Ode to Pockets of the Future

Ode to Pockets of the Future

Okay greetings brothers and sisters I Got some stuff to get to you know Newswise um CNN you know I talked about how they Reached a new low in my I think my Previous video when um Dana Bash asked Lindsy Graham to pay play the game you Know who would you marry who would you Date and she changed the game to who Would you get rid of and wouldn't let it Go like he he couldn't play the game Because he's just I don't know Incompetent mentally you guys saw my Video it's kind of hilarious but they've Done something now where they're Covering the um Dre Kendrick Lamar Feud And making it news because they're that Desperate right and so um you know That's where the news is right that's Where mainstream media is being reduced To ridiculous little like you know bar Games and you know pop culture stuff Just to try to bring it an audience that No longer exists for them and I'll get To that in just a bit you know that's The the uh you know that's their thing Right but in terms of um I want to talk About pockets of the future you know the Name of this Channel and the pockets of The future movement you know where the Name came from and what this Channel's Been about so I have a video that's Coming out apocalypse now I kind of Realized that I you know that channel is

Almost become a waste of time for me Because of the lack of money that's Being made and you know the views are Down a little bit but really it's just About YouTube not running ads you know My channels are no longer financially Viable and I'm having to deal with that There's going to have to be some changes What I talked about and I'm going to Make some changes there I'm going I'm Going to make less content there because It's just kind of a waste of time and I'll um you know that's my other channel And there'll be a video out I think Tomorrow from that uh you know I'm not Sure which video is going to come out First but these videos are intertwined And somebody left a very kind of Thoughtful comment to my journey series And I'm going to probably put this audio In that as well um you know it's just a Kind of a every once in a while there It's time to like evaluate your you know What you're doing right in terms of your Like something like this you know like a It's almost like a movement in a way Right the pockets of the future movement And this video is about Humanity uh and you know where we are Collectively and what the you know the The pockets of the future interacting With Humanity you know what I've done Here interacting with humanity and what That says about Humanity right because

You know I've done whatever job I've Done you know you really can't evaluate Your own work I could have been more Personable you know I could have changed Some things but I feel like I've done an Adequate job of what I was assigned Because this is you know to me a Divine Divine uh you know mandate kind Of thing as a Divine you know work Because it came from a spiritual Experience so years ago when I started Doing the sa Mark meditation I became a Preceptor in um 1995 and I learned about some Spiritual um stuff there's a thing Called a um sanpa where you know when You become a spiritual person I me sanpa Is something that I think everybody does But it's a you know it's a Sanskrit word For using your will will in a you know a Some sort of divine uh I don't know Providence or Divine instruction to Create something using your human will Force to follow a Divine mandate right And manifest something you know make Something happen in this in the you know Material world based in you know uh God's instructions to you and your Spiritual experience and your you know Whatever it is um so it'd be like Manifesting something that needs to Happen like you know the collapse of the Civilization you know some kind of work

That's done the second master of the SJ Mark system was given this these orders To intervene with humanity and change The course of humanity so it could be Like you know on a large scale it could Be a war happening you know on a small Scale it could be you know helping Somebody who's uh you know has terminal Illness have a miraculous recovery or Something right because of their Importance And contributing something right it's to You know uh you I wouldn't call it like A miracle but to uh you know use your God-given abilities to do work that Needs to happen for the divine plan to Manifest in a certain way right but There's these various you know things That you do on a spiritual level and There's a thing called the Shuti which is a like a a program that's Given to a spiritual person to do some Sort of Work and you know I read all these Things and I was like oh those kind of Cool right you I didn't think much of Them you know I didn't think they apply To me or whatever it is right I didn't Think it was going to be something that You know would happen to me like the Thing is there's lots of spiritual People or semi you know I call spiritual People new AG people like if you talk to The new people in the New Age Community

You'll find that many of them say They're Kundalini has been opened you Know because of Kundalini Yoga and you Know PA yoga these different things and It hasn't right and you know I I talked About this before and I had about 10 People who commented said no my Kundalini is open right because if your Kundalini is open the sheer power that You would have and it's low-level power It's more of a material power than a Spiritual power but the power that's Involved is is something significant and The majority of people who had their Kundalinis open go like insane and have Like a spiritual fall because they're Not disciplined enough right they're not Strong enough to handle it you guys Remember from the you know the Infinity Stones from the The Avengers you know That like it you know using the infinity Glove almost killed Thanos and it you know messed Hulk up And you know these were powerful beings And it killed Tony Stark who was Iron Man cuz he didn't have any he was weak Physically he couldn't even handle the Power right and that's the problem with Spiritual powers that you have to be Pure and disciplined and your capacity Has to be there to handle them right and So there are things that you hear about In yoga you hear about these spiritual Powers you hear about Saint you know you

See the lives of saints and there's a Lot of um failure because of the the Weakness of the human being right the The unevolved nature like we have Potential we have Divine potential like Everything else and you know maybe it's Because of our you know we're created as A slave and there's you know uh Genetically and you know these things But human beings usually struggle when Given Divine powers like they you know They can't handle it and so you know I Was never personally thinking that when I was reading about these things that That's one of those things would happen To me right Uh because of um you know kind of a Slacker you know I was into the the you Know I was really into the simar system But not you know in some way where I Would you know given my character Qualities given my concern and my you Know level of devotion and things that You know something like that would Happen to me but in 2003 uh you know years later after I i' Uh learned about these things you know I Was now a dad and you know I'd gotten my Master in counseling and you know i' had Some you know progress and success ESS In my you I was a low functioning person Before that right you know I just was Somebody lost and not very um you know Focused and you know was an

