MSNBC wrecks Kendrick Lamar Drake Beef because MSM lies are boing + More about Pockets of hte Future

MSNBC wrecks Kendrick Lamar Drake Beef because MSM lies are boing + More about Pockets of hte Future

Okay uh greetings brothers and sisters Um my wife just told me I was doing a Voiceover that you'll hear at the end of The this video I was just doing a few More leftover things from things I'm Talking about here but I want to make a Regular video today I don't want to you Know this is like meta stuff but um she Said well people think you're leaving YouTube so that's not the case you know I said I would give it a year until the End of January and then I'll you know And it might happen sooner uh based on Whatever happens in terms of the you Know the monetary aspect of it and I Might move to a you know paid PO for a You know some sort of you know low fee Monthly fee for people to access my Content because you know I have to find A way to make more money here you know I'll revisit this in January like this Is something where I have to figure Things out I have to spend some time and Energy thinking about you know how I Spend my time and maybe just make less Content which I'm going to do for a While now I'm going to put up less Content but I'll still be making content I'm just going to be thinking about um You know spending more time just Evaluating and and maybe doing other Things maybe I'll get that um you know The the how I recovered from covid stuff Out there and make that into some kind

Of um you know like a video I'll put on Some other platform and make it a you Know whatever put it behind a pay wall Charge like5 bucks or something like That um so you know there's things I Just have to like have the time to do Like if I'm making content every day It's just going to be you know I'm not Adjusting to the situation right I'm not Looking at how I can cope with what's Going on so there's the financial Element and just YouTube You Know YouTube sucking that's like one piece to It but the other piece is more sort of a Progress report of humanity based in you Know my you know limited whatever I do Here and you know the stuff to do with The heartfulness cult and things and I Talk about that at the end of the video You know sort of a progress report of What I see and you know Humanity where Humanity's at and you know it's not Great like you just can turn on the TV And just you know going to Walmart or Just whatever it is you know you can see Where Humanity's at it's not great like We're going in the wrong direction and You know that's I mean that's part of This whole channel right um so there's All that and I cover this at the end of The the video here I don't want to talk About too much here um but let's get Into the other Stuff okay so this

Happened in this Report about a figure who's been at the Top so long many say his time is over And a challenger who will stop at Nothing for the throne now that might Apply to the president defending his Title from a former President but this is actually a Different Throne as the rapper with the Most hits Drake fights the rap artist With the most acclaimed poetry Kendrick Lamar and that so this do not apply Apply to Trump or Biden at all Completely different because I don't Know who you would say is Drake in this Analogy saying kendler kend Kendrick Lamar is the Challenger so he's Trump But you know either way like it doesn't Apply right um but more importantly you Know this is how low they've sunk Because they're taking something that's A pop culture or you know whatever it is This rap battle feuds which are usually Fake right usually what rap battles Involve is both people are working Together just like these fake marriages These Hollywood celebrity marriages They're working together you know it's a Symbiotic relationship where both Rappers are releasing albums dropping Albums and they're bringing attention by Creating drama that's not real just like Celebrities do this you know there'll be Some sort of

Dramatic um remember there was some kind Of thing with Twilight where the Twilight girl TW treat cheated on the Twilight guy towards the end when no one Was watching the movies anymore and they Made a big Scandal a guy went on an Interview with like David Letterman or Somebody John Stewart or something you Know I saw that like I didn't you know Watch the movies but you know there There's ways that they create Buzz Around something that's happening by Having something dramatic something fake Something staged and rap battles for the Most part of that you know Trump used to Get involved with these rap battles I Used to talk about it like the thing he Had with Rosie O'Donald you know get Into these Twitter Wars you know what Margerie Taylor green and AOC do these You know these um politicians and they Gauge in these things that are just Completely fake and contrived and They're you know they're working Symbiotically to draw attention to each Other and themselves and you know this Monetary benefit right I don't think This thing is like that just because um Kendrick Lamar called Drake a pedo so it Seems like that isn't helping Drake out At all Right but you know the the genre that They do this in is um you know has Nothing to do with mainstream media

Because you know they're just not the Same thing right and these mainstream You know media channels I just covered This with um my last sort of video on This stuff it was like three or four Videos ago That Dana Bash the political analyst for CNN you know was really ghouls it up um Went with Lindsey Graham You Know She Interviewed Lindsey Graham and tried to Get him to play the game uh uh Mary date Mary and she changed the last part to I Mean she wrecked the game by changing The last part to make disappear which is Supposed to be F right so you know it's A game that kids play it's a stupid game Like it's as an adult you would say I'm Not playing that game you know as an Older person he's 70 years old you know And he's like you know kind of seems Like he's gay right Lindsey Graham from South Carolina and so they're trying to Do this to be relevant but they wreck it Like when they do when they get involved In this stuff they just wreck it it's Embarrassing they embarrass themselves Like it's really bad it's like Embarrassing in a in a way that's you Know embarrassing Right and so let's get back to it here Okay so I'm in the editing process and I Just want to point this out I think it's Kind of obvious but I should say it this Guy's name is Ari

