This has been a weird February

This has been a weird February

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I've had a last a lost February um I saw A great meme that I'm going to cover on My other channel today apocaps now Channel I have a bunch of great memes But one of them was like it you know You'll see the meme later but it was Basically wow uh 2024 has been a rough Year and then somebody else says it's Like a skeleton and a cat and the cat Says to the skeleton yeah it's only February right and so things have gotten More intense and you know whatever but Um you know all the videos that I've Done well first of all I watched a movie With Mrs Mr um Katie Perry I believe They're still married Orlando Bloom and It was one of these movies that was a Chinese movie with one in this case English actor and they make these joint Projects where you know Chinese movie Company will hire like Matt Damon in That Great Wall of China movie or Whatever it was called um And this was a much worse movie than That though there are partner movies That are shown in both China and America And you know there's this you know Element of that right and this movie was One of the worst movies I've ever seen It included a character named Dingdong who was the um drone operator On this you know I mean I I don't want To get into it but I um watched you know

Most of the movie I'd fast forward Through some of it and I took little Um videos with my phone and I put it Into like a comedy takedown of the movie And they copyrighted it over and over Again I slept on trying to change it and I uploaded it like 15 times in the last Two days so that's why I didn't put a Video out yesterday and it was just Really frustrating and you know um Whatever and then the other thing that Happened was you know I've been Uploading these videos that I originally Uploaded on uh the gratefulness Meditation Channel but then I created a New channel called um you know dodgy Whatever it is I'm going to rename the Channel now and um it's going to be just A backup channel so I got to redo all That because heartfulness copyrighted For the videos and took them down and You know it's just a constant struggle And you know I've been distracted by Doing these videos which um you know I've gained something from them but it's Been mostly an unpleasant experience and Anything to do with that corrupt Cult-like organization or cult Organization and that clown dodgy and The whole thing is a real Downer it Brings me down and so I'm glad that's Finally over you know I did my best I Posted the videos and I shared my Knowledge but I can't go back and edit

Everything out I mean the option is to Edit every every uh everything that's Owned by heartfulness out of the videos And then post them again and I just Don't have the time for it and I just You know I spent too much time um away From this Channel and Doing what I normally do so I'm going to You know I mean it's that's basically Over you I did what I had to do like I Feel like I did my duty you know people Aren't willing to speak up and not even On social media but any other form and There's people upset and they're still Part of the sjar car fluence Organization I've broken free from it so I don't you know like it really doesn't Matter to me anymore and I just whenever I get in contact with them um whenever I'm send videos by dodgy his crappy Videos in this or whatever it is it's Just um it's a real bummer like it's Just you know it's bad content when you Watch bad content you know either can Mock it and make fun of it which is you Know its own thing but it doesn't Elevate you right and like I don't need To be proven that dodgy sucks and like They've destroyed the S Mark system with This parasitic organization called Heartfulness like I don't need Validation cuz I've you know I have more Than enough like I had more than enough Two years years ago when I found out

About the brighter mind scam and those Of you guys know what I'm talking about But you know was where they say that Kids they can slap a blindfold on kids And they can learn to smell colors and Read with their feet right You I mean it's it's that bad and they Franchised it but it's just one of many Things that you know anybody who's read The books read the SJ Mark books would Understand that it's not um that what Dody's done is taken this in a Completely opposite direction of what The system used to be be and people are Struggling with either their sheeple and They refuse to see what's right in front Of them which we all experience here in The truth Community or they are um Incapable of speaking up because of Cultural issues you know in India you Don't criticize organizations you're not Supposed to criticize the government You're not supposed to um you know There's just um you know whatever it is The cast system you certainly aren't Supposed to criticize Elders or gurus And so they're really frustrated by but They don't know what to do and I can't Help them right like I did what I could Do but you know I mean it's not my Responsibility because as far as I'm Concerned like I have no relationship With dodgy and the organization and Don't want one but I don't want to have

Another lost day it's already 3 o00 so I'm GNA um make a video on my apocaps Now channel I'm going to get back into My normal routine I'm happy about it I Have one voice over I want to do for the Um you know the new channel that you Know I have to name the thing or Whatever but it's now just going to be a Good backup Channel hopefully I'll end Up getting that one monetized and things It's on a different account and all These things and so that's good um so That's just a little bit of an update Like I can't upload that video uh they Just won't allow it to be uploaded I you Know like I said I I edit it and they Just every time I edit it they find Another copyright thing on it so it's Just not worth my time and energy only Spirituality will save this world as pel Definitely poting for the apocalyse and The Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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