The Truth about Social Media Censorship

The Truth about Social Media Censorship

Greetings brothers and sisters so this Is a video that's kind of about Censorship a little bit about Israel and Um Palestine I got a clip from morning Joy I want to show you a few Clips but It's mostly about the nature of our Relationships and the bondage we all Live with so you see that there is a Yellow um the yellowed my most recent Video called the um the end of religion On YouTube and they yellowed it a little Bit quicker than they had other videos Like usually they wait a day or so it's Like they want to get the ads run they Want to run some ads on all these videos Especially now during the peak season of November and December Before Christmas You know election you know the election Cycle phase and all these other things And I was already going to talk about This but then some uh viewer gave me a Great comment I mean not great in the Sense of uh you know great for my Purposes and the person said um you know This was a joke uh let me read this one Anyway because it's funny and I talked About King David having um a dowy of 100 Force screen for Force skins from the Palestinian by the uh Philistines or Whatever he wanted to marry k K's Daughter and the King's Daughter the King demanded 100 forkins in a dowy and The person wrote today if a king asked Me to get a 100 baby forkins to marry

His daughter could I order Sandra Bullock's face Cream to present to him I thought that Was a a great comment but here is the Comment that I wanted to get to and That's not it um I think it must be here And the person said hey aren't you a Victim of censorship by YouTube um no and no because it's not Sensorship and I'm not a victim you know People enter Relationships and Situations and they bind themselves to The other people or the job or whatever It is like they make promises your Promises are binding on a spiritual Level and then when you sign documents And contracts and the fine print I mean All these things that you just check the Box on software all these you know terms Of service stuff you're agreeing to These things right you're entering into These relationships and they have you Know they're binding on a spiritual Level I mean certainly on a material Level but also at a spiritual level and So when you post videos on YouTube You've already signed these terms of Service agreements which YouTube can do Everything that they're doing to us Right whether it be demonetizing videos Or Um giving Community guidelines strikes It's within their you know their rights

As a business as a a legal entity to do These things on their site and they can Be arbitrary unfair they can they can be Prejudice against one group like Trumpers and Republicans and Les against Democrats I mean all these things They're in their rights to do this based In the terms of service they can do These things so it's not you're not a Victim you've entered into this Relationship with a beastly that is a Part of the economic Beast as well as um Being a part of the intelligence Community it's you know it's got ties to The government and political parties Financial institutions U stockholders Whatever it's all part of the Beast it's Part of the mainstream Beast these Aren't Tru or entities and it's not a Truth or organization but YouTube itself Has its own spiritual you know the People who are in charge of the you know The organization and the essence of the Organization and that's between them and God like everything's between you and Your soul or you and God or or both I Mean in terms of payment for your Wrongdoings and rewards for your for Your righteous living or whatever these Things are all you know worked out on a Spiritual plane of existence the problem With YouTube and you know the thing that We could I don't want to say complain About but we could say their failure is

YouTube started as You know again when it started like I Didn't have high-speed internet lots of People didn't right I remember Downloading a video for you know 20 Minutes to watch a five minute video I Mean was with a dialup modem right so We're going back to that time where they Were still trying to figure out how we Could stream video on internet remember The internet speeds and the and the Streaming services were very subpar and YouTube figur out a way where people Could upload videos Their own videos and become filmmakers And have a voice on the internet and This you know has uh blossomed into Other organizations other you know other Uh platforms like Tik Tok and instag and You know Twitter and all these other Various social media platforms and the Idea was you got to say what you Believed you got to post things it was About you and your experience and your Thoughts and you weren't regurgitating Things that were from the mainstream or Whatever I mean you could be but you Could also Express things that were Something unique and outside the narrow B bandwidth of the mainstream narratives And we had a place to do that right and At some point you know in the 20156 election Hillary Clinton and you Know fake news term came out with Donald

Trump and they started to see that Social media was changing People People's minds and the political parties The two parties and the media networks No longer had a hold of people's belief Systems and people were branching out And and discovering new narratives and Exploring things and doing their own Research and they didn't like that right They lost control and so they got this Term fake news and they talked about how Dangerous it was and there was all this Pressure put on the social media Giants To reign in this um you know our ability To critical think and express ourselves I mean that's what this is all about and So they started to give preference to Crappy news you know authorit Authoritative news as YouTube called it And then you know celebrities started Come on social media more and you had All these um these paid sponsors people Who were paid shills and you know they Were influencers who were connected to Corporations and you know there's this Guy Pat McAfee who's a former punter Who's um got his own podcast and like I Said uh in a recent video on my other Channel I was covering this where his it Went from four where his company went From being worth four or five million do To half a half a billion $500 million And he signed with ESPN and he covered a Story where Brock pie the quarterback

From the San Francisco 49ers was um on break they had a you Know they had a bu week so he they Weren't playing for a week you know they Take a week off in the middle of the Season and Brock py instead of going to Some Tropical Paradise or going on Vacation he went to his fiance's Farm Family Farm And he drove a Tractor and they were talking about it The host you know Pat backy and his Co-host were talking about it and they Kept on bringing up John Deere and how John Deere tractors are great you know And it was clearly they were Shilling For this they were being paid to do that Right but you have this element now in The um you know in the in social media Where corporations have realized the Power of people expressing their own Personal opinions and have started to Coopt and corrupt and by those people And influence the organizations of Course these organizations are dependent On these uh these platforms are Dependent on ad revenue and other things From the Beast so they can be pressured To censor you in a sense it's not real Censorship but they can be pressured to Not allow you to say certain things Right and they can do that it's within Their right so there's no victims here There's no censorship in the true sense Of the word when Joe Biden pressured

