Morel Mushrooms in our yard this year

Morel Mushrooms in our yard this year

Okay greetings brothers and sisters my Wife and I returned from a kind of a Longer trip um we're almost gone three Weeks um you know I I work the whole Time wasn't really a vacation but I Don't want to get into all that but we Returned home and I haven't covered this Before but we have morel mushrooms in Our yard and so my wife has been a long Time mushroom hunter before we got Together and we were out for a walk in The forest and it was springtime And this was probably I would say four Years ago five years ago and she s she Showed us pictures of morel mushrooms And again I'm not recommending anything And I'm not you know saying go Out pick mushrooms that look like this You know this is um you know again I'm Not an expert in any of this I'm just Talking about our experience and she Showed us the mushrooms and we looked Through the forest for a little bit and We didn't find anything and we got home I believe it was next day my son said You know those mushrooms you sent us we Have some that look like it by the Garage and we have a stone driveway and An old garage and we went over there my Wife said oh those are morels like we Had them there and we looked around that Area and there were some growing by sort Of a wood pile that we had and then the Complete I want say the complete other

Side of their yard but you know quite a Distance away there was another set of Morel mushrooms growing there I may very Well have had video of that but I don't Know like I have video of some of it and Then within the next couple years you Know the cows would step on them because We had cows in our yard we had you know Not every year it was the same but we Usually of the morale mushrooms and we Cut them in such a way that they still Release their spores you know leave part Of it um there's a way of doing that and We got home last night and it was still Early enough you know we had some severe Raining then we were gone and my son was Supposed to cut the lawn and he had we Had traveled together as a family then He came back early he was supposed to Cut the lawn but he didn't and my wife And I walk to we have this path around Our pasture and I seen something in the Yard I didn't know what it was I thought It was like a toy or something something You know I don't know I I just assumed It was like not something that was Growing and I walked up it was a giant Morel mushroom you see pictured here and Then we walked around um yesterday you Know was this light was fading it was Starting to get dark out and we found a Number of them you know I don't remember Being good at it before but I was able To see them like I saw the most of them

Which was odd before I don't think that Was the case but they were just you know Very visual to me and they were kind of Buried in grassp some of them and we Walked around and then I um we had this Issues with our internet before we left And I was supposed to get a new router And I was seeing if it was in the I just Was looking outside to see if it' been Delivered you know whatever sometimes They don't bring it to the door door or Something but it wasn't delivered I just Been on the phone with them all day it Was a nightmare that's you neither here Nor there but I had a flashlight and I Was out with the dogs and I found four More mushrooms while I was there I found One and then we then my wife found a Couple like we were out there a while With a flashlight and so that was the Pile of mushrooms we saw originally and Then today I found I believe four more Yeah I found four more and I have the Video of that so um of us finding them But you know I I don't love the Mushrooms we've been using mushrooms a Lot more because of the health benefits And we're finding more and more about That we talked to a guy at like a Farmers's market who sells tinctures With mushrooms in them and we've seen Some videos about it my wife is a Mushroom lover you know I like them They're okay I mean I don't dislike them

But I really like looking for them like It's a fun thing like it's sort of a Treasure hunt um and we have this you Know luckily we have this at our Property and you know it's always based In weather conditions and we didn't cut The lawn usually we have already cut the Lawn I think we cut it already once Early On um but anyways it wasn't cut recently And it's been growing for about a month And now we know to leave it uncut until You know at least you know today's um April 16th where we are is the grass's Been growing since um March you know Grow starts growing well in March Anyways are chickens eat the grass as Well so um but you know we don't have to Cut the lawn we all do have fruit uh Trees and my wife was saying that they Often are by fruit trees hopefully you Know some of the mushrooms will spread To other areas of the yard kind of a Neat thing so here's a video from Yesterday as us finding the mushrooms Just got back from a trip and we have This big morel mushroom growing in our Yard we haven't seen this one before Maybe we have some over there see how Big it is compared to my hand it's the Biggest one we've ever had here there's Some in other places but this is another One not as big but still very nice one Looks like a gnome this one so um this

