The Eclipse Giant Skeletons & Don Lemons Hilariously Pretentious Wedding

The Eclipse Giant Skeletons & Don Lemons Hilariously Pretentious  Wedding

Greetings brothers and sisters so um I Want to get to whatever I'm going to get To today um there's going to be some Don Lemon marriage and one of his most Recent interviews to cover somebody had Sent me the interview saying the first Part is kind of Epic you know in terms Of classic Don Lemons um some other Stuff I you know I'm not sure I'm not Going to make the video till tomorrow Today's April 9th Tuesday I got to do The med meditation right now let me Start the I just realized it's Tuesday So I'm going to do the meditation come Back I always do the meditation on my uh Gratefulness meditation Channel all Right so I just did the meditation for The gratefulness meditation Channel Um it was a it was the uh Eclipse day Yesterday and I really didn't like the Way it felt like it affected me on a Spiritual level or whatever it was my Condition the light was weird and you Know we had those my wife had gotten Those eclipse glasses we went outside And I really was happy to go inside and I don't know what kind of you know There's a gravitational aspect to things And there's um you know stars and Planets and the moon you know Particularly the moon because it's Proximity and the size of the Moon that We have there's a gravitational pull and

It affects you on a you know on a mood Level and emotional level and you know Mental I mean all these things the you Know the the play of this you know that Day in terms of the astrological lineup Of planets and things affects Everybody and um I didn't like what it Felt like I don't know if anything big Has happened I don't think anything Happened Newsworthy related to it but it didn't Feel great to me at least um but I had Some thoughts about this so you know I'm Redoing uh in the journey series I'm Redoing sort of the origin the beginning Of the journey series telling my story You know with a new twist because when I Started telling the story I didn't know That Dody had collapsed the Sark system Into a uh you know a scam called Heartfulness and so for those of you who Are familiar with that you know Listening to those Videos I was talking about all these Experiences I had the good the bad and The you know things to do with people And things and yesterday I had this Thought about you know what we go Through as a truth community and I'm Talking about real truthers not Right-wing truthers not people with an Agenda not people who are you haven't Broken free from the the system right of Their own

Indoctrination I mean you don't ever Really fully it's always going to affect You but people understand that the System is you know what the system is to Whatever extent and the Left Right Paradigm and the politics of it and all These things and that's it's not a System that's redeemable but it's all Affected us in a certain way and I was Thinking about this in terms of the Experience I had with the Organization you know that became Heartfulness and you know in the Sark System of meditation I do there is a Teaching which makes sense that Everybody has something to Offer that you know and you see this in A family you'll see this at a work Environment you'll see this on a team Right that you know when when people are Being productive and Succeeding as a collective you know in a Country in a society in a town when There's a group of people in a tribe When you're being successful everybody's Contributing right uh one of the things That you know my kids growing up on a Farm you know that's doing farming work And there's a video particularly that I Don't have it's you know it's private Right now but it's my daughter when she Was 10 years old milking out a cow by Herself maybe eight or 10 I don't know She you know which was a gallon of milk

Which is physically hard for somebody With 10-year-old hands right and you Know my my daughter was smallish but she Was the third of you know my kids to Learn to milk out a cow by herself right And and the pride that she felt I don't Want to say Pride but you know walking In and carrying the milk into the Kitchen and our kids don't get that Right I mean I didn't get that you Didn't get that you know in terms of Maybe it did but like most of us didn't Even when I grew up you know being able To contribute something like food to the Family right uh and where you're Actually you know doing something that Everyone's going to eat you know we have This idea of money you know this Abstract idea of contribution that People you know and there that's not Anything it's something but when you Physically grow food and you you know There's just a feeling you get all of Everyone who's done a little bit farming Understands that and with kids who you Know are now addicted to screens and all These things um I'm going to put this in My journey series as well because it'll Be part of this you what's coming up Here but addicted to screens and all These things they Um you know they don't contribute Anything like they're non-contributing People like most kids today don't

Contribute anything to their family Especially you know something like food Or something like that but in a Functional Society everybody contributes And then you have ownership and you know Connection to whatever you're doing Right in the Sark system it's a Volunteer-based System and doing work and volunteering And like you we'd have Gatherings and if Everybody participated a little bit you Felt good about it right like to pull Something off everyone had had to eat Everyone had to sleep and you know People would do various jobs and Everyone would volunteer for something And it was you know productive the way That you know used to be in Old Times Where there would be a collective where Everyone come together right like having Potluck meals where everybody brings a Dish and you know you do things to pull Off something and the more you work you Do the more you contribute the more You're into something right the more you Invest in in that thing and so that's One of the keys to volunteer work right And years ago when I was in India they Were asking for Volunteers and there was various Languages I think there was French People there you know there was often Times a gathering going on at the like The asham and there be people from a

Certain country and I think it was a a Group of Indian people from a specific Region I don't think it was French uh But they were and they would give the Announcements in Tamil and Hindi as well So there was like three or four Languages they would repeat the Announcements in those languages of Whatever particular people that were There and there was an announcement Where they asked for volunteers and then They announced in these other languages Of course I didn't understand I don't Speak any other language but every time They got to the word volunteer they used The English language word volunteer There was no word for volunteer in these Other languages right these more ancient Languages and that's Because uh you know when you grew up in A tribe or a family there was no Volunteer work people work for free all The time your work was your contribution Right like the only a monetary system Where you get compensated which you know A work slave system a wage slave system Where you get compensated for selling Your time and your energy and your work Is there an idea of volunteering Otherwise you would just volunteer like A you know a squirrel doesn't volunteer When it's collecting nuts for its family Or you know whatever right Like you know whatever animal's doing

Out there is they're not getting Compensated for their work you know it's Something that we have to deal with in Terms of money but you just do your work And the compensation you know is there In the work right so you know all of This is kind of you know leading to what I'm saying about contributing something And those of us in the so-called truth Community we've been dealt with in a Certain way as undesirables right so This is a this is a movement that's Happening for whatever reason it's a Good movement you know for us we believe It to be good but it is a movement in Which people are aware that the system That they're 100% dependent on is based In lies and it's an unfunctional system That's unnatural and going in the wrong Direction boosting people's egos Destroying the family and it's about Materialistic addiction disconnecting People from God and the elements that Are there they like religions and things Like this are also disconnecting people From God right um they're you know They're acting as a gatekeeper between You and God and so there's you know a Level of you have to have a spiritual Life you have to have a purpose of for Your soul right your soul has a purpose And there's almost no knowledge or Acknowledgement of this in our society In fact they mock it with you know this