Social media companies to censor people One of them was RFK Jr who now is Calling for censorship himself which I Covered in my last video and I got Something more in that piece of crap um That I'll share in a moment but uh we'll Get to in a little bit but you know There's real censorship where it Violates First Amendment rights Governments going in and violating your First amendment rights in terms of your Ability to say things on social media But social media implementing those Policies that they've that you've agreed To is not censorship but more Importantly people don't know what they Are in terms of their their role or Their placement in society I got a great Religious um a comment on religion that I got from my other video and I'm going To I'll talk about that in a bit but it Ties into everything that I'm saying Here and our role here once you Incarnate on planet Earth is one of Slavery and servitude when you're a soul You serve God just naturally like you Just do it because that's what Souls do Your soul doesn't have a choice and your Soul knows what it's supposed to do and Does it right of course there's like Wayward Souls that go full demon or Whatever that is but that is actually an Odity and those souls are just you know They're just lost or whatever but the

Rest of the souls just naturally serve God in an automatic fashion there's not Freedom of choice there's not Independent decision- making like we Have here but once your soul comes into A body you have physical needs you have Physical desires you have things that You need just to keep you alive you need Food you need water you need uh oxygen You need to breathe you need warmth you Have to keep your body temperature at a Certain level of temperature or cold or Whatever it is right you need keep your Body in a certain range of temperature It's not just about discomfort you can Die from hypothermia or or heat Exhaustion or whatever and there's other Things like like you need to reproduce You need companionship you need all These other things physical needs and to Acquire these physical needs you have to Do something you have to work you have To exert yourself like every animal you Look outside the squirrels are working Gathering nuts the birds are picking up Food the you know whatever it is coyotes Are hunting it's all everything's doing Some kind of work has to make a living Everyone has to be a slave to their Bodily needs and keep their bodies going And then there's institutional slavery You have these constructs like Governments and you know societal rules And cultures and things like this in our

Case we have money we have a financial System and to survive in the world you Need money I mean so there's a few Handful of people go out in the woods And sort of survive on their own but you Know again the land is um under the the Rule or construct of some government or Something like that so there's no being Free from slavery like I read a comment Recently Where the person said to me you're Running ads on YouTube and YouTube is Part of the Beast and you're you know Whatever and I'm like yeah well you're Using money and that's why like it's Money and all the things that go with it All the corporate Goods you buy all These things you're slave to those Things you're slave to money the demands Of money you know wage slavery where you Get a job to acquire money but it's you Know an overall slavery that you bondage That you have here on planet Earth There Are rules and laws in your state in your City in your in your country or the Global laws whatever it is I mean just Think about you need permission to drive You have to get a driver's license That's slavery right you don't even own The land you buy a house you buy land You don't even own it the government can Take it from you any time they have Eminent domain you're basically leasing The land from them this idea of land

Ownership right and that gives you some Sort of freedom but then there are all These restrictions of what you can can And cannot do on your property based in The governmental imposing the government Imposing its Collective its will on the Collective or the collective will on you Or whatever it is right and people say Well I'm an American I'm free or they Have these these stupid ideas but you're A slave right you all slaves in in one Way or another and these intricate Relationships in terms of service and Contracts and you know marriages and all These things that are binding us Together they're they're spiritual Bondage right uh there was a time where I um heard this from Master charie third Master of the Sark system and he talked About how when there was a divorce Regardless whether you the your partner Had you know completely screwed you over And cheated on you was a horrible Marital partner even in that kind of Circumstance where you had every right To get a divorce safety and abuse abuse Whatever it might be and you know was Not only right for you to get divorce But it was necessary even with a Situation like that there's still a year Of punishment for breaking the agreement And at the same time I was listening to Some AM radio show I used to I was Driving to work there was this AM radio

Show and there was a local like Sports Talk Radio and the guy was talking about How when you get divorced there's always A year of hell like I literally heard These two things within a short period Of time now this guy who was a Sports Talk guy was isn't a religious or Spiritual person but he talked about Bill parcel's having a bad year you know The former coach of the Giants because He um had just gone to a divorce and Divorce is draining and you know there Is a year of punishment there and people Who've been through one I mean at least A year right there's at least a year of Uh you know difficulties and sometimes It goes on for many years and what I'm Saying here is there's there's prices That you paid for breaking an agreement And so YouTube as an institution as a Company and then the people who run it They've sort of violated what they Believe right what they promised people What this you know their site was all About which was you being able to Express yourself in some social media Fashion but because it got so big and Because it had so much influence and so Much power not just YouTube but all These social media platforms of course They were going to go back against those Thing and turn it into them And turn it into something that it that Wasn't uh you know intended to be it's

Kind of a bait and switch and for that Reason YouTube is you know culpable like We're in a partnership my relationship With YouTube is a partnership and they Haven't behave like a good partner and It's not that they victimized me or Anybody else but they've you know They've done bad things for themselves Right their punishment is their Punishment their consequences for Violating the terms of a partnership you Know not being a good partner like what They were supposed to do is provide a Platform provide ad revenue and provide Um ways to get my videos out there you Anybody's videos but in this case mine And they fail to do that they don't they Unsubscribe people they shadowban my Channel these types of things right and Isn't between me and them it's between Them and you know whatever their Souls Their God whatever it is right it's Between them and divinity when you're in A marriage you're supposed to you know Think about it as being a like a Vertical relationship with God and You're serving God when you serve your Spouse you're serving God when you serve Your children and that's between you and God if you fail it's between you and God And your wife or your husband they're Serving you and they're being a good Wife or husband good father or mother And they're doing that for God right

