The Markles Harry & Meghan making a Play for the Throne + JoJo Classified + Old Kim & Island boys

The Markles Harry & Meghan making a Play for the Throne + JoJo Classified + Old Kim & Island boys

Greetings brothers and sisters um So I uh before I get into about other Stuff that I got going here I don’t really even know what it is Today Um but that got other stuff My wife and I have been watching The Netflix Um whatever it is docube series On uh Harry and Meghan markles And You know it’s hard to get through Especially the first steps it gets Better as it goes on Um and I’ll tell you why the First Episodes are hard in a moment Um to just watch Megan markles is one of The most unlikable people That I cover she just is unlikable Uh And that didn’t change watching the Documentary as much as they try to make It so Not that I still would root for her and Harry against the rest of the Royal Family Just because the royal family is a evil Institution and you know it’s Um it sucks right it’s just has to go And this documentary I learned some things that I didn’t know Like they were obvious but you wouldn’t

Know if somebody didn’t You know tell them to you right like you You know when you hear them you’re like Oh of course right Um But my first reaction When I was talking to my wife about last Night was it seems like Harry and Megan Are making a play for the throne And that became more and more obvious Like I thought that maybe When we were at episode three or so But the last three episodes It’s pretty clear and I’ll get into that In just a moment the First episodes are Like somebody’s Facebook page their Instagram page And it’s Trying to tell you how great The markles are right like it’s Um showing you the markles in there you Know How wonderful people they are it’s just Like these um you know these when people Put up a social media account to Make themselves look great right to make Themselves look better than they are you Know they’re so-called best version but Not a spiritual best version uh you know A best popular version and in the royal Family they’re all Trying to make themselves look good and One of the things that I learned which Is kind of interesting

Is that they have each have their own Press you know there’s the thing called For the firm and these are the parasites That keep the royal family going right And they’re manipulative and they’re you Know they’re the ones that more than Likely killed Diana you know they just Um Their one goal is to keep this parasitic Family Going they’re the parasites that you Know they’re the handlers and parasites That live off the royal family and each Of these royal family members has a Press team And then they’re you know governed by These you know this the thing called The Firm that runs and keeps the Royal Family Churning right the royal family gets 86 Million pounds a year You know which depending on the value of The pals is around 100 million dollars Of taxpayer money plus they have all This land and these other things and Then there’s also the British Commonwealth which is 54 countries and That’s where Harry and Megan are making Their play you know I’ll get into that In a moment uh but you know this is Something that you knew but you don’t Know you know like you’re not conscious Of it But the British royal family is like

A reality TV show And the people in Britain and maybe you Know some people throughout the world Tune into it and they constantly have to Have news stories Every you know day About a royal family member and there Has to be interest in scandals there has To be villains and you know all these Things right and so these various um You know entities within the royal Family and their press You know their press people the Different press camps the different you Know these individual publicists are Always Conniving and trying to like destroy the Other members of the family right or to Scapegoat or Leak Bad stories against the other Members of the family And so Um this is where the things went off the Rail for the markles so when it starts Off let me just say this the Um became uh interested in each other Meghan markle’s and and Harry By looking at each other’s Instagram Pages which you know the Instagram pages And Um when she was looking at Harry’s Instagram Pages there’s all these Pictures of safaris and things like this Elephants and you know there’s always

These cameramen these these uh Professional photographers they have all These artsy photos like they show a Grainy photo Like some sort of you know photo you’d See a poor quality photo that you might See from I don’t know maybe that the 90s Or something like this on their first Date and I’m like it was only in Something like 2016. What they didn’t have self like quality Cell phone They have these grainy photos they have A lot of black and white photos And they’re always posing right they’re Always you know they have these Cameramen around them constantly taking Pictures And you know they at least have one Photographer maybe I think many more That are taking these publicity shots Which you know they’re trying to show How natural they are and how normal they Are and they’re not really Royal people They’re just like everybody else right But they bring a you know a group of People to promote them like do this Publicity stuff this you know publish This stuff Um and you know it’s that’s what makes It hard to watch because it’s like You’re watching somebody’s Instagram Page And they’re trying to show you how you

Know normal and great and down to earth They are and they have all these you Know these Privileges and a lot of it is About how Harry It was in Africa like he took uh Meghan Markle to Africa they have a lot of Their commonwealth countries are people Of color like 80 percent of the Commonwealth people are people of color Right these are former Colonies That were conquered by the British Empire And now are part of What’s called the Commonwealth And you know the job of the Royal Family Is to be likable They have to be popular you know they Have to have like human interest things Otherwise they would get kicked out of Every country because they don’t serve Any real purpose right Other than you know this reality TV show That they create and the Royals have to Go around the world and go to these Various countries you know Queen Elizabeth did it in uh when she was First Inaugurated or whatever she was whatever That thing they go through That weird ritual with the globe and the You know the globe represents her being God’s uh God’s representative on Earth And this and the scepter and all these

Things Um the coronation right And they have to be likable and popular And they go to these various countries To keep them in the Commonwealth and it Was very clear that they were making a Pitch for Meghan markle’s being a woman Of color even though she grew up going To a Hollywood it was like the word Hollywood was in The um That you know the title of the The school that she went to it looked Like some sort of Montessori School You know very um new age and Progressive Her dad is her mom is African-American Her dad’s white her dad looks like you Know Larry the Cable Guy And he lives in Mexico but he’s he did Something like he’s a cameraman or a you Know like a gaffer or one of those you Know jobs where he works on the sets of Various TV shows and Meghan markle’s you Know she doesn’t look like she’s Biracial like you know when you first Saw Meghan Markle you didn’t think of Her as a woman of color like I didn’t You know she’s probably you know when I’m tan I’m probably have a darker Complexion than she does right And so you don’t really know what her Um you know what her racial background Is just based on what you see her right The first time you see her you don’t

