The failure of Pockets of the Future

The failure of Pockets of the Future

Okay greetings brothers and sisters I'm Not sure I'm going to do this as a Standalone video probably will be either An introduction or I'll put this at the End of a video Tomorrow um I'm changing things up my Apocaps now channel is making no money And I have a video addressing that um on The other channel let me see if I can Find it here I can obviously find it um It's called Big changes coming to Hollywood Celebrities dropping like Flies and bonus Holes and so um you know it's just I'm Making like $5 an hour or less and That's not including expenses and things So um it's just not worth it for me to Make videos on that channel anymore I'm Going to change it up maybe week one or You know two a week um just pick the Kind of the best stuff and you know Um whatever and and see how how that Goes and then on my other channel I was Thinking about moving the stuff to a Backup Channel um but I made a video on my uh The the um backup Channel dodgy to Chargy boss have become better than you And brigher mind scam for adults and That actually you know that's my Whatever it's called poxy the future Backup Channel and you know those are Both Linked In the description box and

Those things tie into what I'm about to Say here and you know the overall um Well whatever let me just say it so People were saying to me that I was Wrong that pockets of the future channel Is not a Failure well it is right because you Know it's not that I Failed it's not that you know I've done What I was assigned to do I I feel good About the work I've done there's always Room for improvement you you know and I Could have been better at this or better At that but none of those things would Have changed the outcome and you know I I live in a situation where um you know I was told years and years ago that you By the third master of Sark system that You do the work and you leave the Results to God and you know the Divine Master and so when you come from that Perspective failure or success isn't Yours if you do the work you don't fail Or succeed I mean success is doing the Work I guess is what what it would be There's no failure as long as you do What you're supposed to do you're given An assignment by God and you fulfill Your Responsibilities and the results are Whatever they are and the results aren't For your you know your understanding Because results can be you know in a Multi-life uh understanding where

There's going to be future lives you Have no idea how things are going to Play out right so when Jesus died and His disciples you know you look back at All of Jesus's disciples and the way They were killed it was horrible like They were killed in horrific ways and Christianity was more or less Done Right Christianity had you know it wasn't Anything like it wasn't going to be the World's biggest religion but then became The world's biggest religion which it is Now you know billions of Christians and Yet you can't call it a success now Because it's just because lots of people Are using it and so you know it's more Popular than it you know was I mean Almost died out completely now it's Popular but it's certainly not a Success because it's not helping people Evolve and get closer to God it's Preventing people from connecting with God right but either way you know Whatever role Christianity has played A human being can't figure out all of it Right how many Christians have been I Mean there's good Christians who've been Affected by Christian religion in some Way and there's you know people who' Have been turned off to God by Christianity and have left you know God Behind because of their religion you Know the being bored into the religion I Mean there's no way to calculate its

Full effect right for anybody on the Planet you can't study the effects of Christianity over a 2,000-year period And you know all these other things Right but what I can say about what I've Done here with pox of the future the Same thing with all these various Religions and any kind of work that's Done on a spiritual level human beings Usually go low human beings always go Low most of them occasionally you find Somebody who Rises up to it and so when You offer anything that has to do with Divinity and if you look at the results You're going to be disappointed right You're going to feel kind of bummed out By you know when somebody can go and and Rise up to something or you know it or Fall short human beings almost always Fall short even the ones who participate In it and you know they they have some You know they rise up to a little bit Human beings usually go low I mean you Know like a nine out of uh you know one One out of a million maybe gets it or Whatever whatever it might be right and So in terms of that what I was talking About the failure pockets of the future When we're looking at an apocalyptic Situation how many people are you know There's no pockets of the future right I Mean how many people are listening to my YouTube videos and working on creating The pockets of the future and again

