The Covenant

The Covenant

Greetings brothers and sisters so it's 1020 10:30 on a Sunday November 19th um I'm releasing a journey series Video Today and so I just wanted to talk about Some comments I got to my last video About Jesus and people saying that I was Disrespecting him or whatever and first I want to talk about the movie Covenant So I had a a weird night um yesterday I Had a headache on and off it started Thursday went away Friday and then it Started back up on Saturday and then I You know felt kind of bad and I didn't Sleep all that well I'm going to do this Audio and take a nap and then edit a Video for my other channel and then do Whatever Um whatever's left of the day um but It's uh you know I had a migraine and Sometimes when I have my migraines I I Usually have them on Friday Saturday and Then group meditation Sunday that they Get better and then um you know I Um and usually if I have a bad migraine I have a good meditation it's kind of an Odd thing there's a cleaning process Thing happening and I um and I'll Actually address that later on this Video but I watched the movie Covenant And it is a masterpiece it's made by um Guy Richie he's made a few movies that I've liked entertaining makes good film I may I excusing his marriage to mup

Expiration date Madonna this is also Going to be the the first um audio in my Um 129th Journey series video I Believe um but anyways getting back to It it was you know movies are sometimes Manipulative and have an agenda and this One definitely did which you see at the You can see it throughout and then he Basically comes right out and says what His agenda is at the end of the movie I'm not going to say anything about the Movie other than that it takes place in Afghanistan and it represents the bond Between um an American Soldier and his Afghanistan uh Afghani um Interpreter and it is really well done Like a masterpiece so much so that I Didn't feel great you know I have these Migraines that are stomach oriented like My I had an upset stomach and then I Have a a headache and you know I um Didn't feel great and I I wasn't even Aware of it like I I was so into the Movie and so um you know there's some Parts that are you know whatever but It's a real treasure and a masterpiece And it kind of speaks to these comments And this whole thing with Jesus as well In an odd way um which I um you know I'd Have to tell you the movie and the theme And I don't want to do that you you know It's on Amazon Prime for those that have It and you know I'm not I don't

Recommend stuff because of you know all The things I've talked about in the past But you but um it was an excellent Movie but anyways um let's get into the Comments so the first comment want to Address I think I have four of them Here Um the person said here let me pull it Up I found it here the person says Paul People not Paul people have bashed Jesus In Christianity throughout history Paul Is not the first nor will be the last Will he be the last that will never Shake us true Disciples of Jesus and Then um someone else wrote amen and the Person who wrote amen left a series of Comments that were just ways to put Biblical quotes and I'm just going to Start Banning people for biblical quotes Unless I bring up the Bible something And um there's disputing something I've Said you know with a Biblical quote or You know even that is kind of a dickish Mve but you know like to quote the Bible When it's not in context it doesn't make Sense to anybody and it's kind of what I've been talking about in the past uh Hilarious the way the government is Collapsing I put a an audio on the end Of it uh that was uh talking about some Of the stuff to do with Jesus and I was Going to put in the beginning but I Thought people you know people weren't Watching my video like not watching the

All the videos I made on it I had a Video called Jesus Christ and another Video that were just about this Subject and I am not at all criticizing Jesus and I'm certainly not saying I'm Better than him which would be being Critical right like I believed he lived A spiritual life And what I am saying here is about the People that warped his teachings which Clearly happened that's factual there's You know so there's a thing called the Council of NAA but then there's just a Long history of embellishment and Editing and um you know just out out Lineing and having an agenda a power Agenda and you can see what these Religions have become you think these Religions became this way because of They kept Jesus messages message pure no The religions got corrupt they've become Demonic in many ways they're filled Their life with abuse and wars and you Know all the bad behaviors all the non-g Goodly and spiritual uh non-spiritual Behaviors all the Demonic behaviors and That's because they messed up his Teachings right I'm not just this Religion but religions in general it's Not unique right this isn't unique to Christianity and also Christians who Wrote these comments that can't handle The truth right there's things in Jesus's story that they have

Misinterpreted as being him being Divine Where he was having a human moment Moment an egotistical moment but given What he was working with I appreciate What he accomplished and he did Accomplish something and that's another Thing so the first part I want to say And this is where I would you know I Want to make this a part of my journey Series that the word Avatar is used by The second master of the Sark system Babaji Avatar is a specific type of Spiritual person that comes down with a A predetermined Amount of spiritual growth a level not Amount spir a level of spiritual growth That is Predetermined and Krishna is an example Of an avatar Krishna was a you know and Rama was also an example of an avatar Rama and Krishna are both from the same Soul vishnu's soul the god or the Spiritual functionary of preservation And Rama came down at a lower level and Chrishan came down at a higher level but Not the highest level a human being can Achieve not the highest level they came Down at a fixed level of spiritual Attainment and they didn't have to do Anything there's no Evolution there was No spiritual growth they didn't evolve In some way they came down with an Assignment they came down with a Specific Divine work that they had to do

And they did the work and they left and Then that was that And Then There Are Spiritual Beings Who start off wherever They start off and evolve and change and Develop and the people who have edited The Bible the the you know money Changers the power people that turned Christianity into a a demonic religion You know at least in terms of what their Goals are you can still get good things Out of Christianity I got good things Out of cath Catholicism there's still Good people who do Christianity there's Still people who are spiritual in some Way at least you know they're they're Good wholesome people that do the Religion but the religion itself is About power and it's about you know all The things that Jesus was against right You know I turned on the news this Morning and there was uh this guy Jonathan Kart was all excited about a Opera that somebody wrote for Malcolm X I know a little bit about Malcolm X I Studied him my I read a a biography I Thought I was reading his autobiography But I read one that was sort of a Debunking autobiography my brother read His autobiography and he said it was you Know Profound uh but then I read I thought I Had his autobiography but it was a Biography that somebody wrote that was Sort of disparaging his his story but

