The Problem with Pockets of the Future is People here is an example

The Problem with Pockets of the Future is People here is an example

Okay greetings brothers and sisters Tuesday May 28th going to put this up as A voiceover video today you know I'm uh Getting into the um you know the whole Stuff with my Channel I didn't think I Was going to make this many videos about But there was a comment that I wanted to Address um kind of a an epic comment I Have actually more to say about it I did A new voice over last night that's about 30 minutes or so and it's kind of great Um in some ways I think uh but you know I have um you know this uh I've Developed a a different Mode in my internal process to do with These Videos so there are thoughts that I have That are there like I'll share with my Wife or you know somebody I've talking To whatever it is right I mean mostly my Wife I don't really have much Interaction with people sometimes Something to do with my son or whatever You know as he's um you know we have Time together and he's going through Whatever he's going through right and There's just you know things that I Would say about anything you know that Are just human conversations and normal Human Interactions but then I have these sort Of almost downloaded not almost but like Downloaded messages that I receive when I look at something it could be a

Celebrity thing it could be politics it Could be you know in this case about the Channel you know it's like something That I'll receive like in meditation and It's a whole thing like it's a you know It's a it's something that has to be Expressed not as a conversation or as a You know a something I would just say to Somebody it's like you know something I Would record here where I need to be Just you know alone and not you know uh Like connected to other people's Reactions uh you know when you're in a Conversation you can kind of hear the Other people thinking and you know you See their emotional reactions and it Changes what you're going to say right Like it'll change how you present Something based on you know if you've Hurt somebody's heart or feelings or Something you know if somebody's getting Angry and you you can read their Condition you know they have a reaction And you feel their reaction or they say Things to you and it suppresses what You're going to say it changes what You're going to say like you realize They're not accepting what you're saying And you know whatever it might be and so In general or just people have energy Like you can feel somebody walk in the Room and they're angry and you're less Likely to talk because you don't want to Get you know dosed by their anger or

Whatever right uh so for me to do these Things properly I have to sit in a room By myself you know my dogs can be there And just talk right you know you get Self-conscious cuz people are listening To you you like if I was in a situation Where it was one time uh during the you Know we had the flood in India you know Where we had our apartment was you know 3 ft of water entered our apartment Within a like a 2hour period and the Whole city was underwater you know four Fist of a city of 25 million people was Underwater it's you know a Disaster and you know my family ended up Ended up having to leave and I didn't Have internet And I made a video on a bus we were on a Bus to like another like an asham Area uh that was you know so many hours Away and these buses had like beds in Them and I was in the bed in the bus and I recorded a video right there right Because of the you know whatever was Going on but it was you know I was in a Particular um emergency type situation But it was weird cuz there's people on The bus listening to me like I didn't Know strangers my kids you know they Were all there you know so for me to do This It's just uh you know it's kind of a Private thing that I'm able to record Without other people hearing it without

Me getting any feedback from other People you know not having to like Whisper or something because other People can hear me and that's kind of Weird you know because I was talking to Myself in some way right um so the whole Thing is like a a process I go through You know and I've often thought if there Was no internet I didn't have this what Would happen to that you know like I Just get these ideas that come in you Know these Concepts and you know it's a Whole thing and I know that it has to be Recorded and sometimes it's hard for me To sleep because I want to say things That are um you know have to say these Things and I don't want to forget them And I don't want to you know look I'll Just think about them over and over Again until I'm able to record them Right because I I don't want to forget This thing or this point and you know The it's just like this you know it's a The stream of Consciousness is coming You know into my system right so it's Like something beyond my My normal thought process and I didn't Have that so much before I started these Videos you know I was able to you know When I did it was I was writing you know The stuff would come when I was writing And there were times where I would Rewrite a paragraph when I was editing And then I would be reading and I

Realized that I had put the paragraph Somewhere else further along in the book And it was the exact same paragraph and I I'd written it like months ago he was He almost forba him and I had you know I Didn't me I remember writing it before And so these things would come back Around even so it was kind of Interesting the whole process to me is Very you know kind of fascinating and so This has been happening to do with my Channel and of course then people Comment and that'll trigger thoughts and You know reactions to people's comments And and whatever is going on and so That's why I make a lot of videos about A certain subject and you know Personally I'm ready to move on cuz I Don't really have an interest in a lot Of these things but I end up feeling Like I have to say these things because You know I do so to start with this is a Two-part one's more important but I'll I'll cover the second part in a second Also responding to this comment that I You know I'm going to talk about um in a Bit in the voiceover I did last night But the first part is you know when I Was thinking about how do I bring in More people you know I could see that my Channel was dying because new people Weren't finding out about it right so YouTube used to do this for free YouTube Would take my content it happens to me

When I have a YouTube Feed um you know my YouTube feed Especially on my phone but also when I Watch videos here on my you know on my Computer and they recommend channels I've never heard before right and they Used to recommend truther channels all The time because I was watching truther Content I mean Facebook even recommends Alex Jones and David Ike probably how You know their shills because Facebook Rec bends them to me all the time as Friends or something like that or puts It up as you know like even though They're deplatform Alex Jones at one Time they recommending the guy again and So you know this used to happen all the Time on YouTube but it doesn't I never Get recommended a truther Channel even When I was looking for other truther Channels and so every other app every Other algorithm it happens to me on Twitter I get you know right-wing truth Or crap it's not good stuff but at least You know it's more what I would watch But YouTube does not recommend that Stuff at all and they used to and so It's not going to have it's not bringing In new people which makes YouTube pretty Much like any other platform because the Advantage of YouTube is the the usage The vast number of users and your Ability to connect with those people Globally and I can't do that now because

YouTube's preventing that so there are a Couple of things that I could do that I'm not willing to do you know people Want me to do live streams but like I Said I you know I talk in a flow and if I'm reading people's comments and you Know all of it it the videos would suck The other thing is I used to make worse Videos that appeal to more people Because you know I was more in line with The truth or you know a lot of the false Truth or narratives a lot of the you Know bogus stuff because I didn't know Better right but now I do and so it Limits me because there are a lot of People who they can't you know see Through the the bogus truther stuff and The right-wing truther stuff of course There's people who are Christians people Are flat earthers people who are um you Know uh QBs or whatever it is you a vast Number of people who access truth or Stuff that are going to be put off by my Point of view and so as I've evolved as A person to an understanding what's Going on and had more sophisticated Takes on what's going on I've lost the Ability to connect with people you know People who used to watch my videos don't Watch them anymore because of the things That I say and you know I'll get into That in a bit especially the spiritual Stuff and it's unfortunate that the you Know the more that you evolve the less

You can connect with other people and Then there's my limitations as a social Person like I just not going to do Social things because I suck at it like You know I could flounder around and do Them you know I could go to other truth Or channels and comment and try to pull People over here you know which I'm not Going to do like I just you know that Just seems weird I'm not going to dumb Down my message and say things just to Be popular you know like I could have a Popular Channel I could be you know not Even a truther and just understand where People are at and be you know I could be A Biden person or a trump person or you Know whatever it might be that I want to Uh carve off a bigger audience and say Enough interesting things to get people To you know I mean remed things for dumb People but I'm not looking for you know Quantity or you know whatever and so you Know I'm not willing to do that and so You know I'm limited right I could do Things to make another channel that YouTube would like that YouTube would Find you know and not cover truth or Stuff or whatever and make money you Know make it into something successful But I would just be you know a fraud Right and I I don't it's not in my like Ability to do that because the the Information that I receive in these in This stream that I get isn't something

That's you know it's not going to be Dumbed down because it comes from a Divine process right in fact over time It's going to become more refined and More Sophisticated because it's you know I'm Better at connecting with the Divinity And the message becomes pure As you move Forward and so all those things are not Possible for me to do and I'm not good At them anyway like they're things that I'm not good at networking I'm not good At business so you know I was looking For ways to bring more people in because Channel was dying and YouTube wasn't Doing what it should do as a partner and So I said all right you know I looked at Different things of course you guys know And then eventually that I thought that I would um do these ads and like this is Nothing new but I had a new take on this That I get to in a moment and so I did These ads and you know I looked at what Was going to happen with them in terms Of how much I was paying for every Subscriber so I was running videos that YouTube was putting out out as ads in People's video streams like I went Through a whole process with Google ads And that sucks right and and there the Unwillingness of YouTube to look at the Truther uh demographic and the Unwillingness of for them to advertise And other truth truther channels made

The thing you know uh like not Worthwhile at all so I looked at it from A business perspective at first and I Have a different take now you know which I have to get to I have to get through This stuff to get to that and I settled On the idea if it could be $1 per Subscriber that I would recoup recoup That you know $1 so let's say I paid $300 to YouTube and advertising and out Of that $300 came 300 new Subscribers and through the process of Those subscribers would come other Subscribers maybe and those subscribers Would either watch ads or some of them Would become members and donate or Whatever it was and somehow the 300 Subscribers the $300 I pay would come Back and so it would you know at least It would be a wash and I figured that Would probably happen and I don't know If it did or not but as it turned out I Was paying more than $1 per subscriber And so it just became like you know cost Prohibitive like I think uh that's how That's the term like it just didn't make Sense right and you know I have to pay $300 for 200 subscribers or something Like that and you know I didn't know Whether that was the money was even Coming back or whatever because it's you Know on Shark Tank they always ask the People what's the cost of your customer Acis

