred a lot of what happens in Your death process when you're dying it Is unraveling your Egos uh you know your the create your Egotistical creation which is Deceptive your internal world that You've created that is uh you know Deceiving you from the truth And so this idea of being offended by Everything that your beliefs are Offended and you have the right to Extract something from the other party Especially when also doing a stating

What they believe And what they view reality as And you know you look at all these hate Groups that are listed By the ADL and these other You know hate groups I don't know Anybody Consciously you know maybe there's a Person commenting here people commenting Here that I'm like oh they sound like They're in some sort of a hate group Right But it's you know It's not that many people that are in White supremacist groups or any of these Other groups right and those groups are Fringe and most people don't want any Part of them and the people in those Groups are very unlikable And you know I saw something on this I Was in Idaho for a brief time and there Are some of these militia groups and Things there this is back in I want to say uh 1999 2000 something like that And No probably two thousand yes two Thousand because my daughter Had just been born there And so there was a incident where Happened where there's some sort of a You know one of these white supremacist Militia type groups And there's a few of them in that area

Because it's all wooded you know it's a Beautiful place out there and it's just Like pure nature there's like a tree That's like this the biggest tree that's Not a redwood Um like it's a a big cedar tree and it's Just in the middle there it's it's Hooked into some sort of a spring and It's like 20 is like you know it's got Like a 20 foot diameter or something Crazy like that right Um a huge tree and we my family and I Drove out to see it and there's nothing But dirt roads and things as you get Closer and closer like a black bear ran Right across our path I mean it's just You know this very uh and I don't know What it's like now but back then it was Not developed very much And I was watching the news like the Local news on this group and what Happened was there's a kitten and uh Like a you know like a a 20 year old kid And his mom And his mom was like maybe almost Disabled or something and they had a Real bad old car They didn't run properly and there was Some kind of a compound for one of these Groups and there was about 20 or 30 People there And Um when they're driving the car by their Compound it backfired and so these guys

Who are hyper you know leaving you know Paranoid believing that everyone's out To get them Thought that there was a gunshot and so They you know they rolled out all their You know trucks and things and Chase Down this crappy you know Poop box of a car Boop box of a car Right and uh And they took the kid out and they beat Him with their guns like they pistol Whipped them you know like And the families too the you know the Mom and can't sue the compound people And they won the compound they took over The land And the settlement because that's all That you know was available And you know I saw a cop commenting About he said you know these hate groups Show up he goes there's like a local cop He's like you know We have to go out there and they always Fight amongst themselves Like they're always we have to go out There and break up fights like Constantly and there's there was a few Groups up there right it's in the you Know panhandle of Idaho but it you know It made sense to me that these people Who are very hateful Are hard to get along with right there's A certain personality type that's Attracted to that and you know in the

Truth Community we're right a lot But that's about it like as a group you Can see in the comments and there's some Nice people they're good people whatever But in the comments you see there's Always Wars and you know there's just Difficulties between Uh people right and just there's always Going to be stuff like that And you know there is you know so uh There's certain personality types that Are attracted to You know anti-establishment type of Mentality And you know these hate groups Specifically These are hateful people that are just You know miserable and blaming everyone Else for their miseries and so they're Not likable and most people who have Relatives who are part of this or you Know they just uh It's not a good way to live and I've Talked about hate when you have hate in Your inside your system It hurts you And maybe you express it towards other People at some point Whatever it is I mean certainly you are But that you know is I mean the way the Laws are and the way that everything Works and you know those people are Usually end up in an institution in one

Way or another after you know whatever It is some period of time and once you Go over towards the hateful side of Things You're you know it's really bad for you Like hate feels bad Resentment feels bad anger and you know Constant anger and fear feels bad Fear and anger in the right you know Fear and anger are like more natural In the right of instances they could be Motivators and help you change and grow Or you know just survive And so you know whatever it might be In like the right circumstances but you Know hate and resentment and these Negative things victim Consciousness Where you just dwell and you feel like You've been victimized I mean groups That have victim Consciousness just suck When victim Consciousness becomes a a Tenant you know a building block of a a Group uh you know uh either a you know Religion or an ethnic group or whatever And so many people have victim Consciousness and all these things and Are hyper offended all the time And people are tired of it we're just Tired of hearing your you know how Everyone's out to get you and they say That about us in the truce Community Like they say we're paranoid and so you Know this thing with the ADL we saw it With Kyrie Irving and it backfired

