The Tao of Fishboi

The Tao of Fishboi

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I Already did this once before and it was A Long um voice over and a clean one I'd Made very few mistakes very little Editing needed and I forgot to turn the App on my wife and I have since gone for A walk I probably did about a half hour Content and this content's a little bit Harder um but Trump has dropped at least Four triggered Messages and some of them been put up on The Internet um on YouTube I'm not sure Where he's doing these on true social or What uh but he is Clearly um he is clearly triggered he's Really doing the fish boy he's doing the Fish boy throughout um buy indictments Against me should be viewed as campaign Contributions to good fish boy crooked Joe Biden and his fish boy his radical Left Thug fish Boy this will be their updated form of Cheating and election interference Remember once you start looking at it It's hard to do anything else these are Biden like there's just indictments They're not pure see it's just every Time simple they're not coming down from Heaven these are indictments made up by Joe Biden and the people that's around Him mostly the people that Surround him he's got a bad group They're thugs see the thugs he's got

Thugs over there Trump has no thugs Cohen wasn't a Thug um guy from Breitbart wasn't a thug His thugs aren't Thugs they're radical left fascists They're marxists they're Communists they Have the worst people but these people Made these indictments so when they say Oh Donald Trump is going oh this is Great really fish boys it here watch Watch this part like he's it's almost Like Claymation he fish boy I got more you Know we're going to get off the fish boy Thing I mean it's going to be throughout Like we're not leaving it completely Watch this part here people but these People made these indictments so when They say oh Donald Trump is going to Court no no we're going to court to Let's do that again I messed it up here We Go but these people made these Indictments so when they say oh Donald Trump is going to Court no no it's just It's like clation it's like his lips Aren't real we're going to court to Fight a crooked system a corrupt system And Democrats better be careful what They wish for because this kind of thing Can happen to them so this is a threat Like he's basically saying here when He's elected president he's going to do The same thing to them but Trump is limp

Poop ain't it right like he doesn't um He had a chance to do something like This before and so let's let's go let's Go down memory lane here here they are Right um here's this guy he's got the I Mean what's his like what's happening There like how does your neck get that Big and there's his Wife so like that's already disturbing This guy here these people in the Background now here's this dude and look At this was the second debate can fact Check him fact check fact check him in Real time last time at the first debate We had millions of people uh Factchecking so I expect we'll have Millions more factchecking uh because There's a lot of fact Checkers out there You know it is uh it's just awfully good That someone with the temperament of Donald Trump is not in charge of the law In our country because you'd be in jail Secretary Clinton Kaboom like he delivered there That was Donald Trump's finest moment in The debates like he had it that was a a Huge oneliner and if he was in charge of The Criminal Justice System she'd be in Jail right and if you remember the 20156 campaign everywhere Trump went They were yelling lock her up and Trump Talked about her criminal activity Throughout the campaign so he's either Lying about her being a criminal or I

Mean after he was elected president or He or when before he was elected President he was lying about her being a Criminal or he didn't care about it Because you know he didn't care about Justice because that's all he talked About crooked Hillary that's his his Name for her but he didn't go after her One bit in fact he said This Donald Trump is uh seemingly Already going back on one of his Campaign promises you'll remember he Promised to appoint a special prosecutor To investigate Hillary Clinton for using A private email server that happened During one of the debates well listen to What he said at one of these thank you Rallies just this is the gumball guy and I'll get into him in a moment we have to Go down memory lane with a gumball guy Just has to be done but let's get to This first last Night that plays great before the Election now we Don't yeah if you couldn't really Decipher that there were chance of lock Her up from the audience and he said now Now we don't care that was before the Election uh but he is now talking about Okay so think about that right because That was a huge thing that happened and We know it happened because Trump didn't Go after Hillary one bit his whole Campaign he talked about her criminal

Behavior you were there he promised a Special prosecutor he said what he's Going to do and none of that happened She left her office I she left whatever You know she lost and she went to do Whatever Hillary Clinton does you Know and none of it's probably worth Even thinking about and and he didn't Bother her again didn't talk about her Didn't do anything it was over no now Either was lying to his supporters Saying that she was a criminal when she Wasn't and that's effed up or he was Telling the truth and he didn't care That she was a criminal and he let her Go or there's some sort of deal made in Any case Trump's a piece of Boop like That's shows you as a piece of boot U Let's go back to the gumball guy before We get back to Trump here have you ever Played this party game guessing the Number of gumballs in a jar it's played At office parties kids birthdays you Guess the correct number you win a prize Usually the gumballs that's a good price Because I for one like gumballs now if You watch our show regularly then you Know where this is going if not let me Catch you up so almost two years ago I Started highlighting The Washington Post Count of President Trump's false and Misleading claims made while in office And as he rounded out his first calendar Year

