More Barbie Origin Deception & 2024 Year of the

More Barbie Origin Deception & 2024 Year of the

Okay greetings brothers and sisters so This is my video I make every year where I talk about some sort of a theme for The Year Um you know I've been doing this since I Think 2018 I'll read a list of the years And I'm going to do a little bit of a Twist this year uh change it up just a Little bit um and add something but Before I do that Um there was one more little thing to Say about Barbie somebody sent me a kind Of a disturbing Video about Um where Barbie's origin possibly came From it's a video called Nazi sex dolls In space a YouTube video I'm not going To show you the first part of the Video uh and the end of it I'm just Going to show you the the Barbie section Ction of it uh but uh it's kind of Interesting and you know this with Everything else in the sort of Material world the world of Hollywood The world of celebrity culture the world Of business when you dive into it deeper It just keeps on getting worse right Like I wouldn't have sued it with Barbie like I you know Barbie was Whatever you know Barbie was a material Realistic fashion doll you know these Things and you know before this I saw The movie which you know I made a a

Video obviously the first video was Barbie Barbie sucked worse than I could Have imagined poor production values no You know I would have thought there Would be like a good joke or a few you Know reasonably good jokes that it was Supposed to be somewhat of a comedy I Thought I would have laughed out loud You know something in the movie movie But there was none of that and then There was the agenda the the male hating Agenda which turned out to be completely Bogus and then they made the creator of Barbie uh Ruth Handler into some sort of an icon but When you pulled back the curtain on her You found out that she ran the company From 1945 to 1975 you realize the premise of the Movie which was that men had created Barbie you know uh the patriarchy had Created Barbie as a way to diminish Women's uh you know self-esteem and make Their body Consciousness uh you know Their uh you know body awareness and Body Consciousness and have this unachievable Goal of looking like Barbie and have This you know these modelesque dolls you Know they did this uh what Barbie's Proportions would be like in real life How skinny she was and how big breasted She was and that was done by a woman and It wasn't done by a man right and that

Wasn't done by the patriarchy but then You find out she based the doll on her Daughter uh the Barbie doll on her Daughter and the Ken doll on her son who Turns out to be gay and died of AIDS and Then she lied about her son and said he Died of uh whatever it was a brain tumor Or something like that but he really Died of AIDS and he was gay and he Wasn't he was Barbie's sister I mean Brother Barbie was a sister and they Were marketed as boyfriend and Girlfriend they had you know short brown They had dark hair black hair brown hair And they were um Jewish and they were Marketed as these blonde sort of Christian Anglo type of you know these Dolls were modeles dolls and they the Kids were anything but that right you Know imagine making a doll and you know You're mom made you a a doll if you're If you're a girl and especially for Women and the mom said look I'm going to Make a doll and name it after you it's Going to be based on you but it's going To look way better than you Do you know I mean that she even did That to her daughter right like it's Going to be completely different than You it's going to be she's going to be Blonde skinny and big breasted she's Going to be a model and she's going to Be materialistic and all about clothing And these things uh superficial no real

Substance And that was the whole premise and base Of the movie that Barbie had more Substance and Barbie was a feminist and You know in the sense that she was a you Know a businesswoman Ruth Handler you Know yeah I guess that's true to some Extent she was a feminist she ran the Company and then turns out she was a Convicted felon her partner was a guy Who liked to party he married Jaa Jaa Gabor famous actress he was uh addicted To prostitutes and cocaine and he killed Himself and you know the Barbara Handler Was convicted of Fraud and things that She did with the company and chased out Of the company that she built based on Her you know poor handling of it she got Breast cancer and she said she got Distracted and she lost her self-esteem Because of it so she developed a Prosthetic Breast uh company that was used not only For women with breast cancer but women Who wanted to look like they had very Your breast or whatever which she seemed To be obsessed about because of the Barbie and all that that she inflicted On little girls you know she was the Original Kardashian mom you know like She was that you know that's who she was And then so to add to it I I get sent This video uh let's get into it Here soon to conquer the world with its