Idea of the religion of Science and Things and so there is an organic Movement that's happened it's partly due To the internet but it's also due to the Fact that things are getting stirred up And the truth is coming out and first They ignored us but now they've Categorized us Truthers as undesirables and potentially Destructive to the system or not Potentially destructive to the system And they call us terrorists and crazy And you know all these things right but We have something to contribute you know What I do here I'm good at what I do Here whether people acknowledge it or See it or or whatever it is but I'm not Good at a lot of things like I was okay As a farmer you know and I'm competent As a you know farmer I know how to do Some things in around the farm and you Know those are to me more important Things growing food you know I've Learned to do you know some things well That I didn't do well before right like I feel like I'm a good husband now to my Wife and you know things like I wasn't Originally good at that right so you Know these things that I've learned and Progressed and some things I'm just not Good at and like you know doing uh work That would be like a what a secretary Would do is you know networking and Doing work like you know uh uh clerical

Work and things like this filling out Forms you know I'm not really built for This system this modern day system there Are a lot of things that I had to do Being dyslexic and doing you know uh Things that are contrary to my you know The way I see and view the world and so A lot of things I'm not very good at and I can force myself to do them but when I Have you know when someone else does Them if you know I'm working in a Situation where somebody else takes Those things those tasks and does those Things for me or you know whatever as a Part of a group I'm really relieved Right and so there are a lot of things I Don't do very well but this I do well And you know it's valued it should be Valued and needed in our society right Those of us who are you know the voice Of an alternative Viewpoint of what We're doing here and what they've chose To do is demonize us and pathologize us And say that we're crazy and Destructive and you know that has There's no saving the system but it has Mitigated the value of of Preparing People for what's going to happen next And what's happening right Now and an example of this was I was Doing research about the UN right is You're a truth or you go through these Various subject matters as you learn About them you know and the things that

Affect our system and you find out about The UN you know it's creation by The Rockefellers and you know all these Things what it was really about and it Isn't about World Peace it isn't about Coming together it is you know a Psychological operations it's about Depopulation it's about you know all These negative things you know it has Superficial services and a you know like A an outward presentation that it is um You know some sort of all the nations Coming together and working things out To collectively deal with the the global Globalization of the world right and so It's given this sort of Beacon oh the UN You know whatever is going to happen we Know that they've trafficked children Traffic women you know traffic human Trafficking and I mean it's they've been Caught there's a movie called The Whistleblower about being you know it's Not only that happened multiple times You know doing things that are like evil Like the opposite of what the un's Supposed to be about helping people it's Exploiting people in the worst possible Way so many different times there's a Big Scandal you know the money for oil That happened with Saddam Hussein and Things like this it was the biggest Program the UN ever ran and it was a 20 Billion dollar scam right I mean they You know the UN doesn't really have any

Money and so I was doing research about The UN and it was the time that the Third Master the system Master chargie Had severe health issues and he was Basically Delegating all of his work to people Around him and a bunch of these Clowns excited because in India being in The UN is a big thing right like it's a It's a badge of honor to be an NGO at That time there was an NGO for over 400 People and we're talking about a society That you know back then there was 1.2 Billion people right I mean now it's the Same amount of you know these these NOS Like I mean think about for every 400 People out of uh 1.2 billion there's an NGO there like being an NGO a Non-government Organization is really important and the UN uses these organizations and they've Really targeted India because of the Depopulation and things like this and You know it's a really nefarious thing Going on there but I learned the second Master the system bajy was offered uh to Join the UN and be a part of it and he Said no like he said and he wrote them a Kind of very Stern letter for him saying You know he he sent a letter to somebody Else at saying like look at these guys They think they can create world Peace By using the modern weapons like using Weapons to create peace you know the

Peacekeeping forces right that they have Military um you know and all those Things and at that time the UN ordered America and these other NATO countries To go in and get rid of Gaddafi and do Regime change for no good reason well The reason was that he was you know he Was going with a gold dinar which could Have potentially taken down he want to Have his own currency and sell oil for a Gold Zar instead of the P dollar you Know the whole American economy is Predicated on the P dollar that you have To convert your money into dollars to Buy oil and he was going to be a threat To that but it was you know it was evil And those of us who were aware of what Was going on and I did a lot of research On that knew what's going on and so I Found out that these guys were trying to Make this purely spiritual organization That was supposed to have nothing to do With politics into an NGO Because they were just stupid the same Guys who have create wrecked Heartfulness you know taken heartfulness And made it into a cult and you know They because they wanted to be big men And they thought it wasn't important and So I you know wrote to the master of the System he said you know I'm not in Charge of this you know you know what he Directed to me people that were doing it And the way they handled me the way they

Handled the situation they never really Figured out what my point of view was And had they done so it would have Changed the outcome of what they're Doing now right in terms of the Heartfulness debacle but they way that They dealt with dissenting voices you Know that's the way we get dealt with All the time here in the truth Community Was you know led to their basically Their own destruction and their own Personal failure because one of the Things that you know I do well here and Those of us who are real truthers do we Keep people from doing or we keep Ourselves from doing stupid [ __ ] right Like we see through the the Facade and the lies and the you know the The false you know the dreams and the You know the the you know the whatever Your false motivation is for doing Something wrong and realizing there Going to be real consequences for the Crap that you're doing and you know we Are able to bring light into that we're Able to bring you know Consciousness Into that and it has value in a Collapsing system Because when you really understand what You're doing and and why you're doing it And how it deviates from the natural Order of things and from your Soul's Path and from all these things you know Whatever it is whether it be something

Political or financial or religious or Whatever when you're just lying to Yourself about what you're doing it Always has disastrous effects when you Lie about your actions and your Behaviors when you lie about your Motivation when you lie about what's Actually happening you're pretending Something is something different than it Actually is pretending that the UN is Good when it's bad is going to lead to Disastrous results for your organization Right but they dealt with me in a way That was oh this guy doesn't know Anything and you know and what they what I was told finally they wouldn't you Know explain any of their actions and Because because they couldn't right and I presented all these research about the UN and the information and the person Said we can't let radical idealism this Guy wrote to me we can't read let Radical idealism get get in the way of Us uh you know missing this opportunity And I'm like what opportunity what do You think you're going to get from the UN the UN is parasitic it doesn't give You anything doesn't give you Credibility because most people don't Have a you know people either have a Negative opinion of the UN or no opinion You know people like who have been Abused by the UN or understand what the UN is and has been on the other side of

