the sky IS Falling & you can’t do $hit about it + CNN hits bottom again

the sky IS Falling & you can't  do $hit about it + CNN hits bottom again

Okay greetings brothers and sisters um I Want to get into into the world Stuff um I have a great title for this Video um but first I want to YouTube Recommended this CNN Jake Tappers Droopy Dog um somber Tai Jake Tappers uh and it's CNN is like hitting A new low now um it's really hilarious And So It Starts Here time to debut our WTF lead this week was jam-packed with WTF are you saying what the Boop with News including the trial of a former President a revealing CNN interview with The current president and a presidential Candidate announcing that a worm ate Part of his brain and then died in that Noggin you would think other Noggin did You use the word Noggin stories couldn't Hold a stormy Daniel's alter candle to That and yet coverage of he's trying to Be funny Jake Tapper is like the least Funny person on the news and none of Them are funny right one particular Story went by way too fast for us way Too fast WTF so let's [Laughter] Slow way too fast WTF no that's not what It means Jake you can't change WTF like WT WTF is going to be what the Boop because that's what it means and For you to come in and change it to way Too Fast so his premise here is that there

Are stories that didn't get enough Tension and they blew by way too fast so They're going to call the segment WTF And are the people all like above 80 who Are watching above 75 or 80 we watching Your show because that's not what Everyone else thinks it is right you Can't just change that it's just no one Says way too fast is a you know it's Like it's kind of a Saye but it's not a Saying as prevalent as you know what the Boop slow it down South Dakota's Republican Governor Christy gome may Have shot her political goals in the Foot by revealing she shot her dog in The head she's been playing defense ever Since an excerpt from her book no going Back went viral where she admitted to Killing her 14-month-old dog Cricket Saying the dog was untrainable and Dangerous and less than worthless as a Hunting dog I hated that dog she wrote Christine ome put okay so you guys cover This extensively Mor Joe I mean I did a I did something on this because you guys Were obsessed with this story you know People love dogs and I can understand Why you think it's worth bringing back Again but it's not and I'll get into That in a moment Cricket down by Shooting Cricket in a gravel pit after Cricket attended a local family's Attacked a local family's chickens and

Bit her and if that that's not enough Controversy Christian n's book also Contained a bizarre and really highly Unlikely claim that she somehow met North Korean Kim dick North Korean Dictator Kim Jong-un Kim dick What you're you won't say you won't say What theop but you'll be call this guy a Dick what's happening there Kim dick North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un and Stared him down now when pressed on that Claim a spokesperson said that was Included in the list of world leaders And shouldn't have been saying that the Story would be removed from future Editions of the book still Christino Will not straight up acknowledge that She never met with Kim Jong-un she seems To be leaning into this pretense that She learned of this excerpt when staff Brought it to her attention despite the Fact that Governor gome herself narrated The audio book so it's just this story Went by way too fast Jake I'm glad You're bringing these details to our Attention because are so important Here's just some Snippets of her Disastrous mediat Tour if you asked me a month ago who's At the top of the list to run with Donald Trump I I would have said your Name um if you asked me that same Question so this is news Mac so this is All important right because this is you

Know Newsmax is more conspiratorial and More you know Trumper than Fox this Morning I don't even think you're on the List really so my question for you yes Really and it's because of things that Have come out in this book like your Claims that you met Kim Jong-un and then Over the last week I should not have put That anecdote in the book uh that I'm Not going to talk about indicates that It happened right did the dog Story come Up in a conversation I talk to president Trump all the time did you bring up Doart with TR Fox Business interview is Ridiculous what you were doing right now When you recorded your own audio book You didn't notice news Nation right so Fox Business I don't know where they Lean in terms of I mean it's of the Fox News Network news nation and Newsmax are Very more conspiratorial very more prot Trump you know right-wing sort of Truth Or stuff makes it on to those you know Sub networks I kind of discuss about my Meetings with world leaders I'm not Asking you to I'm asking you about Recording the audio do you want to talk About something else Today I mean all of those perfectly Legitimate questions on Sunday Governor Gnome took the even more Curious step You're not going to believe me when I Tell you this if you miss this but took The even more Curious step of suggesting

That President Joe Biden's dog Commander Should be shot because of multiple Incidents of his biting Secrets no I Said this before and I didn't say the Dog should be shot I mean that's you Know you guess because a dog that Attacks people like that is a danger and You can't have that any kind of an Animal but that's on Joe Biden you know They they let him the dog bite 24 people And you guys didn't cover that and That's a bigger story because he's the President right service Members how many people is enough people To be attacked and dangerously hurt Before you make a decision on a dog and What he's living at the White House That's a question that the President Should be held accountable after he bit 24 people to you're saying he should Beot what the President should be Accountable to he say he should be Shot President Biden decided to find a More suitable home for a commander Instead of grabbing the White House Luger and showing that mut who the real Comm Ander is with d i mean he's trying To be I think he's trying I think he's Trying to be funny and he like sucks at It so bad grabbing he's got a Luger You're saying that that Joe Biden has I Believe a german-made gun right that was Popular for the na it's like a Nazi gun Right it's the gun they use in all those

Movies and like you know Hogan's Heroes And stuff and so um why wouldn't he have Something I don't know American like a BL which is also made in Europe you know Some kind of American I don't revolver You know some kind of uh cult 45 damage control spiraling out of Control Governor gnome then cancelled an Interview last minute with CNN's Dana Bash and another one with Greg Gutfeld At Fox I don't believe it I just think it's A little late to keep her on a short Leash I'd hope she'd reconsider but I'm Not going to going to sit up and beg oh My God that guy sucks so bad too and He's got he's one of the he gets he gets Like better ratings than like Jimmy Kimmel and uh Jimmy Fallon and Steven Coar he's on the same he's like Considered a Comedian um like it's just a mess like What a what an absolute mess the news Media is but Governor gnome appears to Have underestimated the fact that America's love for dogs transcends Politics here are my dogs bear and moose And Clementine here are all the dogs the Lead team loves and has love Ginger and Lucky and Louis and Gypsy and Sienna so You just you thought good idea to show You guys Dogs because why and look at these guys You know putting their freaking dogs in