Either way if you know anything about Malcolm X he wouldn't want an opera in The Metropolitan you know whatever it is uh In New York City the Metropolitan Opera House right like it's it represents Everything that he sort of against right And and so that's what I'm saying about Jesus they took his teachings which he Is not happy about and they used it for Personal gain and warped those things And that's what I've been saying all Along in terms of these uh you know VI Videos that's the big point like I don't Know how great Jesus was or wasn't Because they've manipulated the story But I do know he's a spiritual person And he's regarded in high esteem in the In the sjar system as somebody who Achieved some level of spiritual Attainment but he wasn't an avatar he Worked for it that's the difference and The Christians want you believe he came Down born as God's Divine son and he Didn't have to do anything to achieve What he achieved but you can see Throughout his you know whatever stories There are and again you know it's all Been and been uh edited but you know Some of it is whatever there's some Accuracy there he evolved right he Meditated went to the mountains and Meditated for 40 days and he went Through trials and tribulations and

Things and an avatar doesn't do that Somebody who's born you know it's Interesting that the word Avatar has Become to mean something else because You know Babaji used it in the 50s in His books and it was understood in the You know ancient I don't know if the Word comes from Sanskrit but it's an Ancient you know the way he uses it is This specific idea of somebody who's Born with a Predestined spiritual uh accomplishment Achievement not even achievement they Don't achieve anything they come in with It already established like they're born With it and it's going to happen no Matter what whereas a spiritual person Which is you know regarded I guess in uh You know I don't say superior but a Higher in the Sark tradition is somebody Who works for it right and you know this Idea that that he's an avatar has made You not work for it because you can't be Like him because he was born that way Right he was born to be the only son of God and that has made you not work as a Christian on your own spiritual Evolution which is not what what obvious From Jesus's teachings he was teaching People to be Spiritual and they have you know Misinterpreted that or edited that and They don't want you to work on it Because you work on it you're going to

Leave their religion and you're going to Be like he is you're going to call them Out on their BS they don't want you to Be like Jesus and that's why they've Killed and tortured all these saints That became spiritual every Christian Saint that became a spiritual person was Either ostracized or denounced and Denied and killed and then later on they Said oh this guy was a saint and they Canonize him and they make him a saint Even though when he was alive they you Know the religion itself came down on The guy because Jesus when you know he Spoke out about the hypocrisy of his Religion Judaism and any Christian who Does that they Crucify and you know whatever way Possible um in a mild way that's what These commenters are trying to do to me You know it's not I mean I'm not a Victim here whatever you know it's Expected but it's how you respond when You're getting told the truth and you Know Jesus doesn't isn't against the Truth no spiritual person is And so if things are being said that are Lies in the religion and someone like me Comes along and you know shed some light On that he's not bombed at that why Would he be because they're the ones who Have distorted his his teachings I'm not Doing that in terms of my respect or my You know feelings about Jesus you know

I'm not willing to Do what he and so other people are doing Right my service to God is limited you Know I got a couple comments here one Person said um let see if I can find it Here Master Paul thank you kindly for Sharing your wisdom and intuition you Know I'm not a master right it needs to Be um you know like that's and then Someone else wrote I see if I can find That one um I think I missed that let me Go back and get it here the person wrote This um thank you so much Paul you took So much time and work to answer my Question of Christ resurrection and Carefully and accurately I have followed Many gurus including you I'm not a guru And I want to you know this is Muhammad Is flawed Gandhi was flawed though Certainly being in their presence was Breathtaking nothing gives Christianity A bad name more than Christians I wish I Had met your master yet is obvious yosua Got it pretty right Um well the first thing I want to say About this is there's only one thing I Want to say about this comment which is Calling me a guru or a master is Incorrect because I'm too much of an [ __ ] right like you can be a little Bit of an [ __ ] but I'm I'm too much Of a you know like I'm using that word But you could say like other words right Um you know and I'm generous in my way

You know just a naturally generous and You know I provide all the information I Do generously and you know hear you know Just in terms of my nature I'm a giving Person but I'm not you know willing to Do what these other people have done you Know I don't consider that they wasted Their lives or they threw away their Lives because you know what they did had Spiritual ramifications and they got Whatever they got because of it Jesus And the Masters of Sark system and all These other spiritual Saints and people The difference between me and them in Terms of um you know you know and most Of us commitment to the Divine are we Willing to use every second of our time To do God's work and not profitize and Read Bible quotes that's not doing God's Work really doing God's work and and Most religious people can't understand What that is and they don't know what Jesus did that was really great or what He did that was God doing God's work and You know I I mean it's doing what God Wants you to do doing what your soul Wants you to do and sacrificing your Desires and your you your freedom of Choice and your freedom to do the wrong Thing and your freedom to indulge in Your freedom to you know have your own You know create your own separate Individual universe that isn't aligned With anything that's not aligned with

The divine plan and God and things and Just you know using every moment of your Energy and time to serve God the way Babaji did in a unique way in the Sark System but all these other people you Know they did it like they did it you Know in a similar way and not as you Know I mean it's if you knew the Difference and I can't explain it to you Because I you know fully don't Understand it myself but you know he Devoted every second of his time to Doing God's work and it hasn't really Been done like that before on The Human Experience there's people who work for God and work for the Divine but you know They have their material things right They have their you know things They get sucked into the you know the Illusion of material life and sensory Stimulation and you know all of us do Right um but anybody who does that level Of work I would say the difference Between Jesus and you know maybe Gandhi And some of these people they were also Social activists activists Jesus was Trying to change the social structure Which you really can't do and that's not Spiritual that's more like being uh you Know uh I mean that's you know he was Part spiritual and he was part um you Know social reformer just like Gandhi And that's limited it's very limited Because you know it's a lesson you learn

You know and I understand that lesson That you can't change you know social Reformer isn't a good thing because you Just beat your head against a you know a Brick wall or you know a worse wall I Don't know Diamond wall I don't even Know right an in impenetrable wall that You know you can't really reform things And it's better to be a spiritual person And help people change inside and when You get enough people to change Internally then the you know the system Will reflect it because the real battle Is helping people to find God and Connect to God internally right and a Lot of these Saints and souls and you Know Jesus to some extent lost sight of That and they were serving people but They were generous with their time and Energy and they burned their you know Their life energies to ser serve other People and that's great and you know Something I'm unwilling to do right Personally so I'm not you know going to Criticize them for striving to be better And serving people and you know doing These things but my position is that you Know people are more or less going to Let you down people can be great there's Lots of good people even bad people can Surprise you and you know I've seen this With the I worked in treatment centers With sex offenders and you know they Would step up and you know some vinity

