People don’t know what is good for the Pockets of the Future

People don't know what is good for the  Pockets of the Future

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so I Made this video and I forgot to post it And there's been a big thing that's Happened in the you know heartfulness Cult thing which is um it pertains to Everything I'm talking about here with This Channel and so I'm going to add I'm Going to add another voice over at the End of this and then this will be up Today's Thursday May 30th so it'll be up Tomorrow is at the 1st that's probably the first of June on On uh whatever Friday and I have a video coming out on My other channel but I want to start Making a video you know because that Other channel is just not bringing in Much money I've been wanting to do a Video about how they owe the antivaxers Not only apology but just admitting You're wrong um all these people right And you know there's stuff coming out About that it's just there for everyone To see so I want to put that up on my Apocalypse Channel over the weekend so I Actually was going to do less but I Ended up sort of because of what I'm Doing here with this Channel um talking about the stuff with Theox future movement and then all of it It's all kind of coming together there Was a lot of you know what I think is Important content but anyways here's a Voice over I did uh two days ago maybe

And then I'll add an ending to this as Well okay greetings brothers and sisters I just had a few few leftover thoughts About the whole you know pockets of the Future movement I'm going to put this in Some sort of a a playlist Um you know the Uh you know I don't know what I'm going To call it but something so if you want To be a person that makes the world a Better place and helps other people it's Very difficult to assess what other People need you know if you're if you Want to be a really good parent or a Grandfather grandmother or something or You know an elder or you want to be a Counselor or you want to you know work As a you know some kind of a Healer or Whatever you know capacity to help People um with your goal is to help Other people right which right now isn't My goal like at one point I you know That was my goal in terms of being a Counselor and then you know these other Things but if you are committed to Helping other People uh you know this channel helps People according to other PE you know to According to some of the viewers they've Been helped by the channel but if you Really want to help other people you Have to assess what they need and not What they Want and I never really understood that

Till I got older and it's a sark system Philosophy because for for the most part When people think about helping other People it's about making somebody else Happy and alleviate their pain right and Most people when they're seeking help When they want someone to help them it's To alleviate their pain it's to Alleviate their suffering to alleviate Their you know whatever struggles They're going through their problems to Help people solve their problems get rid Of their problems and it's almost always About addressing the S the symptoms of The problems and not the real problem Itself and so when a person comes into a Counseling situation they have something That is very unpleasant in their life And something that's making them Miserable and it's a symptom of wrong Living it's a symptom of them being Disconnected from their soul and their Soul's path and not understanding why They're truly here on planet Earth and So in a pleasure-based society a society Where you're supposed to be happy and Indulging enjoying life and that pain is A problem and you're supposed to be Seeking pleasure and minimizing pain Right and there's all these ways of you Know painkillers there's things to stop You from feeling pain whatever the you Know whatever Capacity but in the Sark system your

Pain is your gift because you know deep Down in every person in terms of their Soul it is yearning there's a pain of Separation the pain of love right when You know when you're when there's true Love there you feel uh the pain of Love Losing a loved one or being separated From a loved one but in terms of its True nature it's separation from God That deep down there is this feeling of Yearning and longing to be back to merge Back in the source and that's what your Soul that's the nature of your soul and That's for everybody everybody's Soul Feels that and so your soul and your ego Have two different uh orientations to The world the ego is pleasure-based and It's looking to uh you know bolster Itself and make itself feel better about You know to feel big and important and You know whatever powerful whatever it Is right your ego wants to you know be Something you know your ego wants to uh You know wants to uh Express itself in Some way where your soul just longs to Be United with its beloved which is God Uh and anything to do with love and the Expression of you know some sort of uh Longing to be one with the you know United in love in some way right and That's the nature of your soul and so You see people when they have lost a Loved one they can often become Saints Because that pain of love is so there

Inside them like if you ever felt the Pain of love you know losing uh somebody You love or separ being separated from Someone you love that's what they say Separation makes the heart grow fonder And so I experienced this longing to be You know you know merged back into the Source for about like 3 months months Maybe it was a month I I don't even Remember the time frame but I couldn't Function like it was you know I'd read About in the Sark system and life became Like un you know uninteresting like Anything in life I was not enjoying like You know whatever you know physical Pleasures or whatever you know things That you look forward to and all the Things that make you happy and you know Or just any of the things like you know Even small level problems or miseries Seem everything seem Insignificant and I could really Function like the motivation I had to to Get up and you know um perform my you Know whatever it was uh I was doing you Know at the time you know being know Dad And all these things husband all those You know things that were going on it Was Farm we were farming you know these Things like I just really it was just Laborous to there was no motivation for Me to go do the work because I just felt This pain and whatever it was and it Wasn't a bad thing but you know I

