Please watch this video before they take it down

Please watch this video before they take it down

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I'm going to put this video up on both Of my channels my two main channels pox The future and Apocalypse Now this is a Video that I uploaded to my Apocalypse Now Channel if you don't know where that Is if you're watching this on poxy Future it's in the um you know under the Description box I have all my channels Listed there I have four YouTube Channels uh and then um yeah and so Uh for those of you who saw this video On I made a video about this already in Pox the future this video it's called It's time for YouTu ESPN and CNN to Admit to the hate Speech and the original title had hate Crimes they committed against the Antivaxers and you know was to some Extent the truth Community also the Truth community and so YouTube um gave me a community Guidelines strike warning for this video And it was because I said that um there Was all these demographics of People who came together and shared one Belief that they didn't want to get the Bloop um which I said the word you Know and for whatever reason they Thought well you know we know the reason They thought that that was worthy of a Community guideline video takedown and So I waited they they took their time a Couple days and then they finally put

The video up and I don't know if there's Anything else in there they might flag Later I was going you know I felt like This video needs to be seen it's stuff That I haven't been able to say in the Past you know I feel like we've reached A point where it's so obvious that you Know this what always happens with the Truth community that you know the Truther say something the good truthers Not the you know the dummy ones and the Shills and all these things but people Who are it's not that hard to figure out What's going on right like it's just Easy and so I mean for most things and We say something it's pretty obvious What they're doing and then they come Out and deny it and attack us and censor Us or whatever and then some time goes On and they and we prove to be right and That time's passed for the whole Co Thing you know not right about every Little detail but you know overall right And they in this case went out and Committed hate speech against You know Antivaxers and so um I put the video up And then they gave me the community Guideline thing and I said I was going To put this video up Somewhere and you know it's a video that Uh needs to be watched and I see there's Only 2,000 views so far and I you know I Think I put this up last night so that's

Kind of low for my apoc last channel so I don't think they're notifying people Um but you know watch it while you can It's you know I it has some good stuff In there about you know all the things I've collected over the years and a lot Of things I haven't been able to say but You know I think they've loosened up Enough so I can say them and you know I Don't talk about the the you know the VAC so much as I talk about um you know All the you know ways that they Behaved you know and that it's I mean Like and justifying their behavior and Things like this and so I think it's a Good video and again like I'm not going To if they take it down at some point And I don't know if they will you know Like I don't like to get into this stuff Like oh my God this video is so Important because you know I mean it's All you know running its natural course Everything but in terms of the you know Uh all of it you know it's just um it's Part for the course so I'm not going to Put up a video up on either Channel Today other than this little reminder Video I have a a big video coming up in Pox the future where I get into some or The exchange with the AI bot an epic Comment about my channel and somebody Did a a review on my channel on Reddit Which is hilarious which I want to talk About so that's kind of a big YouTube

Video talking about like they're you Know how I mean just insane it is to Deal with their Bots You and you know the lies that the Bots Tell because the Bots can't you know Don't know any better but anyways um you Know I'm just getting into this stuff With YouTube a little bit you know for The past week or so cuz I think a lot of Things just have to be said you know the All you know the eventual uh you know Sort of U um separation from whatever This thing is and so you know like That's in beginning process here Ian It's been going on for a long time but Now it's coming to a you know ahead Because of the financial uh implications But anyways um you can you know check Out the whole thing And it's you know I feel like it's worth Watching and again it's a limited time And if it they take it down I'm not Going to find it you know now that I it Has been released you know I was good I Want it to be seen so I was going to Find another platform to put it up on if They didn't approve it cuz I just you Know again it was an important video but They did find something and you know They didn't I mean they did reverse it And so I'm going to it's it's going to Be up there for a few days at least and Hopefully you know there's nothing Really in there you know I don't think

There's anything in there you never know With YouTube um and everything's so bot Generated there but anyways um so like I Said today's uh Tuesday January 4th and I am not going to make a video uh put up A video on either Channel or than this Reminder because I want that video to Get as many views as possible plus the Stuff I have on my pox of future Channel Like all the stuff about YouTube is kind Of important like people know because It's you know the platform is pretty Soon going to have like zero truthers on It right and the ones that are on there Are going to be you know not great like The you know they're going to be the the One's not worth watching um because you Know they've just found a way to either You know ban people or demonetize people Or do whatever and so even if you're on There it's going to be harder and harder To uh you know to exist on YouTube in Every Capacity anyways um yeah so that's just A you know little thing here only Spirituality will save this world it's Parano definitely important for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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