Solar flares and the northern lights & how it effects the Apocalaughs + Funny Movie Trailers & more

Solar flares and the northern lights & how it effects the Apocalaughs + Funny Movie Trailers &  more

Okay greetings brothers and Sisters this is another big event here Um one of the most important things to Talk about in terms of the apocalypse And the collapse so let's get into this Stuff first and I'll explain why Northern Lights could be visible in all Of the Britain tonight according to Cornwall because of a severe geomagnetic Storm that threatens to disrupt world's Power grids mobile phones networks and GPS satellites And Um there's you know this right so this Is this the Northern Lights which are Now people are being able to See much farther south right to the Northern lights for a reason because you Can only see it in the north but now You're able to see it farther south Which will'll get into in a bit and so Severe storm hitting solar storm hitting Earth may make Northern Lights what to Know um so people all right seeing the Northern lights in places that you could Never see them before and we've entered Into a time where there's going to be a Lot of solar storms somebody sent me Something I don't know what happened to It like I don't have it now but there Some guy talking about severe weather Events and how there's there's solar Storms are now it's just like we're Hitting a prevalent time which is bad

For a lot of reasons because solar Storms and the magnetic pole sh shifting Is something that's potentially Devastating okay so I've been covering This for years there's a guy named Matt Stein who is a former MIT you he's an MIT Professor graduate scientist Scientific person and he wrote a book Called 100 TR nobl I have a like a EMF Um well like just a compilation of Images that I have from a folder and in That it has all these solar you know the The idea of the magnetic pole shifting So I saw this maybe like 20 years Ago and it was a you know like something On one of those scientific shows Nova or Something like that right uh and like PBS and this is a there's a mainstream Science theory that I don't believe to Be a theory that the poles reverse Themselves North becomes South and South Becomes North every 200,000 years and It's been like 250,000 years since the Last one and when that Happens there is the potential for a Solar flare to hit Earth and just wipe Out the power grid because the magnetic Field is what protects the Earth from Solar flare so solar the sun releases These bursts of energy you know quite Often and the magnetic field blocks the Energy from hitting the Earth it sort of Shorts it out it's like a ground wire Right you know you have like these you

Have this um sometimes wires we well There's one house that we had that had These metal um like poles sticking out Of the roof short you know they were Just like you a little bit like an Antenna and then there was a you know a Thick metal cable that went down to the Ground as a ground wire and then there Was a piece of metal that was you know Cement it into the ground in the in the In the um if the house was stuck by Lightning it would take the electricity And send it into the ground right which Is you know best case scenario we had at A you know different house that I lived Years ago there was a tree that was hit By electricity and I went and found the Tree the next day and there was a split Going down the bark and at the bottom of The tree there was an old metal fence That had grown into the tree and when The you know the electricity hit the Fence it ground out right so that you Know it stopped there could have caused Like fires and things but it you know it The electricity was dissipated and so You know in a different way the magnetic Field blocks the solar energy from Entering Earth and causing havoc and it Would cause Havoc Beyond just our modern Day technology but this guy M Matt Stein Had theorized you know there was a solar Flare that hit somewhere I don't know Was Africa or South America America or

Something like this and wiped out all This electric grid and there are these You know these various um electric Components that are at the hubs of these Electric you know the these uh Electricity stations and these things Can get blown out and there's only like One company that makes them and it takes Years to you know make you know these Pieces and if the all these various um Transformers blew out there would be no Way to replace them and there are all These nuclear power plants that have Like generators like a week's worth of Energy like a weeks worth of electricity To run the the you know the pumps and Things to keep the the um nuclear power Plants from malfunctioning right and Going you know China Syndrome because They they have these pools of Radioactive rods and they get too hot You know we've seen this before and so There's no electricity and the Electricity is coming from these power Plant You know that if the Electric electrical Grid is down and as soon as the Generators you know they have these Giant generators it takes a lot of Electricity to pump the water through These cooling tanks and if they only Have a week's worth of you know Electricity there then all these nuclear Power plants and there's hundreds of

