‘No one told me I’d have to take a cognitive test’ Democrats like Trump as long as he is named Biden

'No one told me I'd have to take a cognitive test' Democrats like Trump as long as he is named Biden

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so The debate happened and I'm going to Show you as much of it as I'm allowed to By ABC I was usually pretty bad about Copyright stuff but it's epic and they Might not monetize the video and if That's the case I'll put a comment Saying it's not monetized and ask people To you know donate even it's like a buck Or something um I get enough people to Do that then it'll pay for my time and Energy but it's such an epic interview He channels Donald Trump he becomes Trump he's in complete denial and he Shows that that what happened at the Debate performan is is New Normal uh so It's bad he's going to be gone sued and You know this is our last chance to mock Him and laugh at one of our few last Chances to to Mock and laugh at Joe Biden before they disappear him because They almost have to like I don't I don't See a way that they don't unless they Want Trump to win and that is whatever It is But anyways I have some other things to Show you first that I was you know I Started the the um this video on July 5th the morning of the of the interview And then today's July 6 and I covered The the interview and I'll edit all this And get it up as quickly as possible and Again if they're not running ads on this Uh please feel free to contribute

Because you know I'm basically working For free here and I'm not sure they Might run ads they might not copyright It but if they do and I can still run it I'm going to run it because it's it's That important and like I just can't Edit out the all these Great Moments in This disastrous interview George Stenopus is trying to reason with Joe Biden and convince him about how bad it Is you know Joe Biden refuses to take a Cognitive test and refuses to admit that He could lose to Donald Trump or he's Losing to Donald Trump refus to admit That people want him out refuse to admit That people see them as scile refuse to Admit that he's scile and it's like he's I mean that's how scile he Is but here's my um other introduction And then we'll we'll get into the rest Of it okay greetings brothers and Sisters today is Friday July 5th I just released a video over the 4th Of July Biden debacle and you know the Reason I'm covering this exclusively you Know I have a video I have to put up That it's a good video video that just Got Bumped because of all these things you Know I had a couple videos that pop cuz YouTube started recommend you know pop For me now not like used to be used to Be hundreds of thousands you know Million you views and now it's 10,000

15,000 20,000 you know usually my videos Die after a day because of YouTube's not Recommending them you know just a Reminder I got to do this every time now But um remember to subscribe like Comment notifi you know share whatever The things are that people do to keep The algorithms in YouTube um you know Whatever you know the drill but since I Talk to those Bots YouTube is now Recommending my channel a little bit More you know not like it used to be and So these are big events that have Happened uh this you know the things That happened a video I made a couple of Videos I made on Taylor Swift the Banker's daughter and these videos here If I hopefully I'll remember to take a Screenshot of my channel here but um I But just I just put the journey series Up 152 for members then the Democrat Those two Biden ones and um then there Was the video I made there must be Something more to Life um the video before I made uh Uh this can't be it this can't be it There has to be something else and I Made a a follow-up to that which is up For Members um and all both of those videos I want to make p the public the other One is Don't Panic the people and it's More Taylor Swift stuff that I Taylor Swift the Banker's daughter Kimmel makes

Mjk insulter a star I don't even Remember what's in that video but I Wasn't able to publish that video Because I had to wait till these other Videos stopped bringing in views right So I had to just let those videos go Because they didn't die after one day And then this thing happened with the Debate which is a huge story it's a mega Story it's one of the biggest Apocalyptic stories apocalyptic stories That I've been able to cover because the Democratic party and the mainstream Media the liberal mainstream media has Just given a giant Fu to their sheeple Watchers and viewers and all of us Because we're all sub subject to this Stuff and is saying hey guess what we've Had this candidate who's been senile now This President who's been scile now you Know before he was elected and it's Gotten worse over the years and we've Hit him and it finally came out and we Can't stop it and now our worst nightmar Is coming true as it looks like Trump's Going to win another reelection which Maybe you know not for them not these Lower mid middle management shills but The people control the system that's Their plan to enact a destruction with Trump going on his Vengeance tour right But there worse nightmares Trump getting Elected and right now like unless Something big changes that's going to

Happen but either way it's a nightmare Scenario like you look at these two Bozos you watch this immature debate at The end where they arguing over who is a Better golfer and that line when Trump Said oh I didn't have sex with a porn Star Right all that stuff that happened Towards the end of the debate and how Petty Trump is and how revengeful Trump Is which was funny when it was you know When it was new Trump but after covid And all these things that have happened It's still funny it's not like it's not Funny it'll always be funny but it's not Like the same way it was it's not a Carefree funny because now the Apocalypse is upon us because you know World War II is just around the corner And all these other things are are going Down with it right and so these clowns Who have been gaslighting you and lying To you and manipulating you all of us Even if we believe it or not the Intentions there right they're still Trying to screw us over and take Advantage of us and and you know treat Us like we're complete morons whether we Fall for it or not they're still doing It that's their intention right and roll Out a president who's senile and who Sucked like he was he was sucky as Before he was scile and then they They're stuck with kamla right kamla

Versus Trump and you know the the world Is watching right the world's collapsing Around you know everywhere other Countries having these issues and record Inflation and all the rest of it right The postco debacle and so this is real Stuff like this is the kind of things That happen before there's a major Breakdown before a company goes out of Business before uh you know a state or a A country or you know in this case even The world collapses you see leaders like This you see depravity like this you see Stupidity like this right and they don't Have any way out of it like they don't Know what to do about it they don't know How to you know deal with it right like They don't know how to you know to um Execute this switch from Biden to kamla Or Biden to whoever and they you know They they kind of have a plan but they Suck at it right and it looks really bad Because they're they really suck right They're incompetent because you know When you're watching a movie like a you Know a remedial movie with just this the Standard plot lines and the character Starts getting arrogant or starts Feeling themsel a little bit and what do They do right they make a bad decision Where they you know they some kind of Deception they tell a lie they they Cheat on their spouse they break a law They do something wrong right like it's

A good person who you know Falls a Little bit and makes a a bad Decision and you know that it's going to Come out right like they're they're Doing something and nobody in their Respective Circle knows what they've Done and you know that people are going To find out you know they're going to be Humiliated you know that it's you There's going to have to be some Resolution where people find out what They did and then they have to make Amends and and realize the error of Their ways this is a a very substandard You know a standard but substandard plot Line that's in so many movies like you Know how it's going to play out when They make us bad decision they make a Decision that you know they're going to Have to be held accountable for it might Be a sitcom or a TV show right any of These things right you know when when Ross cheated on Rachel and friends right And you knew that some point she was Going to find out this whole thing that We out to break all these things right Like all these types of you know there's Just a bad decision that's not Sustainable and you know that it's going To you know blow up in the person's face And so when they rolled out this Scile Boop right this old crappy you Know just I mean mentally impaired Obnoxious guy who was yelling at people

Challenging people to push up contest And showing all the signs of dementia Early dementia or you know whatever it Was that as he aged and the presidency Was going to age him I mean I didn't Think they would even going to elect him But they did that at some point they Weren't going to be able to cover it up Right and that you know when that Happened and it was a a big moment Because it became like oh wow this Thing's just got real these people were Just you know got caught lying but you Know their whole position and the people That believe in them believe in them Because they think Trump is the worst Person in the world right they're Supposed to be the good guys and now They're followers the people that Supported Joe Biden realized they've Been duping them right and as bad as Person Trump is you know to them you Know Trump is the devil and when their Side does something like this all with The excuse well this was the only guy Who beat Trump and we had to get rid of Trump and it's just important that we Beat Trump and Trump can't get elected Again or the world's going to end and These things right and it's like well How can you F this up if that's your Worldview like how can you you know Rationalize these deceptions because They didn't deceive the Republicans I

Mean they tried to they tried to deceive All of us and Gaslight all of us but the People who fell for it their target Audience was the Democrats and they have Used their hatred for Trump and their SC Their Fear of trump to push this guy Through and then he was used as a puppet To push this agenda through and you know You can't claim the higher ground you Can't claim the good guy status right You know if Trump's the villain Then you're a you're a minor league Villain like you're a villain wannabe Right because if Trump's the the devil Then you're a demon like it's not you Know like there's no good guy or bad guy Here I mean I'm just saying how the People that believe in them because They've risked it all like when this Blows up the way it is and it's blowing Up now now they're almost a shoe in Right now at this moment Trump would win The presidency and you know we have four Months and you know we don't know what Else is going to happen here But you're banking on someone who up Into this point was unelectable and KLA Harris who couldn't even get 1% of the Democrats to like her and once people Start listening to her and she's out There people going to realize wow she's Really unlikable you know how can we Back this person you know the the Hardcore Biden people will go after her

The hardcore hate Trump or the Trump Haters will back her no matter what They'll back anybody that is out there You know but right now with a third Party candidate in Kennedy a lack of Enthusiasm I mean there was margin thin I mean in terms of the Battleground States there was you we're talking about Thousands of votes in these Battleground States you know under 5,000 votes in Many of them right that allegedly Separated these two candidates and so There's no margin of error for them and You know you're going to have suppress Turnout and just all these things and Then you know it's a chance not only for Trump to become president but have the Senate and the um Congress behind him Like they could be a you know a clean Sweep here like an epic loss which They'll blame on this debacle this Debate and Biden but it's really the Democratic establishment that you know Rolled the dice on this thing and Getting stuck with Trump and then just The division and what this means on the World stage but even if it's not Trump It's comma somehow I the whole thing is You know I mean who's going to respect K in the world she's comma knee pads Harris right there's this is what an Apocalypse looks like right that's what Apocalyse looks like this is apocalyptic Stuff right here right this is what

Happens right before your your country And the world government things Collapses this is the kind of level of Performance it shows you that your Empire is about to collapse because it's You know it's there's no higher Standards now is idiocracy 101 so a few Things to get into right today and then I'll you know I've been doing this where I cover a couple of days and you know All the events that unfold and right now This is where we're at so let's start Here with this guy CNN's chief medical Correspondent Dr Sanjay Gupta is calling On President Joe Biden to undergo Cognitive testing and share his results With the American people after what he Calls quote concerning Behavior at last Week's presid presidential debate sanj Gupta is joining us right now okay so Dr Sanjay Gupta I mean what provoked what's Going on with you sanj you to do This well uh Fred good morning you know First of all this is not a a political Essay it's a medical one it's a medical One not political and I think a lot of The things that um you know people saw At that debate weren't necessarily new But they were sustained and I think more More pronounced than what we had seen in The past and I think that's what really Provoked um the essay uh I think that The question really being raised is have We been looking at episodes okay so um

Here's the thing I did psychological Assessments which I talked about in my Earlier videos so I have a master's Degree in counseling and you know my My Level like there's various levels in the Counseling field right there's Psychiatrists who can prescribe meds and Doctors of psychology who can prescribe Meds and psychological nurses that can Prescribe meds and for those people There has to be a physical component to Your degree right you have to become a You know a psychiatrist is a doctor of The mind but they have to go through Medical school and they suck like I Don't I don't like them at all like I'm Not a the many psychiatrists that I've Seen and dealt with mostly what they do Is write scripts and they make lots of Money for that Um but it's you know it's a horrible way To manage somebody's psychological Disorders because you know all the big Pharma stuff right all the side effects A lot of these meds cause depression and Suicidal ideation these things right but There's these various levels where you Can be a counselor like I was I had a I Had a bachelor's degree in human Services and I could work as a counselor And then as a person with a master's Degree in in counseling I could do Assessment measures I could apply uh These various assessment tools that you