The un you know the the effects of it But most people don't really like the UN Or think about they don't celebrate the Stupid un holidays so the UN has nothing To give you it doesn't have money it Takes money from you it doesn't you know Wants your money right it doesn't give You money it doesn't give support it Doesn't give resources doesn't have uh You know openness to your point of view The UN uses these NOS to run their Agenda through these NOS right that was Done at this system and so you know this Is what we go through right and this is A problem because you know the truth That we're bringing to the surface has Value and those of you whove experienced Its value you know what I'm talking About it changes your perspective and it Might be painful but at least it's Reality Based but the overall collectives desire To silence the truth and demonize the Truth tellers is just going to make Everything worse right the collapse the Civilization worse because they're Pretending that something is good when It's bad they're pretending that Something that's successful is failure And they're pretending something that is Uh demonic is progress right and that's You know that's really there's only one Way that could all end and so um let's Get into it here okay so there are a few

Things I just want to add before getting Into the stuff here um my other you know Content I want to talk a little bit more about That comment also you know making these Videos about women famous women Michelle Obama actresses Jennifer Aniston Possibly being men you know there's These different uh threads or different You know whatever you would call them Subject matters that are in the truth Community there's the pizza people There's the the big event and 2001 People I would be one of those you know There the the event that brought you in The thing that brought you in to the Truth Community truth movement and then There's things that people get into you Know stuff to do with covid right you Know the VX stuff and there's some Things that are just more important some Issues are more important than others to People and there's some issues with a Lot of passion and you know I made this I re I Revisited this whole thing with Michelle Obama and these things that Initially made my channel pop And I talked about this on my other Channel as well with Caitlyn Clark EV And Adams Apple which you know I don't Necessarily mean that that I'm sure that She's a dude it's just that you know Doesn't help her doesn't help right Having a big Adams apple right but the

Picture they have of her when she's um Doing the State Farm commercial you know Whatever it is you you guys might have Seen these videos but I'm just want to Talk about all the comments I'm getting And so many people feel very strongly That a lot of these women are actually D It's just a big thing it's always been a Big thing and the passion's still there I surprised I shouldn't have been but I Am about how strongly people feel about It you know and like for me I've looked At it as a losing issue because it's a Winning issue and a losing issue because Of the agenda they've pushed we already Know it means something to them the People that control the system they've Pushed this you know the gender sex Stuff the they've really pushed it hard And things have changed so you know There's something there for them you Know going to cover DOD lemon's wedding And so there's something there right It's not nothing obviously everything They've pushed the the whole thing with Caitlyn Jenner and all the things that Followed it with the you know the Transgender rights and these things it's A big thing for the people that run the System so it isn't you know we've been Validated for whatever reason but then There's just the fact that there's Nowhere to go with it like there's these Issues that you know they just become

Dead issues because people make up their Minds about it and YouTube and these Platforms put in restrictions and you Know there's you know there just become Something where there's there's nothing That can be done and people still fixate On these things you know it's not Healthy because it's you know you just Got to see what you see form your Opinion and then move on to the next Thing whatever because it's just um if You're waiting for something to to the Truth to come to light and Justice to be Done it'll be done but not on our Schedule not the way that we want things Are going to get worse before they get Better like this thing isn't going to Stop there's no way to turn this thing Around it's going it's going full Depravity right that's just the way it Is but I also want to get back to this Comment and I think I still have it here I do good um so I'll read the whole Comment but I'll get I'll stop at the Part that I want to focus on here let me Just make this bigger here here we go um The person said this is I cover this Comment excessively so so you're so Holier than thou you hate Christian and That's fine but you do the but you do The same you talk about how they're Stuck in their ways but you are the same With your beliefs it's fine everyone can Have their beliefs but you constantly

Bring up those people's beliefs and how Stupid and hard-headed they're they Are uh you just said you used to make The exact same videos that I remember You also shared so many beliefs with the Q people did but after the media really Started coming for those people you Deleted your videos how can you think That you're so much better and smarter Than them it doesn't even matter okay Then why are you talking go ahead and do Your little video over my comment I'll Do Two they're always made me think two Things you're actually highly sensitive To any beliefs that you don't share that You try to embarrass them or you're just A mean person and can't stand criticisms Criticism you constantly say I don't Care I I I i' say I don't care don't Tell me I I don't want to know I don't Need to know or maybe it's I want don't Want to know that's because you're just As set in your beliefs as like the Christians you hate you're no better you Constantly call other religion's cult You now say this that your system you Believe in is a cult why because they Deviate from some things that you don't Believe in if it's a cult that means it Doesn't uh if it's a cult it means that It's always been a cult and so I want to Focus on that one part um the you know This this thing about

Christianity and heartfulness you know The essence of this comment is the Person's making up things that aren't True and when you have to do that you Know two things I want to say one is you Know I've experienced doing this in my Own life and my ex did it to such an Extent that I saw the problem with it Right you don't want to re-experience Your previous relationships either with Your family your parents you know other People significant people in your life An abuse or something like this with Your new relationship right you'll find That people will put things on You that or you might put things on Other people based in you being hurt Like let's say your previous uh your Previous situation you were cheated on Right and you then date somebody who Isn't a cheater but you'll see them as a Cheater because you were so wounded by The previous person cheating on you or You know that you dated someone who is Abusive and Controlling and your new you know Boyfriend or girlfriend is isn't that Way but you start putting that on them Because you're still holding on to the Trauma and you're still reexperiencing You know your lack of trust and you see Things in the other people especially if It's a some Scara or a familiar pattern You know it's a lifelong pattern for you

And this is what my ex did to pretty Much everyone because of being Completely um you know damaged by her Abuse by her family and whatever she Brought in from past lives and she would Warp you know your personality into that You know continuing that line of Whatever it was right and what happens And I've seen this in myself if you get Upset at somebody your significant other Or somebody in your life you get really Upset at them you're having an issue you Have to keep it to what you are Experience in reality when mind starts Making things up about the person based In you being hurt or whatever and being Upset or being scared or being you know Whatever it might go and brings up other Things from previous relationships and You start you know making up behaviors Or making up things about this person That you're in a current relationship With based in trauma that you've Experienced in the past if you're really Upset emotionally and you don't know why Like this person writing this comment is Saying that I hate Christians and that's Just isn't the case and you know Somebody people commenting realize that That's you know because that's how she Had to experience me right and the Things that she's saying about all this Stuff with the cubies and all these Things she's rearranging reality and