Would come through them like even these Warped kids who had been traumatized and They're horrible people and they're Going to grow up to be horrible adults Criminals and institutionalized even They have their moments just like Spiritual people Saints have their their Human egotistical moments like we all Have our our good moments and our you Know our our bad moments and that's why You know it sounds like I'm judging People but I'm not you know I make fun Of the bad moments and I celebrate the Good moments but it's really hard to Celebrate good good moments with the People I cover right the celebrities and Politicians CU they they very seldom Have you know anything resembling a Higher thought or a Divine you know a Soul-based thought and you know they're They're just not I mean they're so Warped and you know whatever so I mean That's why it sounds like I'm being Judgmental but I'm just talking about The performance in that situation and Then their Collective performance over Their lives and what's displayed in Public Maybe have these moments Personally when they're not you know Forced to lie because of their role in The system I don't know but that's not What I see and this is what I see here Right you know I work towards serving God but you know it's not a full-on

Commitment and I'm you know pretty much Um not willing to overextend myself and I I don't know why other than I just I Don't want to get bitter and resentful And I see it as being a waste of energy I don't see any reason to do something That's doomed to fail and you know I Stress putting more more uh uh Responsibility on the people who are you Know supposed spiritual aspirants Because of what I've seen happen with Dodgy who are much more critical than Because Jesus you know he lived his life And then he made some mistakes and he Did some good things but then he left And and what happened was his teachings Were warped by these evil people and That's what dody's doing so like what Dody's fall is much different than Whatever you know Falls spiritual Falls And issues Jesus had ups and downs Jesus Had because dody's you know destroying a Whole spiritual movement for really just For nothing it's just like he sucks at It and he doesn't need he was a rich man Before he did this right like he doesn't Need the money and he doesn't need you Know just it's almost like he's doing it Just to be a dick and whatever you know He's you know but heard about chargie Whatever it is right for those of you Guys who listen to my journey series and It's you know really uh it's a really Aggreg just but again I admire I don't

Want say admire I you know I Respect what any spiritual person does Any saintly person does regardless if It's doomed to failure regardless if It's you know he's it's relying too much On the Saint and too little on people But my way of doing things and you know What I'm doing here is with a Gratefulness Meditation is to make it available but Put the emphasis on people to step up And be responsible because I see what Happens when you do too much and you Overcompensate for people's lack of Interest and lack of En you know lack of You know work and people just want to Rely on somebody else they want to just Um Outsource their decision making and Their spiritual progress and evolution Of somebody else like a saying in Spiritual person and I'm unwilling to Play that role you know and I think you Know the commitment is what separates us From spiritual people I don't think That's a lack of commitment that's just Me seeing you know what the information Is presented to me and I'm like well That's a waste of time just like Protesting is a waste of time and these Other things right and so you know Making it available making the Information available giving people the Opportunity to experience what I've Experienced the benefits of Sark system

Is what I'm you know willing to do and Able to do and that's what I have energy For like I'm you know pretty spent and You know it is what it is right but I'm Not going to fake it and play some role And act like a nice person and do those Things either right like I'm not going To pretend to be something I'm not and You know I'm not a guru or a master I Don't have that kind of personality I'm Not a a leader I'm not a you know I'm You know I'm I'm just what I am right I'm kind of a chucklehead you know I Don't take things seriously I you know Make jokes about things that are you Know I mean like are just thought for Most people funny and I think the Apocalypse is funny and you know Whatever and so like that is what it is So I'm not you know certainly comparing Myself to any of these other people Because you know they were willing To give more of thems I don't know what It is I don't know how to phrase it I Don't know how to you know to put it but Their commitment to God was I think Better than mine right because I didn't Know them I wasn't around them it's a Hard thing to compare but you know I Have a commitment to God and I act as a Conduit here you know I put the idea out There that Divinity can flow through me Anytime you know anytime there's I'll be Used as an antenna or whatever it is

Right a conduit for the transmission the Energy and the you know sometimes Information like you know whatever it is I'm I'm willing to serve in that Capacity and it's like an open-ended you Know commitment I'm not you know Resisting it or trying to withhold it or Whatever so you know there's that like That's what I'm willing to do you know I Saw something today um there's a meme That I I posted on my other channel Where it said you know 1980 we thought By 2023 there would be flying cars and then They say and then it says 2023 and it Shows a picture of a fast food rapper And on the rapper it says do not eat This rapper Right you know so There hasn't been human evolution we've Got better Technology but human beings are you know It's idiocracy we've we've been degraded To some extent you know there's this Idea of indigo children coming in and Higher developed souls and you know I Believe that's true to some extent but The majority of people are de evolving They are you know going in the wrong Direction and that's you know whatever It is so there's one more comment here I'm getting off track but uh this is Kind of the most important one how is Heartfulness transmission and cleaning

Any different than Christianity's Receiving of the Holy Spirit and Forgiveness of sins or scientology's Editing and Cleaning most generous interpretation These terms are describing the same Experience in similar language seems Silly to argue whose Goble goo cult Terms are more aligned with truth I Don't know if you could he that but There was a delivery outside and my dog Was Barking probably there's a Fain right at the end of that let me Read that again Here Um it says here no it's not the right One I think it's this one Here um that's not it either was Actually the F first one I looked at all Right here it is um how is heartfulness In transmission and cleaning any Different than Christianity's receiving The Holy Spirit and forgiveness of sins Or S Scientology auditing and cleaning most Generous interpretation these are terms Are describing the same experience in Similar language seems silly to argue Whose gobl goop cult terms are more Aligned with truth well no one's arguing This is not an argument well there's a Huge distinction here because and again It's not heartfulness it's sah Mar the