This outfits cuz dogs love bow ties Somber ties I mean you know like you Guys are showing your dogs to make you Like look like you're human beings and You guys are like people like you know Isa Winston Phoebe Charlie so many more So many more who's you miss some names So our very first W like what about the Dogs you just didn't name they don't Matter say their name Jake say their Name stories that flew by way too fast Is Governor gnome writing herself off The Trump VP short list here's Megan Kelly this week suggesting that dog Won't Hunt he likes her because she's been in His Camp since very early on in 16 and He likes that but Trump say what you Will about him is not dumb and he knows She's a loser and she will hurt his Ticket ouch if there's anything that Governor gnome got write in her book it Is the title because for chrisy Nome There truly may be no going back okay so I had a voice over that was going to Follow this and you'll hear that in a Second so there might be a little bit of A segue thing here but I just want to Add him trying to rewrite WTF is way too Fast which fail miserably you know this Thing's just you know going to die this Segment but that's a WTF moment right Come on Jake just a reminder I'm Jake Not Chuck that's sh I think I might have

Just had like some sort of magic power Ignorantly ghoulishly okay so the title Of this video is the sky is fallen and You can't do Boop about it right which Is kind of funny but it's true and you Know during like any phase there's Doomsday people there's people who are Just going to believe there's going to Be systemic collapse and it's in every Book like someone's wrote a comment Saying they posted comments proving the Bible right by prophecies you know of Course the way things are worded in the Bible it's never going to be exact but Every book every like religion has this Stuff in it every religion talks about You know every culture every media and Every predictor of the future can say There's going to be systemic collapse Cuz there's going to be systemic Collapse right like that's already Determined because there's civilizations There's runes all around the world that Used to be functional Systems that were you know Empires and Kingdoms that no longer exist and you See it even on smaller levels companies And you know like Myspace right the Myspace apocalypse What what happened to Myspace what's Happened to to Facebook right what's Happening to YouTube you know all these Things I mean it's in the modern day era Things Empires collapse very quickly

These you know corporate Empires these Social media Empires and things and so This happens it always happens because It everything has its has a you know has A shelf life and you see it happen with Dynasties in sports like any kind of a You know what they call a team of you Know a dynasty team that wins multiple Championships and dominates an era like The Dallas Cowboys when the last time They won a championship right they were Like you know America's team and so they Were a dynasty at one point course the Lakers Golden State Warriors um these you know most lik the Most recently in basketball and then you Had these various teams the Patriots you Know all those years and they were you Know their Dynasty is collapsed Tom Brady retired left the team Bill bich is uh was fired or whatever he Was you know and they they won seven Championships six championships in so Many years whatever it was whatever Number it was and so you know these Things happen because of entitlement and Age and weakness and things dynasties And Empires and things like this Collapse we've seen it over and over Again it happens in nature right there Is a lion who's King of the pride king Of the jungle it's really the plains not The jungle but whatever and the lion you Know gets older and younger lions come

In replace it or sometimes the whole Pride is wiped out like there was a kind Of a cool um show on nature one of those PBS shows that followed this Pride Around and eventually The Pride had two Strong male lions and then four younger Male lions came in killed the male lions And then they had one really good Hunter A female lion and she like got kicked in The face by a zebra or something her jaw Got broken or something and they just All starved to death and died other lion Prides you know took over their land Right and their whole Pride was wiped Out like all of them their whole genetic Line because you know things like that Happen right in nature as well like There's dominant animals you open your Window you look outside and animals are Fighting for territory birds and you Know I mean fra I mean everything's out There they're fighting for territory Right each animal trying to claim a Little piece of whatever it is out there And as they get older they lose their Territory and this you know there's There's no there's no like true Ownership of anything and so America is In the state of collapse the American Dynasty the you know English Dynasty Right the European Dynasty it's Occurring on multiple we see it like People are just so weird and and immoral There's been a breakdown in the family

There's a been breakdown in Morality People don't have a belief in you know a Real true um relationship with God Religions have become more and more Corrupt you know they went from you know Bad to worse and they're just now Obstacles to people connecting with God And they become materialistic power Brokers that manipulate their you know Their parishioners right I mean this is across this is all Religions not just Christianity but Christianity here in America people are Leaving that you know they have a more And more atheists more and more Agnostics I got a quick comment I want To read on this if I saved it if I did And I won't no I think I did here is uh Person wrote I'm an agnostic and Personally believe everyone nearly Everything is pretty much possessed by a Soul or an it you know the thing about Being an agnostic and an atheist and you Know it's impossible to prove God Because you can't know God with your Mind right and so like it's God is Always kind of a leap of faith but you Can feel Love and you can feel that there's an Essence inside of people for me it was When I saw my grandfather like I was 10 Years old or something 11 years old or Something like this I remember being Younger but I you know looked it up and

It seemed like I was 10 or 11 and my Grandfather um he uh you know when he Died I saw his body at the wake and I Was like well he's not in there like Whatever my grandfather was he was no Longer there his body was there it was My first experience with understanding Human Death and you know when his um like my Other grandparents had died when I was Younger but I didn't have as much of a Relationship with them when my Grandfather died I was like oh he's not There whatever we called my grandfather Was gone and that's when I understood The presence of a soul right that there Is a life Essence that's in a body and Then it leaves and it animates the body Like I couldn't articulate it then but I Can I can you know see it now that's What I was seeing right the lack of Something the you know the soul Disappearing the essence and you can Connect with people's Soul energy after They die you know not in some like Psychic way you know I mean where There's a message or channeling just Feeling them feeling their presence But Ultimately you want to you know let them Go to where they need to go you a soul Will stick around to try to support you In your grief or whatever the connection But you want to free them up to go where They need to go like there whole process

