The 4 things we now know about DementiaGate Biden & the Democratic Party

The 4 things we now know about DementiaGate Biden & the Democratic Party

Okay greetings brothers and sisters you Know the Biden thing is just it's really An interesting twist like I like I said Um in my last video like I didn't really Want to really cover the election so Much it was just the same old thing over Again um you know Trump versus Biden too But not like you know the rematch that Everybody wanted like nobody wants the Rematch and no matter who wins it's a Nightmare so there's that uh in multiple Ways in different ways for both Candidates but this thing with him going Cena right now is great it's amazing It's one of the best things that happen To all of us in the truth Community um before I get into it let me Just say this I have to remind myself You know my channel uh this channel is Doing a lot better my other channel I Have to maybe do some you I chatted with Those YouTube Bots and they said hey We're not Shadow Banning you and then All of a sudden I'm getting a lot more Views and I have people who haven't seen My channel in 2 three years all of a Sudden getting recommended videos and Saying oh yeah I forgot about you these Things right I mean so many comments Like that hundreds of them and probably Lots of other people so all of a sudden YouTube is you know less Shadow Banning Me but it's still struggling YouTube's a Dying platform and I'm just not making

Enough money to continue but it's it's Been helpful with the more views now so YouTube is you know notifying people About my my videos again my subscribers So if you remember to hit the Subscribe Button cuz YouTube unsubscribes you and Then hit the notification button two of Them I think the Bell is whatever it is You guys probably know what it is as Well as liking the videos is important Leaving comments whatever the algorithms Need to know that you're engaged with The channel and then bookmark the Channel in case you know when YouTube Inevitably stops doing what they're Doing now and goes back to what they Were doing before so I just want to Remind every body of that uh and with That you know a big part of this thing Is being right I was going to talk about This at the end of the last video but Personally in terms of the many things That I've talked about here my Percentage rate I don't want to call Them predictions but some of them are You know professorial but some of them Just reading of situations reading of People and the one where I said Joe Biden's got dementia in 2019 you know I wasn't the only person To say that but it was easy to see like He's just I mean it wasn't hard to see He had all these moments where he had he Was breaking down mentally because of

His age like it was clear he was gotten Old and you know they're showing Pictures of him now between the time you Know four years ago and now and to see The deterioration they're also showing Video clips of him now and then but he Was already going then like so he was Old then now he looks better then of Course he does four years ago after your Presidency you age like twice as much so It's like you age H to8 to 10 years in Four years or whatever it is right um But like he he looks better then but he Was bad then that shows you how bad it Was and that inevitably they were going To have to start saying the things that I was saying and other people in the Truth Community are saying were we're Saying back then you know we've been Saying this for years and I knew this Day was going to come because it was Inevitable like he has the best health Care which I said in my last video and The best team but you can't prevent Something like that from happening Because it's the deterioration of your You know physical body and your mental State goes with it and it happens when You get old right it happens you know to Most old people and you know if you're Put in pressure situation Like when you start when you drive at Night it's harder as you get older right When you're younger you know whatever it

Is there's a lack of um your senses Aren't the same and you know you you Have issues with things where that if You're put in a pressure situation You're older you just get confused you Know and he's in pressure situations all The time and so now they're finally Admitting which we're going to get to The Democratic people around him as you Know handlers and people people around Them or people who had access to this You know this disaster they're admitting Which I'll show you the video it's like Three videos into this thing that he was Um you know he had he was being handled In a way and he couldn't handle much in Terms of external stimulation he's going To make an excuse here about being Fatigued and you know jet lag which was Part of his job you know which means you Can't do your job then because that's President like you know you're you're Doing a job that takes really somebody In their 50s or 60s you know 40s maybe hopefully You know somebody who's mature and wise Enough to do the job but not you Know um not so immature that they you Know do something stupid because you're You know you're a dummy until a certain Age and then you're getting old like You're like you got this window between The ages of like your late 30s early 40s Until your you know mid 60s or 70

Whatever it is you know early '70s Best where you're wise but you still Have the physical strength to do the job You know you have some wisdom you're not As emotional you're not as impulsive I Mean hopefully like it's a small window Where being the president would be sort Of the ideal age and he's well past that Right he's past well past the average Person dies when they're 76 he's five Years past when the average death agees Never mind retirement which is what 64 Whatever I said in that earlier video And so you know this is what happens for Us in the truth Community because we can Talk the truth right you know they're Now talking about kamla Harris all of a Sudden and that you know I surprised They're they're going right for her but She came out and just lied to the American people about what they saw About the debate right because she had To that's what you know she not that She's not willing liar but she had to And it's just all these news pundants Aren't allowed to say things right we Could all see the guy you looked at the Guy and you were like this guy's too old To be president and that was 2019 and Now so many years later here it is right It's like finally here where they can't Deny it and it just sucks how bad they Deny everything in reality and how much Easier it is to be somebody like me hand

On the internet and just be able to say Hey this is what I see because you don't Have to go through a series of handlers I of course now on YouTube they have Their own levels of censorship there's Things you can't say like there's Protected you know the you know medical Misinformation was a big new thing you Know all these things but you know in Reality though like I'm not and there's Nobody here that tell me don't say that Right or you go can't say that right and That's you know and that's the majority Of the news media and then all the you Know the very narrow bandwidth of Reality that they're allowed to talk to You know their um you know their warped Reality their their um you know their Misinformation these other things their Talking points on all the rest of it so It's nice to see it crumble and so let's Get into it because there's a great Video clips Here okay so um let's start here this is Wonderful thank you green I want to go Back to that question that Pelosi raised Earlier today Pelosi asked it is Pelosi Said it's a legitimate question to ask If this is an episode or is this is a Condition which one is is it well what I Can tell you is that Um he had a cold in a bad night uh I Would not see this as an episode uh I Would see this as what it was and what

We believe it to be which is it was a Bad night uh and he did on top of that He had a cold uh and that is oh crazy he Had a bad night and a cold well he he Overperformed wait he had a bad night And a cold that explains everything he He did great we should be applauded and What a trooper he had a cold and a bad Night at the same time the reality of The situation that is the reality of What happened uh that night you you've Certainly seen the reporting out there That this is not just a standalone Instance that other people are saying That this has happened before one do you See these as legitimate questions and Also are you being straight with the American people on I think it I see it As are you being straight with the American people you mean you liar pieces Of crap I'm I see it as a legitimate Question I do and I and I have said it Is a fair question to ask the president Sees it as a legitimate question and I I Okay so we're going to come back to that Right so she's saying it's a a Legitimate question to ask if he's you Know Scile I think also the president saying I am not a young man I'm not as a smooth Uh a smooth talker as I used to be I Don't walk as easily as I used to be I Used to I don't debate as as well as I Used to I mean the president is

Admitting and saying and this is not the First time right he's talked about his Age he's joked about his age uh many Times before and so you heard that Directly from and we are acknowledging What what people are seeing but we do Believe this was a uh in in this Instance it was a bad night is he Disabled pres no no and let me let me Finish with your colleague please and I Know but shouting out come on you come On you guys with your shouting out I'm Going to have a bad night and I'm might Get a cold I won't be able to respond to You so there's more we're going to go Back there's other little highlights of The press conference but the idea that It's a fair question you know does he Have dementia right Basically that's a fair question like if Somebody says are you stupid right is That a fair question well if you're You're kind of stupid right what is he He's he's dementia he's Scile adjacent right because if it's a Fair question then you're people are Seeing evidence that would support that Question right you know it's kind of Like asking a porn star if if you're Dating a porn star and they cheating on You I watched a little bit of the Stormy Daniels thing with Rachel madow and she Was crying Almost hard times were stormy Rachel B

Was trying to comfort her and hugged her At the Ed of it I just saw the kind of End and it was Hilarious if I can find the clip I'll Show it to you um I looked that they Didn't have the ending where Rachel M Like like kind of almost trying to hug Her it was Weird but anyways if you were dating a Porn star and you say hey are you Cheating on me well that's a fair Question you know I'm just doing my job It's not really cheating you know like That right you ask auma wrestler are you Obese well that's a fair question you Know I that's a fair question I yeah I Uh uh you know I'm doing my job right Like you know Biden if you're asking Somebody if they're scile it's a fair Question then they're pretty much close To being scile there's some kind of Thing going on right there's it's the Beginning process and so when you see a Performance like this you know being a President's part of it is a confidence Game that you have confidence the President comes out and you know says Things and acts in a certain way way That you have that you're supposed to Have confidence in their ability to do The job and that everything's fine right The state of our Union is strong that's What they always say when they do the State of Union address right like

Whatever's going on they're there to say Hey don't panic right that's one of the Big jobs I mean you see it in movies a Meteor is about to hit the earth oh Everything's fine don't panic that's his Freaking job right oh the aliens are Invading no we got this right the President's whole thing we got this some Kind of you know the goofy or noing Saying I got this right it's stupid but That's what they do that's what they're Supposed to do we're going to get it Done don't worry you just go back and do Your wage slave jobs and don't you know Go to the bank and withdraw all your Money don't get your guns out and you Know whatever you know like just we got This right just stay calm like that's What the president's job is like a big Part of it like to avoid Panic right Panic is always makes the situation Worse When the mob turns into a panic mob the Only time we saw the opposite of this Was with Co when they said oh yeah Panic Oh yeah CO's way worse than it you know We than we're saying it is or it's way Worse than you're you know than you even Think and so Panic right that was the One time we saw let's close down the Economy other than that it's like oh go Out there and just do everything just You guys stay in your lane do your thing And we'll take care of the whatever else

Is going on here that's what the President's job is mostly to do to get In Fr front of the microphone and and You know to establish confidence and so Trump uh Biden couldn't do that and the Debate and now like you know he's senile And it's there for everyone to see That's a fair question it's a fair Question okay so um I talked about This earlier or maybe later in this Video but I want to say something here Just in case I don't cover it today's Wednesday July 3rd I'm editing this Process all the stuff that you've just Seen and what you're about to see most Of it's coming from Tuesday but I also Just got some clips from CNN you know Every day it gets worse for Biden so I'm Going to post those clips and then I'm Going to towards the end of the video I'll probably put this up on the 5ifth So I'll have all day on the fourth which Of course there'll be less news um about This and then on the 5th they'll Probably be thinking about getting rid Of the guy so I'll have all that stuff Here I'll release this on the 5th you Know it's a fluid it's all fluid right But again some of the stuff is going to Be older I have another video that Hasn't I was supposed to put up a week Ago but it's gotten backed up um so That's going to come out people are Going to be like well this has old news

In it I'm like yeah but it still has Good stuff in it because I had to you Know I I couldn't um release it because There's other videos that were popping On my channel so I had to wait and then This whole thing happened with Biden but Anyways I'm just kind of covering this And documenting it chronologic logically And so the beginning of the videos are Going to be about things that happened Maybe a couple days ago when you're Watching this and then I'm going to move Forward with how this progressed is kind Of an interesting way to do it right Because you you get to see almost a time Lapse type of situation here but anyways Let's get back into it Here the step that Congressman D put out Yeah um does the president feel like Members of the democratic Congress Should be able to speak their minds on This or does he think you know calling For him to withdraw is hurting the party Real large I mean look this is that's Something about the Democratic party That we we really respect it is a big Tent party uh many people are going to Have their opinions we are going to have Our disagreements uh and that is what is Important so your disagreements are Whether he's freaking cile or not right He's unfit to serve um I wanted to say This in the introduction and I forgot You know we've reached a Point here