Think of her As that right but since she didn’t think Of herself as that she said in an Interview Until the royal family made a big deal About her race But despite that she is really pushing Herself as a woman of color In these countries And you know that’s when I started to See I like in the beginning I’m like oh They’re making a play for the throne and I’ll explain this more as we go through The narrative They’re using that because both Harry And her are trying to be People of the commonwealth countries Right and the people who are Disenfranchised in their own country And you know this would be a way that They would pitch a you know a reason why They could get the throne and I’ll again Come back to that and so in the Beginning she got very favorable Coverage Very popular they were more popular than Any of the other royal family members And they would have events and she would Be on the cover Of these magazines She would usurp the queen and all these Other people And she was getting the premier coverage Just like Diana got where she was the

One that people wanted to hear from and See she was a different one you know And the Royal other royal family members Didn’t like that So they fed her to the walls that’s the The story that they’re telling in this You know that they were they’re telling In this uh documentary but the problem Is with it is that neither Harry or Megan had a problem with the royal Family until that happened right I mean Harry had his reaction to his mom being Murdered or whatever You know he had some whatever bad Feelings about it but they didn’t have a Problem with it until Megan was Scapegoating right in fact to me the Most telling moment was when she was Having her wedding She has a half-sister From her dad’s side Who she met only briefly when she was a Kid And they didn’t have any kind of Relationship and the sister you know These tabloids were paying anybody and Everybody around making Marcos for Horrible stories even if they weren’t True right they were you know because That’s this uh the gossip magazines and In Great Britain have no you know Scruples I mean it’s just you know the Media being the media And they like uh you know

Sensationalistic stories so they paid Her her half-sister To write things that weren’t true and Disparage Meghan markle’s you know you Know Um and she wasn’t invited to the wedding But Meghan markle’s was good friends With and became a you know sort of a Mentor Uh to her to her niece her sister Half-sister’s daughter and they were Extremely close And the royal family said you can’t Invite this half this niece if you don’t Invite your half-sister because the Tablets will run wild with it And Meghan Markle said okay And she called her half-sister who I Remember her half niece or you know her Niece whatever it is right and her niece Is being interviewed she’s crying like She’s still upset by not going to the Wedding like she understood it she’s Like seems like a you know nicer person Than you know a lot of the people that Think But she was actually hurt by it that she Was you know somebody very close to her Aunt and she was expecting to go to this Royal wedding and Meghan markle’s just Said no they told me no and I went along With it because she was into it right You can see she’s into it She liked being a princess it was part

Of the selling point For her marrying Harry right and Harry Didn’t have a problem with it either They went along with something that you Know most people my wife and I were like Oh that’s effed up like you know it Shows you the kind of people they are And when the royal family wasn’t you Know when they weren’t being destroyed In the Press They were fine with all the stuff the Royal family has done and they’re not Against the royal family or the queen And you know Meghan Markle is marking Herself markles is marketing herself as A woman of color and a person for social Justice But you can’t be that and be a member of The royal family the royal family is the Most racist entity on Earth I’ve said This over and over again because their Premise their whole their whole stick or Spiel is that that they’re divinely Gifted by their genetics to rule over Not only their country but at one time Basically you know the whole world and Now they have all these commonwealth Countries they were born to rule that’s What it is to be a king or a queen You’re born to rule based in your race Based in your genetics you’re Superior To other people You have the the right genes I mean that’s the only you know I mean

That’s their literal explanation That they have some kind of genetic Predisposition to being above other People and they deserve a better higher Lifestyle and you know all these things That go with it right and you know they Make it uh clear that this is like being In a gilded cage You’ll be people saying that they you Know they’re around the world family Said they would never They would never trade places with these People because they’re scrutinized right They’re you know imprisoned by their Whatever this thing is and everything They do is staged and you know they have These publicity teams and they’re told What they can can and can’t say what They can and can’t wear I mean Everything is you know handed to them But they don’t walk away because you Know the Privileges they get with it so It’s this like being in a prison And you know in the in the media they Made it very clear that the media in England thinks they’re entitled to You know everything that the royal Family has to offer like Meghan markle’s Doctor was at a different hospital Than a lot of the other Royal women who Um gave birth to their you know their Little freaking Royal Little Royal babies or whatever they are Right and there’s no way that they could

Have this moment where the couple walks Out right after the baby’s born Into the you know out of the hospital Because there was no viewing area this This hospital that she went to wasn’t Built in a way that was where they could Rope off the streets and they could have This moment where the public gets to see The royal baby And so they waited an extra day and they Did the viewing of the baby from The palace And the you know the Cowboys went nuts Saying you know this is our baby because We pay you 83 million dollars A year you know it’s not your baby it’s Our baby like we need to Feast on your You know this story right this you know Parasitic I mean it’s just levels of of Parasites the real families of parasite The this the firm is a parasite and a The you know the gossip media is a Parasite they’re all parasitic And you know the public who I mean just Kind of shows you the the stupidity of The public I think there’s 80 percent of The people are interested in the Royal Family In England and they just you know they Want these stories and they want you Know every little Nougat of you know a nugget of the new They want every little nugget every Little piece of story right and the

Royal family you know are these ultimate Posers and so the first three episodes There’s little bits of stuff that are Interesting Or like we didn’t know or you know we Didn’t know we we knew but we knew but We didn’t know right brought to our Consciousness Um you know like I was strong we fast Forward a lot of it because it was just This you know this really sappy music Again like I talk about how they Manipulate you with the music with the Score Especially these documentaries I I Dislike it like there should be no music In these things you just go out and tell Your truth But they’re like walking in these Beautiful palaces and playing this sad Music and trying to be victims Right how they’ve been victimized by This whole thing and you know part of it Is because Of Meghan markle’s racial background Right that’s one of the reasons they’re Selling this you know victim story But it isn’t really about that because Like I said if she was a true social Justice Warrior she would condemn the Royal family because it’s it’s whole Well you know its whole existence is Racist as it can be right Because you can’t rule based in genetics