Underachiever right and so Underachievers uh and you know being Introverted and dyslexic and you know Some of the things that I you know make Me different than other people you know I just was never I don't really have a Lot of ambition and things like that Right and so um you know came to me as a Surprise but I was meditating Uh at a group meditation and I felt this You know it was a a Powerful um like energy you know I don't Want to even I can't even describe it But it was like my ears were ringing and It was like something different than a Normal meditation and it lasted I think You know 5 six minutes and when it was Done I was like there was something that Was like downloaded into my system like You see in the The Matrix movie you know Something spiritual and I said to my ex I think I just had a shuy right which is In this Sanskrit it it is um it means to Hear you you know which is I've always Had audio things I've always have these Kind of ringing in my ears and whatever It is um but it means to hear and it was Significant like I had just all these Ideas like a whole you know thing I was Supposed to do and I started something Called truy counseling and you know I Hadn't really been on the internet I had A computer that was I wrote a book on That was more like a a word processor it

Was a cico computer but I didn't have a Kind of a modern cell phone no cell Phone at all like I didn't have a cell Phone until 2013 or 14 right so you know but but I um had Never been on a computer like where I Was on the internet like I didn't know How to do it and so I wrote uh U but I Just like learned all those things I Learned how to use PowerPoint I made a PowerPoint presentation I learned how to Do front page I mean in in a period of Like a week or two you know I learned All these things I learned about the Internet and um you know a few years Later I started the my first YouTube Channel you know these things like I you Know as soon as like I was able to to do That like I had the technology to do That and so you know the first part is I Put together like a presentation and I Wrote a book and it was about Transforming abuse and it was a workbook That had all these things because you Know I I was a counselor I had a master Jes in master's degree in counseling and The shy Counseling Services you know was A whole thing I learned how to do all These things you know and it was like I Was energized and like I had purpose and I had a you know a vision and was just Applying these things to what I was Doing and then um you know this phase

Two was called pockets of the future That was the phase two of the Idea and the idea this is again back in 2003 you know it wouldn't really start Going until about 2007 when I said all the the first thing Didn't pan out the shoy counseling and Mostly because I wasn't personable and You know I didn't really like counseling People you know I didn't like working With people um you know I had these Things that you know tools that people Could use but my my years working as a Counselor and a therapist you know a Clinician you I wasn't necessarily good At it I just don't have good people Skills and you know these things and you Know even as a preceptor I struggled Working with people right but phase two Was something different because the idea Of pockets and future came to me that we Were entering a transitionary time like Everyone can kind of see it now but I You know no one was really looking at This you know I mean it's always end of The world's people and I'm not an end The world person even though it sounds Like I am but I knew that the end of our Civilization was coming just I did like I you know I I knew it because of the This you know Divine program that was Put in my system and uh and you know it How it felt like it was like I had you Know uh responsibility now and so you

Know Paca a future idea was that when There is a collapse of civilizations Which has happened so many times in Human history beyond our ability to Record them because most of the ancient Runs and things that we have are about 5,000 years old right the the pyramids Are really old like you have some things Like that once in a while they dig up a Civilization that's 30,000 th years and There's some things buried under the sea And artifacts that that they have that They won't let you have and or they Won't let you the average person know About you know there's some artifacts Out there that show that you know There's been human beings on planet Earth for like millions of years and That you know more evolved human beings And you know whatever extraterrestrial Whatever it is but in terms of our History it's about 5,000 years right but It's much more more than that there are Things that happen like ice ages there's More polar ice and and when there's more Ice there's more land like a lot of Things that are under the ocean now when There's an Ice Age the there's more land Of course there's more you know it's It's colder in the in the you know Northern regions and Southern regions You in the poles of the Earth but There's more land and then when that ice Melts that land goes underwater and so

There's lot of ization just from that Process right the poles reversing North Becoming South South becoming North that Happens every 200,000 years and then There's just you know the movement of The tonic plates and things natural Movements and then there's Self-inflicted civilization collapsing And it happens all the time where human Beings uh you know rise up to a you know High level of technology and then There's some kind of you know weakness And uh you know lack lack of I mean it's Just like success breeds you know the Things that we see with people with Entitlement and apathy and idiocracy you Know all these things and civilizations Collapse but human beings remain and so I thought about that like you know the Ideas came to me that there has to be People who see the collapse coming and They adjust themselves in such a way That they can survive the collapse and That they can do something on the other Side right of the collapse and you know It's a real thing right it has to be That way because if the majority of People are 100% dependent on a system a Government uh you know uh whatever it is Like a village-based you know family Model tribal people right you know they Have uh you know the people develop into Some sort of a you know a structure That they survive that keeps all the

People going right you know like we have In our system like our grocery stores And Automobiles and electricity and Things that you know we need to conduct Our daily lives and we have a lifestyle That we get used to and we have you know All these things right and then there's A massive earthquake or you know because Usually it's a like a city right it's Not Global well there's been Global Civilizations before but just it wasn't You know always that way but you find Ancient ruins everywhere you go there Rome and and Greece and you go to India They just dug up some you know the Indus Civilization that's 30,000 years old and You know there's ancient ruins all over The world of massive cities that were Once Empires that no longer exist and You know there's almost no evidence or No um you know nothing that we have that We think is you know there's been Inventions and things and you know Whatever it might be but In terms of those civilizations effect On us it's not existing even though it Has been you know there's been an Evolution of human human beings here Like there's big civilizations that Collapse and there's almost no memory of It I me it's there's no memory of it Like lots of them there's ones that we Have no idea about and then there's just Some runes right but in terms of people

Themselves there's a transition and some People make the leap right you know There's a story that's told it's about Death but it also applies to this Civilization you know was told by in the Sjar tradition you know by the master of The system there once was a kingdom in Which they would only they would have Someone become king for only a year Because they would get corrupt you know I mean it's just a story that needs to Be there for the purpose of the story But the reasoning behind that is they'd Have a king for a year and the Kings Would all get corrupt and hedonistic and They would just be you know worthless After that and so once the king's year Was up they'd banish the king to the Other side of the river he could never Come back to the to the city and so they Would have somebody be a king and it was Like winning the lotto and that person Would Indulge in every types of pleasure and All kinds of decadent things that you Know Kings do right and then be banished The next year but they'd have one good Year of partying right but then there's This one guy who decided to use the year To build an a kingdom on the other side Of the river he used all the resources As his disposal to to where he was going To be banished and to build a separate Kingdom a better one on the other side