Tremendously when Kyrie Irving posted Something on social media and he didn't You know say anything that was Anti-semitic he just posted a video That they were saying was anti-semitic You know I watched a little video the Video sucked and I could understand why The ADL and Jewish people might think It's anti-semitic or it's you know it's Negative towards their belief system but The way they handled that just backfired Because Kyrie Irving didn't say anything about What he believed in the video that he Agreed 100 with everything that was in It and Amazon still has it up and They're not doing anything about that so It's it was like you know going after a Celebrity but not going after the Platform that posted the video And the videos I think still up on Amazon and it brought attention to the Video like I would have never watched That video Otherwise you know and I scan through as A bad video it's like you know not it Was poor quality but it's become Something where it's a you know a boy Who cried wolf type of situation Where the majority of people are like You just stopped complaining you stopped You know talking about how you're you Know whatever And all these other groups have adopted

These principles of victim Consciousness And Talking about offended being offended And trying to cancel people and shut People down and all these other things And it's bad like it's you know it's Having an opposite effect You know at some point you know when You're like have a bad husband or a bad Wife it happens more with a bad husband And a woman just complains about her Husband and that's all she talks about Right and at first they get sympathy but After a while you're like well like You're you're just unpleasant to be Around I can understand why you know Like they start taking the the abusive Husband's side or whatever because you Just you haven't moved on you know There's a woman um who does a Scishmarger you know did heartfulness or Whatever for years and years uh like I Knew other like I don't think we ever Really talked or anything But uh you know I knew her husband a Little bit more but you know I wasn't Friends with them but they were good Solid practitioners of the system And you know people that were always There And Um the woman Uh was friends with me on Facebook And her daughter died and her daughter

Was in her 20s and her daughter seemed To be like you know someone like a lot Of people loved had a good personality Right and Um I don't I never met her but that's What it seemed like at least that's how This woman was presenting her daughter And she posted pictures of her daughter Almost daily for like two years You know in the beginning there was all This sympathy right all these people Were like oh yes you get lots of likes And she would post quotes from people Who Um just you know talked about how great Her daughter was and post other things Other people posted about it and of Course in the beginning that's part of The grieving process and You know Facebook was you know where People I guess Facebook is morphed and Changed but it was where people were Connecting you know at one point now It's like not like that at all you know But she kept on doing it she'd post Pictures she made the girls uh you know Heard the girl's picture her daughter's Picture her profile picture quite often And you know she Was grieving on Facebook long after Anybody you know was I mean the thumbs Up were dwindling right like I didn't Probably see all the posts I didn't go On Facebook all that much but every time

I was on there It was um Uh Uh you know like uh CPO something about It like years later and nobody was Noticing it right and she just you know Couldn't get over it and I could Understand that like it's you know loss Of a child it's not like it's a you know I mean she's being hostile or something But it's just that people after a while Lose interest in that right there's a Time where you can grieve and you know People will Be sympathetic but you know there's a Time where you just have to go on with Your life at the same time there was a a Guy who was you know who's with charging A lot Um and he was you know Uh kind of a big personality person Somebody I liked but had you know I've Talked about this guy the journey series And he just went like full in against Trump like he would post two or three Things a day On um you know trauma this is a person I Knew and had conversations with and kind Of liked he was a little bit of a wild Card like a loose cannon Um you know I had some issues with them But like mostly I was you know glad there were people Like this that did my meditation because

Most of them just tried to act nice and Spiritual you know like they were more Like you know reserved in this guy just Said what he what he thought but he got Obsessed with Trump and you know I knew He had some mental issues and like he Had sort of a uh some sort of you know Humanity depression kind of thing Uh he had a like a divorce and you know Public divorce he went off with this A young woman a younger woman in India Who I was still married to his his one Wife and the woman developed cancer and You know I uh talked to this woman when We were in India and Um you know she was uh like it was a Weird relationship like he got married To her Like like weeks after he got divorced And then they got divorced like a month Into it you know and this you know just A weird stuff right just kind of Embarrassed himself right Um but he was just obsessed with Trump And he'd post three four things every Time I went on Facebook there was things About him and you know negative things About Trump Um so it's probably 2016 I sat down Friend him because I was like I just you Know Not that I cared but I'm just like dude You gotta move on like I just in this Company I knew like you know most of my

Facebook friends I don't even know Um but he was just He's lost it in some way you know and This is what I'm talking about like at Some point You're talking about other people being The problem You become the problem right you become What everybody focuses on And it happens in life where something Unfair happens to you And you never really Deal with it and then you think you Could do something about it and you Can't And then you Um like you you know you just You're just obsessed with it and like These numbers and collecting all these Hate symbols is like an obsession like They're Obsession especially with hate Towards Jewish people the ADL gets into Other things here but and then they're Constantly accusing people of stuff and That um you know they want to control Your behavior and want you to be Constantly aware that you might be Accused of being anti-semitic and the Net result of that is they might be able To control your behavior but whatever Force is used and there's always Force When you use when you do these types of You know it's like a manipulative Controlling behavior when you try to