Meer this is Ari Meer and Ari is you Know do you think that anybody's out There going okay I want to get the low Down on the Kendrick Lamar Drake Beef what does Ari Meer have to say About it right what's Ari mier's opinion Of the let's let's go see the he's my He's my go-to for rap battle and rap Culture Ari Meer he's the guy that you Know you go to when you you want to find Out what's going on in the rap world Because Ari Meer is you know uh he's Just the afficionado of rap beefs that's Not all because I can tell you in the Past six weeks there are about 10 new Songs from four different artists mostly Arrayed against Drake and at the core of It a battle between Drake and Kendrick Lamar these songs are topping the charge They're captivating fans and as a matter Of news Joe Biden's presidential Campaign has just engaged on the Kendrick Lamar side using his let me see What he said There it's always been about love and Hate now let me say I'm the biggest Hater um what like look at these guys Like [Laughter] There's um Gage on the Kendrick Lamar Side using his new lyrics to go against TR Trump we talking about an event that I hate the way that you I hate the way That you walk over women's rights what

Like again you know this is a supreme Court thing um he's a Catholic Joe Biden And so he should be anti-abortion but Whatever Trump we are talking about an Event that is so big in our culture has Become part of our politics and public Life driving debates and plenty of news All right let me see if I can find that Okay so this is the Tik Tock platform That is deemed um a threat to you know American sovereignty and it they're Going to make Tik Tock illegal after the Election but before it he has 3,000 300,000 followers this is Biden with the Meme you know this meme that I show you This is the dark Brandon meme like he's Going he's he's going in and scorching Things with with his you know I mean This is what they call it dark Brandon To celebrate the you know the let's go Brandon F Joe Biden thing they try to Turn it around and turn it into this so I'm editing again let me just add this So you know this FJ bid someone so there Some Gaff that a woman made where they Were at a like a one of those um you Know NASCAR thing where there was a guy Named Brandon and they were this woman Said the The people in the audience were yelling Let's go Brandon you know the whatever The the driver of the car you know some Of these celebrity kind of you know Athletes and air quotes right guys who

Drive these cars around and it was F Joe Biden which was going around at stadiums And people were just screaming it right And it became there was a rap song and F Joe Biden rap song and all these other Things I went with it and so the left You know the right sucks like it's not That the right is great but you know They created something the F Joe Biden Thing was a you know creative content Right and the right ran with it and it Was you know pretty funny to some extent It was interesting and you know these People who control the system and you Know who are dominating the left and the Right has the same stuff I don't want to You know dismiss the I don't want to Applaud the right but the these guys Don't have any creative content they're Their stuff sucks and they're boring and So they're always hijacking in truther Stuff you know this is a you know a Right-wing kind of truther which is not Real truther but they're always Hijacking our stuff and appropriating it Because their stuff sucks but when they Get a hold of it just like they're doing With this WAP thing they wreck it right Because Joe Biden is like there's no Dark Brandon he's a you know and they're You know it's F Joe Biden and they're Trying to you know appropriate the whole The whole smear against him but the Guy's scile and he's always sucked and

He's not cool and he's not funny and He's weird so to bring in young Followers they they have these videos Look at they're all about Trump so this is supposed to bring in Young followers they have the four Videos here all have Trump as the Thumbnail this is Biden look it what's He doing here what's next for America this not as official account wow A unified Reich that's language what's Next for America This Not His official account wow a Unified Reich that's language that's not America's he cares about holding on to Power I care about you what's next for America this is his video right he's Trying to appeal to young people so Here's let's see if we can find the one With Kendrick Lamar Trump's education Department repealed the so-called Guidance letter that turned on campus Sexual harassment accusations into de Facto criminal convictions you know all About that who else would do that for You so there's that [Applause] Um it says here LOL Trump's speech Drowned out by chance of hypocrite um They're trying to make a case that Somehow Trump has more hecklers and less Support and Joe Biden does as his Rallies which is not true again I'm not A trump person obviously but you know

This is so lame this whole thing's Amazing Here and if Jewish people are going to Vote for Joe Biden they have to have Their head examin the last person I'm Going to take advice from as a Jewish Person is a known anti-semite who's had Dinner with anti-semites this is uh Douge fresh KLA Harris's Husband who said there was good people On both sides after Charlottesville he's The last person I'm going to take if I He's the last person he is I'm looking For a man in finance trust fund 65 blue Eyes so they're trying to make him Look there's that you need to hear what Trump just said then I called up my People and I said I have a guy from New York who's an incredible lawyer got the Right temperament he'd be a really great Judge oh good sir how old is he I said He's 69 sir so he's going to be there For two three four years we like people In their 30s so they're there for 50 Years or 40 years we don't want and as Soon as they said that I realized yeah They're exactly right so Trump is openly Saying that he is going to appoint Extreme magga judges who are as young as Possible if he gets reelected so they Can be in power for 50 years it's crazy It just do You Hear What Trump just Said Trump has already appointed so There's that right this is

Um my opponent's not a good Loser but he is a Loser dark Brandon drags Trump this is their dark Brandon [Music] Meme reclassifying marijuana [Music] I'm working Late so this is their their thing They're doing here these are their Little Tik Tok videos like it's [Music] Embarrassing boom look at him go look at Dark Brandon go so here he using this Rap song where the guy says This Drop Like FES in this [ __ ] drop Like flies in this [ __ ] stealing my stuff right my celebr Is dropping like Flies say I'm the biggest so this is From Euphoria right this is um the Kendrick lar song I hate the way that You walk over women's rights right so This is that I'm not going to play more Of it because they'll copyright it but They're playing these tracks all these Pop culture tracks and this is their Video right um and they're talking about This like it's news it's embarrassing Like it's freaking embarrassing right Then there's this one it's Mark Hamill From Star Wars with dark Brandon I'm Mark Hamill and I'm voting for joobi Wan Kenobi Joby Wan