Of the river and that story is supposed To be um you know metaphor for death That most people come into life and they Party and they indulge and they become Pleasure-based People thinking only of you know gr self You know self-gratification and pleasure But there are some spiritual people that Use their life to build a future after They die you know on a spiritual level Right but this also applies to what I'm Talking about here in terms of pockets Of the future that you use what you're Given right now to build something for Not only yourself but other people you Know younger People that will will survive in a Postapocalyptic situation that once the Civilization collapses that you have Something not just materially in fact You know this isn't as important Materially but what you become on the Inside as a spiritual purpose a Spiritual person that finds a spiritual Purpose in a you know pre-apocalyptic And post-apocalyptic time right and so You know that's pockets of the future That people would start working on Themselves spiritually most of all Because the people are going to survive This you know the the other part of Pocket of the future is you would Understand what's going to be the rule Of the day or the you know what's going

To be the dominant aspect of the next Phase right and so right now money and Money power and you know the things that Dominate our existence you know any kind Of you know religious power and all These things manipulating people lying I Mean lying's a big thing right now you Know being able to lie and deceive and You know sociopaths do really well right Now but they won't do well in the future Because the energy is going to change And you know there's going to be a time Of Redemption and you know the kind of Person that would succeed right now is Going to fail in the future right people Who s are successful right now Financially and you know narcissist and Selfish people who are rewarded for Their selfish fishness in our current Paradigm in the next Paradigm they won't Be rewarded right because their the Energy is going to change and so you Have to become that kind of person you Have to become a person of the future You know right now you know pockets of The future and people working together To form little pockets of the future Where they can build a community because That's the next phase right and some of This I understood on a spiritual level From doing the Sark system which is You know going to be done in one form or Another by everybody meditating on the

The Divinity inside of you connecting With the the part of you that's Divine Like that's the future for Humanity and I'm you know 100% sure of that and so That's part of my message here big part Of my message but another part of my Message is the material aspect and my Family and I transitioning from our you Know being Suburban people being people Who were dependent on the system to Doing some homesteading you know and I Learn something and I talk about this Quite a bit one of the things that these Are two of the kind of unique aspects of My channel right as opposed to other Truther channels or just YouTube Channels in general is that I have a Purpose here in terms of disseminating Information and helping people to Prepare for what's coming right and what I realized was there was a period of Time where our ancestors who have all The skills had all the skills that all Of us are going to need village-based People you know who lived in you know Village-based Family Farms and tribal People and it's all the same thing you Know tribal people who had you know the Ability to function as a unit and Survive off the resources around them And have a connection with nature and Things like this and I realized that Those people at some point had to give Up their lifestyle either by either by

Choice you know they are offered deal Give up all your you know your skills as A person cuz when I was homesteading I Realized all the skills that I you know That we had all lost you know it's these Things aren't all that hard but to do Them collectively and be in a rhythm and A flow and sort of you know understand You know the you know be able to read Nature and be able to to ride the es and Flows of the the natural world and be Able to you know bring in food and Shelter and do all the things that we uh You know our system now does for us you Know going to grocery stores and having You know these houses built for us but Having all those skills you know the way That tribal people and you know Village Based Farm people had there was a loss Of those skills and people were much Better they you know this idiocracy Thing there was a de Evolution that Happened because the deal was offered That you would get a you you would work For you know whatever it was back then You know eight to you know 16 hours a Day and you would have one specialized Skill and you'd live in like a colony Type situation where you were like a Worker be and you had one job and that One job paid you money and you could get All the other things you need with that Money that was something new this is Something that we all you know we live

With but that was you it wasn't Something that existed in previous Civilizations you know not like it is Now because people had to do everything People had to grow food they had to you Had to be multifaceted And you had to do all kinds of different Work and you didn't have very much free Time because you spent most of your time Surviving you the free time wasn't you Know time to just Leisure Time was not Anything like it is now and people Misuse this leisure time instead of Evolving personally and growing you know Intellectually and spiritually people Just indulge and that's the problem with Human beings given the choice of free Time they don't do anything to improve Themselves and change and evolve Spiritually and connect to God they Indulge in in pleasure-based type of you Know activities they just do things for Personal pleasure and that's you know One of the failures of you the human Beings given the gift of free time and The choice to use your time you know in A way that any way possible for your you Know betterment you have all these you Know it's free time right what do you do With your free time well most people Spend it in indulging in something and And not you know in Self-improvement and so anyways those Were the purposes of the pockets of the

Future movement that's what pockets of The future means this was the job I was Given you know the Divine aspect of the Job and at some point I realized I had To cover celebrities and politics and You know I had to use you know humor and Things and you know different talents I Had to make my videos interesting to the People who didn't care about about Spirituality didn't care about you know Homesteading or people who weren't able To you know gravitate to the idea that The civilization was collapsing I had to Entertain people to whatever extent with My videos but then get some of these Messages in at least you know I mean in A more subtle way I mean not necessarily Subliminal but just say these things in The course of covering other things that They were interested in right because There's so many people interested in Hollywood and so many people interested And you know all these things and the Majority of truthers you know people Making truther content you know the Whole Alex J Jones models of Infowars Course Alex Jones is a shill one of the Ways you can tell he's a shill is I'm Getting his Facebook and his Twitter Recommended to me all the time and That's the only person that's a truther I get recommended all I get recommended As right-wing truthers who are not real Truthers at all you know people who are

Embracing the Republican party and Trump And you know you're not a truther if You're you're doing that you're not Anything like you're just you know you People think that there's they they're You're not awake if you think Trump is The answer or if you think there's an Answer at all and so the majority of Truth Community can't accept that the Civilization's collapsing and that There's nothing you can do to save it And it's good freaking riddens right we Should allow it to collapse because it's Bad for all of us it's bad for the Planet it's endangering the planet and Human beings and the future of human Beings the system is going in the wrong Direction it's like being you know a Crack addict or you know the worst kind Of anything right you know it's the Dregs of humanity taking people in the The wrong direction and making us weaker And stupider human beings are getting Worse and you can see it like everyone Knows it like the kids today are are Less than we are and we weren't that Great and we are less than our you know The previous generation right people are Getting uh you know are lower and lower Functioning and that's because of our System and and the way it's the Direction that's taking us and so it has To go like the system has to go and if It makes you scared it's because you're