Natural path heartfulness is is a a you Know watered down corrupt cult that has Been created by this guy dodgy who's the Fourth was supposed to be the fourth Master of the system but he's turned out To be a a really bad con artist like a Don knots level criminal so that's a Complete different thing but the Transmission and cleaning are real and I've experienced them as being real it's Something you can experience the benefit Right now and connect to God right now On a deeper level And that's my experience I can't Experience that for you and whether you Believe my experience or not you know That's up to you like that's you know I Mean I can't control that and don't want To people can experience some joy and Some peace and some whatever going to Church going doing Christian things Volunteering uh you know even Celebrating Christmas you can feel a Little bit of Christmas spirit I usually Feel Christmas spirit like at least one Day a year even now like I don't do Anything we don't set up a tree I'm not You know Christmas is kind of not even a You know holiday that I've celebrated Much of my adult life we did different Things with my family you know there's Some gifts and things just because the Kids are kids and you know the Materialistic aspect of it uh but um

Even with that even I was a kid I would Experience like Christmas spirit Whatever that is like I would feel it Like I would go shop shpping or go drive We'd be driving I see Christmas lights And I get that feeling of Christmas and you know it's not a Profound thing I don't think it's it Really has a spiritual benefit but it's A you know an uplifting feeling right The spirit of Christmas it's not you Know it's not it's not much but you can Feel it and in all these things all These organizations all these religions People feel stuff and that is whatever It is right but in terms of the exper Erience of what's promised going back to This person's comment here where they Say um Christi's receiving Holy Spirit And forgiveness of sins well that's Something that you have to believe you Might feel some relief for for going to Confession but it's not the same as you Would experience if you you know I I Went to confession and I received Cleaning and I didn't feel anything when I went to confession when I was a kid Whenever I last time I went but I did Feel you know maybe I felt a little bit Better I don't know it wasn't like Anything was burdening me at the time But it's not the same as a spiritual Cleaning that's given in the Sark system There are plenty of Christians who grew

Up in Christian tradition and they've Experienced transmission and they're Like oh wow this is a whole Next Level Thing and so you can experience it this Person won't because you know it's the Same thing this person's accusing me of Doing he's trying to be the smartest guy In the room right that's why you write a Comment like this hey you guys I know More than you do like this is you know I Am right all the time like I'm write so Much in my videos about these subjects Right um constantly right and doesn't Mean anything meant something maybe in The beginning you know but I was right Before I made videos like I was able to Assess things make decisions read people Correctly and do these things you know I Have a like a track record of seeing Things ahead of other people and seeing Them at a deeper level it's one of the Reasons people watch my videos and it Means nothing right like I don't get an Ego boost because of it I don't even Think about it and you know I used to Think about it but you know sometimes I Feel somewhat you know better than the Average sheeple person whatever cuz I Mean it's just like they're so like Remedial in their Consciousness and then Lots of the people who comment too you Know not in an egotistical way just like You know it's almost shocking to me even Though I see it every day how low level

Of Consciousness people have but I know That I'm not that great you know so it Isn't like you know being uh a little Bit more evolved than other people means Anything to me because the standard is So low right you know where they have to Write do not eat Rapper like oh wow I'm I'm you know I'm The head of the class because you're Better than than people who were you Know have to be told not to eat the Rapper right most of the comic section Is people thinking they're better Smarter than either the person that made The video or other people in the comment Section and that's not what I'm saying Here just because I have a better system In the S Mark system doesn't make me a Better person there might be more Evolution you know whatever I've done in The past to be able to experience and And be a part of the Sark system be Chosen for it you know that's whatever That is but you know I realize my Limitations as a human being you know in Terms of you know whatever being kind of An a-hole and all these things I talked About earlier and there's lots of people Do sa Mar who I don't really like them I Recognize them being spiritual people But I don't like being around them I Don't you know a lot of them like most Of them there's like Saints there's lots Of saints and higher developed people

But lots of them aren't that great and There's lots of Christians who I like Quite a bit and have more in common with Lots of people you know in other Religions and other you know what Whatever atheists even that I have Somewhat you know especially people are Truthers or whatever so to me none of That's important being a part of the Best system it's like being proud that You're an American you didn't do Anything you were born here maybe your Soul chose to be here but you unless you Did something in a past life to make America what it is and America isn't That great anyway it's kind of an Embarrassment if you find out it's an Evil empire so it's like even stupider To be proud of being an American but you Didn't do anything you didn't earn you Didn't achieve anything yeah you pay Taxes you do this whatever you're part Of your functioning part of society wow You want to you want to medal right so People are are often egotistical and you Know when anybody's bragging you see This in sports all the time like when You play sports sometimes you get hot You know and you can reach a certain Level you can be good at the sport Obviously if you're professional and You're in a you're hot and you're you Know you're you're playing really well And then you start talking Boop to other

People and you know maybe that game you Win but the next game they come back and They talk Boop to you because you sucked In the second game right I mean that's Like you're always you know whenever you Get Egotistical your soul humiliates you and Not that your soul wants to humiliate Your ego it needs to right like there's A whole Maxim devoted to this that you Know when you start being prideful and You know arrogant and egotistical and You think you're so smart and so much Better than people something happens to Take you down it just you know it's for Your benefit right and whatever is used To take you down you're supposed to be Grateful for that even if it's a bad Person or it's a a negative thing Because it helps you it helps you know Humble you and you need to be humbled Because once you start thinking you've Achieved something then you're screwed Like life is a you know in terms of the Spiritual journey it's a never-ending Spiritual Journey Back to the source and And you're always moving either forward Or backwards and as soon as you think You've accomplished something then You're moving backwards because you're No longer moving forwards and so you Know most people think they know things Like this commenter is just a an example Oh yeah I know so much more than you

