Nathan Fielder’s the Curse is a Woody Allenesque Non funny Nightmare

Nathan Fielder's the Curse is a Woody Allenesque Non funny Nightmare

Greetings brothers and sisters um I'm Going to record this today January 13th But I won't start making the video until Tomorrow um my video for my pox the Future Channel which probably be up January 15th so I've been recording Stuff ahead of time for a variety of Reasons which I've talked about and so Um anyways I don't know if I'm going to Put this in the beginning of the video Or the end hence The greetings brothers and sisters I Think I'll put it in the beginning Unless something else changes so my wife And I watch the show The Curse which I Was looking forward to Watching because the guy Nathan Fielder has some great stuff um in his Other you know he's had a couple of Shows that are there's a lot of funny Parts like he has a he's got a good Comic mind and there's good comedy in His different shows that he has plus They're weird right they're a little bit Different they're you know abnormal They're they're not your typical show They're original they're inventive right They're artistic and so I saw that he Had a sitcom type of show called The Curse that starred also Emma Stone and Emma Stone is somebody who I find very Annoying like her Expressions on her Face everything about her really kind is Annoying but she's a good actress and in

Small doses I thought she'd be okay if She's in a good movie like I tend not to Notice it right but over the course of a TV show it became painfully obvious how Annoying and offputting she is and she Almost if you really look at her face She has like an alien face you know but That's not the the worst part about this Show like that's just a sidebar of Sucking spoiler alert and there's really Nothing to spoil here like this show is Horrible it is absolutely atrocious it's A crime it should be criminally PR uted It's that bad and it's going to make the Rest of Nathan Fielder's stuff that he's done suck Retroactively it's one of those things Where where you'll never look at this The person the same way again and what The show is about is this is a very new AG liberal couple that's in um Espanola New Mexico which I have an association With right which I'll I'll get into that A bit and the girl was grow I'm a stone Car grew up in Santa Fe New Mexico and Her parents were very wealthy slum Lords And her and Nathan Fielder are trying to Be new age green poit politically Progressive and woke hyper liberals who Are going to that area and they are Creating these um environmental friendly Homes that are um I forget the the term Already but the show's called flip Anthropy you know these like homeowner

Home builder shows they're creating and They change the name to the green Queen Because Emma Stone's character is really Narcissistic but is pretending they're Both pretending to be these people who Are philanthropists and they're they Care about poor and Indigenous people And all these things there's a big part Of the the show is about indigenous People and rectifying the crimes of Colonialism right and so they have these Houses and the house that they've built Are mirrored houses they they have Mirror mirrrors on the outside and They're called passive houses because if You close the door for 7 hours the air In the house will balance out and you Won't need heat a heating system or an Air conditioning system and this is in Espanola New Mexico where it really gets Hot in the summer right and so they're Selling these houses and when people Want to put in their own stoves or put In their own heating system Emma Stone Flips out she thinks these houses are Work of art and they expect people to to Sit in their homes for 7 hours these are Vacuum seal vacuum sealed and the air is You know will balance itself itself out Well the air will flow in such a way That it'll cool down on its own or heat Up on its own right and keep a a Relatively warm or cold temperature and This is you know these are almost

Million dooll homes right that they're Doing to save money and you know these Things and save the environment and Become carbon neutral and all this stuff And the part that would appeal to people There's a few great IC stuff there's Like some really funny scenes some Really funny jokes like always with Nathan Fielder but it's like one an Episode and the time of cringy behavior And you really hating all the Despicable People this is like a a Seinfeld like Woody Allen mixture of a Woody Allen Seinfeld type of show and the character Asher character the Nathan Fielder Character is the ultimate he has a Micro penis which is documented in one Of the first couple episodes as does his Father-in-law and that's a little bit Funny and there's some humiliation stuff Done with that but it turns out that he Has fantasized about other men uh having Sex with his wife and that comes up Quite a bit and he has a friend who used To pick on him in um High School who is The director of the show and he wants to Take the show in a dark Direction and is Encouraging the Emma Stone character to Realize that her husband's a piece of Crap and get divorced during the show And this guy was drunk driving and his Car was T-boned and his wife was killed in it And he's struggling with all this guilt

