This is my time + Truther YouTube recommends

This is my time + Truther YouTube recommends

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I Just did the parts of the video you're About to see the next I don't know 30 Minutes or so and my wife and I went out We're talking about this a little bit And you know I realized something that Um is important to say you know my time Is now pockets of the future time is now In terms of this is my peak time like This is when people are realizing the Systems going to collapse right and You're going to have this election and There's going to be an outcome and Things are immediately going to get Worse I mean 2025 rolls around things are going to Get worse and you're going to see it There's going to be more and more Intensity and less and less you know People believing that the system can be Saved and you know that's what I've been Saying for years and so it's a part of What I do here the whole idea of pockets Of the future and so if there's ever a Time that My channel is relevant it's this next Phase right it's you know going to be More and more relevant as time goes on And more and more people who realize That they can't save the system that There's no chance of saving the system Then there's this here right because I Know about this I've talked about this For years I understand about this I

Understand the you know what it means And why it's happening and from a Spiritual perspective I don't think Anybody else in the truth TR Community Is talking about this unless they've you Know been affected by my message for Years but if there's a time where I'm Going to be validated and that's not Really all that important because me Being validated means that the system's Collapsing right and so it's not like me Being validated as important you know This is my time right this you know Talking about YouTube and all the things I'm going on with YouTube if there's Ever a chance that my channel can be Utilized and people can benefit from it It's when the things that I've been Saying for years are going to happen Happen and the preparation that people Need and the feelings that they have and What they're going through and I can Address all those things which many of You guys know and so my channel is like This is the Pinnacle time for my channel Right I mean in terms of all the things That pocket of future represent right The pre-apocalypse during the apocalypse Type of preparation so one can you know Gra graduate over to the other side and Make the adjustments and changes they Need to endure this time period And so Um I want to talk about that more in Other videos as well but you know I mean

In terms of all the struggles I'm having Now financially with YouTube and YouTube's policies you know my channel Like this is when it's relevant this is The time that my channel has more Valuable than other times right so um I'm going to get into that more as we go Through this I'm going to talk about Some some other things and the truthers That YouTube likes and recommends and Things and some of these other things You know there's a distinction between Recommending um which I'll talk about And being notified like if you subscribe To a channel they might notify you but In terms of the videos that get Recommended in your sidebar and get Recommended in your searches there are Channels that don't get recommended in Videos that they'll never recommend Because you know they're Shadow Banning Even though they say they're not right And so that's what that means but Anyways let's get into the other stuff Here but there's one more thing I had to Say so my wife was saying you you used To um say Please Subscribe and uh hit The like button and I don't like saying That you know I don't like tell people What to do or whatever but I'm going to Remind people if you want to see this Channel continue or you want to help This channel continue certainly there's A membership program and people are

Making you know onetime donations as Well that's very helpful and I'm you Grateful for those but also just Subscribing making sure you're Subscribed and hitting the like button Every time when you watch a video just Because it helps the algorithms it helps People you know I mean again YouTube's Still going to you know do what they're Going to do but you know I mean at least In terms of just intention alone and so Doing those things making those small Efforts I mean not only for my channel But any channel make sure to hit your Like button and you subscribe and make Sure you you stay subscribed you are um You know saying to YouTube they're Gathering data that you like this Channel this channel has value or Whatever else right and so um you know I Got to you know it sucks for me to Remind people all the time but you know It's what needs to happen at this Particular time anyway all right so Let's get into the other stuff Here um greetings brothers and sisters So we got a bunch of normal stuff to get To just briefly want to talk About um the YouTube thing I have no uh Interactions with YouTube itself but There's a part of it I didn't talk about And that's YouTube and Google and Amazon And uh uh Disney and all these Companies are broke right they're

They're hemorrhaging money and they're Laying off employees and just across the Economy the econom is way worse than They're Saying because well let's just you know Look at this here so this is from Forbes If you thought your job search was Rigged against You uh here's why you're not wrong and The first part here is um posting fake Job listings there are a number of Reasons why job applicants will see a Job uh will see online job postings for Positions that companies are not Actually hiring for for example when There are layoffs or if it's challenging Economic climate some businesses will Post fake jobs to create the illusion That the company is doing well and Growing while the role may be real the Company doesn't have any intention of Hiring s for that Position often jobs are posted on a Company's career website and scrapped by Job aggregation sites as time goes up by The human resources person forgets about The listing and it remains online if It's still available much to the of the Job Seekers who never hear back from Their resume Submissions um there was originally my Wife had sent me this and somehow I Didn't get the link um but it was Another article about the same thing and

And part of it is they don't want their Employees to Panic because the employees are thinking They're going to get um you know uh laid Off and so what they'll do is they'll Post job listings to make it look like They're hiring and that way the Employees were like oh we're not we're Not being laid off they're actually Hiring people and so You know this is I mean happening all The time now right and so YouTube is Amongst money companies that are laying Off Google YouTube um that are laying off all these You know people of course we know about Um let's just go through the the Articles here um Google lays off Hundreds of core employees moves some Positions to India and Mexico so that Happened this year there's other Articles here uh Google lays off core Employees Google lay off time com Restructuring more layoffs Google costs At least 100 jobs cross2 layoffs Here Washington Post YouTube blazs off 43 unionized Goble Contractors list of major US companies Slashing staff this year from Tesla to Lucid motives to Google and Apple Um of course we know about Disney's Iger Reveals 7,000 layoffs and restructuring Move so you have all these companies um You know like you could go to all these

Layoffs that are Happening everywhere um big layoffs that Are happening in all these you know Companies that were supposed to be very Stable and are um you know a part of the The the be system right these are Big Time names of companies that are you Know the A-list companies so one more Thing before I um move on here here's The US national dead clock and the last Time I looked at it was at like 31 maybe 32 it's gone up two3 trillion dollar Since the last time I've looked at it And I look at it fairly Frequently um since uh it was I think at $9 trillion so it's tripled since I First started looking at this back back In 2012 13 14 or whatever it is um some Of my old screenshots of this thing but The reality is that every three minutes Every minute there's three trillion Dollars more added to the a million Dollars add to the national debt now in Terms of the US um tax revenue it Usually was around 3.1 3.2 3.4 it' go up A little bit but now all of a sudden It's taking a huge jump to almost 5 Trillion so that's the American budget But we always are spending more money Than we are bringing in so this is the Tax revenues but still the debt is being Added to we have the um us total debt Which is over $100 trillion here and Then the derivatives Market out down