You have to rule because you’re a good Ruler I mean you have to be you know you Have to you have to earn it or be a Spiritual person or something like this It’s based in your soul In your essence not you know Your your genetic makeup you you don’t Get you’re not born to rule but mostly What the Royal Family do is they’re Posers You know they they do these posing for Pictures and they’re you know they’re Trained to have they have cameras on Them at all time And they’re trying to be the most Popular one In the family competing with each other And if somebody you know is Uh is better or is doing better more Popular with the the press and the People they take them down and that’s What happened with Meghan markles like It happened with Diana And somehow they cared about it right Like there was Meghan Markle said there Was a moment where you know her dad is a Real piece of crap her dad sold you know Got a hundred thousand dollars or Something like this and sold pictures of Himself You know and he was coming to the Wedding then he pulled out of the Wedding said he had a heart attack And you know there was this

Communication that was like somebody had His phone in the press and He wrote back they wrote back something And You know they called uh Megan Megan and Not Meg which is what everybody in her Family calls her so they knew it was Somebody else like this kind of thing And they you know they published all This stuff and make it made it look like She was being selfish By trying to make her dad come to the Wedding even though he just had a heart Attack right And so like this whole you know story Blew up and she said she was walking and Meeting people which they do and some Woman in the audience said you should be Nicer to your father and she said all These people actually believe this stuff And she You know got depressed and suicidal Right so you know this idea that you Care about what the public thinks about You because it’s really you know I mean I’ve learned this myself That’s why I do the common videos and I Talk about this here You know all the time that people just Make up things and make a decision about You And once they make a decision about you They will look for things That either make you look like a hero or

A villain or whatever you know their Point of view is people you know make Their own decisions about pretty much Everything which side they fall on if They’re a Democrat they look for Positive news about the Democrats and Negative news about the Republicans Right I mean that’s how people are They’re just biased and you want people To agree with your point of view you Look for information that agrees with Your cultural bias right and so trying To impress or care what the public Thinks about you when deep down you Don’t give a crap about them right you Know it’s talking about that comedian With my wife we were talking about that Comedian we we watched and he had this Great you know bit we talked about the First thing you do when you get money Is you isolate yourself from people Right the more people the more money you Have the more that you’re in these Private settings you know gated Communities at first and then you know All the way up to the ultra wealthy that Just have these you know vast amount of Resources where only they and the people Like them Have access to places and you know Things and they they don’t go out in Public they don’t do what the normal People do Let me get a driver you get people you

Know to buy your food you get people to I mean even we’re seeing with cardi B Right she was checking her food prices I Covered this I think on my other channel I don’t know which maybe now there’s my Other channel who knows but she was Complaining about the inflation and she Says she monitors how much money is Spent in her house because other people Are doing the shopping in fact there Were you know times where they left Their baby in Canada With the nanny you know or multiple Nannies right I mean they just left the Baby and went back to England you know For like a baby’s like one years old or Whatever right and so like even isolated From their own kids because they have You know teams of people that keeping Them away from you know the Riff Raff Right they don’t go to normal places and Do what normal people do especially the More famous you are the more wealth that You have and so this idea that they care About what the you know what the mob Thinks of them but it’s their whole Existence is predicated on that as a Royal family That they’re popular in England and they Are you know they’re viewed as an asset In these other countries these these Commonwealth countries and so at some Point they turned on Meghan markle’s and She was demonized and she was on the

Cover pretty much every day about how Much the other Royals hated her and this Was at a time where you remember prince Andrew was got Jeffrey Epstein right he Was with a 15 year old girl he’s given Her you know a 16 year old girl or Whatever I mean he’s a pedo he’s got you Know he got a he settled a lawsuit with Her and you know Gisele Max just Lane Maxwell and all this stuff And so that was an epic story but the British press was covering Meghan markle’s being you know conniving And all these things and Meghan Markle Is so you know it’s it’s very difficult To like because she’s so fake you know She’s so superficial and self-conscious And she has that you know PBS tone and You know she has all these moments you Know there’s like a thing where she was Like I was with one of Harry’s long time Security guards And I just crumbled in his arms you know Which is weird because there’s this idea That Harry is the son of one of um Diana’s Security Guys right and she’s Like I just crumbled in his arms you Know this is like after they’re they’re Doing the the Meg said thing And I said I did the best that I could You know she has these moments where she Goes she just realizes something with These interactions and they played this Sappy music and they make her sound like

A victim and you know how great a person In normal she is and down to earth but You know she was like trying to make her Look you know positive but she’s got This like Accent like she’s on PBS And she’s you know very self-conscious And she’s a part like PBS and you know Kim Kardashian whatever like this It’s this weird annoying you know just Um totally artificial and not genuine Right not authentic the whole you know Everything about the family and the the People is they’re they’re not authentic And they’re trying to be You know average people when they you Know they put on these fancy uniforms They live in these you know gilded cages And it’s just you know it’s just so Weird it’s like something that shouldn’t Exist and it still does And people are into it like British People are into it and people all over The world are into it and it should be That way right it’s something that Should have went by the wayside years And years ago And it’s like this you know this entity That keeps it going this evil firm like You know parasitic entity I mean it’s Just everything that’s wrong with the World right you know everything that Both sides complain about So Meghan markles gets suicidal and you

Know it just goes down this path and It’s not getting any better And she’s kind of obsessed with the not Only the the Press but also social media And how she’s being scrutinized and Harry you know starts you know realizing This and they start coming up with A plan to get out of it right to move Away from the Press area and to live More you know they say they still want To be servants and they they’ll do it on Their own money they’ll stop taking Public funds so the public doesn’t feel Like they have a right to their story or Whatever and so there’s a whole Negotiation With the family And you know Harry starts saying that They they did this meeting without Megan Markles when she returned to America Because they didn’t want her there and That he got yelled at by his brother and His dad and all these things and then um There was a story that broke that said William was trying to force Harry and Megan out of the family And the Royal press put out a statement Saying a joint statement between Harry And William saying that wasn’t true And Harry never signed off on it it was A lie and Harry was you know that same That’s when he had this big moment where He said They did nothing to protect his wife but