Use to figure out what's going on inside Somebody but of course I've been doing The sa Mark meditation I work as a Preceptor where there's a spiritual Component where you can read people's Spiritual condition and then being Dyslexic and these other things it's Just something that I'm good at right And so you know it's not hard to Diagnose someone with dementia because It's like I said earlier how do you know Your friends are drunk right we're Talking about somebody who's slurring Their speech we're talking about people Who are you know having trouble making Decision getting confused getting angry For no reason I mean these are the Symptoms and people know when their Grandfather their father their mother The grandmother these elderly people are Now having problems you know like I said Why is grandpa putting his shoes in the Refrigerator right and so we knew this With Joe Biden in 2019 like you could see the guy was lost And I've documented it with just a few Clips from debates and other places but You know they HIIT him away and still we All saw anybody looking saw that there's Dementia but they were blinded by their Hatred for Trump everybody who denied it Or they were just out andout shills like This guy or whoever it was right but for This guy to come in now and say look we

Know Joe Biden was you know he wasn't Great and he's had some episodes but now We have to have cognitive tests he's a President of freaking United States Right if this was a person you know he Shouldn't have a driver's license like This guy is you know people when their Minds break down the you know the road Doesn't make sense right now there's a Time I got really drunk and I was in Atlanta where I was working a restaurant Downtown at the underground in Atlanta And I was um I got really like crazy Drunk and I think I had a shot at Jagermeister and whatever that did to me I don't know what is in jgermeister But it always made me like um almost Hallucinate and I took the Subway and Then a bus to my car and I got in my car And the road didn't make sense like Thank God you know I I didn't drive cuz I couldn't understand what's going on so I went and I slept it's probably like 1: In the morning and I slept in this you Know bus station where the parking lot Which was probably not all that safe Right but I had no choice it really Wasn't safe to drive but when you get Really Impaired you know I mean you can't even Walk right when you get really drunk you These things there's you know it does Things to your brain when you use Various types of alcohol and drugs that

Impair your ability to function and you Know you you you don't talk as well you Don't think as well you don't perceive The world as well you don't do anything You know you you're you're um your body Is affected your reflexes are affected And you know it impaires your ability to Perceive reality And that's what Alzheimer's and Dementia Does only it's permanent right and when Those things happen you can't drive you Can't like if if you're not supposed to Drive when you're drunk you shouldn't Drive when you have Alzheimer's how many Times is an older person plus your Eyesight goes your you your reaction Time goes all these things and so if He's not supposed to drive then why Would you give the guy nuclear codes the Guy can't make decisions he can't Understand what's going on he gets Confused all the time he was getting Confused in 2019 it just start to you Know just continue to get worse right And then this guy comes in now and says You need cognitive tests like you know Any person at a certain age they should Be Mandatory because it just should be and You know they're not going to Acknowledge it themselves they don't Know because they can't even see Themselves it's like the first thing That happens when you get drunk is that

You the part of your brain that self- Perceives the ability to perceive Oneself is affected that's the first Thing that happens when you start Drinking the first couple drinks you Know first couple beers you you lose the Ability to perceive yourself that's why People make a fool of themselves when They're drunk they can't see themselves The way others see them see them and Then just the other aspects of the the Brain impairment happen and so that's What's happening to Joe Biden anybody With dementia and so there has to be a System in place to intervene in case a President or a senator or somebody and Get them out of there but there's Nothing there right and this is this guy Writing an essay and Biden's people Aren't going to listen to this guy right They're not going to because they know What the results are going to be they're Not going to give him cognitive tests Because they still want to run this guy The team Biden's team still want to run Biden his family all these people Bing Himself they're still trying to find a Way to you know um figure out a way that He could run and be president again even Though he's got obvious dementia and and So that's you know that's what's up Here intermittent episodes or is this Reflective of some sort of deeper Underlying condition and that's what

What I really wanted to get at let me Let me tell you a few of the things that Uh specifically jumped out and I will Also mention as you're looking at some Of these specific signs that Neurologists noted that after the debate I got a lot of calls text emails from my Neurology and brain science colleagues From uh around the world frankly uh sort Of highlighting some of these things but If you take a look um slow response time I think we saw that you know sort of in A sustain okay that that existed in 2019 Fashion definitive world word retrieval Mixups um that happened all the time in 2019 at debates so going back five years That was happening rambling sometimes Confused speech reduced so this is this Is Joe Biden these these are things he's As far as you know Joe Biden most of all Most of us we know Joe Biden From The Last 5 Years we know a little Bit with him in Obama you know where he Was making a lot of gaffs but the you Know we really are Joe Biden being a Household name happened five years ago When he ran for president these are all Things he does voice volume as well and Reduced facial movements and these Things can all be reduced voice volume Is his signature you know he's either Yelling or he's whispering and also this He looks like he's had plastic surgery And his face doesn't move right which is

You know another way they're trying to Keep him from I mean he just doesn't Look right and so these are all things He's done for five years so if you're Saying these are Clues to there might be Cognitive difficulties then you should Have said this five years ago when he Was doing all his covid Sanjay Connected uh we often think of cognition Simply being memory but if someone has An underlying movement disorder for Example that can actually affect um Cognition in the sense that people may Have more flattened affect um face and And not really be speaking look at the Picture they got up of them right like They're going after the guy finally but They should have done this before he was Elected they should have said look he's Showing signs because his age was there You know he was what was he 76 right and You know he'd been a vice president These things which are things that AG You and he was showing these signs when When he was running for president they They hid him away because they used CO As an excuse and they made it all about Trump and everyone who saw this guy knew You know it was if he didn't have Dementia then he was right around the Corner I mean he wasn't you know he was Aging quickly that's the other thing Some people you know people age Differently there are people who are you

Know in their 40s and they look like They're in their 60s and you know based On the food you're eating based on all These things that are happening your Choices you wa differently right and Some people have long longevity like When my family my grandparents all lived Into their '90s and the one that didn't He lived a very you know full life he Probably would have he would maybe the Strongest one of out of out of all of Them right so there's longevity in my Family but you know there are times when No matter when that happens you start to Get old like you see it I've seen in my Own life right I'm going to be 60 in a Couple of days and there's just things That creep up on you and you realize you Can't do the things you used to do and You show signs of getting old and Joe Biden was showing signs of advanced age Like he should have retired in 2019 he Should have retired 2016 that was his Chance to run they picked Hillary over Him and so he was done and he came out Of retirement basically to do this right As quickly or as loudly now if it were My if he were my patient if he were my Dad frankly I would want to get more Testing done yeah that's not a Biden way Though those Bens are like horrible People cognitive testing and more Detailed movement disorder testing as Well you know if you don't get the test

Then you can claim plausible deniability But they've all seen it they all know You've heard Fred what the White House Has said about this they say look it was Essentially it was a bad night for him Uh he had had late nights he had had jet Lag he had a cold we heard he wasn't Taking any medications for that and Those things can cause uh temporary Brain fog if you will but again this Idea are we looking at episodes of Something or is this a condition come on You're you're supposed to die you know You're looking at episodes because he''s Been doing it for freaking five years And it keeps on the same things keep on Getting worse they're the same things he Was doing five years ago and they've Just gotten worse it's not going to it's Going to be worse in two years right Should be more fully investigated and it Really seems to be more of the latter Okay so we understand his last Examination was about four months ago Full examination about four months ago So of these items that you're talking About are these Progressive do they Sneak in uh you know are these Characteristics um that have been I Guess rising to the surface for a while In which for you know neurology come on You guys this is your job to pick things Out like this you know you look for Something like this this is a major

Story the president scile and you you Didn't you didn't notice any of these Things Dr Sanjay Gupta yes to diagnose I Mean help us assess um whether this is a Blip and a reel or if it's something That is Progressive just stop with this It's not we all know it's not right you Know in with his last exam in January You know right around this last you know He should be getting a medical exam like Every month or so and in he's under Constant medic medal care somebody has This age right you think about old People they spend how much time do your Grandparents spend in um you know in Doctor's offices and these things Constantly right there's all these Things that they have to they undergo All these issues that they have right You just your body is suffering a lot You're in constant pain you know there's Just stiff and all these things and There's issues you're going to have Health issues as you get older your body Doesn't work as well your internal Organs you've been eating poisons all These things right you've been eating Toxins and you know and just your body's Woring wearing out and so he's you know This thing is silly because back in January 70% of people thought he was Unfit for office and that was you know What do you think they got that from you You know that that one event that

Happened in January it went away a Little bit when he had the State of the Union because they said oh he was he was Great at that he wasn't great but they Had lowered the bar so much gotten this Way yeah that I think that that is the Question again this this idea are we Looking at episodes and are these Episodes sort of progressively linearly Getting worse or do they really just Fluctuate and more easily attributed to Other things again doesn't matter if he Going to have one episode he's going to Have another one and he's going to be Like if somebody has epileptic fits if They have one of them like all right we Can contain it but you can't drive I Mean there's diseases you get where you Lose your License because you might have some kind Of a an issue that would cause a major Um you know people to die or whatever Including yourself you're no longer safe To drive you might be able to drive 99% Of the time but this issue that you have These episodes can cause you know so I Mean this is you know it's just Competence 101 like he's just just a he Just sucks so bad so let's move over to This thing all right so I want to get Into Morning Joe because there was just Atrocious what did this morning I Started covering a little bit on my Other video and then I ended up watching

A little bit more it's just unbelievably Embarrassing but let's start here with The end so Joe scarb barel says his Debate debate performance would indicate That he probably have to step down that Was after the debate itself and things Have gotten worse by every measurable Standard but then M said this right Before she had her take he's wrapping up Here Um and and again if you believe what's At stake at this election is what we Believe is at stake I'll even use the Word Tragically tragically did not rise to The occasion last night okay uh so as You can see you won't see us spinning Here on Morning Joe uh at all so I think This was two videos ago you know I Talked about this a little bit I Mentioned it right I pointed this out But I didn't give it as much scrutiny as I should have her saying you can see We're not spinning but you shouldn't be Spinning at all you know they often talk About on Morning Joe that the other guys Or the other side right because they're Just shills for the Democratic party you Know Fox started this and they realized Fox was more successful so they started Copying them but they started to be Completely partisan and bias in a way That you know fox said it was fair and Balance which was silly right fair and

Balance if you're right or you're Moderate right you know like it's not Fair and balanc to the left and so when They start to become partisan but they Present news they present you know Stories about politics and things like It with the idea that they're news People reporting objectively and then They give these Commentaries which is completely biased Right this is supposed to be morning News but it it really is just them Shilling for Joe Biden and the Democrats And hammering Donald Trump and it's like The whole networks now exist in that um Vacuum you know Fox is whatever Fox is But in terms of uh the MSNBC and CNN It's just liberal based propaganda you Know the uh Fox News is kind of Right-wing propaganda but not really Anymore because Trump and the right have Gone farther to the right than Fox News Is willing to go right but they're all You know they're all doing this and the And the CNN and MSM Are not verbalizing true Li liberalism Or the liberal wing of the democratic Party it's this you know this fake Liberalism with this um you know this Controller type of agenda being run Through it right but for her to suggest That they aren't spinning when they are Like they're spinning every day but now They've gotten caught for pushing a

Dimentia ridden candidate right when They talked about Trump having cognitive Difficulties even though everyone is see Biden is having them Biden was having 2019 and now they're all caught you know Whether they're admitting it or not They're all caught pushing a candidate That everybody could see was breaking Down mentally you know was mik said Years ago that it was her job and not Trump's it was their job and not Trump's To tell the American people what to Think the dangerous you know edges here Are that he's trying to undermine the Media trying to make up his own facts And it could be that while unemployment And uh the the economy worsens he could Have undermined the messaging so much That he can actually control uh exactly What people think and that is the that Is our job so then this is today July 5th and um well this speaks for itself Here I'm glad I got both of you guys on Because both of you know I say what's on My mind both of you know you both of you Know I'm going to be Joe and both of you Know no I got a about gumy hair do and Both of you know you got to Know I piss everybody off I'm not on any President or former president's Christmas card list uh and it's because I say what I and and steuart I just want To go to you I've spent a lot of time I Hear these people going oh well we've

