My Fetterman & Alec Baldwin Videos

My Fetterman & Alec Baldwin Videos

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so This is a video that's going to go up up On both my Apocalypse Now Channel and my Pockets of the future Channel and the Reason for this is I put up two videos Yesterday when I really wasn't you know I have an every other day type situation Here see I think people don't realize I Have two channels I post content every Other day on each Channel because Somebody wrote a comment saying wow you Used to have 200,000 subscribers and now You only have 26,000 subscribers what Happened but what happened is you on the Wrong Channel and so you know YouTube has made It hard for people to find my channel it Doesn't get recommended you know this Happens with not just me but so many Other people And but anyways I posted a video on this You know by pox the future Channel Yesterday morning and I've been making a Video a day ahead of time and the video Was Federman hilariously disagrees with Jojo and KLA and stop following Panderers um people who Pander to you And you know because of the what I do With my meditation and um being a Conduit like in the Sark system we're Supposed to open ourselves up to being Conduits for information and energy to Flow through from the you know Divine Realm into the material Realm and you

Know with anything else like you can Just get into a flow or a Zone and you Know sometimes there is a message that I Feel like everybody should hear and you Know the video is funny because of the Federman part but then I talk about you Know this idea of people in the truth Community wanting to have people Pander To their beliefs and I think it's Something that everybody should consider I mean not just in the truth Community But in general but I think this video is Kind of an important video and the Comments I received from people suggest That that's the case but what happened Was the same day I released that video The um Alex Jones decided to slap a Camera out of somebody's Hand and so you know that's a timely you Know that's something that's time Sensitive you know I'll get to that in Just a moment here but because of that You can see here that it just has less Views and it should have more it's like A more important video but people just Have so much time so I'm not putting up A video here today just this short one Here I'm not one putting one up on my Other channel because I put this up on My apocalypse Channel you know Everything that you all my channels are Available in the description box and That one got less views and that's about Alec Baldwin and so people usually think

I I post by Alec Baldwin Homeless Looking Alec Baldwin slaps woman's phone As his life continues to crumble and it Could be spiral would be another word That could be used there you know and I It's kind of a funny video and I haven't Covered Alec Baldwin in a while I Noticed yesterday on my pockets of the Future Channel I've made 150 videos Where the word the name Alec is in the Title so doesn't mean that the whole Video is about him but you know over the Years Um you know I didn't choose this so I Don't want to take credit for something I mean other than just being open to Like the Divine kind of um flow of Things right but I've had this uh thing Happen over and over again where I cover Somebody and then they just have a Complete uh meltdown that you know Everybody gets into like mainstream Media covers it as well you know in 20145 2015 I covered Tom Hanks Will Smith and Ellen generous right and they Were all given the good guy you know Trustworthy kind People Narrative and you know Will Smith um had Some issues with his you know with um Not being honest about his sexuality Tom Hanks of course the creepiness that he Would got involved in and then Ellen was Just a mean to her employees right but

You know I covered them because it was Interesting to me and people at the time Were like why you doing this you know Because I mean I had to cover some Celebrity stuff anyway which I've talked About in the past just to keep you know I I didn't choose to cover celebrities But that interested me and then they all Had their meltdowns and I had you know Been covering them for years and this Happened with Alec Baldwin who you know I saw that he was ranting on instag and I noticed some things and I you know That were interesting and I covered him Just like I covered Chris cuos and Don Lemons because they were douchy and you Know whatever and they were entertaining And they all had their you know moments Of disgrace and you know Alec BD went of Course the big ones um but you know like I thought I'd make a few videos about Him and then you know then everything Happened with his wife and and then Shooting a coworker and the whole thing But it's happened to me over and over Again where I and you guys you know Probably some of you guys have noticed It where I cover somebody when no one Else is doing it and then that person Ends up um imploding you know know like I it's happened over and over again but Anyways um there's the video about Alec Baldwin that's up there and you know the Other video I mean Federman you know was

Imploding in his own way like I covered Fedman quite you know quite frequently I Mean lots of people did because he was You know hilarious and all those things But his position on Israel and the fact That it you know he's really was his Main audience were very liberal people Like he isn't so much of a Centrist At least in terms of the sport he got And he's just pissing them all off and He's you know undermining the Democratic Party because he just you know he's he's Under functioning and that's great so That video is interesting for just for That alone but anyway so those are the Two videos up yesterday I'm not going to U make a video today on either Channel Other than this video I'm going to put Up on both channels just to you know let People know what's up and then tomorrow I'll get back to my regular videos apoc Future and the following day I'll make a A video for the Apocalypse Now so That'll be um Thursday to Thursday for Po the future and Friday for Apocalypse Now only spiritual valy will save this World it's p definitely point for the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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