Control other people there's always Force There's a there's a counter Force The reaction is always there and so the People might be you know aware of not Saying anything or not wanting to offend People or Jewish people particularly in This case but they resent it they don't Like you they like you even less and They you know they dislike your Controlling behaviors and that's clearly The case right and so that creates hate And that creates you know a backlash And it's clearly there because I see it In the comment section all the time and The Jewish community and ADL and these Groups are saying there's a new uh a new A new like movement towards Anti-Semitism like it's a big thing and They keep on going on shows and talking About it and you know and then there's All these other groups well because Number one the way that you've conducted Yourselves has made it worse like at Some point you got to realize that you Don't accuse people The Jamie Foxx thing You should have let go the Kyrie Irving Thing you should have let go Because now there's division you know There's there's resentment and hostility Between the Jewish and black community And there was this before And it's gotten worse so now that's That's been made worse but the other

Thing is and again I don't know what the Goal is of the ADL like is it to make Money is it to create conflict is it Great division like I don't know but it Seems like the ADL is just hurting Uh you know for average Jewish people Who are just trying to live their lives They're getting you know pushback Because You know there's been this uh you know This behavior from the ADL but in terms Of the other thing is there's so much Division now and you know divisions we Have belief Wars This is the era of the belief Wars right Um and that's um maybe an early entry Into the year of um I forget what the year of this one is Um that's weird I can look it up but uh Maybe the 2024 will be the year of the Belief Wars But like this is where we are where Everyone's just so locked into their Beliefs and there's all this hostility And you know I guess what people think Is that words become actions which is True And actions or actions and you know Thoughts become worse thoughts becomes Words and plans and plans become actions Which you know I believe that that's the Case as well But they're trying to get into people's Belief systems

And change them forcefully and that Never works it's never worked it the Opposite it has the opposite effect People go the opposite direction of the Way that you're trying to uh you know Force them to go sometimes people's Verbalization of things is just a way to Release pressure And like when you get rid of freedom of Speech there's Like a you know like a a pressure cooker Where there's all this steam that builds Up and eventually There's so much steam there has to be a Release valve To get rid of some of the you know the Pressure And otherwise it's going to explode And so when you control things that Contain things the pressure builds up And then eventually it explodes and like This is you know happen historically in Places And you know with specific groups and Demographics of people and now it's Coming around again And you know the best way to deal with It is to change the stuff inside of you You get rid of whatever's inside of you That is attracting this kind of uh Situation you know when you incarnate And this is a good way to look at life Like if you're hyper offended or you Feel

You're a victim because you're born as a Jewish person or a black person or as a Woman or as a gay person or any of these Things or a white person now I mean I Get lots of people who are white feel Like they're being victimized you know All these people And I see the comments all the time and I see that you know the info out there In the and the media and the you know The rest of it but if you come in and You have this idea or you develop this Idea That the circumstances of your birth Were chosen by your soul So whatever you are you're handicapped You're You know you're you're you know you have A you know whatever the color your skin Is whatever the things that you don't Like about yourself or You feel like are being targeted by Other people and you're a victim in some Way childhood abuse even I mean whatever It is That your soul chose this specific uh You know everything in your life was Chosen by your soul and given to you By God In Your Divine support system You have these etheric beings that Around you To help you to get through life and no Matter how traumatic your life or how Difficult you're born into a a war you

Know there's family loss your Sibling dies your parents you use your Parents or you know you people have Horrible lives Right and that's that's there But if you can look at it like your soul Chose this stuff for you to go through Like whatever like you go through a Video game And there are difficult levels in that Video game challenges And your soul is operating your You know you as a person and your ego Develops and gets in the way right you Start you know Being disconnected from your true Purpose and you're what you are truly Which is a a spiritual being and your Spiritual being Isn't affected or you know shouldn't be Affected by Your soul shouldn't be affected by the Trauma and things you go through because Your soul is you know a I mean there's There's nothing to your soul doesn't Feel pain in that way right your soul Feels a longing to go back to the Creator the pain of love You know the pain of Love is separation And that's where you feel something on a Soul level When you lose a loved one you feel the You know the the pain of separation And that can be felt at a soul level but

You know most of the rest of the things You feel anger and hatred and fear and Envy and you know I mean any number of Lower level emotions those are physical Things that are to do with your body and Your your body Consciousness and your Ego But your soul feels things compassion When you feel something in your heart Like a deeper level feeling Compassion empathy these things that's a You know things that are uh connected to Love that are feelings of love In one way or another And your soul doesn't you know feel Trauma the way that you do and doesn't Feel You know all the pain and suffering that You feel even on a physical level Those things are you know your soul Doesn't feel those things those are Things that you have to endure and go Through to get to the pure feelings of Your soul So getting back to the original Point Here though That your soul chooses what's going on Your life and whether it's unfair or not Whether it seems like it's just um you Know overwhelming and too much for you To bear or whatever if you Get to that place where you're like I'm Experiencing this I chose this This isn't I'm not a victim this is