Acquisition and you know it's just um I Mean it can't be like you're spending Money and losing money on that process Right which people do like people have Businesses where to get customers they End up spending more money to build Their business and they're not making Any money because of that but it turn Turns out YouTube ads are ineffective Which I you know I'll cover again in Some future video because I have more to Say about that cuz that's effed up CU YouTube's and I realized YouTube was Dying as is Google because their Algorithms and their you know their um The things they've done to you know to Exclude the truth Community which is a Big part of the whole internet and a big Part of YouTube and a big part of you Know all this stuff in social media and Exclude People based on their beliefs And not give the customers what they Want it's going to kill your business Right so YouTube and Google are dying And you know that's going to happen like It's you know it's already in the Process if it hasn't you know at some Point it'll become obvious to people That they're in terms of the money They're making the whole thing that They're going to go completely in the Wrong direction but anyways what I Thought last night which was new this is The new part now as a business level I

Just want to recruit the money I'm Paying for Advertisement and you know if I can do That then it doesn't hurt to advertise Right because even if I just broke even On it you know eventually the channel Might grow in things but it you it Wasn't working because it's you know Like I was getting 100 subscribers a day For free when YouTube used to put my Stuff out there and that's when I was Saying things that were more popular to People like um you know the stuff that I Have is more sophisticated so my Audience my potential audience has Shrank and that's the other piece to This you know if I've had whatever 120 Million views here another you know 20 To 30 million views on my other channel Let's say that that you know I don't Know how many of those views are Repetitive people right the same people Watching the videos over and over again But let's say that there's been 20 Million different people who've watched Something from pockets of the future or One of my other channels so I've had all These various people come here and out Of that 20 million people I have 10,000 Regular viewers maybe some other people That don't come to the channel anymore But still like my content they just have You know they faded away or whatever but You know in terms of the people who get

What I do here and appreciate what I do Here and who have the ability to change And adapt in some way either you know Embrace some of the you know the the Preper you know like Preparatory Preparator Preparatory stuff the you Know farming homesteading whatever or You know become spiritual and do some of The spiritual practice which is even Smaller number you know maybe a thousand People people Tred the spiritual stuff Right well like it's you know that's you Know I can't get 300 new subscribers you Know I need millions of I need millions Of contact points with people to bring In just a you know to bring in one Person you know I need 20,000 new people See a video just to bring in one like What I would consider a person who gets What's going on here you know Understands what I'm doing has you know Sees value in what this is right and so That's crazy like that's you know and It's kind of depressing because what Does that say about Humanity because What I'm saying here is just entry level Spiritual stuff you know for the most Part it's you know it's crossing over From your normal material existence and Then connecting with the Divinity within You it's just the you know the I mean There's some more sophisticated Teachings in the journey series and some Of these other things that I do but you

Know most of the stuff is just you know A basic understanding that part of you Is divine part of you has your soul is Uh you know is uh connected to the Divine system and to everybody else you Know in your Center and that you can Connect with that very you know easy Idea to understand and you know a very Easy uh thing to start to implement and The gratefulness meditation you s Mark Meditation is you know a gift you know It used to be said about saaj Mar the Meditation that it it took 40 new people To get one good person And I would think that it was even Probably the numbers were even higher Than that one person who really got it And stuck with it now the 40 people that Tried it like they were you know I People who were willing to try the Meditation I mean they were not normal People in the sense of you know majority Of people wouldn't even try it and so in Terms of people that would have to hear About it to get 40 people to start is a Whole another number right how many People would have to you know hear about It and reject even trying it to get 40 People to try it and then one person to Do it and so it's just not good numbers Right now eventually the population's Going to be reduced and the the souls That are allowed to come back into Planet Earth will have to be of a higher

Nature you know the souls will have to Be have have the ability to connect with The Divinity within them and have some Desire to do so have some past life Experience with spirituality and these Things you know there's 60% of people Don't have the ability for abstract Thought there's lots of people who can't Even conceive of God as an abstract idea So God has to be a statue or you know These people are the most they could Ever do is a religion for them even some Of the religions teachings the religious Teachings are more sophisticated you Know these remedial teachings and so you Know religions where you have this idea That God's outside of you and God is Powerful and you know God is a statue or God sitting on a throne somewhere and You know judging your actions and you Have these black and white ideas like The Ten Commandments and th th shalt not And thou shalt not and these things and They have to understand you know to Suppress their animalistic Tendencies They have to have a fear of God and you Know some sort of a you know temptation Of a you know a Lore of oh you're going to get into this Good place if you do what we tell you to Do this kind of thing and that's all That they're capable of they're not Capable of going in connecting with the Divinity within them they're almost you

Know maybe an animal in a previous Existence right they haven't had the Experience that an human level of higher Thought and you know these things and so Well over half the population just cave And like they don't have the ability and Then everybody else has you know some Level of abstract thought and some People are you know more materialistic And you know their egos are too big Whatever they're too hard in terms of Their you know inner condition they they They're they're not sensitive enough Right and so you get down to about maybe 10% of the population have the ability For this kind of you know sophisticated Internal connection with the Divinity Within them but then this leads me to This other new revelation so this guy Complained about me talking about dodgy And the heartfulness thing and you know This comment which wasn't the the main Part of the comment that I cover but um You know it's it was talked about Another person commented saying the same Thing right and you know people were mad That I started talking about Heartfulness a lot and then of course Dodgy ended up being end up being a you Know wrecking the thing and being a cult And these things and it turned people Off some of them right and what they Don't understand that this is a the true Gift of what I offer here like this

Person in the you know comment section Said that they you know was a Paul lover Right like this is what the comment said Um led to my content people who love my Content but don't want the the best part Of it and you know it's it's sad to hear Like it's you know I don't feel sad but It's sad right like that because I'm Aware of this that people don't want the Best part of it so if you see that There's something different by the way I Present things there's a different Energy there's a different Consciousness There's a different you know people who See that there's something special I Have to offer it's not that many people Right you know 10,000 out of you know 20 Million see that I have something of you Of a of a higher nature a higher you Know understanding of whatever's going On here and you know they're like well This guy's different and this content's Different and you benefit from it like You benefit from the energy and it you Know these it's like it you know that These um these things that come through Me these messages that come through me They affect you in some way right like In a deeper level and like they get you To think and get you to sort of you know They're like they they become something That you have in your system now now and It starts changing the way that you Think and uh your approach to life this

Is happening to people like they're Saying it's happening to them you look At the comment section people are saying That you know it's it's something that's Um you know of a higher nature of a you Know vibrational nature and things like This and people say wow this is Different and I tell them this is why It's different because I do SJ Mar Meditation that I was an Underfunctioning Person on every in every part of my life I couldn't graduate from college I Couldn't um you know I couldn't uh just Have sustain relationships couldn't hold A job I was lost wandering around the World underachieving in an epic level And then I found Sark meditation and it You know filled all these helped Strengthen all these weaknesses that I Had and helped connect me to the Divinity within me and these things that I say are because of that system that This system really works like it in works right like I can say on a A level of some of my experiences and Again you can't have those experiences By me talking about it like you can't You know you don't have a reference Point when I when you hear me say it but I've had these experiences that I can Vouch for the system you know I don't Recommend anything right and I don't Even recommend this because I don't you

Know I know there's lots of people who Can't do it because of just everything That I've said I don't recommend it Because people are you know incapable Some people right but if you can Understand what I'm saying and you feel The difference then you can totally do It right if you see there's some kind of Difference in me and you you have the Ability to perceive that then you're I Don't want to say special but you're Special right you're you're on a more Sophisticated level because you Understand things other people can't see Millions of people watch my videos and They don't see it they don't feel it They don't understand it they don't They're not connected to it right they Watch a video and they just oh this Guy's an a-hole or whatever they say you Know whatever the reaction and there's Nothing there other people it's like They you're addicted to these videos Like you need them because there's Something special going on and so if you Understand that there is something here Right and it's something that you know Comes from the source a higher level of You know Consciousness and I say you Know it's not me because I was an Underachiever before I did the Sark System and I've had these experience of The system that is transformational and It might not be for you right away but

It's something that like if you chip Away at it like my brother couldn't feel The transmission right off the bat you Know he said he did it because he was Worried I joined a cult like I don't I Don't really understand because he's a He's a bser and you know we're not we Don't really have a relationship anymore But his you know story changes or Whatever but that's what he said like he Was worried his brother joined a cult so He found out about it and then he stayed Even though he didn't feel anything and It and it you know there was profound Changes in his system right and my Parents did it my mom was a devout Catholic my dad he actually saw light And got Scared like I never you know you Meditate on Divine Light I never saw Light but my dad did and it scared him My mom she really resonated with the Energy because she was the spiritual Person in my family she was really a Devout religious person but she missed The church you know she was going to Satson group meditation on Sunday There's these two nice ladies from haii Haiti these Haitian women and you know I'd see them from time to time the one Woman's name was Marie and you know Older Haitian women they were probably Um well back when my mom died which was About 10 years ago she died in

2012 um so over 10 years ago actually 2014 but there was I was in India at the Time and they had a gathering for Spanish-speaking people uh which you Know was South America and you know Those that area and these ha women from Hai were Haiti were uh at the asham Which was bizarre cuz they were the few Of the some of the few people that would Know my mom like who who met my mom or Knew my mom because my mom used to go to Their house to meditate and my mom Started with these this one one was a Preceptor and they were so sweet and Nice about they heard my mom died they Came up to me and they were like you Know Um just really it was just a it was Beyond some sort of coincidence right But my mom you know she really felt the Energy but she you know she had was you Know habituated to the Catholic practice Of going to church you know this I mean I sat in those pews and I you know ate The wafer and you know didn't do Anything for me right but you know sa Mar is something different it's of a Higher order and you know I believe in The system fully you know in a way that I can't even describe through exper Experience not because I bought into Something because I've had these Experiences and it's changed me in ways That you know I I beyond my any kind of