And things right and he's a twisted Character and he comes and goes and like He's a you know manipulative piece of Crap character they're all uh like Really deplorable people and all the People around them like they're Interacting with these native peoples And you know dealing with the art world And there's a girl who's an artist and You can tell she like like basically Hates Emma Stone for her money and it Keeps on coming back up that her parents Are Slumlords and Emma Stone is trying to You know rewrite her family history and Get away from that label even though She's you know quite narcissistic and a Horrible person right but the thing that Might appeal to you know me and you know Some of you most of you is that it Really mocks the whole woke type of People like how fake they are and how They're not really what they pretend to Be right all these hyper liberals you Know I lived in that area so I moved to New Mexico uh years and years ago when I Took my first trip to India back in 1995 96 I moved there and eventually went to Graduate school first I lived in Albuquerque and then Santa Fe and so I'm Familiar with the area but I worked in Los Alamos in a like a sort of a a Counseling Center and a town that is where the

National Lab is right and it's a weird Town Los Alamos is a a very strange town It's cool in the sense it's on these They have these maces that are these Like rock- like formations that are flat On the top and it's built on this Mesa And it's got more doctors PhD doctors And doctors than any other place in the World they got so that they only call Medical doctor's doctor because everyone Goes by doctor there like all these People that work there and the kids you Know I worked in this like you know this Sort of outpatient uh walk-in Counseling Center there and the kids were weird Like these their parents were weird the Kids were weird you know their parents Are often Geniuses but the kids are Weird and the the places are really Weird town you know and I there's a Small town that's connected to it called White Rock which is kind of of a suburb That's at the bottom of the Mesa and It's a cool drive down to White Rock and They had a a walk-in Center there and One day I was driving up from White Rock To Los Alamos and um I was behind a truck and This like steam is pouring out of it and On the truck it said filled with liquid Nitrogen which is really cold you know That it was a cooling truck and whatever Was in this truck had to be kept at a Temperature you know they're going up to

This the National Laboratory where they Produced the the first atomic bombs Right and I'm like do I really want to Be in here this town right you know I Lived in Santa Fe which was about 45 Minutes away I had a kind of a long Commute when I first got the job was in Albuquerque and I had like a 2-hour Commute I mean it was 4 hours you know Two hours each way but I'm behind this Truck going you know what could be in This truck that they have to keep at a You know a a level of temperature that Liquid nitrogen is spilling out of the Truck and you know there's like steam Coming out of the you know because of The the airport I was like this is a you Know I mean it's it's probably not a Good idea to be anywhere near this place Right but the place is really weird and On the other side of where White Rock is Was a town called Espanola and there was A connection between Los alamis and Espanola and there was like almost like Like weird almost gang cat activity and These kids were really obnoxious and Punky on both you know both Los Alamos Kids and Espanola kids I was surprised At it but whereas Los Alamos has the Most per capita doctors Espanola had the Highest per capita heroin addiction and It was a crime ridden place and it was Just a brutal like you know murderous Place so these guys are going into

Espanola and trying to reinvent this Town and make it into sort of a liberal Carbon neutral town and bring these H These houses there and you know they are Coming from Santa Fe now Santa Fe is one Of these towns there's a lot of them in The west there's Sedona in Arizona and There's um a place called Boulder Colorado kind of a bigger one which is Known for trust funders Rich California Kids or divorced wives I mean in Lo in Uh Santa Fe it was a lot of divorced California wives who had like you know Bad relationships with husbands and they Would move to Santa Fe with their Divorce money or their trust fund money You know these rich people that were There and you know they were a weird Group it was like 70% women to 30% men And there was all these women who were Like just you know I mean the beginning Of what we see now with the feminist Movement that was where this started you Know I went to graduate school there and There's a lot of weird stuff you know I I took a I got my Master's Degree I sort Of a liberal school that had an art Therapy class you a art Therapy Program In a counseling program and I went to The counseling program but did the art Therapy and we had to you know in the in The way that the school is structured You learned about a particular model of Counseling during the week and on the