Is an area we find them in they're Different a little bit different there There a another one there one that's a Little bit eaten over there Um these are pretty big ones there one More Morel and The there's one over here other side of The Yard so we found I think five or Six want to step on It it's over here Somewhere there's the other one here you Can't see this from the normal path you Have to be coming back in So this is a big Harvest for us and There was some by our garage before We'll see if there's any there finding a Bunch of them here's one here these on The other side there two others there And there's a fourth one right in there That we can see I mean there just Depends on what angle you're at more Here back the other way where you can See these are stuff in that these are All the mushrooms here so Faring over There the bottoms here so that they Can put more spores out they Are um yeah really big ones the other on We had didn't get this big cuz we found Them earlier plus we had cows in the Yard um each year I think since we found Him the first time I'll tell this story Somewhere in this video when I whatever

It is but um we found them every year But this was the best year so far lots Of rain we've got late in the air too Here night here I found another one here My wife just found a few over there we Found somebody the driveway so we've got About 10 more this is big one over here And we just came out at night and wasn't Really pling to look but I saw a few we Know find him left or right Okay okay so the dishwasher is running To make a little bit of noise here so This was the first batch that we found Was still light out then I went out in The dark we found all of these really Interesting looking it look like little Gnomes heads And so Um yeah they'll probably more out there We'll get some more Tomorrow okay there's two more here There's one more I've lost that one but There's there's we've got four more Basically as far as I can tell I mean You know there could be so many more It's hard to find them now they're two Right next to each other here so I found Three more mushrooms so this one I found First CU I walked up on it and I saw These other two over here they want to Mark them so one got sticks and I could Find these again cuz they were straight Across from a tree but I couldn't find That other one and it was here and you

Can see by the stick it's like not even Visible you like see hone in on it there So there could be so many more Especially if they're Smaller Um you know we'll get the ones we can Get and then the ones as we don't we'll Just go to go and do their final thing But there's so many dandelion here in The yard are also great things that we Enjoy in the spring so just to wrap this Video up the four that I found today Those two that are right next to each Other they're all in a straight line and I found the fourth one just by going Along that straight line and really I Mean staring intently at the ground and Looking through the grass because it was Buried under the grass there might even Be some more out there but I put sticks On those and waiting for my wife to get Home so we can um she enjoys cutting Them and those things but um so you know She says that it's probably around $100 Worth of mushrooms I don't know how much But it's the fun I mean it's it's worth More than that in terms of the you know Just having to be there every year and You know looking for them and you know It's kind of a cool thing I enjoy doing It and eventually we're going to have U We haven't got around to do this but We're going to put you can get these Plugs and put them in um uh different

You know logs shitake are good health Mushrooms And that's probably my favorite mushroom Anyway but these mushrooms have a lot of Health benefits we're finding immune System boosters and and other things so Um you know it was a neat thing to come Home usually we're exhausted from Driving and traveling and I usually I Used to get headaches um I had a like a Minor one but it kind of went away Towards the end of the the Drive and um we got home was still light Out and I felt better than normal and Then this was kind of a neat thing to Have happen so um I got another couple Of videos I want to make of course the You know impending World War II and the Other things are going on um so I got to Get to that I have something else I Watched a bad movie last night called Ava and I'm hopefully going to make a Video on that if they don't copyright Everything because it's kind of Hilariously bad um but anyways um this Is our Morell mushrooms and interesting Thing and you know it's a it's a hit or Miss something you know like just they Grow or they grow mushrooms are very Interesting because you can have the Right conditions but there's no spores Or you have the spores but you don't Have the right conditions and they grow Sometimes and sometimes they don't you

Know there's people who find 50 PBS of These mushrooms they go out to the woods And they find a whole huge you know uh I Mean like they've just been growing There and there's this big outpouring of Them you can see like you know videos About that uh but we got you know quite A number of them here you know and it's Um yeah it is what it is only Spirituality will save this world it's Pomano definely point from the Apocalypse in the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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