2017 the fact Checkers at the post Counted 1,950 false or misleading claims in his First 347 days as president that's a lot Of lies how you how are we going to how Are we going to show those lies in in Some kind of way that we can see them For what they are that's a lot of that's A big number how can we conceptualize That number 1,950 now that was a stking number but It is a striking number that could be Hard to grasp it is hard to grasp how Can you help us grasp it Gumball guy Wanted to make sure it resonated so I Searched for a way to make something Conceptual like a false statement Visual And I remembered the jar of gumballs Except this time there's no guessing Game Involved in these four 1,950 I know because I put them there I Just I was wondering if they have like a Gumball counter machine that counts Gumballs did he count them you have a Staff member there's a gumball person Over there in charge of counting Gumballs just wanted you to know what That looks Like again that was near the end of the President's first year so what does the Count of his bunk claims look like now Well according to the Washington Post Fact Checker blog boom look at all those

Gumballs president Trump has now made 15, 413 false or misleading claims and That's in fewer than 1100 days in office 15,43 we're now up to 28 jars just keep On getting jars the first year the President was averaging at some point I Don't know if it's some this wasn't There might have been one after this but Some point they said they had a closet Of Gumballs and you know people are Sneaking in there and getting the Gumballs like CNN has all these gumballs Stored on these racks somewhere they had Like a closet full of them and I don't Know this this guy's name but he's by Far my my favorite CNN reporter because Of this lone association with gumballs Because I for one have a positive Association with gumballs most people Who grew up in my generation did because Back then the supermarkets when you left The supermarkets they had these machines Gumball machines and if you had money Your parents give you some change you Would get a gumball and it was kind of Like a reward for going through the Grocery store with your parents which Sucked but you know getting a gumball or Riding one of those stupid horses or Whatever they had these things for kids Impulse items right and you know I Really have a positive association with

Gumballs a couple years ago we were Traveling I think was when we went to India um even before that I found these Gumballs that were like organic and They're really good um but you know They're sugar and whatever But but when I look at gumballs I think Hey I want a gumball that's what I Thought every day of my life when I walk Through you know not every day but every Time I walk through a store and I saw a Gunball machine you know there was this Commercial we had when we were Kids is a penny Mickey thanks for the Gumball Penny for a gumball Freddy Thanks for the Gumball Penny for Gumball Papy for the Gumball Gumball banks with New sugarless gumballs you can get Refills to fill up Mickey Mouse poey FR So um I think I had this either I had it One my friends had it but what usually Would happen is you bought it and your Parents bought it for you you put in all The gumballs and then you ate all the Gumballs and then it just laid there Empty in your house with some residue of Sugar and then insects Would but you know my generation I think The next you know few Generations we had This association with Gumballs so Gumball the guy wants you to Think about these gumballs is Trump's Lie but you like gumballs people want Gumballs right I think pretty much

Everyone has a positive association with Gumballs gumballs have a high positivity Ratio and so um you know it's a Fail but I associate him with Gumball so You he's my favorite CNN Guy but Trump you know he had his Opportunity to put tiller in jail and he Didn't so now he has this threat you Know he says this thing here but it's Just you know nobody believes him Because he makes threats like this but He doesn't follow through we're going to Court to fight a crooked system a Corrupt system and Democrats better be Careful what they wish for because this Kind of thing can happen to them and it Can happen very quickly thank you very Much please realize that all of these Indictments and lawsuits against me are Conceived and run by radical left Democrats the same lunatics that are Destroying our country again the fish Boy stuff the indictments and Litigation are highly partisan election Interference it's just so weird I never Noticed it before once I noticed it I Can't stop seeing it now we're in a Partially corrupt system of justice we Call it a system of justice we call it a System of justice it's really it's Really a system of Injustice I knew that Was coming CU I already watched this Once and did it that's typical Trump we Call it a system of justice it's really