Weekends you would experience these you Know this long eight hour you know both Saturday and Sunday so 16 hours of Experiential learning and you would go Through the counseling process as a Group and it was brutal the people were Really screwed up a lot of drama you Know there was this one girl I was Talking to like my second Semester and um we were both like I was Going part-time because I was just Having kids and you know so it took me Three years it was two-year program and She had gone through with these people And she goes she was talking to me she Kind of realized that I was a little bit Different she was like these people are Horrible and she goes you know one time She was in class she said something like I can't remember what she exactly she Said it was like you know she said I wish all you losers would shut the Shut the Boop up right and then she said Did I just say that out loud she goes Yeah she was she was starting to lose it She got into drama with these uh these Various people and later when I was Working in a treatment center for really Like wealthy um you know people I've Talked about this job I've had before There's a Native American girl that was There and she had three credits left and She left the school cuz she couldn't Stand it she was you know she telling me

All about how you know hard it was and It was it wasn't the school as much as It was the people there and they were Really weird you know very new Agy and You know some of them are all right and You know some it was you know was like Anything else but there was a uh we were Doing a project for a research project For addictions right like this was a You're supposed to be getting a master's Level degree and you're supposed to be You know being prepared and I you know I Felt like the school was good in various Ways and it was Alternative Learning Which I do well with but like the Weirdness that these guys would bring in So there was a you know kind of Traditional teacher who was really into Uh positive emotional regard Unconditional positive emotional regard Which was a a method of counseling where You would just be really you know nice And supportive of the person because Everyone's so dead inside and broken That they need someone in their life That just builds them up right so it's a Method of you know it's a model of Counseling and this guy had done that For a number of years and he worked with Addictions and he taught the addiction Class and he was a nice guy and you know He was he was smart but you know like he Was um incapable of you know some of the Kind of things you need to do to make

Sure your class doesn't go off the rails When you're having all these new age People so we submitting our uh research Projects and everyone was talking about Their research pics and there was an Oral presentation and one of these guys Comes in and this guy wasn't you know That bad of a guy like he wasn't you Know horrible but this was his you know He was a he was a gay dude who uh Dressed up in a ghee you know he took Martial arts and he he got up there and He he set up like a Target and he had Some like Asian bow like a bow and Arrow and he um he took the you know he He he kneeled and he said some things About this is my research project I Can't know what he said but was Hilarious like I'm trying not to laugh And he shot the the arrow into the Target you know Target's like 10 ft away And they sat down that was his project I I was watching the Teacher who was like no this is like an Actual research project because these New age people you know well this was he Was doing research by you know his Martial arts and these you know just Weird stuff right and there's some weird Stuff that happened there and so I got a Good taste of this kind of mentality the New age liberal mentality I was a lot More liberal then you know in terms of You know my views on things but part of

My experience there saw how wacky it was And how you know a lot of this stuff That is now coming out as you know this Agenda was very prevalent in Santa Fe New Mexico I was telling my wife about This I had a roommate you know I've Talked about these two guys that I you Know one guy worked with and this other Guy was a roommate they had these jobs Where they would bring trouble kids out Into the you know the Wilderness in uh You know these areas and the the uh Western part of the country this guy did In New Mexico the other guy did it I Think in Colorado and they would camp in These auros you know when it wasn't Rainy season they'd be these dry areas Where there are more trees CU water Would flow through these you know areas They were like you know riverbeds almost And they're called moros in the that Part of the country and they would Camp There for weeks and the kids would you Know be away from everything you know Their families and things and so this Guy um you know my roommate was a former Counselor and he knew this woman who was Giving some kind of performance art Thing and I think he had dated her Friend and he asked me to go cuz you Didn't want to go alone and it was like Supposed to be comedy but she was doing Performance art and like she was a 40ish Woman it was almost all older crony

Women there and I think we got there Late and had to sit up like in the front Row Which is always a bad idea in a comedy Thing right And the woman was like you know she she Was in a tank top for a while working Out and she said something like I shaved My armpits for you you know these kind Of like new age you know stuff it was Kind of new Agy I can't remember some of It was a little bit funny but you know It wasn't my thing right and some things That weren't funny I was struggling to Hold myself from laughing cuz you know She was being intense and it was like Supposed to be an intense moment and you Know if I laughed I would have to go Wait outside it was that bad it was like A tense room a man hating room and at One point she sat in on my roommate my Friend there you know the the uh this Guy you know owned the house that I was Renting a room in and she looked at him And said something and you know I mean She was interacting with the crowd a Little bit and he there was some kind of History there between him and he was Messed up for weeks about it he kept on Talking about what do you think she Meant by that like and I'm like you know This performance art stuff which is a Part of this show right the curse so I'm Familiar with the area and these people