Guys you guys are all doing these Cults And I can see through it well have you Tried anything have you you experienced Anything you don't even know what Transmission is I don't know if this Person could feel it this is also why You know I'm a little bit you know I Want to say wor than these spiritual People is like you know I know that Human beings don't deserve what they get In SAR and they don't even deserve what They get some of the religions and other Things right human beings are you know Sjar is a gift and you know we don't Deserve I know I don't deserve it I know People don't deserve it based in the Effort like if you experience the Benefits you can see wow you know with a Little bit of effort you receive lots of Spiritual benefits the cleaning and all The rest of it transmission I mean it's profound for those who can Feel it right but I know that human Beings don't deserve it and lots of People I'm like I I hope that person you Know some part of me hopes that the Person doesn't do it like I hope Everybody does it but you know I hope Most people don't do it it's like a like Both things are true right and you know When you come to a spiritual master or Saint you're giving them the opportunity To serve God so they're grateful when You come but you know I'm not really all

That grateful to have more people do Gratefulness and things like I'm happy That people are doing it and then I'm Not happy it's like two things right Because it's people and you know people Are not that great right now but I know That I I'm getting more than I deserve So why should I begrudge other people to Do it so you know I I try to stay Positive I work towards being positive And having positive thoughts and you Know but this person commenting they Would benefit from transmission cleaning But I'm not bummed that they're not Going to try it right because they're Just you know just another prick out There like right some commenting prick Out there that's just negative and you Know thinks they know more than anybody Else when I um wanted to uh you know I'm Resurfacing my I'm I'm stripping my my Truck and we're my wife and I are going To try to paint it and she's going to do The painting because she's you know less Messy than I am and I'm going to and I'm Doing the stripping of it and there's a Guy who owns an auto body shop that Watches my videos and other people Commented who have done this before and I know they're all better than me at That and I know that they're all they Would do a better job than I would do Right and so when I approach them I Approach them you know with the idea

That they are more knowledgeable than This and they're you know they were They're better at this than me right Like you know people can't even do that In life like you can't acknowledge you Know they're doing something for the First time and they're already telling People who know more about it have done It their whole life right you ever see That movie uh Kong Island or whatever And uh the brother from um step brother That's not will frell has been on the Island forever and Samuel L Jackson Wants to do something go somewhere where The guy's like oh you can't go there you Know they he'll die if you go there Right and Samuel Jackson goes well we Got to go there and the guy goes what The f do I know I've only been here 23 Years you guys been here for five Minutes you're always you're already Telling me you know what you're going to Do what you know what you can where you Can go and I I I survived here like 23 Years or whatever and so you know There's people are just so arrogant they Think they know more and they're better And smarter than everybody you know There are things that I'm smarter than People at and you know it's reflected in This YouTube channel and some of it has To do with spirituality for you know Most people but the one thing I do know Is that if I have to strip the the car

Down to you know if I have to get all The paint off the truck I it ain't Happening you know I've done enough Stripping on the thing already to know That I you know I really can't put that Much of an effort into it like I I just I won't be able to do it I'm just not That committed to it and you know it Takes hours and you know whether I'm I'm Using a higher grade of sandpaper than You're supposed to use and even then Then I'm going to take it down with a You know a lighter grade later but when I'm listening to people's advice you Know I'm I'm also aware that the one Thing I know more about the situation Than they do is how much my commitment Is how much my effort is right how much I'm willing to do how you know good I am At doing something like that and then The answer is not very much right like I'm going to do the bare minimum and if The truck isn't as good or it ends up Rusting faster if I you know done a Better job and you know I'll get as much As the rust off as possible and I'll There's this a you know paint you can Paint that converts the rust into a a Paintable surface there's not that much Rust on it anyway but you know it's Going to have whatever job that I'm able To do right and it's not going to be as Good as having a professional I couldn't Find anybody to do it and don't have the

Money to pay them so you know I'm having To do it myself I wanted to save the Truck but it's limited to my you know Effort and my abilities and time and Also you know um whatever experience and Things that I have right so I'll do Whatever job I'm capable of it's not Going to be my best but even if it was My best it's not going to be that great But in that having to experien Transmission and cleaning for years I Know more about Saar than any of these People you know this um other part of The comment where the person Says um this thing about uh Scientology it says um or S Scientology Editing and clearing auditing and Clearing now as far as I know and I'm Pretty sure about this because I don't Know that much about scientology Scientology is about materialism right Um uh Christianity is about getting into The kingdom of heaven so that's the goal Scientology is about editing I mean I'm Sorry is about material benefit power You know being a successful person and Getting rid of whatever you know their Their idea of indoctrination as that's What clearing means and editing things And it's very heavy-handed and it's also Very Psychological um and you know I mean Again not knowing that much about it but It's not about connecting to God right I

Don't think even think they use the word God and Christianity isn't about Connecting to God either it's about you Getting into heaven you getting some Sort of reward and it's kind of a a Material idea you know it's like um when They these you know know Muslim people Do these acts of whatever it is you know These these aggressive acts they do Suicide bombers or whatever it is and They're told they're going to get 70 Virgin virgins and a mule in heaven Right like that's a you know that's a Material thing the idea of Heaven as Being some blist out Utopia is material It's like you you know going on vacation To some wonderful place and being in Some paradise and your soul doesn't Experience those things because it Doesn't have a body you can't see things And smell things and it doesn't have any Senses and so you know it isn't really About God at all getting to heaven isn't Really about God at all but you know Certainly even the idea of getting into Heaven even if it was a spiritual place Isn't getting closer to God and it's not Connecting you to God right now which is What sjar does which is completely Different Sjar promises to you know the promise of Sjar is to help you connect to God Internally through you meditating you Doing cleaning you know your nighttime

Cleaning doing the practice and then Receiving transmission and getting External cleaning from preceptors and The master and you can experience it Right now you don't have to wait till You die and it isn't you know it isn't About material success or anything else And the organization you know the Heartfulness thing is more corrupt but The organization is you know run on a a A bare minimum of donations which are Not mandatory only the people who want To donate in the beginning the first two Masters didn't take donations at all it Was only because there it grew to such An extent there needed to be aoms and Bigger venues to accommodate all the People who wanted to experience it but Again no pressure was applied to people To you know get money from them and it's A very you know I mean in terms of the Financial commitment there is not it's Always free you can do the meditation And the cleaning and you receive the Transmission for free like on the Internet you can receive it on the Gratefulness meditation Channel I have You know all these things right and so The intention of the system is quite Different because you either going to Experience you connecting to Divinity Within you and your heart becomes a Refined interest interest instrument and More sensitive to spiritual Evolution