Maybe in the future life or maybe you Know and maybe it'll have nothing to do With me but in terms of the you know the Goal of the channel and the assignment You know and the ability to reach people Even understanding what I was talking About in terms of pockets of the future Preparing spiritually preparing on a Material Level and preparing for the Apocalypse apocalypse you know these Things it's a failure the numbers just Aren't there right I mean the numbers Aren't you know there there's nobody That's doing it like you know a few People of like one um husband wrote to Me and said his wife uh they sold house And quit their job and moved out to the Woods or something because of my you Know videos and I was like yeah that's Not I'm not telling people to do that You know that's not what I'm that's not What this is you know I don't know what Their situation is or whatever it is Right and you know maybe I mean on some Level they're they're doing what you Know maybe it's positive what they're Doing I don't know how what's how their Future is going to unfold but that's Certainly not what I would say to do That's not the goal of the poet of Future Channel but it's building Community game you know Lear learning Skills and preparing for the inevitable Collapse even if it takes a few

Generations for it to happen you know I Mean I don't know exactly how it's all Going to play out but you know in terms Of this this Channel and the work that's Being done the numbers just aren't there In terms of people who are you know some People have been affected some people Have benefited you know whatever your Personal relationship is to the content But you know something either is growing And moving moving forward or it's dying And so in terms of the viewership it's Just shrinking now I saw this writing on The wall you know the pox the future Channel started off and I had maybe I'd Get um I made like $100 a month Something like that you know depending On how much videos I posted I posted Maybe one or two videos a month maybe I Got a thousand comments a year I don't Know you know a couple thousand views Total a year I don't know what it was I Mean it was just um it started in 2007 It was mostly about videos about the Homestead and things like that right you Know one of the telltale signs was I um You know I had a video of my kids Planting blueberry Bushes and I said my you children are Planting blueberry bushes and it became The number one Video um on my channel had 100,000 views And I was like Wow people really like This video and then I found out that it

Was shared on some marijuana board Because there was a thing that was um Called blueberry you know this blueberry Pot whatever it was some strain of Marijuana called blueberry and people Thought I was having my kids plant Blueberry Marijuana and so the video got F you Know got um illegitimate views right and Somebody wrote me a comment dude it's so Uh you know I don't know exact language He used but it's so weak that you're You're making your kids plant this you Know these drugs and and and they get The heat for it if the C you know like You know and I was like no they're Actually blueberry bushes right and so Those were not legitimate views right Those were things where people thought It was something else it was somebody Click baited my channel to you know post Something that shared something that Wasn't what people thought it was Another time I was you know I had videos Of my kids milking cows and some perv Was getting into it like some person who Was sexually stimulated by watching People milk cows um and wrote like these Like really gross comments you know was My kids I almost ended the channel like I was like oh this is the internet sucks And whatever so I almost destroyed the I Almost deleted the channel I thought About

But I banned the person I thought the Guy couldn't watch videos anymore I Didn't realize it was just back then I Didn't understand it was just comment Banding and so I thought the guy wasn't Watching the videos but if I had known He was still watching the videos I might Have deleted the channel back then right And so like that's just I mean you know The level of depravity that's there but Anyways the channel took off and I got You know millions of views on some Videos I had videos that you would Consider viral videos the Michelle Obama Videos some of the early stuff I covered And and then I started talking more and More about spirituality because you know That was Inevitable and you know there was a Growth in the channel and YouTube wasn't Doing what it's doing now and there was A time you know my wife remembers I was Getting 100 new subscribers a day and When I passed you know 200,000 100,000 Subscribers 2017 2018 and then YouTube made a dramatic Change and they you know it was hard to Get videos monetized IED they were out Against truther videos I mean this was Already back in 2016 it started but by 2017 18 you know there was a drop off And then I wasn't getting any new Subscribers the last four or five years I was losing subscribers rather than