Not prepared right pockets of the future It's because you're not ready for it Emotionally and spiritually more than Anything else but then you know in terms Of your physical preparation and Understanding that things end and new New things begin and people have to Adjust to that right so you know I'm not The only person doing this but Specifically you know naming my channel Pac is the future and understanding a Higher purpose to this that people are Going to have to reach up and you know Within themselves reach Inward and and Pull out a higher a better version of Themselves you know beyond the tribal Skills this isn't about lifestyle and Living in a you know a Tribal Way living In a you know aarian Hunter gather way It's not about that that's part of it You know there's lots of Preppers out There and there's lots of people who Know more about prepping and Homesteading and things and preparing For the apocalypse and that's that's you Know that's a part of what I'm talking About but it's something more than that It's more profound than that you know It's connecting to the Divine Purpose And throwing away your you know your Your goals of human life now whatever They are you know what people you know The things that they have goals of you Know living for the weekend or living

For the holidays and you know whatever Things that they do to to get their you Know to deal with their miserable Existence and their crappy wage slave Jobs and all these things you know Living you know just as a for Distractions and pleasures and things But reorientating reorienting yourself And connecting to your soul and have a Soul-driven existence is something you Know unique to my channel you know with The prepper stuff and with the idea that There's intention here right but there's People who you know have some pieces of This right but I have like you know a More comprehensive understanding based In you know the Divine you know program That was delivered to me and so you know And I don't want to make it sound bigger Than it is or you know make me sound More impressive than I am right because You know at the heart I'm a kind of a Slacker and you know I am what I am Right this is also about the way that You know people who know about the Heartfulness stuff right you know the Heartfulness collapse of the Sark system Into this you know cult-like Heartfulness organization which I've Documented in the journey series and Things like this right somebody just Gave me a really you know interesting Comment that I'm going to respond to About you know their you know

Interpretation of what you know my role Is or whatever it is and you know it's It's limited to this specific whatever The shuti was in this program that you Know I've you know I mean I you know Built a website I you know built a YouTube channel I wrote books you know These things you know all the work that I did to get these simple ideas out that Divinity there's you know the Divinity That resides within you that God is in You you have a soul and you have a Purpose everyone has a you know Divine Purpose embracing that purpose and then You know beginning to prepare yourself For you know post-apocalyptic Apocalyptic changes and being able to be Build communities these little pockets Of future all over the place where People are living Now the way that everyone's going to Live in the future right and you know There was pockets of the future being Created by the third Master of the Sark System like he didn't call him that but There was that element of that at least In India there was you know and there's Groups of people sort of coming together These spiritual centers on a spiritual Level right but not so much Understanding the you know some of these Were older people who didn't care and They weren't going to they're just going To check out right the older people just

Won't make it and you know I'm starting To fall into that category to where you Know you just I mean you're you know You're time is limited and in a Apocalyptic situation old people just Don't you know they can't they can't They don't have the physical strength And the the ability to change and adapt You know they're set in their ways and So it's it's it's always for the Youth Right it's always for young people to be Able to carry this through and you know Start building these things and creating Little communities of people you know Little neighborhoods of people little Communities of people who are going to Be able to you know absorb the initial Shock of the apocalypse Apocalypse and then you know and then Thrive and you know survive the you know Difficult times so then create something New a different human being with Different orientation to the World on The other side right and so it's kind of An you know it's an interesting Noble You know uh kind of a cool idea so it's Been around for you know since 2007 uh My YouTube channel the ideas of this Thing I started fry Counseling in 200 You know three or whatever it was Initially and you know the the time that I've done this so you know whatever you Know period of time and the YouTube Channels existed in since 2007 and then

Um you know so that's what is that 17 Years so this is IDE has been out for 17 Years you know this idea something Called pockets of the future with this You know central idea and there's been You know I've had hundreds of millions Of views on my videos of course the view The videos that are uh Privatized you know so I have all these Privatized videos I have all these Videos that were deleted but it's you Know probably a couple hundred thou Couple hundred million views on my Videos right so that's significant so I've reached millions of people millions Of people have you know got been in Contact with something called pockets of The future you know and in that I have About 5,000 people who maybe you know Maybe it's 20,000 people but might get Regularly about anywhere between 3 and 5,000 views on my videos you know and I The shadow band sure you know there's Been things that have happened you know I've a couple hundred thousand Subscribers which is the you know amount Of people who are willing to hit the Subscribe button and out of those Subscribers there is you know maybe 5,000 people who regularly watch my Videos you know some people can't keep Up with the content so let's say let's Say it's 10 you know let's just be Generous 10,000 people regularly watch

My content out of those 10,000 people There are maybe a thousand people who Tried the Saar method of meditation and Maybe out of those people there's you Know a hundred people still doing it Right so they're doing the spiritual Part of it um you know very few people Are doing any sort of you know some People are gardening right some people Have you know whatever like people have To figure out it's not for me to say What you should do you know I'm not the Judge of your success of your Interaction with pockets of the future There's people who said that you know I've changed their life in some way the Content and got them through tough times You know get them through their their Days whatever it might be you know these Things and so there's all of those Things right Um and you know there's people who leave Very thoughtful comments people who are You know really um whatever they are um You know they're good people they're Worthwhile people right um there's 168 Members of you know who are willing to Financially support the channel there's Other people who give you know random Donations you know so that's you know That's something there's you know some Hundreds of people you know willing to Spend their hard earn money to you know