And you know spiritual whatever it is Right or you don't like it's one of one Of the two things it's only it can only Be one or or the other right it's not Either you experience it or you don't You might experience it limit limited Amount of experience you might not have As deep experiences other people but You're going to either feel something or You're going to feel nothing and then You can quit or or not right there's no Pressure for you to stay in the seis Mark tradition you know out of 40 people One would stay one out of 40 people Would feel it and stick with it some of The other 40 people would feel something But they wouldn't stick with it and so They were free to go there was no again They didn't have to pay anything they Were able to try it and if they didn't Like it they could leave and they they Did people quit all the time and it's You know nobody calls you nobody Harasses you you don't have to do some Lengthy unsubscribed type situation like You do on you know when you have to get Rid of one of your subscriptions or Something like that where you have to Jump through all these hoops to make it Happen you know you just leave you just Stop going and nobody you know once Maybe the person will check up on your Precept or say you know you what's going On you tell I'm not doing anymore

They're like fine if they put any Pressure on you they're doing something The organization You know the pure sa Mark organization Was against which is using force or Pressure so it's completely different Than these other organizations right and Again you could experience it right now But this person is too arrogant to even Try it right you know and they could try It and they'll deny their experience Because they want to be knowers and you Know they don't want to give up control Which is the big problem with human Beings and egos anyway right people Don't want to give up control anyway Anyways this is supposed to be 15 Minutes and it's now 45 so um I don't Know what I'm going to do I guess I'll Release this instead of a journey series I don't know I need to take a nap I'm Kind of tired okay so I had a long nap And I feel better and I was reading Through the rest of the comments and There was a great one for me to to cover Here and the person writes here let me Make this one a little bit bigger it's a Longer Comment um so it's to the same Video and it says Jesus is the way the Life the truth and the life he is either Who he said he was or he was Mar a man Uh am man am Manical am

Maniacal am maniacal narcissist Sociopath there's no middle ground yes There is seek Jesus with genuine heart And ask him to reveal himself and your Mind will be blown not your heart he is The ultimate truth and my belief isn't Founded in indoctrination but in the UN Undeniable Miracles I've witnessed in The way he has shown up and moved in my Life now that now that that personal Work working relationship you can only Achieve with Jesus because he is the one True Living God I pray that you get the Chance to experience that because it's Not just Lifechanging it's it turn it's eternity Changing Um so here's the problem with that I Want to keep that com open there's a few Things with that like it's not one or The other because the story that you get From Jesus from the Bible is not the Actual story it's been edited it's been Translated multiple times I think it's Translated um it was it was in Aramaic I Believe at first and some of it was in Hebrew but most of it was in Aramaic and There was changed to uh translated to Latin and then English but it might have Gone through other transl translations As well and there's different versions Of the Bible and they openly edited the Bible like this is a known fact that not Just the Council of Nan but it was

Opened and changed and it was changed by Popes and you know there was um you know It's just not it's a 2,000 year old Story and there are things in the story That didn't happen to Jesus they are you Know there's things that um like the the Egyp Egyptian god Horus and Jesus have Similar stories and so it's not black or White because it can't be because There's some level of doubt about what's The official story is the Bible isn't an Accurate you know Bible is his story you Know it's history and it's subjective so It's a subjective story that has been Edited like just in one generation think About all the ways stories get changed I Mean think about what's history now you Know historical events that are Happening now whether it be the war of Ukraine or any of these things that are Happening what's happening in Palestine And and Israel and most of the people Watch my videos have a problem with the Official story at least in some capacity And that's right now like official story Where things are being manipulated and Lied about and then there's what happens In 10 years how's the how are these Events going to be remembered Historically and so with Jesus there's a Lot uh That is inaccurate and that's just the Story itself and then there's also the Context like what was he trying to say

So let me just read these two things This is from the King James version of The Bible the way the truth and the life Thomas said unto unto him Lord we know Not whether thou ghost goest and how can We know the way Jesus saith unto him I Am the way the truth and the the life no Man cometh unto the father but by me so That is not an accurate statement and Again with the I and the me right There's a lot of that here you can't be Saying things like that for a variety of Reasons and everything that's happened With the um you know this person's Saying let's go back to the comment here And this person saying Um that Um he has the ultimate truth and my Belief isn't founded in doctrination but In the undeniable Miracles I've Witnessed and the way he has shown up And moved in my life now that now that That personal working relationship you Can only achieve with Jesus because he Is the one true Living God I pray you Get the chance to experience that Because it's not just life changing it's Eternity changing now I was a Catholic And my mom was very devoted and um you Know I went to these prayer meetings and I had these other experiences and it Wasn't bad like there was some Experience of God nothing like the Experience I've gotten through sa Mark

And there's other people who watch this YouTube channel I mean there's other People you know thousands upon thousands Of them who have gotten experiences of Divinity through the Sark system that They didn't get through their religion But they got something through their Religion they didn't hate the religion It just wasn't as good right and so There are people out there that can say That they experienced Divinity within The Christian religion but then they Started what I do and experienced it More and this person is saying that that Can't happen right that our reality and Our experience doesn't matter but hers Does like the Miracles she's experienced Now you can experience Divinity through Christian the Christian system there's Been saints that have come out of the Christian system have become spiritual P People Mystics you know spiritual minded People spiritual hearted people but that Doesn't mean it's the only path and that Doesn't mean they they reached the goal It doesn't mean Jesus reached the goal Either right and so that's the issue Here that you've had some experiences Which is great I'm not bummed that you Had experiences I'm glad for you I'm Glad that it's working for you but it Doesn't mean that what we've experienced Isn't deeper or better or even you know Not at all according to you right our