Gaining them and I was getting less and Less views and you know there was just Um it was hard to get things monetized And you had to put a lot of energy and Effort in navigating YouTube's Ever Changing rules R and Community Guidelines rules and things like this Monetization rules and truther started To drop like flies from the platform and So you know that's been going on for a While but started in 2016 and I've Noticed various times where it gets Worse and then two years ago I noticed That they started to just um you know in Terms of not just my channel because I've heard other people talk about this That aren't even truthers where YouTube Started to just squeeze people out by Not putting ads on their videos or not Paying them whatever it was YouTube Changes their changed their policies to Where they were going to run ads on Videos that channels that weren't even Monetized and maybe they don't even want The monetization program Anymore but it's just um you know we're Not able to make enough money and you Know I'm making less than I I mean I This isn't even you know it's barely a Job now and so I have to you know figure Out either you know go to you know Charge people for all my content put Everything behind the pay wall and see If I can get make enough money that way

And if I can't then you know what do I Do right do I just move on you know make The occasional video whatever you know I Don't I mean you know the stuff that I Like I said on my other channel the Videos like I do on the Apocalypse Now You know there are videos that I do to Bring people in and to make the channel Financially viable I don't care about Celebrity culture I don't care about any Of these things and you know I'm not Going to talk about them if there isn't Benefit to the channel and the channel Is not growing in terms of viewership It's shrinking less and less people Coming to the channel and less and less People being able to find the channel All my channels and so you know in that Sense it's I mean it's dying sort of a Slow death and I maybe can you know find Some other way to uh you know change the The platform change what I'm doing here And find a way to make it more Financially Viable but you know in terms of the Viewership there should be more than a Regular four or 5,000 people who are you Know who benefit from what I do here and It affects them and they are you know Working at least in some level to be Part of a pockets of the future right Now there's other people out there doing Something that's related to what I do And you know I mean not so much so

Because most truther channels are Talking about they're demonizing one Side you know the left more than the Right and they're you know against the Deep State and they're selling this idea That everything could be saved you know There's all these uh I mean most of the Truther channels are kind of garbage and The stuff out there because they're not Real truther you know the right-wing Truther and you know all that stuff and You know and there's a lot of stupidity In the movement and you know all these Things but either way You know the channel shrinking and its Effects on Humanity in terms of Preparing them for what's coming is at Least you know the initial this time Period almost non-existent right you Know you can't call a couple thousand People and again I don't want to get Into some sort of um you know basing the The success or failure of the channel on Numbers but uh you know its overall Effect is more or less non-existent Right you know people who are I woken up About dodgy being a fraud and a cult Leader it's like two or three people Right I mean other than the people who Already you know were viewers of mine But aasis that never watched my videos And watched my videos only two people Came forward you a few other people said I was helpful but they are already

Struggling with this but you know that's Not a lot right in terms of numbers you Know I mean again like success is for me The quality of my work and I feel good About the quality of of the work I feel I made good content but in terms of its Effects on people it's you know I want To say it's disappointing because I kind Of would have expected it but it's you Know it's a failure right you you know In terms of the you know it's having a Positive or negative effect on Humanity It's probably almost no effect right you Know handful of people have been Affected by the content and again you Know I'm not bummed about it I'm not Like uh you know I'm not disappointed Because it's something I you know Probably pretty much figured it would Happen that way but in terms of all of It you know right now I'm battling you Know the the fact that it is a job you Know and I have to make money and get Compensated for it and then all the Other aspects of it right and so you Know I'm not like I said bummed about it But it's you know I mean it's I guess It's disappointing in the sense that you Know this channel was in its Heyday I Guess four or five years ago you know it Reached the level where it grew and you Know I don't I don't know it's terms of Um I mean YouTube just shut off the Valve and that's part of it and you know