Something my soul wants me to experience If you get to that place Then it changes everything in terms of Your uh your processing what's going on In your life that you're this is part of Your experience that God has given this To you for your reason this is you know There is a it's just not random it's Just not evil it's like there's Something here And that's you know lacking very much in The truce Community everywhere but you Know the truth community Uh like I was saying earlier in the First voiceover When you understand that by you know by The selfish way that people behave that They will you know what will they do to Save themselves and their family you see Movies like this where people learn to Turn back time or you know back to Superman The original Superman movie with um Whatever that guy is it got paralyzed Christopher Reeves And Lois Lane dies so he flies around The world and reverses the the spin of The earth and turns back time so he can Save his you know his Beloved Lois Lane you know that's you Can't do that right you can't go back in Time and fix things Things have happened for a reason And you know my wife and I were watching

We watch this show maybe uh like last Week I guess it was last week the Lazarus Project You know there's been three uh now three Good shows we've watched that were on Time travel maybe four And one of them wasn't uh The Time Traveler's Wife that sucked but there Was interesting things about time travel And in the Lazarus Project there's They've saved the world a number of Times yet every time they saved the World Something else happens Um And there's one you know disgruntled guy I don't want to get into the spoiler Alert stuff that says you know maybe the World wants to end right And you know this is what happens if you Change The fate of something it's just going to Manifest in a different way You can you know change something or you Can get rid of something that was Supposed to happen but it's going to Happen anyway It's just a matter of time you can delay Things And to my understanding The uh nuclear war that we were Slated to have and we're going to have In the future what's supposed to happen In either the 70s or the 80s

But it was avoided for Spiritual reasons Like there's spiritual intervention To give people more time to get their Poop together which hasn't happened And so you can't avoid things right but If you you know You can change the way that you go Through something And that's why I always talk about being Grateful you have to work towards Gratitude and it's hard it's not like I'm some expert on it you know we all Have to do that work it's all unpleasant It's very easy to feel like a victim to Be mad to be mad at God I mean Ultimately people get mad at God Or the powers that be you know there's Just this Obsession in the truth Community with these so-called Controllers now I get into that Tomorrow with the whole thing with Hawaii on my other channel The uh you know Apocalypse Now Channel I Got a whole thing to do about that Um you know so there's just that right There's just this idea that people are Running things and that there isn't some Divine force and there isn't a plan and You know these people running the system But if you believe in God there's lots Of people in truth Community claim to Believe in God And yet you still believe that the Controllers control everything

It's giving them you know way more power Than they actually have And you see that all the time they have Plans that don't work they have you know Things that they try to you know execute And they don't they don't pan out the Way they wanted it to because they're Subject to the same laws no matter how Much money power you have or how much Governmental power you have or how much Religious power you have You can't prevent things from happening Including death And we're all in that process we're all In the dying process And so all this stuff to do with victim Consciousness all this stuff to do with Being offended all this stuff with Finger-pointing about how bad everyone Else is You know is a is a lie Because things are happening exactly the Way they should And there are consequences for living Living collectively in the wrong way or A dysfunctional system That's imploding on us and we've all Engaged in those things And we have to take our lumps take our Medicine Just because that's you know what we're Supposed to do And the way to do that is to understand That these are all things are being done

For our good For our Collective Evolution And the stuff that we have to go through And the the Boop we have to eat in life In the the difficulties we have to deal With are there to You know free us from our own illusion Of ourselves and illusions of grandeur Or narcissism and things And to understand that you know we're Not The only ones like you know we're not The you know everyone else has their own You know we're not the The Chosen One Personally right Or the chosen ones like we're not that There is no chosen ones We're all uh you know we're all here Trying to working towards uh you know Our Soul's path at least we should be A lot of people are and the majority of People aren't and that's why The systems imploding in front of us And so we'd all suffer when the system Implodes we're all going to suffer It's going to be worse than it is now Our lifestyle is not going to be as good And our you know privileges will Disappear And that's just what it is there's no Stopping that and you know but there's Truth in it right there's truth in You know this system collapsing I mean It's a deceptive system that's coming

Down And then we have to deal with the Aftermath and that's just for all of us But everyone trying to you know Push their agenda in a manipulative way And all this victim Consciousness is you Know the wrong way to go about it only Spirituality will save this world is Paravato definitely pointing to the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day And be grateful

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