There you know but anyways there is ways To prove in some you know non you know Like sort of non way that you can prove It to somebody else with material facts But there's ways to prove that there is A God in a soul and you just have to Really be open to it and asking you know Ask for the I don't want to say proof But the experience of it right and when You do that then you'll see right then You'll know and you can't you know it's Annoying that each person has to do Personally it's something that everyone Should do right like it's kind of a big Deal like you should go and and I'm not Talking about religion because religion Sucks I'm talking about Jesus I'm not Talking about any of these things I'm Talking about your personal relationship With an understanding that there is a Plan and there's Divinity and there's a Soul because your ego doesn't want you To know your ego doesn't want you to be Conscious that there's something higher Than itself that there's a purpose Beyond it's pleasure centered Controlling whatever you know your ego Does and you know wants to do and wants To continue doing and usually it's about Doing the wrong thing taking your you Know your direct your whole Consciousness in the wrong direction so People don't want to know if there's a God or a soul because they want to you

Know their egos want them to your ego Wants to do what it wants to do right But it's something everyone should be Like all right I got to figure out if There's actually a God and then that's Going to change your whole orientation To the world but people even who are Religious don't want to know they don't Want a connection with God inside them They don't want to conscience they don't Want you know have to to you know Subvert their their activities or Pleasure-based Activities for something higher so like Even if they're pretending to be Religious they're not really connected To God and they don't really want to Know and so like that's you know that's Just something I want to throw in there But you know the first thing that you See is the immoral breakdown where People are no longer connected to any Sort of sense of divinity or spiritual Purpose and then they get into all these Decadent materialistic things right Which we see now like the breakdown of Any kind of moral compass and things and Just weird people are weird now and They're stupider people are dumb Idiocracy we see that people are getting Dumber with each generation they're Getting weaker and more entitled The Cyber living in cyber reality where now There's a thing called in the real world

Oh yeah is that in the real world or is That in the cyber world that's what kids Have grown up with they have two worlds And one of them is you know not great The their real life they're in the real World and their you know their family's Broken down and it's another thing is a Breakdown of the family and all things You know disconnecting from God being Unnatural being all these things and the Other thing is worse it's uh you know It's even a deeper uh a deeper illusion Which is a cyber reality of video games And you know inline chatting and things Where you have to have a device between You and your personal interactions so Their personal interactions are you know Degraded and then then they throw Devices in between the you know their Degraded personal interactions so this Is another sign of a society collapsing Right and then you know all the other Elements the E economy breaking down you Know no sense of a Workforce people in Europe and America You know the the Richer people the Educated people are not having kids and If they do have kids they don't raise The kids you know the richest people Have n the the other people go to work I Mean daycare you know it's the kids Spend about an hour and a half with the Mom every day it's not quality time and Even less with a dad but they spend

Eight hours on the internet so the kids Are being raised by the internet and by Their you know whatever's going their Peers and by whatever they're seeing on Social media and so these kids are Growing up with no sense of family and So this is what collapse looks like it's Happening on every possible level our Energy System systems are are breaking Down there's you know less and less oil It's hard harder to get to the Petro Dollar it's all fragile and people are More and more mentally ill and unhappy Depressed on various types of Medications and so self-medicating you Know some part of them wants the system To collapse and there's you know Divine Reasons for it because it's become an Abomination so there's all that But the you know the second part of this There you can't do anything about it you Can't do poop about it is because the Weakness in people and most people just Think things are going to get better Technologically in terms of their Comforts and it's just going to be more And more of that more and more of their You know being catered to and we know That's over the customer is no longer Always right the closing down the Economy because of Co the changing of The way that they deal with algorithms And things where they're no longer Catering to you you know the customer is

No longer always right this is no longer A you know a consumer based system Because they're pivoting to another type Of you know agenda 20 agenda 31 or Whatever it is right some sort of you Know the age of homeown home ownership I You're going to you're going to rent Everything you're not going to own Anything you're going to love it was one Of the wef's predictions what they're Pushing for in terms of a new economy And so they can get Young people to buy Into some kind of changes cuz they Already are you know young people aren't As you know big into I mean they can't Deal with owning a house and cutting the Lawn and you know you know they can't Deal with all the things that go around With that any sort of neighborhood pride And they're not connected anyway Everything's internet if your whole life Is based in the internet you just need a Small little room you know some whatever You have to have to do that and then all These 15 minute cities and the rest of It but you know this stuff that's going To Change some people be able to adapt to Those things but not to a collapse of a Civilization where there's just less of Everything scarcity of food and you know Real troubles and and I mean their Marriages are already falling apart and They're you know their their whole lives

Are hanging by a threat and you know They're just teetering on the the brink Of disaster psychologically and they're Just all ready to to give up and quit I Mean some of are quit already on life And so there's no being able to handle It right I mean just knowing that the System could collapse or will collapse Doesn't mean anything right you know Talking about the solar flares the emfs And the magnetic poles you know and I Watched this show 20 years ago and it Was an abstract show on PBS that Probably you know got maybe 100,000 Views I mean I don't even know what the Ratings were you know these shows that Are nature-based and the show was Talking about the um poles reversing Themselves and nobody watched it very Few people know about that right like All the things that people hear about in Terms of Disasters in in these kind of things That are into the world the pole reverse Scene isn't one of them and so it Happens every 200,000 years is what they Said you know they have some way of Measuring arctic ice and they could see When the poles reversed themselves it Did something to the you know there's Some kind of um you know did something To the that layer and it was past 200,000 years and they said well the way That you'll be able to tell is when the

Northern lights are seen by people Farther south that's when the poles Start to fluctuate that means the poles Are you know are are loose and Fluctuating and then solar flares can Get in because the magnetic field is Protecting us from all these bursts of Energy that are coming off these solar Storms and things And so you know this was not something That was Propagandized as pushed out there this Was done very subtly and I knew about it Because I just happened to watch this Show years ago and I've read you know There's predictions in The Whispers of The brighter World messages that I you Know feel to be I mean personally They've proven themselves to be of value Far beyond these predictions and things Just the spiritual Essence the spiritual Energy and the information that comes Through these messages I've been you Know reading these books from the Sark System is significant and I've had I've Benefited from it on you know deeper and Deeper levels that I'm able to express Here it means nothing to you but it Means something to me right like in Terms of it's a reliable source but now We see it right and there's movies The Book of Eli was one of them that was an Interesting movie kind of a cool movie Where there's a flash you know the