Um but it it reached its maximum Capacity and the results are maybe you Know 5 to 10,000 regular viewers and you Know in terms of the people who are you Know open to the spiritual teachings It's just you know I don't know maybe a Couple thousand and that's not bad it's Not you know it's not nothing and for Those people who have benefited and have Been positively influenced right you Know people who are you know saying to Me yeah I've benefited from the channel And if you look at the comments it's Maybe what 50 or 100 comments right so You know that's not bad I mean it's it's Good it's the channels helped people That's great like I'm not you know I Mean it's not the numbers that really Define the success but the numbers do Define the success in one way right in Terms of the quality of my work that's You know my my job in terms of its Effects on other people that's that's What's available in Humanity and Humanity has you know uh They're like whatever you know it's just I mean millions of people have viewed my Content and only a few have resonated With it right um and you know there's Real good stuff in there that they Missed out on stuff that you know They're all probably going to need and They didn't you know I mean they didn't Pick up on most of them didn't pick up

On any of it right but what I was saying In the video is you know there aren't Pockets of the F how many of you guys Are building a pocket of the future Right I mean yeah maybe you're starting A garden and you know whatever it is Right I mean I'm barely building the Pocket of the future you know I got the Stuff with the Gratefulness meditation you know Whatever all these things and you know I've got a farm going but I'm certainly Not working on building a community you Know I mentioned in a video in one of my Journey series saying that you know People who would maybe be interested in Moving around the area where I am uh in Terms of you know having you know people Having the assets to do that the ability To do that and there might be some Houses coming available at some point You know I have Aging neighbors and things if their Houses become available you know an Older woman had reached out to me she Was retiring she was in her 70s and she Wanted to live in the area that I live In and you know because she you know Kind of could see what was happening in The world and wanted to you know she had Money and she had whatever but I I Didn't think it was you know there I I Wasn't even sure we were going to be in The same spot you know and I didn't

Respond cuz I didn't you know feel like It was Responsible for me to say well you could Move here and then you know then I would You know me and my family might move to Some other place um you know so it was Like that right and so I didn't respond To her maybe I responded and told her That I don't know but in terms of like You know this idea that people would Move in that area you know I don't want To carry people right like I don't I Don't have the ability to carry people Who don't have the physical abilities or The the resources or the you know Knowledge and things like it has to be Some mutually beneficial like I just Can't take on you know I mean it's not It can't be like some sort of Charity Thing where I have to take on the the Survival of people like they have to be Able to you know offer something on Their end right and you know people Haven't really wanted to do that anyway And so you know I have you know I know That we're going to need community in The future but I'm not a community Builder and so you know all these things Right And you know I haven't really been able To move forward with it personally my Wife and I have you know we're working On building our Homestead and these Things and you know it's going to be

Whatever it is when you know things Start to break down but I I think we Have the ability to grow lots of food And we have some relationship with our Neighbors and you know our neighbors Have beef cows and they have you know Kids and skills and things like that and You know we have fruit trees and Whatever it is so um but you know it's I Mean it's just hard to with everything That's going on it's hard for people to It's hard for me to and everyone else You know I really believe that this Stuff's going to happen it's hard for Other people to prepare when they can Barely get through the day and they're Struggling with their own dramas and Their own you know whatever is going on In their lives right and so you know I Mean I can't really I mean for each one Of you that really likes my channel and It's benefited you yeah for you it's Successful because it's had a you know Um I mean there's success in the content Like the content's good but in terms of Its effects on Humanity at least up Until now it's you know more or less Non-existent right it's not something That you could even measure but maybe When you know things start going South People will have benefited from what I Say and it'll help them adjust and Prepare you know maybe Oak people will Connect to the you s Mark gratefulness

Meditation at some point later on and a Need- based I don't know Like I don't know how things are going To play out I don't know how things are Going to change but you know right now The channel is is dying you know and It's just um and that's you know YouTube Factors and things and you know I don't Know how I feel about it right um all of It you know it's just I'm a little bit Tired today but um you know I'll talk About this more I guess um whenever you Know I'll I'll do just a regular video Tomorrow I'll get this video up tonight Today's Sunday May 26th so I'll put this Up to tonight and I'll make another Video tomorrow and then it'll be every Other day videos here um you know Whatever it'll it's format's going to Change a little bit so I had one more Thing to add here you know I feel like I've benefited From uh you know everything's a plan Everything comes from God and I've Benefited from being under the radar Like if I had millions of followers Millions of viewers whatever I don't Have followers I would have viewers I Don't believe you know I'm not leading So I don't have followers right this Isn't a some me leading people somewhere This is me um disseminating Information of you know things that are Likely to happen and and either way