A system of Injustice filled up with Marxists fascists communist and radical Left Democrats but also oh man there was a Big one there I've already gone through This I already did this before Kaboom like he looks like one of those Kissing fish with his Hair like that's fish boy he's Undeniably fish boy look at that MFA Right there he just went for it like big Ass fish Boy He's got I mean it's just clamation I Want to thank you very much to the People of Atlanta Georgia I love Atlanta Love georia he loves Atlanta Georgia we Did great in Georgia much better than People understand for coming out and Showering us with support we're going Through some tough times as a country Right now our country is going bad we're A failing Nation but the love was Incredible because they want to bring Our country back want to bring her back Whether it's africanamerican Hispanic American Asian-American men Women Highly Educated people people Without a diploma they want to bring our Country back like we have he's got such A big demographic of followers it in Particular I want to thank the Communities of Washington Park Vine City And banket the people understand that

This is a political persecution it's a Travesty of justice but we are not going To let them stop us with we're not going To let them at all okay so that's Another thing we're not going to let Them stop Us you already did you were president And you rolled out operation warp speed And I guess there's another new one I I Haven't seen yet I didn't get to that One like that one came up just as I Realized I didn't have the the app on I'll show you that in a second but uh You know there's this um idea that he You know he had the opportunity to stop All these things they changed the Definition of gender I mean that whole Thing happened all that liberal stuff They rolled out he couldn't stop the Antifa stuff he couldn't stop the BLM Riots and then he you know rolled out Operation warp speed he failed on that He closed down the economy did the Lockdowns and you know now he's changed His position because it's politically You know advantageous but he didn't Fight for us in the system at all he Just caved he let them get totally work Him on Co and then the post election and They worked him even worse and they Worked him so hard embarrassed him and Then all the stuff that happened in January the S January you know 2020 the big day and all that stuff that

Happened afterwards the deplatforming The censorship he got so worked he Didn't stop it in fact there's that Famous quote I've showed you that before Where he said what kind of way is this To run the country Right if somebody cheated in the Election which the Democrats did why Wouldn't the election be immediately Overturned how can a country be run like This like he was the sitting president That was what he was saying like Completely limped Boop you know just D Nutted right the guy had nothing he Couldn't stop it and he's not going to Stop it now a second termer you know With all the you know the multiple Indictments all these things American Deserves to know that they are The Heirs To an incredible history he's really Going fish Bo hide here given to us by a Legion of true American Heroes Individuals like George Washington Thomas Jefferson Betsy Ross this total fish boy thing now George Washington was a Freemason and again you know half the a Third of the founding fathers were George Washington's wife looks a lot Like a dude look up Martha Washington Judge for yourself uh portraits of her And I'm sure the portraits were Flattering um but Thomas Jefferson's a Little bit worse now he's considered one

Of the greatest political minds and I Mean all the stuff he did with the Integral to the you know the Constitution all these other documents But he was aring his 15-year-old slave Girl Sally Hemmings who they were in a Non-consensual relationship because she Was a slave girl and she bore him three Children it was cheting on his wife and Abusing this you know this slave girl And the children they had together Thomas Jefferson's children with Sally Hemings were Thomas Jefferson's property They were his slaves and so think about That like imagine if you had children Out of wedlock and those children were Your slaves and so you can say well it Was the time this that and the other Thing but he certainly wasn't a hero I Mean whatever you want to say about him That's not being heroic And again you know most of these Historical figures were not good people They just are remembered as such right Every country has their Heroes but Doesn't mean these guys were even good People never mind Heroic Frederick Douglas Abraham Lincoln Harriet Tubman Susan banthony Teddy Roosevelt generals George Patton Douglas McArthur we could use them now we can Use those generals and countless other Legends Patriots and Giants of American History yet we're also a people whose

Heroes live not only in the past is There any hero that would like that we Don't we can think about right now but All around us today he went big time There but all he went big there he went Big Time fish boy there again when he Says the word all that's when he gets it But all around us today including the Men and women of the United States Military our law enforcement and our First Responders who are all willing to Lay down she did there again with all Watchers who are all willing to lay down Lives so that we can have safety peace Freedom and life the stories of our Great American hearers remind us what Our country is all about and how each One is capable of Achieving this great great thing that we All want to do we want to have an Incredible successful life we want to be Also great Patriots and strength for our Nation you know most people are selfish In titled boops even if they call Themselves Patriots people are Self-involved like just Trump's Imaginary world like he's a narcissistic Flimflam man who you know doesn't care About Justice because either Hillary's a Criminal or she's not and it's in unjust For him to accuse her of being a Criminal in a campaign to get Elected and not go after her that that's Not Justice either she's a criminal and