Soft power harby you're Beautiful you make me see My barie doll is really Real a businesswoman Ruth handler was Traveling Europe on the lookout for any Novel commercial Possibilities she alighted on an adult Doll called build Lily so beard Lily um The first part of this video the first Five minutes talk about how the Nazis Were upset about you know the Nazi Whatever the the Leadership when they conquered France Their soldiers were engaging with French Prostitutes and we getting Syphilis and so they created a sex stll That was very lifelike and made out of Uh you know plastic rubber whatever it Was sort of state-of-the-art right so Well this is the first sort of sex Styles and they ended up smelling like B Rubber they got rid of him ended up not Working out but then they made a smaller Version for men and this was you know The the the origin or the inspiration Behind Barbie marketed to men in German Barbers build Lily was identical to Berg Hilder though with a spicy Suggestiveness ber Hilder was uh was the The doll that the Nazis had created Mrs Ruth Handler bought three examples of The Nazi sex doll's descendant then on Returning to the US she ordered exact Copies to be made although neutered

Aimed at children and renamed after her Daughter Barbie soon so again look at her Daughter and imagine this girl who grew Up with this sty and it was like an Idealistic what her mother wish she Looked look like Right you know it's going to be named After you but it's going to be nothing Like you you know like this is the whole Selfesteem body Consciousness thing soon Three were being sold every second and Barbie Boulevard became the name of a Corner of New York's times so um think About this this was on Time Square this Is Ken her son who ended up being gay in Real life he's a gay you know he was Married and then he came out as gay when He got AIDS Barbie you're the only doll For me it's got a heart here so they Marketed this incestral Relationship you know because this was The origin story it was based on her Kids um so it's really twisted really Weird right just um you know I'm Square Barbie would conquer the world as The ambassador of Consumerism and her company be voted Number one in who made America Andy Warhol in 1992 a Teen Talk Barbie was Released a doll that spoke a number of Phrases the first two being will we ever Have enough clothes and I love Shopping Kaboom Barbie became the

Chirpily innocent agent of unbridled Capitalism me at the with her talking Chip me me at the mall Barbie spread her Epidemic disease One that her forbear bur Hilda could Have no cure for I love to shot don't You I love to sh don't you I love to Shop don't you Barbie the ubiquitous Fairy would substitute shopping for sex Organs by casting a consumerist spell And telling her 35 billion owners that The world's only there to be Commercially Overcome so you understand this the Commercial uh the commercialism that now Exists in the modeling you know makeup World Fashion World especially now with Influencers and the Kardashians being Billionaires you know these brat stalls These living brat stalls that are just The next level of Barbie Dom right where Human women are getting plastic inserts And having plastic surgery right that's What they called it so that came from Barb which was inflicted by a woman it Wasn't a man it wasn't the patriarchy it Wasn't some you know uh men getting Together and creating this uh you know This nightmare scenario and women's body Consciousness and body issues and you Know all this stuff with women competing With each other and unrealistic goals And even the most beautiful women having To hold a standard that they can't with

Aging and just you know having children And all these things putting on weight Being skinny or all the you know Eating Disorders all the stuff that came out of This that women complain about you know This was inflicted by a woman this was Started by a woman who went to this you Know I mean based in what this video Says and again you know I mean I it it Says it sounds kind of about right right Goes in and finds these Nazi sex Styles And use it into some material ISC Shopping and targeting women instead of Targeting men targeting women and then How this is all played out with the Modeling industry and the fashion Industry and you know now influencers Who are such a big part of this you know This um modern day internet movement and All the money that's spent on makeup and Fashion and plastic surgery and all These ways of enhancing yourself this Was a woman-on-woman crime it wasn't the Patriarchy like they tried to say in the Movie makes the whole movie just you Know more BS than it actually was like The whole thing is a lie and a disaster The number one movie of the year 1.4 Billion dollars in Gross and there'll be You know possible sequels or whatever And it's a disaster it's bad for women And you know they're looking at some Kind of a champion feminist uh you know Some kind of a feminist achievement but

It's based in lies all this information Was there and available to the director And writers of this movie and they would Have realized their whole premise and The way that they were you know it had An agenda their agenda the way they were Targeting men and you know victimizing Women as being you know victims of the Patriarchy it was all lie the whole Thing right was the opposite of what's True I mean like the literal opposite of What's true and so um you know that's Barbie so there's one more thing I want To add to this you know I I did this in The beginning a little bit right when I First started making truther Videos and that is I came in with a Point of view and as truthers we always Want to say that the government's lying To us the media's lying to us whatever And the specific part of our agenda and So if you're a QB or you're flat earther You want to frame The Narrative so it Supports your world view that the Earth Is flat so NASA's always going to be Liars and you know all these things Right anything that's shows you the Earth is round is a doctored photo I Mean these types of ways that you you Know you want to shape your Narrative and when you're doing the Research you're going to come up with Stuff that questions your narrative You're going to come up of course the