Couldn't function like I said it was Hard for me to function and it's still There like I know it's still there once In a while I can feel it you know Briefly but it's you know like I said I Couldn't function but I understood it to Be a real thing like there's things in The Sark system you know and this was One of them that I experienced you know That I can say from my own personal Experience yeah this is this is true Right this is not just some bogus Teaching it's an actual condition and When you experience it it's it's you Know transformational in the sense that Your whole orientation to life has Changed right so this is one of the Reasons that it said in Sark system There's Maxum five take miseries as Divine Blessings for your own good and be Thankful and so the reason is because The pain is the the point like people Think that you know when you have some Spiritual experience you're going to be In some Nirvana type situation that's Why people will use drugs you know like Iasa or you know DMT or whatever these Things Are uh you know LSD and these things Hallucinogenics and are looking for some You know uh Expansive spiritual experiences that uh You know are pleasurable in some way the

Idea that you know things are going to Be ultimately pleasurable you know Taking drugs for the idea of you know Expansion of Consciousness and you know that's part Of your spiritual experience but it's Really the pain of love and the craving To be one with the one with God that Keeps you going and you know it's um the Opposite of our society you know our Society is like the situation where you Know they don't want kids to experience Pain like everyone that's why they Started giving trophies to losers right You know that they would have Competition and everybody gets a trophy Because they didn't want any kid who Sucked and it wasn't good or you know Team that wasn't good to feel the misery Of being a loser and you know to be you Know everyone was a winner right Everyone has a trophy everybody's great You just have to participate right and You know this culture is grown up with That you know each culture has gotten Weaker and the parents not wanting the Kid to feel any sort of discomfort or Pain or any of these things you know Anything that you think is okay and you Know changing math though that that you Know math if if you just kind of got it Right you you get the right answer and Let's not hurt the kid's self-esteem and You know these things and trying to

Avoid pain at all costs and you can't do That because that's you know why you're Here you're here to have issues you're Here to have problems like you're here To overcome obstacles right and you know They're constantly being thrown at you And so for your own good right and if You're off your path if you're off your Soul's path then the problems are Corrective and are there to help you Regain your you know true uh purpose and So you know most people come to you or Most people that you know and they you Know you ask them what they want in Terms of change and they want something To change in their life so they don't Feel bad and that's why people take Drugs you you know to alleviate their Psychological depravity or issues or Whatever it is psychological aberration You know their their Pathology and you know whatever it is But not realizing that it's because They're not living the life that they Should and they're not aligned with Their soul and they're not you know on Their Soul's path and so they you know They look for people to uh to you know Pamper them and you know and it just Gets worse with each generation you know There's an overall human weakness Because people don't want what's good For them they don't want to have Something that's you know there for

Their spiritual upliftment and so if you Talk to somebody you wouldn't really get A sense of what to do to help them right And you know what they want from you Isn't going to help them like most People what they're asking for is just Going to you know is some sort of a pain Pill to alleviate the symptoms of Something that's much deeper in their System right So in terms of the you know the truth Community and the pocket of the future Movement and where my channel you know Differs from other you know whatever it Is you know the mo majority of people Wake up to the fact that the people who Run the system are not good people right They're not you know good leaders and They're taking people away from their True path and their true nature they're Taking Humanity in the wrong direction So it became you know the truth Community at first for everybody is About taking down the elite right this Is the the defunct Alex Jones shell Model of information war and waking Everybody up and you know changing the System for the better taking down the Deep State this is the remedial idea From truth there people who have the Most remedial you know entry level you Know there's bad people that are running The world and the rest of us are good People if we take down the bad people we

Can make this into some sort of utopia Which is not the case Because the system that we're 100% Dependent on is going against the you Know Divine forces and the will of God Right it's a pleasure-based system That's a distraction from your true Nature and your true purpose it Disconnects you from God and your soul Your religion sucks your economy is you Know uh addictive it's you know based in Addiction and all of it is taking Humanity in the wrong direction and We're going along with it so it has Nothing to do with the people running The system because they're just an Expression of a desire-based Humanity Right the mob the collective you know Humanity's desires right desire for Whatever available in terms of the stuff That's you know I mean whether it be Drugs or sex or you know food or Whatever it is right all the pleasurable Things that the world has to offer People go for it right it it doesn't you Know it sells itself you know people are Easily exploited because of their Desires their greed their selfishness These things you ever see the movie Flimflam man there's a scene in the Movie where the guy who's a flimflam man He's got a young kid working with him This actor named slim Pickins who used To be skinny and then sort of wasn't and