Them in America could melt out so you Would have what he called 100 troby in His book right and that's just one Theory about it but either way there Could be a massive outage of Electricity because of these you know Solar flares and the northern lights and One of the signs that the magnetic poles Are shifting is that you can see the Northern lights everywhere where you Just could see them see them in the North now you can see a much farther South because the magnetic poles are are Fluctuating causing the you know the Unopening of the the the you know There's there becomes a vulnerability There and the lights now hit it a Different level you know different part Of the hemisphere and it goes down to More southern part of the you know Northern Hemisphere and so if we start Seeing Northern Lights which we are That's a sign that the poles are Starting to fluctuate they're not as Stable as they were and so we're only a Short time away from Poles reversing Themselves right and so there's that Aspect of it and so I've known about That for a long time and the potential Of that being some kind of um Catastrophe or upheaval as it's called In these Whispers of the brighter World Messages you know there's these Channeled messages from this this medium

This French woman who was receiving Messages from Babaji the second master Of the Sark system that I do and you Know those of you who don't believe it Don't believe it it's fine I'm just Conveying the information but this is to Me a spiritual confirmation of something That is you know there's scientific data Out there see the way they found found Out about the poles reversing themselves They were able to measure the the ice Caps and there they could determine There was information within the layers Of the glaciers that showed when the Solar flares had happened and they were Over they were every 200,000 years the Poles just reverse themselves like my Magnetic you know it it'd be like your Magnet now it you know the it would flip It would flip po polarities right and so This is the mess Mage this is February 25th 2001 um and this is the message of these Are messages written from the second Master baby or given through uh you know Channeling to this French woman who he Calls my daughter my dear daughter we Would like to start giving you messages From a to totally different content Scientists are very often mistaken in Their assertions in a century these Assertions will be outdated man will Have taken a step forward in his Understanding of the laws governing the

Universe they will then become obvious To a great number of Minds capable of Understanding the real meaning Significant changes will take place on Earth's Globe after great upheavals have Occurred even the best established Structures will dis be disrupted and the Elements will make life difficult for Human beings who will have to face up to Things another race stronger and having A much more developed sense of extra Sensory perception Will set up a world that would astonish Most men living in the present so There's this idea there's going to be a Genetic mutation in a spiritual you know Uh uh like a a spiritual movement where People are going to evolve and change in Ways that um you know that we can't Possibly understand right there's more About that I'm not going to talk about That here I've talked about that in a Lot of different videos when the polls Are reversed they will generate great Climatic changes men will so this is the Pole reversal when the poles are Reversed they will generate great great Climatic changes men will need to adjust Themselves a large part of the Population is present proportions will Have disappeared the Earth will start a New era best suited to its Evolution we Will further elaborate on some of the Mentioned topics and you'll have to note

Down and have to note down without Wondering too much even though you can't Verify the soundness of what you are Writing these predictions should neither Worry or embarrass you they do not Relate to your present day and a long Time will have pass before all our Assertions come true you will need to Trust in us and leave your usual doubt Aside she was freaked out by this cuz She was just some you know this woman Was like an invilet she had a fell off The horse when she was younger and had An operation you know she had wealth she Was a a rich French you know she was Part of a rich French family fell off a Horse when she was a kid she had a Doctor that she said was she called The Butcher that messed up her back and she Was in physical pain and couldn't really Leave her apartment for most of her life And then she you know she was a she had A past life as a Christian Saint and who Was a Channeler and then some other Lives that you know made her good at uh You know her soul was good at receiving These kind of messages but she was Constantly always questioning like her Sanity and whether this was actually Happening And then when Boby started to do these Predictions she kind of freaked out they Do not relate to your present day and a Long time will have passed before all

Our assertions come true you'll need to Trust us and leave your usual doubt Aside these writings will long remain in Oblivion before they could be made Public therefore it suits you to Consider them as fiction we have no Objection to that don't worry you are Not under the influence of any devious Spirit and we we will resume tomorrow The normal course of talks Be at peace be blessed Boby um so that was interesting you know Like he's said he had used to have to Say these things a lot where she would Be freaked out by something U but then There was a another message that said This these were part of the prophecies The normal messages were just about Spirituality and meditation and you know Loving God and those are about 90% of The messages some of them are about you Know personal things with this woman the The masters of the system and some other Things going on in the mission but then There are these prophecies and talking About electromagnetic pollution like WiFi and 55g and things like that you Know talking about in 2000 and you know Saying that this stuff was coming and it Was going to be disruptive and all these Other things and then there's these Prophecies Wednesday February 28th 2001 So these were similar messages that came Out at a very similar time right the