They're serving God and they're serving Their families through their connection To the Divinity within them and their Soul right and they're failures between Them and God and your failures between You and God right and if you think about It that way you just have to up you just Have to uphold your end and do what You're supposed to do and let other People worry about what they're supposed To do right but everybody's worried About what everyone else's failure and Everyone else's you know depravity but Don't worry about their own like don't Worry about what they have to uphold but If you want to get free from all this Bondage you just have to serve God you Just have to give up your ego's Pursuit Your Egotistical um choices your choices the Freedom to choose to do the wrong thing Because God gives you the freedom to Choose to do the wrong thing that's what You have there's one right choice in Every situation is what your soul wants You to do your soul has you know created Your body and your your experience here So that you can move forward on your Spiritual path but pretty much Everybody's ego has hijack their soul at Least to some extent and has gone you Know Rogue and is indulging in Materialistic Pleasures or whatever it Is things not just Pleasures but

Depravity of all kinds things that are Not a part of what your soul wants you To do here like some of it is but Overindulgence and distractions Getting off of your Soul's path and You're no longer doing what you're Supposed to be doing here right and That's most people and so you can be a Slave to your Egos and to your physical Needs and your desires and your whatever It is the worldly constructs and Corporations your boss and your Government or you can be a slave to God And when you think about it in that way That you're here to serve God and then You're answering only to God right and What God provides you can come through The system can come through other people Whatever you you need to execute your Duties whatever you need to fulfill your Responsibilities to God your you know Whatever your service is it's coming From God so you can serve God and Everything is God right and when you Become that kind of a person then you Certainly aren't a victim because God is Responsible for everything that's in Your life so if you feel like you're Being treated unfairly by YouTube or Your spouse or you know the world you You can say God why are you letting this Happen why are you doing this to me Right and True Believers that's what you Do true people of devotion and Faith

That's what they end up doing and it's Liberating on lots of levels I mean even If you do it slightly even if you you Stick your toe in the water of serving God it's liberating because you're now Worried about only yourself and changing What you need to change within yourself And doing the work that's assigned to You and you don't get into all this Other stuff like I cover people all the Time And I may sound judgmental but I don't Care like I it's not I'm not you know I'm not in charge of dueling out Punishment or doing these things right Unless God or my soul orders me to do it Other than that it's none of my business Right what other people's successes or Failures you can applaud their successes And criticize what you consider their Failures but you know it's it's none of My business right you don't know what Their relationships are what their you Know what their program is and what Whatever is right so it was interesting Today I saw there's these messages that YouTube sends to its creators you know We're called creators and it said that I Could take a short quiz and remove my Community guideline strike warning which Is actually a good program they have um Now developed I mean it's you know it's Making something that's wrong and sucky Better you know so I a community

Guidelines strike or warning for medical Miss information on my Apocalypse Now Channel and you I had to click through a Few different pages but I got to the um You take a quiz basically they're saying You take a course and you're supposed to Read the community guidelines which I Already read uh but I answer the Questions and I did it on my other Channel I had a different um uh strike For my warning so if you get a warning Then you get warning which the warning Is good because you don't you still get To upload and it doesn't do anything to Your Channel Channel but then you get One strike and you can't upload for a Week you get two strikes you can't Upload for two weeks these sorts of Things right and so I'm taking the quiz And I was going to tape it I was a Little bit tired so I bother I didn't Bother to kind of interesting but I knew All the answers there's only one answer I got wrong out of I think there was Seven questions on each of them and the One I got wrong was um you know I just Didn't read the question properly like I Was you know but I know how YouTube Thinks And so it's fairly obvious to me which Were they they gave you these questions About which things were or were not Community guidelines strikes and I know How YouTube thinks and I've been able to

Kind of figure that out the way they go About things but they change the Community guidelines and don't let People know I mean there's all these Things that they do that are sucky about It but now they have this program where They reverse the warning but you have to Wait till February like I it's always Like a a three Monon it's like always a 3mon thing right um but it's interesting That you know this stuff was coming up And this you know this new thing which Makes it better because having the Warning available helps you um you know Avoid doing damage to your channel by Not uploading for a week which really Sucks right uh for you know I upload Every day and it just it it takes a While for people to especially since YouTube isn't recommending and you know Notifying people because of how much Content I make or whatever and Shadow Bands and all these other things but Ultimately I believe I'm serving God Here and based in you know what I do Here and my just my attitudes and Orientation to my life in general and This thing Particularly and so you know YouTube Isn't you know if I'm upset about Something isn't my relationship with YouTube it's my relationship with God And these are you know crappy Corporations and you know we all know

With the beastly system and it's not About truth right it's not about finding The truth and there was a short period Of time where people got to fully Express themselves on the internet and You know were able to dive into Alternative narratives but that time has You know diminished to some extent right It's still there but you know they have Other ways of course demonetizing videos And things like this and now that I'm Covering Israel and Palestine and I Don't know if they're coover if they're Demonetizing anybody who covers it at All despite their opinion or they're Only demonetizing people that are Critical of Israel I don't know and That's YouTube's problem but I you know Still want to cover the subject matter So you know some of my videos are going To be demonetized and either they're Going to be supported by the community Or not there'll be donations or whatever Uh to help me you know fund those videos But otherwise you know there's some Things that are important that there's You know there's just something going on Here with this that is um ultimately Possibly leading to World War II and for That reason like I feel like I still Have to cover it regardless of what YouTube is doing in terms of dissuading Me from doing so so I got a couple of Clips from RFK Jr and you know that's