Where we know two Things the first thing is that there's No Apparatus that we have in place where a Guy shows that he's obviously senile a President or her in the casee maybe you Know possibly even soon that the President is showing signs of not being Able to do the job that they're scile And mentally breaking down which of Course is going to always be a thing and Maybe they have cancer maybe they have Something else like there's deil Debilitating possibilities right and We've had that you know with Roosevelt I Believe who was in a wheelchair one of Them right somebody was in a wheelchair Broke down polio or some like that Right you so and we had Reagan who had Dementia and was scile he had Alzheimer's and so was last two years so A president can show everybody he's Unfit that was an unfit man right he Would have been fired like the Performance on Thursday he would have Came in Monday and not had a job and There would have been concern about him Right like you know it wouldn't be even Be about like well we're firing you Because you didn't perform it'd be like Some sense of concern are you okay right Like this is more important than your Job you know at least I mean the Presidency is you know whatever it is

But you know just a joke but we you know We can't have you do that so there would Have been something right there would Have been some apparatus to to say all Right he can't do the job right so that That's number one that you know that the American you know people or the the Media is saying he's unfit to run for President but the American people are Saying he's unfit to be president right And so they're not even talking about Him stepping down from presidency like He's going to be the president till January despite being unfit because he's About to say he's unfit and they're Going to with it looks like it's heading Towards that situation where he's going To going to be forced out of the Election and yet he's still going to be President so think about that for a Little bit so that's the first thing I Forgotten the second thing maybe I'm Unfit let's keep on going here and we Really respect other people's opinions And thoughts I think that's what makes Uh you know uh this party different Right than the other side certainly we See that with how it's playing out in Congress or how it tends to play out in Congress uh so the congressman is going To have his opinion he's going to have His thoughts that's for him to speak to Uh we are not this is not a president That's about his personal politics that

Is not this President is all about uh he Doesn't care only about himself that is Not what this President is all about he Totally cares only about himself right Because all these things that he said he Want to run to serve and you know the Whole thing that happened in Charlottesville like right now he's Hurting the party and you know they Should have done this in February like They're saying you can't speak out but Another thing that they did is Biden Pressured the um the social media Companies and said he was going to Withdraw they have a they have a like Something that's in place for them where They can't be sued for Content that's Put up by private individuals which is The only reason they're able to operate Facebook YouTube Twitter like you know All these things it's only Tik Tok And so if you take that away they'd have To close down because then they have to Go through all their content and get rid Of content that they'd have some legal Liability for and so you think about all Those things where there's you know They're posting these um you know YouTube got rid of those things but like Those challenges and things that were Dangerous and whatever it is right um so You know but there's all these things That um allow social media to operate Without being responsible for the

Content that's put on their PL platform Biden threatened to remove that if he Didn't get to censor them they ruled Against him right and you know this is The kind of censorship that's going on From their side I me of course Trump is A the nightmare in his own way a Personal censorship and just you know Attacking anybody who who criticizes all All the things he does so they're both Going to a to totalitarian type of Situation right um but to say that There's you know like everybody knew About this within the White House which Is coming out now I'll show you those Clips in a second uh and I also read uh Read out some some supportive statements That we've heard from leaders uh of uh Of of Congress uh former speaker Pelos Okay she Sucks released a six page summary back In February I don't think that was a Full accounting necessarily um and Dr OK Conor in that memo described the President as quote a healthy active Robust 81-year-old male who remains fit To successfully execute the duties of The presidency I think that is clearly Not what the majority of Americans are Seeing uh and we have a new poll from CBS news that says 72% of registered Voters say the president does not have The mental and cognitive Health to serve As president so are you saying uh that

The majority of Americans are misguided And that they just need to trust Dr o Conor and take him at his word so a Couple of things and I want to say the President is feeling better uh and you Saw him last last night you saw him Today but he does indeed still have a Cold look he's got a cold he's got a Dementia cold it makes him not be able To complete a sentence and stare blindly And wildly not blindly crazily at his Opponent with his mouth of gape right You know I I I want to be very sensitive Here and I think it is important to be Sensitive here we let be sensitive Because this is important right Understand how the American people are Feeling we get it we do we get it we get It we do get it we're sensitive and uh We I do not want to take away from that We don't want to take away from their Feeling that their president is unfit to Serve you can feel that way you have Your feelings be in your feelings about It the almost three4 of you guys think This guy's too old and you felt like This in February and then January and February and now again you feel the same Way even more so because he just showed You that he can't do with J I can't even You know walk and talk and do things Like you know an adult person is Supposed to do he shouldn't have any job But yeah you feel that way go ahead and

Feel that way all you want feel your be Feel your feelings I'm not going to Speak I I I know that there was uh you All did a poll CNN did a poll I'm not Going to speak to um every poll I'm just Not going to do that why would I do Something because crazy as talking about What the American people feel about the President's senility also I'm you know Constraints in in doing that that as We're heading into uh heading heading Into an election in November as you know Uh what I will say is majority of Americans also support the work that the President has doing in a sense of the His agenda and what he stands for what He's been fighting for whether it's Reproductive Rights so it's about his Thing you know there guy's a liar so you Know I will talk about that but I can't Talk about the polls that say this guy Should go right now because he's Mentally incompetent I'm going talk About how he pooped his diaper on the Debate stage and you know when he's Going to D-Day I want talk about any Those things I can't like that's just That would be wrong to do those Things you just reminded us that President Biden thank you Kar you just reminded us That President Biden had a cold on Thursday what medications was he taking In the days or hours leading up to the

Debate and I can I know that he smokes Some crack with his son Hunter like they Were cracked buddies for a while and They smoked a little crack maybe that Would explain his performance you goign Crack as well That question has come in a couple of Times to us he was not taking any cold Medication what do you mean he he was no He not even NY Well was he taking any medication that Would have interfered with his he was Not taking uh any cold medication that Is what I can speak to so he's taking Other medication so what what can't you Speak of what medication is he on that You guys expect him to do better like Adall but it didn't work asked the doc His doctor and that's what he stated to Us um after the debate did the president Get examed by a doctor or did he get a Neurological did he get examed by the Doctor did the doctor exam him like What there Stormy Daniels a neurological Scan look Um what I can say is that just to take a Step Back it was a bad night we understand Bad night that it was a bad Night um and the president has spoken to This and he understands That and so he understands he didn't it First he's a little bit confused like

You guys all saw it but like after a Couple days he understood that he he the bed out there I cannot speak to Anything beyond what I just shared the President has regular annual physicals That we release in a thorough report You By doctors who like are completely Uncompromised and would never lie about The mental state of a President Who We've been covering for and you know he Got to go to sleep by 400 p.m. you know The early bird special we're going to Continue to do that uh I don't have Anything else beyond that so was the Last time he was seen by a doctor then In February I just don't have anything Beyond that beyond the question of a Neurological uh exam okay well you Continue to say it was just a bad night But is there an explanation then for why It was so bad if it's not his stamina if He prepared as you guys say for for so Long if it's not a problem with his Mental Fitness what happened that night What did we see I will also add that the President also spoke to this as well he Said I'm not as smooth as I used to be I Don't Okay debate as well as I used to I don't Walk as easily as I used to uh but one Thing that he knows is how to deliver For the American people he understand That he understands that he's not a Young man obviously he's obvious

Obviously he's not a young man at all He's not a young man he's not he's not Young he said this uh and but his focus Is going to continue uh to deliver for The American people on on the on the Issues that they care about ex exactly He's going to his focus is there is Anyone in the White House hiding Information about the president's health Or his ability to to do the job day to Day absolutely not given the fact that It's more than a bad night when his Political future is Threatened would he be willing to Provide more medical information would He be willing to have Dr o' Conor Provide more to answer these questions Dr Connor is Dead Dr D Dr Conor is not available for Any comment it look kello certainly uh Understand keio all right so she sucks In line of course they hit it like it's You know American people saw that he was Cile back in February we saw it back in 2019 and we've seen it all along and They've been hiding it they hit it last Time he was campaigning you know when During the covid years where he Campaigned he sat out in a car and they Had all these people social distancing Cars they were trying to hide his his Inability to campaign the rigors of Campaigning that's in 2020 and of course he can't even do it

Now like he's even worse and so you know They were hiding that they were also Hiding that he had no enthusiasm that he Didn't have enough people to make it Look like he could generate enough votes To win because he you know he had he Couldn't generate like you know Thousands of people he could get Hundreds of people with poor low Enthusiasm and now even worse right so Like they're hiding them they've been Hiding the guy the whole Time n our 2024 lead former Ohio Congressman Tim Ryan ran against President Biden in 2020 for the Democratic presidential nomination he Endorsed Biden after dropping out of the Race but in a new oped Congressman Ryan Writes quote witnessing Joe Biden's Struggle was heartbreaking and we must Forge A New Path forward after deep Reflection over these past few days I Strongly believe that our best path Forward is KLA Harris the vice president Tim Ryan joins me now Congressman thanks For joining us so what is the response You're getting now that you put this out Because obvious ly I wouldn't exactly Say a lot of Democrats are being as Forthcoming with their views on this Issue publicly as they are Privately yeah I mean overwhelming uh Jake my phone blew up this morning and All day long I've been doing calls and

Doing media and former colleagues have Been reaching out just saying thank you I think somebody had to do something Like we had to break the Log Jam here And you know I just think that that Kamala is the person that's it's the Cleanest way choose a season so um my Wife sent me this I think yesterday this Clip is from yesterday so this was from Tuesday and now we have things uh dri Coming you know it's just a slow drip of Erosion for Joe Biden there's KLA nead Harris who um you know she's taking it For the team and she's supporting Joe up Until the point it's her turn which is You know getting closer and closer and Uh campaigner now three and a half years Of experience uh and so I think people Would be very very excited and I think She'd be good for down ballot races uh And energize our base so to me it's Pretty straightforward uh but the fact That no one said it I think was was Holding back and now it seems like the Dam's breaking you say the Democrats Have have to rip the bandaid off because Too much is at stake why do you think Harris is the best choice to replace Biden beyond what you said about her Being a seasoned politician obviously She's the vice president as well but Beyond that you think that she would do A better job of winning than some of the Other I mean to be honest you have you

Have a you have a big bench Democrats um Why her and not Whitmer or Nome or Shapiro or or Anyone yeah I mean we got a lot of Talent and and that's very fortunate and Some great Governors did he just say They have a lot of Talent they are you know it's all a Nightmare the Republicans don't have any Talent either right in terms of people Who will have enthusiasm behind them We've had in the last couple years Bernie Sanders who had a energized fan Base and Donald Trump of course Donald Trump was so um polarizing Bernie Sanders had a very limited Enthusiastic base that could only grow To about 30% and you know maybe a few stragglers In if he was running against Trump but BR Sanders being a socialist had no Chance of of winning and so these are The most extremists ber Bernie Sanders and um and Trump right Trump's Not really extremist but he's considered That by the rightwing he panders to an Extreme audience but the rest of these Guys and women you know they're just too Middle of the road right any of them who Have a chance of winning the nomination On the Democratic side they're not Liberals you know they're just Goofy like they're just you know Centrist and really bad people like just