Previous message I just read was February 25th and then 3 days later There's this one in a quarter of a Century the Earth will experience a Major turbulence so this is in 2001 in February so this would be 2006 in February if it was to the day so he's You know saying a quarter of a century So 25 years would be 2025 December 2026 you know January February uh but sometime around there so Coming pretty soon like the next couple Years in a quarter of a century the Earth will experience a major turbulence That will be the beginning of a cycle Which Earth men will find very difficult To go through fire will literally beat Down on certain parts of the world Whereas Torrens of rain will pour over Others cataclysms will follow one Another for many long years keeping men Frightened many will turn towards the Supreme god beseeching his forgiveness Forgiveness for more and more aberant Behaviors as well as for the Mal Treatment imposed on their nourishing Mother the Earth failure to respect the Elements will lead to the effects Generating Terror among the population At the end of the century in future ages The present layout of the continents Will be shattered Maps will need Revising yet the creatures inhabiting This plan will have more than enough to

Do in order to survive rather than Dealing with those details Adam at will Turn against mankind who will not have Been able to harness it and its Lightning power will be devastating the Time of punish the time for punishment For a conceit will take place as hard as It can and man praying for their Ancestors glar mistakes will suffer Without having any control over the Situation this transformation of this Plan will will go through all these Cataclysms in order to be effectively Completed babagi now there's some other Messages I'm not going to read today Talking about nuclear power and how it's Going to ruin this world so nuclear Power is a part of that in the Solar Fleer Theory by this guy Matt Stein and Scientific evidence as as a possibility And it's already starting to disrupt the Electric the electr magnetic grid and You know I'm saying these things because I've known about them and I believe this Stuff is happening and you see more and More there's just this Postapocalytic type of thing right the Apocalyse that I cover here on my this Channel my other channel there's just Something going on that's you know um it Feels like it's the end right it's like The end of our not the end of the Earth Or not an end of our life necessarily But the end of life our lifestyle as we

Now know it it's collapsing all around Us the politicians the you know the the Division the you know just the moral Breakdown and you know just how crazy The Earth has gotten how crazy people Have gotten and now you know there's This you think about electricity you Know the how the importance of Electricity and you know people's daily Lives in terms of connecting with other People on the internet and then just Food storage and all the stuff to do With our food food system and you know If the electrical grid goes down and any You know globally or locally or whatever It is they'll have devastating results And effects and um you know this could Be coming sooner than later and if you Haven't started preparing you know and I Don't know what to do for people each Person has to decide for themselves how To prepare and certainly prepare just to Accept that something like this might Happen if you haven't started to do that You're kind of screwed so it's it's not Like you know it's kind of late in the Game to you know adjust yourself to this Level I mean if you're an older person You know and I'm getting into that time It's just you know those kind of changes Are going to be hard to do um but you Know this is potentially there for Everybody and we'll see what happens but This is you know like these things that

Were predicted and I've known about for A while that this you know potentially Could happen or is going to happen is Now getting closer like if it's going to Happen it's going to happen it's going To start happening soon right you can See it and feel it and whatever all Right so let's get to the other stuff Here so this is very timely somehow we Ended up here Apocalypse having to go to work that's a Great quality meme one of my um friends Posted this I think on Facebook he is Not and clearly Disturbed the standard He's angry Vanity Fair he's own family Hates him the New York Post he sounds Like he's transmitting from another Galaxy he is so Grazy in New York Post Kennedy is a humorless bully living in a Paranoid fantasy Vanity Fair so this goes on for 30 Minutes Um with some other things here if you Paid a bill late you're a dead beat and So so it's just all these things that You know he's pushing here um you know There's a song you know he had a a Parasite a worm that got into his brain And ate part of it and my wife and I Were joking you know maybe it ate the Part of him that that hates boops right Um So um so you're just joking um like a Roast like

Joke uh not a reflective of my belief System but you know it's funny but Anyways I guess he came out and said he Could have five worms eating his brain He'd still beat Biden and Trump in a Debate um you know what a mess this is But this is you know he's trying to Present himself as a Outsider that's Being demonized but you know the ship Has sailed based on his um you know Bending over and getting serviced by That guy from uh Rabbi schmi the guy Who's his daughter sells kosher dongs Right US Marines official nearly half of Our drones IDF shoots down are its own So the Israel Israelis are shooting down Their own Drones um so that's happening and then Google is co-funding a guaranteed basic Income trial that gives families $122,000 a year to help keep them housed So this is the agenda um 31 housing and If you haven't noticed this you know We've had an influx of people living Near us you know we live kind of near a Big city and there are all these um Apartment complexes that look very Similar and they're around where grocery Stores are you know these 15minute Cities and underneath the um the Apartments are restaurants and and you Know other businesses and you're seeing More and more of these types of Population centers we have about 50 of

