The Reason the word Con$pire exists

The Reason the word Con$pire exists

Greetings brothers and sisters This is a Video from PBS NewsHour I believe in conspiracy theories until The one that pushed me over the edge And then it says here this is their Qualifier PBS is an American Public Broadcasting Service Wikipedia Not about the conspiracy theories I got a lot to do with um What the Democratic party has now done To sort of rig the election for Jojo Magu against Kennedy it's kind of Hilarious So I want to get into that because That's been exposed But this um I'm not sure who sent me This one of my viewers There was someone something out there to Get you and that's why my life was as Bad as it was Hi I'm Karen Roberts Okay so look at who they chose person I'm 30 and I'm a single mom we're here To talk about the fact that I actually Believed in conspiracy theories okay Look who they chose for this um You know this hit piece right they Didn't choose someone who was college Educated it's a single mom Who probably should think there's some Conspiracies in the Twinkies You know some single mom was a beast

And you know some you know what people Would consider white trash type of Person Not somebody who's educated not Someone's articulate articulate Articulate Not someone who's articulate you know Somebody who is well you know this is What they always do Once upon a time ago Student reporting Labs I'm McKenna Mead A student reporter based here in Mississippi I wanted to understand more About Karen's story Can you tell me a couple of the Conspiracy theories that you believed in I was okay so this is in Mississippi Somewhere Obviously some rural County or something Looks like And you know this is not I mean it's the Kind of people that people who watch PBS Look down on right they think they're Better than someone who lives here They think they're more educated they Think they're smarter right they think That these this is a representation of Trumpers and things like that right most Definitely uh anti-vaxxer at one point Or another there was again what about Anti-twinky Is one that I don't even know how to Describe apparently our birth Certificates look like some type of like

Shipping things where we're selling Stuff to sh to China basically China Owns us or something crazy and there's a Movie called Zeitgeist or a documentary They talk about how Jesus's birth wasn't The first virgin birth you know this is A case is one of those shell uh movies By those chill whatever those guys were Named they're trying to show you that Like a lot of what you've been taught Isn't factual and then at some point They go into 9 11 Being inside job I didn't want to Believe that our government would do That but I kind of just straddled the Fence on that one but what resonated With you about the conspiracy theories I Was In an abusive relationship exactly like She was in a healthy relationship she Wouldn't believe such things I didn't Realize that the time was abusive I got Out and I gotten one that was worse guy Was trying to make the world make sense And it was easier to believe that it was A bad place and something was out to get You and that's why my life was where it Was at and as bad as it was than it was To realize I had made bad choices Exactly or somebody else's fault and it Was a government's fault for government Being stuck government's actually great You just choose bad men and you have a Bad food system you know whatever reason

That you're morbidly obese is because of Your food choices not the food that is Presented to you by A system that gives You poisonous carcinogen carcinogens and Things like that Can you tell me why you kind of went off And researched all of the things that You believed in they were a very Specific night actually that caused this This guy and I were talking and Um he knew about all these different Conspiracy theories that I did then Towards the end of the conversation he Was like get this Flat Earth and I was like I thought he Was joking and he's like dude there's Evidence that the Earth is flat and he Tells me to look in the sky a little While later I saw him use a very very Hard drug it made me realize if I'm Thinking like someone like that that so You know this is where she's come to Terms with she has an answer with a girl Asks her What did this do for you conspiracy Theories was an abusive relationships Making bad choices and you know I met Flat earthers that were on drugs and you Know this is um Again like she already has solved The reason she fell for such crazy Conspiracies theories you know Conspiracies are at the heart of Everything

That is done in our country in our world People conspire to make more money to Grab power People do things In secret to exploit other people and The rest of it right I mean that's you Know that's a fact like that's you can Find a conspiracy it only takes two or More people to create a conspiracy To create wealth and power I should reconsider Um my belief system so the very next day When I got on YouTube I actually Searched how to disprove a conspiracy Theory a month maybe leaving less went By before my brain just kind of clicked And I was just like All this is a bunch of hogwash yeah it's A hogwasher And uh it's all hogwash because you know First I was a conspiracy theorist and Now I'm at the bunker I kind of started Going in the other direction during the Course of you working through Misinformation and figuring out you know What was what was the truth what was you Know kind of mixed up working your way Through misinformation This is a term that college girls use in Mississippi Aslin fall into this Roughly a year before she came along was When I Became the version of myself I am now