Connecting to the Divinity within you is Important and some of these other things So essential truths and you know some Comedy whatever all the things I do here But let's say I had millions of Subscribers And I was getting you know hundreds of Thousands of views per video and you Know I had all of that who knows how That would be how would affect me right Like I I don't even know if I could deal With that kind of level of you know the Terms of all the comments I'd be getting And then you know more scrutiny and People in the Beast being more aware of Me and the channel and not flying under The radar so I don't you know I don't Know you know I don't look at that being Like like something that I wish it Happened and you know but in terms of Its ability to affect people and getting The message out there would need to be More people right there would need to be More regular viewers there'd be need to Be more of a potential Community there Would need to be things that I can't Create because I'm not a community Builder and I'm not a networker and I'm Not a person that brings people together All those things are the same thing but I'm not that thing right I'm not that Guy and you know I don't I'm not Personal with the people I don't know People who watch my videos I don't have

You know relationships with them like I Don't talk to my viewers and you know I Don't have phone conversations there's a There's a point where I did have all Those things but I just don't have the Time and energy for that anymore and so You know I don't have like a personal Connection with people and you know all Those things and so you know being under The radar and going the way it is maybe That's all I could do personally Al Right I don't know like I can't say one Way or another I can't say that that Would have been better but you know I Have a little um I'm sure there's some Anxiety about that happening you know The channel growing I think even when it Was growing there's times I think I was Overwhelmed by the amount of you know People the amount of comments I was Getting and all these other things uh And so you know uh I'm I can't say that That's like in a sense of disappointment Or that was you know something that Should have happened CU I don't know Like you know if it did happen I I might Say I wish it didn't I wish the channel Was smaller right you know you never Know until it happens right so these Things so I'm not looking at at that Being a a personal disappointment but in Terms of getting the pockets of the Future message out there the essential Things I talked about in the the you

Know the other video the video entitled Um let me see this thing here The video that was um I put up two days Ago yesterday oh to box of Future I should have been able to just Pull that out of my memory but in terms Of that video you know it's um you know The disappointment is or the failure is In you know that there hasn't been Pockets of the future right there you Know when something is called pockets of The future and the idea that there'd be People living now in community In a growing you know in a a conscious Way where people are coming together and Working towards the future and you know In terms of the influence of the channel There isn't that happening right people Aren't watching my videos and and at Least doing something you know not Abandoning their lives not quitting Their jobs not leaving their families But going out and and starting to do Some things which is happening with it Leading to building Um you know communities of pox of the Future where you know the gratefulness Meditation is at the center of it and People are aware of what's going on and The you know whatever's going to happen In the future and so I just want to Clarify that you know that's where it's The failures in that the failure is the Lack of results and again they're not my

Results they're God's results and There's you know it's how the people who Who uh hear information from the channel How that they you know how it affects Them and you know each person has to do What's best for them right but in terms Of you know the the goals of the channel What the channel represents it's a Failure right I mean in terms of that Like there's been some you know it's Affected people in some ways but you Know not enough people and not you know Not as much as maybe you know it's a It's a lower level of effect on people And something that's shrinking and Disappearing right the message is you Know I mean it's it was out there for Whatever period perod of time and people Heard the message and they you know most Of them you know one out of maybe 10,000 People rejected the message right like That's you know I mean I I can't really You know I'm just guesstimating but I Think that's probably fairly accurate Only spirituality will save this world Is par definitely reporting from the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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