Them that have gone up just around our Our area and and they're totally like 15minute City stuff and there's one big One where there's all these restaurants A big grocery store chain and you could Drive to all this stuff within about Five minutes and you know I mean you Wouldn't I mean it's just the 15minute Cities and so these things are Happening I say this as a holocaust Survivor that the genocide in Gaza is Not happening in my name and in our name The way that the Israeli government is Using the memory of the Holocaust in Order to justify what they're doing to The gazin is a complete insult to the Memory of the Holocaust is an outrage When I saw the Israeli ambassador to the United Nations putting on a yellow star Or stomach turning somebody who had to Wear a yellow star like myself and my Entire family I'm insulted by that what Distinguishes the Jewish Holocaust is Its industrial scale and Industrial Methods being applied and what has been Happening to Gaza is similar in that the Scale of the bombing and the Indiscriminate nature of the bombing the Complete lack of care about children and Women being all right so I'm going to Have to edit out a bunch of the images Here bunch of disturbing images they're Showing um but you can watch the whole Video the one video isra Israel doesn't

Want you to see on YouTube but here's a Holocaust Survivor saying that this What's happening in Gaza is similar to What he went through um and so you know I mean I'm not going to play the whole Video but you get the idea Here okay so my internet sucks um it Just this is called a debated the my Pillow guy and he almost cried you know Like lwh hanging fruit bro like It's you need help this kid needs prayer We need to pray for We need to for him I love it keep Booing boo all you want boo all you want I'm a rebel I'm here for your booze you Old Maga people all you want it's okay Spending all your money CU you've been Conned by Donald Trump I'm sorry and he Does know that who won Wisconsin though Who won Wisconsin have to do with the Widespread front I'm telling you I want The machine G God bless you all um I know a lot of You were out in the parking lot and you Probably see me getting attacked by a Journalist out there that's not a Journalist bro it's a kid with a Microphone and a freaking Cam and a [Laughter] Phone um and a Friend well you guys uh and I thank you For all trying to get involved there but This is how we get the word out how you Doing today Mr L how's my pillow

Business going okay so he's goingon to Somehow he's pretending to be on his Side here if you remember correctly or Not actually it was in the winter it was Bill bar appointed by that it doesn't Matter who appointed him because you say Donald Trump picks the best people but Then everyone Donald like just you know Like these people have no clue at how Clueless they are I mean like the good Thing to know is like how little you Know right I'm talking about myself or Anybody else like it's just you have to Be comfortable like not being in control Knowing what's going to happen knowing What's going on really right I mean the Deception is so great And we're so degraded and these guys Pretending like they have a grasp on Things talk to Donald Trump about this I You haven't you watched the news I'm the Only one in January of 2021 why why are You trying to talk to him I me he's he's Trying to use it for like this guy's Trying to convince this guy you know my Fellow guy um and I don't know what's You know what kind of shell this guy is Or what but you know this guy's just Trying to build a brand and have his Liberal supporters and it's just you Know it's worthless right you're just a Waste of energy like you're Your Existence is pointless has no value I Mean just you know at least this part of

It on the other hand flamewing robot dog Capable of shooting fire up to 30 feet Now we're getting Somewhere Kaboom like there it is right Now we're now we're using technology the Way it should be used I mean you know Having these guys walk walked around the Therminator walking around shooting fire At People um it just makes sense right like With a purge coming you know you just Need who doesn't need a a flame-throwing Robot Dog Regulators told to handle failed Clearing Houses regulations must equip Themselves Regulators must equip Themselves with tools such as bail in Bonds to deal with quickly to deal Quickly with failed Clearing Houses for Stock bonds or derivatives without Having to call on taxpayers cash the G20's risk watchog said Thursday so There's going to be another economic Collapse is what they're saying Here Um there are five reasons the chosen Ones cannot be around a lot of People so I'm going to talk about this In a second I'll just listen a little Bit more of it first their energy is Unique it's like a radio frequency that Not everyone can choose into this unique Vibration can cause discomfort for the Chosen one when around too many