Yeah and that's going to be where you Put your carrots okay When I was the way I'm planting carrots In a pool it was a single mom pregnant My best friend made me onesies for Aslan That said like science is not an Alternative fact and there's a bunch of Different books for kids and there's Like a women in science book she and I Were actually working really hard to Make sure like the baby had the linear Stuff and I even had a parent reach out To me who was like I think it's so cool That you're like over here planning on Making sure your child's educated I know That you're It doesn't fall for a conspiracy Theories I'm starting her young with Books and gonna get her on uh I gotta I bought her a subscription to Snopes she's gonna grow up being a Snopes or writing a book that's going to Help kids with critical thinking skills Tell me about it it's just critical Thinking skills by believing everything The government tells you that's that's What you need to do don't worry about a Kid trying to build a block tower Literally based on us hanging out in the Living room one day and my daughter Trying to build a block tower and she's Like throwing this tantrum because Everything's falling to the floor and I Was like you know Explain how aluminum

Steel can be melted Is thermate it's thermite Gravity you're learning a lesson in Physics and like most people don't talk To two-year-olds that way we treat Children like they are not smart exactly And you're obviously a rocket scientist Here In your chairs with this also morbidly Obese college student and they're they Are they're little scientists and They're ready to absorb all this Information and if you put the right Information into them You know amazing things are going to Happen exactly they're not going to bury Deadbeat guys back in time and you could Talk to a younger version of yourself That believed all those years ago what Would you say to her I don't think I could necessarily say Anything that would change her mind you Can't make people you know believe Differently I definitely would tell her That things are going to get better Because I think that was part of her Problem I might go I mean like these are Two walking diabetics right this is you Know this girl's probably in their 20s This Woman's in her 30s and the diet That they are eating whatever it is Isn't working for them whatever Foods They're stuffing into their ghoul holes Isn't working for them right

Because you know They're both obese and there's all these Complications that go along with it the Government and the food industry or the FDA allowing all these saturated fats And all these I mean all the you know Horrible foods that are out there and The fast foods and we know what it does To your body like you know let's say you Go to Walmart and you see someone like This walking Buy you with a cart full of cancer and Heart disease And you know when they're talking about How these official stories and this Dangerous disinformation and there's and They're slamming you know poison into Their into their ghoul holes grab her Phone and tap in how to disprove a Conspiracy theory and click on a video And hand it to her before I Disappeared If you're someone who does believe in Conspiracy theories which is everybody Right The the you know the big event in January was a conspiracy the event in I'm talking about the official story too We're not talking about so-called Conspiracy theories and conspiracy Theorists I'm talking about official Stories The story of the big event we just had The anniversary yesterday's today September 12th

There's a conspiracy there The official story is that a bunch of People from you know Muslim people from Various parts of uh you know uh so I've Uh the Middle East conspired to do Whatever they did that was a conspiracy Right everybody believes in conspiracy Theories there is a word for it There's several definitions here There's this definition here first This is dictionary whatever it is Uh make secret plans jointly to commit An unlawful or harmful act they inspired Against him another one down here Is To agree together secretly Especially secretly do something wrong Or evil or illegal they conspired to Kill the king And then there's the merrion Webster to Join in a secret agreement to do an Unlawful or wrongful act or act which Becomes unlawful as a result of the Secret agreement And Act in harmony towards a common end There's another devil Edition there's a Number of other definitions right and There was one definition two or more People that agree to do something Secretly that is nefarious you know I Don't have that you know whatever it is But there's all these various Definitions because people conspire

Are you saying people don't conspire Is that what these two women are saying There's conspiracies going on All over the place right there was a Conspiracy to put this um This news piece out to do a hit job on People who are you know this is again PBS Public broadcasting system that's Supposed to be anti-government Anti-establishment is supposed to be Free from corporate influence And not be a shill organization It's supposed to be publicly funded And there's lots of conspiracies there's A lot of hippie conspiracies that used To be on PBS they used to have a lot of You know uh anti-uh Anti-um corporate conspiracies they Would talk about on PBS and some of These other you know related networks Right but now they're taking people who Claim that they were formally conspiracy Theorists and now they've been Rehabilitated and how detrimental it was To them to think this way and how they Were deeply flawed as a human being and Couldn't take responsibility for their Own poor relationship choices right so People conspire That's a known fact and if you're saying That people don't conspire and that Governments don't lie and politicians Don't lie and corporations don't lie

Right you know this was part of the Liberal hippie movement To expose conspiracies And that was what PBS was all about and Now Liberals are pushing back against This idea In these networks and these you know PBS and you know CNN MSNBC and CNN and You know across the board that are Left-leaning liberal Networks That are pushing back the the idea They're saying anybody was a conspiracy Theorist is mentally ill but everybody Is everybody thinks of you know has Conspiracies All the stuff that Trump is being Charged with is conspiracies right They're calling what Trump did in Georgia a conspiracy so does that mean You're all conspiracy theorists or just The conspiracies you believe in those Are sane but the stuff that you know People believe in that are Anti-establishment I'm going to get into JoJo magu rigging the primary the DNC Ring in the primary against Kennedy That's a conspiracy And it's you know anti-democratic and What I was mentioning about these Women's weight you know I'm not mocking Them for being you know overweight I'm Overweight you know most Americans are But the diet that people eat If you eat just with a you know normal