Trying to make me into something that I'm not she has a version of me that's Based in her being butur and upset that She's making up because she's not Dealing with whatever is really Bothering her right because you can get Mad at me and you can be you know Offended by me but when you're offended What is that right because she's saying Like I can't stand other people's Beliefs but you know I deal with other People's beliefs all the time without Having an emotional reaction to them Like I mean I get the only thing I ever Feel is Frustration with the human race cor Collectively like I don't look at as Like one person I look at like everybody Human beings just suck right now and That's a problem for all of us right Because our Collective sucking is you Know bringing about a you know a um an Intervention or a you know an outcome uh You know I don't want to say punishment But it's you know consequences for our Actions and attitudes and it's things Like this so I'm going to making things Up but this person talking about how I Disparage Christians for their beliefs And then I acknowledged that my thing is A cult but it always was a cult it isn't Just because they did things I didn't Like and you guys who know about the Story know that that's just not right

That's not true those of you who Experienced the Sark system and the Transmission know it actually works and I'm covering this in the journey series But what this person misses and I Thought about this this is why I wanted To bring this back up is that I don't Think Christ is a is a joke I don't Think Christ is a fraud I Think Jesus Had a real spiritual life and I think You know Jesus's teachings about the Kingdom of Heaven within and these Things could have been magnified and There could have been a purely uh Spiritual organization based in Jesus's Essence and the energy could have been Kept going the way it was in s Mar for The first three Masters and the Teachings and the you know the the dogma And all of it could have been positive And it could have helped people connect To God but there are Christians and some Of them left comments that still feel a Spiritual connection to Jesus and They've they've um circumvented their Religion and they form a direct Connection with Jesus to some extent or Whatever they you know they claim and They're experiencing spiritual benefit They're getting back to the Purity the Pure essence of the of the of the Christian system and that's what I was Saying about my thing as well like I I Don't you know disparage Jesus it's the

Organization that's been created to use Jesus's teachings that draw people in And Jesus's energy and all these things To draw people in so that they can Profit and manipulate the people that Are connected to the religion that's What my you know issue is it's the same Thing that's happening to heartfulness You know the S Mark heartfulness with DOI doi's taking all the The Good Will And all the love and all the Transmission all the energy and all the Spiritual benefit that people have Experienced with the previous masters of The system and the trust that was built Up all the capital the spiritual capital And the the good you know will capital And things that people have for chargy And they're you he's using that to Manipulate them and then warp it for its Own personal gain and to be some sort of You know fake Oprah WI free gur Guru and All these things and in India they don't Ever confront you know it's it's not in Their culture to go against the guru They you know they have a fear of it It's you know a taboo so they're not Willing to look at this guy and you know People who are practice longtime Practitioners people I know you know who Are like friends with or friendly with Or whatever who I you know recognize as Being good practitioners of the system Aren't willing to look at this what's

Going on the same way that we deal with These things as truthers right That people don't want to look at Something and my point of view about This was that there's just all these Flaws in the Christian religion that as A truther a person who's seeking truth That you're really overlooking these Things because of you're not wanting to Deal with that you're not wanting to Deal with your own indoctrination to Your religion that was my whole point About everything right it isn't anything To do with Jesus and isn't anything to Do with the original essence of sa Mar It's to do with what happens after Afterwards when it becomes a corrupt Cult like a cult you know corrupt cult Religious cult right which unfortunately Always happens people see that the hold You know there's that movie The Book of Eli where the guy wants a Bible you know Spoiler alert it's a you know it's Post-apocalyptic movie with Denzel Washington and they they want a um the Guy wants a Bible because he knows that He's trying this guy's building a town And they have a water source and he Knows that he can really control the People people using the Bible uh but he Doesn't remember it he needs the Bible So he can use the words for his own you Know ingris the the villain in the the The movie you know because it's really

Powerful people really connect with the Religious you know people the spiritual People and their teachings and you can Use that against them to control them And that's what religions do they all Become Cults and that's my point you can You know see it for yourself I don't Care but let's get into the stuff here Okay um let's start here scientists Still baffled from Giant from giant Human skeletons up to 10t tall decades After initial Discovery and so um you know I believe In Giants one of my viewers sent me this I talk about it quite a bit I believe That there's these skeletons that have Been hid there's pictures of these Things Footprints and you know this the Evidence when you see somebody who's 78t Tall I mean it's like there's some kind of Genetic you know something else going on There right um really tall people and That there is been Giants in the past Has been well documented in all these Stories from all over the world the Stories of giants Native Americans have Stories and an art of Giants and things All these tales about them it's a part Of The Whispers of the brighter World Messages it's in the Bible under the Term you know nephin and so they've Discovered these you know they they've

Been keeping this under wraps for Whatever reason they don't want you to Know about this um this is just um thing Here there's this cave archaeologist Stumped behind human skeletons that have Been uh found in Nevada Um and so you know they have this Special place for these things of course There's art here of uh these Giants here Leges of super siiz humans who roam the Area around Lovick thousands of years Ago rooted in negative American Tales There's Fierce red-haired Redheaded pale skinned Giants who Arrived from Central America by boats And attacked local tribes also in Florida there's these stories of them And um they found uh and Earth 60 human Skeletons including so measuring between Seven and 8 feet Tall and so um there's these you know Skeletons they have and you know all of It I've showed you this things before And so um a series of mysterious giant Skeletons up to 10 feet tall reportedly Discovered in and around Nevada caves Last century du the Giants of Love luck Are still baffling scientists decades Later be nice if they had some pictures Of them um but you know they're real and I believe in them You know who isn't a giant is Don Lemons Here he is with his husband his husband

Is smartly waving the right White Flag Here of [Music] Surrender I think this is a New Orleans Tradition is that they get married to New Orleans they you can hire a band There and have a [Music] Parade Play the saints come marching [Music] Now wow this just Um it's just wow so one of my viewers This is Don Lemon on Twitter one of my Viewers had said that here is he's got Some stuff here slam um Trump and mag And Christian so there's some people He's got there we're going to see that Cuz he's Trump selling Bibles he's also Posted this thing here um where's There's whoopy congratulating Don Lemons On his marriage I want to say Congratulations to Don Lemon who married Tim Malone this weekend Some some at the table were there were At attendance so how was it their Dogs yeah all right so who went um I I Went Anna went Sunny barely made it I Barely made it you weren feeling well Though no I had a stomach Don lemon's Connected to the view women virus this Weekend I'm glad you left I um I know I Powered through though I powered through Because I I think it was just such a