Should be prosecuted or you're lied About her in either way that's unfair And you know it just shows you what kind Of person he Is the leftwing lunatics are trying very Hard to bring back Co well he went in Big here watch this one are trying very Hard right there just a Tad boom wow he's taking a big hope of Of fish boy I mean come on like you he undeniable to Bring back Co lockdowns and mandates With all of their sudden fear-mongering About the new variants that are coming Gee whiz you know what else is coming an Election they want to restart the co Yeah but you got work last time ADM you Got work that if you didn't shut down The the the country the way they were Demanding and you didn't stand if you Stood up to them like you should have You would still be president you got Worked by that they wouldn't have been Able to hide JoJo magu they wouldn't Have been able to roll out the economy The failed economy because they conned You into locking it down which you Didn't want to do but you did it anyway And then rolling out operation warp Speed all of those things disaster You're a disaster you got played you got Worked you they made a fool of you they Used you now you're you're finally Coming around to it when you're running

For reelection you failed us failed Yourself embarrassing but hysteria so They can justify more lockdowns more Censorship more illegal dropboxes more Mail-in ballots and trillions of dollars In payoffs to their political allies Heading into the 2024 election does that Sound see you know he's he's considered About the election being fair and he's Saying that the mailin ballot screwed Him the last time but there are bigger Problems with the lockdowns and all of It course and also the operation warp Speed stuff so you know you can't come Around and pretend you didn't get worked They they they owned you like they Played you so bad it was embarrassing Like They they gotcha s familiar these are Bad people these are sick people we're Dealing with but to every Co Tyrant who Wants to take away our freedom hear These words we will not comply so don't Even think about it we will not shut Down our schools we will not accept your Lockdown well you know you should have Said this stuff two years ago we will Not abide by your mask mandates and we Will not tolerate your vaccine mandates They rigged the wait what you're the one Operation warps speed 2020 election and Now there trying to do the same thing All over again which you helped them do You handed it on a silver platter to

Them by rigging the most important Election in the history of our country The 2024 election even of it means Trying to bring back Co but they will Fail because we will not let it happen When I'm back in the white house I will Use every available authority to cut Federal funding to any school college Airline or public transportation system That imposes a mask mandate or a vaccine Mandate thank you very much okay but Where were you where were you rum where Were you when you got owned by this in 2020 you got completely owned worked and Now you're saying these things because They're popular but we know your actions Speak louder than words you got played And you went along with it and you tried To tell everybody how great these things Were there's two more videos that Trump Put up here the third one I'm not going To get to like he's losing it right and I want get into it because he just sucks Like you know if you don't see it by now But whatever um here he is is there Anyone on the planet that doesn't know What I look like I wish there were some People like that that'd be very nice for Me and yet for some reason the Communist Democrats in Atlanta made a mug shot of me that's a Mugshot because I mug said the election Was rigged and I believe it more Strongly than ever it was a rigged

Election we all know why and we know What they're doing and we certainly get It but I know I'm your favorite President and they make me look like a Criminal but it completely and totally Back back fart as you probably read Since my mug shot was released our Campaigners raised over $10 million the People get it the people know the people Get it no some of the people get it and Not enough of them that's the point We'll get back to that this is a sham And a scam this is nothing but election Interference they want to interfere with Our election so they can try and damage Me with all these [ __ ] what bull What lawsuits that you see flying boom Look at the guy all over the place but It's election interference is Orchestrated by crooked Joe Biden the Worst president in the history of our Country along with the Deep State and on November 5th 2024 it's going to Backfire again when we win back the White House and make America great again I just want to thank you for your Tremendous support and here it is if you Want to go out and get it you can go out And get it have fun with it but okay so Um they pled it out here stupid [ __ ] Forbes so there was that and then there Was this one what's happening to our Auto Workers is an absolute disgrace and An outrage beyond belief Auto Workers