He um they pick up a wallet at the same Time and the guy gets all of slim Pickin's money for a check that's in the That's in the wallet slim Pickins thinks He's going to go cast the check and he Think he's scammed the people and they See him running away like they're going To meet and split split the check and The money and slim Pickins is um running Away you know he pretends to walk away Like he's going to the bank to cash the Check and bring it back and split it With the other guys but he's running Away and the uh flimflam man says to his You know Apprentice It's the greed that Always gets him right gambling is one of The biggest industries people just Giving their money away money away the Odds are against you and even if you win They tax the crap out of it it's like 45% tax or something so like you there's No way of winning like your the odds are Against you and the taxes you're going To get taxed on it I mean all these Things and so why is Vegas one of the Most I mean if you go live in that area The parks that they have and the Services they have and the school Systems it's just loaded with gambling Money right people coming there and Spending working all hard all year round To come to Vegas and blow their money on Gambling and shows and overpriced Restaurants and things and whatever and

So overpriced hotels they can't wait to Throw their money away and so this is The problem with human beings and you Know the Asian um Indian Saints the Spiritual Beings you people used to live A lot longer and they could do these Austerities where they pray to some Cosmic functionary some God or some you Know whatever it was was Vishnu or you Know the god of preservation or Shiva The God of destruction or whatever and They would do these austerities where They would you know not eat for like Years and meditate and pray and things Like this and if they did it long enough They were granted a boon and whatever They asked for the the you know the Higher developed spiritual being had to Give them and 100% of the time whatever They asked for turned against them right Like there's one guy he asked for the Ability to just touch somebody and kill Him and so um he was given the you know He was given it by Shiva like whatever He was praying to Shiva and he was Running around trying to touch the gods And you know kill everything right he Was just killing everything in his path He had this touch of death and so um Vish was like why'd you do that he said Well I don't know I you know two gods Were talking Vishnu and Shiva and Vishnu Said why' you do that and Shiva said I Had to you know it's some freaking

Stupid rules right you they had to give Them whatever they wanted right and so Um Vishnu appeared as a like beautiful Woman and said you know and the guy Wanted to be with her and he said well You got to you got to wash yourself First the guy went and you know started Wash his hair and he touched himself and He killed himself right and so like this Is an example of these Boons that people Ask for wealth you know these people go See the Genies you know the the Gin you Know these magical beings and things and They were given these three wishes or Whatever the wishes always go south they Always you know I mean people win the Lottery and you know whatever it might Be and they they become depressed They're more miserable than they were Before this is the nature of humanity That people want something and then when They get it they realize it's not what They wanted and it's made things worse And so if you ask someone how can I help You what can I do for you or you know What do you need or really what do you Want and if you give it to him things Get worse and so people don't know what They need people don't know what's good For them like that's you know Self-evident that's the problem Humanity Doesn't know what's good for it and so I've seen this over and over again that People walk away from something that's

Actually good for them because it's Painful or it's difficult or it's you Know it's not um giving them the you Know whatever the the good feelings of Their egos the things that the ego wants Right and so that's why human beings Don't uh inevitably spiritually fall Even if they rise up to high levels they Eventually go chase some you know Chase A waterfall right don't go chasing Waterfalls be happy with the pods and The streams that you're used to right That stupid song you know that people Chase things that are ultimately Self-destructive and it's the wrong Thing very few people find the pain Inside of them the you know the Divine Longing to be one with the Creator and To go back to the source and follow that And even if they do they you end up you Know following for a while and and Something lures them off the path that's Why there's so few Saints and so few Spiritual people people who are Accomplished in some way right because Their egos find a way to pull them off The path so it's not easy for someone to Look at somebody else and see what Somebody actually needs and help Cultivate and create that for them and That's what's offered of the Sark system And the master of the system was such a Person the three original Masters would Give people what they needed not what

