(reposted)Trump gets golden sneakers Hicky Naily gets golden $hekles & Kamala gets golden Knee Pads

(reposted)Trump gets golden sneakers Hicky Naily gets golden $hekles & Kamala gets golden Knee Pads

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I Put up a video yesterday and I had the Wrong audio in the beginning an audio That I was making a video uh yesterday For the Grateful meditation and then you Know bunch of things happened where I Just decided to pull all my you know Dodgy Heartfulness cult videos um I don't Really love the word Cult U because people have you know the Idea of Jim Jones and these things when They say cult and when I I mean Cult um you know a spiritual Organization Is a organization where the leader of The organization is a spiritual Saint Spiritual master and that person Sacrifices their own needs for the Betterment of the members right it's Somebody who is sacrificing and serving The members which is the case for the Three first m masters of the S Mark System and a cult leader is somebody who Expects the followers to sacrific Themselves for the the leader wishes and That's what's happened in the Heartfulness debacle with Dody um just The organization so I um you know it's Not like what people think of a Traditional cult because it's not it's You know it's it's more it's not as much Of a people can quit anytime they and It's like a you know kind of a lesser

Thing but in you know that definition All religions are Cults right where they Members are expected to sacrifice for The organization if not the leader of The organization right um and so like This is um how I view you know the idea Of a cult you know real true religion or Spiritual organization is sacrificing Itself and you know the people who will Run it the leadership for the the Betterment of the people and they are You know doing spiritual work that is um You know comes from a a place of service Right but anyways um I have a whole Story about that and so I posted the Wrong audio the Audio I was supposed to Post was about U more to do with the Heart uh heart issues and things which I've kind of Overcome um you know so just um just Information about that and um I was Recommended a video today this morning By Dr Berg about how to get rid of a hi Idal hernia I want to share some from The video but like I um you know just What I'm reading now I have it open on My phone but I just want to go back to Say that I'm going to post a video on The gratefulness meditation sort of Explain everything and everything I sort Of went through and learned and you know Where I'm at with the whole thing and The reason I deleted the videos and all This

Um this is uh well I don't know the Title yet I'll I've got it in I got the Videoos a big video you know I opened it Up but um he says the um symptoms of uh A hiatal hernia and that's like part of Your stomach that uh pushes through the Diaphragm is indigestion heartb burden Bloating nausea shortness of breath Anxiety heart R heart rhythm Problems panic attack and Belching and I guess there's a spasm There at the bottom but it's not one of The um and so if you're having those Symptoms like I think I had most of Those symptoms I don't know if I had any Panic attacks but I did wake up panicked When I had covid so that could be I Don't know I'd wake up with like a sense Of panic it didn't happen very often and Not really since covid but the other Symptoms I had um You know to one degree or another the Bloating and the things like that and it Happened when I had covid so I don't Know if Co caused it I don't know you Know but it it felt like my stomach was Swelling and putting pressure on my Chest and then my heart got involved and So again I'm not a doctor I'm not like You know recommending anything but in Terms of um the videos called anal herry Uh hi herry the best home treatment Um so he has ways of dealing with the Hial hernia you can check out his video

It's two years old uh but it was you Know goes with the Earth things I'm About to show you and I showed you in my Last video in terms of you know the idea That the heart isn't so much the heart Rythmia that people are suffering from Covid might be caused by something to do With digestion of the stomach or Something and again not a doctor not Recommending things just sharing Information that's been helpful to me But like I said I'll put a video up Today um for the gratefulness Meditation and um it would still explain Everything and you know it's I feel good About it all um like Relieved and you know I mean it's um it Was a positive experience I went through Something a little bit with it and it's The reason that I accidentally put the Wrong audio in is that my videos on my Other channels have suffered since I was Doing this Playlist about dodgy failure and the Corruptness of the heartfulness system And dodgy and his people and I put Together a playlist and you know it just It's different than the other things That I do because it's personal like I've had a personal experience with the System and you know I'm I'm somewhat Less bummed out but I'm still you know At times bummed out by the fact that Something that's so great helped all of