Mainstream media and the mainstream Story is always the official story is Going to say things that are against Your Narrative and as you do research and you You know you dig things up you know People said I did such great research on This Barbie stuff you know people sent Me some stuff and the rest was there Easy to find so it took me five minutes But there's a you know a book written by A guy named Oppenheimer which I covered In my last video not the Oppenheimer but That's weird because Oppenheimer movie Had tied to Barbie movie you know Barbie Heimr all that stuff but this book is Out there that documents all these Things and it's easy to find and I Didn't know who Ruth handler was till I Watched the movie and so Greta geber Gear wig and the other people who made That movie who did the research they Brought her to our attention how many People knew Ruth handler was the Inventor of Barbie nobody knew that and The president of Mattel most people Didn't know that right and I found out That through the movie and within a Couple of days I found all this other Information which blows up the idea The Narrative that she wanted to make which Was a feminist narrative right this was A feminist movie with a feminist agenda Hollywood agenda with a feminist writer

And uh director and she wanted to blame The patriarchy and we see this now all The time you know not that the Patriarchy is I'm not a fan of the Patriarchy and the patriarchy does exist To whatever extent right I understand There's some truth in that but she Wanted to blame the patriarchy for not Only Barbie phenomenon but this whole Idea of men making women fight each Other and making women materialistic and Obsessed with their appearance and you Know competing with each other by buying Clothes and getting plastic surgery and Doing these things and having body image Issues and all the stuff that women have Which is been inflicted by women and to Some extent gay men who run the fashion Industry and they run the modeling Industry like if you see these shows These modeling shows and any of these TV Shows that have modeling and fashion Fashion at the center you'll find a lot Of women and gay men who are you know a Part of that industry you don't find Many straight white men running this you Know these types of things and you find That in in many of these um you know These different jobs that are related to Marketing to women but ironically if you Look into it when you find out where Feminism came from that came from men Right men wanted to diminish the role of Motherhood men wanted mothers to you

Know feel like they were incomplete by Just being moms you know just a mom that You also had a career as well because That made them uh you know an employee They were feeding the Beast it also made The you know economy grow and it created Division within the family and it you Know led to divorces because women now Could support themselves financially so It helped the divorce business and Splitting up the family this was all Done by men and the CIA and you know the The feminism movement was created by men And this stuff that they Tred to uh Blame the patriarchy for in Barbie movie Was done by women and they found that Out like they found it out they if I Know it they know it and they chose to Not say that they chose to go along with Their narrative and go against the Information they knew made what the Movie was about completely BS you know a Movie with an agenda a movie pushing an Agenda all of the agenda like even with The brother and sister Barbie being Brother and sister in real life all These things right I mean there's a real Life Barbie and there's a real life Ken And their brother and sister in kensuke So you know I mean that's origin stories Matter as I said before and so with all Of that she chose to make the movie Anyway the movie sucked on its own Merits and its own quality but also was

Just complet a complete lie and Fabrication and like I said when I first Started making truther videos I would Use pictures like let's say I was making V videos about like Michelle Obama Possibly being a dude I use the pictures That made her look like a dude right if There's ones that made her look more Feminine I didn't use those pictures and I realized that was not you know Fair Like that wasn't you know I was it was Being deceptive if I'm saying that I'm a Truther person and I'm presenting truth In a way that the mainstream media Doesn't do then I have to be honest with Myself and not you know embellish or Fabricate things I mean people are Always going to do that anyway it's hard Not to do that with confirmation bias But to be aware of it right and clearly The makers of Barbie and you know I mean All of these things that went along with It are are not doing what you know they Are they're being full-on deceptive and Who are they being deceptive to isn't to Men you know men aren't going to buy Into this message who are the ones that Are buying into Barbie it's feminist Women and so the feminist that they Claim to be a part of they're lying That's the audience they're lying to Right when you lie you're lying to your Audience the audience that supports you The audience that trusts you and has