Messed up thing more about his depravity And then I have these clips from M and Um the morning Joe and that's a trip you Know that what you know they they're um Well you'll see in a second but there Was this one more comment I want to get To let me see I got to find it here um The person writes um here I found the Comment here going to make it a little Bit bigger because it's a here it is so This is to my video the end of religion I know the is Israelites God is Complicated but if you really study the Old Testament he is really is kind and Merciful god and plus he sent his son Jesus Christ to Earth to bring men and Women to Salvation well there's a few things I Want to say about this um God is not Complicated God is simple because God Doesn't have a mind or an ego God can't Make mistakes God is as simple as a Being could be God is love and pure and All these things right and natural and There's a flow and there isn't Complications right there's just there's Just you know Divinity right there's Just um perfection And you know God is simple is one of the The teachings of the Sark system but What I want to say before I read the Rest of this comment I'll reread this Part and I'll read the rest of it is That when you are like this person

They're defending their religion because They were born and indoctrinated in it And they don't have the ability to Question it or move on or evolve from it You know like I said is a great saying From Swami Viva Cananda a religion is a Great thing to be born into but a Horrible thing to die in and what Jesus Did was he transcended his religion when Jesus became what he became he was no Longer Jewish because he became Something Beyond his religion your Religion is there for remedial you know For people who are not say remedial but It's a a simp a simplistic way of Understanding that there is a God and And you know connecting to God through a Set of teachings that is organizational And is communal but at some point you Have to go inside and look and find God Within you whenever that is whether it's This life or 10 lives from now everyone Has to do it right and there's no shame In you not being able to do it if you're Not ready but you got to understand that There are people that are and those People who become more saintly become More spiritual And they might not seem like that on the Outside but in terms of what they're Doing on the inside there's Evolution And they're moving forward right but This person if they if this person was Born a Hindu they would be a Hindu if

They were born a Muslim or a Jew or any Number of a Buddha a Buddhist or any Number of religions that's what they Would do because they're born into it And they don't have the capacity to look Beyond right and realize that what they Were told and what they believe To be the word of God it just isn't it's Not it's a remedial book it's not that It's not that evolved even the New Testament Jesus you know was a saint he Was a spiritual person but he wasn't the Most evolved person that ever lived and We're all children of God and religion Is very um you know these religions are Very heavy-handed and manipulative and They're not about connecting you to God And if you can't do that if you can't Understand that that's fine You are where you are but there's no Reason to say things here because what I'm talking about is something higher Where you transcend your religion and You find the Divinity within you and if You can't do that like I said it's fine Like I you know it's not it's between You and God whether you're ready or not That's that's for you to decide and not Everybody is right but for the people That are and there's not many places for People who are and so that's why I'm Focusing more and more on that here Because there are people who are ready To make that move or making that move in

Their life to have a relationship with The Divinity within them and there is Information that they'll get here of Course the Sark system is the best System to help a person facilitate that Transition and you know I mean it's it's Necessary I know that Israel Israelites God is complicated but you really but if You really study the Old Testament is Really a kind and merciful god and plus He sent his son Jesus to Earth to bring Men women to Salvation the Lord God is Merciful and gracious Longsuffering and abounding in goodness And Truth keeping keeping Mercy for Thousands forgiving iniquity and Transgression and sin Exodus 34 6-7 um just because they say that Doesn't mean anything you say if you Really study it that's just those are Just words God's a prick in the Old Testament he's a demonic prick he's Self- serving and he has an ego and he's You know there's he's not God it's not God what's being presented in the Old Testament just because he said they say Oh he's merciful he's not merciful he Doesn't show Mercy I mean throughout This you know the Bible the sacrifices The I mean all of it right and God isn't Merciful in the first place because God Is love love is far beyond Mercy right Mercy is only slightly above pity and And and much lower than empathy right

Mercy isn't in terms of its rating of Its um you know being of something of a Higher nature Mercy is when you feel bad For somebody because their ego you know Something about their ego has Been um you know their ego has been Violated in some way not that you Violated an ego but you have your Desires you have the things that you Want and then Sometimes those things go against you Like things go against your ego go Against your desires go against your Worldview which brings me I just took a Break and I realized the the main point That I wanted to say here the truth Isn't what I say it is or what you say It is or what anybody's ego or Subjective view of the world says it is Right people try to arbitrate truth and You know we're the experts and what we Say TR is truth and we're the judge and The the legal system and if we say You're a criminal you're guilty then You're guilty all these things right and None of those things matter Science you know science is in truth and Religion is in truth truth is truth you Know whatever the truth is and there's Material Level truth there's material Laws there's material you know the the The world of physical physics and Scientific rules and laws and things and There's truth in that right but that

Truth is an absolute truth there's the Divine absolute truth when you get down To the very uh the basis of the Simplistic nature of the world of of the Etheric world of spirit and your soul And God and these things right and your Spirit your soul has a reason it has a Truth it has a purpose here and like I Said most people have hijacked that Purpose and there are things that your Ego has diluted itself into believing And you know lying and believing in lies And creating Illusions and deceptions is Human nature and when those deceptions Get um Exposed when you're you know the things That you your mental constructs things That you believe about yourself that Aren't true things that you've made up Defense mechanisms things that are in Your psychological World your internal World when your ego gets confronted with Those truths what happens when you tell People the truth about them what happens When you see something in somebody else And you tell them the truth and like Truthers are some of the worst at that Right I mean tell a truth are the truth You know about themselves what do they Do they attack you they get defensive They do anything but accept it right I May have worked as a counselor for years I worked in you know as a a preceptor in The sjar system and of course I was a