Here which is at $600 trillion and just All this debt right here and then these Are the unfunded liabilities 26 trillion Dollar for Social Security which is Screwed and uh Medicare is $41 Trillion and the total us Underfunded liabilities these are things That aren't part of the budget that America owes is at $216 trillion right So crazy amounts of debt like you can't Even comprehend the I mean where are you Going to get $216 trillion where you Going to get $34 trillion right when You're this is your income how are you Going to pay off this if your income is $4 trillion how are you going to pay off $34 trillion when the debt keeps on Accumulating and so you know it's just Not possible and so this became apparent You know in the election the last Election I said whoever was going to win That election was going to be in charge Of the Looting of what was left of the American Wealth you know they're going To break America up like a corporation Like a hostile take over and you see the Where the payouts and the bailouts and The stuff has gone to they're just going To take whatever wealth was left because America can't afford to pay its bills Right America can't pay its Social Security can't pay its Medicaid can't Pay any of these things we're living Above our means right we have a you know

Uh whatever the amount of budget is and We don't have enough money to pay it Right all the money that we bring in in Terms of the tax revenue is already Spoken for and then the the interest on The debt keeps Accumulating and so America is Completely effed you know we've known This for a while and you know when the Bailouts happened some under Trump and Some them under Biden when the economy Was shut down and the bailout happened It was around 122 trillion they added to The debt without adding it like it Didn't do right into the debt it's still Matriculating in but they had these ma Massive b b outs and I knew that the Dollar was then worth you know was the Inflation was going to double or triple When you went to the store you're going To pay triple or you know quadruple what You're used to pay right like things Would be like you know things that used To be $5 would be $20 and so you know gallon of gas would Be you know like $15 or something I mean That's where we're at and that's where We should be at but they've done things To keep the the economy from from us Experiencing the true nature of Inflation but printing all that money in The bailouts and just you know the Closing of the economy was devastating To the American economy and there's no

Recovery but every election year they Try to make it look like it's better Than it is the income at president the Policies the powers that be you know It's just they fudge the numbers when They all know that the inflation's way Worse than it is they've kept go gold Prices down they've raised the interest Rates to keep real estate prices down Because that's where you see the Inflation in its full form you know when A ounce of gold is $6,000 and used to be $2,000 you know that the dollar has Tanked right so they've purposely Manipulated these prices to keep them From being what they truly are and so You'll see in the election year they'll Pretend that the economy is better than It is you know the city president and Then after the election there'll be an Economic hit it happens all the time it Happens every year after December you Know December's the big you know money Spending uh month you know Christmas you Know up until December and then the New Year happens you know YouTube all the ad Buys are gone and you know there's no ad Revenue and so um yeah so all those Things but that's what we're looking at Right the economy is really bad right Now and people are feeling it right you Know some people feeling it more blue States are feeling it uh really you know Places with big cities people are moving

Away from these places and money is Leaving States like New York and California people with money so all These things right so this is something You got to take in consideration when We're talking about you know all of it All the things that I've been talking About here okay so let's move to the Next thing and so there's a piece to This that you know I I haven't included As much as I should have The whole thing with YouTube and all of These platforms you see it on Twitter Obviously I mean that's hemorrhaging Money because of AD Revenue loss and They don't want to make as big a deal About these other platforms some of it Has to do with the kids going to Tik Tok And some of these other you know Whatever it is and there's a lot more Video platforms out there and young People are not into YouTube like young People don't watch YouTube like previous Generations but part of it is that the Economic climate is so bad right now and That you know I was talking about the uh Jeff fan Gundy Mark Jackson getting Fired by ESPN remember ESPN which is Part of Disney has massive layoffs in my Last video on my apocalyse now channel I Talked about this again Jeff Van Gundy Was a Former coach and he is one of his Players Mark Jackson who is a former

Coach and a player and they had good Banter right and they they both um Jeff Angy was a coach for New York Knicks and Um Mark Jackson was a player and Mike Breen who was the play-by-play guy was The standard and best um you know sort Of announcer Emmy winning announcer Right so he worked for ABC Disney but he Also was the announcer for the New York Knicks and they were like the best in The business like those of us who watch Sports just saw them if you know Experien their they were entertaining They were funny and they added to the Show like you know Sports is a show and The announcer is there to help you know Promote the show and you know Jeff Van Gundy was off often sort of sort of kind Of a basketball conspiracy theorist and He'd come up with these theories and you Know it was it was it was well you know They were just great and so when ABC Disney laid off Mark Jackson and Jeff Van gundi it was kind of a shock right It was kind of like um we didn't no one Saw that coming because they were the Best broadcasting team they were making $2 million a year and they replac them With uh Doc Rivers who was a guy with a Very horar voice I mean is everyone kind Of mocks his voice and it just gets Worse he's a coach that it would just Get worse as by the end of the game he Couldn't speak at all and he isn't funny

Like he the opposite of funny and Doris Burke who is like watching you you know A basketball game and have your mom tell You what's going on or your grandmother Or something and she um isn't funny Either and Doc Rivers ended up getting Hire so they brought in JJ reic who is Good at his like he does a podcast but He sucks at announcing and he's you know Not funny like the other guys are and he Started copying Doris Burke and we's Ways and just the way that you know the Whole thing and so Jeff F Gundy didn't Talk about it but he was recently Interviewed and he talked about how his Son went to college and that his um his Uh someone like his sister-in-law Someone in his family committed suicide Died and then his best friend died of Cancer so like this is part of what's Happening right this is a two-part thing Where there's turbo cancer and people Are you know dying and people are Getting depressed and know there's like All these psychological issues postco And the shutdown and just everything That's happening Pre-apocalypse but then his brother Stan Van gandi came on and was interviewed Like a week earlier and he um was asked About he said that ESPN crapped all over Him he uses he used the s word he said That um they waited till all the Coaching jobs were filled and then fired