And they do a good job of mocking these People as being fake and and being Actually destructive like the Emma Stone Character they have create they've R They've um they bought this like Shopping mall area that they're trying To show that the people they're Displacing people they're buying their For clothes homes or whatever it is that They're giving these people jobs and That they're helping these people get on Their feet even though they're coming in And you know this is gentrification Where you take a neighborhood and you Drop a you know a quarter of a million Dollar home in their neighborhood it Changes the property taxes and the value Of the people's house you know it screws Everybody in the neighborhood and so They hire this one guy um whose you know Mom was um you know it's the opening Scene and this you know this friend of Nathan Fielder who's a really obnoxious Person and used to bully him as a kid uh His character is pouring water on this Old Hispanic woman's Face because he wants her to cry because They're giving his son a job right Because there you know these moments in The show where they're trying to show How great these people are right for Providing for these people who are you Know losing their homes and doing Whatever and so they have these sto in

The shopping mall that are just kind of Fake stores that are there for the show But they're not making any money and Somebody shoplifts there's a jean store And somebody shoplifts from the jean Store and um they're calling the police And emone gets a call and you know she's Running the store and she goes over There and says well don't call the Police these people are all suffering And you know it's just a petty crime why Why why lock somebody up for this or Whatever so she hands the cashier a Credit card and say anytime somebody Steals something just put it on my card Right it's somebody else's store that's Renting this plaset they've purchased With her parents slumlord money Right and the word gets around and People are just stealing the jeans and These rich white kids come in from like Santa Fe and they um steal a bunch of Jeans so they can sell them on eBay or Whatever and the guy one of the kids is Talking to the girl and she's just Telling everybody that who's a cashier That this Rich lady will will pay for Them and so they end up getting a $14,000 charge on their credit card and They're kind of running out of money CU They're making all these you know these Bad decisions and overpaying people and You're trying to be these you know I Mean these fake Phil philanthropists and

The guy that they got um they hired There this Hispanic guy that um was um You know this Mexican guy that was um You know his mom was you know got Evicted and all these things shows up at Her house with some other guys and guns And he's pissed because they're creating More criminal activity in a town that Already has a lot of it right they're Encouraging criminal activity and you Know there's this whole exchange and It's so cringy like you know I mean it's Some of it's mocking the W culture which I guess is okay and there's a few funny Bits but they really you know the Centerpiece is how much of a cuck this Guy is um the Nathan Fielder character Is and Emma Stone starts telling Everybody how he's holding her back and You know how negative he is and he's More of a bean counter and he's you know Trying to prevent her from making some Bad financial decisions and doing some Of the things that you know all these Things right um and he's like the Grounding part that keeps her from you Know just um bankrupting their situation And she's you know insulting all these Things about them to these people and She does some of it on camera and they End up seeing the clips where she just Demolishes the guy and says how much Better that that she is than he he is Right how much better she is and how

He's holding her back and and it's like He's shocked and like completely you Know humiliated and he goes outside for A second and comes back in and says you Know he's completely she's completely Right and he's a piece of crap and he'll Do anything to stay with her and even if She wants to get rid of him he he'll be So in tune to her that she'll just have The thought go and he'll leave and he Just will you know completely change Everything so he'll let her do whatever She wants and all these things right and It's he's just it's graveling and it's Like you know it's hard to watch and That's how I thought the show was going To end I thought it was the last episode We were just eager to get it over with Like we kind of knew you know the first Couple episodes they always try to suck You in but at some point you know it Becomes like well this is going to end Horribly you know like I'm going to read The New Yorker thing in a moment here You know my wife and I were like well we Should like it was basically we should Stop watching it but you know there's This thing that happens when you don't Resolve things you leave things Unresolved like if I don't if I start Watching a movie or something and we're Watching something that's bad we'll Usually just go to the end and you know See how it ends right so you have some