Experience of divinity through something Else and other people's experience Through their religions or whatever Spiritual path that you there on is not Valid because it says something in your Book that's riddled with immaturity Spiritual immaturity and just out and Out demonism in the Old Testament and It's not a great book right I mean it's Not you know there's good stuff in it But it's not a you know there's there's Higher levels to this and you might be Experienced something that's great I'm Not telling you stop like I don't you Know good keep on going I'm not denying That you've you've experienc something But you're denying that I've experienced What I have through what I do which is Effed up and it's only because your book Lies to you you know they've manipulated The religious people themselves I don't Know what Jesus you know he's certainly Culpable if he was saying I and me Because the best you can be is a conduit The best thing you can do is have God Flow through you there's no eye in that Right God there's no eye in God God is Everything right there's a we I guess in God you know there's there's gods in Everything there's all of us there's Divinity that's flowing through Everything and everybody but there's no I there's not I'm you know hey I'm I'm The one you know there's none of that

There's no chosen one there's none of That stuff right we get to work for God We get to let God come through us we get To be conduits for God right it's like The pipe saying it it it is the water no You're there's a faucet that allows the Water to flow through you you open up The faucet it flows through you that Doesn't mean you're the water you're the Pipe right you're the conduit the water Comes through you and that's you know Jesus didn't say that if he or maybe he Did and they changed it I don't know Like I can't say we don't know what he Actually said but I do know that that's Not true like he's not the only way and Let's get back to that because there's Just all this I and me here let's read It the way the truth and the life Thomas Saith unto him Lord we not know it with Whether thou goest and how we can know The the way Jesus said unto him I am the Way the truth and the life no man cometh Unto the father but by me well that's Not again he's you know if he actually Said that then it's just immaturity it Doesn't mean he's a maniacal Narcissist but you know he's maybe he Thought that maybe you know I don't know But he shouldn't have said it and all These problems have come through it if Yay I guess yay was in the Bible too if Ye if ye had known me ye should have Known my father also and from henceforth

Ye know him and have seen him Phil saith Philip saith unto him Lord show us the Father and it and it is and sufficeth Sufficeth us Jesus saith unto him have I Been so long time with you and yet hast Thou not known me Phillip see even the Language here I mean this is not the Original language It Was Written in and It still sounds like a foreign language He that hath seen me hath seen the Father and how sayest thou then um she Us the father believe believest thou That I am in the father and the father In me I I I me me me the words that I Speaketh unto you I speak not of myself But of the father that dwelleth in me he Does that work see that's kind of what I'm saying right he's saying I'm not Speaking about myself I'm talking about The father is within me but what should Say here is he could also he's also in You and you could achieve what I achieve And that would have changed the rest of The way that Christianity is viewed like When he said the Kingdom of Heaven is Within he didn't say within me it's Within everybody if you go to the center Of anything there's God but you have to Do the work you can't expect Jesus to do It for you and that's where Christianity Has failed believe me that I am the Father believe me that I am the father And the father in me or else believe me Me me me me me me me for the very Works

Sake verily verily I say unto you he That believeth on me me me me me me the Works that I I I I I do shall he be also And Greater Works that these shall he do Because I go unto my father and so Whatever he shall ask in my name then I Will do that my father may be glorified In the son and again calling himself the Son if he shall ask anything in my name I will do it and so again spiritual Immaturity because you can't say things Like that and the Christian religion is A good example why you can't and why It's failed because of the idea that Other people can't be divine which has Caused so much hardship and wars and and Abuse and things um you know people you Misusing the Teachings and so Um where's it's so here it is for God so Loved this is John 3:16 for God so loved the world that he Gave his only begotten son what do you Mean he gave his only begotten son you Know they're sitting up in heaven and he Put him down in Earth and then he died And was able to go back to heav Heaven There's no tragedy there right like if You were I mean if the story was correct You would you know if you're going to go Back to heaven and you've come from Heaven and you're conscious of heaven Then you want to get back to Heaven Every Sint every spiritual person can't

Wait to die especially as their life Unfolds when they're young it's Different but as they get older and they See how human beings are and they start Sensing the feeling the Divinity within Them they want to return to their home And so there's no tragedy he didn't give Anything there's no sacrifice God wasn't In Jesus wasn't in physical form sitting On God's Throne I mean it's not true but That you know within the story itself it Doesn't make sense right because for God So gave the world that he gave his only Son begotten son his son didn't die Jesus still exists and he was liberated From all these horrible people that were Around him his disciples that turned on Him the the you know the pH es and the The Romans and all these power people That are trying to silence him and shut Him up and all the people that spit on Him and threw stuff at him and you know The way he was treated when he was Crucified I mean according to the Official story he couldn't wait to get Out of here right most Saints and Spiritual people can't wait to leave This place especially when they they Know they're going to somewhere better That's whoever believe in him should not Perish but have everlasting life for God Sent not his son unto the world to Condem the world but that the world Through him might be saved well you know

It hasn't worked right and it isn't Going to work in 10,000 years when they Forget about this religion and so again You know I'm not if you believe in this And this is your thing it's great you Know I'm not that's good for you but Don't stick it on the rest of us like I'm you know don't leave biblical quotes And you know talk about this like we all Are agree that this this is a true story That there's nothing to question here Because you know you might get something You might be getting a lot you might be Benefiting from Christianity you might Be connecting to Divinity you might feel Great and you might have some what People are calling miracles in your life Great wonderful I mean that's what Happens for other people in other Religions and you know you try to Exclude it to yourself and your own Religion when your religion isn't it's Not that you know it's it's remedial in A lot of ways it's very you know Heavy-handed it's very Materialistic it's got a lot of abuse And twisted things in it it's got a lot Of primitive thinking and there's like a Lot of demonic stuff in the you know the Old Testament it's not that great like It's just it is what it is right if it's All you can do sure that's great like if You can't you know leave your religion And and do what Jesus did and leave your

Religion behind you and become a Spiritual person you can't be what he Became that's fine but you know don't Stick it on the rest of us don't you Know keep on telling us what we're doing Wrong and and these things especially Come to people's Channel like you do to Me or somebody that believes in Something else and then tell them no no No it says in the Bible yeah we know it Says in the Bible we don't believe it It's not you know we don't believe these Things I believe that there's things in The Bible I believe Jesus was a Spiritual person I respect what he Accomplished but that's it like it's not You know it's not something we all have To believe in and other people are Experiencing Divinity doing their thing And when you guys say no it's just it's Not true what you're doing is not true Okay good then you know stick with your Own little group but don't contaminate The rest of us with your myopic views on You know because of this you know Ancient book that's done so much damage To the world right he that believeth on On him is not condemned but he that Believeth not is condemned already he he That believeth not is condemned already So if you don't believe in Jesus you're Condemned already and so that's you know This is all bad stuff it's done horrible Damage because because that's how you