Kenobi hey I'm Mark Hamill and I'm Voting for jobi Wan Kenobi yeah he is jiwan Kenobi okay so I'm going to revisit the dark Brandon Tik Tok channel that has a lowly 300,000 Subscribers get 990,000 views and it's It's an embarrassment right your guy is Old as F and he's getting hammered on Israel and he's lost the youth right and No crappy Tik Tock videos with pop Culture songs and references is going to Change all that but let's get back to This because this is about the Media Drake and Kendrick Lamar are Trending after taking aim at one another There is a lot to unpack in the Drake And Kendrick Lamar the two legendary Rappers going at it all weekend each Making some very wild accusations if Drake and Kendrick Lamar got in a rap Battle who do you think would win got to Go with Kendrick so winner in music a Big surprise Kendrick Lamar the pullit Surprise in music almost always has gone To someone in the world of contemporary Classical music I love to Drake new Project and I just so um you know if You're getting your news about the kend Lamar Drake beef from this Guy you're old right you're not y this Isn't going to make the channel relevant It's trying to explain something old People don't understand and don't really Need to know about with everything

That's going on in the world and so it's Ridiculous like it's silly this isn't Going to make you guys pop it isn't Going to give you guys Street Credit Isn't going to do anything all it's Going to do is make you look silly and You're just going to wreck something Right Now you're wrecking rap beefs really Take that as you know um love for my Little brother because know the battle Next week right and I don't want to hear About it I'm signing you up man the two Best of their generation in their Prime I've never seen a rap battle give us This much music throwing hay makers like Lamar Kendrick at Drake everyone keeps Coming up to me and asking Gail where do You stand on the stke Kendrick Lamar Feud to me has been the best rap battle I've ever Witness Right now we've just lived through the Most significant battle in any musical Genre in decades the most consequential Clash of this we've lived through it Like you know we we survived it it's Been tough but we survived it digital Era in fact it's the internet that helps Us show how we know that over 100 Million people have actually heard these Songs or about them and this is Deeper Than Rap to paraphrase Rick Ross it's About culture truth capitalism civil Rights and look at this guy trying to be

Profound about it Right it's about all these things it's Just not two guys talking Boop about Each other right what values we honor And reward now in the two polls of Hip Hop Kendrick Lamar roughly represents The more artistic raw and truthful voice Remember I mentioned Governor ADL Stevenson's line but Lamar Echoes him in This line in the battle directed at Drake Know you're a master manipulator and Habitual liar too but don't tell no lie About me and I won't tell truths about You Kaboom Lamar taking shots from a higher Ground and he lit the fuse for this Whole battle in a recent verse after a Long running cold war between these two Then both artists did about 11 songs in All including eight in just the last 17 Days a flurry of Music Lamar argued in These songs that Drake is a quote scam Artist with the hopes of being accepted And proclaiming himself the true artist Like a modern Raphael who heals and Gives you art man that's just so Profound this rap Battle but he says the like this is you Know what kid wants to to hear it broken Down on this level you know the cultural Aspect of a rap battle who wants to hear This guy bring it to something you know That's about old white guys or some you

Know whatever it is right adate Stevenson and these other politicians And all this stuff like they don't want That this is not what that's about right It's you trying to make it you compare It to what you think is important Because that's you know Industries Cooked as he picks the carcass Apart Lamar's allegories treat this pop Star Drake as a kind of soulless zombie At top of dead Industry and Mar casts himself as a Reluctant but lethal artistic Warrior And revolutionary indicts Drake for Continuing the Ugly American Playbook of Exploiting Black Culture copying and Stealing art without yeah like you Wouldn't engage in That you wouldn't try to exploit it here And make it like it's about you and your People and your um you know your fan Base here credit or value without equity And this is an issue from current Artists that Drake works with to the Others that he may idolize take the late Tupac Shakur Lamar invokes Tupac partly For their shared Vision Pac condemned These same capitalist Dynamics before His untimely death at age 25 yeah Because if money isn't a part of this at All Five all the society is doing is Leeching off the ghetto they use the Ghetto for their pain for their sorrow

For their culture for their music for Their happiness for their movies Leeching Tupac Shakur was leeching like This is going to be some kind of trump Thing then diagnosing a problem in American capitalism and how it controls Culture what he called there the ghetto Quote unquote or Black Culture from Entertainment and movies to music uh to Withering and punishing contracts and Abusive artists while they lived and After they died this is a long running Issue we've covered it on this program Before it relates of course to civil Rights to capitalism and to Politics As For the current debate hip-hop experts Like Ebro Darden report that Lamar was Right to tackle this particular use and Exploitation of culture and Language the streets in this hipop means Something means something the streets do Streets and the community the streets Mean something you know these um and I Don't know about Kendrick Lamar but the Majority of these rappers a lot of them Went to college educated many of them Are trained actors many of them are Secretly gay and there is um as soon as They make money there's no living in the Streets right there's that doctor uh Dr Dce song where he says I still got love For the streets he lives in like a a $30 Million mansion on the coast of Malibu Or something right like so you know the