Keep this thing going you know a time Where without membership there would be No Channel at this point like there I'd Be making I'm making almost no money off The YouTube ads now and pretty soon I'm Going to have to go to a completely Subscription based model because YouTube Is worthless and I don't want to get Into all that cuz I've been talking About that I'm going to talk about that On my other channel not just the shadow Banning but you know all of it and so Some of it has been thwarted you know to View me as a problem to society where Algorithms and machine you know these Bots and you know AI or whatever they're Using would exclude and try to hide my Channel from people and squeeze me Financially You know their Channel's not doing any Kind of damage because I'm not trying to Take the system down you know I'm not Doing any damage to the system in fact I Said you know it's going to fall Naturally spend your time preparing Yourself for that you know again I mean That's the idea behind the channel spend Your free time and energy either Spiritually you know or materially or Whatever it is preparing for this Inevitability because all civilizations Collapse and so many people there's so Many movies there's so many you know People focused and kind of get you know

When I first started this very few People were seeing it now everybody sees It a little bit right and so you know I Was given this you know Vision I was Given this Divine you know mandate and Work to help people prepare for the Inevitable that now people are starting To see right now people are trying Starting to catch up to this idea and Are you know aware that this Civilization's collapsing you have two Political candidates that are saying if The other guy gets elected it's the end Of the world you know one candidate is Saying you know Joe Biden saying that That he's trying to save the soul of America which is stupid and you know Like goofy but that's you know Apocalyptic talk right like they're all Embracing it but they're all embracing It in a way where they are making some Money to tell you they could stop Something they're getting money owered And not just the politician but Everybody who's embracing this Apocalyptic view they're saying we can Stop it right you know if you you Embrace us we'll stop it and they can't Nobody can it can't be stopped the end Of our civilization's already written It's already a part of the future right And so those people who can accept that And be grateful for it and become Something better like you know we're

Lesser than now so how can we become Better and that's what I offer here and The system itself should support what I'm doing here of course it won't Because the system just like well you Guys should all go down with the ship That's what the Beast is saying when When when I go down the system goes down You guys go down with me and you know There should be some part of the system But there's no Health in the system There's no Health in the system you know And I'm not talking about physical Health I'm talking about you know it's Just so evil that it wants to take all You down with it right on a spiritual Level on a physical level and you know On every you know like is if the system Goes down it's too big to fail and we Don't care what happens to you if it Goes down you know even though the System is supposed to be there to serve You and so the system should support Pockets of the future the you know the Very few people who can rise up to this Idea and start preparing for what's Happening And you know be some you know create Some kind of community and start living Now the way everyone's going to be in The future you know there has to be People that do that to save Humanity Right and unfortunately there's none There's no pockets of the future like in

Terms of you know there's no communities I mean I don't know if you I don't know What you guys are doing in your own Individual lives again it doesn't have To come through me but for the most part There is no pockets of the future right Like people are are all they've gone all In on this system and aren't even Willing to look at and I'm not talking About the Preppers and I'm not talking About I'm talking about willing to rise To a higher level of Consciousness and Sadly you know with the the collapse of The sjar system into the heartfulness Cult and the you know just the the Influence that you know I mean my Channel is pretty much non-existent it Might help you guys with your lives it Might you know whatever it is but but Again you know it's a failure maybe it's My failure I mean you know maybe I Didn't do a good enough job um you know When we all know that isn't true I like Not not because I didn't do a good Enough job like you know there's nothing That can be done to elevate human beings Right now and maybe things are happening Internally and maybe they'll get it you Know when they have to get it you know I Don't know what's going to happen in the Future but right now in terms of you Know this idea of pockets of the future You know it's not happening and you know There was a there was a thing here there

Was something that was Um you know there should be millions of People listening to these videos and I These these things like this voiceover You know I'll lose about half my Audience who just don't want to hear This right the people who you know are Just here for the jokes or whatever and So again you know we're talking about Hundreds of people you know maybe Thousands few thousand you know it's Nothing like in terms there's I mean This is a global YouTube channel this is A global platform there's people Listening to me all around the globe and You know I have this Divine Vision that I was given and you know it's I mean It's like there's almost no effect right And the worse it gets outside the more People be like oh you know the more Times that I've been right about things Not because I've been right you know Again you know Divinity contacted me and Said you know there was a you know the Divine forces gave me an assignment and You know whatever I did good failure Success whatever I've consistently put Out the message in various ways I've Used various uh examples of what's going On in the world showing you what's Happening in the world showing you that You know what this system is showing you That the people who suce SE in this System go mad and become deviant

Decadent people who have miserable Lives Who are disconnected from the Divinity Within them and all of it right from the Humanity the people who become rich and Famous which is the goal of the system And Powerful are like wrecked I've Showed you over and over again like I've Showed everybody millions of people have Seen it and see it like just not me Everybody you know like there's this That's coming out all over the place and Truther channels and non- truther Channels mainstream media the example of Okay these are what this is your goal to Be successful in this system to be rich And famous this is your goal okay yeah That's your goal what happens to the People that reach that goal there's only You know some people who are going to Rise to the top Economically and you know all all these Different ways and to the person they Fail like they fail as human beings and They become worse than what they were Before so the goal of human the people Who reach the goal become worse after They've reached the goal that's not a Goal that's not that tells you Everything you need to know about the System if your if your goal is to have a Good material life and you know Ultimately become rich and famous I mean Look at all these internet famous people And all of them they turn into like you

Know worse people they just become Obnoxious and selfish and you know they They degrade right in front of you and So that's a failed system because if you Do what the system says to do you you Know you seek happiness through you know Wealth and fame and power you'll be a Worse person and you'll be a you know You'll make the world a worst place and You'll die miserable and alone like That's you know that we've seen it it's Played out so what's the solution well Connect to the Divinity within you you Know can have a spiritual purpose find Out what your soul what your Soul's Purpose is not what your ego's purpose If you live your you know your ego wants Fame and power and these things and once You the ego gets it all these people you Know they're miserable on top of it They're less happy so if they're saying Hey this is going to make you happy Become rich and famous it's been Documented it's the experiment's over It's it's you know the knowledge of what Happens to rich and famous people is They're more miserable they're not happy And they're worse people and that's it It's done we know that and like you know I don't have to document it anymore but I but I do because people well well you Know let's look at more of this that's All that that's all that people are Willing to even comprehend and then so