Us um you know it's help many of us has Turned into what it's turned into right It's a you know it's something that was Great and now it sucks I mean it really Sucks like it's gone from something that Was really great to really sucking and You know that's a bummer and so um and Just connecting with the organization And the energy that they have and the People and it's just so like it's it's Not only a bummer but it's it drags you Down Energetically at least it does to me so I um yeah again I'm going to post that On my other channel today hopefully Today and you know that's just an Explanation so I put up a video and the Audio came from a video I was already Making and you know it's an audio that I Wasn't going to use because I was just Drained and you know um there's some Things that happened or whatever that I Don't know and so it was kind of a weird Way to start the video because it wasn't An introduction I don't think I said Please you know was in the middle of a Video I was already making I put an Audio in and I put the wrong audio and That's the kind of thing I do when I get Really tired or you know I mean I just Was trying to get the video done Yesterday uh but I want to put my you Know my energy back into the videos on This channel on the Apocalypse Now and

You know get away from the whole thing That I was doing there because it just You know it just had negative effect on Me so anyways that's the explanation for What happened yesterday I deleted the Video but I'm going to repost the video Here and then with the missing audio That I meant to have in the beginning of The video okay so uh here it is okay so Apparently what I I didn't save the Audio so that was what the problem was I Put the audio in that was supposed to be The audio but I didn't save it I didn't Save the audio so the Audio I put in was From the previous Video um which again I'm not going to I'm going to I'm not making that video Now so it's like the whole thing um so What I was talking about Was that you know my heart Issues have more or less gone away Because I addressed this in the previous Video here on P to the Future that you Know people were having hard arhythmia And I had it when I was was um had covid And then postco I you know weird things With my heart uh then mostly I think it Was worse during Omron but I had a lot of swelling of my Stomach like it my stomach was bloated Which I don't remember ever happening Before and it went on long past covid Like it just you know I just had Digestive problems I end up taking

Something boreum and again I'm not Recommending anything here none of this Stuff is Health advice like I don't give Health advice I am not a medical person Or a Healer I just you know learn things For Myself and you know I posted a video Talking about that like in the beginning In introduction because I knew some Other people are suffering and people Are still leaving comments about they've Suffered or family members are suffered You know whatever and there's something Going on with the heart we know now like The heart is being attacked and it Doesn't have to be attacked directly it Can be attacked through you know your Nervous system or you know often times People might the cause of death will be Heart failure or Cardiac Arrest or Whatever but that's caused by some other Trauma to the body and so that might be Eventually how you die like you you Something has to stop right like your Your brain has to stop your heart has to Stop right you need you know there's Things that will kill you like you know I mean loss of blood or something like That but how does your body end up Ceasing to function so the cause of Death you know what exactly was you know What happened to there might be other Things extending circumstances right you Know they say a drug overdose is the

Cause of death but what eventually Caused your heart to stop because that's What really causes your death when your Heart stops right you know when you die Your heart stops and you know things in Your body might make your heart stop Other things other systems but there's You know you can live with other th Without certain things right certain Organs you know you can't live without Your lungs you can't live if you can't Breathe right you can't live without Your heart beating you can live without Your you know you can live with kidney Failure or liver failure for a short Period of time you know these are things That eventually will cause your heart to Stop or whatever um but in terms of the Covid and the bloop and all the other Things you know 5G or whatever Whatever's Happening Now people's hearts Are not you know people people are Having issues With their hearts and what's ever Causing that whether it be a nervous System whether it be some kind of you Know whatever uh hial Heria or something Uh we see that there's problems with the Heart and it's affecting young people And so like people have to there's Research out there and you know I don't Think we'll ever understand or get the Information of what Co actually does to People and actually what it is like it

Seems to me like a biological weapon That's not meant to kill people it's not Fatal for the most part but people are Having long-term effects health effects I think it's going to attack people's Reproductive system which is also has to Do with the heart spe you know Particularly in men and then all these Other things right weaken people right It seems to be something to weaken People and you know have bizarre um you Know Health reactions that can come out Of nowhere right and so I think you see an uptick in um lots of Chronic diseases and there was always You know before covid hit there's an Article talking about all these young People suffering it was like a third of Young people between was like 18 or 20 And 40 were suffering one chronic Illness and like 20% were suffering two And so young people are you know having Poor health and then of course you know Things that go with it mental issues and Things Anxiety and so people are lower and Lower functioning you know my brother Said in war the enemy is much happier to Wound people then kill them right Wounded soldiers and you know and not Only that you know soldiers coming back With you know physical disabilities Because of what's happened to them in War is a drain on the economy of the

