Of Course the System is Rigged

Of Course the System is Rigged

Greetings brothers and sisters I just Want to do a quick voice over about um The rig system the the system that is You know people complain about it being Rigged you know whine about it because I've talked about this in the past you Have to take everything that comes with Something you can't pick the things you Like and that's you know something Americans more than anybody else has to Understand right that you just can't Cherry-pick the good things the things That appeal to you and get rid of the Bad things they all go together places You live you know different whatever Cities and Country areas place of your Vacation people in your life jobs you Have it's all of it or nothing right It's all or nothing everything's all or Nothing and if you're upset that the System is rigged you have to understand That the nature of a monetary system is For rigging the reason a monetary system Exists is to create wealth and the Reason that you want to be wealthy is Control you can say it in different ways You could say well I want security I Want to make sure that I always have Enough I want to make sure that I can Maintain my lifestyle what is that That's control right that's climate Control for example like you can control Your climate right you you control your Uh you know your the level of

Temperature in your house it can be cool You want to be cool hot when you want it To be hot right hot water cold water These things like you want to control Something that isn't that way in nature Right nature doesn't have consistency Like when it's hot out the water's hot When it's cold out the water's cold Right so you know like that's your life When it's when it's cold out it's cold When it's hot out it's hot and it's Always fluctuating there's no Consistency right there's no constant in Nature everything is fluctuating Changing and so when you have money You're able to stop that to some extent You're able to control things that Normally aren't able to be controlled And the more money you have the reason You want to have more money than other People is to control other people you're Making other people work for you do Things that they don't want to do Whether it be a you know uh I mean they Might like their jobs to whatever extent They like their jobs but still it's a Job right a job is selling your time for Money selling your time and energy and Your resources for money doing something For the most part you wouldn't do if you Weren't being paid everybody works a job At some point in their life that they Wouldn't do and they don't want to do You know they'll do it all right it's

I'm doing it for the money and they're They're they're cool with it they're Like okay I'm willing to do this task For this you know this business or this You know boss or whatever it is right The money behind your your task Somebody's making money off of you Multiple people are making money off of You you work for Walmart and the people Who own Walmart and the managers and the People you know whatever the people who Own it the stockholders you're making Money for them do you want to work for Walmart no do you would you do it for Free no you know in the Walton family is That what they're called they own the I Think the Denver Broncos as well um I'm Not sure about that but whatever they You know they're they're rich and they Have money and they can control other People's behaviors they have they have People working for them servants Whatever it is right people who are Doing their bidding and they're Controlling them because the system is Rigged in their favor because they've Been given money and it it doesn't even Mean they've worked for the money they Could be born into money right you can Do nothing to deserve the money and the People who have the least amount of Money the systems rigged against them to Keep them working for the Beast and Whatever they're doing whatever they're

Doing on the lowest levels right Homeless people people in poverty Systems rigged against them you're You're a homeless person you're you know You're not able to keep up your your Hygiene so you're you know I mean you're Living out in a you don't have a shower You don't have fresh clothes to put on You don't have access to things so you Go to get a job to get out of your Situation and the system's rigged Against you right you me and my buddy uh My buddy went to Vegas he was a card Counter some guy waited tables with and He came back and he was you know going To graduate school is really smart you Know one of these sort of mathematically Gifted people and he came back and Bought an Alpha Romeo he was like 6'6 Drive this little sports car I think we Went to play basketball together we were Doing something and he came picked me up You know somebody I didn't even know This person that long but he told me Yeah I just came back from Vegas he was Counting cards back when before they Were they were getting you know make it Impossible to do that and we were Getting off the exit this is in Atlanta And there was a guy holding up a side Will work for food and right behind him Like right over his head was a Wendy Sign saying now hiring and we were like Dude

We you know we were like young and like Obnoxious and we were telling the guy Look right behind you you know you you Want to work for food and Wendy's just Hiring but the fact of the matter is Wendy wouldn't Wendy's isn't going to Hire a homeless person you know once in A while a person takes pity on a Homeless person but the systems rigged Against them right to extricate Themselves even in a a job like Wendy's Or McDonald's they can't get it you know Because they can't be consistent in Their work they can't be trusted you Know they might be ment ill they might Be drug addicts whatever they're judged And so when you become homeless just Getting a remedial job to pull yourself Out of that circumstance and being able To consistently get to work when you're Sleeping in a cardboard box and find a Way out of that circumstance is really Difficult and there are people who have Done it you know people who have you Know been able to do that but the Systems rigged against you and then each Layer you go up you go up you you're Working at a you know minimum wage job The system is rigged against you you're Not able to make enough money to Extricate yourself from that system Where you can get educated you get Trained or you can do something else Have time and energy to better yourself