With the Republicans too like there's Nothing good about them they're not People that you would follow if you had A CH like if there was a a group of People on an island you wouldn't follow These guys right they're not you know True leaders or anything like that They're just successful politicians and It's just a bunch of low lives that uh You know are very unlikable and you know People think they have to vote for some Somebody so they pick somebody they pick A party they pick a person right because They have to you have to vote right Don't you have to vote I got to vote Right I got to vote right because Well I got I got ex my vote my vote I Got you know I can vote so I might as Well vote um I think you know we talk About President Biden's Administration Being the most successful Administration In modern history we brag about that she Was in the room she was right there Three and A2 years went through the Campaign with them all the things that Were we're going to talk about the Inflation reduction act infrastructure The chips act re actually Reindustrialize the country I think she Would be able to talk about that much Clearer than the president would be able To uh the choice issue is going to be Huge in this election so is Comm comma Capable of getting the amount of vote

That Joe is so let's say she's able to Get more people of color get more you Know Indian Asian vote out because she's Part Indian Asian and maybe you know a Little bit better with women I don't Know I don't know how many women weren't Voting for Joe Biden and so maybe a Little bit more of the Youth because of you know she's Younger but there's people Cross-sectional people who are like Considered soft Republicans anti-trump Republicans and people who are Independence that liked Biden right it's Difficult for a woman and until we see When elected it's always going to be Difficult because of you know whatever's Going on with people's you know even Women are diff women are harder on other Women than men are harder on on men you Know they're more critical more Competitive and then especially women on The left you know not so much with Christian right-wing women I mean They're pretty they could be pretty Brutal themselves but the feminists are Very brutal with each other very Competitive very you know aggressive and Kamala just doesn't have that Likeability Factor she's you know she's a Hillary And so I mean I like to see how this Plays out you know they'll be a little Bit interesting there'll be a debate

Between kamla and Trump and then you Know we'll see um but I don't think She's electable she's just not likable Enough okay um there's one more thing I Wanted to say the three things we've Learned and we've learned a lot but the One is there's no apparatus in place to Get rid of a president that scile the Second one is it's okay to have a President that's scile that that's Viewed as something like okay we can Have that so there's no real president Because they're handling the guy so it Doesn't matter whether he's scile or not If you can have a scile president if you Have a any person in a position of power Where they're scile that means that Other people are doing the the you know Doing the work and he's just a Figurehead right and so the third thing Is they don't care about what the American people see right so I got this New York post stuff I got a few articles And you know today's um again Wednesday July 3r and I'm going to be going Through this as you know this unfolds I'll probably release this on the 5th as I said hopefully earlier in this video But it's you know the the dam is broken As one person said multiple people said And there's all these people calling for Biden to withdraw and it isn't because The American people think he's senile I Mean that's you know the reason that

They're saying it's because he is right Because they've been covering it up and The you know the cover up is obvious and So they are you know willing to Gaslight The American people hide this from the American people deceive them you know One of my viewers um wrote this just now I want to switch gears a little bit here And the person said here let me pull the Comment up here so glad pauland is now Supporting Trump with five Hearts person Said he does do support Trump he said Many times I think Paul points out flaws On both s equally there's a lot to be Pointed out you're dead wrong boy I Myself am a trump supporter and I can Tell you he wants Trump to win because He always been Bastion by and Democrats Um yeah that's just um like how can you Watch this video like the videos I I say That I think Trump being elected is Probably worse it's hard to say like you Know you're I mean it's both like There's no reversing this but Trump's a Nightmare and so again this isn't Anything to do with Trump like everyone Wants to make everything about Trump This is the first time this is something Specifically to do with Biden and the Democrats and that is that they are Saying that um somebody said fish boy Right and so um that's you know them Saying that they don't care what the

American people think Up until the point that th they have to And they don't care how much they have To deceive you and now they're only Acknowledging the truth that Biden has Dementia and it's been going on for Years and there's just all these reports You'll hear about him getting angry and Briefings losing it you know it's not Only are the other politicians Senators House of Representative members media Personalities and all these people Saying Biden should withdraw but people Inside his inner Circle that deal with Them are now telling stories of things That they covered up so they knew that This guy was scile and they were a party To it but now the dam is broken they're All going yeah we all knew a Cena and so This tells you everything you need to Know about Washington DC and politics And the Republicans are not better you Know they did the same thing with Reagan Years ago and they have their own Trump Issues right I mean look at all the Leaks that have come out about Trump and You know these people let these things Go on until Trump burned them and then They turned on him but you know this is How it is right people are self- serving And even though both these guys are an Existential threat to humanity and of Course they're puppets and you know These things are controlled but at least

As figureheads they are and that Biden Was a scile president they didn't say Anything where were all the Whistleblowers that are now coming Forward where were they when it really Mattered right and they're going to Allow this guy to be president now until He gets you know toss from office in January either kamla or someone from his Side wins or Biden or uh Trump wins but Either way they're going to wait till January to you know to make this a Reality and so just think about how eff Up this whole thing is I mean just you Know and the Democrats sure I'm covering Them now but Trump's an absolute Disaster in Nightmare are not a good Person and just you know I can't say who Was going to be worse based in The effects that that person will have But I know that Trump is it's going to Be way worse than his first term his First term sucked and look at all they Rolled out I these are the things they Rolled out they changed the definition Of gender and all these ways that you Know the liberal media push that forward They invented the black lives matter in Antifa and had these riots they pushed Through all kinds of liberal agenda and Social agenda that Trump let happen and Then they did the covid thing worked Them on covid and then they got from That the closing down of the economy

Which has done devastating effects which Happened under Trump and then Trump was Responsible for operation warp speed and The vac and Trump and all the censorship And things that happened with social Media when Trump was president and the Rise of the cubies and all those Dopey Groups I mean Trump had a disastrous Effect on our country and not just in Terms of policy but in terms of its Effect on you know what American life Became and what reality became because The hatred of trump was used as a weapon To push this agenda forward and it's Going to be way worse the second time And so like you think you win something But you're not like it makes no Difference the person's not listening to Me the videos to just responding to the Title or watch two minutes and saying I'm supporting Trump because I'm Hammering Biden because you're a binary and you don't you know you got to Get out of that right if anything you Know when Trump said I did not have sex With a porn star which is a lie but this Is you know like you watch these debate I mean Trump wasn't great like he wasn't Even good he's horrible and you know Because and that was his best Performance and so you know it's a it's A mess and there's there's no left or Right there's no democrat or republican It's just you know there's no real

President and none of these things Matter what matters is the way that they Use these things to manipulate people to Move in One Direction or another and Change the way that you you know you Live your life and the way that we're Going is uh in a demonic and immoral Direction that can only lead to the Destruction of the world and hopefully Something will happen to our system Before then I mean we're on a you know a Disastrous course and either candidate Isn't going to prevent that there's no One out there that's going to prevent America from collapsing and then all the Things that go with it right and when it Collapses it's not going to go down with Some you know in some passive uh nature Friendly god- friendly way it's going to You know do all kind kinds of damage to I mean the planet and everything else And so yeah this is a big moment of the Democrats getting caught failing but That doesn't mean Trump is good like go Because Biden's bad Trump it's just Stupid like I I don't you know why do I Even have to say things like this like Why can't you just see it like why do You need somebody to tell you these Things right like why can't you see that It's it's both sides suck like what's Your need that you're willing to ignore All the suckiness that Trump brings to The table just because because you know

You need to have somebody that some False hope or something it's just what The Biden people are doing right it's The same thing that the Biden people I May be some issues with my microphone Here but I just saw the lights flash Which means it's the signal the Bluetooth whatever that the Biden people Are 25% of them of the country are Saying that Biden is fit to be a President mentally fit and come on like Come on right and you trumpers are the Same way like you're you're oblivious to How bad Trump is is and refuse to see it Right and like it shouldn't be me saying This it should be something that's Obvious to everybody right like can't we Move Beyond this like that level that You think that there's a there's a hero Or person that you know it's just it's Not there it's not going to be there Anyways let's get into the the articles About Biden's team turning on him okay So then this happened Biden will meet With a number of democratic Governors Tomorrow according to multiple sources They saw thought the meeting to discuss Their concerns in the wake of the debate Which he blamed tonight on fatigue from Overseas travel according to we'll show That we'll we'll show that this second New reporting the New York Times this Wasn't a one-off the headline in the Times Biden's lapses are increasingly

Common According to some of those in the Room joining us now is David Sanger who Shares a by line on the New York Times So they've been able to keep leaks from Inside his white house so they are Sabotaging him right they're trying to Get rid of him see CN and MSNBC are Finally saying the things and you know The other news networks I mean Fox was Obviously saying this before but they're Saying things that we all do before they Realize this guy can't do it they have To get rid of him and they scheduled a Debate before he was the nominee which Almost never happens they had an early Debate they usually don't have debates This early and so because of that right Um you know they're getting rid of right They're openly getting rid of him but They're not getting rid of him as President and so this whole thing is Effed up like he's going to be president After he admits that he's too scile to Run like he's not going to step down the Best thing for him to do was to step Down like right now but he's not doing That and there doesn't seem to be any Call for that or apparatus in place Maybe some Republicans but they're not Doing that and so um like this is really Bad Okay so I'm editing and I got Breaky News coming up because he just said no He's you know well get into that it's

The day develops but as we go through This they're all try to push him to get Out there was no leaks before in his White House like they weren't leaking Things disparaging to him and now They're saying you you're going to hear All the things they're saying about him All of a sudden they have all these People talking about them right and So um let's let's finish this thing up Here first peace also seen as Jamie Gangale with her own new reporting Jamie Gangale joing us as well is Michael L Roa former Special Assistant to President Biden and press secretary to The first lady so Jamie you heard Congressman doet calling the president To step aside what are you hearing from Your Democratic sources about where Others in the party stand Anderson I Think it's fair to say the dam is Breaking top Democratic Party leaders This includes former and president admin Uh present administration of officials As well as major party donors are now Saying out loud what we've been hearing Privately you're saying out loudly for Days that after what was a disastrous Debate performance they want President Biden to step aside for the good of the Party and the country they do not think This was a one-off event or just it Wasn't we've seen it over and over again And there's compilations out there and

People are watching them now maybe more But people have seen him for a while Like everyone knows he's old and scile Majority of people like there's 25% of The people don't want to acknowledge This one way or another whatever they Don't have the capacity to look at him And say oh that's a scal MFA right there And so like you know the damn's breaking A bad night and they think the stakes Are too high and that frankly he would Lose to Donald Trump you know they They're more worried about the election Losing to Donald Trump Than about what's going to happen in the Next eight months with a scile president And so this is the other piece this is Part two I just remember part two so Part one was there's no apparatus to get Rid of a guy who's Scile part two is that they're Admitting that he's not really the President right if part one is there you Know if they're not there's no apparat To get rid of a scile president then Part two is it doesn't matter CU he's Not really the president You know these are the admissions that Are happening which is great for me Because I've said this over the years It's just a puppet position you know for All of us in the truth Community who Don't vote and don't really engage with The political process because we know

It's just all performative because if You can have a scile president which They've had in Reagan for two years and Biden now for four years where they can You know hide him away that means that He isn't acting as President right Because if you're hiding him away he Can't be making Decisions David we mentioned that Tonight President Biden is blamed at per Performance in the debate on his busy Travel schedule in the week let's go to That out front tonight the breaking news Biden speaking out the president just Addressing donors offering an Explanation for why he performed so Poorly at CNN's presidential debate Blaming his travel schedule saying he Almost fell asleep on stage Biden Is I almost fell asleep on on stage I Was so tired because 33 hours before the Debate I we didn't get enough 33 hours Rest before the debate because I was Flying around on my private jet called Air Force one that has beds in it where You can lay down and sleep and I was Meeting with foreign leaders which is You know kind of an anomaly because it's Not my job to do that right the only one Trying to do a little damage control Tonight here's vice president KLA Harris In a new interview with CBS News Joe Biden is our nominee we beat Trump once and we're going to beat him