Country right it's a drain on the you Know their ability to work they young People that are going to be saddled with Health issues and you know they suffered The health issues while defending their Country or you know being a part of a Military so the the government's on the Hook for it and it's a great way to you Know I mean look at the the VA and also Psychological issues and PTSD you know It becomes a drain on the Country where War and the you know the Casualties of War it's one thing if People die you know and it's just clean But if they're if they come back broken And you're now Financially um you know fight Financially responsible for them they Can't provide for themselves right which Is you know off of the case and so That's what you know militaries would Prefer and this is kind of what seems to Be happening with Co anyways um so this Was again there was a mistake in audio And I don't have to recreate it but I've You know got you my exercise has gotten Better and I'm able to get my heart rate Up without any issues I was worried About it like it becomes an issue that's The other thing that causes Stress and Anxiety if you have you know uh heart Issues like arhythmia in your heart you See all these people dropping like flies Then you start well with you know and I

Don't trust the alpath system because of My past Experiences and so you know what do I do Right like I can't you know verify it Like I my chiropractor told me you know He had a family friend his wife's friend Who um her husband went to get he was Like 40 years old guy you know in good Physical shape and he went to get a Stress test you know where they're Prepared for people to have a heart Issue and he had a heart attack or you Know heart failure and died you know he Young guy 40 you know still 30s 40s I Don't know um Young on the younger side And you know someone in good shape and You know like three little kids and Whatever just from you know um and so That's the the world we live in now Where young people are I may cover this On my other channel young people are Just exercising and they get their heart Rate up and their heart doesn't you know Isn't able to function and so um you Know I feel like it seems like my Situation is much better and you know Supplements and things that I've done um But you know like we'll see how moving Forward a lot of people had given me Remedies and things which were some of Them are helpful things that I had done Before but it's not been like as much of An issue and you know there's all these Other things that could be affecting it

You know other organs other you know Whatever we're not going to be able to Get to the bottom of it from the Official story of the people who are you Know the covid people because the idea Is a weakened population I mean that's The only thing I can you know we're Moving towards depopulation and the best Way to do that is uh create problems With the reproductive system of young People and have the birth rates go down Which is already happening you know the Death rates going up is one thing but It's the about of children being born That's the issue right it's the you know That's they have to get the birth rate Down that's how you reduce Population anyways um it's just you know I kind of recreated I think what I said Yesterday and here's the rest of the Video all right so I showed you a Chiropractor video that showed you this Guy's another Dr Sanjay Gupta but a Different One um and so this guy is saying gastric Syndrome hard palpitations caused by Your stomach and I didn't get a chance To watch this I don't know if I will but This was the original video that the Woman this chiropractor was referring to Right and I know like there's so many Comments I got from people that they're All suffering or other people are Suffering and you know there's

Information out there there's no reason To you know there's to not kind of get a Sense of what's going on because it Takes some searching and you know a lot Of things are I mean there's a Differential diagnosis but I don't trust The alpath medical community So that is whatever it is but um you Know there's information out there and There's different ways to look at it and You know you're not going to get the Truth about covid anytime soon and so You know and all the rest of it right um This is what number one remedy for heart Palpitations Um you know like I didn't watch this I Like Dr Berg but you know everything Comes and ends with keto with him but I Watched a little bit of this I sent to My wife and she was watching some of it U but there's just things out there what I'm saying is you know you can look at The different theories and understanding About and nutrition-based solutions and Whatever it is Right so this goes along with Amateur Hour this is Rick patino now Rick patino He bangs some you know hoe in a like Denny's or bar or something right like Right there in the bar and she gets Pregnant I think he was at Kentucky or Louisville or one of these schools and She gets pregnant and she's crazy like She's