Imagination or expectation that I would Have and so I know how good the system Is and I believe in the teachings and The system is because of the Transmission and cleaning they're Available and part of the system was This guy you know Boby the second master Who was who completely negated his own Personal ego He lived to serve God in a way that you Know most people can't even conceive of Every thought he had everything that Action that he did was to serve God like He used all his life's energy he wasn't Like you know to hang out with other People or to you know go to a party or You know go on vacation or do something Fun or you know indulge in you know Personal um like the thoughts that we All have you know just letting our our Thought process run wild you know Thinking about whatever we want to think About like he was Al always in a Constant state of using his thought Process to do the do God's Will and Connect with you know the higher higher Developed beings overseeing the the Planet and do the work that needed to be Done and he said that he was ordered to Do this work to take down our current System because it's you know the it's a Demonic system and set up the conditions For people to rise up to a higher level Of consciousness through this practice

And Elevate people to their you know Full potential and there were examples Of people who reach their full potential In the system people who I met you know His successor you know because I didn't Meet bobaji and chargie was like this You know this guy who was on a higher Level of existence and I can't express All the experiences I had and some of Things were subtle but I just you know Everybody felt it who was around them Right you know and part of the Validation for you all is how many times Have I been right about something how Many times have I inadvertently Predicted something you know things that Other truthers didn't I mean there's Some things that were obvious some Things that you know were in the process Of happening but people say all the time Oh you predicted this or you said this Was going to happen oh you know you Talked about this because I'm connected With the plan that's happening unfolding Right now of the destruction of this System and then elevating people to a Higher level on the other side right and So that's how important this thing is Right you know in terms of the future of Your soul in terms of your the future of People's ability to come back and Incarnate back here on Earth because of The population reduction and be a part Of this evolutionary process and make

Huge leaps in their spiritual you know Going from like an amoeba to a a fully Realized soul is a huge leap it takes Millions of years to accomplish and you Know it's going to be fast-tracked and Shortcutted and these shortcuts and FASTT tracks are available now because The planet is you know if we go in the Current direction human beings will Destroy this planet right you know we Have human beings who you know my Understanding again this is you know Somewhat vague like I don't have the Precise you know knowledge of this but This is what I understand happened that There was human beings that used to live Tens of thousands of years and they came From some other you know Planet whatever They were not uh you know the Earth Wasn't their you know their home planet Of their species and they did some Genetic manipulation to create slaves to Create you know workers here and they Left those people here and the so and Souls of higher developed beings have Incarnated in these some of these Souls On some of these human beings but now we Have human beings that have animalistic Tendencies to live much shorter lives Than they can you know mature because Just when you start getting things and Understanding things you know you turn 40 50 60 you're now in the death process And your body starts to fail you and so

Just when you start understanding you Know what life's about and all these Things you know your your life is over You're you're in the process of dying But anyways you have these genetically Modified human beings who are not Capable of the the power and the ability Of our thought process and our ability To manifest things and we're using it in The wrong direction and we've become a Problem and we're not willing to go up To our higher nature nature our full Potential and we're not willing to Embrace the Divinity within us in a Higher you know the soul our egos have Run a muck right and the whole system Has become demonic because of you know Just um mishandling of whatever the you Know whatever was done to uh create the Human species as it is now right and so That has to be CH there has to be Interventions to elevate people to a Higher level and that's going to come at The cost of the you know suffering of uh The system 100% depending on collapsing The defunct demonic system that we have And the you know evil that is run a muck Here and demonic you know a demonic soul Is one that works against the Divine Process that is you know going against The Divine will and so that's what's Playing out here right now and you know Souls that are willing to help alleviate And you know redeem Humanity alleviate

The issues and problems and you know Suppress their negative tendencies Egotistical Tendencies and you know Create something better here it's the Opportunity for those Souls is immense And that's you know the entry level sort Of offer that's being communicated here On my YouTube channel right through the Sark system and so you know that's how Important this thing is and people are Like turned off by it well you've heard How many times I've been right and you Feel connected to what I'm doing here You see that there's something different Going on you see that I have something More to offer right and then when I tell You you know what it's about you know What where I get it right it's not me That you're connected to it's you know The it's the the higher nature the Divine process of connecting with the Divinity within me through this process Of sa margan the cleaning the Transmission that makes the content here Special you know it's I have some Talents yeah sure I have some abilities You know I'm smart and I have you know a Good sense of humor and these things a Different way of looking things like I Have things the dyslexia pattern Recognition things like that so I have Some you know I have something to do With it but without the Sark system and The meditation the transmission that

Elevated me to a higher level it would Be nothing right and I I'm I'm fully Aware of that like it's not even a you Know other people didn't have the Experiences and didn't have the the Failure that I had without it like I was A failed human being until I started Doing the S Mark system right and so you Know I can vouch for the system for you Know people who can rise up to it like Not everybody can I can vouch for its Potential and what it could do for People who are able to do it right and You know people who out of millions of People who connect with me here on this YouTube channel there's only a handful That are even willing to think about it Right and you know people don't want to Hear about it and yet they want the Benefits you want the benefits of what I'm doing here and I'll you know I'll Talk about this commentary again I'm Gonna say one more thing after you know I I'll play the what I did last night The voice over I did last night that Have more comments of that on the other Side right and so that's you know one Part of the Dilemma because I have Something to offer here but people Reject it because their egos are scared Of it their egos are want control their Egos are not willing to uh to you know Embrace the idea of the Divinity within Them and so people you know Circle the

Fire here and they you know they benefit Some some from what I'm saying they see That there's a difference but they're Unwilling to even you know stick a toe In the water right like they're s They're standing in front of the ocean And they you know in the ocean and all Of it represents the divine you know the Divine ocean like the ocean of divinity And they're unwilling to even put a toe In there to see what it feels like right Even just you know sort of slowly you Know put a toe in the the ocean like you Know but grudgingly right put a toe in The ocean um and so that's you know part Of the dilemma and that that's been Around for a while you know when I Started talking about this and it was Turning people off and I'm like well you Know don't talk about this because it Bothers us well why does it bother you You know why does you know what I'm Giving credit to bother you you know my Reality right and so you know even you Know people close to me and you know Whatever it is um I mean my family and These things you know my ex who was you Know kind of a nightmare and you know by Her story was a suffered severe Childhood abuse and you know wouldn't Have been able to function without Sark System like she was able to do things You know overcome certain things to Whatever extent uh maybe would have

Ended up in a like insane asylum based On her you know her self-abuse things And things that she got from her you Know her family situation right and you Know my kids all had stuff you know some Of it was came from me some of it came From her and my kids started the Practice they started doing it for about A month and I could see that they were Different people and it would help them Like my son even now is going through Some stuff like insomnia you know my ex Was had insomnia and my my daughter who Committed suicide had insomnia insomnia Is not you know it's a those of you who Have it and you know the Sark system Would help with it right you know my ex Didn't you know I had ideas of ways that She could have you know use this the System like the Sark system is great for For relaxing people and helping them Sleep right and people who do it like Get it you know they initially start Doing the cleaning and they start Realizing oh my God I'm sleeping so much Better and having you know profound Sleep where they're dreaming and Processing things in terms of their you Know spiritual Evolution right like it's Helping them their dream states of Helping them in their lives and moving Them forward but even with my son who You know People in my my brother and my my

Parents both you know all benefited you Know somewhat whatever degree from the Sark system and my ex you know so on Both sides of his genetic line and his You know what what he grew up with but In terms of him like doing it you know The chances are slim no matter what I Say about it or whatever and I know it Would help him but you know because it Helped me and you know whatever extent That there's a there's you know some Kind of um Similarities there you know for all my Kids but you know it's just not there Right so you know even people who Believe in me people who you know feel Connection um it's hard for them to do It it's hard for them to conceive of it And whatever things that are there Whatever obstacles there are right and So that's the first dilemma but here's The new thing that I thought last night Like I've you know some of the stuff I've is repetitive but some of it's new But this is the first time I've ever Kind of real realized this at least said It in this way so those of you who know The story I was around this guy dodgy as He succeeded this other guy chargie Chargie was a a a bigger than life Person who was his capacity for anything You know his capacity as a businessman And his capacity as a you know he spoke Like 28 languages and his just you was

Good at everything his you know his Ability to speak publicly and connect With people and just you know everything That he did was you know you know Masterly and his successor I saw him be Prepared with the same energy the same Spiritual approach the same things like That charge he had but he folded like a Card house he's said dope he's stupid You know he's like just I mean Everything charge he's not and he thinks He's better like I just covered this in A recent video like he said boss I have Become better than you he said this on Char's birthday there this public Statement on how he felt like he had you Know transcended chargie Anybody who you know saw the difference In these two guys would say that's just Not possible this guy's just you know Really the r word like he he's just he Makes bad decisions or whatever but he Fell spiritually and you know I had seen The work that it was done and I saw the Capacity this guy was you know Commish Was a good spiritual person but his Failure is epic and when I finally came To terms with it you know based in my Own you know parts of my belief system Thinking that that couldn't happen to The Master the system in these things You know all the stuff the brighter mind Scamed some of these other things where He's saying kids can smell colors and

