“My father came with 75 bucks and buys a home in a few years. This is how.” – Dr.SHIVA™

"My father came with 75 bucks and buys a home in a few years. This is how." - Dr.SHIVA™

Most entrepreneurs don't even know the Difference between a cash flow statement A profit and loss statement and a Balance sheet most CEOs don't you Understand that you start realizing why Savings are important why you shouldn't Be going and buying Dolce Gabbana shirts Dumbass Kim Kardashian right when people Got all their subsidy checks in New Jersey all these poor people are Buying Louis Vuitton bags what the Are you doing a immigrant like my father Comes with 75 bucks buys a home in a few Years being paid a third of his white Counterparts how is he able to do that Frugality working hard we have to teach These principles you don't need Government for all this we need people To become resilient and we need people To collectively organize it's about Education education is the revolution Everything I've put together is Education that's why I will go on the Streets and I will distribute this flyer You will see me at six in the morning Doing that that's a campaign so To everyone out there we have the Solutions we have the movement we have The scientific theory Truthfreedomhealth.com and we have a campaign go to Shiva for President.com get a flyer get a bumper Sticker volunteer chief of president.com Truthfredamehealth.com

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