Nuts and he's married and it's going to Cause problems so his assistant coach Marries her like he had assistant coach That just marries this girl to keep her Quiet and there was a whole Scandal Related to that and then down the line He said recruiting scandals and giving Players money and you know all these Things so he's bounced around from one School to another and Scandals have Followed this guy wherever he goes and He's done some cedy stuff so he's ended Up at St John's University which used to Be a good basketball school but lately It's been bad and they lost a game and He just throws his team under the bus in A total Amateur hour move even even the Celtics when we lost I've enjoyed every Minute being a bus and Celtic coach Didn't like the fact that we lost in That following year but this has been The most unenjoyable experience I've had Since I've been coaching just thinking Of getting ready for George down because George toown could definitely beat us I Don't think they move well laterally I Don't think they're going to pick it up In the next week U I think they're slow Laterally I mean Shan Conway gives you Everything he can he's slow laterally About Five Guys of slow laterally I Think they're very Respectful they hear but they don't Listen it it's taken me a month to get

Them to throw bounce passes actually two Months to throw bounce Passes now everybody knows how throw a Bounce pass so you know you learn that When you're like playing you know when You're in third grade I mean bounce pass Is one of the first things you learned Certainly by high school you're very Familiar with the bounce pass and let's Say they got away from that it shouldn't Take them two months I mean he's saying They're unathletic and now he's saying They're Stupid you have any second thoughts of Taking this job no not at all it's not St John's it's my team I'm not even Thinking the future at all just thinking Of the next game and the next game and The next game and that's it just try to Get as many wins as you possibly can and Represent St John's in the best fashion You can the ball cannot go over your Head you understand that now I've Repeated this three times AJ let it go Over your head stop trying to dunk the Ball let's wide open Lay It Up in okay So Um Rick patino like there's a lot of Amateur hour stuff going going on there Putin makes a prize pick by backing Biden over Trump in rematch more Experienced and Predictable I bet he does I bet he wants Biden Russian President Vladimir Putin

Made a surprising pick in upcoming US President presidential election saying He prefers predictable Biden over Trump Who complimented Putin over the years Biden is more experienced and Predictable person a politician of the Old school we work with any US president Who the American people have confidence In Um that's kind of hilarious I don't know What that's about like some gamesmanship Here okay so Biden got booed here he's Introducing his golden I'm not Biden Trump hello everybody so thank you very Much and we have a few young ladies that Are up here crying look at you with the Trump 20124 thank you darling I yeah He's crying you too wow lot of emotion There's a lot of emotion in this room Thank you Who thank you so so the really nice Thing is we have lines and I want to Thank Chase and I want to thank Alan but We have lines going all around the block They're going all around this BL they've Never seen anything like this one I just Want to tell you you know I've wanted to Do this for a long time I have some Incredible people that work with me on Things and they came up with this and This is something I've been talking About for 12 years 13 years and I think It's going to be a big success yeah it's Going to be a big success influencers

Have been very positive they've been Real influencers and they love it and They love what we've Done that's the real Deal it's an ugly shoe it's the real Deal it's a real Deal and we appreciate it we really Appreciate more more than anything else I appreciate the turnout because they Say they've never had a turnout like This and we're going to do things that Are Terrific all right so that Happened the real you know it's just Like these are not good-look sneakers And they probably are cheap and hurt you I think they're $500 a sh for pair Whatever Um you know I mean it's a lot of this is Going to be Amateur hour Today speaking of which um Hickey N when they decided to try and put a Palestinian in one of the highest Positions that had ever been given at The UN we said no and we had him fed Out so then they tested us again and a Ridiculous report the faul report came Out I don't know who the guy is or what He's about but he's got serious Problems goes and Compares Israel to an AP paride state so the first thing we do Is we call the Secretary General and say This is absolutely ridiculous you have