You know parent and in relationships With you know people friends whatever it Is family members a marriage you know Where someone's uh per Perpetual victim And of course all the reactions I get Here when somebody's ego hears something That it doesn't want to hear and it's Truthful and they react because if it Wasn't truthful they wouldn't react Right they wouldn't have these big Reactions and they're you know they're Coming at me they're mad at me they're Mad at The Messer when I don't even know Them and had no idea what they believed And I said something in a video and it Triggers their ego because their ego Doesn't want to know that truth it Doesn't want to hear that truth there's A term for this which is is called Denial right you know there's a Psychological term where people deny Reality deny the truth you know I Covered this in a different way in the Journey series that's where this idea Came from and I forgot all about it like When I started making this video but It's essential to know that people are Avoiding the truth they're avoiding the Truth about other people you know um When you're in a marriage like when I Was in a marriage that the other person Has psychological deep psychological Issues and there's no way of the Marriage there's kids and divorce wasn't

An option you have to ignore things you Have to deny things you have to pretend That their person's actually better than They are you have to give yourself false Hope you know you have to smoke the Opium pipe I mean when you're in Desperate circumstances that what you That's what you do when you don't have a Choice and you're stuck in bad Relationships bad jobs you have to do Things to cope you have to do things That you can't face the truth facing the Truth of how painful it is to get up Every every day and be you and be in Relationship with people or bosses or a Society I mean you just have to you know Create a imaginary world and start Daydreaming and fantasizing pretending Things are different than they are you Remove yourself from the situation and You go somewhere else you dive into a Book or movies or some sort of other Delusion or video games and you relieve Yourself of facing the the pain that it Is to be in this world and be you in This world and be in these situations That you're in and the bondage that you Have and the people that are you're You're part of your life and all this Stuff right because the truth is Unbearable and then you buy into things You buy into things that are hopeful Like you buy into Trump and you think That Trump's going to save you because

You see the world the way it is and you Can't Imagine being living without this system And you're dependent on it and you only Know one way of living and it's being in The system and if the system was Destroyed you it would freak you out Even the thought of it being destroyed Or or collapsing freaks you out so you Have to you know find somebody who's Going to promise you things and some Flimflam man that's going to lie to you And create Hopi him in you and then when He you know craps the bed you're going To deny it you're going to pretend Trump's great or he's still better than Biden and you'll rationalize it just the Way the people are doing with Biden and You know somehow when Biden drill drools On himself and makes a gaff it's no big Deal when Trump does it he's horrible And you know people just rearrange Reality so they can cope with their you Know their their painful existence and Their their complete overwhelm at the Way things are in reality and you know You can game the system and you can Fudge the books and you can do whatever You do here on planet Earth on a Material Level and keep the deception Going the lies going for some period of Time but eventually the truth catches up To everybody and especially about death Because you know no one's really

Thinking about death until you know Death is imminent or death is a Possibility and even then people go in a State of denial right and you know they Think death is so bad but if it's so bad Why would God do it to everybody right If God was merciful then he wouldn't Kill anything or wouldn't allow anything To die but when your soul leaves your Body and your bondage and goes to the Etheric resting place wherever that Might be whatever level you're on you're Like oh my God I'm so grateful to be out That freaking body and beond that planet Right I mean to the to the soul they're All happy to leave like once the souls Get a taste of what it's like to not to Be into body you know when you have These dreams where you're flying and You're the freedom of you know just Being able to go around in etheric form And not be confined to the bondage that Is the human body and the all the Constraints that are are there that you Don't know about until you die and you Leave the body or you have these Spiritual experiences that for a brief Period of time liberate you from you Know your worldly This worldly bondage okay so I don't Know if if any of that makes Sense but let's get into the the video Clips here Nia you missed those two free Throws how do you react and then gather

Yourself so that you and I'm not sure What this person's name is but Um she went full Illuminati on the Earrings Right this was a game between the Golden State Warriors and the Denver Nuggets And Um see these earrings were on full Display hard to miss them let's go to Morning Joe I turned the news on when I Was eating breakfast and this was what They were doing over there a back Channel negotiations at this stage Israel has still received no substantial Offer from Hamas that could lead to the Release of the Hostages and I can say to you that right Now up till now there's no real proposal That is viable from hamas's side on this Issue there are these countries that Have presidents and prime ministers India is another one the president isn't As powerful as the Prime Minister I Believe I don't know it's hard to say But this guy's the Prime Minister and what they're all saying Over there is that there'll be no they Won't stop the killing of innocent Palestinians bombing them and turning Off their you know just putting them in A a horrible state right no internet no Food and water I mean these people are Suffering there right and they're saying That there are these hostages that H the

The um Hamas holes have and you know who I mean as far as we know are just a Shill group for Israel I mean who who's To say right um but their position is That they're not going To um negotiate or do anything until They get the hostages back now let's say The hostages aren't real just for you Know Tas or whatever it is right they Could indefinitely go and be punishing Palestinian People and just say well we're going to Do this give us our hostages back I mean Who's to say they you know this is even Real right because their goal has always Been to occupy and take over Gaza Strip And we'll get more into that in a bit Chris Matthews of all people who is Looking really ghoulish is in agreement With what I just said right even he um You know like I mean it's just how Unreasonable that Israel is being here Why there are many many people who are Third parties or sing optimistic Messages to the news reals I'm saying U Right according to my knowledge up till Now there's no real substantial Information that is showing any real Offer of any process on the table and That that is unfortunate and of course We are working both on the military Front and in all other fronts to bring Them back home now M I asked him if Negotiations are not making any real