Seen this for the past two three years And D you've seen it for five years We've seen it for I've showed you Clips We saw you know I mean it was just A lot of episodes right and it just Takes one episode there all these Reports and the media should reported This the media reported listen s if I'd Gone in and talked to the president Which I've done a lot if I've gone in Talked to the president and I saw Anything like this i' tell people the Next day yeah because you're so Trustworthy those he's got like the World's smallest be he's like a cartoon Character right I tell the president This I'm so sorry Mr President but this Isn't working but you know I as I've Told viewers here many times I sat with Him two 3 hours had conversations with Him you saw him for three hours you talk To the president for three hours he has Time for Gumby Joe for three hours right The guy only has an 8 to four week day I Mean work day 10 to 4 and you know he's The president and he's got three hours To talk to you late at night had a Conversation with him late you call him Late at night you guys talk late at Night just watch Justin Bieber videos Together night this week never seen Anything anything that gave me pause um Which seriously I guess though asks the Bigger question what happened last

Thursday night and what should the Democrats do about It well you know you make a really good Point Republicans meet no you don't with Uh President Biden all the time and if They were coming out of these Mee and They could credibly say well he seemed Lost he wasn't there they would be Saying it but what happened no they say It all the time there's a Sky News Australia I don't know what Fox News Does but Sky News Australia people are Sending me clips all the time of them Showing Joe Biden having these senior Moments and you know moments of dementia And I believe that Republican lawmakers Are talking about him and these episodes That he has I don't watch that much of That kind of political coverage I don't Watch that much with Republicans but They have been saying it I know there's Many that say that he has these issues Right we've seen it publicly like you're Saying that behind closed doors he's Better and we know that's not true we Know that he gets amped up you know People get up and become more Performative right when they are uh they Have to do something in public I mean You might be feeling kind of lazy or Tired and you know not really up for Anything and then you go out you're in a Public setting and you get pumped up and You get you know get louder you get more

Um you know more social right and so People usually do better and when They're at home that's when they let Their hair down and they you know relax Or whatever it is and whatever they're Doing to get him ready for these events Whatever he's taking I know he's on Multiple medications and so you know Whatever he's doing he has his times at Home and in the office where people are Going to see things that are much worse Than we see in public it's just the way It is right and so um this is just silly Right they thought the guy was going to Be so good in the debate that they were Pre-s spinning that he was on drugs okay So you know what that's really about You're just he prey spinning on he was On Drugs Republicans were saying was you Know last time that they had a debate Trump was talking about how bad Joe was Going to do because he was scile that Was in 2020 and Joe overperformed and he wasn't Good good I mean I saw the debates and I Didn't think he won any one of them I Can't say either one of them won cuz Trump always does his stupid stuff right But you know he overperformed he he had A better day right he did better than we Thought he was going to do because we Have so low standards for him if he Doesn't poop his pants he doesn't trip

Over something I mean if he doesn't you Know Babble on endlessly then we say hey He's having a good day he's having a Lucid moment right and so he did better So they were trying to T down Expectations or rais the expectations For Biden which they didn't do the first Time and so they said also it seem like He's been taking some sort of I mean the Guy Kyle dunigan has that um does that Impression he calls him talkie pills Right second I've asked Congress to Increase my dosage of Taki Pills just this just does all parts um Look I think he had a that's dishonest Because they know what I know they know Why the Republicans were doing that they Understand strategy very very bad debate I've been involved in a lot of debate Preps that you know once they start to Go south they go south it was the wrong Time to have a bad night okay it's June Now you move on look at even look at his Face right here look at that face like He's nobody home right like he's just He's gone it's like his soul is leaving Whatever is like they whatever animating His body it's leaving it right um you Know I don't want to get all reality Based look at this look at this these You know you're trying to pump him up And look at his face here but you know There's no good pictures of this guy There's no good pictures like he's got

These weird lines and and when he gets Really mad these these weird lines here He's obviously had some plastic surgery He got this weird dimple last time that A White House held on to the party Without incumbency was 1988 no president Has ever lost re-election with Unemployment numbers like these with an Yeah well Trump had these unemployment Numbers not that Trump was having a good Economy I've explained that before but Then they busted out Co the problem is Americans are they can't afford Groceries you know we're all suffering Because of the prices we all notice the Prices have gone up like is anyone want Oh my God I I hav't even noticed there's Inflation right everybody can tell that Things are you know and especially older People when we grew up and you know Prices were completely different like as You get older prices are always going up There's always some level of inflation And so when it spikes like it has Recently then you notice it so even old People who might like Joe Biden are Noticing and taking a meeting on this Thing and so don't talk about his good Economy because people don't see that Like people see that everything's more Expensive and they can't afford every Anything and houses and things like that I mean you can't afford you know Groceries never mind houses and these

Types of things rent all these things Have gone up extraordinarily economy This Strong economy this strong let me listen Again has ever lost reelection with Unemployment numbers like these with an Economy this strong yeah it's not a Strong economy you guys keep on saying That nobody believes it Right I think that if uh everybody just Takes a deep breath here and you I mean The economy was considered one of Trump's issues going into the debate so If the economy is so strong then why did They start off with record inflation and What to do about it with Joe Biden that Was his first question and he didn't Have an answer he you Know on the other side you have a guy Who is calling for the trial and Conviction for treason of which a Penalty's murder for the daughter of a Former Republican vice president and Former member of Congress you seriously Talking about list CH you guys hated Dick chady all Democrats did Dick chady Was always evil he he started those Wars Pro he was a W profiteer like he you War Monger made money with h Burton and These things his company and all these Wars that he started he's just a Horrible person heartless carrying a Pacemaker around just a bad guy andless Cheney nobody likes her Republicans

Don't like her Democrats like that she Went after Trump and that's it right You're making it sound like you you're Trying to make her a martyr please bro Like and everybody who's supporting Donald Trump is an accomplice to that it Is absolutely outrageous that Republicans are not out there defending Uh Liz Chen it's outrageous and calling Out Donald Trump for this Extraordinary um accusation and see you Can't make this about Trump this debate Was so bad that even though everyone's Obsessed with Trump you guys have to Deal with this now become about Biden The last I don't know three weeks have Been last week 8 days have been all About Biden and it's going to continue Until he's gone like this is this is is Going to hunt him down people are going To like look for every little sign that He shows a dimension he's going to show More signs you guys won't be able to Deny it now it'll be like one episode After another at some point you all Admit that he was scile and you've been Gaslighting the American people you Won't admit that but it'll be part of it Because once he's acknowledg that he has These issues then all this closed door that you just said with all these Guys behind closed doors he's so Brilliant he's so great no one ever has A problem with them they did they come

Out and say it right well no because we Know we s him publicly right Oh right and by the way again we've said Here and I certainly said last Friday After the debate that Joe Biden needed To consider the possibility of getting Out of the race that you needed to Consider it like of course he's going to Say no Joe Biden's a selfish prick you Know they he's talked about how he ran Because he wanted to stop Donald Trump He thought he was the man for for the Job but everybody knows now that he's Hurting himself and his party they might Have a clean sweep the Republicans they Might get the house in the Senate with Donald Trump coming in for a second term And that'll be all on Biden and you guys It's your worst nightmare Biden says That can't happen all the Democratic Establishment says that can't happen if Joe Biden was thinking about anybody but Himself and he was really about stopping Donald Trump he would say all right I Got to get out but he doesn't care he's Like you know he just wants to be President he doesn't care if Trump wins Or you know who El who whoever else Might win if he left I mean certainly Maybe prefer Trump would win but he'd Rather take the chance of winning and Becoming president again than do the you Know do the sacrificial thing and fall On your sword right instead of you know

Risking that Trump would become President but he's selfish which we'll We'll get into it during the interview Or swallow it Sort right ever he would do right there Should be time we we we the President Should be given the time to make that Decision I think they're still going Through that process right now and again We should sit back give him time to make The decision um that that said though Jen paulm again it's it's it's it's Fascinating that Republicans are so Concerned about this and you know uh you Know just just melting down over it are You serious the Democrats are melting Down the Republicans this is like Christmas for them what are you talking About they're not melting down over they Don't want Biden to withdrawal I mean if They were smart they wouldn't want him Because he's going to have these moments Throughout the campaign he might have a Better debate performance next time but We don't know if he will he might have a Worse one right and then you'd have to Stick someone in there at the last Minute and that would be you know like a Complete failure if he doesn't leave now Now then the Republicans Trump is going To win like I mean I don't understand How there's a possibility he wouldn't Right I mean Trump would have to do Something epically stupid to lose and I

He's not you know I mean he might right And you know they all whatever it is but If Biden was a good guy he would quit And say you know this is more important Than just me but he's not he's selfish And you guys know it right and he's not Going to withdraw and the Republicans Are happy you're just like being goofy You're goof right um when in fact They've got a guy that has talked about The trial uh for treason and the Execution of Liz Cheney talked about Executing the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff talked about being a Dictator from day one etc etc Etc okay that's not you know just a Weird looking dude and then you got Joe Biden bad night terrible night worst Night in debate history no doubt about It and at the same time over the past Three and a half years strongest economy In the world the strongest again economy Is a negative issue for Biden like You're making it sound like the economy Is great and it's not I don't care if The stock prices are up you know house Prices are up because and they've done Everything they can to push hous house And prices down right and what they're Trying to do is create um I mean they Want to undercut the housing market but People are more feel better about land Than they do about money and so people Are are very

Um you know are very worried about the Dollar people who have money are worried About the dollar and they are investing In hard hard uh assets right some kind Of you know gold or houses or something Like that real estate and so that's Because people don't trust this economy It's silly like just you come out here And just lie I mean talk it's not just Beyond it's beyond spin Dollar in 50 Years lowest unemployment in 40 years Strongest uh alliances in NATO in the History of NATO and I could go on and on And on okay do you think people care About NATO like who cares about NATO Right what American cares about NATO on You know they can't afford groceries oh But you know we're uh like the money They're giving to the Ukraine people Ukrainians are and again these people There in the Ukraine are I mean there's Like there's no um uh Army aged men over There they're all like they're depleted Their youth they've been devastated Right um I don't mind them being Offended and deeply disturbed by what They saw last Thursday night with Joe Biden I'm just curious why they aren't As disturbed by a guy that says he's G Gonna go around and try for treason all Of his political enemies and enemies Okay you said deeply disturbed by what Biden did deeply Disturbed yeah so he's Seen that like we know how you feel

About Trump and everyone understands What Trump is and you know Trump Pretends he isn't this or whatever it is But you know it's it's out there Joe Biden has been scile for a while now and You guys have been covering it up right And so this is the story it's the cover Up of it it's your inability to do his Inability to Pivot and you guys to Pivot Over this disastrous appointment the dis Disastrous performance and now you know He's in the media and uh even Generals yeah I mean Democrats uh we Ring our yeah Democrats ring our hands We've been uh accused of being uh uh too Soft but we don't I think when you the Fact that that that that that on our Side we're taking a moment to say oh Okay what happened here uh a you know Interested to see very interested to see The ABC news interview tonight and how The president does there how he does in The campaign the big there's the big NATO submit next week um to see put to Put Thursday night in context and Understand what we really dealing with Here you know what we're dealing with Like everyone knows what we're dealing With in January 70% of Americans thought that His cognitive functioning was Sufficiently bad that he shouldn't run Again 70% that's lots of Democrats right And they didn't get that from just