Electrical grid went down I me there Things like this there's predictions of It in TV and movies movies and things Like this science and that could be it Might might be that might be something Else it's going to be something I mean That's like guaranteed but in terms of People being able to do anything well How many people can pivot you know you Go out and you farm and farming is great And it's fun you know it's I want to say Fun but it's you know it's something That is everyone has a farmer inside of Them everybody has a homestead or Everyone has you know because our Ancestors have been doing this for you Know all all history except for these Brief periods where your soul was rich You know your your Incarnation was rich Or a modern civilization like this that Allows you to be detached from your Primary labor where you don't have to do The things that sustain your life you Don't have to grow your own food you Don't have to cook your own food some Cases you don't have to you know hunt Your own food you don't have to make Your own clothing you don't have to Gather water you don't have to get the Stuff that sustains you you know water Food shelter heat you know firewood These things that you're not in the Active process of you you just have These services that do all that for you

And you're detached from it you in a Sense have outsourced it right you're You know how to function so you grow a Garden and you either love it or you Hate it or whatever it is like it's okay But for most people they're like I can't Do this like I you know this is too much And one thing is you're too busy but you Like to do it and you want to do it You're just too busy you don't have Enough energy but for most people it's Too hard just you know growing a little Garden and keeping it up year in and Year out and so when you got to do that To Survive and you know then you have to Protect the food from maybe other people Or you know all the other aspects of it Right and you're depending on that like You can't have a bad year and if you Have a bad year now you just go to a Grocery store you go to Whole Foods or a Grocery store Walmart or something and You you know you buy food right there's One system we're all dependent on and That's you know the grocery store mon Monetary system that involves Electricity and transportation it needs Fuel there's still there's electricity For Refrigeration and there's fuel like gas For transportation you know where food Is coming to you globally you don't live There where your food is being produced

Only small amounts of it are being Produced you know within a reasonable Distance and lots of people don't live Where in places where they can grow food Significantly right you know enough to Support their sustain their lives and so When you have to do that then you have To work with your neighbors and you have To work with other people and you have To work cooperatively and successfully And most people can't do that because They can't get along with each other but Then there's things like medications and Things like alcohol and you know things That you're using to just to to keep Yourself from from collapsing or you Know psychologically and mentally so Anyways it's going to be hard right like People to switch over to that kind of Lifestyle where you have to be a hard Worker and you're connected to Nature I Mean how many people can actually do That even if you're into it and you have Some ability if you're older it's Difficult and then you know to switch Over to that thing bring back the family You know get get off your internet Addiction and your you know your cyber Life and then live in the world real World every moment a real world where Now it's fear is dominating your you Know how you're going to survive and all These things right and so you know most People can't make that switch and

They're not even trying to you know to Dip their toe in the water a little bit Just to you know get a sense of it so They have some you know something to Build on right and they're just watching The apocalypse unfold and then what Happens they cwl up in the fetal Position and you know wait for the Angels to take them away right because That's you know most people that's all They're capable of and you know we'll See what happens but I mean that's what It looks like like the system's Collapsing and people are so weak and Entitled and UN in you know inhuman Unnatural psychologically depraved all These things and to go from where they Are now to a more wholesome natural Existence is almost impossible Disconnected from God and just so Twisted and weak like I said they're you Know barely making it with the system Propping them up they can barely you Know they can barely make it through a Day right they're teting on the edge of Being like just giving up and quitting And this is young people too as well and So that's where we are like that's the You know it's the system itself and our Contribution to it an addiction to it That has led to this that the system Collapses and there's no backup plan and People are too weak to do what they need To you know change direction and you

Know it's going to happen when it Happens and it's happening right like It's in the process and people will Either sink or swim and most people are Going to sink that's just the way it is There's going to be you know massive Population reduction all right so let's Um get into the other stuff here so I Had one more thing to say here this kind Of the most important piece because you Know this has been a transition in my What I do here like I started to take What I do here less Seriously when I Realized most people are screwed most People are effed right most people are What the effed um you know the whole Idea about the truth Community was that Originally it was wake everybody up and There's bad things happening and Everyone needs to know about and when You realize most people don't want to Wake up or even if they they do they you Know don't feel like they can do Anything about it or whatever and then When you realize that even if everyone Woke up there's nothing you could do Because the most you can do is take the System down but you can't save the System you can't make it pure you can't Make it good you can't make it wholesome Because the whole nature of the system Is based in the debt-based idea of debt Is wealth and then all the other moral

Things that go along with it right that Everything has to be focused on just the Material existence you have to be a Customer and a hedonist and you have to Be somebody who's willing to spend money And focus all your attention on you know Consuming things right for the economy To work or to keep going because that's What it takes to keep the illusion going Right that you have to neglect your Spiritual side your soul and you have to Focus only on your material side your Material Wing you in the sjar system the Idea is that you need two wings to fly a Spiritual wing and a material wing and We have just a material Wing there's Almost no real spiritual aspect to our Lives and to our society and our culture So the most that you could do is you Know let let people know that the system Is demonic and there's nothing they can Do about it and then it'll collapse and There's nothing they do about that and Then surviving and most of them can't Right so it's not like a really an Uplifting message and really you know I Mean there are some people who can Survive the collapse and there's some People who can do spiritual You know connect to God internal way and Do something in that Arena which is my Big Focus here that Divinity resides Within you you know the Biblical Teaching Jesus's teaching of the Kingdom

Of Heaven is within you know it's in Every major religion but it's something That people don't focus on because that Takes work like that takes not only work But it also takes you doing things you Don't want to do I mean that's part of The work where you have to submit to Your soul and do things and neglect Things and you know put energy into Things that are go against what your ego Wants to do because lying Works Deception works on a material Level you Can live a better life if you're a liar Deceiver sociopaths do really well in Our system people who are you know Selfishly oriented have a Killer Instinct and no compassion no empathy You know if you're a person with a heart And a person with a conscience you're Not going to do as well materially Because you're not willing to do things You you're not willing to cross lines That would you know when you cross those Lines you can it's a gateway to wealth And you know sometimes Fame and whatever It is right and so um people who are Spiritually awakened and have you know These qualities compassion and empathy And these things inside of them and a You know inner voice telling them you Can't do that that's wrong don't do as Well materially and you're going to Suffer in a variety of ways because You're going to feel the pain of other