As soon as his brother was in question They protected him and so that’s when They just decided to leave like that was The you know one of the you know many Catalyst big moments that they talk About The story of this this narrative so That’s their official story that you Know that’s why they’re leaving right That’s what caused what they’re calling The Megs in another interesting part About it was that when they decided to Leave There’s you know people there that have Have done the like the research have Done the investigation Part of their press team And they found like most of the negative Stories That were coming out about the markles Was From like like 14 accounts or something Like this it’s I just watched it last Night and you know but it was a small Number of accounts that were responsible For millions of tweets And one of the accounts was linked to Her her um Her half-sister But they had all these accounts that Were disparaging to Meghan markle’s but Mostly they were controlled accounts Coming from The firm and the media and they were you

Know publishing these things And they made it like you know they Talked about how much disinformation Like all the truth or stuff They took a shot at the truth community Of how all this stuff is out there but They were saying that this you know this Entity of these you know these 14 Accounts that were being shared on Twitter and all these other social media Platforms you know talking about how This you know this disinformation I got Another story that I’ll cover tomorrow My other channel somebody sent me out of A a San Francisco newspaper that that Talks about how all these coveted Stories by pro provax pro mask people Was um Now discovered by a you know like a Mainstream local uh San Francisco Newspaper as being fake that they were Yeah which we all know there’s all this Disinformation out there these fake Accounts and whatever it is That try to change public opinion on Social media and they have the money and The you know the they get favorable Um you know preferential treatment by The the you know the algorithms and all These things right Um you know by the institutions Tweeter And the social media institutions Themselves but my take on it was The way that they presented everything

Is that Harry and Megan are they’re not Appealing to the British people because They know that you know they’re not Going to win them over because of the Media right the way the media is handled Them there’s a time where Prince Harry was the most popular royal Family member after he you know the Initial honeymoon period with him and Meghan markles They were the most popular But now they’re you know he’s the least Popular so they’ve been destroyed in Britain but what they can do is appeal To all the other people in all the other Countries and they’re doing it by you Know putting her out as a social justice Warrior or a woman of color and eighty Percent of the commonwealth countries Are made up of people of color And like they’re making a backdoor play For the throne By making themselves look like everyday People a champion of the the people You know they’re still want to be royals Right they still you know they they Talked about how they missed the Royal Stuff you know the the condition in England is very heavy The spiritual condition right Like there is spiritual condition Everywhere you go And I’ve been very sensitive about this Since doing scish mark this the you know

The meditation that I do the Transmission the cleaning I’m more aware Of my environment like if I go into a Bar And just the you know I haven’t had a Drink of alcohol since I was in my you Know I’m in my 50s You know my late 50s like 58 I think Right yeah 58 you know so you know I’m Old and you know the last time I had a Drink was when I was 25 or six like I Haven’t had alcohol I just didn’t like It you know I didn’t have a problem with It By going to a bar I feel Like if I’m in a restaurant with a bar And I walk through the bar I can feel it like even if I went to a Like a liquor store it’s just it’s a Weird thing like the the energy of the Place right and when I you know when I Go to places that are very gross I can feel it especially if um you know Like sometimes um you know clean or Spiritually Than I am you know other at other times I’m more sensitive like after one of These spiritual gatherings But when my family and I went to England You know I um We were returning from India and we flew Through England and it was a brutal You know um What happened was we were flying into

Heathrow And Um We were flying out of a different Airport I had no idea you know of course Now it’s obvious London’s a huge City There were there were two airports in in London so we stayed near Heathrow and we Got to Heathrow And they said oh you’re flying out of Another airport and I’m like what and Then we didn’t get there on time and Like you know we had I had just limited Amount of money To come back to America Like I had like five thousand dollars And four kids and we were coming back to Nothing right no apartment no car no Anything no no support system you know Just this YouTube channel and what Little money that I was bringing back And I had to set up my kids life you Know they were graduating from I mean It’s just a disaster right a whole you Know I mean I’ve talked about this Extensively in the journey series And Um You know as demonized in the Organization that you know this like This whole divorce thing was happening And I was demonized in that and you know There’s a woman that I was you know Basically dating or you know going to

Date Um that lived in Vegas and when I uh you Know texted her and said oh we missed The flight she wrote back how could you Do this to me like I was in a panic that The tickets were going to wipe me out Like I wouldn’t have enough money for The tickets to fly my family back Because we missed the flight but luckily You know I got to the airport and there Was this like saintly English blonde Woman You know that Um she was just so nice And you know in a way that I mean really Nice person And she went and she fixed it like she Was just helping people right they would Have all these people uh if you know for Um I don’t know greeters or so I don’t know What her job was But she went she said oh they’re just Gonna fix your tickets you can fly out Tomorrow at no cost to you like it Didn’t cost me a set to miss the flight So my family and I then Um you know the the hotels and Everything were so expensive right When we were in India we were you know Taking advantage of the fact that the Dollar is worth more than the Indian Rupee right it’s American dollars are You know as paying something like you

Know 400 almost you know around 500 Dollars a month for rent in a very you Know nice Uh flat apartment that had you know Three bedroom apartment with three Bathrooms and you know it was I mean it Was Something that in America would have Cost you know more than twice that right But if you go to Europe the dollar is Worth less you know this is how they’ve Rigged the currencies And so you know the hotels where I was Like I can’t believe how expensive Everything is here right And so you know we’re spending a lot of Money that we you know I didn’t have And we ended up staying at a hotel and Then missing the flight and then there Was a hotel in the airport itself and I’m like we’re not going to miss another Flight so we went to that hotel right Um you know and I was just you know Stressed out because one of the reasons I didn’t notice on the itinerary that We’re flying out of another airport is Something that you know I’m not a good Detail person but I but I you know Stress about it so I make it happen But one of the reasons I didn’t notice Is my daughter got sick right before we Left and we were leaving at two o’clock In the morning and and I knew she didn’t Want to leave India she had all these