To pull it the Secretary General Immediately pulled the report and then The director has now Resigned the days of Israel bashing are Over It wow she's such a sellout and she's so Unlikable I mean there is a one Politician I mean fedman you know at Least Biden and Trump are entertaining You know Trump I mean he just it gets Old right it gets old with all these People but I mean these guys are just a Disaster like she's so annoying and you Know such such a sellout and just I mean It's a there's just nowhere you know There's nowhere there's nobody that's They're just unwatchable in all of it Right Trump got his sneakers he NY got Her Shekel Ronda sans's dishes on making Trump's VIP short list and why he's not Ruling out a 2028 Run um he ain't going to be vice President and he mishandled this thing You know like he should have made a deal With Trump and said I'll support you but If you go to jail then you know whatever He could have signed on to be his vtp Early On um but he's so annoyed He killed his chance of being president By just being himself like he could have Just sort of backpacked on Trump and

Then if Trump went to jail but like no One knew he was that annoying so Like hickey n is horrible but you know This guy's a a total joke and so there's Just no way he'll ever be elected I Don't think hickey n i mean it's the Candidates are just getting worse and Worse not to be outdone by Trump Sneakers K Harris releases line of Golden knee pads Um I uh have been calling her knee pads Harris for a while so this is right in Line with that so there it is Trump got His golden Sneakers uh hickey Nelly got her um Golden shekels KLA got her golden knee Pads and DeSantis got his golden Platform Shoes it's everyone's going gold in an Amader hour day one of my viewers just Sent me this this is another apocalypse Itic Commercial we can never predict or Control what will happen in the world But our first most powerful instinct is Always the same to protect the ones we Love dude's President and he's Helpless wiping out the power to provide A sanctuary where they can be safe and Secure out of danger and out of Sight but with all the Comforts of home And surrounded by their most precious Possessions you got to build your

Apocalyptic fallout shelter Now opom creates underground Living Spaces that are highly secure and Complete completely discreet yet Beautifully appointed and entirely Bespoke with everything you this is big Business now because you know people are Aware of the apocaps and you can tell by One thing I lots of things the moral Breakdown and just all of it but one Thing is very telling in terms of where People's heads are at they have tried to Kill the real estate market over and Over again by you know by raising Interest rates and making it hard for People to buy homes and yet real estate Prices keep on either staying where they Are or going up unlike the real estate Bubble and all these things that Happened before they're trying to drive Down the real estate prices but people Are realizing that their cash isn't Worth anything and that inflation is way Worse than it actually they're saying And so they're looking for solid Investments like real estate and you Know whatever it is gold Commodities Things like that and as much as they try To drive those prices down they can and So that shows you people are like Freaked out morning Oklahoma maybe You're looking at your phone and it's Saying SOS what's going on my husband Had that this morning and he's freaking

Out and I was like did you did you do Your phone updates no this is all Happening at 3:00 a.m. so we did that Coming to work he's not the only one Guys if you're experiencing that it may Be a result of space weather okay I'm Going to do my best to explain what's Going on let's go ahead and take a look Look so there was a strong solar flare Event that happened just after midnight And they actually captured an image of It right here Okay all right so solar flares are Blocked by Earth's magnetic field and When the magnetic field goes down it's You know it's supposed to invert itself In the near future the poles are going To going to flip and then solar flares Can get through and they can just Destroy the electrical grid they can Wipe out all you know all Electro Electro electrical data I mean this is Like a major EMP type of Situation and then it looks it's already Doing it to cell phones and so if the Magnetic field is weakened which it Might might be you know we get hit with Solar flares all the time we don't even Know about because our magnetic field Protects it and sort of acts like a um Like a faraday cage to whatever extent Which blocks this stuff from interfering With all of our electri electronical gas Gadgets you know it' be probably good to

Get rid of all this stuff we'd be better Off but you Know once that happens we're we're back To the stone ages so I didn't get this Video done till 7 o'clock it's 7 o'clock Now I'm just wrapping this thing up but I went to the chiropractor with my wife And he asked me if we lost celf service So it actually happened where I live I Guess it happened to Verizon and I don't Know cuz I don't go on my phone so much And I'm usually would be on Wi-Fi but if this was a solar flare and This is you know start to happen more Frequently that means the magnetic field Is being weakened and it's only a matter Of time right you so enjoy it while it Lasts DNA holds 14 generations of Lineage how does that relate to our past Lives great question let's unpack this So I'm going to do my best to explain This but let's just start with the Basics so Okay I'm not going to watch this I don't The music's annoying but I wanted to Talk about it here so what I know about Past Lives um you know I feel Like I certainly have had past lives in India based in my experience I believe I've had Native American past lives and I think you know many other past lives Right probably past lives as a woman Past lives as um you know somebody uh