Faith in you the audience is you have to Understand this when Alex Jones lies He's lying to truthers right and so it's Your audience that you're hurting people Who are you know again who supposed to Be on your side people like you people Who support you and and these things you Have a responsibility to your audience They're not hurting men Barbie movie Isn't really hurting men right I mean It's actually kind of a you know a deal Breaker for a man when he realizes oh Wow this woman likes Barbie it's a warning sign flashing you Know get out right so it's actually kind Of helpful to men was helpful to me and Making this video because of all the Things I talk about in terms of these You know the feminist woke agenda here And it was clearly just all that right It's they're they're putting it on a te And making it easy for me to make videos Like this about their their faulty world Viw and so it didn't hurt any of us it Hurt women it hurt feminist women Particularly just like Barbie did Anyways let's get into the um 2024 okay so let's get into the year of Here I Um you know I started this in 2017 And I didn't do it before the Year um I started it in the middle of The year like 2017 came around and there Was the this was the year of Beauty and

The Beast the movie Beauty and the Beast And then there was the beast in the um M Night shaalan movie uh Split and there was um you know a Character the guy had multiple Personalities and one of the Personalities was a character called the Beast or an alter called the beast and The character was James McAvoy who also Started a movie called filth in 2013 That I saw in that year in 2017 and it was a really bad movie he Played a freemasonic cop and it was kind Of a a very gross movie and uh there was Like a beast like uh you know part of That and then there was just this Beast-like energy so I dubbed 2018 the Year of the Beast just sort of some kind Of uh just all the Beast energy maybe Midway through the year so it was Already happening in 2018 I didn't do Anything apparently I thought I had Continued it the next year but then um In 2019 I noticed there was all this stuff To do with ghouls and it was had to do With uh Zen Dion and Pete Davidson being these Uh prominent ghoul I looked at I'm like Look at these ghouls right and it was a Word I had never used before and then I Started to see ghoulish energy and Ghouls everywhere right and so and then It became a thing where before the year

I would see some kind of uh you know a Trend happening or you know some Something would just come to me Spontaneously Intuitively and I would say this year is Going this is going to be the theme for This year I guess it was some kind of Prediction in 2020 was the year of the Broken 2021 the year of the skism you Know Division and the stuff that hatred Between people of course after post Elction with Trump and things it had Been you know these things were were There every year but it was you know it Would be something that would stand out And 2022 year of the dummy and 2023 this year was year of the Effort um and there was you know just This effort energy right throughout the Year and I would kind of check in you Know I would lose I would forget about It and lose focus on it but you know Every once in a while someone would Bring it up and say this is another Example of year of the eff it right and Um I want to do something a little bit Different this year because with Anything there is the negative which is What I've been focusing on and then There's the positive POS right and you Know people have said that I'm Blackpilled or um negative or whatever About what's going on in the world but In reality I think what I'm saying here

Is quite Positive because if you look into the System the beastly system and you look Into what's going on you know with People like people aren't getting better People are getting worse right you know I've said this before for if you want to Have hope what do you have hope in well You have hope in people you would have To have hope that people are going to Change and the leadership is getting Worse and worse the you know masses the People are getting worse and worse and Weaker and and and the system is setting Up to make people each generation more Dependent and worse and the previous Generation stupider weaker more entitled And just disconnected from God more and More unnatural more and more deviant and That's how the system is and we all can See it and so it's a bad Trend that We're on the only issue is that we're 100% dependent on the system the beast But if you take that away then Everything in your power everything in Your Consciousness would be we have to Get this thing out of our life we have To it's a cancer it's a you know Abomination it's demonic the economic System the materialism the Hedonism the Ego the selfishness the division you Know all these things the ghoulishness The people just being dead inside the Zombie zombie zombification of the of