Person eats and what the normal person Can afford because the food that's most Affordable Is carcinogenic and uh you know heart Disease it causes cancer and heart Disease the cheap Foods whether it be Fast food or the cheap processed foods At Walmart Is loaded with things That's going to hurt your health they're Going to lead to obesity and diabetes And these other things I mean that's a fact like that's a known Fact The cheaper food the food that poor People eat the junk food that college Kids eat or whatever it is right young People eat is bad for you and it you Know wrecks your liver and then all These other things happen You get a fatty liver and then you Become obese And you know that's that's not a Conspiracy that's not Doing something that hurts people that Is You know intentionally done for whatever Reason That the Food and Drug Administration That's supposed to oversee these things In the government and the health Departments that you know were so Um so uh you know so Militaristic about covid allow all these

Poisonous foods that are causing people To have all kinds of I mean young people With chronic illnesses and these two Women are suffering from You know something to do with Conspiracies that put unhealthy things Into human human diet That causes obesity and health problems And you know who knows whatever kind of Medications and things are on right Self-medicating you know selling Cigarettes which everyone knows are Harmful to you Selling um alcohol which we all know What that does to you right Allowing these things to be you know Legally sold You know that are toxins and poisons Caffeine and things like this You know these things are toxins they Impair part of your you know your system They negatively affect your system they Have side effects unhealthy side effects On your system And they're suffering from this right You know everybody is and so you know This is I mean what a ridiculous thing You know Maybe just for a day do what I said that I did and just kind of look into the Possibility that maybe not all but some Of what you think it could possibly be Wrong I mean that's the whole idea Behind believing in conspiracy theories

In the first place that what you've been Indoctrinated with right like she's Talking about how well this is not a Good [ __ ] the dude you know talking About how uh you know these are the Things that um That gets you to believe these things in The first place that you all of a sudden Question the official story And then there's all these alternative Narratives some of them are wrong some Of them are right some of our disinfo Some of them are just stupid But they are usually for the most part More accurate than the official story Hard to change bonds but that would Ultimately be really cool if just a Couple of people could decide to get out Of whatever online Forum it is that They're on go look up something and Challenge their own beliefs that's going To be you mean the official story like a Sheeple you would do that right more of My story because when I challenged my Beliefs it changed my world and it made My life better which time when you when You challenge your beliefs when you Started believing in conspiracy theories Or when you stopped because that Happened twice you're given a belief System you hear things reported in the News and then you're given a secondary Belief system we hear conspiracy Theories and then you went back and now

You're a debunker right this is a hit Piece right on people who Don't accept the official story and her Saying you know when you're into disinfo And these things right these are terms Right it's a part of a strategy it's a Part of a psychological operation Because everybody believes in Conspiracies which I've said so many Times you watch any TV show Especially if it involves the government Or you know it follows the it's a spy Movie or is you know these things but Even sitcoms there are conspiracies and People are conspiring it's a behavior That people do And conspiracies are responsible for a Lot of the things that happen in our Country And you know the world on an economic Level or social level and a lot of Things start with the conspiracy a lot Of movements some of them positive some Of them negative because If you were transparent about everything You were going to do it would be shut Down Good or bad I mean this is the reality of uh you Know there's like let's say you invented A car that ran on water we better keep That m f or sub uh secret until you can Roll it out to the public because They're going to try to shut it down

Every possible way and disappear you you Know in the vehicle right like that Would be something good that you would Have to create a conspiracy to get the Thing out And it wouldn't be a conspiracy in the Sense that it would be bad for people But you would have to do it secretly Because of the system and you know if Everything was Democratic like try to Run your family or if you're a Boss run Your business by a democracy Where you ask everyone their opinion and You get information out there try to Educate everybody and you know I mean it Would take forever like you can't make Your decision by everybody voting or Coming to a consensus it doesn't work That way like people have to rise up and Become leaders and make decisions and The problem is our leaders are corrupt And our leaders are bad people you know And I'm not saying there should be Kings And these types of things that's a Horrible that's even worse than a Democracy but I'm saying people who are Qualified because of their spiritual Um you know their Spiritual Development And who don't want to lead right who Aren't looking for power or any of these Things they just they're just good at it And they would make decisions right Um you know and it would be very limited Only the decisions that would have to

Would have to be made you know not get Into people's freedom of choice or get Into people's own process because people Have to do what they're going to do Because they're going to do it anyway so If you're a leader you have to allow for That right you can't Um control people But I'm talking about the overall Structure of things And there has to be rules in a you know A system where people suck where human Beings are murderous lying you know Conning you know all these things Manipulative Especially now where people are so Twisted Then you know there has to be rules There has to be things too You know keep the you know The criminal element at Bay and there Has to be heavy control because of People being so bad and you think oh if The government suck if we got rid of the Governments you'd be like oh man this is Way worse You see what people do and it doesn't Have to be all of them it only has to be About 10 percent They'll be criminal and Thug Like and Then you realize why there are Governments in the first place Because there is issues with Humanity And our lower tendencies and people make