You know all these stupid things that He's done and you know getting Awards And getting external validation and you Know just doing things that aren't in Line with the Sark teachings and I Realized that the system had collapsed And the transmission and cleaning Weren't the same and I had people who Heard about it from me and they were Experiencing the same thing so I had to You know do the gratefulness meditation As a you you know sort of a stop Gap Where you know the some of the services Could be Preserved uh but the organization that Had been you know beneficial to me and Other people at helping connect with the Information about the system no longer Exists right and so that's the other Part of it you know I'm talking about Something that's that's here a system That's here to transform human beings And help them evolved to a higher level Of Consciousness and yet the Organization that's there that helped me And other people with that and the Preceptors and people that helped with It it doesn't exist right and it you Know so that's another part of it Because I'm offering something that you Know doesn't exist like it did when I Was given the opportunity to do it you Know so it's all Up it's just really up right and

So that's you know another part of my Dilemma yeah so I just ate breakfast and I have to do the Tuesday Morning uh Individual meditation for my other you Know for the um gratefulness meditation Channel you know saying it's a dilemma You know it's I feel supported like I've Always felt supported like I feel like The YouTube channel popped for a reason Um you know in terms of it taking off And you know whatever is happening now I Mean it's all part of a you know plan And you know I feel protected in these Things being able to be under the radar As well I don't know you know all these Things um and You know it's your Situation's your Situation so I'm not saying I'm Frustrated with it because you know it Kind of is going the way that I expected It to go you know I didn't really think About it but you know this is a Situation I certainly didn't foresee What happened with Dody collapsing and Heartfulness you know the sge mark Turning into the heartfulness cult but What the situation is is you know you Have people who you know their souls Want this Everybody's Soul wants this and again You're you're starting with a small I Don't want to call them customers Because it's not a business but you know Customer base you're starting with a

Small potential audience you know it's a 10% of the population maybe right and in America everything is going against this Sort of thing spirituality it's an ego Centered materialistic culture that People have been brought up in a Pleasure-based you know uh uh individual You become everything that you want to Become as a person you know Gratification big egos right fight for Your right to party you know Everything's about your pleasure and Your enjoyment and anything in terms of Sacrifice or doing something for God or You know the greater good is you know It's not how we're trained it's not what We're indoctrinated with so you know all Those factors and so people resist it Themselves um you know the solution and On top of that you know now I have YouTube and social media trying to bury My channel right and bury the message And again they fear what is they fear You connecting to God the so-call Delite You know the people I call the Controllers the people have sort of Hijacked this more than anybody else Away from the Divine process and they've Put themselves into a Godlike position With money power and all the things that They have and of course the religions They fear you connecting to God more Than anything else direct connection to God you finding the Divinity within you

Right and so it's so far away from People doing they've forgotten about That but they do uh you know right now They're implementing all of these um Restrictions and you know blocking the People's path to the so-called truth Community you know they they can't even Think about people Uh connecting to Divinity within them Because it's so far away from what People are you know wanting and able to Do but they certainly are excluding Access and Shadow manness right uh as Truthers and so I got that like on a Lower level there's resistance right but Then on the other side which I didn't Anticipate that the organization itself Which wasn't that great you know in Terms of it was just you know wasn't That big and it was still it was a Volunteer organization but there's all These wonderful people who are doing Preceptor work and you know the the Effort they put out there traveling Hours a day to you know to bring this These services to people people Volunteering making food doing all these Things I mean you know when it's Heyday It was a wonderful organization going to A big Gathering people you know Volunteering and making food for eight Hours a day for you know thousands of People uh you know In the Heat of India You know outside in some tent or

Something I mean just all of it and then The meditations and all you know people Volunteering to put together you know Tents and just everybody working Together collectively it's just was Impressive and you know just um you know Wonderful thing and then the effects That the Gathering would have on you on A spiritual level and all these things Now don't exist right that theyve Disappeared you know we all anticipated It would be growing and more and more People would be doing it right that it Would be uh you know the system would Just be getting better the organization Would just be getting better right and Like it's not it's turned into a cult so You know there's just I mean I'm on Every side like in terms of the you know Whatever I'm assigned to do here you Know there's resistance in the you know The the participation the people the Participants are resisting it the you Know this the powers that be are Suppressing it and the organization that Was supposed to be there to help people With it you know with the connection With the Divinity within them has Crumbled so you know that's the Situation um and like you know I try to Be light about it but it's kind of up and it's you know I mean There's nothing more to say about it Really and again people are still

Benefiting from the transmission the Cleaning and the gratefulness Meditation YouTube channel that I've you know Created there but it isn't the same like You guys aren't getting the benefits of Some of these other things that were Instrumental you know other people that Did it you know people coming together Collectively and you know talking about The system and you know these gatherings And and how it's affected them and Hearing other people's stories and you Know just being a part of a community And then the services that went with it And the big gatherings the transmission Was much easier to receive and you the Cleanings were bigger and just all of it Right and so you know it's still good It's still great but it's missing some Of the things that help people uh you Know to sort of integrate into the System but it is what it is right and so That's what you know the situation is For us now and we'll see how it plays Out in the future but you know it's um It's a little bit of a bummer just Because of all the things I've said and You know how this affects the YouTube Channel because it's the central point Of you it's the the thing I have to Offer here that's special unique and you Know transformational and like I don't Even really fully understand the the Scope of it right like even you know

When Master chargie died and he he gave A like a like a one of these messages to The Whispers of the brighter World Woman These channeled messages and he said you He had no idea like he had no idea how You know big the system was or how Important it was even as Master of the System you know he didn't know until After he died and so there's this you Know element the other thing is one of The longtime practitioners of the system That heard about through me keeps on Sending me like other people that share A similar message to what Babaji said You know in India there's this Information out there and exists in Other organizations and the information Itself and the teachings are often Similar and some of them come from you Know the religion itself the Sufi Religion and certainly the Hindu Religion and some of these things that Are existed in terms of spiritual Knowledge the knowledge has been there For a while and people have the Knowledge but the ability to experience And practice the system is unique the Sark system the energy there like you Know people can connect with it outside The organization like we're doing now With gratefulness but it's that essence Of the thing that's important the Information is the information you know It's intellectual it's you know you can

Understand it if you're if you if you've Experienced some of the the benefits of The practice but the system is you know Unique it isn't like you're you're Trading one teachings or you're saying Oh these teachings are all the same well They are similar and and you know There's similarity in all the religions All these teachings the good stuff is All Sim similar because the good stuff Is the good stuff and it's the truth Right and so you'll find truth in every Religion you'll find truth in every Spiritual organization that's legitimate You'll find truth there but how do you You know how do you experience the Practical approach of your spiritual Evolution it's not through the books Like books are you know the Christian Religion is based in a book that's not Even that great you know book is a book But the Practical experience is what's Being offered in this system you know we Can do it now in the gratefulness Meditation and that's what's important Right it's the it's the it's the Practical approach to it um and so you Know and that's what's being lost here With the collapse of heartfulness the Ability to access these tools and Techniques and you know all these things On a practical level where you can feel The transmission and you know the Experiences that I have had and you know

I haven't had all of them that are Available but the stuff that I've seen And experien and the benefits that I've You know reaped from the system right That I've gained from the system are Enormous and like you know I can't even Describe them because it's a you know Experiential thing it's something you Have to experience right my experience Isn't your Experience everyone has to have an Experience of it everyone has to go on a Spiritual journey and connect with the Divinity within them that's the point is It one person doing it then talking About it and people like oh and living Vicariously through that person's Spiritual journey it's everyone doing it For themselves and having those you know Personal experiences and personal Benefit okay so let me get into the Comment here and then I got something to Say on the other side okay um so I'm not Sure where this is going to go whether I'm going to make this a standalone Video on my off day which is Tuesday um May 27th at Tuesday May 28th today is Monday May 27th I saw this and I kind of wanted to Put it in the video I put out today but I already had a few voice over things And it was already an hour long and I Was kind of tired but this comment goes With everything I've been saying about

My channel right so I've been talking About how financially that you know it's Not working anymore I have to make some Changes I've been talking about how you Know when I look at the numbers and not Just in terms of what I do here but in General the way people are you know it's It's concerning that um you know human Beings have the tendency to go low which You know we all know in terms of uh There's a choice between going to your You doing of embracing your higher Nature your lower nature human beings Usually will take the lower nature uh Overall right they might have moments of Of uh embracing their higher nature and How that relates to my YouTube channel Some of these other things right and Then the stuff with YouTube and all These other things that I've been Talking about And so I got this comment from Somebody um I'm going to read a couple Of these comments here I have four Different comments I'm going to Highlight this one and then bring the Other ones in um there's a lot of great Comments people were you know been Touched by the YouTube channel and you Know whatever that's helped them um many Supportive comments and those were all Great you know I wasn't looking for that I'm not like having a a personal crisis I'm just you know when I um

When I give my takes my opinions about Things you know there's a combination Between my meditative practice and you Know what the information that flows Into me right like I'll look at a Subject and ideas will flow in jokes Whatever it is right and I have like Faith in the the process you know that It's beyond me and the acting like a Conduit that there's some kind of value In what I'm saying and so I don't really Take it you know like it's something That's just for me or you know it's it's Different the way I talk when I have the Microphone in my hand when I'm just Having a conversation with person people And being myself you know that it's not Um it's not as you know as as universal As what I say here right like it's it's A little bit different when I pick up The mic like I get into like a Zone and A flow and so the stuff that I say is Not really so much about me or you know A lot of times it just kind of flows Through and I don't hold on to it or Think about it sometimes I don't even Completely agree with what's coming out Of my mouth or whatever or even maybe Understand it it's just I allow it to You know to happen and so this person Writes I wish you all the best Paul and Thank you for your great insights I was Blessed to gain through your content Humor and