Humanity the ghouls the the spiritual Vampires you know the people being Internally bankrupt and have to suck off Energy sucking off energy off of other People and things like this and so it's Just a system that should in all you Know in every possible way disapp here And what we're doing to the world the Pollution the you know the overuse of Resources the killing of other you know The extinction of other species I mean Everything that's going on right now With human humanity is bad we're going The wrong direction families you know Have been devastated there's no more Family people having alternative lives Now in the cyber world so much so that Kids grow up and say in the real world Is this in the real world IRL and and That is because they spend most of their Time in a cyber world and so they're not Even in the real world anymore and the Cyber world is even worse and everything That it you know exists onethird of it Is Pornography and then all the other bad Things that are there the way people Treat each other online and their Negative Tendencies coming out Loneliness and you know depression and Suicide and things like this I mean all The things that these kids grow up with And so the system being taken down is a Good thing you know it is only a bad

Thing because of how it'll affect us Because we're so need need-based and Dependent on the system but you take That out of the equation then everything About the system collapsing is good and So the Apocalyse is a good thing and so I'm not Being negative by you know it's the hope Is in that we can do something better When the system goes in a you know you Know goes away and that something better Is to connect to God internally and Build the system with a relationship With our souls and the Divinity within Us and a collective that's better for The you know not the individual but Better for everybody you I've talked About this with the psych psychological World you know I have a masters in Counseling and the dsm5 is loaded with Diagnosises and those Diagnosises are all negative right are All in some way you know about the Individual being broken But there's no diagnosis about there's No contributing factor which is that the System itself is you know the system's Great but you but you're messed up the Individual is messed up but the system's Great and we're told in every possible Way how great our system is and Especially the economic system and how Lucky we are to have it but we're not Lucky at all because it disconnects

People from the Divinity within them and Turns them into some egotistical demonic AB abomination ation and so it's not Negative at all right so these things Are in the sense negative but with Everything there is potential you know There's the opposite side of it so if You have pleasure you have pain if you Have good you have bad but you have Light you have Darkness they're they're All connected in a a binary system in Some way right everything has its Opposite so if it's the year of the Beast you know the anonyms for Beast are You know being civilized or being Angelic or being sweet you know being Soft these things and so the potential Is to do that like the opposite is there As well where you can be you you know a Better version of yourself the best Version of yourself some becoming Something getting R rid of your your Negative animalistic Tendencies and Evolving into something more something More refined right the opposite is there In every one of these occasions right if If you have the if you have um a ghoul And you know what the opposite of a Ghoul this you know opposite of a Vampire or zombie or ghoul or these Things is being alive being truly alive And waking up and you know being Somebody who has something to give you Know not some life sucking zombie like

Goo like creature that's sucking energy Off of the you know the other people and The system but having something to Contribute having something like a life Within you some Prana some some Divine Energy to share with other people of Course being broken the opposite of that Is being functional being competent Being a a better person so instead of Being a victim that's broken be Something that's you know uh a competent Functioning human being who's connected To God and is helping and contributing Has something to offer Society of course Schism the idea of the division and that Separates people and the you know Schism Is even a like a a deeper word than The you know the conflict that exists Now especially with the the Democrats And the Republican but be somebody who's A uniter be something that you know These are the the things that are also There with you know this the potential To be you know on a positive level it's To be a uniter the year that dummy you Know the potential was there to be wise Right because dummy isn't so much as Being stupid as making bad decisions and Doing dumb things right and doing the Wrong thing and being you know a village Idiot or whatever it is but doing you Know being functional right again being Functional and competent and and having You know wisdom and so this past year

The Year of the eff it right the year of The poop it um this is when I brought in The Boop too Boop Um you know that's could be negative or Positive because you can just say eff it And like go for it right you can eff it Can be a positive thing if you you you Know if you finally say all right I'm Going to go for it I'm going to do the Right thing I'm going to you know I'm Going to throw off my shackles and and Just throw caution to the wind and and You know could be positive like there's A positive way of saying eff it and a Negative way of saying eff it you know And it kind of was summed up I watched The Dallas Cowboys Detroit Lions football game and At Halftime Jimmy Johnson who was a Legendary Coach of the Dallas Cowboys and I think They won two Super Bowls and maybe a Third Super Bowl after he was fired by Jerry Jones and they like hated each Other because both of them wanted credit For their success Jerry Jones took over The team and he wanted to you know have His own Super Bowl Champions and Jimmy Johnson was like a Big Personality kind of a hard ass and you Know there was a comp competition in Their egos and a falling out and like