Again period are you ready to the Country if necessary I am proud to be Joe Biden's running Mate well for the first time a democrat In Congress is now publicly calling on The president to step aside in a Statement Democratic Congressman Lloyd DAV Texas writing I represent the heart Of a congressional district once Represented by Lyndon Johnson l Johnson That creep that dumb effort under very Different circumstances he made the Painful decision to withdraw President Biden should do the same and it turns Out he's not alone in just a moment I'll Speak with a Democrat who's running for Congress and is also urging Biden to Withdraw from the race all of this as Questions about his ability to serve are Growing louder CNN spoke with more than Two dozen Democratic officials donors And allies of the president many of them Telling CNN they have made up their Minds and they believe the President Should quit his campaign some even Pushing for a decision to be made this Week and here there's one guy that came On and said they could have a quick Primary zogby I think it was the polling Guy that they could have a primary in The next three weeks they primary I Guess you know multiple States having Multiple elections primary election so It goes in and whoever wins the primary

Is the nominee which you know makes it Look like people actually Voted okay so this is um few things from New York Post Dem scrambled to stop Biden from breaking with stop mansion From breaking with Biden as white Al AIDS freak the F out after train wreck Debate Senator Joe Mansion had planned To publicly call on prent by a step Aside after last week's train wreck but Top Democrats got wind and convinced Them not to as a growing number of White House officials say they are freaking The F out according to reports you know This is I mean nominated scile guy right There's another one White House staffers Reportedly scared poop list of shitless Of erratic Biden tiptoe around isolated President around isolated president During briefings not a pleasant person To be around there's one here that came Up on my phone let me see if I can find That as well first let's read this some White House staffers have been forced to Tipto around partis and pting when Briefing him on certain topics because They want to avoid eliciting his Wrath The anger they're scared boess shitless Of him in a new report it's like you Can't include that that will set him off A senior Administration to a political Referring to how some 81y old president Aid feel how they have to walk through a Mindfield during a briefing to avoid

Getting him angry because he's got Dementia right it's a a roar shock test Not a briefing because he is not Pleasant person to be around when he's Being briefed is very difficult And people are scared shitless of them Doesn't take advice from anyone other Than his few top a becomes a perfect Storm because he just gets more and more Isolated his efforts to control it um They had another one let me see if I can Find that one um this is 25 house Democrats 25 house Democrats reportedly Preparing to call for buying to end Reelection effort the dam has broken we Heard that woman say that is Joe Biden At 10 to 4:00 p.m. president new details Emerge and how the White House has been Active in shielding the president is Joe Biden at 10 to 4 p.m. president the US Is seen to be absentminded and clear Cognitive decline seems to be visible Beyond these hours according to report By axios many of the people noticed that The cognitive decline in recent years Especially after the first presidential Debate while many in the White House Have been dealing with this issue since The past few years the way team has Rubbished many of the reports mentioning The incumbent presence declining Cognitive abilities this report comes at A time when U uov survey has found that 72% of respondents said that Biden

Should not contest the upcoming US Presidential election in November um well you know the cognitive Decline in these things right and so It's just all there right they they're Acknowledging these things now and you Know the Dam's broken like it's just you Know because you see it like once you See it you see it and you can't unsee it And it doesn't get better [Music] Right we begin with breaking news CNN is Learning that President Biden has Privately acknowledged the next stretch Of days are critical to deciding whether He can stay in the race it's a major Development after the president's debate Performance raised serious concerns About about his ability to win Re-election and serve out another term Okay so there's going to be breaking News about 3 or 4 hours later where he Basically denies all of that right Here just hours from now the president Will meet face to face with Democratic Governors seeking reassurance Biden will Also speak separately with several Congressional leaders CNN's MJ Lee Joins Us now live from the White House MJ we Should point out we're about to hear From press secretary Karen Pier what are You hearing about where President Biden Stands in all of this Now Boris what we have learned is that

President Biden has privately Acknowledged that he knows the next Stretch of days are going to be Absolutely critical to whether he can Save his candidacy and that he knows What would eventually prompt him Potentially to say uh it's just not Working this is according to an ally who Spoke directly with the President Yesterday and that Ally tells me that he Sees the moment and he is clear eyed and That the president knows that there is a Potential set of scenarios things that Could happen in the coming days and Weeks so the leaks are questionable some Of the leaks seem to be people like People saying that he's miserable to be Around when you're walking on tiptoes Around him because he's you know he Snaps your head off right scared Bess but this one where the person says He's cleare eyed they repeat that over And over again they keep on saying he's Cleare eyed he was not cleare eyed he's His eyes will no longer ever be clear he Is you know got dementia eyes right so This is a talking point because they're Repeating it as a talking point uh where Uh he would acknowledge essentially that This simply cannot be fixed and they Said that this looks like the polls are Plummeting the fundraising is drying up And the interviews are going badly he's Not oblivious is what this Ally told me

And this person uh interestingly Described the president in this Conversation yesterday as having been HED that he blamed himself not his staff For his poor debate performance last Week and that he said I have done too Much foreign policy there was a Reference to the fact that he had Traveled to France traveled to Italy Right before uh that debate and the Exhaustion and the jet lag had just been Detrimental to his performance though we Should quickly know the president was Back in the States for nearly two weeks Uh before he took that debate stage but So M said it Was um 33 hours he was only back for 33 Hours which clearly wasn't the case cuz He was back for 10 days and he you know The jetl come on 10 days I mean that's a Long jetl for 10 days just you know I Mean I've gone on long Trips Trips to India you know multiple trips being fly In the air 36 hours and not on a private Jet not in Air Force One which is of Course better because you can lie down You can get comfortable I mean it's a Totally different trip right and he's Flying in a much more direct capacity Than multiple I you you know I had a a Three hour I had a 12-h hour layover With my family in Riad in Saudi Arabia And they cranked up the AC I brought Like a winter hat with me like I just

Had it in my backpack and we took turns Using it because we're all freezing like They had this AC set down like 60 you 60 Degrees or something because they had so Much energy money there 12-h hour Layover it's hard right he's on a luxury Private jet that flies there directly Right probably flies at lands at Military bases or wherever it is right There's no you know there's no extra Time Boris I can't emphasize enough uh Just how much level of scrutiny there is Now going to be on President Biden Whenever he is doing anything and it Just keeps on getting worse for Biden Live for us at the White House MJ thanks So much let's turn now to CNN Chief National Affair National Affairs Correspondent Jeff zelan and Jeff you Have new reporting that privately a Growing number of Democrats want Biden To drop out of the race some as early as This week where there is been a uh Really growing swell of sentiment that It is time to move on with this we've Heard a bit of it publicly from a Congressman Lloyd doet of Texas and many Others behind the scenes are saying a Similar thing that it is time yes they Respect and appreciate the president's Record but it is also time to uh really See what is going on here now the President we are told in this campaign Uh both Jeff SCS the white house chief

Of staff as Andre was saying and the Campaign manager they're hosting uh Separate staff calls and trying to urge People to to stay focused hard to stay Focused though of course on this when There are these growing calls so this is About an hour before he says he ain't Stepping down Right so it's it's getting worse right That you know like the dam keeps on Opening up more and more the most Important meeting of the day that lunch That is going on right now with the President and the vice president and That meeting of Governors uh this Evening Democratic Governors flying to Washington virtually all of them uh all Of the main ones some of them who could Be cons considered also candidates to Meet with the president so you get this Sense the feeling that so much has Changed in 24 hours a patience is Wearing very thin and time is running Out to make something of a move however It is still Biden's decision to make so Z was saying uh I'm told privately he Has said that he does not want to drag Down the Democratic ticket but has not Yet reached the point of making a Decision yeah time is of the essence When making this kind of decision There's actually a new poll out today Jeff from CBS News after the debate that Shows a majority of Voters think that

The President should not run walk us Through those numbers look and that is Some of the data that they are looking At of course the president and his Campaign team are looking closer at Battleground uh data from those seven Battleground States but look at these National numbers here do you think Joe Biden should be running for re-election As president 69% say no that's nearly Seven in 10 voters so then about an hour Later there was all this stuff about it Was breaking news Biden ain't Rick and With drawing and so um let's get to that Here it's July 3rd it's around 5:00 here And around 2:00 um this [Laughter] Happened um as we move forward with this Story for strong conversations that's Something that the president told me and My team directly moments ago he's he was Walking around and we happened to see The president and he said they were Strong conversation and by the way he Looks great the vice president's great And they are ready to the vice president Looks great why why would she that like She has to mention it too like what you You working on on behalf of the American People thank you K hi um is President Biden considering Stepping down Absolut absolutely not and You heard I I believe directly from the

Campaign as well given the ground swell Of concern from Okay so he's not Stepping not even considering stepping Down he's not considering it's not even An option he's not it's just it's not What's not why would I do that um so There's this fellow Democrats from Donors from supporters doesn't he owe it To the American public to reflect on Whether he should step down I mean look It very much into suman's question and My answer to her question where he had An opportunity to talk to supporters he He's done it a couple times at this Point and laid out what happened on that Night talked about how he understands And it was not his best night he Understands that this isn't like he had A bad night he looked like he had Dementia he has dementia and it was Obvious to pretty much everybody fair For people to ask that question but we Cannot forget his record and what he's Been able to do his record has nothing To do with whether he has dementia or Not Come on pumpkin we cannot forget how he Has been able to deliver for the American people for almost four years That matters too and it does not matter At all that matters not at all if Somebody has dementia doesn't matter if You're a great driver and you have had a Clean uh no accident no speeding tcks no

No speeding tickets no violations Professional driver professional pilot Right great pilot war hero clean record Drove FL flew for Delta for 30 years and Then you have dementia you've done like Dementia and you know these kind of Things they their career Enders right And he's a president right he has the Most uh historic record Administration Uh the most in modern politics it sounds Like what thing Trump would say Right that should matter and he it Should matter it should matter continue To do that work and you know know a lot Of his what's on his agenda is very much Popular with majority of the American People whether is continuing to build a Strong economic okay so um she just hard To listen to but then before that the First question this Happened when it comes to creating jobs Building New Roads and Building Bridges And so much more and so the president Certainly looks forward to meeting with Them and with that I am happy uh to take Your question slman thank you um last Night at the fundraiser um the president Blamed jetl for his uh debate Performance um but he was back State Side for well over a week so does he Really need more than a so it turns out 10 days he going to have to recover from From from traveling in Europe and did he Really is that really what he thinks so

This is going to be echoed by I mean This is he's they're they're all turning On him right caus his PO so yeah just a Couple of things and I do appreciate the Question because you know the president Has certainly spoken to this many many Times about the debate and so he had an Opportunity to do that in front of Supporters and I as you just stated he Did that he he talked about he owned That the debate was not his best night Uh and it and he said himself it's not An excuse but it's an explanation I was Standing here yesterday and many people Were asking why and what's the Explanation and that's what you heard From him look the two I think um in Addition to the two major trips uh he Was also uh doing contined to do his Presidential duties he worked late in Doing that and he also prepared for the Debate and on top of that there was Obviously the jet lag as you just asked Asked about the jet lag so he had a cold And you all heard directly you heard you Heard from him during the debate he had A horse voice many of you reached out to Me and my team and some other members of The White House asking what was going on We confirmed that he had a cold and so I Think those two things continuing Obviously to do his duties as Commander-in-chief as the president and So I think uh some of you here in this