People second they are often empaths They feel the emotions of others deeply Which can be overwhelming in large Groups third they're on a different path Their Journey towards spiritual Enlightenment is not a common Road Making it challenging to connect with Many so some of the stuff that I you Know heard you know that goes on the Video goes on from there the problem is Calling people the chosen ones which is A horrible way to you know it's just a I Mean it shows the lack of any sort of Spiritual knowledge or any sort of Consciousness the chosen ones is not you Know because there's a lot of arrogance And narcissism in the New Age community And this idea I'm an indigo child or I'm A you know a crystal child or whatever These things are right you know in the Sjar system there is going to be like I Said a genetic mutation this is the Prophecies and people are going to Become like it's going to be a society Of saints where there's been these Higher developed Souls you know we have All this junk DNA they call it it's but It's unrealized Potential and it relates to people's Relationship with the Divinity within Them and a spiritual maturity and that There's an opportunity now because of The you know this is either going to go One way or the other it's not going to

Be a middle of the road riding the fence Type of situation people are going to Either evolve or going to be wiped out Completely or you know the de evolution Of the the planet or whatever it is Right it's either going to rise up or or We're going to you know it's like one of Those things sink or Swim and so there are people who have Spiritual Tendencies and they're right About some of the things or you know at Least in you know theory about what Spiritual people people who have a Higher level of you know vibr level you Know I covered this in my last video the Video entitled um let me pull it up here Silly little people and telling silly Little Lies that's a great Title um but I covered that in that Video right and you know um doesn't have Very many views as I look at it Now but I just I guess put it up Yesterday so um it's got 3,000 views so It should have 5,000 before it's at Least you know that's like the Mean uh but it's more important video Because of what I talk about this Spiritual Renaissance that's happening Right and you know there are people who Just are at a higher level but they're Not chosen ones it's just like anything Else there's people that are above you And Below you right and you don't want

To think about the people above you as Chosen ones I mean you can you can respect their Accomplishments you can respect their Mastery and their spiritual you know Their spiritual Nature but you don't want to think of Them as chosen ones like it's just this Idea when you watch a movie and there's All these NPCs out there in the movie You know characters getting killed you Know extras being killed left and right By the you know protagonists who the Only people that matter are the villains And the protagonists the characters who Have lines and everyone else is an NPC and so it's not a chosen one because In part it's something you have to Choose right you know God's always there And the spiritual path is available to Every single person God's in everybody And everything God's Everywhere You Know The Way creation works I the way the World was created there has to be a Basis of creation right a media you know Like when you're an artist some people Use oil paint some people are sculptors Some people or whatever it is right use A computer to create Artwork and you know the media that you Use to create to create something comes From Divine love like everything the Original media for all creation is Divine love so everything that has been

Created is divine at its you know base At its base right at its at its original C Center starting point like if you go To the center of anything you'll find God but on the periphery you find ego You find personality you find you know a Heaviness grossness I mean something Like a rock right like you know that's Dense something that's heavy something That's has a lot of Mass to it and the More subtle you are the closer you are To the divine right so when you shed Your body and you're just a soul you're You know you're an etheric being your a Life form that's energy you know based In energy that is you know Superior to Or you know not Superior to but more Subtle than a grosser form of life and You can get closer to the divine right When you penetrate to your spiritual Side you get closer to the Divinity Within you and Divinity as a whole and That potential exists in all people but It's service oriented it's not ego Satisfying you don't feel like a great Person in fact you shouldn't you should Be humble you know as a spiritual person You need to be humble you need to be you Know service oriented you need to be um Subservient to God I mean you're Literally is like a master or slave Relationship where you know the master Is a benevolent energetic you know force Of divine love and you're serving that