They hated each other for years there's Like a feud there and last night um they Put the feud aside and Jimmy Johnson was Introduced to the Ring of Honor Troy Amman was the guy who was um you know The announcer he's a quarterback Jimmy Johnson's quarterback and he um you know The Dallas Cowboys and he was the Announcer and he came down and he had Somehow orchestrated a a sort of of a Truce between Jimmy Johnson and Jerry Jones right and all of his players there EMT Smith and um Michael Irving EMT Swith was a running back Michael Irving Was a receiver and some of the other Defensive players were there and you Know these legendary Cowboys players now Cowboys were my first favorite football Team you know I have things where I you Know I don't root for the local team I Grew up in Connecticut where there was No teams there's a Harford Whalers which Which were an absolute joke and they no Longer exist I think they're the Carolina or something or other now the Franchise move so there was no Professional teams in Hartford and Connecticut small state and so we were Between uh New York and Boston and there Are people in Connecticut who were Boston fans and some who are New York Fans and I was neither like I you know I Didn't like either of those teams I've Always been sort of that kind of person

And I'm not a person that goes along With what everyone else is doing or Whatever and so when I was a kid I Started to like you know my own teams That were just from different places in The Country and you know I was I went on a Delta Airlines flight to Florida with my Family this is back when they had like Full service and you know better meals And there was some glamour in going on a Flight right when flights were Celebrated for the magical thing that They are which is you could get on a Plane and fly right you were in the sky Flying at a very fast Speed and you could get a deck of cards And and each deck of cards you know had The Delta stuff on it and the know the Airline stuff on it and they had a city And that was the first time I ever got a Deck of cars it was for Dallas the city Of Dallas and then shortly after that I Went to a department store this is Before there were you know malls were Just becoming a thing and they had these Glamorous department stores like this is The you know the ear of of Barbie and The stores would have multiple floors And they had a you know a like a Sporting goods floor and they had a a Toy aisle and these were like nice Stores right uh I forget the name of the Store you know was um it's out of

Business now but uh maybe I could even Look it up I thought it was named Fox And I just looked it up right it's Called G Fox department store like Macy's in in New York and it was just a Beautiful store and I purchased a I was Or my dad got me a I was in the sporing Goods department and there's a little Booklet about Super Bowls you know it Was when Super Bowls were relatively new Like they used to have NFL Championships there was the AFC and the NFC and of course the AFC was was not as Good the NFC like they did with the NBA And the the ABA and then they decided to Turn this into some sort of uh you know They the Championship NFL Championship Which was later called the Super Bowl And you know I got this book and you Know I was looking at it and the Cowboys Had just either been in the Super Bowl Or won and you know Roger starbu and These things and that was my introduced Being introduced to the NFL right so I Was a Cowboys fan but now I don't like The Cowboys like I root against them Like as much as I care about it but I Root against them just for whatever Reason there's people who are You know devoted Cowboy fans and then Everyone else who dislikes the the Franchise it's the number one sports Franchise in the world that used to be Um the u a couple of soccer clubs in

England but now the Cowboys have Surpassed these these different you know All these uh other worldwide sports Franchise and it's the number one Franchise in the world and they have a You know huge billion dollar stadium and Just You know all of it and so it's kind of a Legendary type of thing but I'm not a Cowboys fan don't like the Cowboys Didn't like uh Jimmy Johnson or Jerry Jones but this was kind of a moving Thing that happened and you know these Two guys put aside their egos and their Whatever was going on because um they're Both really old really like old and Jimmy Johnson like had a stroke or Something some kind of health issue and Miss you know he does announcing now he Does like the pregame stuff and like he Was barely there like I saw him when he Came back I usually don't watch the Pregame but I saw him and he had been Gone for a couple weeks or something and The guy was a shell of himself right you Know when these guys get old and it sort Of antipathies the year of the effort Where you know people are dying and you Know all this stuff were I mean all the People are just dropping like flies and All the things that have happened and You know they they did this thing that They thought they invited him into the Ring of Honor for the Dallas Cowboys and