Special event special to Don we've been Friends you know over 20 years and um Tim was so excited about it they've been Together almost 10 years and it's just a Match me in heaven um to see actually in A church gay marriage be validated I Thought was very important to to W to Bear witness bear witness to that well The that gay weddings they're very Touching because you know their rights Could be taken away from them any minute Now they fought for the right and they Fought so hard for it and so it's very Touching to see that there are many People who acknowledge that particular Union and churches it was a very fun Wedding in the sense that um it what has Southern twist to it like Southern twist To it like they jumped over the broom Which I and then and then they where's The video of that is a video of that Anyone have that video when we were Walking from the church to the um place Where they had the reception everybody Was waving a White and there was a New Orleans band Playing it's crazy we saw that oh as we Walked down the street that was just nut F and and Tim and I have been friends For 20 years I met him on his first job Yes so I look at that dude playing the Tuba look at this tuba playing mfer here Actually have gone to know uh Dawn but I Knew Tim first and he comes from a big

Family and he has always wanted to be in Love To be married to have that and he got Don [Laughter] Lem you're gonna be disappointed Tim Traditional life and he is finally Getting it and I and his vows brought me To tears and invol chicken wings and all Chicken wings it's nothing that I mean Every time I hear chicken wings a tear Comes to my eye fun thing yeah so to see Him and his his parents were like it was Our last it's our fourth he's they're All married now we're done like just Really special to see families I believe Were support And of the why did it start on time Though I've never seen that before it Started right at 5:30 wait so I was There for the choir because Tim told me The choir would be there the choir was Amazing by the way but then all of a Sudden I look back and see all my Colleagues rolling in and I'm like I'm Like maybe they should have told him it Was a live wedding I was like nobody Gets in gets there exactly you can't Expect me to get there on time for a Wedding on time every St no that's every Pretty much everybody goes on time Nobody wants to sit no we know you know Sunny we know you're still on CP top I Am I know that's so wrong to say that

Why is CP she was later than I was Ah I I'm always Cbww okay so um Riveting it's riveting here Whoopi okay So I found it on Tik toks here's the Broom there's some instru instuctions Here ready so and you're going to jump Over the broom on the count count of Three free and remember wait Wait get ready get ready I think you can Clear it once you jump over let me just Make sure you understand once you jump Over this group there ain't no jumping Back there's no jumping back Don you Cheater one two Three boom that was some Quality little SM look at them go look at them they're Jumping brooms and I mean it's just so Magical okay so um there they are with Their Puppers and um some more stuff so there Was a interview um with DH Yly DL Yugi that was um one of my Viewers said the first five minutes were Worth watching so I am going to watch The first five minutes with you I Haven't seen any of it and then we'll go To his his thing about Trump and his Trump's [Music] Bible my guest today is oh he's just Like just poor editing someone I've Known since our days together some 16

Years ago at CNN he is the kind of Person that's impossible to pin down as A Young Man He's just impossible to pin down he Sucks so bad at his job he rose from the Streets of South Central Los Angeles to Become a pioneering black comedian today He's also an actor a news commentator Radio personality and an activist come On if he's on your show D in all of These roles DL hugley pulls no punches Nor does he in my Interview DL hugle as I call him the Other DL DL thank you so much the other DL Don Lemon is the real DL joining us Yeah yeah yeah how you doing thank you Man you just can't stop getting fired Huh every time I turn around somebody [Laughter] F yeah you maybe you should realize that You Suck Kaboom Jesus I knew you were GNA be On the next Friday Movie I knew you were gonna start at the Top of the show by the way I wasn't fire Cuz I didn't work for him but you know Well you you said that you know like you Were you claimed that he was censoring You but in reality he just didn't want To pay you because he realized you suck You still have a platform here you know I know you know the interesting thing is Both examples of the of of the Kur Fuffle that was raised were raised by

You ask you you uh uh fulfilling your J Journalistic assignment which is asking Questions that made people uncomfortable I think the Vivid no it was him sucking There questions he none of the questions Made him uncomfortable they were the They were basically the same questions When are you going to censor and handle Twitter and stop truthers and right-wing People from posting because we can't Compete otherwise and by we he means CNN That fired him because he hasn't gotten Over you know for a guy who talks about Um you know homophobia and racism Don Lemon he is going with the oppressor Which is CNN right who fired him like he He has no loyalty to them they fired him And you know he can't get a job now Because he sucks and they fired him you Know CNN is not wrong to fire him Because he couldn't get ratings and he's Sucked right but he wants Elon Musk to Censor Twitter that's what his his all And not only that interview but the Interview with Mr Wonderful and the Other interview that followed about the Interview were all about that and so Anybody can see Don Lemon sucks even the Beginning of this interview right Grandma Swami and the uh Nikki interview Probably you know probably started some Stuff and then uh the the uh the uh Elon Musk and they all really are the same Thing is fragile white egos like like

This whole attack on diversity and in so Nikki haly is actually Indian and you know this whole idea that This was Fragile the white egos they Fired Don Lemon from his his nighttime Show because his rating suck he can't Cut carry an audience this is about Finances and he's a dope like they're Looking to get rid of him because nobody Likes the guy and his ratings sucked I Mean his ratings were horrific his Ratings were okay when Trump was in Office and Chris Cuomo was popular for Whatever reason I mean Chris Cuomo was More popular than Don Lemon Chris Cuomo Was having good ratings think about that Right how bad Chris CUA was how douchy He was and so this guy's saying it's About fragile white Eagles no it's about Don Lemons not being able to carry an Audience conclusion is really a an A tip of the hat to White fragility that That a billionaire can't can't sit and Ask question be ask questions uh just Always ex it tells you why the problem Is so exacer that's his boss I mean he's Paying him he wants Elon must to pay him And give him a like a cherry deal of of $8 million a year he wanted an $8 Million salary you know this video Here has um 999,000 views Right and they actually you know that's I mean that's just people C it's only Got 103