Room can certainly relate Relate uh no it was dementia see there's No other explanation but dementia Because he's had these moments over and Over again this isn't like a oneoff he's You know people are saying he's had Dementia now for about I mean we've been Saying it since 2019 and people have been saying it for Three years and he's been breaking down Tripping on I mean this is Not new right he's old and he sucks at You know he's not wasn't great Beforehand he wasn't some like Spectacular guy he wasn't he was so he's Always been horrible you know what what What could happen when you're having an Important moment and you're not feeling Well and yeah and also you wish you Could have done better and uh so he took Ownership I think that's important uh And he's going to continue to make a Strong case for his agenda and that's What you're going okay so there's that That was what led up to her saying that He's not even considering dropping out And then he they got Savaged by CNN I Didn't see what MSNBC was doing but CNN Alone was savaging their response here It was a bad night plus he had this cold A lot of talk about this cold um and What is also interesting uh we just Spoke a little bit about it was that he Has not seen a doctor since the debate

He's not been checked out he's not been Checked out by a specialist uh nor has That occurred since his physical in February so they're calling BS on his Excuses that's Brianna Keeler who did The 2015 hit piece on Joe Biden when they Wanted Hillary to run remember I showed You that like two videos ago and I've Showed that in numerous videos where she Called him a groper and a liar and a Gaff magnet and that was in 2015 when Hillary was running and you know they Even hinting it he was he was just Getting old then and so you know EP Episodes people could have episodes Right people have seizures people could Have U you know episodes of dementia and Foods might play a part and health and Travel these things all might play a Part but the episodes are things that Signal that you have a condition he's Had multiple episodes of dementia and They've been hiding him his staff has Said they've been hiding him he' only Works half you know half a day we've Seen him they hit him the whole 2020 election cycle and then since then As president and so CNN is calling BS And that means it's CNN like these guys Just don't do this on their own let me Show you more of this yeah it's kind of It seems the White House is trying to Have it both ways saying that it's just

A cold so he shouldn't see a doctor but The cold was so bad that clearly it Affected his ability uh to form coherent Sentences at points during the debate we Have CNN senior White House Correspondent MJ Lee with us at the White House as well as CN Capital Hill Reporter Annie grer MJ first to you you Actually brought up the point about the President's medical records and when the Last time it was that he had a a Physical and you asked about that Question of jet lag of Karin Jean piir Because during yesterday's briefing it Didn't come up and then it appeared Today yeah I I have to tell you this was Another very tough White House Press Briefing for the White House Press Secretary just a barrage of continued Questions about the president's Political future but also the concern Concerns about his age and his health And you're right she did tell me that The president has not had any medical Exam since his last annual physical back In February uh and when we were pressing Her on why not more transparency why not More information uh bring his doctor out Uh to take questions release more Information uh more full information From that last annual physical uh she Continued defending the White House's Conduct saying uh they have been Thorough in the information they have

Released they said the idea of Dr Kevin O Conor the president's uh doctor coming To the podium to take questions that That isn't the norm we are obviously not In uh normal times right now uh and then There were numerous questions that were Posed to the White House Press Secretary About the president's new explanation uh For why he uh performed so poorly at Last week's debate uh the fatigue the Jet lag he had pointed to the uh the two Foreign trips that he had made to Europe Right before the debate even though we Should note that there were some 12 days After he got back from Italy for the G7 Until the moment he took the debate Stage uh there was no good answer for Why the president is suggesting that he Might have been still fatigued and still Jetlagged from a trip that he had Arrived back from um some nearly two Weeks uh before the debate and also just On the question of why we only heard That explanation last night when he Spoke at a fundraiser uh including at The White House briefing yesterday uh Karine John Pierre didn't give us that As an explanation she kept talking about The cold and her answer was basically That was my bad I was so focused on Talking about the cold that she didn't Mention the fatigue and jet lag as an Answer uh now just on the future of the President's campaign and his reelection

Bid the White House just like the Campaign is continuing to say the President isn't going to go anywhere he Is going to stay in we of course have Heard the president or reported on the President telling this to his camp Campaign staff he said earlier I am Running I am the nominee of the Democratic party uh no one is pushing me Out and I had this interesting exchange With the White House Press Secretary uh Pointing her back to comments that the President had made as a candidate back In 2020 when he referred to himself as The transition candidate take a listen To That okay so I guess we don't have that Sound but so they're all savaging him Right and CNN reporters don't go after Biden like this unless they've been told To do it right they don't give their own Opinions they don't look at what they're Seeing they have scripted lines we've Seen it over and over again they're told What they can say and what they can't Say and they're going after them like we Haven't seen and they're calling left and right and his big you Know his big um talking point after the Debate their big talking point was that Trump lies and Trump lied throughout the Debate but now they're saying Biden's Lying and he's being selfish right he's Not putting America first and so it's a

Nightmare like it's a nightmare for him Because CNN's bailed on him I'm sure MSNBC is similar to this and then Fox of Course and these other you know whatever They are they're all going to be saying This and they're going to be saying he Has dementia because that's what he has He has dementia and there's no other Explanation for this you know you know Yeah these things are contributing Factors but and there don't their story Isn't you know the this the problem Which I said before these are all part Of his job traveling whatever it is and So if he's going to have that kind of a Meltdown from doing his job then he Can't do his job and so there's no Excuses here right and you know they're Going after them and then this happened Certainly reach out to us and we'll We'll get you thank you thank you Guys all right that is the end of the White House Press briefing Karine Jean Pier asked is Biden considering stepping Down absolutely not is what she said There President Biden is staying in the Race uh at least according to Karine Jean Pier she says that Biden directly Says that reports that he's evaluating Any exit from the race are quote Absolutely false she went on to say that On a staff Call held earlier today According to sources the president and Uh vice president were on that call he

Said uh I'm in this race to the end she Also uh elaborated on the idea that part Of his uh less than Stellar performance On Thursday was due to a jet lag and a Cold but she says the president is as Sharp as ever and she was asked if he Has been looked at by his doctor even Though the doctor traveled with him she Said no uh we know of course he had had A physical back in February so many Questions I think reporters would like To ask Dr o Conor uh but she said it's Not the norm to bring the doctor to the Pon uh Podium of course uh we are not in A normal place right now with the Questions surrounding President Biden You know they're setting in on him right Away they're calling him be Like like in real time they're not Waiting a day or two I mean they're Dropping the press conference and Calling BS right let's go back to this Relate piece here some of you here in This room can certainly Relate so that's logic some of you guys Some of you oldtime viewers will Remember I used to use this meme a lot I Used to lot use a lot more memes and I Like to do that I just forget about them And so something happened where I Something came up about Logic the rapper But I don't I don't even know what it Was but I was like oh didn't I have a Meme for him and I couldn't remember

What it was like I remember it was Something like that but I couldn't Remember specifically what it was and Then I was just editing and she said you Guys can relate and I'm like Oh I mean I literally thought about this Yesterday you know this is one of those Synchronicities and things that I Consider Part of a plan so I went and grabbed it I had the meme saved but I guess it got Deleted or something um but you know There it is some of you here in this Room can certainly Relate let's go to CNN's arlot signs who Is live outside of the White House Arlette well Briana I think that you Guys covered a lot of those top lines From this briefing but president the White House Press Secretary Karen John Pierre really insisted that President Biden plans on remaining in this race Even as there are so many questions About his candidacy swirling she said That the president personally disputed a Report that suggested he is weighing Dropping out of the race and the President were told and vice president Both called in to an all staff campaign Call earlier this afternoon where he Insisted that he would stay into this Race until the end according to a source Uh who was on the call the president Said quote I am running I'm the nominee

Of the democratic party no one's put Pushing me out I'm not leaving I'm in This race to the end and we're going to Win because when Democrats unite we Always win now so nobody's pushing him Out and going back to that woman said Before I I missed that to comment and I Want to comment about all this stuff at The end here but when that woman said That she was a transitional candidate Meaning he didn't expect that he was Going to he just was a placeholder for Like somebody great to come along right And they're now saying like I'm going to Show you a clip coming up um I don't Have the clip you know I don't want to Show you that clip but the woman says He's the greatest president in terms of What he's been able to get done I mean It's just ridiculous stuff because you Know that's their view of the Democrats That he's been able to pass so much Legislation but I he's been a disaster Like just like Trump was in his way but Let's just finish this part up here part Of what the White House is trying to do And President's trying to do both Privately and publicly is really try to Reassure of Voters but but also top Democratic allies that he is staying in The race and that he is up for a second Turn this comes as you have started to See some cracks within the Democratic Support for the president at least one

Uh Congressman Democratic Congressman Has called for President Biden to step Aside so again I'm going to comment all This on the other side of this I just Want to show you all these clips well This was Jake Tapper this is the woman From California who said that in her Lifetime no one's got as much done as Biden he's the greatest president in her Lifetime she's like 50 right but then What she said after was more interesting The first time that I as a journalists Have covered an aging Lawmaker whose problems are not Necessarily being disclosed in a Transparent fashion surrounded by Staffers who are not necessarily being Upfront um there have this happens it's It's I haven't seen it happen with the Presidency but it happens all the time Do you think that's part of the problem Here look yes this is a systematic Problem and I don't think we should lose Sight of that in all of the um difficult Circumstances and difficult decisions About how we're going to beat president Trump this is a problem in Washington And some of the same people now um who Are saying oh he needs to be tested it's It's legitimate that people have Questions we heard speaker Pelosi say That um there are legitimate questions People have somebody these same people Were saying that there's no problem with

Senator Feinstein nobody should question Whether Senator Feinstein toward the Very end of her term was fit to do the Job and so I think there's a credibility Gap then created I think Washington Needs to be more transparent and hold Itself more accountable don't be afraid Of American voters that's how you don't Win being afraid of losing you win by Putting yourself out there by engaging Again and again and again um with all Different kinds of Americans and all Different kinds of audiences that hasn't Been so Biden has given a big Fu to his Party and everybody else because the Longer he delays the worse it is for the Person coming in after him the harder It's going to be to beat Trump the more This is a disgrace and it's turned into A I mean it's already a disgrace but to The average person the American people Finally figured out Joe Biden was U Mentally incompetent last January and They didn't do anything and again this Is supposed to be the party of the People all this stuff all things that Joe Biden says this is this kind of Stuff Trump pulls and Biden's been like The only reason I'm running is so I can Stop this maniac and I'm the guy to Stop but now that's not the case and Everyone say it's not the case you're Hurting the party you're hurting the Country and you're hurting The

Credibility of your party and everyone's Got to lie Comm lying for him like you Know gaslighting people just coming out And saying these you know all the stuff That they're saying when everyone's Looking at I'm going you know no matter What their excuse is is this m andf is Scile and it's just going to get worse He shouldn't be president now but they Don't have any apparatus to get rid of Him it's a systemic problem and she Talked about Feinstein right remember Feinstein like they brought her in one Time and they said just say I and she Came in and said I and she IE was and Her eye was actually bulging out you Know you say yay or nay or whatever they Were doing and her eye was bulging out Of her head she looked horrible and she Died with $20 million worth of um assets because You know she'd been a senator forever And she'd been corrupt but there's just All these candidates that have done this In the past you know all these these Politicians who had dementia and they Just can't get rid of them there's no Term limits and they don't want to give Up power you know this he's in a small State like Kentucky but he has seniority And he's in charge of all these Committees and does a lot of stuff for His state so no one wants him to leave And they keep on voting him back in