What do you do you have to find a goal Then you have to find another goal if Being rich and famous and being you know Successful materially isn't the goal I Mean that might be part of what you're Supposed to do because it's your destiny But you know what's your real goal well It's to find the you know Divine self Within and embrace the you know the best Version of yourself and surrender your Ego to your soul and your your Soul's Purpose and you know become the Manifestation of the inner self right The the the self of the big us within Right and that skull's been around for a Long time and people just don't like it And even spiritual people Saints who you Know pursue that goal at some point they Fail they become you know sort of Celebrity oriented people start Gravitating to them and they start Feeling themselves and they forget God And they start thinking of themselves as God and they start you know becoming you Know cult leaders instead of and this is Happened I even to Jesus like there's You know Jesus had you know father why How Thou forsaken me you know it's it's A moment of doubt and lack of faith Because he had a spiritual fall because He started serving the people and he Forgot about God you know this whole Idea that he was you know divinely you Know whatever is a Divine birth is not

Here you know it's not true he was Working spiritually and then he became You know a a figure and he started to Fe His ego started to grow like this Happens it's happened over and over Again so even people who rose up to high Levels or at least above the you know The level of other human beings they Reach a level where their ego starts Thinking it's about them and not about God and they forget their purpose and They you know they they become these you Know pseudo celebrities saintly Celebrities and they have some kind of a Fall um and you know it's sad you know It's whatever it is tragic that's sad It's the it's the limitations of human Beings so I'm going to cover this in the Journey series 150 I'm you know I've Just completed 149 it's 10-hour video That's Been Uploaded Um and so um you know and I got to start Making some of these origin stories Public and I'll do that you know pretty Soon um but you know in terms of the Membership thing that's there you know But in this one I'll talk about you know This there's going to be a voiceover I Do today explaining you know my specific Role and these things in a more you know Things that's meant for the journey Series right but in general you know

This is the pockets of the future Experiment and I'd have to say that Overall it's a failure and it's not my Failure because you know I've done the Work you know the work is you know the Work is yours and the results are God Are God's right and that's you know Anybody becomes a spiritual person and It's something that I had to to go Through and I'll talk about that in the The Journey series and that'll be you Know done when you know a month or so so This and this audio will be in that Journey series you know so it'll be There for that Too um but I'll put that audio before This it'll be the introduction to the Journey series and I'll answer this Person's comment and so the two things Will go together but you know I've done The work to the best of my ability like I'm a slacker and you know whatever you Know I I'm not all that concerned with Humanity and if the whole thing goes Tits up like you know I don't care like You know I'm not sentimental I'm not you Know there's things I like about the System there's things that I I Personally would miss people I Personally would miss you know there's Some great things about humanity and Human beings and you know it's something I would like to see save itself you know Whatever it is but our system won't like

You know people themselves sure but the System no but you know uh I mean people Do what they do like and they'll there's A choice Point there's Choice point Right now and there's a choice point When the collapse starts happening and People will face a choice are you going To go up or you're going to go down are You going to re you know rise up to Higher levels and you know pull Something out of your your your Spiritual and your etheric potential and You're going to embrace the the best Version of yourself that exists you know That you've been avoiding you know most People are terrified of the darkness Within them you know the Beast Within The you know the depraved person that Comes out in war and you know comes out In certain situations where you know Some kind of violent dark you know like Just animalistic and you know whatever Murderous type of person exists right You know the person that the worst Version of yourself or the you know the Most selfish and you know whatever it is You know people repress that part of Themselves and they're terrified of the Beast Within right but they're even more Terrified of the saint they're even more Terrified of the best version of Themselves and you can see it you know That that part of them comes out and They you know they feel great and they

Feel God's love and they feel congruent And with their soul and their soul like Emanates out like everyone has moments Like that in their life and they Immediately try to like you know close The tap and not be a conduit for divine Love to flow through them right and That's what I'm you know the work here Is to be a conduit the S Mark system a Preceptor the work is to be a conduit And to whatever degree I've been a Conduit here you know I've done you know I you can't evaluate your own work but Adequate work like I've got the job done I've made lots of content and I've Included these simple messages in all Different formats and all different Metaphors and different ways I've Explained it you know over and over Again a very simple message of divinity Within you and the need to prepare for What's happening and you know become Something you know the the better Version of yourself and reach up to a Higher level of Consciousness I've said It in you know so many different ways And I've included in all these videos And the lots of people get turned off by It because they can't rise up to it Right they get mad that they I say this Thing over and over again different ways Because they don't want to hear it you Know that's the truth they you know they Like the stuff I do they want the jokes

Whatever Play Freebird right you know They want the you know the remedial Stuff um you know and that's not really Why my Channel's here the remedial stuff Is there so that people who can't Embrace or gravitate to the higher level Stuff you know have a at least you know Some limal level at least they hear These things and that it might become Something of value in the future life I Don't know you know the connections are Being made to something but there are Choice points coming up but in terms of This Choice point where you're you Seeing what's going to happen and Preparing for it you know the pocket of The future movement is a failure and not Because you know just me and my channel But because the you know there's the Writing's on the [ __ ] wall right the Writing's on the [ __ ] wall like You can see it you know the the system's Collapsing it might not be tomorrow but It's you know in the collapse process And so what are you going to do and you Know yeah you know hoarding some food Okay that's something but you know what About you as a person you know The what what the system has made you Into is not okay you're not okay right You know it like everybody knows it you Know we're not okay in what we've been Made into but for the most people most Part people don't want to rise up to

