Mika & Gumby Joe + JoJo gaffs & more bizarrre stuff

Mika & Gumby Joe + JoJo gaffs & more bizarrre stuff

Okay greetings brothers and sisters um I've already in a hole here it's I just Um ate lunch with my wife and Um I haven't done anything on my videos my Regular videos there was something so Effed up happened At one of the heartfulness Gatherings With dodgy and I already have one Journey series video a bunch of other Effed up stuff that happened That's already up on YouTube I just have To make it public And so I didn't get much sleep I was Thinking about it like it was just Um so I had to cover it first thing in The morning And it's just whatever and so I'm in a Hole a little bit here Because I'm trying to get two videos Done one on this jail and the other And I want to do a follow-up to my video Yesterday About uh Being awakened versus being woke Entitled you're not a patriot you're a Boop you're a dumb Boop right Um So we'll get into that maybe today or Tomorrow I just want to follow up on one Particular comment or Attitude but let's start here with JoJo Magoo

A proud immigrant from the Dominican Republic 16 years in the forest Like my son an Iraqi War veteran with The United States military the United States Army Who described January 6 that something From a medieval battle a medieval battle Now this is not the first time he said Medieval that's how he pronounces it But the way he worded the Comment he was talking about this Immigrant from the Dominican Republic Saying this but it almost sounded like He was saying his son was saying this And just you know why make it about you And your son he was he was an Iraq war Veteran you know my son was that too you Know my son the Dead one you know not The Don crackhead Jonquilmer and his colleagues at Politico have new reporting about a Cause for optimism in the Biden White House let me just say this makes me very Nervous Democrats she is very nervous Never be optimistic but okay the Installation of some of the most they Should never be optimistic democrats Should never be optimistic Most controversial House Republicans to Several of the most front-facing Congressional committees is causing Unbridled Glee In The West Wing hello no Glee allowed snow Glee I'd say we spoke

With decisions they say decisions like Putting Georgia congresswoman Marjorie Taylor green on the house oversight Committee only make it easier for the White House to paint the opposing party As unhinged after house speakers she Wants to be the VP to Trump Kevin McCarthy announced the new committee Assignments earlier this week White House staffers sent texts to each other With oh don't do this digital high fives Well don't do that oh no don't do that No you can't be gleeful and optimistic If you're a Democrat and never ends with Biden Ally they spoke with called it a Political gift and another top Democratic activist said quote this Collective group has The credibility Of a sentient my pillow commercial well It may be true Jonathan Lemire who's With us now White House bureau chief of Politico and the host of way too early Also with this former chair of the Republican National Committee Michael Steele and former Age The George W bush White House and state departments leads Jordan she's an MSNBC political analyst Jonathan Lemire no Glee you can't have Glee as a Democrat you can't have Glee Like just never heard such a thing it is Unusual and perhaps some of those Watching right now at the White House Will change their tone after we talk About it but this is how it was received

In this past week as sort of a political Gift for a White House that's had a Rocky stretch here last couple weeks Because of the classified documents Material uh okay so then there was this This has been up for a while maybe this Is from I don't know three four days ago I think uh more classified documents Were discovered at president he's got to Listen to this tone all the time not Just on the show She has such a like a Naggy tone in her Voice and Joe Biden's Delaware home last Week in a statement on Saturday the President's personal attorney revealed That FBI agent age has spent more than 13 hours at the Biden's Wilmington Residence on Friday and their search Turned Up quote six items consisting of Documents with classification markings Like the documents previously found Biden's legal team says the newly Discovered files were from his time as Vice president but his attorney also Says the new batch included some Documents from Biden's time in the Senate where he served from 1973 to 2009. a Biden Administration he was just Such a tool Was that the photograph from 40 Year Old Virgin Is that the cover to 40 year old like He's just official and a separate Source Familiar with the matter tells NBC news

That the latest search was prompted by The White House not the Department of Justice it's unclear if the new Documents were found in the same Location as previously unearth filed Files which were discovered in a room Adjacent to Biden's garage so uh again Let's go ahead and just say what we Always say much different than the Trump Documents where they had to go in and And he had him since he was in the Senate it's much worse in some cases Right like look at her smug face here And just do all this stuff but he was Talking about like I just covered this Is why I'm showing you this he was Talking about how Everyone underestimates JoJo Magoo and JoJo Magoo is really Brilliant man who's just playing the the Role of a doofus right And they had to fight him negotiate what Finally get in Trump lied etc etc etc George Conway put it this way kind of Funny I don't understand whether Biden People are voluntarily giving access to Investigators instead of stonewalling And lying and screaming Witch Hunt and Calling the investigators gestapo and Bringing frivolous Okay so it's completely different the Way Trump was treated That Trump wasn't treated like Jojo Jojo Magoo is getting a pass as is Hillary

Clinton I'm not a trump fan in all these Things I'm not a republican but you know There was a difference here in terms of How Trump was treated And also JoJo magu knew about this and Withheld it from the election Which would have I mean he would have Had he'd been landslided the last two Elections there were bombshell stories Hunter Biden's laptop and JoJo Magoo's Doc uh having classified documents that Were withheld from the media and the People not the media the people And it affected the outcome and you know And then they want to talk about all These other things and how the Republicans are unhinged come on let's Move on to this so there are these LOL Dolls that come in an egg I guess They're surprise dolls or something And now they're featuring lingerie LOL surprise surprise little sort of Softcore porn for your Elementary School age girls right Again don't like Kevin McCarthy you Don't you know care about the Republicans but like he totally owned This reporter here Intel committee is Santos on the Intel Committee Am I allowing ship am I allowing shift To be on other committees Go right ahead Um