Streets are something they want to leave Behind right right it's just like Anything poverty is something people Want to leave behind if you make money And you're living in some you know Backwoods trailer park or whatever you Don't go and live back there right you May visit oh yeah this is where I came From but you're elevated economically And then educationally and culturally Just by you have access to better stuff Right that's why this idea of privilege Is silly because people can't wait to Get privilege and they don't give away Privilege they don't give back privilege Right the where this stuff comes from The language you're using the slang You're using I don't know the Affiliations to to individuals who live A you know a a lifestyle that is Nefarious those affiliations they mean Something to your Credibility this means something to your Credibility Daren explains and so what May look to some like just a battle Between two big entertainers Maybe maybe You've heard a little bit about this and Thought it's just an entertainment story What may look like that is something Much deeper for many it's deeper it's so Deep this thing it's so deep many people Now it's a battle Drake has been arguing That Lamar is actually the poser in his Own right saying he acts like an

Activist and plays with those themes Lyrically but doesn't actually take Action for his community that it's all Make believe Drake also says that while He works hard Lamar doesn't even make That much music anymore and Drake Dismissed is this kind of hand ringing Over hits as Kendrick trying to have it Both ways wow it's so it's so deep like The depth of this thing is top artists Want to go number one so Drake argues His competitors only do so by either Making songs with him so they do benefit From it he would argue or picking fights And talking about him the boy in a Lopsided 20 onone Matchup we already know it's a already Know why you went number one it's Clearly because of the boy Theon thing Is to give me the Loot to give him the loot That's The Honorable thing now Drake's Responses make some points here with Artistry but over the course of this Battle he found himself defending a type Of status quo and then backing off this Big long awaited battle after he taunted Lamar about everything from how often he Drops music to whether he would Get involved in this battle which he Really did now what we're discussing Here is a small slice of these issues Both men ALS small slice it's just a Small slice of this deep issue here

Accused each other of serious crimes With no evidence the kind of claims that Responsible journalists don't even Repeat the songs devolving into acrimony And unverifiable accusations as the New York Times put it about sexual and Physical abuse body image misogyny Hypocrisy generational trauma and more See that's the the point about this like You guys Do put out this information like he's Calling himself a journalist we we're Not going to repeat the fact that Drake Says that kend kend lar beats his Girlfriend and Kendrick lar called Dr Aedo you know you're saying this thing Has depth but it's you know it's a lot Of these things are unsubstantiated Claims that exist in battle rap with Attacks on everything from race to Appropriation to body image to misogyny And Trauma and more now many have noted The extremes as well Here and this is where culture May Reflect and extend some of the broader Problems we face Today from our politics to how we live And learn and engage look they're Putting up her and him like this is you Know like it's you guys who are every Chance you get are dismissing people who Are independent who are artists you know People in the truth Comm Community People who are you know free thinkers

People who are expressing their critical Thinking skills and you guys are calling Us crazy conspiracy theorists and Linking us to shills and dopes like These two people right like this is you Know this is bringing it back to the Battle between this establishment which Is him and the independent people who Are you know are trying to scrape out Some sort of a living and also bring Truth to a uh you know a debauch system John Line we have this kind of cynical Anti-truth mode that has become very Normalized I bet anti-truth mode like Again familiar with it if you follow News and politics this is where in Campaigns and sometimes in cultural Conversations people will seriously say Well if the conspiracy theory sticks it Doesn't matter if it's true it is true What are you talking about there are Conspiracies and the real ones are true The fake ones are not right But either way you guys are liars and Cheaters the mainstream media the Politicians the corporations you guys Lie all the time you do things that are You know immoral and anti- good anti the Natural order of things and you push a You know debauched agenda right you guys Are the problem you're the cancer you do It all for money and power that you Don't enjoy because you're miserable

Crazy FS that need sleeping pills just To you know get a few night hours sleep And you're not confronting your Dysfunctional internal world and then You talk about depth of a rap battle Right it Worked and I want to be clear as we take A look at this important battle that These important Battle of lyrical Contests were once waged more in the Spirit of argument lyricism Artistry and Some sense of Truth so we should ask are They now graded on just the most Effective lies or conspiracy theories Because if that happens Then art can devolve into politics to Partisan loyalty not he knows nothing About rap battles right which I'll get Into like he's saying that Kendrick lar Accusing Drake of being a pedo because He was you know talking to that girl um From stranger things and other you know Whatever and Drake accusing him of being His wife and whatever these other things Are and these are just conspiracy Theories and people are buying into them And believing them because they like Drake they like Kendrick Lamar's song Better because Kendrick Lamar has the Most popular song in this battle right It's got over 50 million views right now And so you know Kendrick lar won this Thing and he's saying it's because of Conspiracy theories but that guy's also

The artist like he you know talked about Kendar being independent and being anti- Capitalism and now he's you know Embracing the you know the the rebel and He's part of the establishment this Guy's part of the establishment like He's the Drake in this you know he's the Handler he's not even the Drake he's the Drake's handlers right he's the record This guy's the record company he Represents the record company the Defunct you know musical the music Business listening to the other side Claiming everything is Justified for Your team and as mentioned effective Lies win so why not use them too and the Other side's doing it anyway yada yada Yada yada yada yada this guy yada yada Yada the whole thing this this deep Battle now that's not only Corrosive it also makes us vulnerable to A bigger problem where culture is less Able to do what it has done including Specifically civil rights and black Culture and American life for a long Time which is push us and redeem even Our political divides today some of this May only reflect them and again that may Be a product of our digitized era I'm Not saying who in one single no it's a Cesspit like it's all a cesspit and you Guys have created the cesspit I mean you Guys are The Gatekeepers to the cesspit Where there's wealth and there's