Friends there and I was wondering if she Was going to even show up I mean it’s Just all this stress right and we’d been Through the flood in so many different Things there we just could come back From a gathering and so it was I just Wasn’t Um I didn’t get enough time To look at the itinerary and make sure That I had everything right Like I usually would I mean it was just All these things happened really quickly And you know it was a I’m an unbelievably stressful time you Know my son broke his arm my my daughter Got sick there’s all these things that Happened You know that led up to the trip Um so you know I was not focused as I Normally would be and again I’m not a Detailed person now you need to you need To take extra energy to make sure and You know I’m just not good at this kind Of thing so we were flying out and we Didn’t leave till we left our flat at Two in the morning so I got no sleep And you know I was trying to get my Family over there and we were packing up Things like kitchen knives and you know Uh pots I mean anything that we could Bring so we didn’t have to immediately You know I mean I went to Goodwill and Just started buying stuff to you know

When we got back to America like it was A you know it was almost like a crisis It was you know stressful and all these Things and then we were going through Security and we had to throw out stuff Because we were overweight When we flew into India we had 50 pound bad limit Um you know like a 50 pound bag limit And Per bag and we each had two bags and a Carry-on but when we were flying out we Had a 40 pound bag limit And we were taking things back like Bucks you know my kids homeschooling Stuff my ex had just left and all of her Stuff was there and so that was a you Know an extra person we had to bring Some of her stuff back and you know that Was a whole thing right which I’m you Know not going to talk about here but so We finally got on the plane it was like Four in the morning and we flew to England I was just Zapped I was just Wiped out like you know just staring you Know I don’t know if I slapped or what But I was just you know I was just gone And then so I didn’t do what I normally Did and so that all happened so we got Stuck in England and here’s the the Point of it and so we had a day and it Was like well let’s go see you know the Kids want to see some of England and There was you know various tourist sites

That we went to that we you know we’re Going to go to And we ended up being by Buckingham Palace and I didn’t know we were like Right there And it was so heavy the spiritual Condition it’s such a gross Place London It’s like you know suffocating And I remembered that you know there was This excerpt from one of the Diaries of Uh one of the you know Master chargie The third Master’s system he was Traveling with Babaji in England and These English people came over and Bobby Said you know this is like the grossest Country I’ve been to And I’ve cleaned five percent of the Atmosphere because I can’t even breathe You know that he used you know his Spiritual you know his cleaning ability He said but you guys have to work and Clean it yourselves like that’s all I Can do you know but you guys going to Need to do this and they were like wow But you went to France is it grosser There and he’s like no France was quite Nice because France is known to be like More immoral and you know I mean less Religious Um but you know I I’ve been to these European countries and I don’t like them Just flying through them I flew through France and I flew uh through Germany and Then you know we went through a lot of

Other countries And you know a lot of these countries I Would you know just based I mean it’s an Experience at the airport I didn’t go to The country themselves But London we had this extra day and we Went to this castle and the castle was Kind of cool but it cost us like a Hundred bucks a person like you know It’s five of us right it cost five Hundred dollars and I mean we were like I was you know but I’m like you know We’re here once uh we’ll never come back Whatever it was Um You know in the cab rides and the food And everything I mean probably cost you Know like just one day in London cost us Like a thousand I was like you know it Was kind of a disaster right and I was Like you know I never want to come back Here it was so heavy and we were by Buckingham Palestine like I said I Didn’t know we were there And I was like man this whole place is Just so gross it’s just you know hard to Be here and I don’t know what it’s like In the country or some of these other Like in Ireland or you know Scotland or These other places but London itself Sucks right and that’s the epicenter of This royal family and their whole Freaking evil empire I mean New York City you know I’ve been

There a bunch of times in Washington DC We used to live by I went there a bunch of times you know Washington DC has this political energy And it’s kind of like when you get there There’s a lot of just history and I get Excited about it but then it just wears Me down like you know they have all this This stuff on the mall free museums a Free zoo and you know but it just um you Know the big cities in general are very Gross but London is a whole different Category like I just you know I I really Can’t describe it but it’s a it’s got a Different spiritual condition So anyways you know Meghan markle’s They’re pushing her out as this social Justice Warrior this woman of color Who is going to shake up the royal Family and is very popular in these Countries that are in the Commonwealth And and when Queen Elizabeth died all These you know English experts were Saying and you know I had thought the Same thing That these countries these commonwealth Countries were going to use the Opportunity They’re waiting for her to die and now They’re gonna you know push for Independence and get out of the Commonwealth lots of these countries a Few of them have already left And some of them are you know talking

About leaving And Jamaica was talking about Reparations and they didn’t want Prince William and his you know his wife Kate Is such a a Stepford Wife and there was That photo of her who when she was um She was dressed like you know the Mia Pharaoh from Rosemary’s Baby you know The devil child I mean it’s a weird you know they’re Just so weird the whole thing is so Weird But Prince Charles because of Diana’s Death and the way that played out And you know one of the things they keep On saying in the documentary is that Everyone else in the royal family has Been through the ringer with the Press Right because They have to have this drama and so They all have to fall on their sword at One time or another And Meghan markles is an outsider uh you Know American Who obviously likes being a princess and They were basically saying well this is The price you have to pay right you have To Take one for the team you know so To keep the whole thing going right but Charles is so unpopular And it seems like a lot of these Countries will be open to leaving these Commonwealth countries

And the other piece to this is Meghan markle’s and Harry I should have Said this earlier They really were put out there as being Woke right like they’re the the most Woke people And so they’re appealing to you know This woke generation In their own country you know future Generation Of woke people they’re like really in Line with all these you know woke ideas And all the rest of it so you know with The firm being what it is an entity that Wants to keep as much of the Commonwealth Connected to England if all those Countries left you know 50 countries I mean the queen can go in the king can Go in and close down parliament in Canada and these other countries I mean They still have ruling power and they Still are Have Financial you know connections to These countries The common wealth right and so if they Lose a commonwealth countries England Will be nothing it’s a small little Island with not so many people and it’ll Be the end of the British Empire And so you know and also America right And Meghan markle’s being American and Them have a connection here and doing This stuff in America and so you know