And and uh better your you know your Earning potential because you're too Bogged down working two minimum wage Jobs you have kids whatever and so the Poverty is rig you know your poverty is Rigging your ability to get out of being An impoverished person and then you go Up all these levels lowincome people and I mean most people are just asked out They're completely bankrupt in terms of Their energy levels and they work a job And that job sucks them dry and their Lives and you know whatever it is They're miserable depressed and they Can't find a way out of that Circumstance so they're dominated by Working a job that they hate a remedial Job that doesn't pay them enough money To help them rise up to a higher level Right and this is America it's even Worse in other countries and then you go Up the ladder and each person the more Money you get the more power and control You get over your life the more you can Rig the system the system is rigged in Your favor you get to the point where People have so much money that they Can't help it to make money like they Have to purposely like be complete Boneheads and just uh like find a way to Just squalor their wealth spend beyond Their means and just make bad decision After bad decision because money gets Money right money be gets money and the

System's rigged in that way so the rich People again people were born into it And so you can say all right I want to Get rid of the economic system yeah good That's great I mean that'd be better for Everybody but what then like all the Lifestyle stuff goes away right all the Stuff that you have all your Amazon Purchases all the you know the climate Control all the things go away with it Right this is you know these stuff Didn't exist before the debt based Economic system your lifestyle has been Brought to you by a Usery system where People get extraordinary wealth and they Control the system but they've created These economy and markets to uh deliver All these goods and services to people And that's how the system has happened So quickly the advancement the Technologically the technological Advancement of the the system which I've Explained over and over again because You get the money ahead of time you can Borrow money to build a business and That has allowed for a quick growing Economy that is you know based in debt And illusion and so the technology is Real but the economy isn't the money Isn't and so it's doomed to failure this Is where we are now and the immorality And the Hedonism and the materialism That has gone with this quick expansion Of technological development this

Happened you know because the economy Has to keep on churning and moving Forward and production has to be there And you know the economy has to grow to Keep up with the the debt and so it all Is it's all encompassed into this into This you know demonic system right that Has lots of advantages things we don't Want to give up privileges lifestyle Things but the system is inherently Wrong and and demonic and rigged and Ultimately the greed of the people on Top they want more more more people are Money people and so you can complain About it but if you want to go back to The way it was then you have to learn to Grow your own food and be part of a Community you can't live in isolation You have to be around other people of Village you have to be able to get along With people you have to work Collectively you have to work really Hard to provide just a meager lifestyle That isn't anything like you know go Back to the pioneering days or the Tribal days that's you know those are Your choices the pioneering days or Tribal days where the economy that we Have now you could have a you know a Regular economy that's not debt based And you saw the way the world was Progressing even then but still it was a Rigged economy right it allowed for People to get wealth and when people can

Get wealth when they're not good people They're not noble people they're not People with good characters they're not Spiritual people but they're money Orient people that want to control other People they want to have special Treatment they want to have big egos They want to have you know whatever they They are that's bad you know that's Selfish and they get money so they can Have power and they can control and Impose their will that's why I call them The controllers they like to control Things that's what power does you're Able to control your surroundings but You can't really because death awaits us All and sickness and tragedy and you Know they I mean they're not happy People they're not connected to God They're you know they have uh I mean They're psychologically impaired and Those are the people that run the system So this is is you know complaining about A Rigg system is counterproductive Because the alternative is a tribal System that you want no part of you know That most of us can't get along with Other people most of us can't do hard Back breaking days work day in and day Out I mean we can do it but we choose Not to but many people can like if if it Comes down to doing hard work or dying They'll just die I mean when it comes Down to a system collapsing most people

Are too weak to to live A system that Takes hard work and you know all the Things that are demanded of people in in A tribal Village based in a village Based way and that's why I always say Enjoy it while it lasts like you know It's it's not here forever and you know We're not here forever and I mean take The good things and accept that the bad Things go along with it and use your Free time to better yourself spiritually Connect to God I mean this is my plan You you can do whatever you want but That's you know that's the way I've Looked at it you go you can go down the Rabbit hole and be like oh my God it's Rigged here and it's rigged here and It's bad here and you know it's a it's The the curse of the truthers at some Point you realize that everybody sucks And the system is bad but this is what We this is the hand that we've been Dealt and you have free time you have The advantage of free time so what can You do with that free time you want to Spend your free time at talking about How evil the system is and how bad People are and people in control the System and try to catch them look what They're doing here look what they're Doing here what you know that's you're Just stalk them and they're they're the Worst people you're concentrating on the Worst people you're focusing on the