Something and become something better And that's what evolution is all about You we talk about material Evolution We're a creature like we have you know Dolphins and whales and manatees and Seals and things like this Penguins you Know they're land animals I mean Penguins are birds and they've adopted To sea life right like they've evolved To be something else to where they can Swim really fast but they used to be Animals that ran you know they used to Have legs and you know whatever right And so that's physical Evolution but Spiritual evolution is becoming Something more you you have a better Version of you out there you have you Know your high level you have a saint Within and you're terrified of that People are terrified of that because Their ego doesn't want to lose control And so not willing to embrace that part Of themselves and you know we all Struggle with it I'm not you know like a Success story I mean I you know to Whatever degree I am like I could do Better and every person could you know Everyone could Embrace their higher Nature at a better level and we don't Want to and that's just reality you know That's what we are and so you know my Channel's dying now because of the you Know YouTube squeezing it out and I mean It's you know it's not growing it's

Shrinking that's been happening for a While but even if it wasn't you know What if it was millions of people and it Was just going to a lower level you know But you you know you see that there are You know people out there and messages Being given that are of a remedial like Someone like Joe Rogan right like he's Not really a truther and he's not you Know a pocket of the future person you Know but he talks a little bit about These things and he has you know a large Audience and there's people you know Tucker Carlson has a Lar large audience These people you know but they're They're you know they suck I mean They're you know they're lightweights Right um and then there's people who are You know just the crappy content out There you know and I am grateful for the Audience I do have because a lot of them Are thoughtful you know are I mean you Know they're higher level people you Know at least in terms of their Potential there's just a lot of dopes And I have no tolerance for people who You know they're not my audience right People who just they're they're just Don't have the capacity and I'm not you Know running them down they don't have The capacity to understand this message Sadly because it's a simple message it's Not rocket science it's not you don't Have to be a saint to understand it you

Just have to have a potential Saint Within you and everybody has that to Some degree but lots of people they're Just they're not you know they're not Even I mean they're so dead inside They're so their Consciousness is at Such a low level they can't even get This simple message you know just to Understand that that needs to be pockets Of the future like you know just Everything that I've said here there's So many people you know you'll see that This video get less views than my normal Videos you know and this is a more Profound you know it's more important Than my you know making fun of Britney Dancing right you know I mean it just is Like it's significantly more important You know the Britney stuff is there so That people can hear the other stuff Even if they they don't like it or they Don't understand it or they it scares Them at least they hear it right at Least they're they're you in con Connection with it so you know it's There for them in the future but there's The Preparatory stuff the Preparatory The Preparatory the preparation Phase you know you're you're in that Phase you know how do I use the Resources at my disposal free time these Are your resources free time tools Information you know and you know you Could store food I mean things like that

You have a lot of material resources Right now you have free time right you Have the you know the system of tools And and education system where you can Learn to do things right like you know Let's say the internet goes out tomorrow And you're like oh I want to grow food Now let me go search a video on how to Grow and harvest food and it's not there So you can accumulate books and you know Whatever you can accumulate like I mean Like the YouTube you know if you have The higher level YouTube accounts you Can download videos for example like People can download all the videos they Need to help them you know um you can Play those videos in a a time where There's no internet and things like that Right you you can download you know uh Books on Kindle there's things like that Information you can be storing away Information you can pack away food you Know canned foods and things like this I Mean just having some period of time Where you're adjusting to having to Survive and learning survival skills Right how to protect yourself how to you Know these things you know there's Things like that then you can start Meditating your free time connect to God And be someone that God says all right This person has potential I'm going to Help them because if you volunteer for This God will accept right so if you

Start doing the the sjar meditation You're somebody who's can rise up to a Higher level spiritually and become a Person of uh you know significance in a A post-apocalyptic world even on a soul Level you die and you're going to come Back in because you're going to you know You're somebody who can do it and is Willing to do it you're saying to God I'm willing to do this I'm willing to be A part of this evolutionary movement Right and so those are the you know There's lots of resources and you know Free time being the number one resource You have free time what are you doing With your free time you know whatever um So that's that you know and I'm I'm not Bummed about it you know because I mean I'm never bummed about Humanity's Capacity to choose Low like I've seen it my whole life I Was aware of it you probably even coming Into this life I'm definitely aware of It I've seen it before in past Existences I experience it myself you Know I I'm a part of the problem it's Just there right and you know um so There it is and so you know I'm going to Keep on going here they'll change the Format whatever it is but at this point The writing's on the m andf and wall I Mean in terms of you know there should Be millions of people who are connecting To this channel I even like 100 thousand

You know and there's you know almost Nobody like it's in terms of the higher Level content you know it's maybe a Couple th000 maybe less um and that's Just you know the reality of the Situation so that's um pockets of the Future Okay so I want to add something Here um I'm not going to do the CNN Piece because doesn't make any sense to Just put that on the end of a an hourong INT introduction you know I just ate Breakfast and I wanted to explain one More part of this thing you know in Terms of doing Divine work the reason That you know in a sense if I was chosen Or there's some you know whatever reason I was given the shuti is because I was Willing right I offered my services to God I said you know I don't really have Much of a you know ambition or purpose For myself and I was really completely Um uh impressed by the SJ Mark system of Meditation and and the connection to Divinity that it uh afforded me and so I Said I was willing to do work right like I would you know whatever I could be Useful for and I was open to that and You know I surrendered that you know Through the meditative process I said to God you know I'll do whatever you want Me to do you know I'll be of service Right um you know and I I mean I don't Want to make that sound more or it's Just that right it's just the

Willingness to you know it's not some Impressive thing you know whatever Capacity I have whatever you know God Could use me for which was a YouTube Channel you know right was to talk on a YouTube channel make YouTube videos you Know it's part of my destiny like I was A little kid I was like you know seven Years old I got a little movie camera And I went to the circus and I you know Cuz I wanted to make a movie about Tigers or something like whatever and That was the Tigers I had access to but I you know I I had interest in filming Making or this kind of you know using This kind of genre this kind of uh Platform and so that was already there It was part of you know who I was as a Who I was going to be as a person but You know I made the conscious decision To say to God you know use me for Whatever you you know I'll do whatever Work that you want me to do and so that Was this like you know God puts you in a Su uh in a situation where you can Succeed and where you're you know you're Not you're not going to be asked to do Something you don't have the talent for You don't have the abilities for and you Have these qualities everyone has a gift Everyone has something to offer Humanity Everyone has something that they can They can offer to God as a form of Service and gratitude and be a part of