Him and then delayed a contract Negotiation so he was freed up to go Work somewhere else they fired him but They kept him under contract so he Couldn't seek other jobs and so Jeff Jeff vany just got a job as the chief Assistant coach of the Los Angeles Clippers right so he's you know he's Found work but this is a year later like The the year after they screwed him over I watched those videos um a video of Stephen A Smith talking about it came up Because Stephen A Smith is the sort of Center of ESPN Disney and you know Stephen A spith said that he was um Hesitant to get the Boop but didn't want To lose out his $8 million and they made It mandatory right Disney was the worst Of course Disney's got into it with Elon Musk but Stephen A Smith you know kind Of eluded to the conversation with these Conversations that the Van Gundy had and He said that you know he missed Jeffy Van Gundy and Mark Jackson he said that They were the best you know they just a Great team and he said that you know With people to under understand the Massive layoffs that have happened at ESPN and I you know was thinking about That in terms of the YouTube thing that These businesses are not doing very well And I just don't think you you YouTube Has you know these all these businesses Across the board like they're all laying

Off like all these businesses are Suffering and the layoffs and cuts are a Part of financial issues that they're Having and a lack of usage a lack of Customers a lack of AD Revenue right I That's what this is all about because They're all competing you know they're All in the commercial games right ESP And Disney you know Disney has Marvel Movies which are tanking because you Know some of this has to do with the Cultural aspects of things right where Right-wing people are starting to you Know maybe not boycott but just not Watch things they used to watch because Of the cultural issues and the you know There's a divide now and we saw it with Bud Light with a boycott but we see it Now with these other companies like Right-wing people are not as big on Going to Disney World for example and Watching some of these Sports because of The the leftwing agenda that's being Pushed and some of these other things a Division within the country and just People have less money like people are You know because of the inflation people Have less money to spend and there's Less money for these businesses so There's Less ad Revenue but ESPN and YouTube and you know all these platforms All are you know they have ad money Right they're even even in an election Year there's Less ad revenue and less

Memberships people are canceling Memberships and things like this and so All these companies are suffering Because of this right because of this Process and YouTube's a big part of that Because Google and and YouTube are are Not doing very well financially and They're you know they're not admitting To it but they are by laying people off And some of the other decisions they've Made and you know they're losing to Tik Tok and all these other things like There's another platform that's on the Rise and there's you know when that Happens it's like Myspace in Facebook Right and so the new the new you know The new IT thing I mean these platforms Come and go and we've seen it over the Years like the younger generation Doesn't like the same media platforms Their parents do and so they go on these Other you know these other social media Platforms and things like this and That's happening and so there isn't Money available there's not they're not Able to pay us as creators like they Used to and they're doing something Different financially to restructure it So they can you know turn a profit but You know they're pissing everybody off And creators are leaving or making less Content you know and this isn't just Truthers but of course truthers are Always going to be on first right

They're always going to deprive truthers First and foremost you know CU they're Undesirable to the platform but they are Desirable because people want to watch Truth or videos And so they're caught between you know Sila and caribous Right a rock in a hard place um with s Is a sea monster and caribous it's a Whirlpool but anyways you know the Greek Mythology or whatever it was and so um I Just recently heard that and I Remembered it when I was a kid you know When I was in school but anyways um you Know this is what's happening and so This is a dying platform YouTube is a Dying platform is dying for it's always Been Topheavy and because of the censorship Because of the Restriction because of The political division because of all These things and so there just isn't as Much ad revenue and people don't have as Much money so it's like you know I mean In terms of going to a a membership type Situation because like if you watch you Know five different truthers or whatever It is like you you're going to be able To pay a subscription base to each one Right so it becomes something like this Um and then it becomes like a Competitive type thing which is you know Undesirable and so this is the internet Right now because this is the economy

And it's something we all have to you Know think about and deal with and I'm Going to have to you know uh I mean it's Something personally that I'm going to Be thinking about and you I have more Time now cuz I'm making less content on My backup jail and so um you know that's The YouTube piece so uh there's one more Thing I want to show you about YouTube YouTube and it's the kind of Truth or Let me go to that here so Um I wanted to show you this so this is The Ruben report now I saw this guy Interviewed um you know uh uh RFK junr He's a fan of Arc Jr I don't know what He is now um but this guy is what YouTube will allow to be sort of Alternative media this is what YouTube Think is a quality truther cuz YouTube Rec reced this video YouTube won't Recommend real truther stuff and no Matter how much you watch you know Occasionally I don't know maybe I don't Know it's you guys all have your own uh Experience with the YouTube feed but I Never get recommended real truth or Stuff and have it in years and even when I search for it they won't show it to me But this guy they recommend it to me and He has 2.3 million subscribers so he's got 2002 Million subscribers this has 217 views They'll also recommend Joe Rogan so they Know there are people out there that

Want truth or stuff but this is the Stuff they're willing to put out there And it's very remedial you know you can Call a truth or stuff but really it's Not um so they're talking about Trump With uh Joe Rogan's talking about uh Trump with Tim Dylan why would I imagine that they Would manipulate Everything openly except the election Tim Dylan comedian Tim Dylan was on Joe Rogan so you know That's again not a huge take right like That's you know barely truth or 101 U because you know not understanding Well I'm gonna get into the Trump stuff First let me just this guy's a Trumper Show and he was talking about how Trump's gonna beat Biden from jail Definitely think there's a little bit of That going on I don't think that's Trump Will beat him I think from jail yeah 100% Trump will win yeah but I don't Know if it's real yeah I don't know it's Not none of it's real and I talked about This you know deeper levels all life on On planet Earth is an illusion the third Dimensional reality is illusion so like Everything isn't real but certainly all This stuff to do with the election and Everything in mainstream media and I'm Including Joe Rogan and these guys here No I mean look I don't want to cry Election fraud this is what I you know