Something that happened in January they Had been thinking that since you know Whenever like September past year like It's for a number of years people have Been looking at Joe Biden saying the guy Is just not getting it done and there's All these you know there's compilations Of his gaffs and his his senior moments His dementia type moments and things Like this right and you're telling the American people we don't know what's Going on like we don't know what's going On you don't know what's going on we Know what's going on right even Democrats know what's going on um that's The responsible thing to do and then on The other I mean and I think it really Just it it brings to the four the it's Not just it's beyond hypocrisy but the Real Danger from the Republican side About them you know it it really brings Into relief what they do and continue to Prop oh my God the Republicans are so Bad oh my god listen stop talking about Joe Biden I mean Donald Trump's are bad Why are we even talking about Joe Biden It's just with the Republicans and Joe And Trump I mean the military tribunals Thing about Liz Cheney that is it given The Supreme Court ruling on immunity um Justice s mayor's descent where she Talked about you know all the things That he might be considered to do in Considered official R Truth if you want

Televis military tribunals he's he's Talking about QB stuff there he's Pandering to cubies right he's not going To get military tribunals it's just not Going to happen and the cubies will eat This up I mean that's Trump just being a Goof like it's not good for Trump I Don't know I don't who knows what you Know how this is going to affect him Politically but you know the the people That he's pandering to here that he's Trying to engage with is the the Hardcore QB's you know deep State um you Know Republican semi- truther type People right this is what he's looking At I AC he would be immune from um it's You know I'm actually terrified by it You're terrified by it you look so Terrified you're terrified you terrified You're okay pumpkin it's okay pumpkin It's Trump's not going to have any Military tribunals I mean if he did it' Be hilarious because it'd be totally Trump you know but he not it's not going To happen I every body should be uh Cheney should be you know what happened Like with Hillary when he said um of Course there was a Revenge motive then But after the election they were saying Lock her up he said no that played well Before the election we don't know what Trump's going to do right you don't know Like you never know because the guy is So impulsive is a make logical choices

And everybody else said he's threatened Mark Millie the general who's given his His life to this country a lot of people In the media who he's threatened said He's coming after got a good reason to Be conc concerned uh you know Reverend Al uh is silly like you know this guy Um question Trump's cognitive abilities Right Joe Biden has no plan he's got Absolutely no plan he doesn't even know What the word inflation means I don't Think if you gave him a quiz I think he Should take a cognitive test like I did I took a cognitive test and I aced it DRC Ronnie Dr Ronnie R Johnson does everyone Know Ronnie Johnson congressman from Texas he was the White House Doctor you no actually they don't know Him they they don't know Ron Ronnie Johnson who's Ronnie Johnson there's Nothing like mocking youron Johnson Acuity and messing up the name Of the doctor who actually administered Your own cognitive test who's sitting in The audience person man woman horse Ronnie Johnson the name of Trump's Former White House position turned us Congressman is Ronnie Jackson wait what Boom so that's like not at all like Again not defending Trump trump is not The man he was the the you know the the Fish boy Pillsbury Doughboy guy he was Four years ago right he's still he's

Breaking down like he shouldn't he's too Old to run as well he is definitely not As sharp as he was right right and it's Going to get worse like just with Joe Bid it's the same thing I'm not a Trumper I'm not voting for Trump and I Can say objectively Trump is Clearly um better off cognitively and Functioning on a much higher level level Than Joe Biden and they tried to do this On MSNBC and other places they try to Make Trump the guy with dementia I saw This a couple of times on Morning Joe um Little Clips where they were going after Him in this gaslighting way where they Were trying to say Trump was worse than Joe Biden what not Johnson what good Morning and welcome to Morning Joe it's Monday June 17th so what else is new right with us Oh wow you guys are just your banter am Me so so John John John hman I'm Thinking I'm not I'm not going to this Politics thing but I'm guessing that if You're going to make fun of your Opponent for being cognitively uh Disconnected from from facts and figures It's probably good for you to Not be disconnected cognitively from Facts and figures as Donald Trump was This weekend you Know having a um saying the word saying The name Johnson over Jackson like this Is just things that happen we all do

That right like I mean Trump clearly Getting worse not showing any signs of Allout dementia but he's definitely Breaking down and he's losing it you Know is he's losing it in terms of his The Revenge factor and some of these Other things but them you know making Light of this sure they're mocking him Fine I don't care but don't pretend that Joe Biden is cognitively on the same Level as Donald Trump he clearly isn't Right Trump isn't some you know Trump Says how smart he is and he's not smart But Joe Biden is a disaster right like He's he's you know he has dementia in This one Trump cognitive decline Increasingly difficult to conceal Despite setting low bar has anyone ever Seen a Silence of The late great hanb Lector is a Wonderful man he often times would have A friend for Dinner that was Republican front runner And convicted felon Donald Trump last Month offering his thoughts on a cool New movie that was released 33 years ago But did anyone question Donald Trump's Mental Fitness or even his basic Connection to the time space continuum No they did not you guys do it all the Time right like Joe Biden shows signs of Dementia Like Trump is smarter and sharper and Quicker and better than Biden in this

Area they're both too old they both Should go away and if Trump went away Biden would have go away right and then They'd be replaced by equally horrible People but at least it' be new that is Perhaps because after nearly a decade of This increasingly unhinged commentary The American public has become somewhat Numb to Donald Trump's particular verbal Madness if you again if you want to call Donald Trump narcissistic sure but Joe Biden who says Donald Trump is the devil And Joe Biden is now the worst possible Person to run against him after that Debate performance he gu's fish boy look At fish boy look at him go um you know That he's he should withdraw but he Doesn't care about you or the Democratic Party or whether Trump wins or not he Just wants to be president again and he Can't be president if he doesn't run Even if he has a 30% chance of being President and somebody else has a 50 or 60% he's still going to go he's going to Fight with every you know every ounce of Energy he has left his cognitive state Right and so like it's just silly like They're both narcissistic Trump and Joe Biden both are weird they both have Weird behaviors they're both creepy They're both um they're both gropers Like they're all the same things right It's weird I said this here because a Big theme of the whole thing that's

Going to happen with the the interview Is Biden acting just like Trump I mean Saying the same things that Trump says Right bragging like Trump we'll get into It in a moment here okay it's Saturday July 6th 6th and Biden had his interview and it Went really worse than I would imagined It would and we now know which I'll show You that this is what Biden is right now He has had a major drop off in his Ability to express himself the interview There's a few pieces I just seen a Little bit I didn't watch the whole Thing I just saw every highlight I saw I'm like oh my God he's worse like That's him all the time now like I Thought the debate was one of his Bad Episodes right like this would be you Know one of his worst things but the Interview which was way less stressful And he prepared for in various ways and No excuses and he he can't complete a Thought can't complete a sentence Just you know and I just saw a little Bit and you know his affect and how he Presents himself and his soft talking And these things he is um he's gone and So let's just watch a little bit of it I Don't know how ABC you know is about Copyright stuff so I can't probably Watch the whole thing and analyze it but Let's watch a few highlights here um in

The beginning of the debate and you know This something to know going into it There the big question the first Question George Stop is going to ask is whether this is A bad night or um a condition you know Series of episodes right episodic and we Know it's episodic because we saw it but The question you know they have framed These questions this was a Nancy Pelosi Question and he talked about Nancy Pelosi asking this you know question and Um it doesn't matter matter it is Episodic which is worse but you have a Bad night like that and you're 81 it's Over right I mean just you know you Could say it's a bad night when you're 50 60 40 you know maybe even early 70s But when you're 81 and anytime these Episodes start when you get older I mean Really it's anytime past your 50s when You start having these kind of episodes Because people go have dementia early in Life right and there's someone like you Know Michael J fox who got MS or Whatever you got right Parkinson's I Mean you have these diseases and you Know there's things that happen but when You're young you can say all right There's going to be a bounce back you Can recover but the older you get the Worse it is like the chance of recovery Is um well it's just there's no chance Of recovery and let's say this was the

One episode right that he had there one Time we don't you we didn't see any Other signs maybe a little bit him Slowing down but most of the other times Is co cognition there wasn't worry from The American people it wasn't a poll out All the way back in January saying that They're concerned about they don't think He's fit to be president let's say none Of that existed let's say that going Into the bait there was no concerns About his age or his performance and he Did that well you'd be like well that's What he's going to be doing now that's Going to happen again he's 81 that's not A one off like it happened once when you Get older it's going to happen more it Happens with everybody who gets old Right these are the things that you have To look forward to right everyone you Know has these things people this is the Way people people go out especially Since they're prolonged you know life is Prolonged now through you know this uh This kind of demonic medical model that Keeps you alive but you're you know You're gone mentally and you can't do Anything physically and they just suck Out all the suck up all the resources You know all the inheritance all the you Know capital and health care you there's A huge um amount of money that you're Going to spend whatever you have after Your insurance Runs Out they're going to

Take it away from you keeping you alive Until all that money runs out then they Mercifully let you die right like it's Just you know I mean you you're not Really alive I saw this with my dad and Lesser extent what would happened to my Mom but not not to the same level but You know they just keep you alive and You're like a zombie and so you know This is what they're doing with Joe Biden and he's working when he shouldn't He should be retired and so this these Questions this interview shouldn't Happen like based on what we know you Know based on what we've been seeing for Years but you know they're doing it Anyway cuz the guy w't let go and you Know these things but let's get into it Here the first thing is to look at his Freaking face right you know he's just Not there anymore and he wasn't really There five years ago it's even worse now The question I think is on the minds of Millions of Americans was this a bad episode or the Sign of a more serious condition okay so Look he's going to close his eyes look At him look at this guy he's not right It's a bad episode uh no indicated of Any serious condition I was exhausted I Didn't listen to my instincts in terms Of preparing and I had a bad Night okay um you didn't listen to your Instincts like the one thing that you

Got going for you is Wisdom one thing we got going for you is That you can make good decisions based In experience now all the debates you Participated in right so he ran for President four times so he's a part of All those various debates that he was in Right the debates with Trump and then The vice presidential debates he did When he was with Obama you know this is Something that he's done as a senator Senatorial debates with you know where He was running against in Delaware so The guy has been doing this Forever and he didn't listen to his Instincts he didn't he was Exhausted because he traveled 12 days Ago right he was exhausted That you know for what like what what What was ex exactly how did you you ran A marathon that we didn't know about Like what happened bro like you're Exhausted Right you know you say you were Exhausted and and I know you've said That before as well but you came and you Did have a tough month but you came home From Europe about 11 or 12 days before The debate spent six days in Camp David Why wasn't that enough rest time enough Recovery time because I was sick I was Feeling terrible matter of fact the docs With me I asked they did a covid test Because they trying to figure out what's

Wrong they did a test to see whether or Not I had so you were sick and your Press secretary said you hadn't seen the Doctor and the doctor was with you and You had you thought you might have covid You went out there and you know was out There on the stage with Donald Trump you Thought you might have covid you thought You had freaking Covid you were really sick and then the Next day after the debate you went out North Carolina and you were had all this Energy in front of a like a an Infomercial crowd that was obviously Paid with all their enthusiasm and you Went out there and you were like yelling And screaming and you were all energy And you ran around and you did your Joe Biden thing and you were fine the next Day but that day you were so exhausted And then you were sick and then after That performance you you got some rest And then you were like that's like again You know it's there's no excuse for what Happened he was fenile some infection You know a virus I didn't they just had Really bad Cold and did you ever watch the debate Afterwards this is the key one right Here it had a really bad cold well Listen to this answer Here I don't think I did no you don't Think you did no it's eight days ago and It's a the reason you're doing this