Reshares 236 comments right whatever it Has on YouTube that's not you know it's Not enough money that's not $8 million a Year content right and that's people Watching it for a few minute or whatever It is inflated views so it's not even You know realistic in terms of the Amount of views he's getting and it's It's going to be less over time Elon mus Isn't going to pay somebody to suck Right especially if the guy represents What Elon mus said was the whole CNN Mentality right and you know you're I Mean this guy's supposed to be a Comedian and supposed to be able to Speak truth to power and like he's just Missing the whole point who feel like These spaces belong to them whether They've earned it or not and they just They despise they resent being Challenged wow you came out of the gate Look dl9 did not discuss this he came Right out of the gate and and brought This up but I that none of that stuff is Accurate though because what you guys Want what Don Lemon wants is Elon mus to Censor people who aren't of the official Story which is the oppressor right like If you're talking about racism then CNN Is represents that element the powerful People that want to suppress Free Speech Elon Musk for his credit whatever he's Sucky about which is a lot of things has Allowed free speech to be more prevalent

On his platform and everybody's Attacking him for it including you know Don Lemon at least look Doo you're right And I don't want to you know keep Dwelling on that because that you know How it is that's behind me that was last Week but it's it's going to be the Centerpiece of your show it was it's Been really interesting for me to sit Back and watch people defend him or him You know say snarky things about but Like troll me on the internet when he Was sitting right in front of me he Didn't challenge me but now he and Others have this keyboard courage that's Keyboard courage yeah because he Wouldn't challenge you because you're Such a a brilliant mind and would have Outsmarted Him he was intimidated by You that's uh that's when when you when You when you were the uh you he's he's a One of the richest men in the world uh He has opened the platform up to open One white supremacy we're not even it's Not even veiled it's not dog whistles Out there in the open threats and and Racial uh uh tropes have gone up Exponentially have you looked at any of Those things and you see the amount of Views they're getting you know that's The important thing like isn't getting Any traction he Elon mus said people can Post things we're not going to recommend

It we're not going to let it pro Proliferate so those posts are up that's What he said to Don Lemon did you check That out did you fact check must saying That that he said that their posts are Up but the engagement is down so less People are seeing it than it was before It's only small groups of people so it Isn't just out there for everyone to see It's not a problem you know people who Believe this believe it right people or In into to hate groups or whatever it is Right racist groups they're going to Find each other anyway but in terms of Everyone else being exposed to it that's Not happening according to Elon Musk you Guys check that out because you know you Can factually check that right you know Like if Don Lim was a reporter he could Actually see that and say oh yeah he's Actually it is down right uh since he's Taken the platform and it's all in the Opes of free speech and what is it that They want to say that they can't they Feel like they can't the only thing that They can't say that they feel like the Only thing they really want to say they Feel like they can't is really racial Tropes and slurs that's that's really it Everything else you no because we're We're being censored by every other Platform We can't talk about the vaccine right we Can't talk about that that's you know

You there's medical misinformation on YouTube and these other platforms you Can't talk about you know anything to do With like school shootings any of these Types of things can't talk about events Like the big event that happened in 2001 You can't talk about that you can't talk About things being fake you can't talk About FL false flag things there's so Many things you can't talk about right There's so many things about current Events that they won't let you talk About and they'll censor you in one way Or another demonetize you and in some Cases give you a community guideline Strike and others on YouTube Facebook is More highly censored all these platforms Right and if you aren't censored in Those ways your shadowbanned and your Channel's hidden I mean YouTube's come Out and said we're going to only Recommend authoritative news like CNN That nobody wants to watch and so you Know nothing about this like you Literally know zero about this right the Censorship is across the board and Right-wing points of view are demean Anybody who's a pro Trump person is seen As being stupid like Biden's some great You know presidential candidate right Like you just don't get it like just You're supposed to be a comedian you're Supposed to have some like Insight you Know like so I'm in the editing process

And I forgot about Kyrie Irving right Kyrie Irving and of course Kanye now Kanye can make a better case again for Him being deplatformed he did things That you know knowingly will get you Deplatformed but Kyrie Irving didn't Right but Kyrie Irving was slammed on Twitter for reposting a video called uh Negroes to Hebrews which was about how Black people were the original Jews the Original Hebrews and there was some things in That video that would be considered Anti-semitic but not enough that Amazon was would take it down Amazon Posted Amazon you know this I mean this Giant company and the people that went After Kyrie Irving didn't go after Amazon didn't go after the video they Went after Kyrie Irving for posting Something and he didn't say anything he Didn't endorse everything in the video We all know this right I mean just Because you I mean people say that to me All the time you know I don't agree with Everything you say well of course you Don't it's ridiculous to think that You're going to agree with everything That's said in every video you might Agree with everything but very often you Don't that doesn't mean you didn't find Something of value in it or you know the Channel or something like that so you're Not endorsing everything that that

Person did when you post something it's Just stupid right and Don Lemons was Pushing for censorship against Kyrie and Kanye he wasn't standing up for them Neither was DH L Yugi DL Yugi um I couldn't find anything where He was standing up for Kyrie or I didn't Look into Kanye but you know same thing So that's actual censorship right where Somebody is being I mean he lost Millions of dollars Kyrie Irving did and Because of his stance on the vac and all These things played a part it in fact D DL Yugi is slamming antivaxers on Twitter a few different places mocking Them and on also on um Facebook and so he wasn't for free Speech right and he's talking about that Like the only free speech that Elon Musk Is giving to people is for white Supremacist and that just isn't true Right and so like it's just ridiculous Like it's stupid he's like moranic but I Know what's coming here because he's Going to be asked a question by Don Lemons and he did to to Mo'Nique the Exact thing that Elon Musk did to Don Lemons it's hilarious can say but I Think that it just it's where we are Right now and I think that they find it Interesting that people who become uber Wealthy want to buy media so that that Way they can control them I think all of The media companies are owned by a few

Families you know a few billionaires Yeah and like Elon Musk is different now That people say that he got the money From Banks and he's just control sure Elon Musk is a much bigger threat to be A super villain chipping people and Putting up all these satellites and you Know all these things right I mean There's things that he has more Potential to be he's a he's weird you Know all these things right but in terms Of the Twitter platform it is the best It is the one that's most open To the free exchange of information Which is what the internet was Originally and I think it's for the same Reason to to kind of under the opes of Free speech to kind of control it yeah DOL listen I want to uh I'm glad we T I'm glad you're here because you are you You're just honest and you're real and I Had yeah and he's not insightful and Like you and you're both dopes right Someone else on who was honest and real So I didn't want to focus on this from The beginning we're going to talk about The other stuff that you doing what you Have planned and all of that stuff but It is no secret that you've had some Friction there's been friction between You and Mo'Nique and we had Mo'Nique on Here on our last show she so why briefly Mentioned your conflict but I want to Hear your