People and you're going to feel things That you want to feel and so that's why People have shut that you know down and Shut that off in their system or know They never had it in the first place but It's worthwhile to pursue because that's What makes you a real human and it's What you're really here for in terms of Your connection to Divinity and your Soul's path and your Soul's purpose and You know these messages that I put out There I mean my I have a comedy channel Now because you know I mean there's you Might as well laugh at it and there's Entertaining entertaining aspects to it But for the most part like I don't take Myself seriously or this seriously in The sense that that I'm trying to save Something like you know I'm not saving People I'm not saving the system I'm not Saving anything right I like it's not The most that I can do is give Information and the biggest part of the Information is everyone has to change You're going to have to change one way Or another and the changes that you Going to have to uh Embrace are not so Pal itable to Your Ego not things that You really want to do for most people You know I know from just when I had the Spiritual before I was doing the truth Or stuff that most people don't want to Hear that right most people don't want Really have any uh internal connection

With God they're resistant to it and Then working as a psychologist and you Know counselor not a psychologist a Counselor you know in the in the Psychological field and realizing how Resistant people are to changing and Change is the big thing that has to Happen like epic wise sweeping changes Have to happen within each person and You know what we're doing now is the Opposite of that like everything that we Were oriented all our indoctrination all The things our addictions all the things That we're connected to all our desires All that stuff has to be rewired and Reworked and most people can't even you Know think about doing a little bit of That because they're too overwhelmed by Their you know miserable lives and they Just try to get through the day and so That's where we are and so like you know Whatever I do here I mean it might be Significant to you might be significant To some people and that's great you know People connect to the Sark system you Know with the collapse of dodgy you know The current leader of heartfulness and That cult stuff and all that you know Within all that stuff you know doing What we do with the gratefulness Meditation I just realized it's Tuesday I got to go do this Tuesday Sitting but I forgot you know but Anyways you know it's it's minimal to

What it what used to be be the Sark System but people are connecting and you Know they're experiencing Divine love And connecting with their souls and There's that and there's you know move Forward and all you can really do is do Something to set yourself up in some Future existence you know for a more Natural and more Soul driven existence And more you know spiritual driven Existence and you could do that like People can do that and then maybe Incorporate some skills and things for People who might have a chance of you Know thriving or at least surviving After There's systemic collapse right and so You know but it's just going to be a Handful of people like the majority of People are screwed and I'm not saying Just to give up I'm not like giving you An excuse for that like each person has To figure it out for themselves but I Mean that's the reality like some There's a lot of people are just screwed And you can see it you walk walk through Walmart you just talk to people and you Know they're not they don't have what it Takes unless you know they there's some Sort of inner you know some part of them That's going to thrive in a a Post-apocalyptic apocalyptic time like Some people just wake up and they'll Just be into it even though they they

Weren't able to entertain anything Before they'll just you know it's it's Their Destiny in a sense right you know Like St Paul who was a persecutor of Christians and he had that experience he Was on a horse in Damascus he saw this Blinding light and had some kind of Inter commun interc communing situation With God and he just changed everything That he was about and everything that he Did and he produced a lot of you know Work that preserved the Christian Tradition without St Paul there would Not be a you know whatever it is the the Bible wouldn't be what it is and the the Organization itself would have faded Away I mean I'm I'm told that by you Know that's part of the Sark teachings St Paul was the third Master of the System in a previous life but at some Point probably the last four or five Years I mean it's I've been seeing it More and more you know became for me Just well I'll just put information out There and people can take it or leave it And I don't have to you know I mean the Information's just all this is is Information and energy and you know Whatever I do here and you know I mean If if any there's any accuracy to what I'm saying and what I believe then there Are people who will be able to you know It'll help some people like that's about It like some people will benefit from it

The majority won't but you know if for Those who do benefit a lot of you guys Have said you have and that's great you Know and I mean it's you know then yeah It's you know it's worth it's worthwhile For me to do this right it gives people The opportunity like that's all that you Know we can have in the future the Opportunity to change the opportunity to Adapt the opportunity the opportunity to Go back to what we you know ought to be You know what we were designed to be Right we're we're deviated from what we We're supposed to be doing on a soul Driven you know based existence and These things you know second master of The system was asked you know what are You he says I am what I ought to be and How many people can say that anyways Let's get into the other stuff Here so I covered Jen [ __ ] last video and then this came up Jen [ __ ] spots GOP lawmakers Brazen move To tie together Conspiracies she's big on Anti-conspiracy Theory person Right and so here's [ __ ] you know she Has really poor Ratings and the thing about this is this Seems like she's the legitimate person And she has the big audience right these People on mainstream media and you know All the people on the internet are you Know we're not reliable and we're not

Legitimate and we're not um authorized And we're not any of these things we're Not in authority and yet they're getting Killed in terms of views and and in Terms of passion You know in terms of people connecting With you know their information the Internet's just destroying mainstream Media and they're still you know wearing Their suits and their fancy sets and all These things but they have a dying Audience and Their audience is Dispassionate right they're the worst Audience it's the worst people it's the Worst you know the people of the lowest Consciousness right the scaredest people The most sheeple people and this is her Thing here so in the usual a flood of News this week you may have missed the Latest chapter in the magga effort to Spread doubt about the Integrity of our Election Gio Gio push GOP go po GOP Pushes new conspiracies ahead of 2024 Election elections and we love talking About stories that are undercovered here So this week speaker Mike Johnson and a Merry gang of election denying Republicans held a election denyas press Conference on the capital steps and they Were introducing a bill at that press Conference so again GOP sucks and the GOP that are you know embracing Low-level right-wing truth or theories Suck because they don't you know they're