Depravity Available you based in you guys you know Endorsing it the people that handle you But nobody's interested in your stuff Anymore you've lost control of any sort Of narrative because you have to cover Something like this to hope that you're Going to bring in young viewers who are Never going to like what you do because You're a liar and you're a boring one Your lies are boring like that's you Know the the you know the mainstream Media your lies are boring right so you Could say whatever you want about you Know fake truths conspiracy theorists Disinformation agents their lies aren't Boring right story is responsible but Noting some of these wider Conflicts so that's big picture now this Is still a battle and there is the Question of who Won most hipop heads say Kendrick Lamar That's clear online from fans to rap Media as for the hits well the tun this New Kendrick Lamar catalog the the new Disc songs I've been telling you about Against Drake they're doing higher Numbers with more likes than Drake and They're breaking records again coming Out of the unpredictable organic Spontaneous exchange of poetry between These two poetry right Organics Lyricists now Lamar himself cautions Against using only that kind of

Metric in the new songs he criticizes Faking for likes and digital hugs it's On one of those new diss tracks and he Contrasts that with authentic Credibility indeed in these Songs after lodging objections to bad Taste and bad ideas and appropriation And exploitation Kendrick Lamar Underscores his argument which I've told You is supported by many in America Right now that he actually represents a Movement a movement there's a movement Of foot he says Notice I said we it's not not just me I'm with the culture feeling I'm with The culture feeling there's no is there Because that would be unpoetic and not Deep end Quote all right okay buddy thanks for Wrecking that sucking the the marrow and The life out of the [Laughter] Thing now art is not usually a Competition but we all have choices to Make from how we live to what we support And even when it's boiled down to just Picking sides see you know this guy's Trying to make this into a story that Relates to his content that nobody wants To watch you know there's a dying the The people watching MSNBC and CNN are Old people that like this kind of news They're sheeple and they're not capable Of critical thinking skills and he's

Trying to put his spin on this thing so You know he's taking something that's Pop culture and Youthful but he's you Know dumbing it down for you know old People right mostly old white people and So it's you know this is I don't want to Say cultural appropriation but it's also Something where you're making something It isn't right this isn't your thing Like he's trying to re relate to this And his audience ability to relate to This like Boomers like he's trying to Bring this to the Boomers it can be more Significant to look not only at who you Endorse because we're all going to make Up our own minds and I encourage you to Do that but how I encourage you to do That you you telling me you encourage us To make up our own Minds getting there and are we Communicating and figuring that out do We Define the criteria and values we use To make these choices political musical Cultural or otherwise and do we figure Out if those criteria and values are Correct or if they need to evolve you Know this battle tested those values for Many in real time what happens in the Culture matters It matters it matters not only in the Moment because we're here on the first Draft of history but often for years to Come especially for the Next Generation Shaping

Minds and a lot more people follow Culture than news and politics so when We have one of these big debates in real Time we should listen to each other and Definitely to the Next Generation what Do people stand for what do they stand For who do we oppose who do we oppose Trump Why do you care why do we Care if they're not like us Boom and what do we want to Be in the end I've told you before he Just made it so profound this guy he Just Delivers lyrics are poetry are they can Help us see and grow and some of these Questions how we answer them together Are even more important than anything Else in the debate Kaboom okay so I got a voice over you Know my last couple of videos here I Wanted to add something to that and I Got that coming up this is taking a lot Longer I mean this this was great this Was wonderful because it you know it's Just how desperate and fake mainstream Media is and you know he's trying to Take something uh he's looking at a way To interpret this right to put uh Interpretation into something like you See a movie or TV show and truthers will Say that these guys are trying to get a Truther message out there and you know You hear a song and you're trying to you

Know apply it to what you believe or What you think it is right and sometimes It is that and the artists the people That put the thing together don't even Know you know this is where a message Comes through somebody in a channel type Of situation and it has a more profound Meaning than the person who created even New right like it's just flowing through Them and they're not really kind of Aware of it like so really good content Has that like different levels to it but This guy's trying to bring it down to Mainstream remedial Narratives and the issue here is that Battle rap is is very egotistical right So every once in a while I listen to Some battle rap there's the king of the Dot there a Canadian Thing Drake was Kind of a part of that and there's some Other you know whatever it was there's That guy Pat stay who just died I I Didn't hear of him before that but I Listened to some of his stuff and some Of it it's funny like battle rap's kind Of funny and you know it brings me back To when I was in college you know I went To a a concert with Run DMC when Beasty Boys were like kids this is years and Years ago and rap was just becoming a Thing and me and my buddies used to do Like you know what was um like a Modified version of battle rap before we You know even became like was a thing