Bad choices all the time And you see it these women are making Bad choices at least in terms of their Their health and their diet they're Young women who are going to suffer Health issues because of their you know Their body mass and whatever else is Going on with them right people make bad Choices that woman was talking about Being in bad choices with abusive men in These things People are making self-destructive Choices every day and you know choices That are bad for other people you know So what do you do as a leader you just Let everybody just you know wipe Themselves out and Uh you know behave in violent and I mean Or you put in a bunch of controlling Rules and micromanage people's lives Which also has negative effects there's Not a lot to do That's you know with a negative Population which we are With negative Tendencies right of course It's the Cali Yuga so it's worse but There are times that people can do Better but even then you know there's Deep flaws within the human system the Human genome the human Uh psyche the human you know everything To do with how human beings are and you Know I covered that quite extensively They talk about more in depth in the

Journey series of course And the Tendencies for humans to do bad Things And each one of us have to work our way Through that and become you know better People and become people who make better Decisions for ourselves and Collective And follow the right path and follow the Divinity within us and right now most People aren't even getting a whiff of That like they don't think about that to Want to do it and many of them can't do That and so in this mess that is Humanity you have certain people say Well why not I get something more for Myself and my family And they conspire to get power to get Money whatever it is it happens all the Time it's the basis of our economy in Many ways and certainly our politics and Global politics where conspiracies are Constantly being You know manufactured and executed And so you know when you start seeing The conspiracies and pointing them out And you can do it in an intelligent way They don't want any part of you right They don't want to interview somebody Who's reasonable who's educated who's You know I mean there's lots of people In the truth Community who are Reasonable people they're people Functioning on a high level and and Could articulate these positions and PBS

Doesn't bring them on their show They take somebody who's you know had a Life the lifestyle of ignorant you know She's some sort of redneck looking obese Woman who's been in abusive Relationships and probably a history of Drug abuse as a single mom And you know she's doing whatever she's Doing and she flirted with some Conspiracies a lot of them are the goofy Ones led by you know the right-wing Element of you know goofy like you know Like stupid ones and then somehow she Finds these sites that poke holes in the Conspiracies and you know she goes to Believe in one thing to believe in the Other and then they interview her you Know because she represents somebody That people who watch the show can look Down on And keep their prejudice against people Who Um and this is again a liberal audience On PBS that when they were hippies Themselves were you know they were Chasing conspiracies left and right About the man and the government and so Let's segue into a real conspiracy where The Democratic party is rigging the Democratic primary against Kennedy and The other candidates and are just Choosing Joe Biden even though the Majority of Democrats the overwhelming Majority of Democrats don't want him

Whatever you think about RFK Jr You know I have mixed feelings which I've expressed before He's not going to change anything and he Has you know different uh Not different but he has A lot of issues he's got a lot of like Baggage and things He has some truth or like tendencies But no matter what you think about them Whether you like him or dislike them He is exposing his candidacy is exposing The corruption and the rigging of the Elections The you know the tendency to rig Elections for the DNC like the DNC Is always saying they're the parties That are that's they're the party that's Defending democracy That's one of the big things that There's Fame their claim to fame Is that they're defending democracy from Trump and trumpers who Want to um Move towards some sort of Totalitarian type regime Presidential regime But they've rigged the last three Primaries They bring the Hillary Clinton primary They really rigged the first bite in Primary And now they're rigging this one And it's so blatant

And he discusses it here on this Forbes Interview What do you make of the DNC calendar Well I think you know the It's pretty clear that the DNC does not Want a primary Um they Um Uh you know I don't want to say that They want a coronation but that's Just say it's rigged like say it's Rigged which means They if they're willing to rig this And this is just Democrats Than they would have been willing to rig The thing against Trump and many Democrats and many you know the Politicians themselves Would admit at least one guy admitted I Covered this maybe I don't know six Months ago That they rigged it against Trump And it was okay because Trump was so Horrible That the ends Justified the means but They're the ones that are claiming that They're Pro-democracy right I think that that's a fair way to put it Actually Um they're doing uh they're they're Essentially they're fixing up the Process of that it makes it almost Impossible to have democracy function