View other people because he hath not Believed in the name of the only Begotten Son of God and this is the Condemnation that light is come into the World and man love Darkness rather than Light because their deeds were evil for Everyone that doeth evil hateth the Light neither cometh to the light least Deed should be removed reproved but he That doeth truth cometh to the light and That his deeds may be made manif EST That they are not wrought in God um you Know there it Is and so I'm just saying this because You don't hear it from anybody else you Hear like oh Jesus wasn't you know Didn't exist at all or God doesn't exist From atheists and you hear things from Different religions but you don't hear People that say yeah Jesus was a saint He was a you know he accomplished Something spiritually and yet he's not The only way like these are things People don't hear like you hear one Thing or the other right where this Person said it's binary it's either true Or it's not well some of it's kind of True but this stuff isn't true and just Because you experience Divinity doesn't Validate the the fact that other people Are are you know everyone else is Condemned because they're not there's Lots of people who have gotten to higher Levels of spiritual attainment outside

Of Christianity in fact Christianity is Is not you know you don't go very far With it right on a spiritual level and You know again I don't care if you Believe it or not like I'm not here to To uh undo your faith I'm here Expressing what I know or what I believe And you know my experience and if you Don't like it that's fine if you don't Agree with it it's fine but it's not you Know it's it's for each person to find It for themselves but just because it Says something in a book you know that Existed 2,000 years ago doesn't mean It's true right you know it's something That either it's true or it's not and in This case it's just not Christianity has Failed in writing biblical quotes in the Comment section of videos just pisses People off who don't agree with you You're not bringing people in you're Just pushing them away by your actions And if you're doing that aren't you the Worst sinner aren't you the worst of the Worst when you come out and you Proze and you tell everyone they're Going to hell and you quote the Bible And it pisses people off and it drives People away from Jesus don't you see it Doesn't work don't you see people don't Like it they you know they already know What you believe you keep on doing it And do it over and over again you know There's plenty of good Christians who

Are smart people and they're socially You know they're good socially or Whatever that watch my videos know what I do and don't tell me that I'm going to Hell or don't whatever they think that I Need to be saved right and the rest of The people don't do Christianity need to Be saved they know that you can't do That you can't say that to people they Know it doesn't work and those people Come and they you know they represent Jesus great you know in a a good way Maybe they're good people that other People look up to and you know they're Good examples of what Christ can do for You but when you behave the way that Most of these people behave and you try To force your belief system on them all The people the you know the governments The Kings and the the European Governments that went and exploited and Took slaves and and indoctrinated you Know other peoples the the British Indoctrinating the Irish and the Scottish and you know all these things Trying to force missionaries forcing Christianity on people often you know Sexually abusing them and other things Right doing Twisted demonic stuff to him It's failed and it it's the most there's More people that do this religion than Any other and the world's falling apart And between them and and Islam there's Over half the population does those two

Religions And Judaism and they all come from the Same belief system they're all a part of The same thread you know they diversion As aspects of the same thread and those People are about to create World War III With their Twisted beliefs and their you Know their wrong thinking and they don't Represent God and aren't they don't fill The world full of divinity it's failed Those religions have failed and the People that are you know out there and Saying all these things and pushing People away from the religion you say That you want to save people but then You just say things that they've heard Over and over again they don't dig it They're not digging what you have to Offer and you don't learn your lesson You don't realize hey they not digging What I'm throwing down here maybe I Should try something else I mean this is Where Christian people say this is I Hate these kind of Christians right like They they'll say that or not hate but You know they'll complain about these Types of Christians they're in their Churches and whatever you know they're People that aren't loving and kind and You know they're not bringing people in And and they're pushing people away and The religion is you know dying the Youthful generation doesn't buy into it And you know you've lost the youth and

All these things and you know the Republican party and tying it into the Republican politics and you know all These things that you've done over the Years and it's been very oppressive and Very Forceful and it's it's given birth to The the liberalism came out of the Crappy you know when I grew up the you Know the Christian Coalition um was the power you know Behind the it was the dominant Force you Know there's more Republicans than there Were Democrats and you know all these um Christian people that were running this Thing they were really oppressive and Sucky to these other groups of people Who are now rebelling and they've become These liberals that you so hate now it's Come out of your IND doct trying to Indoctrinate them and tell them they you Know they suck and not viewing them with Compassion I mean all the these people People people of color gay people all These people feminists all these you Know people of science I mean there was Now you're you're at a disadvantage Because they outnumber you and this is What's happened with the whole Trump Stuff right where people are filing Behind Trump and Trump's not a he Doesn't believe in Jesus you he's not a Religious person he's not even a good

Christian um you never mind a a Spiritual person and you're filing You're filing behind him because you've Lost your power you've lost your your Strangle hold on the political power and The economic power and you're being Hunted in a sense right the right-wing Christians and you're not getting it Like you you're not getting your Contribution what what you did or your You know parents and grandparents did And the the right-wing people did is Create the leftwing now that's you know Demonic and anti-god and running a muck And it's your failure it's a fail Failure of your religion and your Failure to be compassionate and to see Things it's the lies that are in the Bible and the lies that you believe and The lies you tried to force on everyone Else that has created this problem and So it's not that they're you know sinful People that have lost their way it's That your religion hasn't done any good In terms of uh you know its effects on Other people and the oppression the Oppressive things that the British European governments did and all these Places all around the world it's coming Back around right and it's you know Going to be visited on white European Christian people the same you know sins That were committed the same atrocities It's going to be reversed every

Everything comes back around and now It's coming back around you don't like It then you're embracing Trump instead Of realizing that you caused this Problem right like your your belief System caused this problem anyways only Spiritual vality will save this world It's parado Des point for the Apocalypse In the Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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