Kind of resolution to the story because That's how the human mind works but in This case we like you know we knew we Had to like see it through and I know I Knew I was going to talk about it here Anyway so we're watching the thing and As it just gets more and more degraded And more and more or you know just the Humiliation and I knew that people in Like the New York area were going to Think it's really you know something Special like it's artistic and you know This St kind of thing and original but It's just a horrible thing to watch and The final episode they start off where She's pregnant they it's you know They've been away for three months the Show has been filmed and is up on the Internet and she's pregnant and she goes On they go on the Rachel Ray Show and Rachel Ray looks like a dude and she's Struggling to talk and it's just I mean It's hard that's whole thing is hard to Watch and then they um you know there's A a subplot the reason it's called The Curse is in the first episode there's Like this Ethiopian family these you Know like a some sort of um you know African family there and they're selling Waters the the kids there's a couple Kids selling Waters uh or like Sprite or Something to people to you know to get Money in the parking lot and the Director says to Nathan Fielder like

He's trying of the director is trying to Get a conversation where Nathan Fielder Has already messed up with an interview Because he snaps all the time and he Loses it and he gets like really uh like Uh you know unprofessional and Inappropriate and he yells at this Person giving an interview and they're Trying to get the tape from her and this Guy who's directing the show wants to Get that so he can put it in the show And make it more you know drama filed And more you know humiliation based he Really likes humiliating Nathan Fielder And so he asked Nathan Fielder to give This girl some money and Nathan Fielder Only has a hundred bucks so he gives the Girl the money on camera but takes it Back immediately afterwards and she Curses him and the curse comes true and It becomes a whole issue between him and His wife and because she believes in the Curse and he's mocking it and it ends up Being like this girl has like sort of The ability it's it's small curse like It's based in some kind of fad that's Going on in Tik Tock but she really Actually does it and she has you know Her curses actually come true they're Small things like she cursed him and Wished that his chicken would his his Dinner wouldn't have his chicken in it And like that's what she says and and You saw before that he he got these

Frozen meals and the chicken was left Out of a chicken picante dinner and so Then he starts believing it's a whole Thing right but anyways he goes to an Auction and buys a for a closed home and He goes to um you know check out the Home and the family is living there the Family the girl that cursed them and That becomes a whole thing in the final Episode he gives the guy the home it's Like a $300,000 home and they put all This money into it and there should have Been some Consequences to their inappropriate Behavior and their you know that and the Guy isn't even grateful the guy's just You know he's like well can you pay the Property taxes I mean it's it's kind of Funny a little bit funny but it's mostly Just cringey right and then you know There's no resolution to any of these Things so the final like 40 minutes of The thing he uh wakes up and he's on the Ceiling and his wife goes into labor and They think it's because of this vacuum House he's caught in some kind of air Pocket and he's um you know he's uh he's Stuck on the ceiling and they try to get Him out they can and she goes into labor She has to go to the hospital to give Birth and he ends up going outside and Gets stuck in a tree and That he's being pulled upwards and the Fire department comes in and they cut

The branch down because they think he's Crazy they don't know what's going on And he floats up into the atmosphere and She gives birth and he goes like into Space you know and this is what you know The New York Post uh New York um The New Yorker had to say the hor the horrifying And humanistic ending of the curse in This s surreal final episode of the Showtime series reaches great new Heights and these people like this show And I knew they would and it says here The final episode of curse the oldest And most original show on television Right now the oddest and most original To show right now and they go to Describe the show and I just kind of Scann through the article Asher to use a Red PA of par perin red pill parin is a Classic um and they talk about this being a these things and at the end of the Thing they say this about him they're Describing the ending here and it says Um the world might not want Asher's Sudden honesty about who and what he is And certainly doesn't want him want his Altruism however genuine it may be which Is why he sent hurly into the Stratosphere a sign that he has become If not a saint than at least the Universe's but a sacri but as a Sacrifice after finally able to do some Good by forcing the terrible people