It um they they're effectively Disenfranchising the Democratic voters From Um from having any choice and and who Becomes president or who becomes the Democratic nominee Okay so two of the things they've done Today Is they've moved the Um the Iowa primary they've made rules That if anybody campaigns in Iowa sends Food any candidates that's put in the State of Iowa or since put in the state Of New Hampshire That none of the votes that are cast for That candidate will be uh will be Tallied in other words any delegate that I win in New Hampshire or Iowa would go Instead Uh to the president and uh and now so You know you think about this this Should be national news Because The DNC is saying we're not going to Have a primary For our candidate and they got a guy Who's senile and 66 percent of Democrats want somebody Else They don't have they don't necessarily Want Kennedy but they want somebody else And so You know he's not been a great president He's always been kind of you know he

Doesn't have a fan base And he's clearly breaking down They don't want kamla either Right And so They are just Forcing the Democrats to accept whatever Candidate and say well who do you want Anybody or Trump right do you want Trump Or you want this guy like just if you Don't vote for this guy you're gonna Have Trump that's their whole strategy And whatever else goes into that like I Don't know how much control they have Over The you know voting process and how much They rigged it against Trump I mean There's lots of you know various uh Information about this in the You know out there about how much was Rigged with the mail-in ballots or not I Don't know like I don't know and I don't Care It's a willingness to cheat or Willingness to control things That is obvious here and that's being Admitted to They're just doing it like they don't Care and they're not thinking that the Media will cover this They're not thinking that you know People will react to this right if you Didn't hear him say this There'd be no other place to find out

That this is going on I mean Fox News isn't as far as I know We've been covering this right they Might cover this because you know it's Damaging to the Democrats But there's no way to even find it out Like the Democrats don't even know this Is going on right they don't even have Any clue about this How they're trying to change it so that If I campaign in New Hampshire that none Of the votes has for me in Georgia will Count that's significant because it's Hard to win the nomination without Georgia What is what is the logic well they're Rigging it so that it you know Effectively you know we're looking at it Uh the tabulations now that look like I If you add up all the super delegates That they control and all of the Automatic delegates that just go to the Party And go to the president uh you know I Would have to win almost uh 80 percent Of all of the states in order to beat President Biden even if he only wins 20 Percent And yet and yet you so you know it's Completely being rigged against him and This is what they did against Bernie Sanders twice So they did this again so they came out And they just admitted this on CNN

When Biden was losing to Bernie Sanders Biden finished fourth and fifth in New Hampshire and Iowa this is why they they Don't want to run that back again Because he would lose New Hampshire and Iowa there's no question about it They wouldn't do this if he was going to Win it and so he would lose the first Two states and I would say oh this is a Primary And so then it would become you know and Just because he's an incumbent president Doesn't guarantee Him the nomination but they're saying oh We're going to nominate bite no matter What And there shouldn't be any Challengers And you're not a Democrat if you oppose Him and that's not how democracy works Right And you know I don't know what the I Mean I guess they can do this legally Because they're not a democracy it's a Democratic Party And so you know this is whatever it is But they've done this openly in the past And now even more so like the Democratic Party and I go I'm not a Republican and I don't you know I'm not voting but this Is um This is great for just showing you that They're completely collapsed they no Longer believe in democracy because They've listened to their voters

When CNN evolved you know the Network CNN which is a shell Network for the Democratic party is saying That 66 percent of the Democrats want Joe Biden out and they didn't want him In the first place If he won whatever he won against Trump It was because there's Trump hatred it Wasn't Biden love No one binded one because people loved Him They he won because people hated Trump And you know that was you know And now like he's just drooling on Himself he's a complete mess And you know all of it right You you continue on so what is your Strategy then in light of this for Defeating president You know these rules will not be Finalized until September 14th and we've Written The DNC protesting I mean there's some Really wild things that they're now Considering including forcing me Actually pay for the primaries and their Logic is that They don't need a primary because they Already have a candidate And therefore I'm costing them all this Money and that money should should I Be paid for it by me and you know maybe Marianne Williamson Um so it's not you know it's a process

That is rigged and uh it's a you know we Live at a time in American history when A lot of Americans think And that democracy is broken that the System the political system has rigged Uh is rigged and that there's not really Any democracy and unfortunately the DNC Is taking a lot of steps that that Confirm Uh that Outlook You mentioned you're going so um You know I think he said something about Uh Third Party candidate to South Carolina how is this impacting your Strategy around Iowa and New Hampshire In light of what the new DNC rules are Well I'm campaigning in those States so I'm going to campaign you know continue To campaign in those days those are Important States for the American Democracy they're really the only states That really require you to do retail Politics to go to the Okay so um you know I think he said Something here later about maybe being a Third party candidate there's also this Here talk to voters uh other than just Donors the other states You can are content with having Candidates kind of Ariel bombard them From 30 000 feet with advertising that Is you know the DNC has two billion Dollars now in their bank account So they've raised two billion dollars