The divine plan and I made my you know Willingness to do that in you know Meditative I would say almost like Conversations with God or you know me Saying you know me volunteering to do This right and so you know there's People who do that there's lots of People who ask God you know that if they Could you know they volunteer themselves To do service for God sometimes it's for Religion you have religious purposes and It's more more of a material thing you Know they serve the poor they go out and Do you know volunteer work to help People because that's their level of Evolution right where they're able to You know they're not able to go to Higher levels of consciousness they're Not connected to God in a in a theoric Way they're not becoming spiritual People they're just you know their Connection to God is through a religion And so they do material work right they Do acts of service to people right which Everybody should do like just in general Everyone should help their brothers and Sisters and you know animals or whatever You know nature I mean we should all be You know doing things to make the world A better place but you know to have the Capacity whatever your capacity is That's what you're going to be used for Right you're the highest level of your Capacity and for me it was to do this

YouTube channel that was the highest Level of the capacity that I was able to Do you know the to create the Gratefulness meditation Channel when the Heartfulness failed and these things and So you know whatever level that I'm on Whatever level this work is you know There's been movements like this there's Been you know higher developed Souls That come down and have created you know A Outreach programs to help people Become the better version of themselves Help them embrace the Divinity within And you know we all know Jesus because We're you know we grew up in the west And he's a more recent person but There's been thousands upon thousands Some of them you know more evolved some Of them less evolved some of them a Higher nature and there's been all these Divine beings and people who are Saints And spiritual people you know maybe Hundreds of thousands of them right you Know people who are working for God and Have a message from God to deliver to Humanity right whatever it is and you Know my work here is also uh you know ENC capsulized in the in the bigger work Of the SJ Mar Masters you know the the Boby and the chargy and ly these three Guys and you know their overall work you Know it's a part of that right it's a You know it's a continuation of that Movement right but there's these

Movements that come about and inevitably What happens is lower level people who Don't have you know they haven't given Themselves to serve you know up to serve Of God right will um you know hijack the Movement and you see this with every Major religion especially you see it you Know most recently with Christianity There are people who are sucky Materialistic Opportunistic demonic people who have Taken Jesus's teachings and turned it Into something where they have power Over people's connection to God where They be become a you know a gatekeeper And a middleman and you know this Happens over and over again But human beings in themselves you know When Jesus was alive you know his Disciples failed right because I mean The the religion became you know corrupt And you know one one disciple betrayed Him in Judas one denied him in and uh Peter and one doubted him in Thomas so Three of his 12 you know and then all The people who turned on him who Followed him for a while but turned on Him when he was crucified right these Things and that's what Humanity does and So no matter how it's packaged and no Matter who delivers the message whatever Capacity the message is delivered human Beings always react the same way where They reject it you know the majority of

Them and the ones who don't reject it They you know they struggle they go they You know they they partially accept it Or they you know they rise up for a Little bit then they go back and you Know this is what Humanity does right And you know for what I'm doing here you Know my participation in it it's no Shock to me because I know this right I Know that you know no matter what how Good a job you do it doesn't matter Because human beings don't want this Right I mean that's the problem human Beings don't want the higher they want The lower they keep on going down to the Lower it's easier to it's easy to sell The lower like I know what the lower is And I could go make a YouTube channel That delved into the lower and delved Into the you know I mean I even include The lower in my this channel right you Know it's not like I mean this channel Has the lower I I bring lower stuff you Know to talk about the Divine stuff you Know the lower stuff is the clickbait Like people say your Channel's a Clickbait well it's because you know the Lower stuff has to be presented because A majority of people want no part of the Higher and it's just Humanity like That's where we are and it's either Going to change or it's not either we're Going to be wiped out or we're going to Rise up like there's a there's a Choice

Point coming like this is the end you Know this is the end of the the lower Right the you know the it's been you Know this indulging in the lower and That's it it's you know there's there's A period of time where this was allowed Or whatever it is and that time is over And human beings either have to embrace The higher or going to be you know Replaced and you know wiped out or Whatever you know like a replacement Population maybe the Dolphins maybe Something else right you know know maybe You know whatever animals will you know What I don't know how it's going to be But whatever it is human beings are now On the clock to to make a choice and for The most part they've always chose the Lower and that's for each of us Individually and people you know even The higher developed people struggle With this and so it's not a surprise That it's you know there's been some Failure here but you know there's going To be a time where the the lower won't Be as easily available because the System will collapse and people just you Know will be trying to survive and Dealing with the failure of their Ancestors right that have left them a Post-apocalyptic world and so you know That's what humanity is facing and you Know it'd be good to embrace the the Higher when you don't have to you know

People will be forced to do it in the Future for their very survival you know And that's you know that it's just going To be the lower won't be available so People have to embrace the higher and The people who don't embrace the higher Will you know will perish and disappear Their soul won't be allowed here even on The planet and so that's you know I mean That's what's up right so you know in That situation maybe human beings if They're forced to but again I don't know Like you know I'll never underestimate Human beings Predisposition to embrace the lower so Anyways you know that's the Ode to pakus Of the future here you know this is you Know the inevitable I mean this was Going to happen like you know like this Was you know the dwindling and the Suppression and the lack of interest and The you know all of it like this was you Know it's inevitable I mean I I can see It now when I you know could have Probably seen in the beginning because You know this is what people do and this Is how people respond um so anyways you Know I'll keep on plugging away here Because you know I mean as far as I'm Concerned the assignment isn't over you Know but I've uh accepted you know the The inevitable outcome only spirituality Will save this world it's parado Definitely rep for the apocalypse and

The Ascension everyone have a blessed Day and be grateful

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