Like in Africa or uh you know different Colored skin you know whatever European Past lives maybe some American past Lives as well U but I have some vague Memories and some ideas of of people I Was possibly in a past life and I know I Had something you know at least at least One or two lives in India probably many More and some of those lives were longer Lives you know it's pretty vague and I It's not something that's a slam dunk And I can prove but I know there's past Lives and I've explained the logic Behind this but also you know people's Familiarity and things and you meet People like you feel like you've known Them for a very long time you just met Them and um Master chargie the third Master the S Mark system said you can't Have a conversation of more than three Minutes with a person you haven't had a Past life with which I thought was Interesting again that was you know Somebody told me that but that kind of Sounded right to me there's people that You immediately feel some connection With and other people that there's just Nothing there and the connection doesn't Always have to be positive but it's you Know you feel like there's some people That sort of stay in your life and They're important to you and then There's other people that just not so Much but you know they're still there

And then other people that are just Always going to be strangers to you There's just no connection and then There's connections to places people go To places and they feel like they've Been there before they feel feel Comfortable there so there's just things About like you know your own experience That can tell you that you this isn't Your first Time um but there's no DNA aspect to This like you're not going to Incarnate As a family member you're not going to Incarnate usually in the same family the Same genetic line I know the royal Family and people in the freemasonic Tradition some of these other Traditions Believe that to be true and maybe they Can work it out somehow on a soul level But it's not the way it works naturally You know the way it works naturally you Incarnate in the best possible situation To further your spiritual Evolution and So that is going to be whatever you know Race you're in whatever you know country You're in whatever um demographics Whatever your physical needs are you Know maybe you need to be a weak Physically physical person with lots of Illnesses just to benefit spiritually For some reason right to depend on God More whereas being a strong person You're you're less dependent on God Because you feel healthy and you know

There's just all these things that are Wired into your system and you know to Help you benefit you know the most Possible benefit Drive the most benefit Out of your situation here on planet Earth and so um you know it's kind of Interesting like somebody posted the Video but there's all this new age crap And you know people just don't know Anything a lot of times people just make Stuff up when they don't know and then Other people jump on it and becomes a You know it becomes a truth because lots Of people believe in it there's this Time as in Asheville North Carolina Which is a a very um heavily um Saturated with new age kind of thinking Very liberal town in a sort of a a more Um uh you know a red State you know a State that's used you traditionally was Red and now it's a little bit more Liberal but this is one of the more Liberal places and we were into like This big Crystal shop they had these Giant G noes of like amethyst crystals That were like five six feet high I mean They have a lot of them it's like you Know and we were in this Crystal shop Years and years ago this is you know my Previous marriage and all this and There's an old guy talking to a young Guy about aliens and spirituality and I Knew that these were things that people Talked about and I knew they were BS

Like they were completely not true and It's just stuff that people think they Know but it isn't personal knowledge you Know it's just like anything else people Belong to a group and that group gets a Sort of um you know belief system it's Happened here in the truth community and Things that aren't true get accepted as Truths and then when you challenge those Truths people call you a shell here or You know whatever it is in your Particular group but it's not based on Facts or anything real and so you know It's hard to I mean in terms of Experience of past lives and getting to Understand it most of the information You're going to find is just like Garbage but you know you can tell things That you feel comfortable with things That you feel that there's some kind of Sort of a connection you know some Things are going to stand out some People are going to stand out like I Said earlier and that's one way to tell You know that's one way to see that There's been a connection with people And places and activities or whatever in Some previous existence and whatever That means whatever that whatever it you Know how that plays out beforehand maybe Here on planet Earth or maybe some other Place or whatever you know your soul is Eternal your soul is created at the Beginning of creation and in most cases

Your soul will be there at the end of This you know when the universe implodes Back into itself and your you know your Lives are temporary so you know there's This aspect of it anyways I'm going to Wrap this one up here only spirituality Will save this world it's PA definitely Point from the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be grateful

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