Which I don't know how Because when they were after the Obama Um you know after Obama Won his second term The DNC was 12 billion dollars in debt Debbie Wasserman Schultz was a Disastrous person As a leader and then the DNC got hacked Unto her And then podesta who was a prominent Member of the DNC got hacked as well So they're getting hacked podesta was a Guy who wrote about cyber security he Wrote a he did a like a a lot of team of People To investigate and write a paper about How to keep our cyber you know our doing Cyber security And um And then he got hacked like he gave up His password is whatever it was And Um the DNC was a disaster And so Hillary Clinton came in and Raised a billion dollars it was the First time someone had raised a billion Dollars She had twice as much money as Trump And then she got hammered even by you Know She was It was kind of rigged in her Favor when said Trump was a joke Candidate that was great the way that Played out and so now you know last time

Biden had two billion dollars in Trump Had won and so you know it's a two to One like that's when you have a money Advantage when advertising and all these Things are imperative you should win Easily And Biden has two billion dollars worth Of AD money You know I saw this in terms of Um I made a lot more money during October November and December On my YouTube channel than any other Time I was you know extraordinarily more Money Because of all the political ads it's Amazing how much money the politicians Have And what the odds are going to run and Then all of a sudden you'll see this There'll be a spike That will be reflected if you're you Know like if you're running ads on Social media because they're buying Everything up they can And then the prices go up it's like Crazy And it's right before the holiday season On top of it which is when the most you Know when ads cost the most money on YouTube and these other places And so like it's all about that now Right like it's about uh you know people

Buying the election through Uh you know whatever uh advertising and Other strategies they can employ with Having more money right more money Usually wins in sports or anything else And the DNC has all this money at their Disposal and they got a candidate that Nobody wants and if it wasn't for Trump They would have no chance like if Trump Would disappear like I keep on saying They would have no chance of winning Because anybody else wouldn't you know Be as people wouldn't be as passionate About that person not getting elected I Mean they try to you know destroy the Person on the media but don't really Watches the media And everyone would look at Biden and say The guy is you know drooling on himself Right he's not mentally competent people Want change already And they want to move on from the Trump Biden era they you know they're linked Together That's a lot you know all given by or Most of it given by large uh donors And that they can use that money to uh To you know to do slick campaign ads and And President Biden will not actually ever Have to meet a donor and then they have Occasionally maybe he'll do a uh uh A rally in which the that are they're Very heavily orchestrated and which

Everybody who goes there really is Screened and there's nothing unexpected And there's no Unscripted contact with voters And I don't think that's good for Democracy if the only people that President Brian is talking to is it's Clearly not democracy Like this guy should call it out more I Don't think it matters either way Because they're just thumbing their nose At their voters right they're not giving The Democrats what they want and they Didn't last time either The Democrats really didn't want Biden They didn't know who they wanted but Biden lost The first two primaries it was clear They didn't want them and they certainly Didn't want Kamala Harris because she Already dropped out Because she was given a lot of run in The beginning they got her up to 12 Percent Of the democratic vote and then people Took a look at her and said oh we don't Like her and she was down below one Percent for the rest of the time And then she quit so They're just um this is the Democratic Party and I'm not you know saying Republicans are so much better But the Democrats are just you know I Mean it's become some sort of evil

Regime just owners Because then he's living in a bubble and You know and he's living in a bubble Where he's only talking to a very very Wealthy Americans who aren't Enduring any of the hardships that are Facing uh the majority of the people in This country that you know 57 of the People in this country can't put their Hands on This is some of his Spiel here but then He goes on to talk about being possibly A third party candidate You know which is Um that would be interesting as well All right so um I had all these up I was Going to put in my two videos ago but I Just you know I ran out of time And this is from CNBC From 10 days ago CNBC is a part of NBC You know it's the financial Network for NBC NBC is A shill network for Um You know for Biden and you know that boy And Joe they have all these I mean Everything about the network all their Commentators all their news coverage Is pro Joe Biden in ways that are even Worse than CNN like they're more Pro-bindancy at it And this guy says this Let's switch gears real quickly Frank

Because I'm sure you've got a point on This I'm sorry to put you on the spot But you can handle anything my friend I Know it which is this I interviewed Robert F Kennedy Jr earlier this week And at the end of it I asked him a Question I kind of knew what he was Going to say but I was trying to trying To kind of spur a conversation which is He would obviously like to debate President Biden now here's the thing Incumbents they don't debate in Primaries I don't think they ever have Maybe back in the 1800s who know I think I mistakenly said 76 once with Ford that Was wrong you get my point incumbents Don't debate that said given a what 17 Polling rate from Robert F Kennedy given 69 percent of Democrats consider the President perhaps too old given a lot of Other factors Should the Democratic National Committee Endorse at least one primary debate or No way No way this one's an easy question I Believe Bobby Kennedy is going to get Somewhere between 30 and 40 percent of The democratic vote in New Hampshire And that'll be an embarrassment for President Bayou but better for Kennedy To do that well than for Joe Biden to Risk having a bad debate performance and Quite frankly as we get into the end of 2023 and Republicans begin to have their