They wanted and would help chart a Course and guide that person on the Course of things that they had to go Through the obstacles and difficulties They had to go through to become a Spiritual person you know and I've Benefited from that process and so you Know I talked about this comment Somebody left about you know why is it So important that the master the system And you're connecting God directly well The only way to connect to God directly Is to have some sort of a help right you Need some you know conscious sentient Being that has accomplished the goal it Is walk this path themselves and can Guide you along the path right not being Worshiped not being you know something That you idolize but somebody who can Guide you along the path that they've Successfully navigated there's no field Of activity where you don't need a good Coach and you don't need some sort of Training and you can't get it from books Like at some level to get to the higher Levels of anything you need a coach you Need a teacher you need uh you know Somebody that can help you um you know See beyond your limitations your own Personal limitations that you have and Help Elevate you through things that you Don't understand or don't really you Know since you haven't successfully done It you haven't accomplished it yet you

Need a road map you need someone to Guide you along the map and that's with Everything like if you want to be a Great athlete you need some way along The line you need great coaches you need People to inart training to you and push You and you know do all the things that You need to help you elevate you to a Higher level right there's a great movie Um I can't think of the movie it's a a Guy um it's called Whiplash and it's About jazz like musicians and this Teacher trying to make this guy great at Being a jazz drummer and he just m FS You know he mind manipulates and MFS the Guy and just it's pretty brutal but he's Trying to you know pull the greatness Out of the person right good coach good Person does that you know they find a Way to pull the the master within out Out of you know the master of the Certain subject that you're doing and Help you become a help you master Yourself and master the craft or your Art that you have and it's needed more In spirituality than anything else That's why it's a big deal that the Sark System doesn't have a master anymore Because you know someone has to the idea Of the master in the system is they're Reached a higher level and there there's An energy field at that highest level Where they've merged back into the Source your Soul's ultimate goal and

Transmitting back from that place Transmitting from the goal and the Energy that's brought in and all these Things that come with it and so that's What makes the system work right and Because there isn't quality people like That I mean there's people who have Reached saintly levels have have moved Forward and a lot of those people Jesus And these other people they were they Didn't reach the goal they didn't merge Back into the source and they were you Know ahead of everybody else but their Teachings limited up to that point and Then it becomes books and there's no Living Essence to the system that's why There's so few Saints because there's Very few people who are around to help Guide you you know past the inevitable Obstacles and and things you can't Figure out on your own and you think You've reached the goal but you haven't Or whatever it is right I mean and then You know you reach you go a little bit Higher than everybody else and people Start worshiping you and treating you Differently and and you your ego starts To grow and you you know you you stop uh Thinking about God and you stop and you Start thinking about being you know a God-like person yourself and then There's a spiritual fall that's the History of humanity and spirituality Where somebody Rises up to a higher

Level and then they forget about God or They you know whatever happens they lose Their way and then they you know it Becomes a corrupted religion and so There's very few people who have you Know reached the goal of human life and Have merged back into the source so you Know the thing that I do here to go Along with that is I don't tell people What they want to hear I tell people What the information that comes through Me and you know because of that I mean People want to be pandered to people Want to be shouted out people wanted to Be you know validated in some way or Another so that's the the issue with my Channel in terms of the audience itself Very few people want you know the truth In an unadulterated form especially one That means that they have to change and Grow and doesn't blame some you know External evildoers like the so-called You know Elite or whatever it is or Joe Biden or Trump or whatever it might be You know people just want to think that It's a a problem it's somebody else's Problem that you know if you just if the Person is thrown into jail or whatever You're disempowered or whatever the Elite that the problem will go away and That they don't have to do anything but Get rid of somebody else's you know Somebody else in one capacity another Group of people change the power

Dynamics but they don't themselves don't Have to change their desires change Their deviant you know Pathways and Things in life they're you know they're Whatever it is right and that's why the Truth Community sucks because you know Most people are desire-based in the Truth community and their egos get Bigger and bigger because they think They're so much better than the sheeple Because they have a little bit of a Consciousness that the sheeples don't Have but they still miss the the overall Point that they themselves have to Change and if you you're s can't see the Things that you need to do and grow into If you can't see the things that you Need that you don't even know what you Want or what you need and what you know Would be best for you you you're in fact You run away from the things that are Best for you you run away from your pain You run away from your obstacles these Things and so you know how do you get That like how do you change if you can't If you don't know how to do it and our Resistance to resistance to the change Itself right and so that's the Importance of a you somebody who's Reached the goal and can see past the The egotistical desires of other people And see what somebody else's Soul needs And help to cultivate the path you know Help to you know chart the course and