Just doing what they think is in their Interest they're not truth Seekers right They're not people looking for the truth Neither you know the Democrats or the Republicans but this anti-conspiracy Theorist rhetoric you know it just Doesn't work I've said it before because There's a word for it it's called Conspire people conspire and Conspiracies are and it works right a Good conspiracy can get you a lot of Money and get you a lot of power like Being conspiring works you know like it It's proven through the Survivor and These you know this new show um the Traitors you know when people work Underhandedly and duplicitously and Triangulate it works that criminalizes Something that is already very illegal Non-citizens voting in federal election C but more notable than some completely Unnecessary legislation and the press Conference accompanying it is the Narrative they're trying to push what is It Jed [ __ ] there is currently an unprecedented And a clear and present danger to the Integrity of our election system and That is the threat of noncitizens and Illegal aliens vote in in our election It's true that Democrats have expressed A desire to turn noncitizens into vote Um is this guy a Robot Mike

Johnson that's what this open border has Been all about it's the combination of a Wide open border and obstruction of any Effort to verify the citizenship of who Votes in our elections these things are All combined an effort to end our Republican form of Government okay every time stevenh Miller shows up at a press conference You know it's going to be crazy but There's it was crazy jasi a whole lot of Conspiracy brain to unpack there Conspiracy brain like it's not working Like your your conspiracy brain stuff You know she had a job for OB obiden Right for Obama and then Biden and she Became the face of their you know the White House Press briefing all that Stuff right right White House Press Secretary and then she tried to move Towards the private sector and she can't Win an audience right like all of us who Have had to win an audience on the Internet because we have something that Attracts people to our content but in Terms of being on a network that it's Going to get so many views people are Going to click on MSNBC you know it Already has so many built-in viewers her Show is tanking right they're going to Eventually have to cancel it because she Didn't win an audience she doesn't Appeal to people just like kamla right Kamla didn't get any vote

They have these people that are in Positions that they didn't deserve to be There right based in Merit based in you Know people wanting to to engage with Them right first the speaker of the House and his fellow Republicans are Falsely claiming that millions of Non-citizens illegally vote look Republican election conspiracies are Nothing new they're nothing new what About the democratic election Conspiracies that were there in a Documentary on HBO called killchain that Were about all these things but it was About Trump and those were okay Conspiracies because they are about Trump right but what makes those remarks From Johnson and Co even more outrageous Outrageous they're outrageous remarks is The Brazen attempt to actually tie two Right-wing conspiracies together all With a bow all with a bow D them all the Ball their false claim of mass election Fraud and their racist and frankly dumb Replacement Theory we've talked it's not Dumb immigrants have always been Replacements right because why is that Jen why is it can you answer that like It's very simple because Americans or The establishment in any country but Americans now Americans kids grow up With entitlement and with an expectation Of lifestyle and a low expectation of What's you what they have to provide in

Terms of Labor and work right where Immigrants will do work that no one else Will do and they'll work for less money Because where where they're coming from Is so much worse and what's available in America is so much better and I'm not Pro-american I'm not saying you know It's the whole thing there it's the you Know everything I've talked it's an evil Empire but people immigrating from America will work harder than people Born in America it's that simple and so It's always a replacement Theory because People want you know people have money They want to pay less in terms of labor Labor cost is a big deal they want People to work harder for less money and They're going to get that with Immigrants right with especially people Who are here illegally and don't have The rights and the you know whatever it Is and so the replacement you know Immigration is always about replacement Right you're bringing in cheap labor That's what immigration really is it's Bringing in cheap labor that's what they You know and so this Republican Replacement Theory it is what it is Right but that's what it always this you Know it's people coming in from a Country that are hungry and will do Things that the entitled people that Growing up with privilege won't talked About this on our show before it's the

Once Fringe but now apparently Mainstream Republican Dogma that Democrats and Elites are purposefully Bringing in migrants from third world Countries in order to dilute the Influence of political power of Real Americans Real Americans yeah why Wouldn't they do that like why wouldn't They do that like they made bombs I mean Joe Biden was droning kids you think he Wouldn't do that Like you guys you know in your military Industrial complex you guys are all Cheaters and liars and you know Despicable people according to Johnson And his colleagues Joe Biden has opened The border to as many migrants as Possible in order to activate them as Fraudulent Democratic votes come November that's crazy that theory is not Only why is it crazy though like I mean I don't subscribe to these theories Republicans suck right you know the Whole system's rigged but why is that Crazy like these people do I mean Joe Bden plagiarized people speeches he Voted for Wars that I mean he droned Kids right like you know they'll do evil Stuff it's not like they're above do That's crazy why is it crazy explain why That's crazy because people don't lie Because politicians can be trusted like What are you talking about it's not Crazy they'll do anything they've

Invented bombs and dropped bombs that Can kill you know millions of people That can destroy the world like there's Nothing crazy about what human beings Will do in a depraved you know you know The depraved things that they'll do what You guys accused Trump of doing you're Accusing Trump of like he's a human and You're accusing Trump like he's he's a Bad apple of being some you know having Some sort of tyranny or being a a Dictator right you know you you're Accusing Trump of that but somehow Biden Won't do that like what are you talking About like Biden's you know proved over And over he has a horrible character That's just crazy well you you were Saying Trump will do that you're saying The magga Republican are doing that You're saying these guys are doing it Right now they're lying and you know They're doing these horrible things and That that's crazy it's not crazy like There's nothing crazy about it it's Actually much worse than what these guys Are saying these guys are still Pretending that it's you know they're Still good guys which is them and you Guys are all evil like you guys are all Embracing the evil and keeping an evil System going to as many migrants as Possible in order to activate them as Fraudulent Democratic votes come November that's crazy that theory is not

Only false and racist and dangerous and Insane but okay what's insane about It you know what's dangerous about it Right I mean to people that are coming In illegally well who is it dangerous to I mean it's just you know saying words Like without any doing any reporting or You know any proof oh that's just crazy Your ideas are just crazy okay explain Why what because people won't lie well No that's not true America has you know Murdered a million people in illegal war In Iraq just recently and droning kids So you're you're two you work for two Presidents that droned kids it also Crumbles under the slightest weight of The most basic [Music] Questions we all know intuitively that a Lot of illegals are voting in federal Elections but it's not been something That is easily provable we don't have That Number we know intuitively but it's not Easily provable I mean that's like Saying I don't know it for a fact but I Think it's true so Mike Johnson Desperately wants you to trust his Vibes Basically his Vibes she's like jam Brady Vibes but what he's What's happen to jam Brady talking about just isn't a thing Marshall Marshall Marshall that don't Take it from me that's according to the Brennan Center which found that