Taking off other Democrats perhaps but You said that lines you are is something That means you should be removed but why Is it not a factor well let me be very He's got elected by His district so Okay let me be very clear and respectful To you you asked me a question when I Answer it it's the answer to your Question you don't get to determine Whether I answer your question or not Okay in all respect thank you no no Let's answer her question You just raised a question I'm going to Be very clear with you the Intel Committee is different you know why Because what happens in the Intel Committee you don't know what happens in The Intel committee although the secrets Are going on in the world Other members of Congress don't know What did Adam Schiff do as the chairman Of the Intel committee what Adam Schiff Did use his power as a chairman and lie To the American public even the Inspector General said it when Devin Nunez put out a memo he said it was False when we had a laptop he used it Before an election to be politics and Say that it was false instead it was the Russians when he knew different when he Knew the intel if you talked to Um John Radcliffe he's ringing this Reporter up dni he came out ahead of

Time and says there's no Intel to prove That and he used his position as Chairman knowing he has information the Rest of America does not and lied to the American public when a whistleblower Came forward he said he did not know the Individual even though his staff had met With him and set it up so no he does not Have a right to sit on that but I will Not be like Democrats and play politics With Thief where they removed Republicans from committees and all Committees so yes he can serve on a Committee but he will not serve on Intel Because it goes to the National Security Of America and I will always put them First all right and if you want to talk About swalwell let's talk about swallow Because you have not had the briefing That I had I had the briefing and Nancy Pelosi had the briefing from the FBI the FBI never came before this Congress to Tell the leadership of this Congress That Eric swalwell had a problem with The Chinese spy and Bravo means he was Banging her until he served on Intel so It wasn't just us who were concerned About the FBI was concerned about Putting a member of Congress on the Intel committee that has the rights to See things that others don't because of His knowledge and relationship with the Chinese spy They brought it to the works of the

Leaders I've got that briefing so I do not Believe he should sit on there that Committee and I believe there's 200 Other Democrats that can serve on that Committee so this has nothing to do with Santos Santos is not on the Intel Committee but you know what those voters Elected shift even though he lied those Voters elected swallow even though he Lied to the American public too so you Know what I'll respect his voters too And they'll serve on committees but they Will not serve on a place that has National Security remnants because Integrity matters to me yeah no it Doesn't Huh but he just rolled her up right this Is uh you know there's just so so much Uh delusion in the media the left media I mean certainly on Fox as well but the Left media rules right Multiple people sent me this about Making Kelly Uh covering Hilaria Baldwin finally I Guess Like I've been covering Earth they said That she probably watches my show and I Don't think that's the case Um I think that you know there's a lot Of people covering it and and there's You know I mean the the jokes write Themselves she's from Boston Spade she's A white girl with Anglo

Background she doesn't have any Spanish Blood they vacation in Spain she Developed a fake accent she developed a Fake accent which made her interesting To Alec Alec was really attracted to it She kept it up got exposed and now They're you know name their kids I mean It's a whole game they've played and They're still bought into it and now Alex the co-worker is going to jail Right I mean it's a hilarious story Without Much embellishment but here to be from Spain here She is again listen to the Accent all the way through Sarah this is Her identity who are we to say that she Can't Well as American as we are They don't get a lot of cucumbers in Boston she probably just isn't sure what She's like I don't know what this thing Is No she's not from Spain what took you so Long to cover this right right your way To tell Alex got indicted like you know What's They are not okay okay you guys here you Be here you always here here Santa Maria It's not okay There's all these people mocking it Um you know because it's mockable but She's sticking to her story and that's The way they're gonna they're gonna play It

Let's talk about Events I'm body armored and so is this Vehicle for even more protection you Have explosive under body shielding Bulletproof glass electrified door Handles I'm not really sure what this is And I didn't want to waste time doing Research on it but it's a Half a half a Uh million dollar vehicle 495 thousand Vehicle that this Soccer mom is um selling as a protective Vehicle for the Apocalypse Military grade run flat tires and a ram Steel bumper if anyone's following you You have blinding lights in the front And the back or a smoke screen plus my Favorite Pepper spray if you're picking your kids Up from the mall let them know you're There with strobe lights and your Intercom Hey Bobby it's your mommy the fact that They're building this it might be custom But I don't know if they're rolling these Things out I'm not going to look into it But if they are you know people are Willing to spend half a million dollars To Ensure they can have a safe ride in the Apocalypse your kids will love that it Was styled by a video game designer Based on the

Cascalade so Mama gets heated and Ventilated leather seats a curved OLED Display with augmented reality a digital Rear view mirror which is necessary Vengeance is only yours and so is Everything in this built-in safe parents Might need to help their kiddos open the Door but it's a breeze to get in a few More things to get to here prop gun Um speaks for itself The idea the idea that we're going to Send in offensive equipment and have Planes and tanks and trains going in With American pilots and American Crews He just said planes and tanks and trains I didn't notice it's the first go-round You're going to build a train rail Into a war like Yeah we're going to put a train in there We're going to send our troops in in a Train we're going to build a train Just understand and don't kid yourself No matter what you all say that's called World War III Okay I don't know I think this was from a While ago somebody sent me but It's an oldie and a goodie or maybe he's Done this a second time And finally Marjorie Taylor green aims To be Trump's VP pick In 2024 So um That's happening that would be an

Interesting ticket I don't think Trump Will go for it but You know shoot your shot Marge retailer Green okay so I'm gonna try to get the Voiceover done here today maybe not Either that or tomorrow And then you know I'll be posted another Video on my other channel apocalypse now Hopefully today Um you know trying out the new format Only spirituality will save this world It's Paul Romano definitely reporting For the Apocalypse And the Ascension everyone have a Blessed day and be grateful

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