Where we would like just sit outside we Would wait in line at a college bar on The cold waiting to get in and we would You know make fun of each other and do Things in rap form like when it was just A remedial thing like it was just a new Thing you know rap in its early days was Kind of goofy and then it evolved into Like fake gangster rap and some of these Other things right and so you know every Once in a while I I saw this stuff Battle rap when I was in India and I Kind of liked it because some of it was Funny some of it was entertaining and Every once in a while I watch it like YouTube will recommend it and I you know It'll come back up I'll watch a video And they'll recommend more and I'll Watch it for some period of time but the Issue with it is it's very egotistical Rap in itself is very braggadocious Right people bragging you know this is What I am this is what you are right I'm Great you suck and there's a lot of me Me me I I I how great I am right and That's what sucks about rap it's very Immature it's usually people with you Know some sort of narcissistic wounding And self-esteem issues and they have to You know verbalize how great they are The way that you know old politicians Trump and Biden and these people you Know all these you know people who have To brag and tell you how what they've

Accomplished and constantly throwing Their resume in your face of how great They are and these things you know and The documentation is often money and Like rap music you know I'm not a piece Of [ __ ] I look at all the stuff I have Right and so you know this is what Battle rap is kind of like that on Steroids and they make stuff up like They make lies up about each other often Times these guys are friends You know and they say the worst possible Things about each other you know just Like the internet but you know people Who grew up with that like you know I Grew up in a in the east coast in you Know New England and where people just Say horrible things to each other my Family you know we used to you know make Jokes about each other and when you when You grow up with that it's you're Desensitized to it right and so it's not For me a big thing that's why I you know Come off as insulting here and Disrespectful because I just you know This is what I grew up with right but You know this me I'm better than you and This kind of thing it's just low it's Just you know it's a low thing right and You know whatever it is there's no it's Not elevating anything right because It's egotistical it's my ego is better Than your ego you know you see this in The truth Community it's how you keep

Score you see a lot of memes in the Truth Community about oh you know we're 17 and0 or the truthers are always right And we're not always right because There's a lot of QB there's a lot of Flat earthers there's a lot of stuff out There that it's just disinformation and Right-wing stuff and you know there's Lots of people who they hear somebody Else's take on something and they adopt That as their belief system but they Don't really even understand it right You know when I asked flat earthers to Explain their model and they would just Refer me to a video that I knew they Didn't understand you know they didn't You know and the video didn't have any Content in it that explained the Flat Earth model how it worked with time Zones and these things right because They don't understand it and that's just An example not you know like the truth Community is full of people who are Against the mainstream narrative but the Narrative that they have in its place or They still hold on to something like They believe in their religion but they They call BS on everything else and so There's very few independent thinkers And people who have the ability for Logic and clear thought and can you know Interpret things in a way that you know Makes sense and is a you know it's based In reality it's based in something you

Know of a higher nature you know that's You know beyond your own personal ego And you're wanting to be right you're Wanting to keep score you know that idea That truthers are somehow we're you know We're more right than the mainstream Media but the mainstream media is just All lies so like you can't you can't Validate yourself based in comparing Yourself to this crap right you know Like it's not you have to have something Else of a higher standard right and you Know it's not about keeping score being Right it's about you know changing the Way that you conduct yourself based on The fact that everything that you were Told as a a young person and throughout Your existence is a lie and so what are You going to do with that this is what I've been talking about this idea of Understanding the system's collapsing Because it should it's a defunct system It's a a backward system a demonic System and what are you doing so that You can help fix it or create a new System after this one collapses what are You going to do to participate in the Solution right like it isn't about oh Everyone else sucks because that doesn't Do anything Yeah they do so what like you know What's that going to do oh yeah everyone Else sucks it's not going to build a new System it's not going to change anything

Right you're responsible for your own Personal growth and change and to Elevate yourself out of this you know This whatever [ __ ] show that's going on Here with these guys and the rest of Them but anyways um I'm just going to Wrap this thing up here and there's the Other voice I have over voiceover I have About the things I've been talking about And um I'll cover more stuff the other Things I was going to cover I'll cover Next Video okay so I want to add to the Recent videos I've been talking about Sort of the the failure of the pockets Of the future movement it's really the Failure of humanity um just one more Indicator but you know the bad part for Me for those of you who are not kind of Aware of it is that it's tied to the Failure of the Sark system in what's the Heartfulness called dodgy debacle right Because those of us who have practiced The system before Dody and even people Have felt some of it you know after him You know the remnant and was left over We know how great it was like those of Us who attended Gatherings and you know How I mean people would volunteer you Know we had people back when we lived in The you know alcar of Virginia where There's no preceptor you know somebody Who was a spiritual trainer people would Drive 5 hours to our house and give us

Sittings I mean think about that like People who work full-time jobs on a Weekend would drive five hours to a Region where there's about 20 people who Practice and give individual sittings Like once a month people would come There's a guy who came once a month from Washington DC he drove five hours from Washington DC where he worked in you Know the Washington DC area with a Family and a full-time job and you drive Out once a month to give sittings right I had a preceptor that met me at a a LAX Airport and gave me a sitting at Midnight on my first trip to India in The airport and you know with transmit And clean and you know these sittings Were incredible and just all the the Work people were doing and you know was Kind of hard to um you know put into Words how it affected us all and this Guy charie who was the master of the System you know he was was just um you Know he was carrying everybody you know He was carrying the system and the People you know in a way where his Presence and his you know his own you Know his own devotion and hard work that He did like he worked tirelessly like he Worked in an epic Fashion on the Spiritual level but also the material Level he traveled 200 days a year and he Spoke all these various languages and You know he connected with people he