Non-citizen voted is vanishingly rare That's okay but these are you know like The system doesn't investigate itself Right voter fraud the Republicans are You know toying with the idea and the Democrats toyed with it too you've Rigged elections America has rigged Elections has just taken out dictators That they call dictators what they did To Gaddafi right has ruined democracies The CIA has admitted to doing this and Then of course there's things that They're doing that we know they're doing That they don't admit to they did it With Operation Ajax and Iran iRun the re The reason Iran is the way it is now is Because America took out their democracy And this guy mosad over BP Oil you know B business stuff right um so you know Come On it's according to the conservative KO Institute which said that quote Non-citizens don't illegally vote in Detectable numbers and I mean this one Is pretty rich maybe my favorite it's Even according to to the hard right Heritage Foundation which according to Their own database reports less than 100 Cases of non-citizens illegally voting Between 20 2002 again you know if it was provable Right but her her whole anti-conspiracy Theory Vibe here you know this whole Thing it's not working like she doesn't

Have an audience people aren't Interested in them whining about Trump And the conspiracy theorist Because they are on the internet Actually listening to truther stuff Right like there there's no audience for This crap anymore it's just pushing out These lies that these things don't exist Because people know they exist right so Then this guy we saw this guy go after Um what's her name um Thelma or Louise Susan Sarandon you know for her anti- uh Israel stuff her Pro uh Gaza Palestinian Stuff and now he's well let's just watch It here an offer was made yaser Arafat Had accepted it there would have been a Palestinian State now for about 24 years Say what you will about My Girl Hillary If she was President she wouldn't be Letting this happen Your Girl Hillary Nobody likes her she's horrible person And you know like it's Hillary like That's what you're leading with again he Turned his comments off so he's not Allowing comments to Jill Biden we are Mothers and daughters Mother's Day Manipulation so your Um point of view is that you're Supporting Israel and Jewish people and You're calling out Manipulation there was a movie called The Gil trip starring Seth Rogan and Barbara stran like it's long

Been Acknowledged the guilt and the you know This kind of manipulation that's in jewi Families it's in a lot of different Cultures a lot of Old World cultures but It's a part of the Jewish tradition Right they talk about it all the time You know the guy who started me in the Sark system was you know he was born Jewish and he talked about having all These Neurosis neurotic you know type of Mental stuff from his upbringing right It's part of the the whole stick and Comedian stuff right and you're you're Claiming to be a comedian and you're Calling out this kind of Manipulation like like you don't like it Now right that it's being done by Against Israel sisters and advocates for Peace and Justice you are how about you Post about the hostages just post one Photo of a hostage and write Hamas is an Evil terrorist organization I want them To surrender all the hostages back to Israel because they're innocent people And let's see what kind of comments you Get you turned off your com comments Right now I don't know if this guy's Doing this just to gain you know Street Credit or get you know I don't know if He's being paid off or he just looks at As a possibility for he's getting a lot Of traffic right like I never saw this Guy before now people are sending me his

Stuff all the time so he's made himself Into somebody who's talked about and Hated and for him maybe that's working Whatever whatever his personal reason For this is but his stuff is just so bad I mean his positions are just Horrible Dr Biden we are calling on you Today because we know you are all of Those things as well I'm going to Explain this one slowly a ceasefire is a Mutually agreed upon decision both Parties have to agree to it Hamas won't Agree to it because Hamas is a terrorist Organization funded by the islamist Republic of Iran which has the the Stated purpose of destroying Western Civilization they want to destroy America and all the West's relationship To Israel because Israel is our greatest Ally in the Middle East and if they can Take down Israel they can take down the Rest ofis this person is unlikable on so Many different levels but he's leaving Out that Iran was destroyed by the CIA And it's now admitted in Operation Ajax Iran was a a moderate democracy you know They had a moderate leader in mosad they Just destroyed that guy because he Wanted to split the oil profits 5050 Instead of BP getting 80% of the profits And Iran only getting 20% for their oil Which was ridiculous right and then all The things that have happened Historically since then and the things

That the the Israel has done to the Palestinian people and all these other People there they have the big army you Know he said this thing about a Ceasefire but there's no ceasefire when Hamas and the gazin don't have an army Right and so they don't have an army and They don't have the ability to take the World down he's leaving out the fact That America killed a a million Iraqis In a bogus war and then many more in Afghanistan destroyed those countries I Mean HT all kinds of people Used uh depleted uranium and he's like They're going to take America down right Like it's just horrible I mean just like The worst kind of person and because of The immense power you hold as first lady Of the United States the first lady is a Ceremonial role not an elected role You're asking Jill Biden to influence Her husband against the interests of our Own National Security you're asking the First lady to commit treason so you have Zero idea what treason is right that Isn't treason you know she could Certainly verbalize her opinion to her President husband but he's already you Know kneed deep at this thing I mean you Can't really cut ties with Israel but I Mean the you know the Democratic party Is leaving him and that's leaving the Door open for Trump who'll do everything That Israel wants are you a trump

Supporter right like come out and say You're a trump supporter stop the Suffering The intentional starvation the Force displacement the destruction the Killing of Palestinian children Christian blood liel is okay um it's Just so much of this guy you can take Senator Lindsey Graham suggests n nuking Gaza nerking Gaza call Hiroshima the Right Decision Um so that happened this clown remember This guy um criticized Trump when they She was running for president when Trump Was in 2006 16 and Trump um gave out his Personal cell phone number said that This guy gave him a cell phone and um This guy's reaction to dealing with that Was to destroy cell phones in M I'll Show you the Video This is how GPO pres GP GOP Presidential candidate Senator lindsy Graham responded after fellow candidate Donald Trump gave out his cell phone Number Okay so Donald Trump was stomping Everybody you guys remember this and Lindsey Graham like was criticizing him Like all the rest but Lindsey Graham had Once graveled to Donald Trump for money Lindsey Graham's a professional Politician and he you know for years Like he's been a senator senior senator For South Carolina and so Donald Trump