We've seen this over and over again with Senators and I mean look at Nancy Pelosi Uh Fire Marshall shill you know Trump is Sucky it isn't like he's innocent and You know it's easy for him to um spin These kind of things because of how bad The Democrats are but what everything They accuse Trump of you know being Self-serving being a narcissist which he Is being all about himself you know this Is what they're doing they fleece the American people they use inside Information to line their bank accounts Once they stay too long and get addicted To the power of Washington DC and the Privileges you know there's mandatory Retirement ages in so many different Professions and then there are things That you just age out of professional Sports things like that physical things That you can no longer do the work as You get older and these politicians can Stay as long as they want and they're Supposed to have all this power in terms Of you know I mean political power and All the rest of it influence American People And they're able to stay on long after They're scile it's happened time and Time again happened to a couple Presidents and so many senators and Congressmen and Supreme Court Justices And they just won't give it up right They just won't retire and Joe Biden who

Was never supposed to be somebody who's Like a rock star a self-c calleded Transitional president he's been told by The American people and all of his party Practically all of his party he needs to Pack it in and you know the problem with This which I say all the time is it's Only going to get worse it doesn't get Better with age right and so anything You're seeing now is going to be a Continuous problem and he should be Fired right this moment and the people Around him who have hid this away right Are completely complicit right like it's You it's so bad instead of hiding this And covering up for them they should be Out there saying look this guy is scile There should be whistleblowers There should be people saying this guy You know what's going on behind closed Doors this guy's unfit to lead right but Instead they're doing everything in Their power to block the truth from Coming out and then accuse Trump of Lying I mean it's the worst of all Possible worlds and you know like I said The longer he delays the worse it is for The person that takes over I mean They're going to get him out of there Unless he just says F you maybe he says F you I don't care this is my thing Because once he says I'll retire he's Done like they'll put him on some he Won't be seen again I mean I guess you

Know I mean as president until uh January but you know I mean it's going To be bad and you know anything that he Does in terms of campaigning like let's Say they give it to kamla and he Continues to campaign for and they might Say don't do that but every Gaff he does Everything that he does is a reminder of The lies and the manipulation the democ The Democratic party engaged in and so This is just wonderful It's great to see CNN turning on them I'm sure MSNBC is doing some of the same Thing but who's to say anyways um I'll Uh wait to see what happens the next Couple of days I'm not going to put this Up tomorrow on the 4th there won't be Much news about this probably less news On the fourth people are won't be Watching the news anyway and then this Will open up back up on the fifth and We'll see if he ends up caving and uh You know retiring for withdrawing his Candidacy we'll see but they want to get It done this week and you know maybe They will maybe they won't but either Way it's Hilarious okay so today is Friday July 5th I'm glad I waited to put the rest of This video out um so there's been a Little bit of news two things to get to Here and that is Joe Biden did see a Doctor right and so there's Lying there's lying going on which is of

Course never a good thing and you know The the mainstream media of CNN CNN and MSNBC and the liberal media has turned On him and so there are a few things to Do with that um the first one Is that for years they have dismissed His Gaffs and his senior moments and so for Joe Biden to save his candidacy he's got To go out and have these impromptu Moments which you can't Have without doing a senior you know Having uh one of these um like you know Dementia moments dementia gate is what I'm now calling it so every time he does Something it's going to be Scrutinized and so he can't you know we Know that he makes these he does gaffs Even before he had dementia and we know He has issues speaking he has issues Walking so so every time he stumbles Every time he trips every time he Babbles on you know Lo loses his train Of thought they're going to cover it It's just going to reinforce the fact That he can't do it so he's got to Withdraw there's just no there's just You know no other option it's how they Handle comma which becomes the other Issue right um and that's a whole thing In Itself because um you know there's Whatever's going on with her and whether They continue to cover this negatively

We know that the Trump will and the you Know the Fox News will that they covered This up for years because he had all These signs of dementia and it like Finally bit him in the ass you know I Mean it was Undeniable um the third thing is they're Talking about him I don't know how much I have in terms of video clips here Um you know I don't want to like put too Much in but I you know watched a bunch Of Video um yesterday of these Democrats Talking about him like he is the Greatest president that's ever lived and I don't know if it's just because he's Running for reelection and they're Spinning that hard or they actually Think that his his legislative Achievements the bills that he's passed The you know they talk about him uh Turning covid around which is you know a Joke but they talk about him in terms That like he was some kind of did a Masterful job of passing bills and Things like this but you know they're They're trying to say that his the big Talking point is that his Performance is you know exceeds his 90 Minutes of a bad debate that his three Years of presidency was so great um and That if he didn't have the senior Moments he would be a shoing and that Like you know remains to be seen because

I don't think the American people Necessarily agree with that like I don't Know about his legisl his leg Legislative achievements I haven't been Paying attention to that like you know In terms of the any kind of legislation He's passed or the stuff that he's Affected certainly we know about Co that Was the Democrats that baited Trump you Know Trump fell for it and ended up Closing down the economy because of now Them you know working Trump like they Just worked him on all these things but Anyways um let's get into it here There's just a lot of good video here But you know they're in a bad position Because he's a g he does you know he has Had senior moments and he can't you know Not have them and so like he's done like There's no he can't he can't perform Right like there's they're asking Something of him that he's never been Able to do and that is not be douchy and Not be like a you know not make mistakes And gaffs and you know not be who he is Right business as Usual yeah this has been uh the worst Week in a presidential campaign that I Can remember in my lifetime uh not only Did he have the debate debacle but the Effort to clean it up uh has been Miserable at best uh you hear the Arguments for uh for why he didn't uh do Well at the debate that he had a cold

That he was traveling in Europe he'd Been back in the United States for 12 Days I don't think any American thinks That uh they want a president that uh is Home for from 12 for 12 days from uh Foreign trip and still not uh quite Himself from the jet lag so uh you know The the White House messaging has been Difficult uh and and indeed yesterday as You pointed out uh at one moment Karine Janpierre said he hadn't been checked Out for by a doctor then Biden said he Had been checked out by a doctor one of Those things is true one of them is not Uh right now his white house has a Credibility problem he has a credibility Problem and think need to make sure that Whatever they're saying is actually true And transparent uh he is going to try uh Over the course of the next several days Uh to show a different version of Himself a different version of himself Right so what about the other version Coming back like he has multiple Personalities like this is just oh That's his dementia side but he really You know you can't trust the guy right Because that's the Sid's coming back Right what you saw in the debate stage Is coming back that ain't gone it's just Is going to get Worse your sense of your sources and What you're hearing we just had rul Grala the second member of Congress to

Come out and say step aside are your Sources telling you are you hearing that We might get more actually over this Weekend well Richard I think that Remains to be seen one thing is clear we Are now a week out from that debate Performance that everyone agrees was not President Joe Biden's best moment by any Stretch and the concern that that kicked Off among Democrats has been sustained And now that we've had a number of now Two lawmakers from his own party coming Forward publicly calling for the President to step aside that is Conversation that is trending the wrong Direction and that's something the White House the campaign clearly see and and Are taking note of I will point out I Spoke with Congressman Lloyd doet last Night uh who was as you noted the first To come forward from within the party And asked Mr Biden to step aside and he Also underscored this idea that it Wasn't just about the 90 minutes on that Stage last week for him he said there's Been concern looking at the numbers over The last year those are numbers that Have not largely budged we know you know This is the numbers this guy's saying Well I've looking at the poll Numbers and the poll numbers are saying People are realizing he finally has Dementia so it isn't just about the Debate well you

Know you'd think that there would be Somebody that would say this I mean I Will but I mean somewhat in the news Media that he has had toand for a number Of years like I you know I saw it we all Saw it in 2019 and like he was those Moments he was having on the campaign Trail and the way they handled and Managed him and now there's all these Stories coming out from the inside his You know inside his uh inside his Administration and these people saying Dealing with him that somebody would Have Said the president has dementia or Joe Biden has dementia like in the media And the people around Him back when he was running for President in 2019 because somebody Showing these kind of you know he was Showing these kind of lapses in you know Consciousness for the last 5 Years and you know that it would be like There would be somebody in this whole in The media and the you know like the left Media and the his administration that Would realize This was unsustainable and was going to Come around and embarrass all of them Right like they're trying to make it Like how bad he's deteriorated in the Last four years so that they can excuse What they you know did in the beginning That they didn't nip this in the in the

Bud like he wasn't so great like you had To have the guy I mean he was you know Whatever reason they forced him on the American people there there's that and So they now have an issue where they're Saying well the people of finally Realized that the polls are saying this Well what about you guys looking at him And saying he has dementia either you Don't have the ability to judge somebody Um to a you know to to see something That's so obvious that the guy was Breaking down mentally and that was only Going to get worse he got older and that You would speak up and do the right Thing and not wait till this happen Right so the Democratic party should be Done unfortunately for the Republicans They have Trump who's a disaster in Terms of his own credibility and you Know all these things right like I was Thinking about Trump um you know just Popped into my mind when he said grab Them by the bonus hole that he could Just walk up to women and grab them by The bonus hole like that's you know like The level of entitlement the level of You know disrespect to women all these Things about that moment but I was Thinking about like he did that just to Impress Billy bush Right like this clown on Entertainment Tonight is a a member of the Bush family He said these things just to impress him

Like you know just goofy things right The whole stormy Daniel saying they Didn't sleep with Stormy Daniels when he Did like Trump is just a lying piece of Crap which people know about he's not Trustworthy and you know maybe the Trumpers don't but everyone else does And so you know the trumpers think well How could Biden get this many votes well Trump is is that bad where he's provoked The left and you know people and he acts In a way that you know um he doesn't he Doesn't have any credibility either and So like this is a great moment in our History because of these know voters Have really been locked in in terms of Who they're supporting for almost a year Now it's been a tight race and Mr Biden Has been slipping in some key Battleground States in particular he Wanted to underscore that that was what Feeding his concern and he said that Concern is widespread among other Democrats as well when I asked him why We haven't heard more people come out Publicly to share it then he said look Not every Democrat feels as well Positioned as he is he himself is 77 Years old he's later in his career he Said younger Democrats who may be in Vulnerable positions this fall don't Feel as emboldened I'll also point out I've talked to democratic lawmakers who Want to stress Biden is their guy this

Conversation they feel is divisive and Is undermining him and they say if the Republicans can get behind their Candidate it's time for Democrats to do The same they worry the longer this goes On not only is it not enough time for a New candidate to introduce him or Herself to the country it also further Emboldens the man that they say that They are focused on beating and that is Donald Trump you know Susan asna Intimates here but you know CNN and MSNBC have turned on Biden here's the Big moment here that Donald Trump could Win and if the Republicans are going to Take over the Senate the house is the Last force that can potentially stop Donald Trump so I understand why the Democrats are really concerned I'd also Be concerned because where they made a Lot of their inroads in 2022 were in Blue states where turnout is generally Lower in odd years or I'm sorry off Years they're relying on a huge Presidential turnout to get that Democratic vote up and get their Candidates elected and Biden is not Necessarily the person who's going to Bring that enthusiasm to the race and What I've seen lately is the the yeah Neither is Kamla um they don't have like you know I Don't know how it's a short period of Time she only has a couple of months but