Worst people who are you know that are Most negatively affected by the system Because they they have wealth and power And they can't get rid of it I mean They're in the the biggest bind like We're all in a bind because we have Things in the system that we can't live Without at least we don't think we could Live without and don't want to live Without them so we're in this bind where We know the system is is is evil we know We want to change things but the system Has us because we can't live without it Right we're dependent on a system that's Bad for us and I say this so much right And the people who are the richest People are the most screwed because They're used to a certain lifestyle that They have to engage in sort of evil Manipulative behaviors to ensure that Lifestyle and keep the system going and Yet deep down they're unhappy miserable You know lonely mentally ill people Right they're broken people and they're The weakest Among Us you think about These kids who grew up with the internet And 12 hours internet day and they can't Do a you know couple hours of work you Know they're incapable of functioning But the people at the top of the system They need their lifestyle to be exactly The way it is and they're much more uh You it's harder to keep their lifestyle Going right they can't imagine living

Without the you know the wealth of the Opulence that they have and all of us Have that but not to the extent they do And they're the most the weakest the Worst people and you're focused on them You know the the the so-called Elite Look at the elite are doing here what Are the Elite doing there right this is The the curse of the truth Community the Elite are doing what Elite do right the The controllers are doing what Controllers do and they're going to do It and you know you can find out all the Ways they're doing it and get into it or You can take advantage of the free time That you have and the the flexibility And the ability to change that you have That they don't have and focus on people Who are like better and higher than you Instead of looking at people who are Mentally ill and lower than you and you Know being obsessed with them I mean People are control in the truth Community are obsessed with the elite And you should find a saint you should Find people who are you know you want to Aspired to be like I mean that's what Like you know again this is what I do I Don't know what you're going to do but Find something to inspire you to use Your free time in a way to better Yourself and break free from this you Know this negative relationship ship you Have obsessing over people that are

Never going to change and who are doomed To their own fate they're doomed without You know any redemption in their Immediate future but of course the System is rigged right you understand That like you should understand that now I mean it's not hard to understand the Reason why you have money is that you Rig a system so that you don't have to Work and you can control other people And they will do your work for you They'll do your primary labor for you This is what people do they exploit Other people like the people who enjoy Life and enjoy you know Gathering food And growing food and being part of a Community they didn't have a problem With this but the lazy people that Didn't want to contribute the lazy People don't want to go out work and They don't want to you know they just Don't have it in them right they want to Take shortcuts they want to you know They don't want to contribute they want To just be waited on and these things They devised these systems where they Could control other people and other People would do their work and they Would sit back and indulge in you know Deviant behaviors and have these you Know slaves or you know work slaves or Wage slaves or whatever it is do their Work for them right and you know they're Disconnected from nature they're

Disconnected from their natural human Tendencies right like every animal out There every mammal every animal they Have work they have to do every day to Survive they have their you know they've Been programmed to be able to find food And find shelter and reproduce and do These things they have a system of being You know being a wolf being a being a Mouse being a you know being a whale or Whatever it is right they you know they These Turtles and birds and things that Migrate these you know these ocean Turtles and ocean animals B whales that They go to different locations they swim All over the oceans and they have Different feeding grounds at different Time of year you see these fish running Right these fish will run at a certain Time will there be all these fish Passing through Turtles you know Swimming thousands of miles to find Beaches to lay their eggs and then go Back to where they're you know some Other part of the world or whatever it Is birds flying keeping with the you Know the the right temperature and find Need feeding grounds and places and Flying south for the winter and and North for the summer and these things Right they have a system of being that You know being what that is and you know People who are human beings and want to Be human beings have to engage in the

Things that human beings are supposed to Do to stay alive and to Ste to you know To be a part of the the uh the ecosystem But then there are people who don't want To do that and they come up with these Sort of complex uh or not all that Complex but these debt-based economic Systems where they can get wealth and They can cut themselves off from being a Human being and spend their times Indulging in deviant behaviors and That's what always happens these k Kings And Royal people and people who want to You know uh use other people to um you Know have other people be under them in Some way and so that's why the system is Rigged and people who are on whatever Level you are you're happy with the way The system is rigged for you you don't Complain way the systems rigged for you Being an American being a middle class Person being you know whatever it is Wherever you are in the econ economic Pyramid you don't complain about the way The system is being rigged for you but The way it's rigged against you my God So bad you know so let's just you know It's it's all or nothing you know a wise Person sees the good things in the System which is free time like you have Free time that you wouldn't have Normally so what are you going to do With that free time and using that free Time to better yourself and better your

Situation especially when the system Looks like it's you know going to Implode and and collapse and you're not Going to have it to depend on anymore so What are you going to do and you know my Answer is connect to God you know that Gratefulness meditation that I do here That we do some of us do connect to God Through the processes of transmission And cleaning and meditation and then Learn skills and develop capacity to Retain some of the things that we've Lost when we were when our ancestors Were conned off of leaving the farm for Eight hours of specialized labor and Regain these skills and do the things You need to do to you know be able to Live a you know a comfortable life that Without the system you know without the The benefits of our modern day system And make this transition and change when You know the apocalypse is upon us which It looks like it is anyways just a few Thoughts here only spiritual vality will Save this world it's Pano definitely Reporting from the apocalypse and the Ascension everyone have a blessed day And be Grateful

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