Gives out his personal Number which is kind of effed up and Kind of hilarious and so Lindsey Graham And his political team came up with this Idea that he would destroy cell phones Of course the cell phone isn't the Problem it's the number right so was That a samurai sword he's got like is he A Samurai why does he have a samurai like A wooden samurai sword and so he's Putting all this stuff together here but What he really should get is a new SIM Card and lose the number not the cell Phones right and the cell phones are Ancient like these are this 2016 these Are he's got these flip phones so they Went out and got like the cheapest Phones so he probably didn't destroy his Phone he just whiffed there I mean CU Can you be less masculine like look at His face he just barely hit the thing's On a te it's hanging from a string took The samurai sword Swang it like a bat And just completely fanned on the thing Look at he just missed they wrecked the BL the green screen thing behind him um This was their political ad like and he Wonders why he got no support for Presidency and then he had to go and beg Trump for forgiveness right You he's such a tool now he wants to Nuke Gaza if all else fails you can always

Give your number to the Donald this is for all the Veterans okay how does that benefit the Veterans how does that benefit the Veterans throwing your cell phone and so That's when he didn't like Donald right He didn't like the Donald Um but now he like you know is Ser gets On his knees and services to Donald Right that's all changed and he's doing The same thing for Israel because that's What he's always done White House halted Shipment of large weapons to Israel Over Concerns they'd be used in Rafa so this Rafa is kind of where Joe Biden is semi Sort of drawing the line and then this Palestinians ordered by Israel to flee Rafa Have nowhere better to Go Facebook oversight board to consider If River of if from the river to the sea Is hate Speech um Palestine will be free from River to the Sea and so that's some sort Of Derogatory uh toward term towards Jewish People apparently us pauses is Israeli Armed shipment over Rafa Assa fears as Biden pushes for ceasefire Israel fumes as Biden signals a harder Line against Rafa ground assault Biden Taps Obama Clinton Julia Roberts and and The clintons I'm sorry Obama Clooney Julia Roberts and the clintons for Mega

Uh Mega Fundraisers and then This Duke students walk out at Jerry Sell's commandment commencement speech a Mid wave of graduation of anti-war Protests comedian Jerry Seinfeld today Taking the stage at Duke University Where he was scheduled to deliver the Commencement address and receive an Honorary degree soon after he was Introduced students walked out some Waving Palestinian Flags losing chance Erupted it woo comes after weeks of Protest at colleges Nationwide against The Israel Hamas War Seinfeld later Delivering his speech again a lot of you Were thinking I can't believe they Invited of this Guy too late I say use your privilege I Grew up a Jewish boy from New York that Is a a privilege if you want to be a Comedian use your privilege the sitcom Creator taking to Instagram after the Hamas attack on Israel that was a Horrible speech October 7th stating in Part I will always stand with Israel and The Jewish people later visiting T Aviv The university saying in part we respect The right of everyone at Duke to express Their views peacefully all right so um It's the latest in a series of weekend Interruptions at graduations across the Country at UC Berkeley the student body President speech was interrupted by

Chance this wouldn't be Berkeley without A protest so I get it in wi I get it it Wouldn't be Berkeley without a protest I Get it I get iton a handful of students Turned their backs on the chancellor Some wearing graduation caps with Messages like free Palestine and at the University of Texas okay um let me Switch over to voice over here okay so I Covered this a little bit in my last Video and you know there's evidence that Of course there's going to be some Contribution and some power groups Behind the protest right it could be Israel itself and who's behind these Protests you know well who benefits from The protest why the protests exist so I Talked about this when Kyrie Irving um went you know had that whole Thing from uh when they went after him The ADL the Anti-Defamation League and These other uh powerful groups these Jewish lobbying groups and things and When they went after them even before That you could see that they were Starting to bum because of the LBGTQ Stuff the trans stuff you know certainly Stuff to do with women and black people As well was taking the Forefront right Black lives matter and you know they This idea that they were The Originators Of the whole you know we victims right Were victims thing like they they own Victim Consciousness this particular

Group and they were basically saying That right don't forget about us right And then there was these things that Happened that were you know hate things Were against uh Jewish people was Happening you know things that happened In some you know synagogues and things They're really pushing this hey we're Getting Abus too yeah we're we're still Victims over here right like victim Consciousness became the bit new Currency and they wanted to get a pieace Of it because of the whole you know They've always used this with the Holocaust and all the rest of it and so Kanye and Kyrie were targeted and that Thing happened but then this thing Happened and so this could be about that Like reclaiming victim Consciousness and it could be about the America wants to cut ties you know they They want to demonize you know Israel Make them a Fall Guy I don't know Jewish People I mean could be that right I'm Just pointing out these ideas of what it Could be but then the other thing it Could be is they want to show that America doesn't control Israel Israel Controls America because Joe Biden is Completely limp dick here limp [ __ ] Here and can't do anything to um you Know stop this thing from happening he Can't influence the Israeli people from The Israeli government from doing what

They're doing and they're just going for It and like I said they have to go for It this is their last opportunity Because they're not going to be able to Have this you know there's all this Anti-israel sentiment now globally and It's amongst the youth and so they're Going for it they have to grab Palestine Whatever they can here and maybe provoke It into something bigger and maybe they Want to show everybody that you know We're the real power Brokers here and You know Biden and America can't tell us What to do you know so those are the you Know some of the you know basic ideas of What's going on and why the protests are Significant you know whatever part of These protests are staged and they're There for a reason it's probably a Little bit of all these things right Reclaiming victim Consciousness you Showing that they're the the true powers That be maybe America wanting to at Least a Democratic party cut their ties A little bit to Israel right Except you know Trump will do anything Israel wants them and even uh and Kennedy's even worse than Trump on Israel and so you know it's an absolute Like biblical level type of end of world Thing like it's you know this the the Conflict in the Middle East was Eventually going to end up being a part Of a catalyst of the the collapse of our

Civilization right World War III or 4 You know whatever you want to call it And then you know the rest of it anyways I'm going to wrap this one up here only Spirituality will save this world it's Barano definitely important for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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