They both gave speeches and the players Were weeping Michael Irving was you know Crying throughout the whole thing and You know all these you know these iconic Figures were you know was this kind of Touching moment for the Cowboys Franchise and it kind of to me Antipathies the the year of the effort They played the Detroit Lions and the Detroit Lions you know had an Opportunity to win the game the if Actually won the game but the penalty Was called on a sort of a trick play for A two-point conversion for those of you Who saw the game the Detroit Lions was a Loser franchise just they were Constantly losing Detroit is known for Having poor Franchises um and they hadn't won a Division their division which includes The Packers and the Chicago Bears and The Vikings all better franchises and Better teams for years like you know Like when I was a kid or something so It's 1993 and the other two times were in the 80s and before that or after that they Never won their division there were four Teams in the division they've won it Four times you know in like you know 50 Years I mean horrible just winning the Division never mind winning the you know Going to the Super Bowl or winning the Super Bowl or any of these things right

And this year the Detroit Lions won Their division they lost this game which Was kind of interesting but the Detroit Pistons basketball team had lost more Games in a row than any other NBA team In NBA history and they finally won last Night so that was all interesting it's Kind of an epic of bringing you know Down the the year of the effort and then Tying this thing with Barbie into it Because Barbie was you know this not Just a a uh the biggest grossy movie but It was a h huge social statement where Women were breaking up with their Boyfriends and husbands after seeing the Movie and there was this anger towards Men and all the propaganda it was a Whole thing there that turned out to be Completely false in an epic way here That I've documented in all the ways That you know the the war between Palestine and Israel and you know not Palestine doesn't have an army but all The stuff with that and the the Ukrainian things and Hunter Biden and You know the stuff with Trump and just You know it's just um the year of the f Right in ways that um we more about how They don't care the people controlling The system are not hiding things as much And the truth is coming out and you know People just dropping like flies and Things are obvious and they're not even You know trying to you know pretend it's

Not the way it is right and so um you Know it truly was the year of the effort And so that brings us to 2024 the year of the amateur and so um What happened was maybe a couple months Ago three months ago I think in the Summer sometime I was like it's Amateur Hour out here I'm not sure what it was About but you look at the media the news Media certainly the political parties And then even things to do with Corporations it's just so amateurish you Know Barbie is an amateur movie like It's not a professionally made movie Like it's Amateur hour and that's Already heading into this year it hasn't Even started yet so um when when I said Amateur hour and I heard it like I was I Was editing the video and I'm like oh Next year will be year the amateur and You know I um knew that I would probably Forget which I did because I this Morning I couldn't remember what it was But luckily I wrote all this stuff down To a list I went back and and found all The other years and now I have them uh Saved in the document that's in my video File folder where I can just you know Transferred each year as I go forward But one of the uh like problems with the Truth Community is people in the truth Community truthers Attribute behaviors and Excellence to The controllers that they don't have you

Know these are not competent people These are people who don't do uh great Work it's very sloppy it's always been Amateur hour and now it's going to get Worse because you know the forces of Change are against them and you know Things are being exposed when you look Into anything you find that there's a Lot more unprofessionalism than you Really understood and this you know Power this um this uh you know sort of Uh infallibility that people in the Truth Community have when they talk About the so-called Elite you know the Elite don't have the ability to create Things because they don't have any Prana Left they're you know they're Ghouls and Zombies and vampires and they don't have Creative Energy because they've been the Dark side and they're just dead inside You need Creative Energy to manifest Things so they need the collective Energy to manifest things that's why They work so hard on doing these Psychological operations to move people To create their own prisons create their Own you know slavery create their own You know uh you know all of it their own Uh abuse and things and you know it's People themselves that are manifesting These things because the people that Control the system system don't have That ability and you know they're warped They're crazy because when you live an

Indulgent life a pleasure-based life you Become crazy and you know it disconnects You from reality one of the great Teachings of the third Master of the Sark system was that people who have Just Pleasure it you know pain and suffering Bind your personality together they're Like the slap of reality right that's Why that there's an opportunity miseries As Divine blessings when you have Difficulties when you have you know Bills to pay when you have things that You have to do it makes you get out of Bed and makes you you motivates you to To do what you have to do overcome Obstacles and things otherwise you can Just be completely lazy and you know not Do anything people have too much Vacation time too much free time and They don't have anything that constrains Them and binds their personality Together their personality just becomes Fragmented and falls apart right because It's not you need you know some pressure Like a a butterfly struggling to get out Of the Cocoon if you open it up and and Help the butterfly out it doesn't become A butterfly like it just it needs that Struggle to uh emerging from the Cocoon Helps it become a butterfly right the Struggle and so these people with a lot Of money and a lot of power they don't Have that and they just become crazier

