meet the press loses to the internet just like CNN

meet the  press loses to the internet just like CNN

Which also includes my time as political Director I've loved so much of this Challenge you load he loathed it helping To explain America to Washington and Explain Washington to America exactly You've been explaining America to Washington you've been going around Explaining America to Washington because They just don't get America like you do When I took over Meet the Press it was a Sunday show that had a lot of people Questioning whether it could still have A place in the modern media space well I Think we've answered that question and Then some and it's no It's losing to the internet like Everything else we've taken Meet the Press from a single Sunday show to a Distinct and important political Franchise from Our Daily Show Meet the Press now our magazine show Meet the Press reports to our newsletters and Podcasts we've successfully expanded What makes Meet the Press special on Sunday so successful they're firing me

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