Are getting total total fish boy just Can't stop ripped off by crooked Joe Biden and also their horrendous Leadership because these people are Allowing our country to do these Electric vehicles that very few people Want and it's a mandate so you'll Ultimately be forced to drive in a car That goes for an hour and then you have To have it recharged I hope you don't Want to go very far away Biden has Imposed the outlandish requirement that 67% of all new vehicles must be Electric In less than 10 years that means Michigan and places that make cars you Can forget about it you better get your Union forget about it there working Because you can forget about those cars Are all going to be made in China According to the UAW president himself One Auto Company CEO used the word Brutality over 40 times in a single Conversation to describe Joe Biden I Call him crooked Joe because he's the Most corrupt president in history he's Also the most incompetent but Joe so um That saying that he's the most corrupt And most incompetent is something They've tried to do to Trump as well you Can't be incompetent and corrupt right You can't be Incompetent and corrupt you can't be Stupid and a criminal m Mastermind and They've tried to do this with both Biden

And Trump as paint them as inept I mean Stupid and uh you know old and scile at The same time saying that they're Criminal mides Geniuses and you can't be Both right you have to be one or the Other you can't be both you can't be Like stupid and great you know like Can't be stupid and smart you have to be Like either one or the other because if You're aept and you're and you're a Crook and you're getting away with it Then you're not inept and JoJo Mago People are getting away with it it's not Joe you he's using Joe here because That's what he's got to do but he should Just be saying all the time the guy's Basically uh you know a a meat puppet Out there and he's just being you know Run by all these handlers but then it Would Trump would have to talk about his Own handlers and his own situation that He's In Biden's cruel and foolish electric Vehicle mandate that's how bad this Policy is your union heads know it but The union bosses don't want to do Anything about it because they're not Leaders but you know who's voting for me The people in the union yeah the union Heads and the Crooked Joe keep using the Phrase Fair transition there's no fair Transition first of all there's no fair Transition people don't want the Electric car and the ones that want it

Should get it but we want to have all Forms of transportation and all forms of Motorization He's just Um at some point I think it calls him Evil let me just this is what he says That should be going to the workers and Makes new cars entirely unaffordable for The middle class that's a transition to Hell you're going to hell and your Bosses are leading you right down the Tubes you shouldn't pay your fees they Get these big fees from all of their Workers you shouldn't pay your fees You're going to hell you know he's um Joe Biden Sucks and for republicans and you know Some people that's enough to vote for Trump but for lots of people it isn't They don't see a distinction here and Trump should just go away I'll come back To this in my voice Over so in a video that I'm waiting to Get uh approved on my other channel I Get into this guy and his big Pharma Ties and his big business ties and his Pump and dump schemes and you know Information's been out on this guy for a While um and I got two things to show You here and he just sucks and Trump's He's Trump's favorite you know guy right Now because he's praising Trump left and Right as the you know greatest president In a generation or

Whatever um and so uh Trump wants to Give this guy a position so if Trump Wins you're going to get this guy Because this guy is you know on Trump's Good list as long as he doesn't attack Trump he'll stay on Trump's good list And so this guy is much worse than we Originally thought but here it says here God is real there are two genders human Pluralism I guess it Says hi U my name is Anna Hawkins I'm From Manley and I've been in Iowa for Six years I know that you don't have any Power over Congress but there is a Crisis going on with our l system in our Corporations kind of scratching Congresses back and oh I'm going to you Know whatever um but what are you able To do or what is within your realm to be Able to get more of Congress congress's Interest align with American interests Human flourishing requires fossil fuels Corporations brilliant thank you for That question so I'll say a couple of Things first of all the real people who Make the laws are not the people in Common They're the people in the three-letter Government agencies in Washington DC I mean this literally okay and okay The media is going to report this Afterwards and that's fine I mean this Quite Literally I believe that most that is to

Say over 50% of federal regulations today that Have the force of law are Unconstitutional and we will resend them On day one because they failed the test Of West Virginia versus EPA probably the Most important Supreme Court case of our De so here's a guy who is a player he's Uh almost a billionaire he's he's 900 Million uh worth 900 million hedge fund Manager big Pharma you know player in Society and at some point he was a Democrat um here let's watch that Here hello I'm V and I want to ask you Last week on the show we had Senator KY And this week and and the week before we Had Senator Edwards and my question for You is of all the Democratic candidates Out there why should I vote for the one With the least political experience well You shouldn't because I have the most Political Experience that was Republican Presidential candidate rebec ramaswami Asking the question there it was 20 so It's on this network this girl man she's Just just so Ghoulish um Marsha Wallace something Like that Marshall Wallace I think Um who cares but she's I mean in a Network full of ghouls she stand she's a Standout and that was on um that Loudmouth guy uh whatever his name is um You know they metooed the guy that's