Essence of creation right but in a you Know completely submissive way where Your ego is bowing down to your soul and You know Divinity as a whole and saying You know please allow me to serve you in Any way possible and you're giving up Your freedom of choice you're giving up Your freedom to choose to do the wrong Thing you're giving up your indulgences And you know things that you do that you Waste wasting time and wasting energy I Mean a real Saint is just service Serving God all the time and not Indulging in all the pleasures and Things that exist on Planet Earth you Know I mean when those things are a part Of their natural existence sure right But it's not an indulgent you know Creature that is just looking for the Next good time and looking for the next You know big ego Satisfaction and so that's why people Don't do it because people people want To you know want to indulge people want To make their own choices make their own Mistakes enjoy making their own mistakes I mean look at you know people in General yourself and other people in Your lives or you know everybody and Think about the mistakes people are Making over and over again you know Alcoholics you know like never you know Realizing oh this stuff is killing me Emotionally physically you know it's

Destroying my life and I keep on doing It right you know whatever it might be Right so any kind of an addict doing the Same addictive behaviors and losing Their families losing their lives you Know having ruined lives and they can't Stop doing it right and so that's what People are an ant just dropped on my bed There's Ants you know the big black ants I think They're carpenter ants so that's not Good they're in the our bathroom and all This stuff um anyways and so everything Is you know has a potential to be Spiritual just that people don't choose It they don't choose it because it's It's you know it's not satisfying to One's ego and so you might have Spiritual potential but what are you Going to do with it right and I talk About that and the need to you know work On that and just move forward a little Bit if you can't you know do the whole Enchilada at least you know dip your toe In this world of spirituality I'm not Saying you should or shouldn't do Anything because it's completely up to Each person to choose but you know with Everything that happen in the world it's Necessary And the people who are willing to Embrace an attitude of service and Connect with the Divinity within them And humble their egos are going to be

The ones that are going to make it Through you know this test that we're All undergoing here so there's no chosen Ones like this idea of a chosen one it's Like predestined and it isn't right You're not chosen you have to choose Right your potential is in you and some People have greater potential but do you Choose it is your ego uh you know is Your ego humble enough to Uh see the writing on the wall and and And willing to change because you got to Be willing to change and most people Don't want to hear that right never Mind even thinking about doing it or Doing it let's get back to the other Stuff Here so I saw this trailer YouTube's Been recommending trailers to me I Always like to watch trailers and They're all just so redundant but when They do come up with something new It Usually sucks like they just remake the Same story lines and plot lines and I Can't use some of these trailers you Know I'm I'm tired of just you know Having to edit these things because they They're stupid enough to copyright a Trailer this woman is Dakota Johnson and This is sea Penn you know the guy who Wanted to smelt his Oscar Remember it's called Daddyo there she Is she gets a text message here

But I need you and he Says he's married I know he's married Don't drive a cab 20 years and not know People so they they start off a Relationship and you know I'm not this There's music in this so I know they're Going to copyright it how'd you meet Your wife she threw up in my Cab oh this is going to [Laughter] Suck too pretentious um you know the guy Who smelt his Oscar He was going to smelt his Oscar if they Didn't let Zalinski they didn't invite him to the Academy Awards he's going to smelt his Oscar or then he just gave it to Zalinsky because you know zinski is a Great actor but to add to this I thought This was a joke trailer like people make Their own trailers but this is a movie Called Dracula starring Kean o Ree and Jenny Ortega who I believe played the Wednesday Character in the most recent you know Show Wednesday Boom Universal Legend Says that the great Warrior who was damned by God Himself now resides in the ancient Castle no way Craving for blood who who is this great Warrior sometimes I can't control what

I'm Doing it's a classic Horror Story no one Can escape Me what do you want from me I think your Blood he probably wants your blood Before mention that he's craving blood And you have blood so maybe you're Blood like what kind of is this all CGI It's like really poorly done I have been Looking for you for hundreds of years You like it looks so weird There are going to be mine They're actually making this is an Actual Movie I Am The it's just a love story Joe Biden Announced hopes for an imminent Ceasefire in Gaza while housing an ice Cream next to Seth Meers and I really Hope there is a ceasefire but the lack Of urgency from the US regarding one has Been shameful especially as just this Week more than 100 people were killed After Israeli forces opened fire on a Crowd waiting to get aid from a convoy And a state department spokesperson Tried to justify America's reluctance to Stand up to Israel before being Spectacularly corrected by an AP Reporter the United States does not Dictate to Israel what it must do just As we don't dictate to any country what It must do we present what we