Transmissions with regards to the Diminished comments interactions of your Subscriber base I can so I can solely Speak for myself you know I didn't say Diminished in comments and interactions And that's never was part of what I was Saying like I don't know if there's less Comments um you know I did get less Comments when I switched to making one Long video instead of multiple small Videos and the multiple small videos I Was getting you know comments on each Video separately from people like Sometimes I put out three or four small Videos in a day so the com ments Decrease but I couldn't even you know um I was just talking about how in terms of The feedback that this is how many People who uh have experienced you know Um whatever some benefit for my channel And were creating some pockets of the Future and we're doing the gratefulness Meditation but I can see from the Gratefulness meditation channel the Videos get about 200 views the backup Channel where I slam dodgy and the Heartfulness cult it gets an average Here I can look at the channel here um That channel gets an average of um 300 400 500 views 600 views 600 views right So it gets more views than the um let me Check the other channel here the other Channel uh gets um 179 views 235 views 254 214 212

Uh 357 that was a gathering day two of The Gathering 400 to day one so like the The Gathering itself got some more views But the majority of everything got um You know and this was just people giving Feedback about 100 you know 179 views People watching the individual sitting It got um 20 likes so you know let's Assume that all those 1979 people are Doing the Tuesday cting you know I do an Individual sitting every Tuesday you Know that's something like that's great But I've had over a million you know I've had like over 100 million views Like almost 150 million views and that's Not counting the deleted videos and Video you know all those things and so You know it's just people who rise up to The best part of what I can offer here Is very limited so that's what I was Expressing and I wasn't talking about Anything to do with comments right um Because that's important because this Person is now you know get taking it Upon themselves well let's just read it Here and so it says with regards to Diminish comments and interactions of Your subscriber base I can slowly speak For myself I stop commenting and even Reading your comments after you steadily Told us don't tell me don't care I don't Need to know and this is not a group Project I have successful Channel and You should get your own that's not what

I said at all right Um it was specifically to hostile Comments I never said stop Commenting about you know people who Interact in the comment section people Who bring in positive information you Know things that maybe I don't know About or I didn't say or you know Something that's uh supports the subject Matter in one way or another people you Know saying anything that's not an Attack on me or arguing with me or Telling me that I sucker in you know any Form which I I've told you why it Doesn't matter to me because you know I've already moved on people want to Debate me people get upset or but hurt By what I've said you know what I said In the beginning stuff flows through me And I don't even take it like you know Coming from me and I've already Forgotten about the video when I've made It and people have an emotional reaction To what I'm saying it's because usually They have to change and I'm not speaking To them personally but they take it Personally and so those type of comments Where people you know the whole Internet's full of people on Each other and people who dump their Inner poison on other people and that's Not welcome here it's a it's a very firm Boundary that people want to dump their Crap on me or you know somebody else on

My channel is not welcome you know keep Your poison to yourself right and you Know it's very I mean it's it's better For me in the channel That I do that so That's when I when I say um but when I Say I don't care uh don't tell me I Don't care I don't need to know that was Specifically about there was a video I Made a Full House video and I called Michael mcke and Christopher Guest or Christopher Guest Michael mcken and I Don't know which one I I made a mistake Right and the video was fairly popular And two years after I made the video People were still correcting me when There was hundreds of comments saying oh You got that wrong right and so when I Say that it would be like you know me Not wanting to look up somebody's name And I couldn't remember somebody's name And I would say um don't tell me don't Care I don't need to know and so you Know this is me saying that I've had Over I think a million comments right And you know you got to my time is Valuable to me right you know my time in The Earth and what I do here and so if You want me to read your comment or you Want to be able to comment here you need To have some respect for my time and you Know things like that oh you made a Mistake you know you this is really make You know that's just like it's petty and Stupid right and so it isn't just that

It's correcting something that can't I Can't fix you know it isn't like I care That I don't know the difference between Michael mcken or Christopher Guest right It's that I can't do anything about it If the video's up for two years and Someone comments on it what do they want Me to do it's just that they want to Point out that I made a mistake right The same kind of people don't want to Point out all the things I got right Because they're just negative in their You know interpretation or whatever so When I say that specifically about that Sort of thing where I only need one Comment you know it's different if I Misspell something in the title you know My wife regularly texts me and other People text me you know I'm dyslexic and I'm usually pretty tired when I you know Make up the title and things like that And you know I you know don't put as Much effort into proof reading as I Should and so when people say how you You you know the title doesn't make Sense or You misspelled the word that's Helpful because I can go fix it right And I want to fix it if I can but Something like Michael mcken and Christopher Guest I don't care about Right because it's not ever going to Happen again you know like that mistake Will probably never happen again if it Does who cares right right who really

Cares one way or another and so that was What it was specifically about but this Person got personally offended by me Saying that right and so let's go back To it I stopped commenting and even Reading your comments after you steadily Told us don't tell me don't care don't Need to know this is not a group project I have a successful YouTube channel and You should get your own what I've said Is there's lots of people who can't win An audience because they don't have Anything that people want to hear or They whatever ever it is and you know They're not people other people want to Listen to and yet they can't wait to Comment and you know bring other people Down whether it's me or somebody else And you know and it's usually a hostile Nature and again you know if you're Going to come to my channel and post Like this kind of stuff which is Complaining right this is a complaint What I do say is I don't have a Complaint department keep your Complaints to yourself because your Complaints are often contra contradic by Other people's praise like if one person Likes something and will say oh I really Liked it you said this another person Will say oh this I don't like this at All right some people will say I like The shorter videos and other people say Your videos are too long some people say

I wish your videos were longer some People say they're too too long right And so I'm not looking for feedback like I don't you know there's no feedback Loop here and so if you want to give me Feedback then yeah don't comment like It's not about me have I'm not asking For feedback I'm not asking for your Opinion but if you have something Worthwhile to say that's not about me You know some kind of personal you know Whatever it is I'm I'm glad that you're Commenting it it might be helpful to Somebody else right sometimes it'll be a Joke that somebody makes that that I'll Laugh at or other people laugh at right You know I made a video the other day About um how this is on my other channel And so the heartfulness organization Which is turned that it turned into a Cult they're now searching for meat and Alcohol they have people who have bought Houses in the asham and you know the Sjar system they recommend a vegetarian Diet I was a vegetarian for 18 years but You know Baba G himself was instructed By a doctor the second master of the System to eat chicken stock and um you Know there's a time where he was sitting There with chargie and it was cold in Northern India chargie was from Southern India was warm all year and bobg busted Out a bottle of brandy and gave chargie A little like a little drink you know

You alcohol is not supposed to be used And then he said you know this is a Private talk right like this was not Supposed to be talked about so alcohol Wasn't like completely for forbidden Certainly um it's not recommended Because it interferes with the Meditation and there's lots of people I Think KES himself was eating meat you Know he's from Northern India and I you Know got that sense he once praised a Butcher to me but anyways they decided To search people's cars to check if they Have meat and alcohol cuz people were Bringing it in to their houses and Apartments and they also wanted other People to rat on them and so everyone Coming into the ash is being searched And you know there's this brighter mind Scam where they you know they make a False claim that kids can learn to smell Colors and so somebody joked um you know Why don't they they bring the brighter Mind kids out to the car and they can Smell they can smell the liquor and Alcohol or feel and feel the car and Sense the alcohol and meat in the car You know which is kind of funny right Things like that those benefit you know I mean there's a people like the jokes Or whatever it is right there's comments That are you know support the the Material and there's people who just Want to dump their you know take a big

Giant crap on the content because they Feel bad about themselves or their butt Hurt because something that I've said is Something that they have to change right But if you want to debate me you want to Tell me that I suck you want to complain You want to do anything I say you know Don't tell me right and you know I'm Just going to I'm not reading the Comment anyway you're wasting your time I'm going to ban you or whatever so it's Not unreasonable what I'm saying here Right but this person said uh I have not Success I said and if I have a Successful Chanel and you should get Your own I stop feeling welcome to Comment at all above all I did not want To annoy or bother a brother in truth Further and as well as your positions Seem set in stone as you kept you as you Kept and still keep reiterating them Them deviant and alternative point would Not be taken in consideration see you Want to tell me that I'm wrong or have Some sort of debate and some sort of Interaction which I'm saying you know I've already made the video and you know Whatever whatever I do is fresh like you Know I I repeat some of the same points But these are things that I you know my In my own system um you know re delivery Right it's not that I you know that These are repetitive positions that I Have like everything comes with a flow

And sort of a newness even though if It's the same sort of takes that I've Said before you know but this person Wants like some kind of personal Interaction wants to be able to Criticize me and you know even in terms Of this comment right because I'm just Talking about how you know my YouTube Time and my YouTube channel is on the Ropes and you know it's kind of um I Want to avoid the the word disappointing The you know the effect it's had on Humanity the idea of pockets of the Future and all of it right and he's Taking this time you know he just said This right um I stopped feeling welcome To comment at all and I did not want to Annoy or bother a brother truther but Now that I hear that your channel is About to go under I thought I want to Take one last dump on It I want you know like just you know What are you doing here right like if That was the case then you wouldn't have Wrote written this comment like this Comment isn't welcome because it's it's Complaining you misinterpreted what I Said because I never said when the Person says this with regards to Diminish comments and interactions of Your subscriber based I can solely speak For myself I didn't want you to do that Because I didn't say that I didn't say Hey why you guys aren't commenting