When American people took a look at Kamla Before they rejected her and so we'll Get into that but you know this is what I've been saying all along in terms of They need a lot more votes like Trump Has his Trump lovers and people are Going to vote for him but he's capped Off at about you know 48% of Americans Uh will consider voting for him and 52% Won't and I don't know if that number Has changed but there's a lot of never Trumpers out there people who could Never vote for Donald Trump and so they Got to suppress the vote in some way Right U but it's only a few thousand Votes here in a few states that make the Difference like all this other stuff is Meaningless there's like five Battleground states that Are you know they could go either way And Biden is already going to lose a Couple of those and so it's really about You know I mean this is you're looking At like a trump second term which I Pretty much feel like is a disaster but You know so is a Biden second Term and so is a coma SEC first term so You know there's nowhere there's nowhere To go here like it's not like this is Going to I mean it's just going to be How the end looks like right like it's Coming to an end it's just a matter of How it looks like depending on the

Candidate that becomes president There'll be variations in the ending but The end is the end is nigh the issue of His seeing a doctor or not after the Debate I think that is the the final Nail in the coffin so to speak because That's something the American public Really doesn't want it to um see in Their president it's one thing to say Okay he hasn't he had a cold but to look Like you're trying to hide your medical Records and after that performance it Wasn't the debate it wasn't 90 minutes It was what Americans thought all along What they've seen all along with Donald Trump that I'm sorry with Joe Biden that He's too old that he doesn't look that Great this debate confirmed that and the Crisis management afterwards was just Horrible to be yeah now they're talking About his what they've dealt with Afterwards which is to hide him away Because they have no choice here's just One last thing here side of the debate They fall on right now every Democratic Lawmaker I've spoken to agrees on one Thing that the next few days in Particular are going to be crucial Lloyd Dgate said to me last night this is Something that has to be resolved in Just the next few days we know the President has a key interview on Friday He's campaigning over the weekend There's the NATO Summit next week and I

Think what everyone seems to agree on is That for the president to calm those Concerns right now he needs to be seen In more unscripted moments more Interviews taking questions in a town Hall format speaking directly to voters Those are the kinds of moments people Seem to think could turn he doesn't have Can't do that like he's not going to be Able to pull those moments off we know That like we've seen the gaffs and They're inevitable and these already had A few like we'll get into that like he's Had some moments that are bad and They're just going to get worse right They have no choice but to hide him away Because you know if they let him if they Let him loose you know what's going to Happen along with Julie rinsky a Democratic strategist and co-founder of Lift our voices Douglas Brinkley is a Presidential historian and Matt Gorman Served as senior Communications adviser To look at Matt Gorman Jeb Senator Tim Scott's presidential campaign and was an Aid to both Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney so you're a Loser heard and before we make any Decisions as a party about who should Succeed Joe Biden were he to get out I Think it's very important to make sure That that uh cohort the backbone of our Party is heard whether um they want KLA Harris or they want somebody else is a

Different story but I think that's a Voice that's very important I will also Say this um the time for the Hamlet Routine from the White House is over It's not enough for the president to be Able to talk to just Governors or talk Okay so um this is just being echoed but The name of this video is called KLA Harris's a story right now and I don't Need one of these dopes to say this Because we just can you know go off the Headline they don't want her to be the Story like the the story has to always Had to been Donald Trump the story is Always about how bad Donald Trump is That's what the Democrats are doing for The last five years we can't have Trump Trump is a disaster as soon as the story Became about Joe Biden everything's Collapsed and his dementia that would That was the first moment that debate Where Trump had to take a back seat to Biden's performance because you know and I talked about this earlier and so as Soon as kamla Harris becomes the story It's like well to she's kamla Harris Right she Sucks boom he's running you ain't Running you're like you know you're stu Stumbling he's screwed Up that's their talking point but to say He screwed up that wasn't being that Wasn't screwing up that wasn't like one Bad moment one disastrous statement like

He said you know a racial slur they said Something you know bad it was 90 minutes Of dementia right Boom You know you're you're covering up for a Guy that's scile and that if the American people had a pulse and they Don't like you know I mean whatever the Different demographics I mean there's Truthers and there's all the Sheep all The people and there's all these groups But I mean just being Gaslight and lied To and it's just they're used to this Right but how upset they should be Because of what they've been you know Lied to about here Like just his walk like you're going to Scrutinize everything about him the way He looks here look at Him he just walked through there like a Zombie See Trump only has 49% that's the problem he can't get Above 50 no you didn't it you no you didn't Like just Trump just has to be not a Douche he just has to not be douchy you Know sitting there golfing when America's falling apart maybe they're Trying to show him he's got a Maga Written on his T-shirt like he's just Such a douche 47 he's got 47 um you know he's all you have to do Is just stand back and let the story be

About Joe Biden and then let it be about KLA Harris and the Democrats lying she's A part of those lies and she's lying to The American people right now you just Got to let that be the story but Trump Can't help himself He just can't help himself hit h a new Rock bottom like you got a you know Deeter in candidate you put out There look this guy rocking rocking the Look at his eyes here boom that's this Demonic moment he's rocking a Fourth of July Tie and It to Win It Okay so we know that not going to happen The stakes of this race could not be Higher boom that's their thing another Talking point it turns out perhaps they Could be particularly for vice president Kamla Harris that's right that's right she's So bad those chances I mean she's just So horrible but that doesn't mean she Couldn't win cuz you know Trump four More years suddenly ringing a bit Differently for a vice president at the Center of a see this bust of RFK J R JFK is like really ghoulish Crisis consuming the White House and President Biden's re-election campaign As the Democratic chorus grows louder For Biden to step aside a week after his Fumbling debate performance Harris is at The center of it all playing the role of

Loyal running mate Joe Biden is our Nominee we beat Trump once and we're Going to beat him again period even as She she's so happy like she's starting To Glow with her you know this is her Moment privately considers whether She'll soon have to pick one of her own If Biden passes the Democratic torch 4 Months before election day I he just Can't walk but that remains a big if With signs of a Biden Harris ticket Suddenly not so obvious after all Biden Harris obviously is the Harris is in Something of a historic holding pattern Leading the charge in defending the President moments after the debate to Anderson I got the point that you're Making about a 1 and a half hour debate Tonight I'm talking about three and a Half years of performance in work that Has been ex historic a careful Balancing Act of proving loyalty yet trying to Maintain credibility it's just how long American people and how much they take a Look at KLA Harris and like I mean it be Interesting because she's really Unlikable and she has some history you Know knee pads I mean so these things The way she got to where she Is her future is at the heart of a Conversation among Democrats where Respect may run deeper than consensus Over the party's next steps I think She's a talented woman and someone who

Should be in the mix but this you know This just whatever this was one of his Moments of unscripted whatever it is I Remember as a Catholic kid growing up in An area where we didn't like Catholics Didn't get I'm the first president to Elect the Statewide in the state of Delaware when I was a kid well you know I was I looked at John Kenny and said Well he God he got elected why can't I Get elected by the way I'm proud to be As I said the first vice president first Black woman sered with black president Proud to the the first black woman in The Supreme Court just so I think he was Trying to say he was the first person to Have the first black woman as a vice President but the way it came out was He's proud to be the first pre president Well let's see that again you know he's It's not clear what he's saying serve With a black President he got elected why can't I get Elected by the way I'm proud to be as I Said the first vice President the first vice president the First black Woman and so he didn't say that I would Have proud to have the first vice President black woman he said that he Was a black woman right like that's how It came out um we know what he's trying To say here but again you know this is The kind of moments unscripted moments

That they're like you know what the hell Is he saying here there's another one so He came outside here and this is how he Performed you got me Man I'm Not you got me man man I'm not going Anywhere all right going anywhere all Right woo all right I'll come back out When they let to open the gate okay Thank you thank you thank you one last Thing you know I used to think when I Was a Senator was there were always Congestion on the highways there's no Congestion anymore there's none there's No congestion none we got on the highway There's no congestion and so what the Way they get me to stop talking they'll Say we just shut down all the roads Mr President you're going to lose all the Votes if you don't get in but anyway I'll be back out and by the Way Way I've been all over the world with You I've been in and out of battle Anyway all right so that's him being a Douche right like him not being able to Um that's not being a douche that's him Not being able to you know hold his uh His thoughts together like he's just if You're looking at it you can't unsee That's the issue right like he's you Know that guy like this is who he is Right this is what he's done so for me And you know people in the truth

Community are people mocking Joe Biden's Joe Biden comedians like this you know These groups of people certainly the Republicans and the trumpers they're Looking for gas they're looking for Moments where he's seile and have been For a while but the Democrats and the Media and all these people are looking To dismiss these things right Oh these are just him being him you know Whatever I'll show it's the thing with Jake Tapper coming up but when you're Looking for them you see them right it's Just like anything else if you're Looking for something you'll see it Especially when you you know you believe Something like if you're freaked out About Trump and you want to find any re Any way possible that Trump won't win Presidency you know Trump won't be the President you're freaked out about you Know the second term for Trump you'll Find ways to make Joe Biden better than He is you'll find ways to deny what You're seeing right the same thing with Trumpers like when trumpers see what a Nightmare Trump is they'll find ways to Dismiss it and you know even to the Point where trumpers will talk about Trump like he's a messiah the same way The Democrats are talking about Joe Biden like he's the greatest president In modern history like just going over The top right but when you're looking

For it and now everybody's looking for Gas everyone's looking for senior Moments and he's going to deliver him Because he does he just will he can't Help but do that right so he's screwed Because he can't have a clean Performance he's incapable of a clean Performance so this was the morning of The 4th of July we're going to get to Anna Navaro cuz she's like a real Treasure here uh but this guy who was in That Sasha Baron Cohen thing he got Duped he's a Republican and they're Bringing a lot more Republicans on now Which shows you that they really want to Get rid of Biden what's everyone still Waiting For him Allison they're waiting for Joe Biden look uh Julie's right look think About this that debate was a week ago a Week ago uh the fact that that Joe Biden Uh hasn't been out uh taking questions From the media taking questions from Voters unscripted for 9 minutes a couple Hours the fact that he hasn't done that In the past seven days man that's a much Bigger fail than his performance at the Debate Biden has always had one test in This campaign is he too old that's all The American people have been concerned About with Joe Biden if he could get Over that he would beat Donald Trump he Didn't do that and and again it's so you Know I I debate that too we we'll see

What happens um you know I mean I'll Debate it I just you know don't Necessarily agree with that like there's No way to tell but then Anna Navaro she Um Joe on a Practical yeah go ahead an she just Interrupts because she's like crazy like That about that I think the key question That Stephanopoulos I hope asks and that I I think a lot of us want answered is Do you have was this a oneoff or do you Have a condition do you have a medical Diagnosis that the American people Should know about or how do you explain What happened last Are you seriously are Seriously say asking that question we Know this is a condition he's Demonstrated this for five freaking Years you don't need he's not going to Answer that qu he's not going to say I Have a condition they've hidden this Stuff right Thursday give us that and if Not I'll tell you what the other data Point will be the clock the calender Right the clock the clock you got a Clock she's you know she's on The View And she's like probably the stupidest Person on the view right which is you Know they have basically a stupid off There I mean the Republican conventions In two weeks the Democratic Convention Is in six weeks so the time is is Running out to make these changes There's a lot of procedural legal Fe