They’ve definitely monetized oh my Family sucks which you know is whiny but It’s great because it’s the Royal Family Uh the markles have made a lot of money On this documentary and all these other Things a book that’s coming out the Spare right and the only way you know I Think Meghan markle’s really wants to be Queen I assume Harry wants to be king Plus his name’s Harry and you know the The you know the the most popular figure That’s come out of England in a while is Harry Potter and all these things you Know he’s Ginger and they talk about him Being Ginger and different like they Just you know all these things to make Them more like you like make them you Know they’re not Royal people they’re Just like you that happen to be you know Like this is the way they’re they’re Pitching this couple and the only way For him to be king you know now there’s All of William’s children William has a Son so there’s a line of succession and Harry’s not a part of it but if the Commonwealth countries fold and start Leaving and they have a way of bringing Them back in by having Meghan markles And Harry be the the Royal you know the The king and queen I mean this is maybe Down the road You know to me this is what they’re Doing here They’re trying to make a play a backdoor

Play with the idea that they want to you Know appeal to the commonwealth Countries to stay and the vote Generation And these guys are you know trying to Usurp the throne in that way all right So this was supposed to be about 15 Minutes but it went a lot longer but you Know it’s kind of kind of interesting Let’s uh move on to the other stories Okay so this story happened yesterday I Forgot about this I should have Mentioned this in the intro the breaking News that we’re following classified Government documents found inside one of President Biden’s private offices the What now Records dating from Biden’s time as vice President uh oh that’s quite a long time Ago during the Obama Administration see This so that’s all the way back to 2016 Right and the story isn’t that Biden is Evil And the media is evil but Trump is good For you trumpers because that’s just Misses the whole point The story is that they all suck right They all suck Because I say this over and over and Over and over again If you’re against a behavior you’re Against it in all forms not when your Side does it it’s okay but when the Other side does it it’s bad and that’s

You know the hypocrisy that exists that Plagues our country our world I mean This is another example of the media Focusing well let’s let’s show you this Um let’s get more into this thing here Senior Justice correspondent Evan Perez Has been working the story for us he’s Got the new information update our Viewers on exactly what is going on well This is a reporting from our colleague Jamie gangel and our team uh we’re told That the former the president’s uh legal Team discovered these documents they say It’s fewer than a dozen documents oh It’s only a dozen it’s just a you know Less than a dozen uh classified Documents that were discovered in a Office that the former that the President had when he was setting up an Office with the University of Pennsylvania the Penn Biden Center here In Washington DC they were clearing out This office trying to close it out and That’s when they discovered these Documents against according so your Whole argument about Trump is dissipated Right that Trump was the worst person in The world I mean this is constant and It’s both for trumpers and woke bideners That they’re the same guy There’s very few differences between Trump and Biden Biden’s a little bit Worse because he’s a political Insider But Trump is you know I mean not that

Trump sucks so I mean I’m not you know There’s no Um there’s no really differ there’s no Way to differentiate these two guys Right you know when I used to work with The dsm-4 which is now the DSM-5 they Had this thing called differential Diagnosis Because they are psychological Conditions and this also would go with The medical model as well and when You’re looking for to define a person’s Psychological condition there are Similar conditions like somebody with Schizophrenic schizophrenic Might be schizotypical I mean they have All these schizo diagnoses right I can You know I don’t really remember them All that well or they might be diagnosed With associative identity disorder right What used to be multiple personality Disorder because they have a lot of Symptoms in common right there’s lots of These conditions that have various Symptoms in common with other conditions Or other Diagnosis there’s a lot of things that Say hallucination Is a part of the diagnosis or all the Personality disorders the by or the The borderline personality disorder the Narcissistic personality disorder the Histrionic personality disorder they’re Similar

And so how do you how do you know which It is well there’s differential Diagnosis there are symptoms that exist In conditions that exist in one that Don’t exist in another and like I said I’m not a big you know I I dislike the Psychological model because it’s Negative But the differential diagnosis is you Know what they’re going to do now They’re going to tell you how this is Different with Biden than it is with Trump I mean that’s going to be their Position right right from the get-go Thing to uh the White House there are Fewer than a dozen documents they’ve now Turned those documents you’ve already Said that over to the National artery How many times did you say fewer that It’s it’s 59 seconds into the story and He’s already minimized the amount of Documents that’s one differential Diagnosis that’s one reason it’s Different than Trump which has in turn Asked the justice department to Investigate it now uh we’re told that The U.S attorney in Chicago John lausch Who is an appointee of former president Donald Trump is now handling a review of These documents to determine what next To do of course the FBI is also involved In reviewing this and wolf it’s it’s Important for for us to understand and We know that the FBI and the media will

Give Biden more favorable treatment and One thing that’s different about this is That there’s Hunter Biden who’s sold his Father’s vice presidency at his position Access to him And his presidency And so with Hunter Biden out there a Crackhead criminal right criminal Crackhead you know not that Trump’s Family they’re all you know they all Monetized his presidency as well so it’s Not like they’re somehow you know Great and Hunter Biden is so much worse But hunter Biden is you know definitely The scraping the bottom of the barrel And he sold to access so Biden having Classified materials with that involved Right taking them as vice president and Having them now for you know at least Seven years and then being just Discovered as the Republicans take over The house as convenient timing for a big Story maybe they’re trying to get rid of Biden here or whatever But it you know you can’t say that Trump’s the thing is so much worse Because Biden has his own you know Details here that make it possibly worse Than he had him he had him for a longer Period of time he demonized Trump for Having the same kind of situation and He’s got a crackhead son who is you know Involved in traitorous type of activity So that the uh according to the white

House uh they say that this was Obviously something that they turned Over to the National Archives I’ll read You just a part of what they say unlike Trump that’s another differential Diagnosis important said their statement They say the White House is cooperating With the National Archives and the Justice department regarding the Discovery of what appeared to be Obama Biden Administration records including a Small number of documents with Classified markings these are documents From the previous Obama by Administration that it appears then Vice President Biden took with him when he Was setting up this stink tank with the University of Pennsylvania What kind of tank tank was it well do we Know that Biden personally took these Classified documents no we don’t know That look she’s shaking her head like They already are trying to you know Minimize this this one watch this she Shakes her head here Go back to Ting tank Took with him when he was setting up This Tink tank uh with the University of Pennsylvania well do we know that Biden Personally took these classified Documents to that private office we do Not know we do not know who packed these These documents up uh you would have to Assume that is this something that the