Debates and their caucuses and primaries I still wonder why the Democrats don't Turn to the president and say to him sir The economy is getting a little bit Better inflation seems to be coming down This is a great time to pass the torch To the Next Generation we're not Electing Joe Biden at the age of 80 81-82 we're electing him for four years At 86 do you really believe five and a Half years from now that he'll be Effective and Ken I don't know if he saw The interview Frank will send it to you If not Kennedy Junior brought up an Interesting point which was you know Because he is a Democrat although some People argue that there's a lot of Libertarian backers of them even some Conservative whatever he said this President Biden is likely more than Likely to be the nominee President Biden Will then have to debate in a Presidential debate with whoever the GOP Nominee might be and this could be good Practice you don't want to come into the Big game without throwing a few warm-up Pitches By the way I want CNBC to have a Republican debate I want CNBC to have a Democratic debate because we need to be Focused on economic issues see um you Know this is bad like this is bad for Biden because CNBC again is part of the I mean they're business oriented and

They're you know it's part of a scam you Know all that stuff right Kramer and all that stuff There's a lot of pump and dump things Run through this network But uh You know They are admitting and you see this more And more in the media that Joe Biden is Just too far gone to Be an Effective Candidate and an effective leader like Everyone kind of knows it and they just Won't say it because it was the case in 2019. the guy was saying this and you Know a lot lots of us were saying this Because it was obvious the guy was Showing signs of dementia In 2019 and he wasn't great beforehand He had a lot of negatives but They rolled them out here and they you Know they rigged it they did whatever They did But eventually like you know it was not A sustainable plan right like it was Only going to get worse And you know it's this is the end of any Illusion about democracy I don't know How long we've had a democracy and I Don't even believe in democracy You go to Walmart you look at the Average person You look at the you know it is the idiot Idiocy Idiocracy Of the average you know not just average

Just people in general in America And people are so clueless And even the truth community You know it's not like everybody's votes The same it's not like everybody's Reasonable reasoning process is the same And so democracy is you know there's Some good things about it but it's Really just a you know it's an easy System to rig People think how much better it is it's The economy that makes our lifestyle it Isn't our politics It isn't a democracy that gives you the Lifestyle it's the you know it's the It's the colonialism Colonialistic debt-based economy that Gives us the you know what we have here So this is well it's self-explanatory Here moving now to the topic of the war Crane uh today's Florida State Anthony Blinken uh he was pressed about these Reports Elon Musk refused to provide Starlink access to the Ukrainian Military for their operations against Russia let's take a listen to The Exchange Musk says he was reportedly afraid that Russia would retaliate with nuclear Weapons musk says that's based on his Private discussions he had with senior Russian officials are you concerned that Musk is apparently conducting his own Diplomatic Outreach to the Russian

Government really none of this it's Crazy well yeah it's crazy look at these Get animated Droopy Dog concerns you Jake I can't speak to conversations that May or may not have happened I don't Know I'm focused on the fact that the Technology itself starlink has been Really important to the ukrainians Well to blinken's point it certainly has It has been really the Crux of a lot of Ukrainian military operations and then Musk gets involved allegedly by this one Particular approach one operation what Do you make of that and should Elon Musk Face some sort of repercussions Because he doesn't want his technology Being used for war That's a private company a private Citizenship you know this is their whole Argument that Google can censor Us in Facebook and censor us and you know all These platforms can censor us because They're a private company But then they'll pull their you know They'll punish those companies if they Don't do what Biden wanted remember the Biden Administration They threatened to to um there's a you Know some sort of a proposition some Sort of a you know there's a I don't Call it a law but there's a rule in Place Where social media networks can't be Sued for what their users post on their

On their platforms and then Biden Threatened to take that away which would Kill the Network and so they start a sensor based On Biden's pressure I mean it's just you Know this is Criminal stuff this is like Mafiosa stuff right Um you know like it's the whole Thing here Well Alex here's what's happening this Is a broader challenge ever facing as a Country right now space is becoming Heavily commercialized right it used to Be the domain of Governments but clearly private Companies are bigger and bigger players Launching these uh satellite Constellations that are critical for our Communications and that that Trend Continues uh and you know other aspects Of our national security uh continue to Move more towards the private sector Well it's in such a weird way musk's us I mean he's got a weird idiosyncratic Way of moving You know you see that there are actual Conspiracies here right where Um the DNC is rigging the election Against Kennedy and for Biden and that's A conspiracy and Them expecting Private companies like Elon musk's is Starlink to Help with their you know War efforts and