Always made himself available so people Could you know exper ER his energy and His you know whatever he could serve People and that as soon as he died they Allowed him to be thrown under the bus You know people claimed to love him used To weep when they had to leave his Presence right and when he died they Threw him under the bus and allowed his Defunct uh successor who you know who's I found an old talk of his where he says Boss I have become better than you like Which is you know what he was saying to Chargie like after he died like people Didn't see it because they weren't Paying attention this doofus but he Created this you know this cult and Heartfulness and all these people have Gone along with it knowing full well That this this guy's a putts and he Sucks and so you know seeing that Failure of humanity because these were Spiritual people like these are people Who you know many of them would have you Over their house and they put you up for Days you'd sleep at their house you know And they'd feed you and they you know The the the old Indian tradition of Hospitality And they you know they gave sittings I Mean they would do this volunteer Spiritual work you know these are you Know they're like clergy would be but These are people who have families and

Jobs and they do this in their spare Time my wife just came in and said that She was she hadn't listened to the video Yet but I guess maybe my last video People all think I'm leaving YouTube Which I'm not um you know I mean Eventually like you know I said I was Going to give it till the end of the Year um just you I'll get back to what I Saying here but I'm not leaving YouTube Immediately you know and if I do I might Be you going to a paid whatever so I you Know we're going to see what happens Right something might happen like things Change and whatever but this is more Like a progress report and it you know The stuff that I was talking about on my Apocal now channel was the lack of Monetary content compensation so that's Part of the progress report um but the Other part is um um you know it's um This is about Humanity right what I'm Talking about here and I've been talking About in my journey series and I just Made a video you know this other stuff To do with you know the heartfulness Debacle because those of us who Experienced the you know the wonderful Aspect of the Sark system you know I'm Trying to preserve it the best that I Can with the gratefulness meditation Channel and you know there's stuff there At least the practice itself people can Access the transmission and cleaning can

Connect directly right so that that's There and it's not dead yet you know Just that part of it the energy and I Don't know if it'll die or if it'll find A way to survive in the you know post Heartfulness debacle because Heartfulness will collapse into Something you know cult whatever Disappear whatever um but it's just the Way people reacted and let something That was so wonderful die and just Support the guy who killed it right so And the and the doof you know the the A-holes around him and so watching that You know and then whatever I'm dealing With in terms of pockets of the future You know whatever um and how people are Reacting to the simple messages right I Say you know reporting from the Apocalypse and you know that's kind of a Joke and it's light but it's true right This is the apocalyps you know it's the Apocalypse right it's you know it's the End of a system it's the end of a you Know a a paradigm and people kind of all Know that and what are you doing with That you know like every if you're Thinking that that might be true even Just a little bit what are you doing With that information right and so you Know people are failing you know and I'm Not saying like I'm doing great like I'm Doing whatever I'm doing right so you Know I'm like whatever like I I'm not

Working assiduously you know I I do what I do here with the information I do a Little farm work and you know my wife And I you know prepare and whatever it Is you know but it's I mean you know you Know like it's you can do what you can Do like it's hard to get motivated maybe There'll be some wakeup calls coming Right when our lifestyle gets disrupted In such a way that we're you know in a Good way not this way I'm a disruptor You know these kind of things um I'm a Disruptor you Know like the beetle song Whatever that Song was um I'm a Believer I'm a believer I'm a disruptor But anyways like you know it's affected Me seeing the way people have in the Sark system and these are higher Developed Souls Saints you know people Operating on a you know a theoric being Able to connect with a Divinity within Them you know many of them better than Me at the system more devoted I mean the The know work they were willing to do The effort they were willing to put into It and the love they had for chargy and The you know the you know adoration they Had for the guy and them was failing This way was a stunner like I in a Millionaire years would never think it Would go this far south you know there's I mean it's happened with Jesus and you Know all these other religions where um

You know there's the the guy and the Movement and then it becomes corrupted Into a organized religion where they Take the words and twist it for material Benefit and power religious power and Money power you know we've seen it over And over again and then they become a Middleman between the practitioners and God right you know I'm going to put this In my journey series as well because you Know it's just needs to be um so you Know I saw that happen and like well It's a stunner like just never would Have thought these people they folded Like a card house I mean just you know And I appreciate you know I feel kind of Sorry for chargy how much he carried These like you know I was obviously he Was carrying these people you know like A player like a great player carries a Team and then that player retires and The team is like they they're the worst Team in the league right like that Everyone realizes how great the player Was you know he was carrying the whole Organization but this was you know in a Much higher level on a spiritual level That he was just carrying everybody and Bringing them up to a higher level and As soon as he died they all descended Into low-level behaviors and just Collapsed people around him you know I Mean they would spend these these clowns Would sit at his feet in his Cottage you

Know they'd come to India like many of Them had like you know they're Millionaires important men you know Running hotels and running businesses And working in the computer you know They were making multi-million dollars Right guys who some of them have patents And Advent these were like you know Really successful people brilliant People in India that went to America and Made money and then be became part of The spiritual organization And they come to India they sit around With Char's Cottage the Master's Cottage Just waiting for the guy to tell him to Do something right like I would go in There and they were always there these Guys right and I you know they were just Sitting around I mean I was like how do You guys do this like how do you sit Around just waiting on this guy to you Know to to acknowledge you in some way You know and they were with him you know Like in this idea that they were devoted To him and as soon as he died they Allowed this other guy and some of them Worked with with this guy to destroy Chargie Legacy erase his material his Books his you know his epic works and You know try to not celebrate his Birthday I mean this this [ __ ] is Actually happening right like it's I'm Laughing but it's like you know it's Pretty Savage and it's just a a