Interview you didn't watch the debate You don't think you'd watch the debate You don't know for sure I don't think I Did I don't think I did you know I mean Such a long time ago it wasn't really a Big deal I I don't know whether I Watched it or not I don't know I watch It I did watch it I didn't watch it I Don't know did I watch it I don't know I'm not scile though like my my memory Is fine like what look at how you look At his confused look this is the and There's a gaff coming up here so that's One thing I saw we just saw and I know There's a gaff coming up here well what I'm trying what I want to get at is what Were your experiencing as you were going Through the debate did you know how Badly it was going yeah look The whole way I prepared nobody's fault Mine nobody's fault mine it's my fault Let's see I'm taking responsibility like I always do make sure everyone knows I'm Taking responsibility I want credit for This when people say hey what does Joe Biden do he takes responsibility he Doesn't blame others nobody's fing mine I'll say it twice because you didn't Heard me the first time I uh I prepared What I usually would do sitting down as I did come back as foreign leaders or The National Security Council for Explicit detail and I realized about Partway through that you know all the I

Get quoted the New York Times had me Down at 10 points before the debate nine Now or whatever the hell it is the fact Of the matter is that when I looked at Is that he also lied 28 times I couldn't I mean the way the debate ran not my Fault no one else's fault no one else Okay so that was three different Separate thoughts He's he was asked you know why when did You realize it was going poorly well I Prepared like I normally do with other You know people and then he just went on A tangent saying the New York Times had Him down 10 points and now it's nine Which we wouldn't realize when he was in The debate so he's lost his train of Thought so he was started talking about His preparation then he talked about the New York Times saying that he was New York Times poll which had nothing to do With the what he was supposed to be Answering and then he has a third Thought about he lied Donald Trump Meaning Donald Trump lied 128 times then He says no one's fault again so this Shows you this is the way he is now Because he has plenty rested he's not Sick he has been preparing for this Interview he hasn't been doing like He hasn't been doing anything out you Know he's not campaigning they're hiding Hiding him away resting for this Interview whatever talkie pills he's got

Whatever the stuff they got to to make Sure that he's more Lucid they gave to Him because this is a big moment and so He comes out and he demonstrates the Same kind of confusion he did during the Debate so that means he's he's gone like He can't campaign I don't know why They're fighting for this guy he just Can't do it anymore if he can't do this Interview then he can't go out to a town Hall he can't complete a thought he just You know he has these random I mean when He was in the debate he was supposed to Be talking about um abortion which is an Issue that uh plays well for him and he Brought up uh that Donald Trump into a Funeral because immigrants had murdered It's IL legal immigrant had murdered a Girl and it was like a disaster like the People who are watching it were Democrats are like oh my God you didn't Just bring up the thing that your Weakest on immigration when you were Supposed to be talking about your Strength which was a portion like it was Random thoughts right he doesn't he Doesn't you know they're not clear what He's saying like you can't you can't Make heads or tails what's his point Here like how is he answering the Question they talked about Donald Trump Not answering the question he's not Donald Trump was being evasive he just Doesn't know what's going

On but it seemed like you were having Trouble from the first question in even Before he Spoke well I just had a bad night so he Um tried to blame it on Trump lying and I just had a bad night and so didn't Watch the debate but he's not sure Whether he watched it or not he babbled When he answered what what was going on With his mind he keep like he can't say What happened to him while he was going Through this like he didn't he's not Realizing what happened like he doesn't Know look at his face look at his Confused face one eyes is always closed More than the other those dark little Freaking demonic eyes that he has is you Know he's old is you know he's had Plastic surgery but like the when he Gets you know angry this stuff like gets All weird up top this thing this weird Chin thing that's happened probably Plastic surgery related he's just old And like gone and they're still rolling Them out there Right you had some bad interviews once a While I I can't remember any but I'm Sure you do I've had Plenty I can't remember but I'm sure you Did nothing like that that was a senior Moment right Bro I I guess the question the problem Is here for a lot of Americans watching This you've said going back to 2020

Watch me to people who are concerned About your age and you know 50 million Americans watch that debate it seemed to Confirm fears they already had well look After that debate I did 10 major events In a row including till 2:00 in the Morning after that Debate I did events in North Carolina I Did events in and yeah but you you had a What you got you got the debate cured You of your really bad cold in Georgia Did events like this today large crowds Overwhelming response no no no slipping Do you realize when you slip right and So I just had a bad night I don't know Why and how how quickly did it I thought You said you had a really bad Cold did it come to you that you were Having that bad night well Kan I was Having a bad night when I realized that Even when I was answering a question Even though I turned his mic off he was Still shouting and I I let it distract Me that I'm not blaming on that but I You know I take responsibility ility I I You know I take Responsibility that I just wasn't in Control control of your you know your Ability to comprehend what's going on Around you but part of the other concern Is that uh this seems to fit into a Pattern of decline that has been Reported pattern of Decline and he gives His cheser crack SM smile just Chester

Cat smile you think that's going to race People we'd see it right you don't think We like he doesn't see it like he thinks He's rocking it because he has toen Because people with dementia don't know They have dementia right maybe there's Some in the early stages they realize There's some slippage of course he's Going to lie about either way but at This point he has no he doesn't know Right he doesn't know and he's you know He should have watched the debate back I He should have watched it like if he Watched it he'd be like oh man like how Can you not like it's just one cringe Moment after another are you the same Man today that you were when you took Office three and a half years ago in Terms of successes yes I ALS so was a Guy who put together a peace plan for The Middle East that may become an Defition so Biden talks about all his Accomplishments I can't show you all of It well you know this copyright I don't Know how much I can show so I don't There's one thing I want to get to he he Says he's only going to withdraw God Says to Him God ain't talking to you bro we'll Show you that but that's you know I Already did my joke for it but I'll Still show you it um but he's you know He lists all the things he accomplished In the way that Donald Trump would like

He sounded a little Trump trumpian but Then he says this George stanos George Stepanus asked him what did that cost You those three and a half years like he He read all these quotes about these Episodes from The New York Times and Washington Post all these things that You know they're talking about his Episodic behavior and how he's been in The in the decline right and so then he Asked him what did these years of being President cost you all these Accomplishments and this is what JoJo M Says years cost you physically mentally Emotionally Well I I I just think it cost me a Really bad night that's not the answer It Go me really bad night so all that Stuff you had one bad night and then That's all behind you all the energy all The you know years of being a lion Crappy politician being a piece of Snoozer groper all those things that You've done all those years of bad Living having a crackhead son and all The lies all the you know manipulation All the you know all the stuff that goes With politics and then how when you're President you age like three years for Every one year and that cost just cost You one night a really bad night just One bad night really bad night bad run But you know I

George I am I'm optimistic about this Country that's not no one cares about What do you think about the country I Don't think we're a country losers that He PS I don't think America's in tough Shape I think America's on a c breaking Through and so but but if Donald Trump Gets elected then America is the Apocalypse so then he goes back to it And he says I'm not asking about your Career I'm not disputing your career Your successes I want to know if there's Been more lapses especially in the last Six months and this is what Biden has Said I haven't heard it yet Can I run the 110 flat no but I'm still In good shape are you more frail no you Sound more frail like you don't know Like he's gone he he's I mean he's a Liar so there's that but he's lost like He's already lost like you know he was This is how he was in the debate he's Confused like he doesn't no one's Telling him this like he has no idea Where this is coming from right he knows He can't get angry he knows that this is Legitimate he knows he asked to answer These questions but he's like where's This coming from I don't even know what You're saying why would anybody say such Things because he's gone he doesn't like He's you know I mean these guys are Doing him a disservice his family of

Jill and as the his people around him You know in normal circumstances he Would be withdrawn withdrawn they would Just you know I mean I don't even know Like who knows like you know they're so Greedy they're so all the people around Him because you know if if you're and by Team Biden you you know you might be Able to catch on with Kamala or not but The people around him is White House Chiefs of Staff of course Jill all these Other people they cease to be important When he's gone right because it's it's Because they're with him right that's The whole thing about being around a President but you Know then this one debate what did he Say see so the um the guy asked him Stephanopoulos asked him if um Stephanopoulos Um he asked him you saw a doctor after Debate what did he Say he said he just looked at me and Said you're Exhausted I said I have you know exhaust Is something that happens when you're Old medical doctors travel me everywhere Every presentent does as you know Medical doctor is some of the best in The world travel me everywhere I go I Have an Ongoing assessment of what I'm doing They don't hesitate to tell me if they Think there's something wrong yeah okay

They're Cen all and that's obviously not The case and just look at his freaking Face look at it he's just confused that Is someone who's lost right those are The the eyes of some he's nobody's home Right McFly nobody's home so then George Stephanopoulos asked him have you had a Full Neurological and um cognitive uh Assessment I I get a full neurological Test every day with with me and I've had A full physical I had so like this not An answer you know this specific tested Test to see if you have Alzheimer's he Says he gets a full neurological test Every day what does that mean you mean Your job you know I mean I I've been at Walder Reed for my physical I mean yes Answer no it's not yes it's not yes show Show us the results of the test show us The results of your cognitive test Your doctor said he consulted with a Neurologist I guess I'm asking a Slightly different question have you had The specific cognitive tests and have You had a neurologist a specialist do an Examination so he's saying then George Stephanopoulos says have you have a Specific test have you had a neurologist Do the examination have you had a Cognitive test done by a neurologist That specific Test no no one said I had to no one said I had to this is bad

Nobody said I had to nobody said I Freaking had to look at them said they Said I'm good they said I'm good but They didn't give you the test [Laughter] Like okay so I kind of went through this To the go to the god part I covered a Little bit here um and it's just so much Is great like I I need to cover almost The whole thing if they copyright it but They let me put it up I'm going to do That and they won't let me monetize it But I'll say something if people could Donate that would be great um you know Because I'll be making this basically For free but it just needs to go up Either way and I'll say something the Beginning of the video and all these Things um but there's a great moment Here Watch What Happens here what so uh A specialist do an examination no no one Said I had to no one said they're going To switch us right here they said I'm Good Biden on a cognitive Z no one said I had To they couldn't wait to put this up Like this is almost a hitpiece I wonder If the people around him because he's in Such denial he's in overwhelming denial About all of it and he gets into beating Trump and he says he's the only guy who Can beat Trump and that you know um he's Going to ask him about being selfish Which you know he is um and so and he

Says come on like there's few thing I'm Going to show you this but he's in total Denial here Biden on cognitive exam no One said I had to like that's something A child says right and so he goes on More here would you be willing to Undergo an independent medical Evaluation that included neurological And cogn cognitive test and release the Results to so we asked him if he would Undergo a um neur a cognitive test by a Neurologist and release the results and He says the American people look I have A cognitive test every single Day every day I have that test Everything I do you know not only am I Campaigning but I'm running so you know This is a guy who's in denial like you Have to prove to the American people That you're sayane you have the ability To do the job and the way you do that is Submit to one of these tests and you're Not doing that right and so this is bad Like it's just Horrible I mean I love it it's not Horrible for me but horrible for him so George Stephanopoulos to his credit Says um well this is about the American People and they're concerned about you And concerned about your ability to do The job so to reassure them are you Willing to have this test Valuation watch me between there's a lot Of time left in this

Campaign it's over 12 watch me and we Watching right now like he doesn't know How bad he looks right so I um You know I'm in the editing Process I'm getting the Biden it took me A while to spit that out no I'm in the Editing process and as this moves Forward I realize that he is exhibiting More and more trump-like behaviors and I'm going to say later on you know the Dems love Trump when his native is Joe Biden which is going to be the title of This video but I made this realization You'll hear it as I go through these Clips and that's why I'm showing you so Much of it and it's great anyway it's Interesting and entertaining but what He's doing here all the things that they Said about Trump denying science making Things up not trusting the experts not Listening to the people around him which You can clearly or or dismissing anybody Who tells him something he doesn't want To hear there are these reports out There that he goes off on anybody that Tells him something he doesn't want to Hear and so when George Stephanopoulos Is asking him these questions he's Completely triggered because he has no Basis for knowledge he's obviously not Watching the news he's not to upto-date On what people are saying and so he's Oblivious to what's going on in terms of This uh debate you know in terms of