Anymore like I didn't ask for it and I Didn't even say that I wasn't even Talking about comments right I'm just Saying in terms of what people are Saying in the comments it's limited in Terms of its effects on people but I've Never said oh stop saying positive Things about my videos and their effects On you like if if that was the case you Would still be commenting you want to Comment in a negative way and you want To complain right and that's like that's For something for you to deal with like You're you're having someone give you a Boundary right no means no um your Complaints aren't welcome your Criticisms aren't welcome right not that I'm beyond criticism not that I don't Make mistakes not that I'm perfect it's Just you know there are people who are Just going to be hostile that dislike The content there's going to be haters There's going to be people that come in Who are liberal or you know Ultra Conserv cons ative there's going to be People who love Trump and I'm going to Say something about Trump and they're Going to leave some crappy comment There's going to be flat earthers There's going to be cubies there's Always going to be somebody on the Internet who's going to want to tell me I suck or tell somebody else they suck Right and so if you're a supporter of my

Channel don't leave those kind of Comments because it's just adding to the Negativity that already exists on the Internet which is substantial right and So this comment is like you're not Getting it right you Know like it's just you know you're Saying that you get it but you don't Even understand the context of what I Was saying and you're misinterpreting What I'm saying just like a lot of People misinterpreted what I was saying That I was some kind leaving YouTube Which I said I'm going to revisit this After the election you know over the in 2025 when the new year comes in and I'm Going to change what I'm doing on my Backup Channel my my other channel Apocalyse now because I'm just not Making any money there so I'm not going To waste my time and I'm gonna put my Time into you know figuring things out And taking some days off and you know Investing in and doing some other things U with that time that I have you know That I'm just wasting on my other Channel um at least financially and so It says here I sto feeling welcome to Comment at all above all I did not want To annoy or bother a brother truther Further as all of your positions seem to Be set in stone as you kept and still Keep reiterating that deviant an Alternative point would not be taken in

Consideration or even on a solely Philosophical level so why put in the Effort to engage and lose time energy And attention and bringing up possible Vari variable Alternatives if if they Would be dismissed from you to go uh to Get from the get-go Anyways yeah like why are you commenting Now like just again I mean I've made it Clear what my position is perfectly Clear because I've said it over and over Again and it isn't clear for whatever Reason like I don't understand why you Would watch my channel and and not Understand what I'm saying like I'm not A bad communicator and this is like Again a violation of those boundaries Right because I'm not interested in your Opinions about things if you had a YouTube channel I wouldn't watch it Because I don't care about this kind of Content like I'm not even a fan of my Own channel right I understand why it Has value but I wouldn't go back and Listen to my own channel as some kind of Entertainment or something else you know I might crack up at some of the jokes But I have trouble you know sitting Through listening to myself right again Most of these things are are um are not All that important and stuff that I Already know right and so you know Again so why put in the effort and Energy to lose time and energy attention

If they would be dismissed from the Get-go anyways finally the whole dodgy Situation kept on being brought up Constantly And for a Paul lover with zero interest In joining the Harless religious Organization part of your content became Very boring and un necessarily redundant Again you know some people like that and It's what I do here you don't have to Like it like I'm not saying you know That everyone should be fans of my Channel and everyone's going to be a Meditator but that's what I do like That's the biggest thing that I have to Offer so I'm not going to stop doing it If you don't like it then you just stop Listening right or just listen to the Videos that are something that you're Interested in but the people who are you Know bummed about that I have lots of Videos that have nothing to do with that I you know I barely mention it in some Of those videos and some videos not at All anything to do with the meditation Things like this but it's a part of what I do here it's a part of the journey Series which lots of people love right And so it's again an unnecessary Complaint um you know it says here Paul Lover with zero interest in joining the Heartfulness religious organization part Of your content became very boring and Unnecessarily redundant especially

Whereas the premise of the Harless Meditation practice is to connect Directly to the Creator with no Middleman involved you being so hooked On who is the present leader made me Question if we were understanding the Same premise for Ascension again I don't Want to get into the explanation here um But the master of the system is a very Important role because you know it's a a NE a necessity in the Sark teaching and Those of you guys who aren't interested In that you know you don't need to Listen to that I've talked about uh you Know it's like anything else the leader Of an organization has a huge effect on It especially when that person has all The power it's like you know you not Want you know me being replaced by Someone you didn't like and you wouldn't Listen to the YouTube channel anymore Because the person was you know the Opposite of what I was right the person Was not a truther like let's say you Know I died and some my son took over The channel or somebody bought the Channel and started to talk about PAC of The future and wasn't a truth or wasn't A spiritual person and you had the exact Opposite content you wouldn't watch Right and for those people who are Invested in it there would be you know Some whatever it was outrage and things Like this but that's neither here nor

There the issue here is you know the Person wants to contradict what I'm Saying wants to engage in some way and Wants me to listen to their point of View you know this is the myopic Viewpoint that people have like they Hear me talking and they want to respond They want to have a dialogue and I'm Like I don't want to have a dialogue Like I I don't approach people on the Street and start you know saying these Things that I say here on the YouTube Channel I don't see somebody with a card Full of poison whether it be like you Know at Walmart where they're eating uh Heart disease and you know grocery card Of uh cancer right of you know heart Disease and cancer and tell them they Should you know they're killing Themselves with the food and they should Start reading the ingredients because It's none of my business right and I you Know and so I'm not doing that like I'm Just speaking out to the you know the Abyss of the internet and some of you Guys find Value in what I say and then You want to have a discussion and I Don't want to do that because I don't Even care about this stuff right it's Not important to me and certainly your Opinion is because your opinion doesn't Mean anything just like mine doesn't you Know your opinion is just your opinion Like people value their opinions think

That their opinions are important but You know none of these things change Anything right it's you know certainly Your actions and your attitudes and Things that you Embrace in terms of Whatever is going on in your life and The situation is important and your Knowledge of things to make the right Decision and navigate through your life When you you know decisions have to be Made and the way they treat the people Around you and and the you know way you Invest your time and energy those are All important things for you personally But they don't mean anything to me or Anybody else right you know like they're Your choices you might not care well I Don't don't need to know or won't read This either but I wish you and your Loved ones all the best on your new Journey again I never said I was Quitting you know I said that I was you Know at some point probably going to Have to go for a channel where I uh People all have to pay for the content Because because like that's you know That's probably the inevitable thing That has to happen and I don't even know How about how to go about that right but Of course you're going to feel like your Comment isn't welcome because I said These kind of comments aren't Welcome right like it's just that simple Like you have to deal with your need to

Leave this type of comment and you hear That I'm about to leave the you know I Mean you your interpretation I'm I'm About to leave YouTube and you're like a Fan and benefited from my channel and You want to take one last crap on before I like just what kind of person are you Like well you know I've been I've been Repressing all these things I want to Tell you and you know these things about How how you're not doing it the way I Like and how I want to complain about These even though you say don't do it I'm going to do it anyway because you Know you're not going to be around Forever so this is my last time to take A on You like you know what's wrong with You I mean just think about the kind of Person you are Anyways there are some other comments I Want to get to here um you know I want To put all this stuff to a rest here you Know a few things happened in my Personal life and then I realized you Know I went through all the the video The money I was making on my other Channel and it's dismal right like you Know it's it's averaging like like you Know $12 a day you know I don't make Videos every day but you know it's less Than $5 an hour not counting expenses um One person writes I pay for a pay Patreon fee for your videos well I do

Have patreon still but I you know Patreon's worse well let's listen to the Rest of it I don't feel comfortable on YouTube because they keep messing with You and others it's time you stop giving The good away for free it's actually Downgrading the channel you not charging If you keep the monthly low and grow it You'll have a nice monthly income from Patreon alone patreon sucks because I Would still need to have patreon doesn't Have a video service Patreon is a completely parasitic Organization now I have my patreon Account that's kind of dwindled over Time I don't know maybe I make like $100 A month or something I people have Switched over to the membership now YouTube takes a third and so does the Patreon and So eventually when I go to My own private situation I'll get 100% Of the money which will be good but at Least YouTube has a platform where they Have you know content that is good like I watch YouTube videos all the time Still and even though they're you know Difficult on truthers and YouTube is not As good as it used to be you know at Least it had some value patreon you Still have to have a third party you Have to put your videos up somewhere and Then put them on patreon which is a Whole Hassle and it's you know it's it Adds more work for everybody and patreon

Is just you know they're parasit they're More parasitic than you than YouTube Like YouTube at least has some value and So um until I I do that you know I mean It's without the the YouTube membership Program I would have to immediately Revert to um I'm making so little on the Ads at YouTube that I'd have to go and Charge for my you know my videos right And so then it becomes how many people Are willing to pay for the content and You know a small monthly fee and you Know and then that'll determine the Future right in terms of whether I can Keep on making videos or whether I'll Just make you know occasional videos or Whatever and do something else we'll see What happens okay so there's one more Comment here the person says here my Comment seems in instantly deleted well I'm reading it so I don't know uh trying Again to ask if Paul would endorse Anyone of us here interested in creating Local Pockets you know pockets of the Future to have some platform as we can Communicate about ideas and things that Work or avoid when trying to create such Uh nobody wants a farm And if they do cannot afford land or Equipment I I had a loss in need support Group um well I don't know I'm not going To endorse anything that's just going to Come back to bite me if it goes south Like I'm not you know like I just I

Don't want that responsibility right and So people would be like why do you Endorse this thing and this person's you Know a bad person or whatever you know The thing went South and you know any of These types of things like I can't do That Right and you know the problem is most People who want to do pockets of the Future create some sort of pocket of the Future a farm-based community don't have Any money like that's you know in General that's how it is you know people Don't have the resources to invest in it And lots of times people don't have Money many times the people have poor Health you know they have physical Health issues maybe even mental health Issues And you know I'm not L me just like what I'm saying Here is you know what do people have to Offer and this is why I haven't tried to Um create some sort of community myself Because I can't take on another burden Right there's a time that master chargie Um they were building a community a sjar Based community and the people started To fight and you know money was Misappropriated and all these things and Charie said I I'm you know washing my Hands with this thing you know you guys You're on your own I don't have want Anything to do with this he said I'm not