Around him to realize and admit their Own failings oh my God I'm sorry doggy Says that's his friend sobbing when he Realizes Asher is gone everything I've Ever done I was thinking about Myself Um and it says here the curse finale What did the ending mean the curse Finale is Bonkers and deeply frustrating From the Rolling Stone Emma Stone is the Worst person in the world Daily Beast The Cur season one finale recap things Are looking Up um and then the one from the New Yorker and then I just searched the Curse but this is what the news people Said here and there's lots of people That the metaphysical horror of the Curse the final is Unforgettable the Indie um there Different things that people said here But so many people loved the this show Right some of these people writing Um Emma Stone and nor Nathan Fielder are Knocking down walls the New Yorker and There's a New York connection to Santa Fe as well the curse holds a mirror up To Marriage um the curse review Nathan Fielder's new show is bizarre and Brilliant the Vox um Emron comes up and Trump's again In this brilliantly unsettling Television show the

BBC the curse is the weirdest most Unforgettable show of 2023 I believe that to be true um and You know but vulture the curse uh recap Down and dirty like there's all these Positive reviews about this show The Curse series review Emma Stone is Astounding in this ink black Satire you know there's one here that's Uh abiding satirization of white Guild From Nathan Fielder and all these other Things uh it says here Nathan Fielder And Emma Stone will make you squirm the Rolling Stones seem not to like it but There's all these other papers and you Know these pretentious artsy fartsy K of Things that love it and the reason I'm Doing this like that that all part was Just so I could you know make sense of This show to people who didn't see it is That there is a genre of movies and TV Shows and it comes mostly from Woody Allen right Woody Allen was the you know The father of these this genre of TV Shows and movies that happened with Seinfeld for example even friends had Some of this in it Seinfeld more though And then of course with um the Curb Your Enthusiasm show and it takes these People who are wealthy and they all are You know connected to you know a certain Cultural upbringing and you know New York plays a role and all these things Right

And they're really screwed up like Woody Allen is a really screwed up person you Know back when I was in high school my Best friend from high school and I you Know there's like one movie theater like 40 minutes away from our town like our Town didn't have much of anything like Had a you know grocery store but nothing Like a mall or anything like this and so We went to the movies and there wasn't Like any movie worth really watching but There was one woody woody Alla movie Which is a comedy and I had seen a woody Alla movie when I was a kid and thought It was funny he didn't really understand It but this movie was called Stardust Memories and it featured like a Picasso S warped faces it was in black and white And you know it was over my head as a High school kid but I knew it sucked Right there was maybe two or three jokes In the whole movie but it wasn't funny You also see this with George Clooney Movies where they call it a comedy but It's really depressing and all of these George Clooney movies have a a message That life is meaningless and purposeless And gloomy right and there's no sense of You know anything normal or positive and What they're trying to do is make this Divergent and you know Twisted culture And the people that are you know part of It and normalize it right with Woody Allen and there's a lot of

Self-deprecating humor but that's just a Mask to make it you know less biting cuz Woody Allen is a self piece of crap and You know these people who are so Self-indulgent in their egotistical Rants and ravings and their and their Psychological issues they have all these Psychological issues and they're you Know paranoid and they're you know they Have all these um you know fear-based Phobias and things like this all these Types of uh Neurosis right they're Really Neurotic and they indulge in these Neurotic fantasies and then they put Them on the screen so everyone can see Them and they normalize them like like They did in the show where this guy's a and you know he hates himself and He thinks he's a piece of crap and They're pretending to be these you know These giving people these altruistic People and they're completely not and There's a self-deprecating humor right The stuff like Will and Grace was Another show like this but they've done This for a number of years and they're Pushing an agenda and making it okay to Be completely broken this is another Example of being completely broken like Woody Allen is a you know a weird Bizarre Pervert right that has done some creepy Things and he made this movie called

Manhattan with Ariel Hemingway another Movie that I saw and he is a 40 plus Creepy old you know little dude who Dates a senior in high school who Supposed to be 18 but it's played by a 15-year-old girl her for her first Romantic kiss was with Woody Allen in The carriage scene of the movie right And it later came out that a woman who Was now in her 40s or 50s said yeah he Dated her when she was in high school And of course he married his 18-year-old Adoptive daughter you know and there's The pervy thing and the legal thing and There know the pedo thing here and his Jeffrey Epstein thing and all that stuff Right which is what mainly people focus On but there's another level of Depravity here and it's why would he Want to marry an 18-year-old girl like Why would anybody want to marry somebody You know do you want to go back to that Period of time in your life right if You're living right you don't have Regrets and you're not wanting to go Back and redo things you're not having Fantasies of going back to high school Or you know a child or whatever and Reliving your life and you know making Different decisions and being a Different person and you know reliving Your 20s and things you're happy where You are now if you're spiritually Evolving you don't want to go back like