Justice department is going to be Reviewing as part of this uh this Ongoing investigation so this story here Is going to be That it’s not as bad as Trump and I Already saw it because I this this is From last night and this morning news Which I saw when I was eating breakfast Both CNN and MSNBC were on an Excuse-a-thon right For Jojo magu saying how much it was Different and better than Trump’s Situation and then up on the toolbar the Sidebar of this video there was a Rachel Maddow video Details of buying this classified Documents story Deflate right-wing what about it [Laughter] She’s you know this is just day one of It they’ve just found out about this Right and this dude is already saying That what about what about you know That’s what she means by what about isms That it isn’t the same as Trump right And of course it is like there’s I’m Sure there are details that are Different but you know Hunter Biden is a Detail you know that makes it worse There’s no way that Hunter Biden’s Presence is you know there’s something On on Trump’s side that is as bad as Hunter bite right and so they both have Things here

That are going to be you know Differential diagnosis but they’re Already trying to you know minimize this This is why I was talking about with the Firm with the with the you know the Media around the royal family in the Introduction to this video There’s completely different coverage For Jojo Magoo than there is for Um you know for uh For Trump and there was this segment in The documentary where they showed that Meghan markles did the exact same thing As Kate Middleton and that Meghan Markle’s coverage was like bad and Negative and Kate Middleton’s was Celebratory right like they showed the Different articles side by side like Wearing the same kind of dress or Wearing the same you know doing the same Kind of thing and that’s what we got With Trump right we’ve you know seen it Over and over again That Trump gets negative coverage where Biden gets positive or no coverage for The same offenses there was a brief Flurry of excitement on the right this Afternoon when CBS News was first to Report that the U.S justice department Had started investigating the discovery Of classified documents found at a think Tank it’s pronounced Tink tank called The Penn Biden Center this is Effectively where President Biden had

His in a locked closet the office in Washington after serving as vice President in the Obama administrator it Was all the way back in November 2nd Generation he vacated often and they Could have posted this so this this Could have came out right before the Midterms this was before the midterms so That’s already one bad thing where they Withheld this information Until you know the midterms right the Midterms were over Well on November 2nd lawyers for President Biden lawyers who work for him In his personal capacity were reportedly Packing up some of the office space that The vice president used at the Penn Biden Center in so doing they found Classified documents there classified no Way commits that they say were in a Locked closet inside those offices mixed In with some non-classified documents This is of course a weird set of Circumstances but that’s what they say Happened the White House has since Confirmed the basics of this account as Have other news organizations after CBS News was was first to break the story The reason this created a lot of Excitement on the right briefly tonight Briefly just briefly they’re they’re Gonna you know they’re gonna look at the Facts they’re still excited Rachel Is that it immediately created a

Perceived what about ISM defense for President Trump president Trump is under Federal criminal investigation for Apparently deliberately hoarding Hundreds of classified documents not Just under 12 but or hundreds one Differential diagnosis home in Florida Including refusing to hand them over After National Archives told them he had To even after they subpoenaed him to get Those documents so there was this sort Of brief excitement on the right tonight That they thought they had a new defense Right oh it’s supposedly so bad what Trump did at Mar-A-Lago with all the Nuclear documents this is how they’re Presenting this right where she’s trying To show that this is different it’s not Different It’s worse because of the longevity of It it’s worse because they withhold this Before the midterm elections I’m not Saying Trump trump has worse things About his as well again you know I don’t Care about this because I don’t like Classified documents in the first place Too many Secrets I don’t you know why do You have to keep so many Secrets because You’re liars and deceivers and you’re Withholding information from the American people because of National Security and to keep you safe right you Know all that BS so I don’t care about It I never cared about this story where

It was about Trump I don’t care about Whether it’s about Biden you know I mean The country’s collapsing anyway it’s the Apocalypse there’s no stopping it these Are just you know these are are nothing Burgers compared to what’s really going On but again within you know not even uh A few hours of hearing about this They’re immediately trying to say oh This is not as bad as Trump and you Don’t know like it isn’t even I mean It’s just they’re giving you this story And you’re accepting the official Explanation and you’re giving Biden a Pass when it’s just fresh out of the Oven right documents and stuff but look Joe Biden’s just as bad why aren’t they Serving search warrants on President Biden the way they did on former President Trump As I said tonight A Brief flurry of Excitement on the right about this Prospect when this news broke about the Penn Biden Center the reason it was only A brief flurry of excitement is because In President Biden’s case uh he and his Lawyers appear to have actually done the Right thing when it comes to these guys They held him for seven years you mean He didn’t know he had classic classified Documents I mean this is a kind of putzy Is right this is your defense that the Guy had classified documents from at Least 2016.

You know when he left the White House And we don’t know when they took the Documents it could be even longer so for The whole Trump Administration years he Had classic classified documents and Then for the last two years two and a Half years three years or whatever it is So it’s you know six and a half years Seven years whatever the amount of time It is six or seven years he had them Where Trump had him like you know a year And to say he didn’t know he had him That whole time and then when he did Know he had him they didn’t reveal it Until safely after the you know midterm Elections so come on right just stop it Like you know like he’s unaware he had Classified documents that’s how much Care he gave to him and what happened to Those classified documents that whole Time If they were there did anybody know About them did anybody find them they’re In a closet did the janitor find him When he was you know like who had access To these documents and how could they Have been compromised what was in the Documents and could they have been sold By his son or anybody else to a foreign Country or whatever right and so just Come on it’s ridiculous it’s just you Know and it’s only within Um you know 24 hours of the story you Say all right they’re cooperating now