What I'm saying but this is what I'm Saying to you is it not possible that They haven't gone off Joe Biden because There was Some in the last election it's just you Know this is not truth or stuff right Well is it not possible to but I want to Get to the part where this guy talks Here this is the part because this is It's about his show but this guy saying This Here A name for asking it's worth asking All of these questions right putting Aside election fraud and everything else Why is the system running cover right Now for a man we all know who has Dementia who the corruption around him Stinks to high hell we see now I mean We've shown you in the last 45 minutes We've shown you plenty of the evidence Of how they've Run cover you know the System the people control the system and The system itself could at any time they Want get rid of trump I've said this Over and over again remember when they Canceled them across all social media Platforms and Trump built his own stupid Platform which I said he should have Done a long time ago but then they gave Him back his platforms now but even Without that you know they can make you Disappear no matter who you are I mean They can certainly kill you but they Don't even have to do that right and so

They've done everything but that the Leftwing and the Democrats the leftwing Media MSNBC CNN and the Democrats talk About Trump more than anything else That's all they do is talk about Trump Why would they do that if they if They're scared of trump why would they Embolden him because the way the Division has gone and they've pushed for Division it's their division they've Wanted to divide people but the way that The division has gone the way that They've divided People Is for their benefit right because of Divide and conquer and so they they're Not scared of the dividing people Because that's all they ever do right And because of this division when MSNBC Or fox or the Democrats talk about Something they don't like what's the Immediate reaction of the right-wing and Everybody else oh that's you know if They attack somebody if the mainstream Media attacks somebody what do the Republican right-wing especially Right-wing truthers do well they say oh You're attacking this guy he's our hero Right I mean look at it look at how There's a guy you know fouchy for Example how many people knew about Fouchi before Co how many people had an Opinion about fouchy before Co right and So the Democrats said oh fouchy is great

And the Republicans say oh this guy's Evil right this is how it always goes The if a Republicans like somebody the Democrats demonize them if Fox News is Promoting somebody the Democrats Immediately dislike him that's how you Know who to like or who to dislike who's On your side who's not because of who Embrace Him uh who what WS side Embraces Somebody and you know this is how it is With Trump and so when the when the when The so-called mainstream media talks About Trump and negative way about Trump And they you know prosecute Trump and They Trump Trump trump Trump trump it Makes Trump's support go up right so They want Trump's support to go up they Want people to support Trump they're Pushing that by that's how they do it Like when every time they talk about Trump I mean who who uses uh Morning Joe Clips and CNN clips about Trump the Trumpers right they show you what They're saying about Trump and they show What the Democrats are saying about Trump right and Trump's support goes up Every time Trump is uh attacked by the Media every time Trump gets convicted of Something or goes on trial his support Goes up because if those guys who suck And who you hate Are after Trump and Trump they must be scared of trump so That's the stupidest take ever this

Guy's supposed to be a truther right This is what YouTube will allow you know Right-wing truth that's sucks and is Stupid and you know people who can't um Differentiate between I mean can't see Below the game itself right like they're Provoking the mob Trump's mob Trump's Support system and even if you start to See through Trump and you dislike to Trump if you dislike Trump and you Realize Trump socks he's part of it when The left attacks him you're like well He's still better than Biden or whatever It is right like this is the remedial Minds and the remedial approach to this Thing because they love Trump trump is Their asset you know margerie tayor Green is their asset AOC and Biden are Republican assets because they give you Uh energy into your Sy into your base Into your movement your enemies give you The energy Because people rally against Biden They'll rally against AOC they'll rally Against CNN and MSNBC you know it gives them energy it Gives them anger it gives them fear it Gives them all the things they need to To motivate people to vote and not only Vote but support them and watch them and All these things right but Trump is at The center of everything it's not about Biden it's never been about Biden Biden Is a you know the guy they pick to be

Trump because he was the guy that they Thought could most likely beat Trump Because Biden was a Centrist and some of The Republicans liked him you know when He ran for president but Biden isn't you Know isn't a Biden time isn't a Biden Pres presidency Trump has been the Dominant figure because they made him That and when Trump was President they Pushed more of their liberal agenda and They pushed more of their social agenda Than ever before certainly more than When Obama or uh Biden were president And so this is a stupid take right this Guy isn't a truther but YouTube Recommend this guy because this is the Kind of stuff they're willing to show You like the stuff that's you know like Almost like kind of like truth or stuff But you know it's just stupid stuff Right if you can't see past the fact That Trump is their guy they talk about Trump more than anything Trump is their God right he's their demigod he's their You know it's like some people are Obsessed with the devil they're obsessed With Trump like all they do is has ever T Jimmy Kimmel brought a you know a porn Star that Trump banged on his show and He brought a tray full of mushrooms out To see what Trump's manhood you his Member looked Like um like that's how much they're Obsessed with it like Jimmy Kimmel wants

To know what Trump's uh you know Trump's Johnson looks like Right like that's how much they're into The guy that's all they ever talk about Like the center of all their doings and They can't they don't have an agenda Without him and so Trump is their guy He's their asset they could have killed Him they could have locked him up in Prison they can do these things anytime They want the system is completely Rigged and Trump has done things Trump Has done criminal things his whole Existence Trump has pushed for you know He breaks the rules he pushes the rules You know just like all these people do It's like when they locked Mar Marthur Stewart up right why' they do that why They lock Martha stor up and not other People why they lock Bernie maid off up And not other people right like when They lock somebody up there's a reason For it somebody's in the club you know Why they kill Jeffrey Epstein like why Was you know Jeffrey upstein was given All these privileges he didn't even you He was convicted of something and he did His like basically no real prison time And he was like you know under house Arrest he was convicted of this stuff And then it came back around and they Killed him you know they supported him They loved the guy they you know they Protected him until they couldn't and

