They Fear You Going OFFLINE. Get On the Ground! – Dr.SHIVA™

They Fear You Going OFFLINE. Get On the Ground! - Dr.SHIVA™

I've always been a ground activist when I first came to MIT in 1981 my friends Were poor blacks and wore whites and Poor Hispanics we were all young Idealist kids who came from working Class backgrounds that suffered Injustice we ended up developing our own Two-page flyer leaflet we got our own Mimeograph machine black and white and We became more popular than the school Newspaper the tech and we would attack Everyone we were always Beyond left and Right the administrators would be scared Shitless we became so powerful RIT went And funded a not so obvious Establishment version of us the thistle They knew wait a minute the Revolutionaries are getting a lot of Eyeballs I'm telling you they have this Down to a science and I saw it in front Of my own eyes this they can't screw With because there's more of us than Them and you made an outside movement on The ground on the ground period To go to Shiva for president volunteer There will be no movement without the Right political framework the science we Built the to Inspire you guys to get off your butts And get educated or you'll continue to Be in slate cheaper for

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