And make that happen on a spiritual Level and on a material Level so you're Given what you need to evolve Spiritually and that was what used to be Offered in sjar system and since this Guy dodgy took over in the heartfulness You know system it's gone and that's a Real bummer like like that's why I've Talked about it because there was Something great and something Transformational that was available and Now there's just the leftovers of what Was right and the system still has a Transmission and cleaning and you Connect can connect to it in a Divine Etheric Way connect directly which is Great but you know it lacks the the Oversight that you need and one of the Things that's difficult about being a on A spiritual path is you have to learn to Differentiate between your ego talk and Your soul talking like your inner voice Or whatever so it could be some you know Aetheric demonic being or something or Some higher developed soul but anything That's you know on the spiritual level It's hard to determine what's actually This you know your spiritual side and What's the egotistical side and when You're trusting you know your your inner Reality and your inner voice like that's Something where having you know a higher Developed third party that can see Through your right and your

Ego's your ego's BS that you're um able To you know gain uh Insight from Somebody else's being able to see Through it right that's why having a Coach a master a teacher is really Important anyways just some follow-up Thoughts but this is you know why I was Saying people fail in terms of the Pockets of the future because you know They they want what they want right they They wanted on their terms and we've Been conditioned it's hard for us all Like it's hard for me it's hard for you Know anybody who's grown up in an American lifestyle to think about giving Things up that you know feel like almost Necessities things that are just Habitual you know things that are um Like without them you feel like like You're starving to death or something Like you're something that you need to You know it's it's sustenance you know Some of our material system the things That we do like imagine not having cars Or not having grocery stores or not Having you know hot water have not Having you know all the things that or Even running water in your house and you Think about having to go and find water Every day and you having to live at Whatever temperature is not having the Ability to to turn the temperature down At night when it's too hot or turn the Heat on when it's freezing and you know

Having to adjust to that walking around And you know when like a a winter coat And a hat and sleeping in that and you Know waking up with your your know Breath condensing and your you know Things like this in the winter like it's You know they're things that we're just Used to and and they're not um small Things it's hard hard to break free from That right when you go camping maybe It's great or you do those things but You can't wait to get back and you know You know that you can finally go back And have a nice shower bath or whatever And you know sleep in a comfortable bed And whatever and so like those things Are you know it's it's hard to break Free from stuff like that the Comforts Right and so you know it's Bobby the Second master of the system people would Go visit his house and it was you know I Mean so uh in terms of Lifestyle people Sleeping on concrete floors and it's Cold and you know dusty and dirty and no Hot water and that really they had a Well you know people coming from America In the the 60s and 70s or whatever it Was and there's no you know there well Water and you know it's dirty and There's no the food isn't up to Anybody's standards and you know no Pillows and any kind of you know Modern-day Comforts right and he used to Say minimum Comforts maximum spiritual

Evolution right like he'd wake everyone Up at 4: in the morning they have these Incredible meditations these people Would have these you know Divine Experiences but they're sleeping on dece Papers and you know there's people Coming up from Southern India that They've never experienced cold before Like in Southern India it never gets Below 70° you know even the coldest part of The year and then they were going to a Place that was 40 50 degrees in height And they had their clothes they weren't You know they didn't have any kind of Warm clothes and they would sleep on the These concrete slabs like I was in India You you know in chenai where it was real Hot and people came in like a group of People came in like a whole a whole State that was a hotter place in India And it was like 80° and this guy was Walking by walking around with a winter Coat and ear muffs it was like 86 deges Right and so people get conditioned to Their environments and then you know I Mean when those things aren't available To them it's very uncomfortable like Imagine being uncomfortable all the time Like all the Comforts that you have and Luxuries that you have that you just Feel entitled to are not there it's hard To even conceive of doing anything uh Progressing spiritually or focusing on

God and stuff when you're you're Miserable like that but then I guess at Some point you have to just to overcome The misery so you know there has to be a Time where all these distractions that Are available for people all the things That prevent them from Catching uh Connecting to the Divinity within them All the things that help them avoid Their own personal pain have to be Removed and so you know really what We're waiting for is the collapse for Any real chance to see what humanity is Going to do cuz right now we know what Human beings will do they you know They'll they'll flirt with the idea that They want truth they'll flirt with the Idea that they want God you know they'll Work a little bit at it and you know and They'll think of they'll Pat themselves On the back but then they dive back into Their depravity of the the beastly System and so when that's removed and There's no longer the distractions and People are worried about survival and They you know much more difficult times Living in like a PO you know practically UN in uninhabitable World maybe they'll Be driven Inward and connect to God just Out of necessity and we'll see like That's the next big test but in terms of The test right now it's a failure human Beings have failed over and over again Because we're going in the wrong