Chris Matthews there so this is a very Liberal show Chris Matthews remember he Got a tingle in his leg when he heard Obama speak and then um V Ram Swami goes On their show and she's making fun of Him but he was a Democrat he talked About how Carrie and Edwards were on the Show like he was part of the show right It was clearly a Democrat at that time And you know he's questioning Al Sharpton on experience when he's had None personally which he's going to mock Here there was 2003 it was on MSNBC he Was then a young student questioning the Political experience of our own rabal Sharpton who was at the time running his Own campaign for president 20 years Later ramaswami is facing increased Criticism from the other Republican 2024 Candidates for his own lack of political Experience and tomorrow the tables will Officially be turned as the reval will Be questioning Vivic ramaswami in a live Interview on Politics Nation um rev what Have you got up your sleeve for Vivic Ramaswami I I want to know does he Now Understand that having political Experience does not mean you hold a Political office so um there's that but But the guy you know like Trump was a Democrat like Trump gave money to the Clintons you know I mean they're not Even sinere I mean he's the most Insincere person he's got all these

Right-wing Positions and you know he is a total Insight or he says he's going after These three-letter Agencies and yet you know maybe he's Even a uh an asset for one of them right Like it's just that level of scum this Is this guy Dax I saw saw this it came Up on my feed then a a few people sent It to me on um you know messages or Whatever um and he did Oliver Anthony's Richmond north of Richmond I saw another Video from him I've seen him before he's Uh he's like an independent rapper like These other guys and he did a a rap Called uh black and white with that guy Tom McDonald who's a truther I don't Like Tom McDonald's rapping but he's a Truther and this video there's a lot of Truther stuff it just like with Chris Webby I like the Chris Webby one better But that's not the point the point is That there are a lot of these Independent rappers who are truthers and The record labels keep you from being That and you have this song out you know A lot of people have been talking about This song um you know mostly positively But then there's always suspicion the Truth community and I want to address That in a moment uh Oliver Anthony uh But there's one more thing I want to Show you here uh let's move over to The Voice voice over I want to get to Trump

Last let's read this thing from uh this Is a you know they have these messages People send out I think I did it once on YouTube and forgot how to do it probably Not that hard there's never been a time In history when we look back and say the People who were censoring Free Speech Were the good guys um you know I I get That as A uh you know positive statement from RFK Jr and him being against censorship Could benefit all of us or might fire And do the opposite who knows like it's Just that's the times we live in the Problem is his endorsement of Israel and The stuff with Palestine revers that Right so he is for censorship so there's That I want to say one more thing about Vivic Ramaswami uh you know he was on that MSNBC show and you could see when he was Just giving a speech on a valid Victorian there are people you know They're going to be famous like the People went to school with this guy Like he was a Fame hoe right like he was Going after Fame like he wanted that Like he was going to you know he just Had that kind of energy and you know There people just like that and you can Just tell people who are around famous People in high school they like you yeah We knew that person was going to be Famous cuz they just you know everything

In their system is moving towards Fame But like he didn't care like he was on a Liberal talk show liberal show with Chris Matthews who was hyper liberal a Clinton guy and then he became a Republican right conveniently but it was Just because like these are his ambition Like he's an ambitious person that's What's d uh driving him and he doesn't Care about what position he has to take He's just doing it right he's that's This is what he's into right like he Just wants to do that become famous and You know be president whatever just be Relevant and there's no substance and It's a classic politician thing the Thing with Oliver Anthony I get some People send him messages they doubt it Or you know they think he's like he's Got owns a lot of land or whatever it is And you know whatever he is let's say He's a Shill uh and I you know I don't see that Being the case but you know whatever um Who's to say and this song is a part of Us you know some psychop you people in The truth Community are suspicious of Everything and you you know you should Be suspicious but not like paranoid and Letting it dominate your existence like Just you know they're not going to get Me again you know like you Know like you just you know you don't Want to be like that right that guy uh

