“Netanyahu Needed A War.” – Dr.SHIVA™

"Netanyahu Needed A War." - Dr.SHIVA™

War is profitable so they created this War because according to all economic Cycles the economy is contracted the Elites have printed money and we were Headed for a massive crash so Netanyahu Who's also being under massive Corruption and fraud charges in Israel There was a protest of nearly 100,000 People against him he was actually Changing the whole Judiciary so he Wouldn't be indicted so he went into the Most sensitive one of the third most Holiest shrines in Israel sending these Crazy Zionist Fanatics that was on October 5th to incite the Palestinians And Muslims he did this because he Needed a war and it served him multiple Purposes so he wouldn't be indicted he Could unite all the different factions Within Israel who were hating him and on Top of that it gives an excuse for the US imperialist the Swarm to now distract Attention to a war and to print more Money to save this economy which is Running on fumes we need to build a Bottoms Up movement go to shafor President.com and volunteer

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