Perspective what happened where does This conflict come From my conflict comes from saying yes When everybody else was saying no if IID Have said no never if IID said no I'm Not going to have her on my radio show If I have said no I'm not doing this Concert with her then we not having These problems but I felt like it was That that that's not it like what was The actual conflict important to give uh Somebody the benefit of the doubt Obviously uh in hindsight uh I think uh It's it's hazardous you know you could Say yes to drugs just say no to her and [Laughter] Ultimately um had I said no and listen To my advisors like so many people have Then I'm not in this situation I said Yes it has led to this it it is a Conflict uh I feel like I have my side She has hers okay but they actually Asked you what those sides were you're Just talking about freedom of speech and And talking truth to power and and Answering questions that were tough Questions and you're refusing to say What the issue is and uh I'm I'm going To do my thing and and she's going to do Hers but I have um nothing but contempt For her honestly that's that's honestly I can say about look it's interesting That you say that because it's not even The kind of make believe kind of

Contempt so your story was that you like This is he just hammered Elon Musk right This is great this is wonderful he just Done he hmer Elon Musk this is the exact Same thing so he's saying that she was Like damaged goods like Don Lemon she's You know nobody wants to put her on Any kind of a you know platform right She doesn't have anywhere to go and Everyone told him don't invite her on to Your show don't do concerts with her Don't get engaged with her but he did Anyway right just like Elon Musk did With Don Lemon and then he realized she sucks and Now he has nothing but contempt for her It's the exact he's Elon Musk in this Situation she's Don Lemon and he can't See like after hammering Don Lemon on Freedom of speech and abuse of power and [Laughter] Control this the real kind all Wow it's interesting that you say that Because I have had people who you know She has said stuff about um and it's Tough to hear right because but it's her Story to tell and not mine so um I had Her on because for two reasons one I Wanted to know about pay disparity among Black women in Hollywood which she Brought up on my show 10 years ago and Now teraji is doing and two I wanted to Know from her what was her Responsibility in all of this but I had

I did have people saying no you should Say no to her but I thought what she had To say was important because at least She was out front with that part of it About pay to we say how that works out For you let's see how it works out for You I Mean you know she sucks like he's saying That she sucks the way Don Lemon sucks And that you know Elon mus didn't want To pay Don Lemon just like this guy why A part of Monique we'll see like uh I I Just ultimately think that had I Listened to my advisors and had I you Know not uh chosen to give like Ultimately she says it stems from her Coming on my radio show which wouldn't Have happened without and I wasn't there Which wouldn't have happened had I not Said Yes she says it's a t it's a it's a it's A bill a contract dispute which wouldn't Have happened had I said yes had I not Said yes so ultimately the onus is on me For doing things that were contrary to My internal mechanism okay so let's go To Monique because DH dlugi is not going To tell the truth about their conflict Let's hear what Monique had to say Funniest uh out there uh people should Watch the Queens of Comedy and someone That you worked with I have to bring it Up because you were on Shannon sharp and You talked about you had you know you

Talked about DL hugley right who also Yes is a Friend what is with this public beef With DL and have you spoken to him well let Me say this I'm 56 years old okay good It's always good when you start with Your age too old to have beefs she's too Old to have beefs I'm too old for this Boop beefs with anybody because I'm too That's playground [ __ ] right three O'clock no DL hugley do want does not Want to take accountability for how all Of this got started Don and I considered Di hugley a friend too in the business Before all of this got started and this Is a very free show cuz I've heard you Speak very candidly this is how this Started so when you call your friend D Ask him I did his his radio show I did An interview on his radio show he was Not there that day it was his H side uh Side person Jasmine right we do side Piece Jasmine interview Dawn and we have A great time at the end of the interview Jasmine says Monique would you like to Play a game called would you rather now We're having a great time so I said yeah Baby let's play And then she said would you rather your Husband sleep with Lee Daniels with a Condom or Karen Stefan without One and I said sister how does that Uplift out Community what kind of [ __ ]

Is that for you That to play that game ask me and what Are you insinuating I said but you you Can't play would you rather you can't Come on you know what I'm not going to Talk to y'all I'mma reach out to my Brother because I know my brother is not Going to tolerate this this was the Exact conversation I called DL hugley Don Lemon he got on the phone I said DL Hugley your team asked me would I rather My husband sleep with Lee Daniels with a Condom or Karen stephin without one and I know you ain't with that and then Dio Hugley said it is what it is I no way That's beef talk right there I said Excuse me brother it is what it is I Said Dio I don't air that interview Because it's doing nothing for our Community like that's just ugly and That's how how that all got started all DL hugley had to do what I thought he Was going to do was say sis let me call Him up well I play that that's not what Happened and every time I've tried to to To say the DL hugley let's get together And have a conversation brother let's Sit down publicly and do it have you Done it here's the thing has he he's Never wanted to do it I've said the same Thing with Tyler Perry I've said the Same thing with OA Winfrey listen y'all If I'm wrong seems like you had a lot of Beefs for someone who's too old for

Beefs if I am wrong Let's sit down publicly if I am wrong What's this guy's Wrong did you let do you let this guy Speak I don't think this guy get does he Even have a voice I have no problem Saying you know what I called that one Wrong but no one seems to want to sit Down and you know why Don because they Know within seconds within seconds the Community would look at them and say That's a damn shame I hope you guys do It I really do because it keeps coming Up and that would be one way to squash It can I also ask you sh it up Don we'll Come on your show I will try I don't Know how much you know I how I I don't Have that much access to Oprah but I I'll you Know like none at all dl's coming on the Show I would love to have le on the show I don't think that's gonna happen I Don't think that's gonna happen Don I W't put that bird on on you never say Never can I ask I'll say this I'll say This Dr Phil said when we did his Podcast fill in the blanks that he History corner is big and he showed Mo'Nique uh Tyler Perry's number and Oppra Winfrey's number because he felt That after hearing everything that they Should have paid Mo'Nique to go over There if they wanted her to do that all Right since it wasn't in okay so um