Leaving my successor the mess that I I Was left with of course Commish was a Completely disaster the current Master Of the system anyway you know but you Know that's I mean that's how it is like There's not a lot of people out there Who have a lot to offer and most of Those people are very wary of taking on The burden of other people right like People have to understand you know they Have to be you have to become somebody That has something in terms of you know A skill set in terms of you know if you Don't have money to contribute what can You contribute right like money is not All that important but as important as Skills or important as you know somebody Who's a functional person but you know In terms of having a bunch of sheep that Are you know dependent on somebody and Need to be uh you know uh managed in Some way and people who don't get along With other people and that's a big Problem with the truthers and Truth Community and all these things this is What I'm saying about the failure of Pockets of the future because how many People can rise up and come together in A community type situation with that When when you you know when you have an Option you know another option um which Is um you know you can just have a job And have the system support you you know To have the system to rely on right it's

Very hard to live in a you know with um The kind of uh the the ordeals and the The problems you get from homesteading And you know living in a community most Intentional communities fail you know There's a community that was started you Know somebody used to listen to my Channel and things like this and they You know was a nightmare like and most Of these communities end up being that Way people invest money or invest time And they feel like they've been cheated Or robbed or you know it just it always Goes that way right I you know I bought Cows from an intentional community and I Was talking to the guy who was you know The guy who was charge of the cows and I Was like like was it like living in this Community like the Twin Oaks Community In Virginia it's based in the BF Skinner Behaviorist model and they have a big Garden they're kind of like nudus there Like they you know my my ex brought my Kids over to you know to pick something Up from the place and they had this big Vegetable garden and there's women out There topless like but they had cows and They made hammocks they sold hammocks to Support the community and everyone had To come in equal like you had to you Know whatever money that you had you Didn't bring it in with you so everybody Was working together and uh you know Where nobody had more money than anybody

Else and and you had to leave all your Kind of worldly belongings behind other Than things you know your bare Necessities and then you made hammocks You worked in the dairy because they Milked cows or you grew food so they had You know beef they had Dutch belted cows Which is Dual Purpose cow which you can Um you know that has milk and uh you can Milk and you can also eat the meat and They bred back from Holstein and so they They got dut Dutch belted semen and put It in holste cows Holstein are the poor Man's Dutch belted Dutch belted the Holstein cow was like what the villagers Owned and the and the Dutch belted is What royalty owned and so we had a half Dutch belted cow half Jersey cow that Gave really good milk and uh her sister That was harder to milk CU she didn't Have a good uter structure um she was Hard to milk manually but she had you Know they were Dutch belted cows and we Milk them quite regularly you know every Day right for six years but this Intentional Community they had a great Garden they grew incredible food and They sold some of their food they sold Some of their extra cows and they you Know they they ate meat of the cows and Drank milk and they sold hammocks to Bring in whatever else they needed right And you were supposed to you know be a Part of some of this stuff so I asked

The guy what was like living there and It was always 100 people they they would Only leave have someone else come in the The community always had to have 100 People right he say it's like being Married to 99 other people so you know Take that for what it's worth so these Communities are are very difficult Pockets of the future are very difficult To form and I just I'm not going to Burden myself and and put myself out There for something that inevitably is Going to fail when you know other people Can't you know don't have things to Bring to the table right and when things Are misinterpreted like this original Commenter like all these people thought I was leaving YouTube and I didn't say That right I've said over and over again That I'm going to you know make it Through the election you know the money Is not great and the other things are There's other problems here but I want To you know just go through this Election cycle because I mean YouTube's Uh the ad revenue is going to plummet Come you know after the election and I'm Going to do something else I'm gonna you Know integrate you know uh migrate over To another platform perhaps or you know Make my stuff so that it has to go Through some put it behind a pay wall And these things right and so it just be A matter if there's enough people right

Now there isn't enough people in the Membership program to financially Support this channel so if all those People you know sign up for that and you Know maybe uh I need probably about Three times is it like 180 people I need Probably about five or 600 people who Are willing to to pay something you know Whatever five bucks a month or whatever And so we see how that goes but Something else might change maybe There'll be something that happens like You know um but right now I'm going to Have to do something differently right And so you know let's um just put this Behind us I'll I'll make this a Standalone video tomorrow and I'll uh Maybe add some things let me just wrap This up for today Though okay I just did the individual Sitting for Tuesday July uh May 28th 200 and um 24 today and so I just wanted To reread this comment because I had More things to say about it um that came To me last night and just how it's an Example of everything that I'm talking About and so um the person says I wish You all the best Paul thank you for all Your great insights I was blessed to Gain through your content humor and Transmission so this person is saying They benefit from my channel this is Point number one benefited from my Channel they get it they have you know

Had insights and blessed and all these Things right with regards to the Diminished comments interactions of your Subscriber base I can solely speak for Myself I've already established that That never happened I didn't say that There was um there was diminished Comments and interactions I said that The subscriber base was based in YouTube No longer putting my stuff out there you Know qu people quit people leave the you Know whatever it is right you know That's if people don't want to be here That's fine but in terms of what I need To keep the channel relevant YouTube Stopped doing what needs to be done for Me and any channel which is to recommend My content to new people so new people Can find it right because some people Are eventually going to fall off I mean Very few people are going to stay and Listen to some guy talk for over an hour A day for you know 20 you know 10 years Right people come and go they still Might like the content but you know I Mean I wouldn't do that right so I I Don't expect any anybody else to do that As well so you need new people but again He misinterpreted this but here's the Thing I wasn't ever saying that I want Your reaction to it your interpretation And your you know feedback this wasn't a Feedback loop right which is this guy's Biggest problem here he wants a

Feedback I stopped commenting and even Reading your comments after you steadily Told us don't tell me don't care I don't Need to know I already addressed that Earlier and this is not a group project I have my I have my successful Channel And you should get your own I stopped Feeling welcome to comment at all above All I did not want to annoy or bother a Brother in truth but he doesn't have a Problem doing that Now um further as all of your position Seem set in stone as you kept and still Keep reiterating them uh deviant and Alternative point would not be taken Into consideration even on a solely Philosophical level but you know I think On a bigger level I've said that this is I don't want that right this isn't a Discussion and as I said earlier in the The voice over that I created today the Introduction to this you know comment Video that up being 45 minutes long that You know this is a stream of Consciousness that isn't a conversation This is a message right there are Messages that I'm getting you know about Whatever it is right and some of it you Know it's just some of it's comedy some Of it's just about you know human life And some of it is more you know refined Spiritual teachings but either way it's Something that's downloaded to my system And then I deliver it through whatever

You know process I go through whether It's a voiceover or these other things Right and so it's not a discussion it's Not open for debate I'm not you know Looking for feedback because it's not Really just about me or coming from me It's something beyond that right so you Know I've said this over and over again I'm not looking for feedback this is not Something where I'm open to people Critiquing what I do here but this Person has a desire to do that right um So the person says um above all I did Not want to annoy or a brother or bother Or annoy or bother a brother in truth Further as all as your all your Positions set in stone as you keep and Still keep reiterating the Deviant and Alternative point would not be taken in Consideration on a solely pH Philosophical level so why put the Effort to engage and lose time energy And attention in bringing it up possible Variable alternativ if they would be Dismissed from the get-go anyways Finally the dodgy situation kept on Being brought up constantly and for Paul Lover again this is saying that somebody Who's benefited from my content and says That they're lover of the content right With zero interest in joining the Heartfulness religious organization part Of your content became very boring Unnecessarily redundant especially

Whereas the premise of the heartfulness Meditation practice is to connect Directly to the Creator with no Middleman involved well there is you Know not a middleman as a in terms of a A gatekeeper but a facilitator that is Necessary for someone who's completed The journey and you need that like you Just do but whether you want that or not You need that you being so hooked on who The present leader made me questioned if You were understanding the same premise For Ascension you might you might not Care don't need to know or won't read This either but I wish you and your Loved ones all the best on your new Journey so again Mr interpreting that I Was quitting my YouTube channel right This whole thing that many people did But the problem here is this person says That they've benefited from my you know Whatever I do here right that was the The initial statement and then the Paul Lover statement right saying that you Know they've Benefited immensely from the content That I create here and also understands That I have Boundaries about people critiquing and Giving feedback and looking to have some Sort of a Dialogue you know personal about it Right like you can have your opinions of Whatever's going on but addressing them

To me and making me get involved is you Know you wanting me to listen to you That's what this is about this person Has a reaction to what I'm saying and Wants me to listen to them in their Opinions about what I'm saying right They want to have a discussion and which Is about me listening to them but knows That I've put a boundary up saying I'm Not interested in that right you guys All get that that it's not helpful for Me in the channel and I'm not looking to For critiques or you know second Guessing or you know disputes or any Kind of arguments or debates or any of These things it's not what I do here It's a waste of my time and I'm not open To your opinion on the subject right not That you you should have an opinion I Hope that you have an opinion I just Don't want to hear it right like I'm not Here I don't go on YouTube listening to People talk about these same things Right I don't go and listen to other Truthers or other people you know I have A fresh perspective and I put it out There if it has Merit and has value They'll be an audience if it doesn't It'll it'll disappear right so in terms Of you know this is the like Rules of Engagement this is the you know this is What's being offered I'm offering Something that this person says they've Benefited from immensely right the