Issues that have to be sorted out if You're talking about changing a a a a Candidate this is not like changing a Boyfriend in in high school That that kind of uh I mean this way That she just cuts through all the BS This this entails an enormous amount of Things that need to get done and and I Don't think people are thinking about That there's ballots being printed There's primaries that have happened Different states have different Regulations so she um Inna aaro's like a Character Jennifer Lopez would play in Some romantic comedy where she's like The great talking Nanny to Some executive uh news executive Somewhere and he keeps on using her Talking points on the news and then he Gets busted and then she comes out and She's on the news and they put her on The news and she's just you know this Workingclass woman who talks straight to The American public Right it's just so bad like it's just You know the whole thing's such a Joke okay so this is from this morning Um this is you know July 5th Morning Joe Democrats better get this right I during A a meeting with Democratic Governors on Wednesday President Biden suggested he Might start limiting events after 800m So he can get more sleep One Source Tells NBC News the president was asked

About his health and he said that he was Doing fine Adding quote it's just my brain the Governors took that as a joke as did Biden campaign chair J Mali Dylan when She was asking about the remark she said Biden was clearly making a joke are you Serious because this was Trump clearly making a joke he's joking About the condition of his brain like That's not you know funny I mean it's Funny for us but it's not something Where he can do that right now right When everyone's talking about the Condition of his brain I think that he Also said all kidding aside start your Tape right now cuz I'm about to tell you The truth and and F you if you can't Handle the Truth this version of Biden intellectually analytically is the Best Biden ever if it weren't the truth I wouldn't say it and in the Wisconsin Interview that aired yesterday President Biden acknowledged that he had a poor Debate performance but defended his Candidacy I had a bad night we heard This Already I I I didn't have a good debate That's 9 and um there's Panic there's no Doubt there's Panic All Around um I Said eight days ago that the president Needed to consider getting out uh said That uh we needed

To give it time needed to see what was Going to happen and I think we're still There I mean it is July the 5th this Happened 8 days ago and decision time is Not upon us yet yeah you know every day Is a you know a nail in the coffin of Your Democratic Party uh and though it may be coming Soon I think we should first honor a man Who was first on the ballot 54 years ago By giving him the time and the space to Make his decision before we tell him That we've made Ours what are you talking about the Guy's got dementia and he's I mean this Idea that he's Just not going to run is still like Mindboggling it's not mindboggling Because they suck so bad there's no Apparatus for this which I talked about Before to get rid of him but this guy Should not be president like the way he Displayed himself and the fact that he Can't go out I mean everyone's calling For him to go out and have these you Know moments unscripted moments and he Can't do it and he's being hidden away So he had this bad night and said show That he had dementia and then they hit Him away for eight days which shows that He has dementia Cuz if he didn't they would display how Great he is and you guys should all have Been covering that he has dementia and

It doesn't there's no sentimentality Here the world's at stake here oh like Let's give him some time he's he's have He's been such a great career politician Like what the are you talking about Bro governors in which we know that the President was asked whether he checked In with a doctor after his poor Performance at last week's debate given That the Biden team is linking that core Performance to a cold they say he was Suffering from and sources in that Meeting are telling NBC news that the President said he did check in with a Doctor after that he said that the Doctor said everything was fine and as You mentioned that contradicts what we Heard from White House Press Secretary Karim jeanpierre just hours before that Meeting with the governor in which she Said that the president had not checked In and had not had any check-ins or Appointments with his doctors since his Physical in February that the public Gets a readout and a summary of uh but Now the White House is trying to clean This up and trying to clarify this They're saying that the president hasn't Had a physical since February but that He has seen doctors for brief check-ins Since then including after the debate That clarification though still not Explaining uh the press secretary flatly Denying the fact that the president had

Seen a doctor and Ali this is really Coming in the face of uh this cleanup This damage control we're seeing from The Biden team trying to dispel these Growing concerns about his Fitness to be Able to continue running for re-election Alley you know um it shows you just how Goofy the whole media is I mean now They're finally turning on Biden but They you know they're they're talking About things they didn't talk about Before and they want to get rid of them And then they'll talk about how great KLA Harris is when they are whatever it Is whoever they pick but the fact of the Matter is he had such a disastrous Performance that was the cap of you know The the climax of years of like showing Signs of dementia and the American People like again they're all concerned About the poll numbers but it's whether He has dementia or not if he has Dementia then you can't allow this to Happen you got to be like oh my god he Has dementia we got to allow we can't Have this guy be president right and you Have to get rid of him you have to like Do what's best for America not because You're loyal to Biden you're loyal to Your party or you're your media person Right but you know when he had these Disastrous performance they needed a Flawless like to make the case that this Is just a one-off and he's totally

Capable you know came out fired up at That North Carolina where they had what Looked like a paid infomercial audience Screaming at Joe Biden like they didn't Look like real audience members they Were so enthusiastic and then they've Hidden him away and he's having private Meetings and everyone saying it's got to Be out there and then it comes out like You know talk to his doctor I mean if it Was a medical issue he had to see a Doctor after that like he had like a Mental breakdown and the doctor they Have a team doctor traveling with him Because he's old you know these they're Worried about his health all the time I Mean just in general and particularly For him for any president but Particularly for him because he's you Know I mean he could go any moment right And so with all these things you mess up That story like you're you're not even Keeping your story straight and you Can't have that like you know and it Should be over but they just won't let It be over so then there's Jake Tapper Here so this is from three days ago Jake Tapper calls BS on this guy's trying to Spin this thing has a bad night and I Think that was a weak debate performance I don't think anyone in the campaign uh Is disagreeing with that point but I've Been urging and I expect that this will Be moving forward um for the president

To reassure uh folks in the media the General public the many editorialists And others who've expressed concern by Doing unscripted casual engagements with Journalists with small groups of Voters A town everyone keeps on saying that These These are talking points he's Going to have a gaff he will like he's Already he's going to have just moments Where he's babbling like anything he Does now is under a microscope like I Said Paul so that you can see what I've Seen with our president in the last few Months and of course the last few years Uh he is engaging He is capable he has an incredible Record as president I don't think you Would dispute that Jake but the core Question is whether what you saw in Those few moments of the debate and over Much of the Arc of that 90-minute debate Uh was someone having a difficult night Or some someone who is no longer up to The job as he said on the stage in North Carolina he wouldn't be running if he Weren't confident he's up for the job so With all due respect um it is not It is not honest to say that this is You're lying you're lying is just one Night there have been moments like this That people have seen in front of the Cameras and other and and other moments But without with cameras not there uh Just two weeks ago let me just show this

Clip uh there was another Moment Like This not just a senior losing a train of Thought but something else going on uh Here he is it was in an event about Immigration he he tries to interview Introduce uh DHS secretary mayorcas and There's some sort of glitch I don't know What is let's roll that Tape thanks to all the members of Congress and Homeland Security Secretary I'm not sure I'm going to Introduce you all way but all kid asde Secretary Morus I don't know what that Was uh that doesn't trouble me at all [Laughter] Jake so um those are going to happen Like that's he's done because that's What he does he's been doing that for Years now they just haven't paid Attention to it or they haven't you know They've covered it up this not you know They've covered it up frankly you can Put up a dozen clips of me of you of Anybody who's on TV who speaks publicly All the time losing their train of Thought misstating who they're about to Introduce not having a fluid moment and If we're honest with each other come on It's just that's not you we we know There's something else going on here so From the same day C uh CNN isn't showing This they're not showing a lot of these Things you know I've caught clips that

I've watched on TV with my phone that Don't make it to the internet a lot of The disparaging clips that CNN reporters Are saying things that they're saying But Jake Tapper said this and CNN didn't Put it up but Fox caught it and they put It up with a little background music There is a pattern discern able pattern Of democratic officials seemingly trying To convince you the public to not Believe what you saw and what you heard With your eyes and with your ears on Thursday Night Um so the thing is that I think this is At least in part scripted cuz you know The like I said earlier the news media Has very limited things that they can Say and they've been covering up for Biden and you know not showing you a lot Of stuff like I mean covering enough Like dismissing things that you see I Mean Tapper was doing that they were all Doing that they were dismissing things You saw about Joe Biden having dementia And they were also not showing you other Things right and again you know Trump is Just everywhere like everyone everything That Trump does especially the bad Things are put out there and they're all Over Trump everything about Trump but They haven't covered Joe Biden they Haven't covered Hunter Biden they you Know all these things then all of a

Sudden they're all about it they're Bringing Republicans on they're you know To to comment and things which they Wouldn't do before and they are slamming The guy they want to get rid of him but They suck at it like they're horrible at It like they just you know and and to Get rid of them you have to Call into question what the Democratic Leadership and what the media has done All this time to cover up for deflate Gate because this is a you know this is A huge Scandal you had a president who Was having senior moments and like you Know it's you can't have any like you Just can't like you know you can't have These Breakdowns H because one you know They're going to be more and two he's Got a a supposedly powerful position but Like I said before I guess the four Things I don't know if I can remember Them all but the first one is that we Don't have a legitimate president Because they would get rid of him Immediately cuz they're acknowledging he Has dementia the second one is that They've covered this up for you know Whatever period of time they've known For a while and they all decide not to Owledge what the American people were Seeing and then when the American people Saw it they decided to run them anyway And screw you and now they're basically

Saying yeah has demena but he's still Better than Trump and Trump's a liar and So you know they've done all these Things and you know there was one thing That should have happened is Joe Biden Should have been fired Joe Biden should Be removed from president being President I mean there should be no Debate about was only 90 minutes or you Know this well we know this is he's Scile right he's you know I mean he's on His way to where he can't even hold Together a thought right where he's like Gone like you know Bruce Willis right Like you know there's moments Bruce Willis they've Bruce Willis has been in Movies and he has full out demand Venture like he's been in movies but They get him to repeat a line and he's Like I showed you this in a video I you Know I found a recent movie of his and You can just see he's just reading lines With a Blank Stare he doesn't know what He's talking about doesn't know I'm sure He's not even aware he's acting and so Like they can get you to do that and Then you have these moments some moments Are better than others like this is how All these things go but it just gets Worse and worse and you know you lose Things and don't recover them and you Lose abilities and you know this is Happening to everybody as you get older I this is just old age and Joe Biden

Sucked before he was old no reason to Keep him around you doesn't deserve any More respect than anybody else as a President probably less respect and you Just get rid of him and you you roll the Dice with KLA Harris but they're just They're butchering this whole thing like They're just so bad at it right and it's Not like this means that Trump's great Because Trump's a nightmare and you know Their whole thing is um like it's just a Like the whole country is a mess and This is what happens when you're in Apocalyptic times right at any moment You know there could be something big That happens and we don't have Leadership that we trust and media that We trust and I mean not just truthers But everybody and so I'm going to wrap This one up here but you can see it's All it's all there right they're just It's all right there the disrespect from The American people you know like the Disrespect for everybody it's not just The gaslighting but like you know you're You're mentally incompetent but of Course you know you look at most of the People out there walking around with you Know eating these toxic foods you have All these truthers and you know I been Talking about this who eat carcinogens And you know drink alcohol all the time Or whatever use drugs and you know use Things that are bad for them but then

Say they want the truth well well you Can't even clean up your own life right And so that's why they can get away with It because everyone's you know just Living bad lives right everyone's you Know even if they claim they want truth They only want truth that you know means That they don't have to change their Lifestyle and they don't have to give up Certain things you know and they want to Make it about other people changing and So that's why we are where we are like We're at the you know the the end of our Time this the end of our system and what Comes next will be you know a lot harder Only spirituality will save this world It's farano definitely point for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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