And crazier and incompetence and Amateur Hour becomes part of that because are Not you know based in reality and There's no you know oversight there's no Bosses there's no you know people Looking over their shoulders or whatever It is and they you know they're not they Don't answer to anybody God or whatever There's no quality control and they Don't confront their failings and they You know they they become so egotistical They can't even look at themselves as Being uh you know doing anything wrong And they're so weak and you know that's Where the incompetence comes from and Now that's you know translated to Everybody and our system there's very Few competent people out there very few Professionals you know the hunter Bing Things Amateur hour and now as we go Into this elective you know the election This year with the news media and and You know it's Amateur hour the way They're covering Trump and the way that They're covering Biden and then you know All of it so you know it's already set Like there's no way this is not going to Happen the other ones you know I had These ideas and either it either goes That way or it doesn't you know it's not In my control it's just whether I was Able to perceive it you you can always Make a case for for Ghouls and and Dummies and you know Schism and Division

I mean there's these things are always Present so it isn't like you know There's always ways that you can support This argument but this is going to be More of Amateur hour out there like you Just you know you can see it's it's kind Of guaranteed because I know the kind of People these are and I know the the kind Of work they have to do and you know With all that's going on it's um you Know it's that but but the opposite of Amateur hours is being competent it's Being professional it's being you know Somebody who is um you know good at what They're doing right and so that is the Opportunity here when there's one thing There's always the other right as I said In the beginning two sides of the coin And so there's an opportunity to be to Be great right to be you know next level To be somebody who you know performs on A higher level to somebody who has Something to contribute and and you know Has some level of Excellence right and Is professional and in the way that you Do things and you know all these things Are you know if one thing exists then The other thing is the opportunity is There for people to do you know there'll Be a lot of amateurs so you know you can Be a professional there'll be a lot of Uh children and you can be an adult Right and so as we move forward um you Know th those are the opportunities that

Everyone has to be you know somebody Who's competent human being right be a Competent human being that would be the You know the goal to counteract this uh You know for your own life and for Yourself and your family and the people Around you you know what I do here you Know be a professional person be Confident at your job and because people With confidence do really well because Most people are amateurs and don't want To admit it most people suck at what They do and they don't put much pride or Effort into you know pride is not a good Word but they don't put much into you Know their their work and their and the Way that they handle themselves and I'm Not a perfectionist But at least you know being competent And being good at what you're supposed To do whether it be a you know how you Are par as a parent how you are as a a Husband or wife how you are in your job How you are as a human being whatever You might do just do competent work Right be you know someone who's not an Amateur okay so that's um that wraps it Up for now I'll of course be covering This as the days move forward I mean It'll be it's going to be Amateur hour Tonight and these New Year's Eve Celebrations I don't know if CNN is Letting those guys drink again remember They wouldn't let them drink cuz you

Know that was too much of an amateur Hour There when they all got drunk Anderson Cooper and Andy Cohen and all those People with them but you know as we move Forward I'll just I'll you know at least At the beginning I'll point out how how This is uh you know pervasive in the Coming year you know 2024 is we're Getting to it you know remember there Was the the 2012 Doomsday for the Mayan Calendar you know the Mayan calendar Ended in 2024 so it was like this idea That they they knew something or 2012 But some people said it was really 2024 that people misread the calendar There's supposed to be a big event That's going to happen at the end of 2025 and 26 uh per the you know the Whispers of The bridal World prophecies in the Sark System and we're teetering on the cusp Of um you know disaster the end of the System but like I said you know that's It depends on how you look at it and Really in every measurable standard Other than that we're dependent on the System it's a good thing that the system Collapses and you know Trump's an Amateur and Biden's an amateur and I Mean you know Biden should be a Professional but he's not he's such a Like a bon head and then you know the Campaigns and all these things as we we

Move forward you know I'm kind of Looking forward to the entertainment Value but because amateur ises you know Amateur work is always you know good for Me you know in terms of what I cover Here but anyways that's it for now only Spirituality will save this world it's SP M definitely important for the Apocalypse and the Ascension everyone Have a blessed day and be grateful

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