Debate performance but even before that That the American people think he's old And he's exhibiting all the behaviors That they criticize Trump for right Where he's not going to get a test he's Not going to submit to a test he's not Going to submit to science and he's Going to say you know just make Something up like Trump University right Make the things up that Trump makes up Like this is what Trump does you know All you trumpers Trump does these same Things Trump is you know he he doesn't Like anybody questioning him so he Surrounds himself with yes men and That's what Biden has now he gets angry When anybody contradicts him and then The way Biden is going to brag and I'm Not going to show you all of it but he Brags about his accomplishments the same Way Trump does even the extent he talks About at the end of he's like look at The crowds I'm drawing and Stephanopoulos is like Are you seriously Comparing your crowds to Trump's crowds You know so like it's that bad he's Become Trump and he's always been like Trump and I'll talk about that at the End of the video you know let me just Say it here he has the same problems As Trump has they both have a problem with The women and groping you know Trump is A Serial cheater he banged a porn star All these things he cheated on all his

Wives he got he you know he he bought The missusa pageant he was glaming all Those women they grabing by the you know What grabing by the bonus hole and Biden Grabbing women and kids and smelling Their hair I mean he's even more creepy But they both have that problem they're Both old guy racist they both say you Know old guy prejudicial things and you Know and some we weird way like they're Both weird about they're both extremely Narcissistic and selfish and they have The same temperament I mean they're very Similar even though you say Well they're So different no because you you think They have different political belief but Their political beliefs mean nothing to Them Trump was once a Democrat and Biden Used to you know uh Embrace Republican Type of um uh you know that's why the Republicans used to like Joe Biden Because Joe Biden does whatever is best For Joe Biden he doesn't care about his Beliefs or his party or these things Right they're really similar and you can See the similarities here as he refuses To accept reality you know mainstream Reality like when Trump um denies the What the media says he says it's fake News or denies what you know the polls Say all these things he's going to do Those same things he's going to say the Polls aren't right I mean some like I Said I'm not going to show you but he

You know contradicts all these things He's been saying about Trump and he he Does those exact same things and he's Worse at it because Trump's at least Funny and more likable than Biden not That I think Trump's better you know People think you got to root for Somebody and that's the problem with Politics it's only interesed only Interesting if you root for people Except when something like this happens When rooting for nobody is really Entertaining you know those of us who Aren't rooting for either side we can Really just sit back and enjoy it but Anyways I'm going to point out um all The times he's like Trump here and You'll probably be able to pick up other Things you know Trump is got the has These you know problems they criticize Him for some of them are you know not Necessarily wrong like sometimes you Know mainstream media sucks right but Biden's been supported by mainstream Media now that they're bailing on him He's going off on them and accusing them Trying to run him out of the election But going back to this George Stephanopoulos says doesn't let it go he Keeps on asking about the cognitive test No you you don't want to do that right Now I've already done it I've already Done it what when you were fifth grade What do you mean you already done it

When you get old you need to take Cognitive tests regularly if you're Going to do a job like this any job that Would take you know you have some Responsibility you should be taking Cognitive tests by a neurologist all the Time And you're hearing the results you know This is old an old person who refuses to Get these screenings when there's Obviously issues who someone who's in Denial and you know that they have to They need an intervention right this guy Is not going to go I mean he's just Completely oblivious unbelievably Selfish and George Stephanopoulos points It out here so bindless all his Accomplishments as a way to justify why He deserves to be president again and And George Stephanopoulos I mean look at His face every time I do a stop I mean It's always you know it's just not a Person who's doing well right um I mean With these still frames and he asks him All this work that you've done has it Taken a toll what kind of toll is it's Taken on your sanity your you know your Cognitive abilities and this is what he Says Le I wouldn't be around if I didn't Think I did look I didn't think I didn't Have did so that's his answer Right so then he gets his smug arrogant Smile right serve has doubled since 2020 Americans who who don't think you um he

Said the Americans who think you you're Too old to serve has doubled since 2020 Wouldn't a cleare eyed political Calculus tell you that it's going to be Much tougher to win in 2024 not when You're running against a pathological Liar he says pathological liar quite a Bit here talks about Trump being a Pathological liar he's clearly in denial He won't understand that like no one can Tell him how bad shape he's in in terms Of his mental capacity in terms of the American people's opinion of him in Terms of the polls in terms of Everything he's in complete denial right I mean he's just really bad and this is The stuff they accuse Trump of and Trump Does it but Biden does it too and Biden You know is trying to be the anti-trump But he's just like Trump so then the Questions get even more brutal I mean it Really gets bad at the end and he says The heart of your argument against Donald Trump is that he is selfish he's Only in for only in for himself only in It for himself and he says how do you Respond to critics that are saying the Same thing about you because he just Gave him all the statistics of how Poorly he's doing and how likely he is To lose and he's in denial saying oh the New York Times said this before and we Saw this before and we do all these Things like that right and so this is

How he responds to the question Oh come on oh come On well I don't think those critics know What they're talking about I don't think Those critics know what they're talking About even though the unselfish thing to Do is realize you're old realize that American people have lost faith in you Realized you just had a disastrous um Debate performance and get out and his Response to that is oh come on they Don't know what they're talking about That's what Donald Trump says right this Is what Donald Trump says about the Polls and the media and the these things And now you're saying the exact same Thing criticism of trump is that he is a Myopic dictator likee person that Doesn't listen to other people anybody Who doesn't agree with him he just Dismisses and gets rid of him and now he Shows his his inner Donald Trump he Shows he's the same guy which we always Knew because George Stephanopoulos is Going to throw a freaking kitchen sink At him everything but and the kitchen Sink and he's going to be in denial About all of it and he's going to bring Out the God almighty multiple times know What they're talking about they're just Wrong they're just wrong they're just Wrong so that's you know that ain't Helping you bro look Trump is a Pathological liar Trump is he he

Is have you ever seen anything Trump did That benefited on somebody else not him You can't answer I know so this is look At him this is a big moment here i' I've Questioned him and his allies as Persistently as any Trump is a Pathological liar journalist no I know You have I'm not being critical yeah I'm Not being critical but look I Mean the Man is a congenital liar he's a Congenital liar is that a different one You're saying he's a pathological liar He's a congenital liar does he have Congenital herpes Like you know I'm editing and it's the Extent to where he's so obsessed with Trump and everything that he says about Trump you know Alec Baldwin his Impression of trump was really an Exaggeration of his own mannerisms his Ducky lips I mean he was doing an Impression of himself and Alec Baldwin's A lot like Trump there you know there All three of them you know many of these Hollywood celebrities many of these People they're all narcissists they're All very selfish they're all myopic and You know many of them have lots in Common with Trump and this is by talking About himself and not realizing it and He's just putting it on Trump right Like it's just and he can't he's you Know he doesn't have any answers like

Trump is a pathal loog logical liar has Nothing to do with your cognitive Abilities and the fact that you're being A selfish prick you're not doing what's Best for America in terms of your own Worldview right you believe that Trump Would be a disaster as do all the people Like that who are um your supporters and You're putting uh you know a trump Presidency at risk for your supporters And your party and the best thing you Could do is withraw because you're scile And you're in denial and you refuse to Do it and you're being stubborn and Selfish and narcissistic and you're just Like Donald Trump you're just like Donald freaking Trump bro here it is Your big moment of being a Trumper being A you know a trump wab be a trump clone So then George Stephanopoulos who tried To convince them he can't beat Donald Trump based in all the statistics and He's in denial says if you can be Convinced you can't beat Donald Trump Will you step down and he says This he laughs look at him he laughs That that joker smile and the Lord Almighty comes down and tells me that I Might do that well so this is the first Time he invokes the Lord if the Lord Almighty comes down tells me that I Might do that but he ain't coming to you Cuz you ain't asking if he did you would Say F you Lord because that's the kind

Of you are but then George Stephanopoulos has something hilarious Here I mean on a more practical level Washington Post just reported in the Last hour and a more practical Level at a more practical level you know Like he's trying to he's talking to a Scile guy right at a more practical Level I mean you know the Lord's not Coming down anytime soon to you Joe Biden and so on a more practical level Let's talk about what the New York Times Says but then he says that Mark ER is Assembling a bunch of congressional um Democratic Congressional leaders to come Down and confront you and say let's you Know you got to move on from you he said Well I ran against Mark Warner I respect Him but no he's wrong he said what and He goes well if Nancy Pelosi and AEM Jeff's and um Chuck Schumer come down And say we're worried about losing the House and the Senate and what would you Say to that you know if you don't Withdraw what would you say to that how Will you respond I i' go into detail With them I've speaking to all of them In detail then it goes into how he met With all these people and they didn't Say to them because they can't cuz You're in denial like they're not ready To say step down because they have their Ball selfish and they're you know Wanting to let this play out but at some

Point they're going to say all right we Got to come forward and say you can't do It and when they do do that it's going To be bad for him you know because he Won't he won't step down it's going to Be disastrous when your own party says We don't have any confidence in your Ability to run and and lead I mean he Should be taken out of they should get Rid of him right now he shouldn't be President the guy is in denial and he's Completely I mean he's he's unhinged Here the kind of stuff he talks about Donald Trump this shows you the Democrats are fine with a trump as long As his name is Biden the Democrats it's this another Title the Democrats are fine with Trump As long as his name is Biden no one said none of the people Said I should leave but if they do so he Says but if they do well it's like They're not going to do that they're not Going to do that maybe you're the Lord Almighty bro you sure yeah I'm Sure look I mean if the Lord Almighty Came out and say Joe get out of the race And get out of the race the Lord Almighty's not coming down I mean yeah Joe and if he does he's going to tell You you're going to hell Bro but if you ask them if you ask God You know God's everywhere you ask God And you ask your soul you're asking you

Know if you go inside and ask the Divinity within you they would give you An answer but he's not he doesn't want To hear the answer there's no answer There's no way he's ever going to say I Have to withdraw I mean they might force Him out I don't know how it's going to Be but this interview is a disaster it's On the weekend all these people have Left I'll talk about that in a moment But they're all watching and this is a Disaster so bayen says it's all Hypotheticals George and George say it's Not hypothetical thetical anymore I I I Grant that the they have not requested The meeting but it's been rep I met with Them I met with a lot of these people See he says he met with them but they're Not ready to tell you to get out right You're the one who did the talking so George Stephanopoulos is at its Wit's End here So it's not like I had all the governors All the governors I agree that the Lord Almighty is not going to come down but If If he's he doesn't you know he hasn't Heard any of these things right like They're not telling him the people Around him are not telling him the Things he's hearing and so he talked About how he met with all these people And George Stephanopoulos is trying to Reach this guy he's like a truther you

Know he's like a truth or talking to a She and so like he's and Biden is just Gone and he doesn't have the information They're hiding it away or like the New York Post said they're he get he's Chewing these people out you know They're scared shitless of them and they Won't give him the information because He gets so mad right and so George Stephanopoulos is telling him things That he doesn't know and doesn't want to Deal with like he can't handle Reality if you are told reliably from Your allies from your friends and Supporters in the Democratic party in The house and the Senate that they're Concerned you're going to lose the house And the Senate if you stay in what will You do I'm not going to answer that Question it's not going to Happen Kaboom and there it is look how You got angry right that's not going to Happen and so dude this is a disaster You have just torpedoed any chance you Had of coming back from this I'll show You more in a second from other people Other sources the Democrats they realize What's happened here so I'm not going to Show you this video because it's The Young Turks Biden struggles to keep his Excuses straight in Stephanopoulos Interview now they were already against Him um but you know this is um they they Are didn't want him anyway and they he