Person says here um I thank you for all Your insights I'm blessed to gain Through your uh content humor and Transmissions blessed blessed by my Content right you said that I'm bless You're blessed by my content and I've Made it clear in terms of this Relationship whatever it is I present Information you benefit from it enjoy it Or not if you don't like it just move on And there's no sort of feedback Lo I'm Not looking for people's uh you know to Pander to you based in what you want From me right like it's uh you know it's Sort of a you know a contract I'm I'm Clear on what this is for me what's best For me in terms of creating this content And you know what I expect from you in Terms of people who benefit from it is Take it or leave it right you know Accept it or don't accept it you know Believe it or don't believe it enjoy it Or don't enjoy it right it's it's Completely your experience but I don't Need to hear about it like it doesn't You know benefit me like if you want to Say all right you've benefited from it Well that's great because I realize There are people who are benefiting like That keeps me going that's the only Thing that's there that's going to keep Me going or people who add uh thoughtful Comments and sightful comments that Enhance what's being said who offer more

Information and the things that I've Said here links to videos things like That that are appropriate to what I'm Saying right that are you know in line They're not you know taking people off In the wrong direction or Misinterpreting what I'm saying and and Putting stuff in there you know that's Not helpful but even then I don't block People from doing that as long as They're not trying to rope me into it Right trying to you know extract more From me like you benefited and you want More right you want things that I'm not Willing to give and not it's not better For me or the channel to give those Things and I can't give that to Everybody I can't listen to everybody or If I'm getting 4,000 views every day and I have to read 4,000 comments critiquing My video and having some sort of Feedback loop it's not appropriate right And so this person you know the the part Where they're saying this Um I got to find it again here it is the Person saying I stopped commenting or Even reading your comments and you Steadily told us don't tell don't care Don't need to know this is not a group Project I I stop feeling welcome to comment at All above all I did not want to annoy Well you did want to annoy right because I said this is something that I don't

Want or need you understand this like You know I've talked about this before But I'm talking about a different way Here you know what I did last night this Voiceover that the person is benefiting They're acknowledging benefiting from it They acknowledge that I have put up Bound and rules and things that you know This is the the the terms of you know The the the terms of service here this Is what this is me talking and you Listening or not you benefiting or not Right that's up to you like I'm Presenting something that you know I Believe has benefit or I wouldn't put Put it out there and you know you're Enjoying or not or whatever it is right But in this thing I'm not listening to You right you're listening to me but I'm Not listening to you and again it's not Even me to whatever extent that I've Explained in the beginning of this video Right and so the person instead of Saying okay this is the this is the deal Here I should just be grateful for what I'm getting they wanted something that I Said you know I'm not interested in and Knowing that right acknowledging that They know it acknowledging my boundary Acknowledging my terms of service Acknowledging all these things when they Hear that my channel is you know Suffering they decide to drop their Worthless opinion on me that has no

Value and force it on me knowing that I Don't want it and telling you please Don't do this right in no uncertain Terms that your feedback loop right Saying that you know that you've lost Subscribers because you're talking about The you know SJ Mark system I've lost Subscribers because I don't say the same Old stupid that you know other Truthers who having an a Ved and just Repeat and regurgitate the same boring You know takes and same right-wing takes And you know people who are in't Trumpers or people are not flat earthers I mean me telling you know you know my Version of what I'm seeing is inevitably Going to rub people the wrong way you Know there's I'm going to say something That's going to hurt people's feelings Or you know not provide something that They want this person has a need to be Listened to right and by me and I don't Want to listen to him I'm not interested I'm not interested in your opinions About these things I'm not even really All that interested in my own opinion I Don't go back and listen to my what I Say about it because you know most of These things don't matter to me because I've already made my decisions I already Charted my path and my course and so This is everything that I've talked About somebody who benefits from the Channel has the ability for you know

This higher level you know stuff that's Being presented here you know higher Level compared to most people but you Know lower level compared to what's Available in the higher level right an Introduction to the higher level of Consciousness the spiritual world and The person says they're not open to you Know they benefit from everything that I'm doing but our resistance to the Source which is the sjar meditation that All of my stuff comes from right and so You know weights forever with this you Know I mean God having this idea that They have a god-given right to critique My stuff and expect me to listen to them And complain which is is complaining as Well you know violating all these things All the rules right knowing the rules And violating saying they didn't want to Bother me but then when I'm saying my Channel's going away hey this is my last Chance to all over you right and so This is what people do you know this is Why I want to add this this is a prime Example you know it's depressing this is What human beings do you benefit from Something and yet you don't get some Piece of it that you want you know you I'm not willing to do enough for you you Want more for me but what are you doing For me like what have you done you know In terms of the you know how have you Paid back the the you know for whatever

You've benefit you receive something From me what are you doing for me in Return right like saying a comment You're doing something I said please Don't do this and you're going to do it Anyway you like somebody's inviting you Into the house a guest in the house and Says you know and you're you know you Need something you're like whatever You're trapped or stranded or something Says all right I'll help you out gives You a place to sleep gives you something To eat but it says please don't do these Things you know things that you don't Even really need to do but you do the Things anyway because you're ungrateful That's why I say be grateful be grateful For what this is and not what it's not Right be grateful for what I'm offering Here and not what I'm not offering right But this is why all the things this is Why people quit YouTube this is why People quit being you know whatever Because people are ungrateful and Selfish Narcissistic and you know they're They're takers they're parasites they Don't give you anything back in return Right they're not you know all they do Is take right all they do is you know uh It's a one oneway relationship and they Want more from you like things that You're not willing to offer oh yeah you Gave me this but I also want this right

You know like it's just um and I'm Talking about this across the board and This is something I've experienced with Aasis with you know Master chargie of The the Sark system it's what sagi's Done you know this is the fall of Humanity be grateful for what it is this Why you can't sustain Relationships focus on the positive and The good things about the people you're With your you know your spouse your Family focus on you know the blessings That you have and not you know uh oh What more can I have oh this is good but What else can I have right you know not Being satisfied always being looking for More always looking for more for Yourself but giving nothing back to Anybody else and when people say look You know this is all I'm willing to Offer and then still you know well but I Want this as well and just not letting It go right be grateful for what it is And see what can you do to you know give Back right what can you do to give back And return the favor you know what can You do to participate in the in this you Know enhance and and do something that's Needed not something that you want That's going to be detrimental to the Channel like I can't listen to everybody I can't listen to everybody's opinion About how I'm wrong or whatever it is or Every complaint or you know even if I

Wanted to which I don't like I can't I Don't have the time to do that right and I've already made the video it's already Out there it's already you know whatever It is and so um you know of course the Best thing I have to offer is a sark System and that is where the the Greatest part of the good things that You're benefiting come from but you're Unwilling to be you know able to open up To that as a possibility for yourself Even though you have all this evidence Of the benefit that you know that's Coming through me in terms of the the Content this is what sucks this is what You know this is the downfall of Humanity this is the you know even People who have the you know capacity to See something and experience it and Benefit from it you know are like doing It on a a selfish myopic level and never Rise up to what it is right and never Give of themselves you know they they're Good at taking but can't give anything Back right instead of you know your Specific oh this is what I want from you Why don't you think about what I need From you you know how can you serve me How can you you're getting I'm serving You how can you be of service to me what Can you do to make this you know Chanel I mean instead of you know adding Negativity and dumping you know taking a Big crap on you know whatever it is is

I'm talking about the Channel struggling Oh you know if you you didn't talk about Dodgy so much maybe you wouldn't lose so Many subscribers you know I discovered That the thing that makes this channel Great has disappeared and turned into a Cult it's kind of a big story and I know More about that than anything because It's a personal experience but you know You don't like it that's fine but that's What this is about you leave like I'm Not you change like you either see What's great about it or you go Somewhere else you can leave anytime you Want and you know in this case I want The person like I don't want this person Here right like you're not welcome like Uh you know like a person that would Know all these things and still leave a Comment you know in a way all your Channels fail in well this is why buddy You know it's not why it's it's what you What's your problem with it but you you Stuck around anyway because you're Benefiting and if you're benefiting then Be grateful and shut up right like just You know suppress your your narcissistic Tendencies and these things that are you Know driving you to want more than What's given here right you you're You're this is the deal of the this is The deal of the channel this is what I Do here you know I don't do personal Interactions I don't listen to other

People I'm not you know I'm not here to I'm not asking for your opinion right And I didn't ask for your opinion about The stuff that was happening with the Channel I didn't say oh you know what Could I do differently to to uh not lose Subscribers you know my Evolution has Cost me subscribers my going to a higher Level and making better content has cost Me subscribers like anything right you Know I'm not playing the I'm not playing Freebird anymore in terms of the truth Community I've evolved past the you know The the truth or the you know the Standard truth or whatever it is and the Truth Community has devolved into QBs And trumpers and flat earthers and Things like that which is you know big Part of the problem and so you know That's one issue of course the biggest Issue is YouTube If YouTube was still Recommending my channel and still Promoting it I would have more views and And access to more audience and this Wouldn't be an issue so that would you Know that's the biggest problem here and Of course these other things but again I Wasn't looking for people's feedback Especially something that is petty and You know has no real value right you Know someone taking the last shot at me Just before you know oh you're leaving Well let me uh I benefited a lot from You but I want to you know give you some

Kind of like you know just want to take A psychic crap on you you know like a Energetic crap on you because you know That's the kind of person I am well then What good are you like why would I want You here like I why do I want viewers Like this or people like this no of Course not nobody does right nobody Wants people like this in their life It's not you know they just um they're Epitome of everything that's wrong with The human you know Humanity right now Anyways um my voice is starting to go Here but you know like I said this is an Example right this is what sucks about You know know just everything in terms Of people only spirituality will save This world it's parano definitely Reporting from the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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