All these things right you look at the News and it's filled with conspiracies Conspiracies that the government Themselves and the media are talking About and it's okay for them to say Evil people are conspiring but they'll Never do that right we never do that but Conspiring is a part of what it's a part Of human behavior And what's happened is They don't justify or explain Their depravity or their uh their line Or their unethical Behavior Like you 60 66 percent of Democrats say We don't want Biden Well screw you you we don't care They've stopped listening to the masses Because they know that they have a Controlled population That will not Rebel That's one reason the other reason they Don't have a choice Because lies and deception conspiracies Make the system go And they're managing of people And controlling people And people buying buying into it because Of their Uh you know your needs that are or Desires that are being and addictions That are being Satisfied by the system And so You know that's even people in the truth Community

Are still going out and feeding their Addictions People like say they're they're there You know they they wake they're they're Awoken you know I woke up But in reality most people in truce Community are doing things that are Destructive to their body eating fast Foods consuming uh you know some sort of Substances Illegal substances or you know Medications or whatever it is and are Fueling their bodies or they're fueling Their addictions through the system and If most truthers we're going to be Honest If they said they're given the choice Between giving up their lifestyle and Everything that the system provides for Them And living a you know Non-evils living under a non-evil system But they'd have to give everything up to Do that Or just keeping their mouth shut or just Complaining but never doing anything About it you know which is what the Truth Community has become about They would choose The system they would choose the Beast People who are so-called conspiracy Theorists Are only you know that in theory like They're only that and they'll talk about

The theories but don't want to change or Give anything up themselves And in most cases we really can't right We can't Free ourselves from the system that We're 100 dependent on there's no Pathway for us to do that and no desire To do that either so they believe in Opium or whatever it is but there are Conspiracies out there obviously there's Lots of them and then there's just Stupid stuff that gets shared in the Truth Community things that are you know Not accurate whole movements that are Disinformation And you know it's all of those things But the powers that be have You know they just have entered into This relationship the dynamic Relationship Between the power structure and the People is if the people catch them in Lies catch them committing acts of Criminal Acts or you know as a system as A government as a political party as Corporations whatever it may be They just pretend it doesn't happen or Just you know this idea that you're in a Relationship with somebody who has power Over you It might be your parents it might be Your boss And they you know they're doing things That are wrong and they're abusing their

Power And they just you know find ways to Threaten you if you speak up or Disenfranchise you or you know cut you Off in some ways if you do something They don't like they have ways of Controlling The complaints against them You know this is what all abusers do But you know if you go a little bit Deeper You find out they don't really have a Choice because Although they are engaged in these Abusive activities and they have their Own you know they're getting their own Little you know cuts of the pie they're Little You know payoffs the system itself can't Handle the truth the truth in the system Can't coexist And so it becomes a choice whether you Wanna Live without the system and have Complete chaos Or you want you know you want to live by Your morals and ethics and by your soul And for most people it's you know they They don't want to do that They just can't and so that's where we Are that's the reality of our situation You know it's not a popular message like Most people Who watch my videos you know you may or

May not agree with this or you kind of Know it's true but It's not the happy ending that you like Like you'd want to have some Situation where the evil doers would get Their Just Desserts and you know all Those things if it just doesn't happen It won't happen Because we're all in on it right like When the system goes down we all suffer And we all suffer you know a similar Fate because we're all dependent on the System in one way or another And so that's the choice right you Either keep on limping along with a You know a system that is depraved and You know demonic and all these things Or you you know you free yourself from That and you live or the system Collapses And then we have to deal with that like You know what that means it won't be Good like it's just a systemic collapse Is much worse as bad as governments are If you go and Trace out historically What happens When there's regime change when there's Governmental collapse when there's Revolution It gets way worse It gets way worse after a revolution or Systemic collapse If the government goes down it could be The worst government the most corrupt

Government it enters into Thug Rule and Criminal Behavior people starve and Their lifestyle sucks and you know it's Just chaos and then people are free to You know the bad people are free to do Whatever they're going to do and then Other people get involved people get Hurt and wounded and they suffer traumas Their family members are arred and Killed and you know enslaved and human Trafficked and all these things and you Know there's no rule of law and there's Just chaos and then people you know out Of their trauma they act out and you Have all these people who are You know born babies and children born In trauma who become horrible people Themselves and you see what happens it Like just uh completely devolves Into ugliness as bad as the system is it Is better than that right at least on a Material Level and there's no Spirituality in that either because you Don't have time to connect to God Because you're too busy trying to Survive the chaos and the and the thug Rule and you know the uh the the the you Know the hellish environment that's Created And so that's our choices and there is No real choice And so you just keep on chugging along And doing your best to make personal Improvements and most people don't want

To do that so you know they'll go to Somebody else You know they want to hear some message I hope you right You know and that's you know that is Whatever it is only spirituality will Save this world it's paravato definitely Reports the Apocalypse And the Ascension and would have a Blessed day And be grateful

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