Had an argument Jenai Angar with uh Don Lemons but this guy who's in for Alex Wagner right this is the Alex Wagner Show she's um I've covered her a few Times she's a no-name person that's on Friday nights late night and she's on Vacation because it's Fourth of July Weekend this guy who um I just got a Cliff from him and he said something About KLA Harris which I'll show you Which completely agrees with my you know He doesn't go as far as I do but he says Something that you know was something I Say all the time and so they know all These people know they're just not Saying like they don't have the freedom To speak the truth like we do here on Social media and you know our truth Whether it's the legitimate truth or not They don't get to say their truth they Have scripted talking points and things Uh but this guy brings in Castro who is A former Obama Obama cabinet secretary And ran for president against Biden 2020 Tonight did anything he did he did Tonight um uh assuage some of your Concerns about his Candidacy well I think it's fair to say Ally that he was certainly steadier in This interview than we saw him in the Debate and even he wasn't really I mean He wasn't pressured as much there are a Few things I left out there's a point Where he said that Donald Trump was

Yelling at him um but the microphone Didn't pick it up which me means that The rules that he put in screwed him Because Donald Trump was talking and he Could hear Trump and was rattling him Right but the mic couldn't so it didn't Make it made didn't make Trump look bad Because they wouldn't you didn't show Trump while he was talking to him and it Made him rattled which again he say not An excuse but you know was and so um Like that was bad because he's the one Who imposed those rules they impose Those rules to protect him and it screw SC him like I said let letting Trump Interrupt him was something that would Have been beneficial cuz it would have Made Trump look bad and they would have Been able to use that as an excuse right So where there was that uh the other Thing he said is look at the crowds that I draw look at these crowds look at all These you wouldn't believe the amazing Crowds effect let me go back and see if I find that after I show you this here Even more so I think at the rally in the Afternoon before he gave this interview Today uh at the same time uh the Overwhelming impression that I got from This is that you have a president that's Basically in denial uh denial about the Decline that people can clearly see they Asked him well if he's saying he's in Denial right then you know I mean I can

See it you can see it but these Democrats are seeing he's in denial They're not going to be able to get rid Of this guy I mean they're screwed this Guy is not leaving because he has no Idea he's clueless you know have you Declined in the last three and a half Years since you became president and and You know he he seems to suggest that he Has a denial about the polling about how Far behind especially as George Stephanopoulos pointed out in these Battle Crown States how far behind he is Denial about the the drum beat of Support for asking him to step aside now Four Congressional representatives and Senator Warner as well he seemed to Dismiss that and said only the Lord Almighty comes down will I uh you know What I that was great remember that step Aside and then maybe most importantly And I think the most chilling when Stephanopoulos asked him well what if You lose to Donald Trump then how are You going to feel and President Biden Said well as long as I gave it my all That basically that he would feel okay That's not good enough for the American People that's not good enough with the Stakes uh of Donald Trump winning what People want is to have confidence that Whoever Democrats put up can win this Election so I think he did better denied But I think he's got a long way to go to

Show oh he can't do it like just admit It he's in denial he's gone like he's Mentally gone and you guys you know let Me show you that last little clip here Okay so um I just want to show you this One last clip there's a lot of great Moments like Hilarious Moments where Jerry spanopoulos is trying to convince Them that you'll lose to Donald Trump Like you're losing to Donald Trump right Now and Joe Biden is in complete denial About it at one point he says oh I think It's a tossup Right and so but there's this exchange At the end to turn the campaign Around you saw it Today how many how many people you get Draw crowds like I die you find many More enthusiastic in today huh I mean I Don't think you want to play the crowd Game Donald Trump can draw big crowds There's no question about [Laughter] That so again he's he's acting like Trump right like he's saying what Trump Trump says look at my crowds and Trump's Crowds Are Real like Trump paid for his Original crowd Trump had hired actors When he came out um and you know they Were there at his when he came down the Escalator and he said he was going to Run for president um that was like very Staged but now Trump has legitimate Enthusiasm and Biden doesn't and I think

They're paying for Biden's enthusiastic People and they're trying to amp them up Too and look at his face right crowd but What does he say who who do he have I'm The guy supposedly in trouble we raised $38 million with and so like he's got All stuff about money Right see what you're you're Proposing you haven't seen the fall off In the polls you haven't seen the Reports of discontent in the Democratic Party House Democrats Senate Democrats I've seen it from the Press so you know He's in denial right like this is bad Way to end the interview and there's a Followup where he they showed him some Of the scene from a the rally in Wisconsin and then talking to the media I'll show you those clips it's a CNN pit Piece on him and he's definitely going Against the Press who has supported him Unconditionally over Trump now for five Years and now he's blaming them for Trying to push him out of the presidency Because he's in denial of his you know Mental Decay so after the debate they Had had this woman come on and she's um I don't know their political Analyst yeah I was hearing even before This interview aired that a perfect Performance which sort of just prolonged The inevitable right now that you know Biden from the debate is so damaged uh That people will not forget what

Happened last Thursday even if he you Know has the best interview possible Here and and because of that sort of Line of thinking I would say that what We saw tonight is actually one of the Worst possible scenarios for Democrats He did didn't do so bad no he did Horrible um I don't know what you were Watching but he's done like in they Already thought he was done ahead of This thing and now he's just I'm Conceited we'll see how this falls out Let's go to the I had a few other Clips Here so this is Um it says b Biden campaign acknowledges ABC interview Stakes are high while Managing expectations today we are 4 Months out from election day and just Two months from the first vote by mail Ballots going out the question is will Joe Biden be on those ballots he's not Going to be on them by the end of the Weekend we could have an answer as we Speak President Biden is on his way to Madison Wisconsin for a camp campaign Rally he is also going to sit down there With ABC's George stephanopolous for his First on camera interview since the Debate it will be fair to say the most Important animportant interview of his Very long career and he failed epically He acted like a trump he you know he Started channeling Donald Trump he was in full denial and you know

He had multiple gaffs it was bad because If he's going to stay in the race he Must convince voters donors and Democratic lawmakers that he can handle Not just the next four months but the Next four years the campaign says of Course he can and he does not sound like A man about to bow out of the Race you got me Man you got me man so look at this Ke uper mullet Right so I have one more clip to show You that this news clip I saw this Morning nine days ago in real time During the now Infamous debate I tweeted This does Donald Trump lose by winning Tonight so you're you think your tweets Are newsworthy right Does this debate spur a switch to a Stronger Democrat with a better chance Of beating Trump in other words I was Saying be careful what you wish for Donald Trump the crisis might produce a More formidable Opponent the question will soon be who And by what means becomes the Democratic Nominee President Biden cannot control His delegates he cannot mandate that They support vice president kamla Harris But as a practical matter if he endorses Her she will be the Democratic Nominee but is that in her or the Party's best interest ultimately is that In the nation's best interest the poll

Question today at ssh.com asks which Would make kamla Harris a stronger Democratic Presidential nominee Acclamation or Competition I argue the latter a comma Harris who fights for and earns the Democratic nomination will be sharper And stronger Than one who wins by acclamation she was Not a strong candidate when she sought The nomination in 2020 ironically her one moment in the Spotlight came when she challenged then Vice President Biden for a decades old Position on Busing that at her reversal of her Willingness to abolish Private health Insurance which she'd signaled when Raising her hand in agreement with Bernie Sanders she dropped out of the Race before a single vote was cast but Was nevertheless put back in the VP mix Because Biden had said that he would Select a female running mate so that's What I've said over and over again but He's missing out some pieces here so They pumped Kamala up because kamla Isn't a Believer she's not a person with A purpose she just wants power and She'll sell her soul you know knee pads Right K knee pads Harris she's like Trump and Biden she's not a Believer she Doesn't have a cause she just wants Power and she wants fame or whatever it

Is right [Applause] Look she's so like [Applause] [Music] Obnoxious there's dougy fresh over here Just doing he's he's acting like he's in The Rockets [Music] You're not doing what they're [Music] Doing okay so that's kamla so she was Being pumped up Chris Matthews the now Disgraced and mewed Chris Matthews was Um saying it should be Biden and Harris And Harris was the first other candidate Than Biden to pop right you had these Candidates like Liz Warren and you know Bernie s Sanders had whatever he had you Know 15% of the the vote Biden had 20 But all the rest of the people that wer In household names and hadn't run for President before KLA is the first one to Pop and she went up to 12% and she was Like second or third to Biden right and It looked like she was you know being Chosen in some way and the American People looked at her and Tulsi gabard Went after her and she just was you know She was attacked by people on the debate Stage and she just folded and nobody Liked her she was clearly unlikable she Then went down to less than 1% and never Regained any kind of traction so with

All these nightmare candidates including A scile Joe Biden and you know scile Bernie Sanders or weird Bernie Sanders And kashar and budigig and all these Ones that had you know more than 1% and she was worse than all of them Right and after American people the Democratic voters took a look at her They didn't like her but Biden said that He needed he was going to pick a woman And then he got boxed into picking a Woman of color and KLA made the most Sense plus Biden had a safety blanket That no one thought she could win and if KLA was so great they put her in now if They thought she could beat Trump they'd Put her in there now right the the Holdup is I mean it seems like this is Being set up on Biden but they don't Really want kamla right or they would Already be moving towards that so this Guy didn't say all that I just said but He said you know similar because that's What happened right she is an untested Candidate that didn't get one single Vote for president right she got some Votes for vice president but that is Whatever that is right and so really Didn't have much to do with her and so There you know and then the other Candidates are all Nightmares if the nomination is handed To her she will remain an untested Political commodity and the first time

That she'll be held accountable for the Vice presidential assignments she was Given namely tackling the root causes of The Border crisis will be when Confronted by Donald Trump instead let's see her on stage now Opposite Gavin Nome and Josh Shapiro Gretchen Whitmer Amy clob bashard Secretary Pete Andy Basher Raphael warno Jared polus it's a deep bench no it's Not right so this is their dilemma cuz Comm Sucks Right and they don't you know but it Isn't like they have some great person Out there and Joe Biden seile and They're you know the Democrats are Screwed but Trump has his own Liabilities where Trump there are so Many people that hate Trump and so That's the only thing Democrats got for Themselves is hatred of trump and Trump Is you know Trump is going to Trump and That's always going to be good for Them okay here he is multiface of Biden This will be a good Um shot for the thumbnail but here he is The the crepid Biden um so I was about To make this video my wife and I went to Home Depot and which was quite a treat Um so I went to the garden section and One guy was busy the kind of older guy And the younger guy asked where mimosa Trees are because we want to make

Tinctures of them and don't really go to Get into that in this video but anyways We asked if they had Any and the guy was eating one of those Popsicles in a plastic like those pixie Stick PL Popsicles um he was eating it it was in His mouth and he had his hands on his You know these devices where they look Everything up and that's the kind of Professionalism we have under the Joe Biden Administration but they um have set in On him here's GMA good morning Good Morning America I'm told by a source that a Group of donors are trying to raise as Much as a hundred million to support a Candidate that would replace President Biden and some someone other than JoJo MCU last night Reed Hastings the Co-founder of Netflix a major Democratic Donor said that the president is quote Unfortunately in denial those are those Weird lines he has unfortunately denial About his mental state but look the Biden team tells me that the president's Performance was strong and solid that he Seriously proved his record over the Last three and a half years on the Economy and foreign policy their view is That Biden has never been a great public Speaker but he did get his message Across the president will also be out