Believe we present what unless we invade Them We Believe Are good one Matt no I mean but but come on wow that Is brutal and I so badly want that Reporter factchecking every press Briefing from now on listen we'd never Support settling in someone else's Homeland unless they're Native American Y yeah right right but we' never bomb Innocent civilians unless it's by drone Fair Point Fair Point good one but we'd Never destroy their Villages unless They're Vietnamese oh come on Max come On the fact that that guy would say we Don't tell anybody else what to do and Then the guy says yeah unless we invade Him he's like come on man come on come On come on you know like he's he's Laughing it off like it's funny we tell Countries what to do all the time we M Manipulate governments we just destroyed Libya and took away their we did regime Change in Libya and tried to to do it in Syria we did in Iraq and we did in Afghanistan and then put in puppet Leaders and we've been doing that for Years CIA has manipulated elections and You know kill leaders and assassinate Leaders and undermine I mean just you Know whatever it is undermine Democracies I mean it's kind of our Thing right and to pretend that we don't

Do those things and that we don't invade Other countries and you we wouldn't tell Israel what to do but Biden just Withheld arms you know the problem with Israel is is we've been supporting them For years we've been propping them up Financially and Militarily and a lot of Americans aren't Into it and now more than ever you know My wife was saying that lots of people Think it's a um it's a you know it's a Distraction or it's something these you Know these protests are manipulated Which of course they are to a certain Extent you know I said this when I Covered the Kyrie Irving thing and they Overreacted to Kyrie Irving's tweet About a movie that he you know he posted A link to it that's still available on Amazon that they said was anti-semitic But they didn't try to get the the movie Taken down Heroes to Negroes to uh uh Hebrews to Negroes and so um Negroes to Hebrews I don't know one of those things And you know the movie I watched it it's Horrible but you know he um just posted A link and they went after him and find Him was a whole thing right and I was Saying that it seemed like all these Other groups were getting more attention And getting more victim Consciousness And so the ADL and all these other uh You know various groups that are Supporting the you know the the rights

Of Jewish people all these things Started to ramp up the attention Grabbing type of things and you talking About all these ways that they're being Victimized and you everybody wants Victim Consciousness and some groups are You know it's their whole thing it's Their whole it's what they do best right And so that could be part of these Protests or whatever's going on but America is you know on the hook for all These things that Israel wants to do and They're not cooperating or listening to Or you know they're not doing anything They're not listening to anything that's Being said to them by America and these Other uh you know countries the UN all Of it right they're just going to go Ahead and do it and I told you they had To do it this is their last opportunity To grab Gaza right to grab you know they Want all this land I mean if they're Saying that they the Israel was promised To them the picture that's here is the The you know that's Israel of the Bible So it's far more than just Israel and These you know Gaza and the the West Bank it's you know lots more land but They want all of it they know we know They want all of it right it's been very Obvious about it and so that's the first Piece to it right but anyways there's Some other things going on you know that I'm not going to cover today I have them

Up on my other my other browser my other Toolbar but you know it's just going to Be an ongoing story this thing with the Magnetic Poles I can't imagine that there won't Be significant issues right because There's always these things there's Always these doomday doomsday Thing 2012 Y2K right end the world stuff and when It doesn't end it doesn't end right or If there isn't a significant you know Covid even the big event 2001 I mean These big catastrophic events life goes On and you have things that you think Are you know that you couldn't withand Like things that happen loss of a child I divorce things like this you know People have their things in their life That you know relatives dying tragedies You know things their own personal Apocalypse and people endure right People you know pick themselves back up I mean sometimes they don't but most Cases they you know people usually don't Crumble and fold there might be Something that happens and people will And you know they give up they quit they Become alcoholics but in Mass you know People in general will you know triumph Over whatever happens to him and you Know so there's that right like it's Been the case not just with human beings But animals you think about animals They're constantly losing their homes

You know some other animal kicks them Out of their home there's some kind of Storm it is or whatever natural events Floods whatever it might be and you know They try to survive they find a way to Survive some die and you know they Repopulate and you know things keep on Going but there's this idea too big to Fail you know that we can't possibly Survive what's happening now in the World which you know in terms of a Collapse of our system like we wouldn't Survive without it too big to feel fail Right and you know there are things out There that can make the system fail and Inevitably it will happen because it's Happened before to every Empire every System like this right they fail Eventually everything dies everything Ends and you know it's happened before There's been as as far as I know greater Technologically developed uh Civilizations on Earth that no longer Are here that are more advanced than What we were and you know now they're Gone people Liv longer lives they were You know they were Superior in some way Or another um to the you know the slave Population that's been left behind here Like you know I've talked about my Theory about this or my understanding of It you know sometimes it's an act of God Some sort of natural event sometimes It's you know man's own um you know