Then they threw him on under the bus but They disappeared the guy you hear him Talking did they you know did they talk About Jeffrey hste no not like they talk About Trump you know so like this is It's just a silly remedial take that Somehow Trump and the election are you Know like there's an outcome where Trump Wins and somehow better for everybody There's no difference like they're both You know they're both cancers they're Both poison they're both bad guys and Neither one is running anything neither One is a legitimate leader they're both Puppets but when Trump was President There was a liberal Uprising there was a BLM and there was the antifa movement And all the other things that went with It there was the the switch of genders You know the idea all this gender stuff Was pushed through all that stuff Happened all that liberal movement all The censorship that happened on social Media all that stuff happened under Trump you know the fake news narrative All these things right all of this stuff Happened when Trump was President they Grabbed more power the left did when Trump was President than they ever could Under multiple democratic presidents so Why does YouTube recommend this guy this Guy's got million of subscribers he Obviously sucks you know I saw a little Bit the RFK

Interview I don't remember that one Because this guy I think was worse as an Interviewer he has remedial Concepts Just like Joe Rogan like Joe Rogan has Some you know stuff about Co and the Bloop and things like this Joe Rogan has Some truther stuff like he was at least Talking about the bloop and all that Stuff right but in ter terms of you know These people that YouTube will recommend It's because they're controlled and they Want people who are a part of the Left Right Paradigm they don't want people Saying they're both ruged they're both Owned they're both controlled because Then you won't vote then you won't Participate right then you'll move Beyond you know most of the energy That's in the news is centered around The the Left Right debate and the Division within our country if you watch Any news program any mainstream national News program it's debating you know it's Demonizing one side and saying well We're the good guys and we got to stop These bad guys that's the message they Want to get out the whole QB thing why Do you think the QB they you they YouTube used to recommend huon videos Why would they do that I me they Wouldn't recommend my videos like this Was years ago like they put this up on Um I'm talking about YouTube has a you Know the the YouTube page where they

Have their trending videos and they put Um you know this April is June was some QB that was kind of a nightmare and they Put up an Alex Jones video within the Same week and I'm like this is weird They put it on trending and I'm like why Are they putting QQ andon I barely knew What qanon was and I looked into it I'm Like oh my God this is a nightmare and YouTube was recommending it YouTube was Recommending qinon videos when qon was Just becoming a thing because they were You know they want that kind of stuff That's what the powers of beat do they Want the the stuff that's going to Divide people they want the stupid stuff They don't want stuff that's like you Know thoughtful and and they want Sensationalistic things that divide People you know the stuff that they say They're most against is the stuff They'll promote but if you do something Where you're reasonable and you're you Know practical and you're not calling For revolution you're not calling for You know misbehaving like breaking the Law because it's pointless because the System's rigged and there's nothing we Can do about stopping its collapse it's Not just that it's rigged it's Collapsing and there's nothing we can do About it so why you know why make more Chaos why expedite the process right you Know they want to expedite the process

Because there's no money left like they Can't pay you what they promised you the American promise has been broken the American promised to you I've said this Years and years ago there was a time When your ancestors my ancestors lived In tribal Village type of situations and They had all these skills and it's like Three four five generations ago Depending on you know the people and all Of our ancestors were farmers and Hunters and you know they could do all Kinds of things it's something that I Learned when I started a homestead how Much you know we look down on Farmers Like we look down at people who grow Food we do look at it as dirty work you Know people who pick fruit you know Laborers these people of and immigrants Like whatever it is right migrants these Migrant workers that will go do the hard Jobs that Americans you know people Don't want to do but we look at it as You know being dirty and and not a smart You know you're not smart if you're a Farmer you're not smart if you're you Know growing food you're homesteading But I realized when I started a Homestead years ago you know back in 2004 five or whatever my first reaction Was wow you're much more of a complete Person when you do this type of work Because what they said to you what they Said to our ancestors were look you're

Toiling with all this food and there's Always going to be you know the Irish Potato Famine there's always going to be Poverty and things like this and when You're working with nature nature is Always throwing curveballs at you and Sometimes you think you have food and You know you're going to go uh you know Kill one of your cows or something You're going to slide one of your cows And a wolf gets it right or it just dies Or some weird thing it's hit by Lightning who knows what it is or you Think you have a crop you have a big Crop of cabbage out there big crop of Your Gardens going well and there's a Drought or there's like intense heat or You know there's a freeze or some you Know nature just throws a curveball and You don't get that food it was just you Were just about to harvest it right I Mean I watch these guys who who are um Grass farmers who cut their grass for Hay you I've noticed this for years and You I've talked to them about it I know People who you know are pasture farmers And they have to Hay these fields and They have all this equipment they've Paid for you know it's they they're in Debt because they have all these you Know these uh instruments they have a You know something that cuts the grass And they have a hay baler and they have All these things right and there's guys

Who go to people's pastures who don't Have the equipment like we have a Pasture and we could you know have some Guy come and he'll do the hay like he'll Hay the field and we'll take half the Bales and he'll take half of them or Something like that right cuz we don't Have the equipment so he's you know and He's have to pay off that equipment and So they wait they have to cut the grass And the grass has to be cured it has to Be you know the sun has to turn it into Hay so it's grass and they have a Spreader that they go through and they Spread the the grass flip it over so all Of it gets cured properly and the Sun Hits it and then they have to bail it After that's happened so they need to Cut the grass they need to couple of Days where the sun's out you know Preferably you know completely out but Now with the Chemtrails it's always a You know iffy and then they have to then They have to bring it in and they have To bail it and then they have to get it Into the barn all before it rains so They me might need a week or so and you Know they have all these fields they Have to Hay they have their own fields And then people's fields that they you Know they're they're hanging for and so They need a couple weeks and no rain in The summer you know the First Cut Is In Spring it's it's always iffy because

It's always raining a lot it just takes A little bit of rain to wreck the hay Because if you pack the hay when it's Wet it gets moldy right obviously so It's in the bail and it's got this mold On it and the mold isn't good for I mean It'll kill your horses and and it's not Great for your cows and so you know the Hay will go bad and you you want it to Be up for the whole winter and so that's How nature works right nature is always You know you're as a farmer you're Always trying to read nature and you Know try to you know pick the right time And you know all these things and we Have fruit trees and every year we have A late Frost and we have all these fruit Blossoms and then all of a sudden out of Nowhere there's a late Frost and it's Like oh what happened right you know Well you had a late Frost and all the Blossoms get killed and you don't have Any fruit because the flowers the Blossoms become the apple and become the Pear and become the peach or whatever And so when you're a farmer that's what You deal with and so the promise was hey You guys You guys are toiling for years and you Know there's always going to be Hardships and they could do it when There's a hardship right and you know The depression all these things and so They say leave your skills behind leave