Condemnation These Are Spiritual people Like so you know some of them I like I Would recognize as real spiritual people And then people just passively sat Around and watch it happen I mean it's Bad like it's really bad so you know the Idea that pcket the future is not Growing or you know people aren't really Uh rising up to it isn't a surprise I Mean look at what they did to Jesus and His disciples you know they tacked the Guy up on a cross what did Jesus do Right you turned the money over and the Well you know that these guys the Pharisees they were the money changers Were turning the the Jewish temple into A you know into a bank and so he turned The tables over because they were Bringing business into a you know Supposedly a a spiritual you know holy Place and what what was that you know That let's let's nail this guy up to a Boards a couple of boards right you know I mean what did he do to the Roman Empire he he had a following of a couple Hundred people that were you know Believing that uh Heaven the the kingdom Of heaven lies within he was a threat to The Roman Empire this sky right and so And then it was all his disciples and All the people that you know started Following him they had to be you know Beheaded and you know and disemboweled And all the you you read what happened

To all the disciples I mean you know Like it's just a really you know because You know this wasn't barely even a Movement back then and then what's Happened to the religion since so it's Just you know Humanity sucks people suck And sjar was supposed to be a way to Elevate people to a higher level and It's you know I mean right now it looks Like it's failed and you know I I have Hope that this is just a blip in the the Process given you know the changes I've Gone through during this meditation but You know this is my YouTube channel is An extension of that and I I just seen People aren't able to rise up to their Higher nature that's what this is about And you know I'm not surprised because I You know I've lived through this in the Past you I've been a part of some of These movements and past lives and some Of these things and so I'm not surprised I'm not you know I mean I don't want to Say I feel disappointed but you know you Know because I kind of don't because It's what I would expect right like you Know if I thought about it you know it's But you know there's a time when our This channel was growing and you know Big part of it's the platform and YouTube and you know all of it but there Just isn't any energy there right and uh You know whatever energy I can bring to This thing by making content on a daily

Basis it isn't enough right so to carry It and move it forward and you know it's Where people are resonating to it I mean You got people like Tucker Carlson and Joe Rogan who have millions of followers And viewers and those guys are Lightweights and they're not even Scratching the surface right like you Know yeah they're shills and they're you Know Alex Jones these people you know But what this is a like a real message That's you know like like real stuff That can that can help people in the Future and you know what 4,000 people View you know regularly it's you know Again I'm not I'm I'm grateful for the 4,000 but you know it's it's not a it's It's not an indication of of any sort of Hope or you know any sort of movement That Humanity would and you know like It's it's lower level stuff it's Remedial stuff it's spirituality 101 It's apocalypse prepper 101 the stuff That I say here you know it's it's basic Stuff and you know with that and then There's you know but people can rise up To the highest levels from that Introduction right it's a Gateway into Something where you rise up to something Higher that's what's available here You know it's not my thing you know I Don't want to make it sound like how you Know it's it's a thing that I'm lucky Enough to be a part of and you know this

Is why I always say be and be grateful Because there's an opportunity here to Rise up to your higher nature and you Know people don't want that that's you Know it's not it's not something new Humanity's been given all these Movements and they've all been Considered failures by the the Divine Hierarchy the beings that you know will Manage the divinity and the planet and Try to you know bring God into this uh You know into the you know the problem The problem you know the the um the Deviant Humanity right these Divine Beings that are here trying to elevate Human beings and they sent you know you People after people to elevate these you Know the masses and even the higher Developed Souls that get stuck here and Forget about their true nature cuz that Happens like higher developed Souls come Down here and then they get trapped in The Matrix like they they lose you know They lose sight of where they came from And what what they were doing here I Mean this is placees of freaking cesspit Of you know depravity and you know Pulling people down to a lower nature It's sad and it's you know it's but it's True and that's just what it is so um You know just little Progress this is like a little you know Just reflecting on some the progress of You know all of it right and as this as

The system collapses around us you know Know the idea that there'll be people Who are uh you know preparing for that To make the leap into something better You know right now it doesn't look so Good again you know things might change In the future and for the channel things Might change as well um but I'm you know Um you know whatever it is like I've Accepted it like I'm grateful for what It is you know I'm grateful for you know All the things that I've been able to You know to be able to do and the you Know content that I've made and having a Platform to do it and you know it's just Been a good thing for me like it's been A you know helpful thing for me you know The other channels the gratefulness Meditation Channel and things like that To you know save to preserve some of the Sjar you know essence of the system the Way it was you know things like that I'm I'm grateful to participate in it I'm Not bummed by it you know I'm not in a Bad mood or whatever feel good today I'm Upbeat I'm happy but you know in terms Of progress yeah there's you know but The report card like you know it I would Say an F but let's call it a D minus Right you know for a collective D minus Um you know for whatever it is that you Know is going on here and then in the Rest of the world um so let's uh wrap This one up here though

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