But for the last six years they they’re Withholding these documents claiming They didn’t know they were there and you Know they’re Liars right Oh then there was this this is a big Story as well We’re learning new details this morning About the 2021 U.S drone strike in Kabul Remember that during our botched Withdrawal from Afghanistan this was After r13 were killed it was called the Righteous strike Well according to this is the one where Biden droned kids the New York Times the Pentagon knew that that innocent Children were among the ten dead and Made misleading statements about that Reality joining us now former Green Beret and so they killed kids And now they’re just owning up to it and You know what happened to Isis cave Remember I says K this is a we gotta get Isis K they’re worse than Isis because They got a k after their name and They’re the new they’re in the new Isis We got to get them we got to get Isis Okay this is K is evil and now like Where’s Isis king now we haven’t talked About him since right author of Operation Pineapple Express Scott you Know I covered this extensively in a Recent video man Scott you wrote the Book on this moment of time does it Surprise you that the Pentagon knew

Within hours a couple of hours that they Had the wrong target but they didn’t Admit it Hey Pete happy New Year um you know Happy New Year bro there’s a lot about This whole thing that just that just Doesn’t surprise me and certainly the Way uh our executive anyways so you know I covered this recently I’ve talked About how JoJo magu is worse than all These people because he droned kids Like that you know tell me what’s worse Than that Tell me what Trump did that’s worse than That the vaccine sure the operation warp Speed okay you know that’s a discussion But you know Biden was also a part of That as well Um even more so And so you know dronian kids is pretty Much up there with horrible things that You can do and you know Biden did it so There’s no he’s better than Trump or you Know he’s you know this whole thing More than a thousand people detained in Brazil connection With attack on its capital they had Their own January 6 type of thing there In Brazil From uh what what I’m hearing is Considered a bogus election Prince Harry reveals where his Relationship with Camilla stands now The Dukes of Sussex

He says I have a huge amount of Compassion for her you know being the Third person with my parents marriage And he wrote when he said Um I love every member of the family Despite the differences so when I see Her we’re perfectly Pleasant with each Other Um she’s my stepmother and I don’t look Her look like look at her as the evil Stepmother Because the whole family’s evil right Anderson Cooper says Buckingham Palace Issued issued demand ahead of Prince Harry 60 Minutes talk And this is Cooper clean Buckingham Palace demand to see his blackbuster sit Down with Harry Prince Harry before the Interview aired Sunday It’s not much of a blockbuster because It’s the first time I’m hearing of it Prince Harry reveals Megan Kay’s fiery Text that caused tearful Feud it says Here is about Princess Charlotte’s dress That was not sufficient Charlotte’s dress is too big too long Too baggy area called the Princess of Wales taxi Megan it’s just a crap it’s a Tragedy for her wedding I guess she Cried when she tried it on at home Rather than agree to alteration Kate Allegedly demanded that all the dresses Be remade

Meg asked Kate if she was aware of what Was going on right now with her father Keith said she was well aware but the Dresses in the wedding is in four days And she wrote back yes I know Kate Just all this victimization fathers and Dresses and weddings Royal weddings Problems with the way Meg was planning Her wedding Kate was having problems With the way Meg was playing her wedding Something about a party for the page Boys it went back and forth And then Megan said I’m not sure what Else to say if the dress doesn’t fit Please take Charlotte to see Ajay he has Been waiting all day and Kate replied Fine And when when Harry came home he Discovered his wife sobbing on the floor Of their home she was sobbing over this And just conveniently she was sobbing When he came home she was on the floor Sobbing and then he walked through the Doors just it worked out that way she Wasn’t faking or acting or or anything Like that she didn’t stage the sobbing It just coincidentally happened when he Came home Prince Harry Megan thought Andrew you know Andrew the Pito was the Queen’s assistant When they met so That happened Prince Harry claims the Royal family excluded him from the Flight before the Queen’s death

Prince Harry claims he was not invited On his family’s private Royal jet after Hearing the news the Queen the SEC Second Elizabeth II was dying I asked my brother I said what are your Plans how are you and Kate getting there The Duke of Suck sticks claimed during the 60 Minutes interview with Anderson Cooper That aired Sunday and then a couple of Hours later all the family members that Lived within Windsor and Ascot area were Jumping on a plane together a plane with 12 or 14 maybe 16 seats when Cooper Bluntly asked him to clarify whether he Was invited on the plane Harry replied I Was not invited kablawi he didn’t get to Go on the Royal private plane that’s how You know that’s how mean they got They’re very mean over there but they’re A bunch of a bunch of meaners so there Are a few more things that I want to Show you here Did you guys know that I’m like the Number one Young Kim Kardashian we didn’t know you Were the number one Google search last Week coming on Kim shut up you’re so Into yourself and then yesterday I was The top AOL search for the whole week so This is like from 40 years ago you were The top AOL search Wow that’s impressive do you also know That you

[Laughter] Know As long as they’re talking about me I Don’t care if I’m number two I mean of the dumbest people who’s Number one by the way I don’t care I don’t care if people Think I’m dumb as long as they’re Talking about me You know if I hear people I’m walking by People like oh look she’s really dumb And she’s really fat and ugly and Horrible hey they’re talking about me That’s what everybody says Is there a manicurist on the set Tomorrow for Bongo I really have no time To get a manicure [Music] Let’s see I wanted sometimes I just don’t know how I got stuck for a movie well let me Remind you your dead husband Represented O.J Simpson in the O.J Simpson trial as a lawyer And then you convinced your daughter and Her lover to sell a sex tape which you Arrange with a sex tape dealer And it popped and you guys became famous So uh you know and you Crapped out all these this coven of Babylonian house So That happened first and then the other Things and so then there was this look

At this guy’s mad boom look at the push There oh look at the push back look at These two Titans look this guy this is a Ambassador for peace here Um And fly soja who gonna win Um well not you guys So when these two heavyweight Titans Battle it out I mean anything could Happen right All right like that’s enough like Uncle I gotta move out here only spiritual Value will save this m f in world it’s Paul Romano definitely avoiding from the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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