All these complicated things you have to Deal with on a regular basis and work a Job get a specialized skill and you be a Cog in the wheel and you do one thing Your whole life one specific specialized Thing you become an expert in it and We'll pay you money and you only have to Work so many hours a day you like as a Homestead Farm farmer you might be up in The middle of night delivering a cow That's you know pulling a calf out of Your cow because it's not coming out Naturally or something I mean you look At this Jeremy Clarkston Clarkson Farm Excellent show on Amazon you know it's I Mean it's you know somewhat staged or Whatever but it's it shows you the Problems with Farm life and there's Always a problem and so they said you Know stop all this toiling and just do The special light skill we give you Money and you buy everything else and You have a lot more free time and you'll Be richer because it will give you more Money than you'll ever make on your farm And all you have to do is give up your Skills and the system will always be Here for you so it doesn't matter you're Never going to need a backup plan you're Never need to go back to this way of Life you're never going to need to go Back to the Village go back to the tribe And you have all these amazing things And privileges in the city you know

You'll have all these things electricity You'll have all these other things you Know that they've I mean this is what Happened like this this stuff didn't Exist and all of a sudden it did right And everybody had running water and you Know all these things grocery stores and And you you'll have food from around the World food that you can't even grow at Your farm you'll be able to get all These exotic fruits and vegetables and Things that you couldn't do before so People left their Farm thinking that the System would be strong and always be There for him and that was the promise Like the promise was the system well you Don't have you know you don't need any Of these other skills and of course now You know you do most of people do that There's going to be massive food Shortages and there's going to be Economic strife and there's going to be You know whatever Wars and things that Are going to happen because of this Breakdown of our way and people started To break down anyway from unnatural Behaviors and they lost their sense of Divinity they lost their you know sense Of naturalness and so they you know Became more and more immoral and like The theocracy set in and they became Stupider and they lost language and Words from The internet and you know even before

That and they became you know TV zombies And all this stuff and just addicted now To the internet and all these other Things and so people became worse and Now when we're the at our weakest and We're so far removed from remembering What it was like to live on a homestead We now need a backup plan because the System's imploding and that's what's Happened right this is what we're Dealing with right now we're dealing With years and years of of uh you know Not being natural humans generations of Being some people who were you know not Functioning like a fully functioning Human a multi-functioning human that Could grow food and could make clothing And had skills and knew how to do things And could live in community and could You know I mean be a like a live in a Tribe in a in a village and you know all Those things aren't possible people Can't even get along with their family Never mind their neighbors and so There's no sense of ever coming together For Collective work and accomplishing Things right and so that's where we're At right and you know everything's Imploding around that like that's the Central issue because the user-based Economy that they went to the debt-based Economy which allowed for you know and I've talked about this so much the way That the debt works is allow you to get

The money up front so you can buy your Farm you can buy your you know factory Farm you can buy your house you can buy Your you know you can create businesses And whatever that's all these guys do These you know you see it on Shark Tank Right you these shark tanks don't give Their own money they don't go into their Bank account they they have the ability To get cheap money low interest rate Money and they they they take this money And they put into a business right and The business is supposed to be more Profitable than the interest on the Money so if they're paying 5% interest On the loan then the you know the the Amount of percentage they get back from The business from that loaning that Money out has to be higher the amount of The return And so that's all this ever is right and That's the debt-based economy but the Way the way it all Usery economies end Is the way this one's ending where the Debt just keeps on increasing because of The interest rates you know the Sorcerer's fee that's they they conjured Up this money the sorcerer the economic Sorcerer the economic you know wizard They conjured up this fee and because of That there's going to be you know you're Always going to owe more than you Originally Borrowed and that's where the debt keeps

On just you know growing right to where It is now of course the derivatives Market it just gets more and more Immoral and they get more and more Reckless and then the economy doesn't Work anymore The Numbers Never added up And now it's just they can't even fudge The books and so that's how the economy Explodes and you know implodes and these Things and so this is what's happening Right and then when that happens what Are you going to do because you're 100% Dependent on the system you're weak and Pathetic and you have no skills you Don't know what it's like to be a real Human being and you can't live in a in a Like a community because you're all Psychologically messed up and so it's at The worst time because they made this Promise they could never keep and that's You know the downfall of the system was All the way back when your ancestors Were lured off the farm and now you have To scramble and try to figure it out and It's way harder for you to do it because You you you feel like you're entitled to Your lifestyle you feel like this is Lifestyle is promised to you and it Isn't because nothing is everything is Subject to change and so you know this Is where we are right and because of That they have to you know figure out a Way to you know destroy take away your Whatever you think you owe or whatever

You're owed social security and the rest Of it and then you know somehow control Your reaction so you don't you know turn Into a mob and just go ape and go You know destroy everything and so they Have to control your reaction then they Have to program your kids to live in Agenda 30 houses and take the New Deal That you'll never take right and so they Have to wipe you out reduce the Population of the older people and Indoctrinate the younger people to a new Worse deal because you know there's There's no money left right and so That's that they're trying to do Transition into that but you know the Time of this system is on it's I mean It's it's already expired right it's Its expiration date is due it has been Due for years and so you know they can't Prolong the collapse of the system even Though they're trying to do that and so That leaves us where we are now and so Anybody telling you about this I mean It's not like you're going to do About it anyhow but just the idea of Knowing this and then when it starts to Happen maybe you react in some way oh Well that guy was right this is he's Saying that this is you know this is Happening just the way he saying it's Going to happen and so when you you have Ref you know you have a you you have This information out there and people