Stupid decisions or whatever it is Sometimes it's like a combination of Both probably a combination of both now But we're getting close to it like it Just seems like that just by the way People are behaving and like we're Getting worse and worse and you know Just the kids in each generation how you Know immoral and how twisted people are And just how low functioning they are And how they don't have the capacity Entitled and don't have the capacity to To deal with things and and so it looks Like there's going to be a so may major Depopulation events right and you know That's going to happen or not we'll see Like it looks like it's going to happen Of course there's these prophecies that I believe in and just you know it just Has this General apocalyptic feel and Like you know there isn't a solution on The horizon and the solution is that People have to change you know people Having a solution like well if the Republicans would just understand or if The Democrats would just get it or if China would just knock it off or Whatever right like people have these Various ways of looking at it and saying You know it's the Deep State you know There's some clown I I think guy's name Is Matt Wallace and he's some freaking QB you know Alex Jonesy kind of Profiteering uh um fake truth or

Whatever it is and you know then I get I Saw this one post at Twitter recommended And I clicked on it because I you know There a story about Drake I talked about This before and it was a bait and switch And the guy just sucks I'm like oh this Guy's horrible and you know there's just People who have these attitudes that It's one group that has to change we Just get rid of the deep state or we get Rid of this or that you know people like Some of you have that attitude you know It's just wishful thinking people suck Right now and we're getting worse like We've seen it each generation gets Weaker more entitled and just suckier And stupider and like just suckier right People just suck more and more and it's Not just one you know one group of People or one country or you know one Demographic it's collectively and we're Going in the wrong direction and there's No you know there's no movement out There people are wanting to change and To reach up to a higher level and I've Talked about the need for Spiritual Allity and connect to God but people's Egos don't want any part of that Right you know and so it seems highly Unlikely right it doesn't seem like Something that is going to happen like In any way shape or form and so you know There's a solution here it's just people Won't accept it or even try it I mean do

You think they will do you think if Everyone had to give things up and Changed and change and you put behind Some of their petty little stuff I mean People can't even do that to stay Married for the kids sake and for their Own sake and you know people can't even Give up their you know whatever it is It's small little you know Petty things And and you know things that are Insignificant they go through pain and Suffering can't get rid of addictions And you know how they going to make Massive changes and rise up to a higher Level I mean there's no you know there's No Initiative for that there's no desire For that people aren't clamming for that They don't crave it they're not looking To better themselves they're not looking To connect with the Divinity within them They're not looking to be something more Than they are they have their little Pleasures they have their little things That they do and you know I mean we all Have it and we're just looking forward To those things and you know getting Through the day in some cases I mean Depending how miserable people are People are bankrupt and don't have Anything within them to I mean just Fighting to to you know keep going and They're miserable existence they're Depressed and each generation gets Weaker right and so you know that's

Where we are as a you know culture and a Country and that's when your system Collapses when people themselves are Become so low functioning that the System has to collapse but you know if There is this reversal of the poles and Apparently you know the it's really Starting to to go down to the middle Part of the country like you know not All the way down to the South but people Are starting to see the the Northern Lights which again is you know part of This whole pole reversal thing and if That does exist and it's something That's coming and is already we're in Process of doing that well of course It's going to mess with the I mean if You bring a giant magnet too close to Your computer or your you know whatever It is you can easily Wipe Out the memory Right electromagnetic energy and a Magnets themselves and solar flares and You know that it it just causes havoc in A system that's completely dependent on Computers and electricity and of course There's AI you know my wife was joking We're talking about this and she said She's the one said she sent me um you Know the article about the the solar Flares and she had sent me something About you know Miss America had just Miss USA or whatever had just resigned And she wrote a cryptic message a hidden Message and then Miss Teen USA resigned

And I covered this on my other channel Just a video uh I put up today on Sunday Ma May 12th this one will go up tomorrow On the 13th my wife said you know a Solar flare taken down the the the world And Miss you know uh I mean It's you know it all becomes like a big Blur of you know just Ridiculousness but anyways only Spirituality will save this world it's Far definely important for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be Grateful E E for

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