But in terms of what's important about The Oliver Anthony thing is that people From all different demographics are Responding to it and truism is emerging In different ways there's rap videos That have all kinds of Truth or stuff in It that have been um you know generated With this this Song and it shows you that 60% I would Say 60% of the population is just done Like there you know I think that there's About 60% of the people are what I would Consider you know on the truth or Spectrum and they just had enough of the System and that's important because you Know those are the kind of numbers that Scare the powers that be not that it's Going to be reversed or any of these Things which I talked about but it also Makes to go back to the source you only Need 33% for something to reach critical Mass and then it becomes something that Is you know a thing you know a permanent Uh part of the the civilization you Can't get rid of it then it's uh you Know critical masses you know the the um It needs onethird of the the population To make it that it's uh you know it Can't be something that's erased it's Just like a permanent part of the the Social system and the culture C until That culture collapses all together and So we're seeing those kind of numbers Double we're seeing this up upwards past

50% probably 60% or more people are just Like Truthers and so the thing I want to say About Trump is like he just sucks so bad Now and it's not just the fish boy Stuff like he sucks because he got Played so bad before but what trumpers And all the people supporting Trump have To understand understand that Trump Can't win and you can't win with Trump And I you know you can't really win with Anybody but it's going to be worse with Trump the outside chance that he could Be elected you know and the you know of Course the elections are rigged and you They don't rig against him and they Don't throw him in jail like you know And they want this guy I mean I think They want him to be reelected because He's such a a focal point but you know People think that Joe Biden didn't get 80 million votes don't understand that Trump is such a powerful negative force In the Democratic liberal Community There are people who will not vote other Than if Trump runs they vote against Trump that's the only reason they're Voting is because they're freaked out by Trump they'll be motivated by Trump's Presence in the election they're not in Love with Biden or any of the other Candidates these are people who are Bernie Sanders Democrats who may even Like RFK Jr or you know these are

Liberal people or people who just don't Really aren't into politics And they'll turn out to vote because of Trump's presence and so you know and I Don't know you know voting is it's all R You whatever is the whole system is Rigged um but you know if Trump is um You know if he wins he's still not going To win and I don't think he's it's Capable of him winning and if it is They've they'll manufactur and they'll Rig it for Trump's favor because they Want to do more damage with Trump right If Trump wins just cuz they want him to Win and if Trump wins the left will be So uh you know so IR rate and this will Be more of these you know indictment Like whatever it is right and certainly The second half of his term will be It'll be a democratic house and a Democratic Senate and they will be at War with Trump the entire time the media Will be and you know it'll be all these Other things are getting pushed through It'll be a major distraction I mean Think how bad the liberal agenda got Pushed through under Trump before There'll be more pandemics or whatever And so you'll be happy for a moment when Trump wins and then it'll be much worse For you and everybody else and so you Know Biden sucks and obviously we know What we have with him and again you know These are the unless something else is

Done to promote some one of the other Candidates then this is what you're Going to have and like nobody wants to See this again I mean the Biden people You know there's not that many of them But there's just anti-trump people and The Trump people just are oblivious to Everything else I mean you're such like You know if you're a Trumper I mean it's Just like such an embarrassment you're Embarrassing the species at this point He just sucks so freaking bad you know Someone wrote me wrote a comment saying Applauding me I see if I find it here Person says here I found it I had to Search for IT person says shout out to Paul for publicly dissing Trump when he Knows a lot of his followers are Maga That's called having a spy in the GOP Does not have this and yes I know Biden Sucks too um you know I don't think About it that way but yeah like that's True I'm going to lose some support Because there's lots of energy with the Trumpers and they get pissed at me and They just won't watch the channel and You know that hurts the channel and all These things but Trump is so obviously Bad like it's so bad I mean it's you Know we didn't know before but at after The coid like it would have been okay Trump could have had a good second term But he let him work him on Co and then From that point on he was done he's

Trying to reverse these things and make It like there's some sort of change but There's not because he got played and he Sucked and he sucked sucked epically and It was a bummer for all of us it's hurt All of us it's going to hurt you Trumpers even more and the guy just Needs to go away like he can't ever be Part of a positive anything anymore like He just needs to disappear like he's Just shouldn't be a public figure Anymore he is just you know whining and Going on these Rants and you know yeah I Can talk about how bad Biden sucks but He Sucked equally as bad in his own way and He had a negative effect on everything And you know in terms of the system Coming down and me believing that that's Necessary in terms of our Collective Human evolution that the system has to Go down yeah there's all that like I you Know then sure he's part of the solution Because he's taking the system down just Like Biden is but it's just why do we Have to watch this again it dominates All you know everything for the next Couple of years watching Trump and Biden Go at it two old white guys who suck go At it you know who wants to watch that Like you know we saw it already and we Know what happens either way like we Know the ending of the movie if either One of them wins we know exactly what's