I don't want to go back right I don't Want to be 20 again and I don't want to Interact with people you know in any Kind of deep interpersonal relationship Like if you had a romantic relationship Of someone that young you get taken back To that level of Consciousness right People in their 20s people in their 18 You know year old people have a level of Consciousness and people in their 40 Have a level of Consciousness and it's Hard to you know not just the generation Gap that we have now but it's life Experience and when you've lived a full Life it's hard for you to relate to Somebody who's young you can remember What it was like when you were young and You can be compassionate to what they're Going through but before they can talk To you on your level they have a whole Life to live they have to raise kids They have to get a job they have to go Out in the world they have to you know Do all these things and you know until They do those things even if they're Brilliant even if they're unique and Special people they really can't talk to You on the level that you're at as an Older person and to have a romantic Relationship with someone like that is Just weird I mean I'm not talking just About the pervy stuff I'm talking about Like why would you want that why would You want to have a relationship with

Somebody who has so much left life so Much less life experience than you do And Woody Allen is obsessed with this he Made a whole movie about it and then he Married his his wife's you know his Basically his adoptive daughter this Girl grew up as his son for a number of Years and then they get end up getting Mar married and you know he had this Weird quotee about it I'm not going to Read it here but I've talked about it Before where he talks about you know how It works out that you know he's kind of The the dad in the relationship which is You know creepy in itself and you know Woody Allen was the only me too person That had the most I he was the original Me too guy because Ron and Pharaoh wrote A you know a piece about him and there Was all these things but Woody Allen Remained sort of unscathed and is still Celebrated even with his ties to Jeff Epstein and these other things and this Show with Nathan Fielder is is liked by These same people who like these shows That about how twisted and weird and bad People are and you know our stories are Should should be about functional people You know our stories our TV shows and Movies you know all stories make up Every culture stories make up people's Internal world you know it used to be These cultures in in primitive cultures Or what consider primitive cultures

Tribal cultures and village-based Cultures there'd be a fire that people Be sitting around a fire it's in one of The you know the Elder medicine men or Whatever shamanistic person or the Elders in the tribe would even sometimes The youthful people if they had a talent For it would tell stories right and These stories and fables and things that You have in these religious traditions And you know all these things would help Shape a Young Person's morality and give Them a sense of you know of who they are In the inside but also observing their Functional parents who are you know Being good parents being good workers Being good participants in the in the Community right but we don't have that Think about how many movies and TV shows Are about criminals and violent Dysfunctional people and narcissist and You know all these things I mean think About these ways that these Protagonists are broken and you know Some kind of damaged people and you end Up rooting for them and they become the Example of what human life is all about Like Woody Allen is not a person that You should care about his weird world And the his world weird internal world And what he thinks about it because it's Warped and it's you know it's creepy and All these shows that are about these Things and they're trying to normalize

This creepy behavior and make it like You know this is okay too I me this is What's happened culturally in the last So many years and this Nathan Fielder's A crime like in that way because here's This you know this really dysfunctional Unlikable couple and they have this Cringeworthy relationship that's not Based in love and it's you know that They have like a disorted sex life and Marriage and all these things is all Twisted and they make this show that There's no real resolution and you know You're trying to people are trying to Figure out the ending like it has some You know deeper meaning and it's a it's Stuff that shouldn't be made right They're just putting out crap in People's internal worlds and trying to Normalize something under the guys that It's artistic and it's so brilliant and All these you know so-called dark Comedies when it's just um an absolute Abomination um I think I'll end up just Putting this out separately and then I'll make maybe a shorter video with Other stuff and I don't know or maybe I'll just release another Journey series Take the day off tomorrow we'll see what Happens only spirituality will save this World it's Paul definitely pointed from The apocalypse and the Ascension Everyone have a blessed day and be Grateful

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