Progress does that mean that Israel's Only real option for getting the Hostages back is a military rescue he Would not go into the details of that But he said thousands of Israeli Officials soldiers spies are working Around the clock to try to bring those 240 or so hostages home he also said There would be no ceasefire short or Long without the release of the hostages That is a point of disagreement between The United States and Israel that is Growing more public the Israeli President had spoken to vice president Kalala Harris earlier in the week he Said they talked about this question of Humanitarian The US has said it wants to Seees in the fighting to allow a to get Into Gaza and potentially to create a Better negotiating environment for Releasing the hostages president Herzog Sticking to the Israeli government line Which is there will be no ceasefires Without the release of the hostages I Also pressed him on the growing number Of Palestinian civilians who have been Killed by Israeli air strikes inside Gaza he said that Israel is doing Everything it can to minimize civilian Casualties see just that's just words Right like it doesn't mean anything um It doesn't like what are you talking About then stop bombing you could stop

Bombing you could stop bombing you're Bombing civilian sites you're bombing Places where civilians live and you have Excuses for doing that which is these Tunnels in the hostages but that's only That's us taking your word for your Situation right like those things that They're doing they've wanted to do for a Long time occupying the Gaza has been on Their agenda Chris Matthews confirms This even Chris Matthews right he said That this is ultimately on Hamas that Their leadership are hiding in tunnels Underneath residential areas but Israel Is facing a growing International outcry Over the level of Civilian deaths Growing calls for an international Ceasefire and overnight the secretary General of the United Nations saying Something must be going wrong with Israel's military operations to see Civilian casualties at this Level you know this idea of censorship Whatever you want to call what YouTube's Doing I've made my case you know what it Really is here and not just here but in Other places on social media of course This is a little tricky for them because It's two protected groups it's Jewish People and Muslim people who are both Protected groups on social media And you know the need for questioning Like he didn't ask this guy any real Questions questions would be it seems

Illogical for Hamas to do what they did Because the ass kicking the Palestinian People are getting and they're not Moving their agenda forward let's go to This other guy and I'll talk about more About that in a second Here NBC's rap Sanchez live from Tel Aviv thank you for that report and we Will ask that question to former prime Minister of Israel naali Bennett who has Also served as chief of staff for Benjamin Netanyahu it's good to have you Back on the show so this guy puts the g Into ghoul like look at this lifeless Mfer right like this guy I Mean and he's even worse when he talks Um we'll get to that in just a moment I'm just Curious how what what the framework Would be in your opinion how a pause in Exchange for hostages humanitarian Aid Getting in how a pause could Work I think a pause would be a Tremendous mistake uh and wrong because Uh we're in a fight to eliminate Kamas We cannot have Kamas exist we're also in A fight to release the hostages right Now Kamas is taking big hits it's on the Floor and now after they uh murdered and Raped 1,400 Israelis suddenly when They're on the floor they want a Humanitary pause Uh we should not allow uh to them to Refresh to rearm uh to re Place their

People so they can continue this war on And on we have to win so this is Gaza And the border with Egypt is blocked There's humanitarian Aid that's supposed To be getting in but it's very Scrutinized so no weapons are going to Get in through the Egyptian border and Israel has a navy and the Palestinians Have on and I'm sure they've already Blockaded the ocean there so there's Nothing getting in or out of the ocean Area like it's a small area it's 22 Miles long so they can easily make sure That no one's escaping none of these Hoses are Escaping and they are you know they can Blockade the whole country so they could Have a pause as long as they want and Those homas aren't going anywhere and They're not going to get rearmed so that Just lies right that's just lies but him Saying they're just they just need to Win I'm going to show you the clip that Goes after this which is equally Disturbing you're going to see ma cross Her arms like even M isn't buying into It and she's nodding her head when Chris Matthews talks about this so America Isn't on board American leaders American Politicians American Media isn't on Board with what Israel is doing now and It's just going to get worse right Because what they're doing is pretty Horrific and their reasons for doing

This are getting more and more flimsy And aren't holding up and the body count Of Palestinians is over 10,000 with over 4,000 of those being kids right so they Have a whole big issue there but the way That they're being about this is that They want to win this thing which They've always wanted to do because They've never wanted Palestine to have State there they know that to be safe Which is their main objective to live Safely as Jewish people not being Persecuted and attacked to have a state That's you know Israel where they're not Prejudice against and they're not being You know targeted because they're Jewish They have to get rid of any enemy Combatants people who are disgruntled Land owners you know that were that you Know the country was Palestine and now It's Israel and those Palestinians are They're never getting over that right And so they have to do like what America Did is give them concentration camps and Completely Crush their culture and Depopulate them and beat them down in Such a way and then throw them on some Reservation where they have poverty and All these other things you know and then After some generations they'll let them Have casinos or something um you know The reservations is what Hitler based His concentration camps on so this is All tied together and that's Israel is

Doing to the Palestinians but these are Just you know they're just saying words But their goal has always been to do What they're doing now right and Everything that they say is you know Just them trying to justify and take Victim Consciousness to perpetrate these Crimes on and on we have to Win okay so what are the other Options that's look at M look at her It's like she's talking to one of her Kids this is is great TV it's like one Of her kids really disappointed her and She's saying well what were your other Options young man Right like she's look at him look at That dude right there ma is going on the War path so she's not digging what he Just Said on and on we have to Win okay so what are the other options That's the option Victory that's it so Just continuing with an offensive let me Ask you the this uh is prime minister Minister You Know M I just want to give You an analogy say if you'd ask me in January of 1945 what are the options of the Allies A pause or this no total Victory to Eliminate Kamas because Hamas is not Part of a conflict or some complex Situation Kamas wants to destroy Israel Full stop period it says it it does it So we have no choice you would do