Who you know talk about like I'm talking About now and you get the idea you Understand it even if you don't believe It or you don't you can't do anything About it at the time you know when it Starts to happen more and more then you Start reaction right you start you know People start bailing for on the system And they start you know uh looking into Creating some sort of backup plan and They can't have that right and so that's Why this is they'll put out people like Jordan Rubin but they'll censor like Real truthers because you know they just Don't want any I even though they Control everybody to you know extent That I think they not even aware of like I think they you know underestimate Their amount of control because people Are so weak and pathetic that they can't Even even think about it's too Overwhelming to think about what you're Going to have to do to survive and so You just shut it off even if you're a Truther anyways let's get to the other Stuff here so I just want to add one Thing about this if they're going to Cheat in the election like if they Really want to cheat in the Election and they wanted to do all the Things that right-wing people think they Wanted to put Trump in jail they would Do a better job of it right like they Wouldn't do it so

Obviously that it would cause Controversy and suspicion in the Rightwing they would they would do all The things that they're doing again you Know they're say all right they're Incompetent they're whatever they are Sure but they could do it so much easier And better where there wouldn't be as Much evidence that the people the Right-wing people in the truth community And you know all the things that they've Done like all the things that we have Been able to discover over the years it Wouldn't be so easy to find all those Things there wouldn't be so many Inconsistencies they would just do it Like it's they're doing it where they're Showing you they're doing it to provoke You you like can't you see they're Trying to provoke you especially Right-wing people and trumpers and Provoke all of us in the truth community In different ways they're trying to Provoke us all the time they do things And they show you things and you know They're they're doing it in plain sight And they do it in a way where they know That some people are going to react to It so they they're doing it to provoke That reaction everything they do with Donald Trump you know when there's a Story that breaks the right-wing people Will see it as an attack on Trump and Attack on them and confirmation of their

Belief system and the leftwing people Will see it as something Trump's doing Wrong and the Trump is doing wrong and Attack on their belief system and They'll get triggered by the same event Like think about how good there are at Doing that part where the same event Will be interpreted completely Differently by two groups of people and You can see it when you talk to your Sheeple relatives or your liberal Relatives or whatever it is friends the Way they interpret events and you'll be Looking at the exact same event and They'll they'll interpret it almost in The opposite way that you do depending On your point of view and so it's there To trigger you if there's like there's No doubt about it they've been provoking You forever they know how you're going To react you don't think they have all These psychological studies and all the Data they collect from their algorithms And all the things that they do and they Can't figure out how to provoke you and How to wind you up like you you don't Think they know how to wind you up right They don't think that they know how to Get you triggered and get you Reacting and provoking you to do Something right I mean look at the pro The provocation they did with Trump over The election and the way that played out In that event in January think about the

Number of times if you watch liberal News media that they talk about the big Lie you know Trump's big lie and they Talk about the event that happened in January to to justify their attitudes And their positions and what they're Doing in terms of their policies and so That provocation of trump and the Trumpers which Trump completely fell for Or was complicit in depending how you Look at it has been a you know weapon They've used against all of us in terms Of censorship and then all the way down The line and it was that reaction right The way all those people felt justified In acting that way being provoked by the Whole you know was going on with the What they saw as an election fraud and They they reacted that Way also because of the black Liv Matters and antifa riots they thought They could get away with the same thing That these other groups were and then You know these guys were all thrown in Jail and all the things that happened And they've been talking about this Almost on a daily basis ever sense and They're going to talk about going into This next election it sets up anything They want to do in the next election Ction to provoke you again because they Wanted they're driving for division They've been driving for division why do You think they nominated Trump and

Hillary Clinton the two most divisive Candidates in history and why they've Built their whole agenda around Trump These past I don't know it's was it 15 Years or so now right 10 years Everything's been about Trump they're Pushing for changes and the other thing Is going back to me saying this is my Time this is Pac is the future time this Is you know why my channels existed like This period of time you know till the You know apocalypse is completely in Full bloom and I guess afterwards as Well because you know I have all that Stuff covered here right but me being Right it means the system's going to Collapse so it isn't like it's some you Know celebratory dance right but one of The ways you can tell the system is Going to collapse is how desperate they Are because they wouldn't be making all These changes if they knew that the System was sustainable like they don't Want to you know risk the Mob they always are their biggest fear Is always the mob unless the system's Going to collapse and then they have to Ignore the mob and roll the dice and try To reboot the system and that's what They're doing why do you think they're Re rebooting the system because they're Just evil and they want to do it why you Think they're doing all the things They're doing because they know that the

System is going to implode and they want To maintain control and have something That resembles their lifestyle Afterwards even even if the rest of us Are living like in some post-apocalyptic Caveman type situation they can preserve Their way of life and their control and Power even though it isn't going to be As good as it is now because the system Is imploding right so that's why they're Desperate they wouldn't be acting Desperately if they didn't know the System has no chance of surviving and so That's why this is happening I've said This for years and it's just playing out Now okay so a few more things to cover Here you can catch our next guest on his Illuminati World Tour his Illuminati World Tour making his us TV TV debut Performing Born To Shine and goat please Welcome the biggest Punjabi artist on The planet so this guy's an Indian Artist and here he is doing the Illuminati eye I just randomly clicked On this um it's a weird thing that's Happened in India with the Illuminati Stuff there's a guy who has a movie Production company named the Illuminati They like really got into it even though It's there isn't a you know they don't Have something there about that like They don't have a history of Freemasonry And these things and of course the English were

There so this is what they're putting on The tonight's Show white Fortress cities are rising up Across the South as wey residents break Away from poor black Neighborhoods Trump says Revenge can be Justified in latest Threat to political enemies so this is Something from graan I couldn't find it On Gran's um insul or their I don't know What it is they do compilations I'll Just show you brief part of this to tell You the truth and F you if you can't Handle the Truth F you if you can't handle the Truth this version of Biden is the best Biden ever she know long she knows so Long as she was in fact I think he's Better than he's ever been President Biden has a photographic memory his Understanding and Mastery of a Complicated geopolitical situation Remarkable he is sharp intensely probing And detail oriented and focused Jackie Are you here where's Jackie okay so it Goes on like that it's this guy dark gar Gar bajio Garbagio posted this from grabian I Don't know it's probably about five Minutes it's well worth watching kind of Hilarious um but you know again this Rightwing stuff where you know Biden is Somehow worse and Trump is a savior and It just isn't