Going to happen because we saw it before And it's just going to be all the stuff That we saw before but it's going to be More intense and worse and more sucky And it's really the Trumper fault Because if the trumpers realize Trump's Suck which you should be able to do it You have to be brain dead and in total Denial like you're the opposite of a Truther if you're still supporting Trump And I don't you know none of this so Biden sucks I don't want to hear that Right I'm talking about your support for Trump you know again again some of these Other candidates could beat Biden so That's this isn't about Biden at all It's about you liking Trump and being Fooled by Trump and not being able to See what's right in front of you the Selfish narcissistic piece of Boop that Just sucks and just makes everything Worse he's a cancer on Humanity he's a Horrible person and he's you know needs To be just disappeared he's should go But you guys are like propping him up And you don't have enough support for Him to get elected if he does get Elected that means it's rigged in his Favor not you know not in his favor but In terms of they think he's going to be An asset for them as president because They can roll out more of their agenda And so this is a lose lose and you know He's a known entity he's not going to do

Anything different it's just going to be The same stuff but worse promises he Doesn't keep and work that he can't do And things he can't achieve and them Pushing their agenda through and him Just sucking and just the whole you know He's a bad leader he's a bad person he Has bad energy and he's just going to Contaminate the the planet and this Country more and more and you you know Opting in for him again you're just Demonstrating why Humanity sucks and Should be wiped out all the people who Vote for Joe Biden or Trump are Demonstrating everything that's wrong With Humanity I mean just voting for Somebody else even if they suck is a Positive thing because these two you Know nightmares of human beings need to Be disappeared appeared neither one of Them the Democrats running that corpse You know propping them up like Weekend At Bernie's and you guys supporting Trump when you could easily just move to Somebody else anybody else except for Vivic Ram Swami and just throw out a a Republican candidate that could be you Know middle of the road but you know I Mean it just all sucks you don't even Have to like why even vote at this point I mean like if there was a massive uh You know nobody voted there was like 10% Of the population voted which it should Be it should be around that like it

Should be a low number then it would be Like all right we've the democracy is Over you guys voted by not voting to say Democracy has ended because you guys Don't believe in it the systems rigged Start stop participating but if you went In on somebody like Kennedy who at least Verbalizes truth or stuff or you know Whatever it might be and then there Would be something different at least Like at least choose something different Something that you know you don't know How it's going to necessarily work out But don't pick the guys that you know Exactly if Vivic Ram Swami was President You know exactly what it's going to be Like cuz he's a shill and he was like Going to stab you on the back he's going To say whatever's convenient he's going To lie with a smile on his face because He just wants to be president he doesn't Care what they do and what he has to do To to get there what he has to promise And what he has to deliver and how many People he's got to stab in the back and Kill or whatever it is and they're all Like that right I mean all these Traditional candidates you can see them You know you know Kennedy's different in One little way but we all know where Where he sucks which I've you know Covered so you know not voting is uh Like a at least a positive because You're not endorsing this debacle right

But to support Trump it's like one of The worst things you can do and just you Know like I mean how do you how do you Like look yourself in the mirror and do That I I don't understand you know how Do you you you know again I don't know If Biden's so bad well Trump was Horrible you know look at all the stuff That happened under Trump and what's Still happening under trump it just you Know it's it's sucking it's a it's a Dynamic you're just trying to get out of Like you know break the dynamic and by Getting rid of trump you kill NS NFS NBC And CNN their whole business plan Surrounds Trump so you destroy that Media because no one watches it then It'll be half of the viewership there And then they already have shitty you Know crappy viewership and so Boop and So um you know you could end it right Now you could end all that stuff by just Withdrawing your support for Trump but You won't do that they won't do it the Trumpers like they're just that idiotic You margorie Taylor green type people And it just shows you you have no gripes As right-wing people because if you're Willing to vote for Trump you can't Complain about Biden because they're the Same guy you know they have the same you Know negative energy the same negative Type personalities and anything's better Than that like anything's better than

You know this isn't like a Rocky movie Where he's fighting Apollo Creed for the Fifth time or whatever it is right like This is you know this is the same and That those movies are the same right Rocky movies are all the same like this Is the sequel to A you know an Unpleasant event that we lived through Before and it's going to turn out Exactly like it did before either way Only spiritual valy will save this world It's p definitely born from the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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