Monique's full of drama and this whole Thing and you know this is the kind of Quality content That that Elon bu didn't want to pay Don Lemon to create okay so I'm in the Editing portion of this uh video And I don't what do I usually say I say Something it's not that but I'm editing And I went and looked at this for a Little bit and she has beef with Lee Daniels so she has beef with o for Winfrey Tyler Perry Lee Daniels DH DL Yugi um so she has a lot of beef and you Know it was kind of a gotcha question For that DH ugly dlugi side piece to ask Her um you know which would you do or Whatever would you do whatever that was And includ Lee Daniels who she had beef With right so was a little bit of a Provoking question but you know you just Let the things go I don't know what the Other things are about apparently she Was going to be a part of Kings of Comedy and then he you know there was Some kind of contract dispute with that But she seems to be really drama driven And difficult DL Yugi is drama driven And difficult again him Criticizing um well white people in General and then criticizing Elon Musk Uh specifically who's an alien you Elon Musk is more of an alien than he is Human or whatever but him criticizing Them and then you know having this beef

And Don Lemon is going full drama he Created drama with Elon Musk and then he Brought Kevin McCarthy and well he Brought a you know somebody who knew Elon Musk or worked for him or Interviewed him or wrote a book about Him or something some woman reporter he Brought her in to exacerbate the drama And dissect the whole thing and then he Um brought in uh Mr Wonderful and then He brought in Mo'Nique and now D DL Yugi And so the guy is he's realized and you Know maybe this is is probably his only Guest that want to appear on the show But what happened with um the interview With Shannon sharp and Cat Williams and The previous interviews with these guys With the Kings of Comedy there was so Much drama and beef and that just drives Views and so don lemon's views that he's Getting now are beef driven right the Stuff with Elon Musk and then all the Stuff that's happened since and even Then he's only getting 100,000 views if That if those things are even legitimate And so he doesn't really even have a Show right I mean he you know on CNN you Need to get millions of views and to Support the kind of income he wants to Have of course he has the $22 million From his payoff from CNN so he could Basically work for free and that's what He's going to be doing because he's Trying to do CNN on Twitter and do these

Sort of drama whatever but he just sucks So bad at it but dlle coming on there And slamming Elon Musk for being Sensitive and not whing criticism and Then to have some petty beef with Mo'Nique Right anyways let's move on to the next Part here but then he has his most Recent show about Trump's bible stuff Here God and politics boom look at him Bringing in the intro no one is Fanning The Flames more than Donald Trump and His magga army no way his magga army From the Easter attacks on Transvisibility to questioning President Joe Biden's Christian ity and Faith to Hawking his own version of the Bible Tell me it isn't so don it is a Political holy war and boom yes it is I Want to welcome two people who are Well-versed in the subject one of them Is Texas state representative James Tarico a rising star in the Democratic Party he's also a Christian an outspoken Progressive and he has made a habit of Calling out those he sees as perverting His faith in order to attack democracy Boom look at this I say this to you as a Fellow Christian represent knowbody know You're a a devout Christian as and so am I this bill to me is not only Unconstitutional it's not only Unamerican I think it is also deeply Unchristian and I say that because I

Believe this bill is idolatrous Boom I believe it is exclusionary boom And I believe it is arrogant boom all Those things and those three things in My reading of the Gospel are Diametrically opposed to the teachings Of Jesus whoa he's bringing in Jesus you Probably know Matthew 6:5 who doesn't And Jesus says don't be like the Hypocrites exactly the hypocrite the Hypocrisy is off the charts Don Lemon Knows about that we love to pray Publicly on street Corners When you pray go into your room And shut the door exactly don't play on No street corners and pray to your Father pray to your father who is in Secret who's in secret your father's in Secret not not on street corners you Find hookers on street corners not God Come on a religion that has to force People to put up a Poster to prove its legitimacy is a dead Religion exactly you don't need that Kurt bardella is also here he's a former What was the law spokesperson and Senior Adviser for the Republicans on the house Oversight committee but he left the Party back in 2017 in disgust and he has Since served as an adviser for the Democratic National Committee for some Time now he has been warning everyone About the far rights Embrace of Christian nationalism and a plot called

Project 2025 Boom representative and Kurt thank you So much for joining us gentlemen look at These brilliant men here I appreciate It uh representative I'm going to start With you because I want to know how does It feel as a devout Christian when you See someone like the former president President Trump selling Bibles no way Why is he is he selling Bibles yeah I Covered that great to help pay for his Legal Bills yeah you know Donald Trump was Spending Holy Week pedling these Trump Bibles so That it's funny it's it's totally funny He could raise enough money to pay these Jury awarded damages to a woman that he Was found guilty of sexually assaulting And not really and it's ironic because On Holy Week is when Jesus stormed into The temple into the seat of religious And political power and flipped over the Tables of the money changers exactly and Donald Trump's a money changer those who Were profiting off people's religious Belief those who were exploiting exactly And Donald Trump's doing the same thing He's just a hypocrite people of faith And so I think if Jesus were here today He would tell Donald Trump the same Thing he told yeah you speaking for Jesus now the money changers which is

That you have turned my house of prayer Into a den of Thieves okay it's been a It's been a den of Thieves for a long Time Bro like why don't you address the Pedophile priests and and ministers and All the rest of it yeah but listen he Certainly has a hold on the Evangelical Party I mean they they still is wait do Evang jles have their own party uh lots Of strong uh support for him nothing Parties like Evangelical the the vote remains High Among him with him uh among what are you Saying there Don his strongest Supporters I wonder why is he correct me If I'm wrong and how I'm phrasing how I'm um I mean just come on Don spit it Out framing this why is he so good at Really capitalizing on the Christ Weaponizing really the Christian right Yeah why is he so good at that okay so I Wanted there's some stuff with Israel is Going to cover I'll wait till next time Um whatever like it's just some way Behind schedule here let's just wrap This thing up here well you know I I Think my I me this is running really Long my video party should take some Responsibility for that and I think it's Because we have neglected uh to speak to People of faith in this country exactly And you know serving Satan hasn't Helped the Democrats serving Satan

Hasn't helped either country the Democratic party not that Republicans Suck and are not real godly people I Mean most of them like it's not the Religion of God I mean it's not the the Party of of of God either it's to feel Comfortable using religious and moral Language and not just exclusively Christian language but a a moral Vocabulary from all kinds of Faith Traditions and we have we that that Immediately will'll piss off the Evangelicals you know not you don't know About John 3:16 like what are you Talking about as as as soon as you Become multifaith you're going to piss Off the evangelicals who believe there's Only one way to get to God and Jesus is Only son come on like that's just stupid Like you live in Texas stopped doing That and and I think we've allowed Demagogues like Donald Trump to fill the Vacuum okay him and his demagogues all Right I gotta wrap this thing up here Only spirituality will save this world It's Paul Romano definitely poting for The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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