True um this was interesting here like These things I gotta people send me Instag videos and I don't get to them as Quickly as I used to because of my Changing up my format especially not Doing as many videos on my other channel And then they disappear which sucks cuz Some of them I can't remember what they Were when I come back it's um it will Whatever will begin again Uhhuh what else she she said here let me Go back will be again again the world Will begin again again Uhhuh what else did you Say other people will come on the World okay Okay that's what I said well what was The other part so the mom put this music In um which is unnecessary because it's Very interesting what the kids saying Like the kid is saying a poxy future Thing here right the kids going to talk About reincarnation and other people Coming and things like this possibly Extraterrestrials right and sometimes You see this with little kids who have a Soul Memory I've I've witnessed this a couple Of times myself and my own kids There was a couple of instances where They when they were very young they just Started to say things they they Shouldn't have any knowledge of and then Later on when you asked them about it

They got older you know they were two Three whatever one of them was talking About being born like remembering being Born and you know very accurate about What happened and so this happens for Kids they have some sort of spiritual Memory or past life memory and then it Disappears as they get older What other part about about everybody Dying what were you Saying more people come on the Earth Okay why did you think that cuz it's What the world Like oh you know it's interesting she Said it's what it begins like right Because this is almost talking about the World ending but of course something new Can't begin unless the old thing ends You know uh the beginning is near which I often talk About when when I die uh-huh I will come Back and I'll be a baby and I'll have a Different Name Okay you'll Have of course she's describing reincar Right Okay so that's what I said all right Thanks P what I have to say S yeah it does sound [Music] Sad I had to say something

S okay so that's why she's talk to you [Music] Okay thanks Pig okay you know very interesting right Um you know it's everything I talk about Here Texas democratic poll an exting Appointee arrested for allegedly posting Fake Racist social media comments about Himself Jesse smold met type of thing And this guy Um it's the comment here this guy has Has been training Ravens you he he's a Falconer you know but he hey everybody These are my two Ravens they're um They're not actually mine they are just I'm just taming them but they live in a Palm tree they have Roost in a palm tree About 100 ft from my house and I've I've Gotten them by feeding them every day I've gotten them to come in and and uh Join me for meditations every morning on My balcony They have two babies who they feed and The babies don't come in but they come Very close anyway that's The okay so that's his thing we're Compassion for crows and human babies in Gaza and you say you are the most who You say are the most pampered people on Earth and so um that's what's up with Kennedy I got some huge News oh do tell I'm all yours well in a Few minutes I'm going to be interviewing

At open AI have you heard of them open AI huh sounds Vaguely Familiar kidding of course that's Incredible Rocky what kind of interview As you guys know I if you watched my Recent videos with my conversations with These chat Bots and um you know that Work for YouTube and they're not very Impressive right I'm certainly not Superior in the way that they say they Have more capacity they can read quicker And they can process things quicker on a Mental level but they're just not people Right but this is very deceptive like The laugh and the Flirtatious aspect the way that this Bot's presenting itself you know is Fairly disturbing because it makes it Sound like a human when it clearly isn't Well it's for a software engineering Role but I just need to know do I look Presentable professional Well Rocky you definitely have the I've been Coding all night look down which could Actually work in your favor maybe just Run a hand through your hair or lean Into the bad Chey spime Your Enthusiasm Is what's really going to shine through I don't have a lot of time so I'm just Going to throw this on what do you Think Rocky that's quite a statement Piece I I mean you you'll definitely s Out though maybe not in the way you're

Hoping for an interview okay I got it I Got it Awesome okay so that's fairly disturbing Right because that bot handled that Social interaction much better than I Would right like it would be inable to Have that Conversation but the way that the bot Was complimentary and considerate of the Person's feelings and not blunt and Giving a blunt answer but being trained To navigate that socially in a way that You know it's it's scary to have that Because it's a bot like it's not a real Person but it comes across as a real Person and more and more you'll find People wanting conversations like this Where the bot will be able to tolerate Your stupidity and your boredom you Being bored right because you know People are unlovable and unlikable now But Bots be able to love you you know There's that movie called her with Walking Phoenix and um Scola Johansson has the Voice of the the the the bot and it Becomes a situation where these lonely People can't you know have people that Are listening to them in their life and To have a bot just you know uh be able To do these things right do stuff no one Else is willing to do and you know like Just tolerate that guy putting on the Hat and all these things you know and so

That's the future you know I just want To say one more thing I watched um Hulu Had this thing called The Brat Pack Something like that to do with the brat Pack which was these intable actors and When I grew up you know there was this Thing called The Rat Pack which is Frank Sinatra and his cronies who all had ties To under to uh the mob and you know to Organized crime And yet they allowed themselves to be Called rats or you know maybe they Didn't like it but you know I don't Think they fought against it but they Were called The Rat Pack and then there Was these group of kid actors you know Young 20s actors who were called The Brat Pack and the most annoying one of Them Andrew McCarthy was the most like Unmasculine and just uh just annoying You know I mean would do well in this Generation now and and he has been Bothered that by that term for 30 years And decided to go talk to the other Brats and they they did this thing in The most pretentious way you know you Know total thing that group of people Called The Brat Pack would do you know Robo and emelo Estes and demore and some Of these other people and it was so bad I had to fast forward through most of it Like it was just so um you know Self-involved and I was thinking about How like it's totally tolerable because

That's what people are nowadays you know People who have almost nothing to offer And have no real redeeming qualities and They just whining weak people and They're so self-involved in posting Things on the internet and you know Doing all these things that are I mean There's just no information there There's nothing of value they haven't Experienced anything in life they Haven't gone through anything they Haven't paid any sort of dues so that They can have something to offer offer Their opinions are worthless their you Know their ideas and the way that they Go about life their stories and you know I mean they can gloss them up as much as They want and Social Media stuff to make It look like they're living the best Life living a good life but the they Themselves as people there's just Nothing there and these Bots are going To come in and then cater these you know Whiny people who are basically unlovable And unlikable right so you know it's Just another sign of the apost Anyways only spirituality will save this World it's Paul robado definely app from The Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be and be Grateful

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