There more aggressively in public in the Coming days he's going to be hosting the NATO Summit next week giving a press Conference and tomorrow he's doing a Campaign rally in Pennsylvania now Voters at that Wisconsin rally yesterday Did tell me they felt reassured by the President's stronger performance but Many are still deeply concerned about His ability to defeat Donald Trump and The very optimistic SP okay so Um finish coming from the White House it Is only fueling concerns for many Democrats that the president is being Shielded from reality by his inner Circle yeah that's what do you mean Concerns he he was Confused by George stefanopoulos Stephanopoulos's questions I he was Confused by the whole thing like they Haven't told him they didn't prepare him For those questions they didn't say These are the things you're going to be Asked of you and so um it's a disaster Like it's an absolute disaster on every Level for him and the Democrats it's Great I mean it's not for me I'm happy So that was bad right but that was um Good Morning America and this is CNN and CNN is really going after the guy now President Biden on a significant day in Efforts to turn his political fortunes Around let's bring in CNN's arlet signs In Madison Wisconsin where the president

Had an event a short while ago and sat Down for a TV interview Arlette what did The president say just a little while Ago well Pamela President Biden has Completed his interview with ABC News a Critical test as he is looking to course Correct following his halting debate Performance last week this interview uh Is one that will be very closely watched As Americans are trying to gauge whether The president is up to serve in a second Uh term uh it will be one that's Unscripted one that is without so if They believe that this is a good Performance I mean America's already Toast but like if this is what you're Expecting you've lowered the bar so much You think that was a good performance in An interview despite all the you know Ramifications of this interview just a Regular interview if you accept that as Your president then you're like pathetic Right I mean it's America's already Screwed but Like you you've low they've lowered the Expectations for what we have for a President not that Trump is better but At least Trump isn't scile like that Right teleprompters at a time when there Are many uh facing qu or presenting Questions towards the president about Whether he has the stamina to run for a Second term in office now President Biden as he was departing Madison

Wisconsin a short while ago uh took Several questions from reporters where He once again insisted that he is not Leaving this 2024 race take a Listen drop out of the race are you Completely ruing that out completely Ruing that out Mr President how can you Um pers that democracy is at risk that You are the best candidate to be Donald Trump because I've been here before and I've gotten more done than any president Has okay he's he's doing okay now I me You know he's looks C now it's bad but I Mean these aren it's not great but he Hasn't made a mistake yet but here of But you've been wrong about everything So far you've been wrong about Everything so far these are another Things that Donald Trump says right so I'm going to go back when I edit all These things you know I I realized Halfway through the interview that he's Being Donald Trump you know they same The same guy and I'll cover that Somewhere in the video you've already Have heard that like why I've always Thought they're the same guy but saying You're wrong about that he's going Against the media and he goes against The media quite a bit now he does it in The interview he does it again uh after This with a rally like he's made it like The media's out to get him and the media Has been nothing but pandering to the

Guy right the media hates Donald Trump Has made Donald Trump the villain and Joe Biden has benefited from their Coverage of of trump and all of a sudden He thinks the media is trying to push Him out right you were wrong about 2020 You were wrong about 2022 we were going To get wiped out remember the red You're wrong about 2023 and he said all The tough race we're going to we won Them all with two so look we'll see We'll see you guys are always wrong and I'm right that's what you say and you Know have you spoken to members of Congress I have the media was not saying That I remember the media was always Downplaying and maybe they were talking It up just because of you know they Wanted to make it seem like it was Desperate to get out votes that Trump Could could win but they they kind of Kind of knew the media right and they Were they they hinted that they knew That Biden was going to win those Elections and that Donald Trump was Cancer to down tiet races right in fact There are people Republicans who didn't Want Trump Trump's endorsement because He was cancer to many of the the lower You know the lower races in these you Know various Congressional and uh Senate Races right um down ticket races but you Know he's making it sound like the media Is against

Him to at least 20 what are they telling you what are They telling you sir they're telling me To stay in the race what about the People who have called for their Gathering together to call to step aside Think Senator Mar well Mark B understanding is the Only one considering that no one else Has call me that do you value the of off Former president TR again I hope they'll Debate me I I wouldn't be surprised if He's in will you commit to debating I'm Committing now absolutely whether he's In or not okay so they said are you Going to debate Trump Trump's in and He's like I don't know I don't know if He's going to debate me he's going to Duck and hide me cuz I last before value The thoughts of members of your own Party when it comes to your decision to Stay in the race sure I do that's why They've said you guys saw the Governors you saw those governors who Listen to me talk and tell them how I'm Staying in the race and none of them Said okay you're wrong about that Mr President want him in that room all Those governors said stay in the race La Hy Laur Hy didn't say anything when he Was in the Room okay okay get it straight pal Changes to your campaign staff at all After the made we're at look we just

Added another 120 staffers we we have Yeah we're we're adding 120 staffers for A new wing of our campaigns for the They've they've named Harris Nome The the Harris Nome wing of our Campaign most extensive staff operation In the states and are you pleased with Your advisor and how they're seeing you Through this to this moment in your Campaign any mistake made is my fault Thank are you confident you can serve Another four years I'm positive he's Positive you know you're 81 you're going To be 86 by the time he's done with his Second term and so you can't be Confident like you yeah I mean you know He said you said it like a statement Like fact that he's guaranteeing it and After you know the meltdowns but he's Unaware of his own um you know dementia But even without his dementia he can't You know it's just Stupid you a young person can't Guarantee those you don't know where You're going to be in four years you Think you're going to be alive right Talk to young people you're so committed To talking to young people why not let Someone younger take the country forward Why not let someone younger take the Country forward have to ask why not let Like every CEO has a Su well by the way you do have Succession plan what do I need a

Succession plan for so did you just say We do have a succession plan but what do I need a succession plan For like this is what this is all about Right the whole thing this past week is Possible succession and you might be you Know showing signs of dementia but he Just said I have a succession plan what Do I need For and by the way you know I Mean anyway no no no so there he he's That's he does that a lot but he's doing That a lot more where he can't complete A thought by the way well Anyway thank You now during that exchange with Reporters the president was specifically Asked about this new Washington Post Reporting that said Senator Mark Warner A Democrat of Virginia is trying to Assemble a group of Democratic senators To ask President Biden to drop out of This race uh according to this reporting Warner has told Democratic senators that He doesn't believe Biden can remain in The race after that debate performance Uh a spokesperson for Warner told the Washington Post uh that they would Neither confirm nor deny that reporting But added like many other people in Washington and across the country Senator Warner believes these are Critical days for the president's Campaign and he has made that clear to

The White House so we heard him there on The stage in Wisconsin uh directly Taking on his critics Um and and also saying they want me to Leave the race uh he didn't really Specify who they was who are these Haters you speak Of who's they JoJo M who's they tell us More about That yeah President Biden was defiant in His remarks here in Madison and he Talked about how there are some trying To push him out of the race it comes as You have who who are these people who Are these people trying to push him out Of the race I've heard some privately Publicly some top Democratic officials Suggest that President Biden should step Aside at this moment now the president Forcefully pushed back on that idea and Also really tried to reframe the debate And the questions about his age take a Listen there's been a lot of Speculation what's Joe going to do is he Going to stay in the Race is he going to drop out what you Going to do well here's my answer I am Running and going to win again he can Guarantees it you voted for me to be Your nominee no one else you the votes The voters did that you did that you Voted for me as a nominee even though I Ran unopposed and despite despite that Some folks don't seem to care who you

Vote who are those folks you saying the Media are those folks are you anti-media Like Trump is you going to start calling It fake news you're going to call CNN Fake news now that they're they're going After you you're going to call these Pundits and New York Times and these all these Magazines and newspapers and and you Know whatever they are cable news Networks that have been taming Trump and Saying how great you are and covering For you you're going to now turn on them And say it's all fake news like Trump Like he's being Trump this is him Showing you he's just he's just another Version of trump voted for well guess What they're trying to push me out on The race who is who's trying to push you Out no well let me say this quickly who They said who As I can I'm staying in the race I keep Seeing all those stories about I'm being Too old let me say Something I was too Old I wasn't too old I wasn't too old to Create over 15 million new Jobs sure 21 million Americans are Insured under the Affordable Care Act What do you think you think I'm too old Or store roie way to law of the Land you think I'm too old to ban Assault weapons again yes to protect Social Security and Medicare

Yes you know I don't um go down the Rabbit hole or really care about what These people think but I'm pretty Accurate about you know what what They're doing and why they're doing it Right when it comes out when we find out Sometimes we do sometimes we don't and Sometimes we you know it's just that Something passes by and no everyone Forgets about it but right now I would Say they realize that Joe Biden was a Nightmare in scile And that he didn't really have a chance Of campaigning and he was going to get Slaughtered into the baits maybe they With through his meds who knows what They did to him maybe they sabotaged him Because they couldn't get rid of him of Course his team of people like I said Earlier their power is tied to his Presidency so they'll prop him up they Don't care if he's a puppet or he's a You know he's a corpse they don't care If it's Weekend at Bernie's they'll put Him out there and so they'll be Runing The country because he's you know he Can't do anything and they'll just get Him to sign off on things and you know Manipulate them and handle them which Has been going on the whole time anyway Right probably his whole career and so He's the ultimate just like K is the Ultimate in allowing um you know Allowing people to run their agenda

Through them Trump isn't like that Because he's you know too proud and he's Whatever but he's still caves to his you Know handlers and things and he doesn't Care he's a Visionary he's not a you None of these people have a they're not Purposeful people they don't have a Cause they don't have an you know Anything they really believe in other Than their own success in their own Whatever it is celebrity but they you Know knew it would be difficult to get Rid of Jojo and I think they realized They have no choice but to get rid of Them but how do you do that right the Guy's scile and they've been you know Hiding that away from him and they can't Talk to him right and he can't Understand them and so they can't push Him out and some of the people in and His team aren't going to allow that and There's people in the Democratic party And he has you know some level of Support and he did win the nomination so It's a nightmare for them plus I'm Pretty sure they don't want kamla Because if they want kamla they'd be Pushing kamla right and there's some People saying her name because she's the Most likely choice but she's a disaster And you know maybe she's gotten somewhat Better as a debater but she has that Horrible record at the border and Immigration and she's just really

Unlikable and so um as they you know Push this thing through you know they Have it's not a clean they're just so Incompetent it's not clean but I can say One thing they all know at this point They can't run this guy I mean there's Enough public information out there that You know smart people and people who are Independents and are sitting on the Fence they're not voting for this guy And they can't even you know they can't Make it close enough that they could Even steal it right so I mean reality They know that they're they got to move On and maybe they even want Trump like Who knows maybe this is part of their Agenda because they got so much done During Trump I mean Republicans and Trumpers think Trump was a great President but he was a great president For the the controllers and the leftist Agenda and they worked him and played Him and you know they can manipulate him And just you know whatever and they use Him and the hatred that he generates in The division I mean he's great for them So I don't know like I you know I can't Say one way or another what the agenda Is but I can say for certain they can't Run this right they can't They cannot run this guy he's just not Up to the task like they can't roll him Out and it's and everyone's now looking At his you know his his gffs like I said

Before and they're looking for a senior Moments and when you go hunting them You're going to find them because They're there um so you know this is Going to end badly like you know it's Really interesting because the way he's Talking and I don't know if he's he'll Concede at some point but I don't think He will like I don't think he's going to I don't think he's even capable of Understanding what's going on and Realizing how he looks and the key line Was when Stephanopoulos asked him did You watch the debate and he said I don't Know I don't think so so it was 8 days Ago and was your worst disaster and You're saying you didn't you didn't Watch it and so like and you don't even Know whether you watch it or not and so That tells you everything you need to Know right he's you know he's just gone And they have a Joe Biden problem and It'll be interesting to see how it plays Out only spirituality will save this World is PA Romano definitely point from The Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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