Direction and We Know It And we keep on Going in the wrong direction okay so um There Was You you know for those of you Who've been following my journey series And the the dodgy cult stuff but even if You're not you you know it's easy to Understand kind of but this guy dodgy Dodgy who I've been exposing as a fraud Now for a while and I'm really kind of The only person in the organization that Has access to a platform and has the Kind of skills that can you know um Expose something like that it's course Something I knew the guy like I know the Guy right and you know I know the Players and the people involved in the Whole thing so it's something more Personal to me you know it's what I do Normally here but then this is something That's I'm just not reading about or you Know I know about from you know the news Or the internet but this is actually Something that I you know I'm I'm invol It's personal right and so he um started To say he was channeling messages to Cancel the you know his master's Birthday like he's been really big on Canceling these big Celebrations and he ended up having to Reverse that and you know he got caught Being a dope again so to make a long Story short I put up a video on my other Channel that's called it's finally Happening dodgy disobeys Bob's imaginary

Or orders and has chargie birthday Gathering and you know kind of Interesting for even if you're not you Know aware what's going on with it I'm Just making that public but that has Everything to do with what I'm talking About here you know I've been talking About here for days and then the Previous voice over and what I've been Talking about is well let me just read This comment here somebody said to Me um are you still in that mind space Fullness cult question mark and then a Bunch of emojis laughing at me like Trying to mock me right and so this sto Thinks he's mocking me for doing the Sark system which was the real deal and Then it turning into a cult which is you Know sucky for everybody else not so Much for me like yeah it sucks for me But everybody who hasn't didn't get to Experience the Sark system but I just Want to say this about it because I've Been talking about this in various Videos but I want to say it in a Different way so what I know about the Sark system from my own personal Experience and you know my Trustworthiness in terms of years of Content here years of getting Predictions right years of being you Know very clear on things I mean I just Have a track record not because I'm you Know I've explained this over and over

Again how I was a low functioning person Before doing sa marar you know because Of doing the system it's helped me Really uh be good at what I'm doing here In terms of my job and you know Reliability and all these things and so The thing I know most is how great the Sark system is you know somebody who had No purpose someone who had didn't know What they were doing with their life Somebody who was a a perennial you know Career underachiever on in every level Of his life and then what the system did For me and what I've seen it do for Other people and what I see in terms of The need of humanity from all the stuff That I cover here and how bad people Suck and we're going in the wrong Direction and Saar can take take people In the right direction and so I know That this can happen personally like in Ways that other people can't I mean many People who do the system didn't kind of Have the kind of experiences and didn't Have you know the kind of contrast in Their lives to where you know they were Functioning already they were good at What they're doing they were top of Their class and you know they were they Were doing okay in their life without Sark and so yeah maybe it enhanced them A little bit but not to the extent that Enhanced me you know where I was just an Underfunctioning person that couldn't do

Anything couldn't sustain anything and Then doing the SJ Mark system I became a Very highly functioning person And able to be very successful you I was Failing in every level couldn't complete Things couldn't sustain things couldn't You know succeed and I became a Successful person in all kinds of Different category stressful situations Because of the system so it was very Clear to me what I was without the System and what I was with it and the Transmission the cleaning and then just All the experiences I went through that I've documented in the journey series And how the system helped me go get Through those difficulties but also Evolve and change because of them right Because of the you know the the Transmission cleaning helped me use These what would have been problems or Undesirable things as and transform them Into blessings that helped me and my Spiritual Evolution and so I know how Great this is and you know some of it is I mean some of the stuff I haven't Experienced and some of the stuff hasn't Happened yet but I believe it will like 100% you know I've been everything on This system and you know it's um Delivered every time so this isn't about This comment this part's more about the People that I care about you the people Who I want to receive this gift right