Exactly the same thing we have to Eliminate Kamas see the thing about this Is and Chris Matthews is coming on right After this and I'll show you his clip And meek ends up agreeing with him but What Chris Matthews is going to say is What I've been saying for a while Israel's never wanted a two-state Solution what I just said they can't Really have the Palestinians in their Country in a country in a region where Everyone hates them and it's you know I Mean there's been this biblical War for 3,000 years and so they're saying that Hamas is stated goal is to get rid of Israel to destroy Israel and what They're not saying is that their goal is To get rid of Palestine which is clearly What's happening because it is the ever Shrinking state of Palestine and it's Not a state and there's no two-state Solution Israel doesn't believe in that So let's go to the Chris Matthews clip Here the only thing I care about right Now getting A all right former is Israeli Prime Minister naali Bennett thank you very Much I want to bring uh Chris Matthews Back into this conversation um having Worked in white houses in the past and We've been following obviously the Plight of Israel it's only been three Years since Chris Matthews resigned from hard ball because

He was mewed remember that and look at The guy like talk about going ghoul Right like it's only been three years Bro did you get the bloop for decades um Can you speak a little bit to the Position that President Biden Biden is In right now you you hear how Resolute Even this former Israeli Prime Minister Is and yet there are a couple of Different realities happening at the Same time how to Navigate well it's hard because if you Look at what's happening at the University of Pennsylvania in other Ivy League schools where you have Palestinians running rampant and Sounding like the only message from Those universities including from the President's office that's who you seem To be hearing from but there's a big Difference between what's happening in The midd East right now and the end of Germany in World War II and the end of Japan in World War II when Hitler was Killed when too was executed the the war Was over there was no more Japanese People trying to fight us there was no More people who wanted to get us they Wanted to learn baseball come on and the Germans wanted to join the West that's What happened in the midd East the cause Of the Palestinians is different than Hamas and it's bigger when if if Israel Wins this war if they find everybody

With a a trigger finger shooting Missiles or anything of Israel if they Get rid of all those people if they find Every intelligence route they can get to And kill all those people arrest them if They do all that there will still be a Palestinian cause the Palestinians are Equal number to the Israelis in that Part of the world in the holy land they Have to have a home you have to give Them a home where they have no place to Go and that's the situation it's it's Not like VE day or VJ Day but those Announces are ridiculous it's about the Fated people to you see the difference In mik's body language even she's um you Know like she even realizes that um that Guy the last guy was way over the top Right the guy's too far out there for M And this is M being happy this is M like This is happiness for me that's today And tomorrow and 20 and 30 and 50 years From now where are they going to go and As long as you got settlers piling into The into into the Judean Samaria as the As the BL calls said it's it's not going To happen as long as B nany continues to Support all those settlements it's not Going to happen as long as he has a a Block which includes in its heart the Settler Community it's not going to Happen this is the problem we face as Americans versus Israel we want a Two-state solution historically all our

Presidents have W in one including Including Biden including Biden he wants One but he can't tell but I don't think He can tell the prime minister of Israel Right now then you've got to have a Statement for that if you don't give the Palestinians hope they're going to still Look to Hamas and and the problem is Given what happened on October 7th you You never want to communicate that there Shouldn't be a response to that so it's Uh it's incredibly complicated Chris Matthews thank you it's not incredibly Complicated because we know what's going On here there's a 3,000 year old war and There can only be one winner right just Like um the Thunderdome you Max Mad Max The Thunderdome two men enter one man leaves Right there's just there's no um you Know there's no reconciliation here There's no living in peace and Harmony Between these groups of people in America and Christians as well and now With Communism I mean this is how the Whole world is there's no way to Reconcile all the different beliefs and There's not enough resources and things To go around and you know there's no way To make this thing work that's why You'll see the system coming down that's Why there's going to be World War II Because the systems Insolvent it's taking people in the

Wrong direction it's a system of Deception and you know like I said Monetary slavery slavery of wishes Slavery of your desires and Disconnection from God and one's soul And that's what Le this is what it leads To this is you this is the kind of stuff That happens when people don't have a Real relationship with a Divinity within Them um there's one little more piece to Go on RFK Jr because he's a piece of Crap and I just want to show you that Here you know I covered this yesterday With RFK Jr just his I he's going in on Censorship of college students and now They tried to reverse this and kusich Left his campaign And cusin is posting things that he Clearly doesn't believe in what RFK Jr Believes in terms of the the conflict Between uh Israel and you know what is I Guess Palestine um in terms of everything I've Covered in my other channel but Dennis Cusines left his post as presidential Campaign manager for Robert J Robert F Kennedy Jr and was replaced by Mr Kennedy's daughter-in-law a political Neoy best known for a memoir about her Tenure in the CIA so he's turned out to be a real Piece of crap um just you know on this One issue alone but apparently he also Had a panic attack RFK junr on today is

Running for president and his wife Cheryl Hines uh 30 minutes into the Podcast we did have a weird blackout This is Tim Dylan the comedian Associated with Joe Rogan in the studio It's never happened before I've been Podcasting about seven years This has never happened it was strange It happened uh in the middle of the Episode we lost about 15 good minutes And then we got back to it um but as you Know uh you know it kind of broke uh the Uh you know we had a groove going and it They had a groove it was fun we had uh a Dynamic and it was cool and when the Lights went off I think he thought Someone was trying to kill him And you know because it's again it's the Family history um but you know he's a Really conscientious guy but you know When those lights went down he was like Cherl like he they were you know it got St Sherl so he's a great guy I would love To see him uh you know gain Traction in You mean your cameras didn't have any I Mean these are I guess plug-in cameras But a f i don't know be great to see That happen actually this race CU I Think yeah he sucks RFK Jr sucks so this Is um Amarillis Kennedy something Kennedy um she married his son this is His son looks like um some of Kennedy's

Drugs uh she um worked for the CIA and now she's his campaign manager So that's everything you need to know Here they all are together or there his Son with his his wife there they are Dressed this is their what they got Married like just strange this is Strange these people are Strange um she looks like you Know uh there she is she likes to she Likes to sit in this pose Here and um you know just um Emerald is Fox Kennedy so yeah uh Kennedy Uh crap the Bed okay just a wrap this thing up um so When Kennedy was doing these interviews There's a couple of things that makes This really egregious this is what Kennedy's done is worse and I'll explain In a moment but when he was going on This truther tour and he was hitting all These truther right-wing you know sort Of media personalities you know semi- Truthers alternative media people and he Went on this tour and he talked about How the CIA had it in for his family That his his family had a war with the CIA and that the CIA was responsible for Murdering his father and his uncle and Now the CIA is he's got a CIA operative You know running its campaign like That's everything you need to know the Reason it's so egregious is that he like He said like I said he went on a sort of

Semi- truther tour he made an effort to Let let everybody know in the truth Community that um you know he was Sympathetic and agreed with a lot of the Things that we agreed with especially With the Boop and things like this right And he could articulate the truth or Points of view you know he didn't know Exactly you know there's different ways Of looking at the truth Community but he Seemed to be somebody who got it in ways That other people in who are running for Political office including trumps could Never do like Trump uh cultivated or Created a a relationship with the truth Community towards the end of 200 16 Before the the election with Hillary to Bring those people aboard and they were Already aboard because they hated Hillary but Steve banon had him do that And then he bailed on the truth Community which is you know pretty Egregious in in its its own right you Know what Trump did with the the QBs and These other you know groups of people Because people in the truth community Are desperate you know most people in The truth Community know what I know but Can't admit it you know people say that I'm black builded and I'm not because I've explained this before because I Believe that there is a spiritual Solution that this is actually a good Thing the system going down but but

Anyhow that's that's neither here nor There but most be in the people in the Truth Community know that our system Sucks and should be taken down not by us By God or just you know the natural Order of Things most people kind of get That but then you run it up against what I always say we're 100% dependent on the System and we don't have a backup plan And that's terrifying for most people And you know it is terrifying in some Ways it's at least scary and Uncomfortable and so they're looking for Somebody to promise them or or tell them That that's not going to happen and you Can make a lot of money by doing that Right if you want to and it's you know It's wrong to do that and so when Somebody comes along and cultivates a Relationship with the truth community And says that we can you know fix this Thing like Trump did and Kennedy did it Much worse and also what people in the Truth Community are looking for is Validation from somebody important Somebody who's in the mainstream and I Don't know why because the people in the Mainstream are worse the people running The system and the celebrities are worse Why do you need their validation right But we're a group of people who've been Ostracized in whatever you know way that We feel about the system and nobody Really sticks up for us or represents us

And when Kennedy went to Capitol Hill And fought against censorship which you Know is a plague in terms of what Biden Was doing and all those things you know It's a lot worse than coming out and Just being a scumbag like every other Politician to flirt with people and Pretend like you actually get it and He's smart enough and he knows the Narratives well enough that he could do That and for him to do that and then to Just you know punk out on Israel and Just be a complete scumbag and you know Fail in every possible way you know like In terms of his going back on his Beliefs and core things that he said Right you can't say the CIA murdered Your dad and your your brother your Uncle you know and they're the kennedies Right you can't say something like that And then hire a CIA operative to run Your campaign on top of like all the Other things that he's just done and you Can't can't say all these things about Censorship and then called up to Capitol Hill to go against the Democrats and the You know Biden shills and be suing Joe Biden for censorship and then call for Censorship in universities because you Have a horrific take on Israel when You've been somebody who's against Oppression and you've worked with the Native American peoples and you've been Against this kind of behavior everywhere

But in Israel and in Palestine and and So you know it's just like he's he's Worse like he's just an absolute piece Of Boop like I said in the beginning we Didn't know what he was going to do we Didn't know what kind of person he was Like he was saying that he could you Know he could articulate the truth or Narratives and you had to give the guy a Shot just because you know I mean I Think he could solve anything I know the System can't be saved but at least you Know somebody's coming along and and Saying the right things his original Campaign video he said he's just going To tell people the truth and he's trying To try something new but it failed like Whatever has happened since then he's Bailed on the truth community and all These people that interviewed him are Now turning on him and he's lost the Truth Community he's lost the youth in The Democratic party I mean he's just He's imploding right in front of Everybody and why do that like you Didn't have to run it all you know like You know why why give people a false Sense of hope and a false sense of Belonging and you know these things only To turn on him like it's just it's Almost almost sadistic I mean it's Beyond being just narcissistic but the Guy has you know his own sense of Desperation like I said it was easy for

Me to see when he um imploded and then People were sending me articles about His you know keeping a diary of his Infidelities and his sexual addiction That he was you know he talked about his Regular addiction to heroin but people Who are addicted in those ways usually Have some desperation something that They're ashamed of some Psychological aberration that they don't Want to face within themselves and There's just something off about the guy Um and you know it's unfortunate because Like he got the truther stuff like he Could he could articulate things that Truthers believe but you know he doesn't Stand for anything right he's just like The rest of these guys maybe even worse Like he's probably a little bit worse Because he's easily compromised right And maybe they got stuff on him like it Came out that he um he was on the Lita Express and his Camp defended it saying That his whole family Was like his the campaign came out and Said they're going to a family event his Wife was with him so he took his wife to The on the Lita Express for with Jeffrey Epstein so that's RFK Jr he's you know He's unredeemable only spiritual valy Will save this world it's Paul Romano Definitely poting from the apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day and be grateful

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