But like these dopes that comment like This he's Mo mocking me because because Of his inability to see how great this Thing is right you know it's like this Thing is Noah Arc of the future and like I'm on the arc and this guy's mocking me You know as the floodwaters are Engulfing him right I'm like yeah laugh Away mfer like you know I'm glad he Doesn't get it right there's lots of People I I don't want to have it right Not that I want everyone to have it but They just suck so bad and they can't get It anyway so you know it I mean I'm I'm Okay with it right because if they if They could get it they wouldn't be this Douchy they wouldn't suck so bad but you Know it isn't for me to say like my job Is just to put it out there and I don't Care what happens like and you know the More things move forward you know less Face I have faith I have in humanity but I know what it is and I know Unfortunately you know the people who Really love my content and really Believe in me and trust me and you know Whether personal relations I have with Them or just you know people are fans of The show and they believe me on the Sark System but they just it's not them it's Not their some scaras or they just don't You know it's just not in them to feel It or they're just not you know I don't Know like they should be able they feel

The transmission in my videos they feel The benefit and they're connected to the Energy but they just can't you know I Have that happen for them the way it's Happened for me and I know lots of People who've done the system for years And I thought they were you know on Board with it the way I am but they Really weren't because you know they've Let it collapse and fold under dodgy Like a card house when they you know I Mean if they had any critical thinking Skills and if they were worth anything They would have seen the system Collapsing around them right but you Know that's the unfortunate thing like I Know what this thing is and I can't you Know my experience can't you know be Translated into other people's Experiences people taking my word for it Isn't good enough right people believing In what I say or believing in me and you Know trusting me isn't good enough like They have to you know they have to have That experience for themselves and you Know it's harder to do just with the Gratefulness meditation Channel without A living Master without these gatherings Without the you know preceptors I mean There's so many things contributed to my Really benefiting from the system the Preceptors the books you know Interactions with the living Master big Gatherings they all contributed to My

Overall experience and I got that Experience and I feel blessed but I Can't provide that experience for other People which is you know which sucks for Me and that's you know a big deal with The pox of the future because the Heartfulness cult has become a you know A parasitic organization that has uh Destroyed something that was at least Organizationally the transmission and Cleaning and the method of the system Still exist but Organizationally they destroyed a great Organization that was there helping People connect with the services you Know again for free you know like Everybody knows about Jesus but where Were you when Jesus was alive right were You one of his disciples because you Know there things there is past lives a Real thing where were all Jesus's Followers when he was getting hung up on A cross where were they right where were All the followers of all these other you Know Buddha and Krishna and Muhammad or Any of these number of saints and people That you you don't even hear about we're All their followers right there's Usually just a handful because most People can't rise up to it and many of Them turn on the person themselves and That's you know a condemnation of Humanity so you know I mean like this Planet's going to burn and you know it's

You know I mean it's there's it's going To be bad right and I'm not Laughing you know I'm not laughing at a Spite or anything I'm just saying like That's where it's headed and you know There's a lot of dumb asses out there Who are throwing gas on it right now Right you know it's it's getting ready To burn instead of preparing for it and And doing something to you know Less in The situation you're just pointing gas On the fire and that's you know that's The failure of humanity anyways I'm just Going to wrap this one up here you know You can't make people understand if they Really don't want to understand right When they're functionally structured Internally to not understand when They're blocking any chance of Understanding because they're in in Everybody all the time your soul is Craving to be one with the Divine you Know this divine pain it's there within You right people want to be with God There's some part of you that's there Your soul and it always wants to go back To the source and so people have been Ignoring their souls and ignoring the Call and doing whatever they can to Distract themselves and push that away And so who am I to reverse that right Like I know how you know bad I know how Bad defensive mechanisms and you know Psychological aberration can get in the

Way of people changing I know it's how Hard it is for people to change If they don't want to change you know You can't do anything about it right and You know I'm struggling myself so you Know it's um it's just that like it's You know people don't want to understand They'll purposely reinterpret things to Suit their 's comfort level and that's What's happened on my Channel all the Time because people just don't want to Get it they don't want to you know Ultimately they they know they would Have to change if they if they would Open up and hear what needed to you know What they needed to do which is not a Message from me but it's from their soul And God because something everybody Knows it's in every religion it's out There and all these different places It's not about the you know the lack of Knowledge or the lack of opportunity It's the lack of willingness right it's A willingness to change a willingness to Evolve a willingness to see the a of One's ways the willingness of the ego to Uh to submit to the soul and its you Know greater purpose I mean these are All the things only spiritual value will Save this world it's paano definitely App for the Apocalypse in the Ascension And we have a blessed day and be Grateful

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